The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1983

Who Will Inherit the Ocean?

Sun Myung Moon
July 3, 1983
Gloucester, MA

How many of you have never seen me before? Please raise your hands. Thank you. I came by boat today and it was rolling quite heavily. There was a dense fog, so my eyes are not yet in focus. The trip took one and a half hours from Provincetown. As I came from there I couldn't help but think, "how critical it is to know the direction." In that fog, all we had was the compass. So, by the direction of one wheel we traveled through the fog. How appropriate it is that life is exactly like that.

Mankind has been searching for its direction in many different ways all throughout the earth from generation to generation -- the entire history of mankind. By now, man has tried everything and failed everything, and has pretty much given up. Nothing has satisfied his search, but now, we can narrow things down and be more clear ourselves. Before we have direction, we have to have our destination, our purpose. We first have to have our purpose before we are concerned about the direction.

Before we conclude how we live our life, we first have to conclude for what reason we live our life. This has been the question which all mankind has asked since the beginning. Since religious people at least accept God, they can say that their life should somehow serve God's purpose. However, look at those people who don't even believe in God. No one has been able to really teach them about their life.

The Purpose of Life

This question has been raised millions of times and even great scholars have not been able to answer it. Here you are, just ordinary people, and even more than that, you are just ordinary Moonies. Do you know the answer? Do you know for what purpose you live? You might say to me, "Well Father, we live to fulfill the purpose of creation," because you have some understanding of the Principle. What really is that purpose? In our church, when we think about God's providence we immediately think about establishing the four position foundation. The perfection of the purpose of God is the perfection of the four- position foundation. And what is that term? What does that mean?

First, man and woman become perfect and then God can realize his ideal. What is that ideal? When two -- one man and one woman-are united in perfect love, that is God. Do you understand? When man and woman are united together in perfect love, there it is, that's, God. What does the love of man and woman center upon? The man? Or like it is in America, upon the woman? No, you don't think so? Then, who is that love centered upon? You are shouting out, "God," and yes, that's right. The love of man and woman, the love between them, is centered upon God.

Well, somehow man and woman are united, but where does love come from? Does it first come from man or from woman? Neither. Then, to whom does that love belong? You are right again to say, "God." So, to come into contact with that love, you cannot do with it whatever you will. You have to cherish it and respect it, because it is not yours to begin with. It comes from somewhere other than yourself. Then, how does love come to you? Does it come directly to you, just to you? Does it come directly from God? How does love come to you? The man may have lots of love, but it comes from God through his spouse. It's really easy to understand. Here is a man. He is equipped with everything, but by himself there is no satisfaction. In order to have love, he must have someone. That is the nature of love. When you think about love, realize that it comes from your spouse, not from you. It is the same for man and for woman. There first has to come give and take action, then unity and then love emerges. If you have love, it is always because of someone else. You should think about that.

With love, there is always some force to push it and some force to pull it. Here is a man and a woman, meeting each other in first love. The man completely gives to the woman and the woman gives completely to the man. They sacrifice themselves for each other. Then, where is God? In the center. God is the force which brings that man and woman together and moves them to give to one another.

In the center, God fills up everything. There is no need for discussion about who is greater, man or woman, or if they are equal or not equal. Both man and woman reach to God in the center, but look, they reach from opposite directions. In any motion, you must have a center and an axis. That is God. The axis of man and woman, of the universe, is God. Every man, every woman must be centered on God. Every family, tribe, clan and culture must be centered on God. Every nation, world and even the universe and cosmos must be centered upon God.

Then, if God is the center, what must that center be focused upon. What is the center? Power? Money? What will hold together everyone, even those of the past to those of the future? Well, how does life begin? How does it start in the first place? From the very origin, how did we come into being? From love. Where do individuals come from? You come from your parents. Do you come from their life or from their love? Life or love? Then, what are you? You are the participants in the love of your parents. That is why you can never separate from your parents. The relationship of natural law is that parents are willing to die for the sake of their children. We see that all the time in the animal world. The mother or the father fight to the death to protect their offspring.

What about man, the highest being on earth? In that aspect, man must yet acquire the respect of all creation. Children cannot exist without first having parents. Their life comes from their parents. If their parents are united in perfect love, there would never be a separation of those two people. The father's love and the mother's love together become the replica of God's love. This is the explanation of being. If parents and children understand this, they can never separate from each other. They live together and die together. Anything which is separate from God's love does not truly exist. As simple as it is, no one has known this absolutely for sure until now.

The husband would love his wife as he would love God. The wife would love her husband as she would love God. Then, they would love their children and their children would love them, all in the love of God. This is the four-position foundation, the perfection of the love of God. That is the purpose of our life. Once man and woman come together in this love, they cannot separate. And once they have children in such love, the children cannot be separated from them. When we know this and see what we see today, it is truly a serious and grave matter. It is a painful tragedy. One-half of American families are suffering separation. All children want to live with their parents' love forever, but they are denied this one simple and basic thing. There is no greater crime than this. How can a husband and wife separate? They are breaking God's love. The children are lost. The only name for this tragedy is Satan. What is Satan? He came and broke apart God's love. Nothing else. We have to establish the standard absolutely opposite from that. When you come to have love between you and your spouse, you must raise up that love and keep it. Why is love so precious that it has to be regarded so highly? For one thing, lover and love alone, can motivate life. Nothing motivates more than love. When love awakens you, your eyes and ears and all your senses are focused. You are not looking at two or three different things at once, but only at love and love alone. You don't need a translation for that. You know. Mind and body become one when love awakens you. The power of love can unite your spirit and physical body. Without love, your mind and body can never reach full unity. Without love the spiritual world and physical world would not be able to come together. That explains why God created man. God must have man before even He is excited to love. If God didn't have a purpose in creating man, He would be just a mischievous being with no value. He had to have a goal and a purpose for all that He created.

What is your direction as a man? Your direction is to meet woman. Well, why don't you look around. There are lots of wonderful men and lots of wonderful women. Why don't the men just find another great man and go live with him? Why don't the women find some other great woman and live with her? You are frowning about that. Why? Since you have this explanation, you understand the formula of the universe. Anything which defies that formula defies life and eventually perishes.

Love comes from God and life comes from Him too. Love and life are the same. The quality of love is the quality of life. When we go with the natural law we become part of the universe and contribute to it. Then, we grow larger and larger. However, those who live against that law become smaller and smaller until they no longer even exist.

What is the purpose then? It is to build the foundation of love, the four-position foundation. Here, all points meet; God, men, women and children. What more could you want? Here, there are no separate bank accounts, no separate ownership. The father belongs to the mother and the mother belongs to the father and together they belong to God. And the children belong to the parents and to God. It's so simple and so reasonable.

Why do you wash your face in the morning? You should look at your face and ask that question. Your face answers, "I want to be intoxicated in true love." Your eyes and ears want to feel the intoxication of love. Once love is in action, you don't mind anything. The man doesn't mind the woman smelling strange and the woman doesn't mind the man smelling even like old dead fish. This is the most important thing in life. The man who jeers at women or looks sideways at other women besides his wife is the one Satan likes to be inside of. On the other hand, the man who can only look at his wife and see the whole universe in her is the one God wants to dwell within. What is the virtue of man? What is the virtue of woman? The true love that they offer to each other. What is a perfect man or a perfect woman? One who brings his mind and body into perfect union.

The Ocean and the Future

What is the value of a person? Look at me. What is my value? I am a religious leader. Many people get angry about me and say, "Why doesn't this man just stay in the church? Why does he come out fishing and why does he do so many other things?" I sometimes think about that. I could put on a robe and stay in the church all day long. That would be very easy. I wouldn't have to worry about all the things I have initiated. There are so many projects now and more to come. If Christianity had fulfilled all its goals and ideals, I would not have that much to do, but that is not the case. Instead, without even thinking deeply about my work, Christians have come out strongly against me. Who has ever supported me?

Even though members in the Unification Church have supported me, I had to first initiate and explain everything. Even my own family needs time to understand me. Why is it so difficult for the world to accept me? It is because many religious leaders would have to change their own ideas to accept me and they don't want to do that. Some people admire me and want to help me, but they are also afraid of me because of my penetrating mind and spirit.

Communism has a system of thought behind it, an ideology that guides it, but democracy does not really have such a unifying thought. However, Reverend Moon's thought surpasses the ideology of communism and this is very clear to them. They are not afraid of physical power such as the United States military power. The race is already over in that area and they are the winner. However, unification philosophy is a bigger problem to them. They are far more afraid of that.

I have pioneered a new path in every area, beginning with thought or philosophy. I have also demonstrated how to begin economic projects, business and technical projects such as the factories in Korea and Germany. Then, why did I start Ocean Church? Why have I given it such importance? You can see, I am working day in and day out on the ocean. Why am I doing that? You have heard me speak about this before.

The ocean is an orphan. It has no master, no real owner who loves and takes care of it. The fishing industry is also going under. The industry can't move an inch, it's so tight. In a few years it will be difficult for man to live off the land alone. The population is now almost four billion. It will increase by ten-fold. What will happen? The land itself will be crowded. There will be less space to farm and more people to feed. The population problem is one of two very serious questions. The other is pollution. To me, the problem is how to see these questions in a new light. The worst aspect of pollution is in the air, exhaust fumes from cars, factories and such things. In the future, there will be a limit upon anything that produces exhaust, even cooking. Any kind of extra smoke or gas exhaust will not be tolerated.

That means that we will try to eat foods without so much cooking, which means we will eat more raw foods, raw vegetables, raw fish. Anyway, it's good for their health, so people will turn to it. For a while, mankind may try to escape to space and live up there, but the difficulties and expenses will be too much and he will come right back to earth. Then, man will have to turn to the ocean. It is only a matter of time. The future of the ocean is inevitable. Is fish good for the diet? Ten or twenty years ago, Americans never even dreamed about eating anything raw, much less fish. Now they are going to Japanese restaurants and trying out the sushi and sashimi.

If fish is going to be the main source of the human diet, what kind of fish would be the best to supply it? We have to produce a large fish and utilize all its qualities. What kind of fish should we use? Whales? Tunas? And what else? Shark! Actually, whales are not good to use for feeding lots of people. They are too large. They only give birth to one calf per cow and it takes a long time for them to gestate.

Let's look at the tuna and the shark. They contain the tastiest kind of meat. That's true! You may not have tasted it, but I have tasted many kinds of shark in different ways. Shark is good for dry meat. It doesn't have so much fat. On the other hand, tuna has lots of oil content in the meat. So, these two kinds of fish are the best for providing a wide variety of fish taste to humans.

In Japan, they are now studying how to farm tuna. This is a very serious enterprise for them and it means a great deal for the future that we envision. Here are some things to consider. One female tuna lays about 1.5 to 3 million eggs at each spawning. Now, in the natural setting only a very few of these eggs even survive to become baby fish. Most of the eggs are eaten by predators. And then, to survive the first few years is almost as difficult, so very few tuna live to maturity.

It takes about two years for them to grow to where they can escape most dangers. A fully grown tuna can travel with speeds from seventy- five to one hundred knots. That is their "get-away" speed. However, when they are just cruising they go from twenty to thirty-five knots. That's some cruise. If you study the anatomy of the tuna you will see that they are created for speed. The shark is also capable of speed, but not at all like the tuna. All the fins fold in and the tuna takes on the shape of a torpedo. Tuna not only swim fast, but also travel great distances -- all over the world.

Think about the mature tuna. It often weighs 700 or 800 pounds. If you catch just one tuna and then use the dressed meat, around 80%, which is approximately 550 to 750 pounds, you have that much meat to feed people with. Most people eat two or three pounds of meat each day, but they should eat only one or two pounds. If they were to eat like that, you could feed 500 or 600 people each day with one tuna. If you catch 100 tuna, you feed that many more people.

You can use every part of the fish for something. Shark skin can be used for jackets and shoes. The skin is very durable and rugged. The teeth can be made into jewelry. Why not? One day, Daikon came up with the bright idea to dry and smoke the shark meat. Later on he gave up, but that was the right idea. All parts of the fish can be used. You can crush up the left-over parts and make it into fish powder. With that you can make bread and feed people. That will not only fill them up, but provide protein as well. Think about what this would mean in Africa. There is no such thing as waste when it comes to fish.

Well then, if we are to catch hundreds or even thousands of tuna, where can we farm them? You cannot put them into a fenced-in place. The whole ocean can be populated with tuna. Then, the fishermen will have to develop the means to harvest them. Tuna sushi and sashimi are beginning to be popular. Who discovered this way of making fish for eating? I once thought to myself that if the white people had first discovered tuna sushi, there would be no way for the world to have tuna in the future. They would have taken all of them by now.

We can plant all kinds of food on the ocean floor. We have to study about that, but the possibilities only stop with us. The ocean is that vast -- our minds are too small for it yet. The future is coming and there is so much there. Ironically, young people in America are leaving the fishing way of life. Look at Gloucester. It used to be the hub of the fishing world, but now it is run-down. It is not because the fish ran away. Young people ran away. That's what is happening.

Many fishermen go out and fish long days and weeks. They come back and haven't made so much money. When that happens, the wife and husband often fight. Then, he goes out and comes back and one day the wife has run away. So, the young people and the wives are running from the fishing way of life. That means eventually the fisherman himself will run away.

When a serious man loses his wife, he no longer thinks about marrying again. The same thing happens when the reason to continue fishing is gone. The serious fisherman just gives up on fishing altogether. Today, you can see so much corruption going on in the once prosperous fishing harbors. The Mafia is prevailing, there are buyers who fix the prices against the fishermen and cheat them at the dock, and drug smuggling is a problem in every harbor.

Uplifting the American Fishing Industry

By and large, America's trading tradition is based on the Merchant Marines. America and Mexico should have an inseparable tie to the ocean, and to each other. This is not something new. We should have known about this. Your ancestors were dead serious, much more than you now realize. They suffered religious persecution and so they came here, risking their lives. They had no guarantee that they would make it here alive, much less survive here.

The evidence is everywhere. The biggest economic centers are not in the center of America where Chicago is, but right on the coast. For example, New York with the Hudson River and Bay, San Francisco and Los Angeles. It's evident that the ocean is vital to the economy of the nation.

If the jet had not been introduced, our dependence upon the ocean would be even greater. Can we afford not to care about the ocean? Look at the boat building industry. They all moved down to Alabama or in that general region in order to find cheaper labor, but almost all companies have closed down. Now, our movement is starting companies there. Why? Because the redevelopment of the ocean is soon coming and we have to be ready for that. Not only in America, but in other nations as well. We are developing boats for fishing in Brazil and boats for long-lining tuna. Now, everyone else is giving up on the fishing industry, but someday soon, people will see that the only person who has a pattern for success is Reverend Moon. That is why we have to make a foundation now. Then, people will someday wake up and see that we are way ahead. In the world today, when an industry goes down, that is when people leave it and give up. However, that is not our way. That is when we really buckle down and invest. There are four great fishing grounds in the world. Three of them are right here near the United States. People can fish anywhere in the world, but the American fisherman can easily go to the best places. Japan and Germany, even the Soviet Union desperately want to catch fish for their own markets, but America makes it very difficult for other fishermen to come in. However, the market for fish in America is much smaller than in other countries. It doesn't make sense.

The best way would be to combine fishing-ground rights and market strategies between three nations: Japan, Germany and America. If these three countries could make a responsible agreement towards the fisheries today, the rest of the world could center on that. At any rate, these other countries are coming in to fish, and this makes the position of the American government so difficult. They don't want people coming in, but there are so few American fishing boats. Since Americans aren't utilizing these great fishing grounds, the other countries that really invest a lot in fishing come into these waters anyway. America is in a dilemma to defend its fishing waters. Who can step in and help this situation? Reverend Moon can. He will organize young people and send them out to develop the American fishing industry. This is my vision.

Eventually, the Moonies will be a strong and positive force in the industry, not to destroy it, but to bring it up to international standards. So, even though the American government doesn't want Moonies fishing and becoming successful, they will encourage us because of this situation. Now, Gloucester wants Reverend Moon to leave, but at the same time, they want to keep the same price standard for their tuna.

In Korea, they make the best fishing equipment and gear. Japanese fishermen are now saying that the best fishermen are the Koreans because they are so tough and courageous. The Koreans have guts when they fish. They'll go for a huge catch and strain the net, even if it costs them a million dollars for the net. When they lose, it's tough, but when they gain, they really gain. The Japanese don't do that. They compute and calculate very carefully. Sometimes they miss the chance.

Coming from that background in Korea, I noticed the fishing gear companies in America and couldn't help but think of how to make them better. There are many boats in the New York area, but so few equipment stores in New York City. We could distribute fishing gear so easily in America. Eventually we could build a high rise in New York centering on the fishing equipment business. In every area the fishing industry needs improvement. The ocean industry is open to us. If we make our foundation now, nobody could even think about catching up to us in the future. As time goes on, people will say, "No one can even compete with the Moonies." For example, look at the tuna fishing situation as it is now. People used to wake up around 6:00 or 7:00 a.m. and go out. However, we have been waking up at 3:00 or even 2:00 a.m. People look at our hard work and they have to say, "The ocean business is for Moonies, no way we can beat that." When I first came here, more than eight years ago, the tuna price was five or ten cents per pound. Now, the price recently jumped to two dollars per pound. We bought a great deal of tuna and helped to raise the price. Then, all the other buyers had to follow. That's exactly what happened. From the businessman's viewpoint, Reverend Moon is bad, but they never concerned themselves about the fishermen. From the fishermen's viewpoint, it is another story.

The price of tuna should go up to $5.00 per pound and even more. This is important for the entire industry. If tuna prices go up, then other fish prices have to go up. Fishermen in other areas have a better chance to make money. Today, fishermen catch tons of fish, but they only get thirty or forty cents per pound. Let's look at ourselves. We are buying tuna at a great cost and even though we are catching tuna, we are not making money. Why should we do such a program? Think about it this way. A tuna weighing around 1,000 pounds, (and with tuna at $5.00 per pound) is a $5,000 tuna. Don't you think this would attract many young Americans to come here and fish? Since you have already gained the experience, you can teach them. Think of how the coastal towns in America will benefit from our work.

I have a clear idea, but most Americans have not understood me. I cannot make you do anything just by telling you. So, I have sacrificed myself; I have worked day and night to show you how to do it. The need is there. People understand that, but they won't do what is necessary. I had to come along and show you. Then, you too have to show them.

I know what motivates people. You can't just say, "Father, I can't do that." I have already shown you how it is to be done. People try to keep up with me, but even those in their twenties and thirties can't do it. They ask me, "Father, how can you do that?" I am always thinking, "I am doing this for those who are yet to come. This tradition will stand for thousands of years and millions of people can live by it." Therefore, I don't mind the pace that I have to keep.

I have dreamed of training women captains in America. When those women go to sea for a month and the husbands don't run away, what will happen? That husband will be longing and longing for his wife to return. That husband won't run away after three days, but instead wait for his wife and rejoice to meet her. When I came to America, I realized that the Divine Principle would be best taught by showing the people exactly what it is. Then, if there was one person who inherited this tradition, everyone would understand my teaching. The woman would be happy with such a husband and that man would be happy to have such a wife. That's how much power the Principle has. When the man is happy, the woman is also dancing. Is that bad? It's BAD! No? You are shouting "GOOD!" at me. Since you are speaking the truth, you win. Do you like that? Well, what if I don't like that? You are really shouting at me now. So, you know. You know the truth. You think I am a 100% genuinely smart man. And how about you? If you weren't smart, you wouldn't have followed me, but here you are. In this declining industry, everyone is bailing out. However, our movement is spending millions of dollars every year. We are spending and investing in America, researching boats and the fishing industry, teaching and educating young people, and developing fisheries.

True Love for the Ocean

The real Moonie is the one who loves the ocean. Why? Because the head of the Unification movement loves the ocean. Reverend Moon loves the ocean. So, if you are a Moonie, you have to come to that point as well. What about you women? Are you a real Moonie or a make-believe one? How about you men?

The child inherits from the Parent. How about you? Have you inherited from me? You didn't know that I have been fishing way ahead of you, days, months and years ahead of you. If you worked harder than me, my conscience would bother me. I am hard on you, pushing you, but still you feel love from me. That's because I am already working way beyond you.

Those who really think that I love you, even when I push you so hard, raise your hands. Why did you raise your hands? Are you crazy? When I see someone like you, I am relieved. All put together, do you feel fortunate to be here? When you first came here, you probably secretly made a painful face. Americans are very diplomatic. They don't show how they really feel. You probably smiled really big, but inside you wondered about doing this.

Of all the fish to go after, why did we choose the tuna? Because I found that once you catch a tuna, you never forget it. You can catch many other kinds of fish and forget about it, but never the tuna. So, this is the best way to catch young people. You are Americans. You are here to stay. Many guests may come, but eventually they have to go away. They may come from many different countries. However, you Americans have to inherit your own future. For the rest of your life this is your responsibility. This is a really great responsibility.

Once you hook and catch a tuna, you can never forget it for the rest of your life. Every occasion that reminds you of that moment connects you to all the events that surrounded it. Once you connect to the ocean, you never forget it. We go out and everyone looks at us and shouts, "Moonie, Moonie." But once we catch tuna and no one else gets a strike, they have to look at us and think again. As we come by with a tuna on the line, we have to yell, "Get out of the way!" At that moment, they have to do that.

After that, they are silent. When a small One Hope boat has a tuna and is going towards a big yacht, you just shout out, "Get out of here!" Then, they have to get off their anchor. At that moment we can feel very proud. We are earning our way; we are earning their respect.

Suppose you lose a tuna after a hook-up. When you go back home and someone else is there with a tuna, you don't even want to look at it. That kind of experience is very precious. Then, your dreams are consumed by the thought of getting a tuna. You can't think without thinking about a tuna. "Tomorrow, tomorrow," your mind is always thinking about catching a tuna the next day. You have to learn how to live and pray and sweat for tomorrow. You have to pray even for the tuna.

Tuna also have spirit. If you really love the ocean and love the tuna, you can attract them to you. It works this way. When you cut fish for chum, don't just cut them. Think about them and talk to them, "Since you are a small fish, I will cut you up and send you down for the large fish. I am fishing for the sake of mankind and would go down there myself, but you are doing this for me and I am grateful to you."

When you pray like that and think like that, it makes the difference. Every day, every action becomes special. You should say, "I am sorry to catch the tuna, but I am doing it for mankind." You are doing what others do, but your heart must be different about it. When you see me catch a tuna, harpoon it and bring it to the land, you may wonder, "Why does a religious leader do that to the tuna?" I do it as an offering. This will help the providence, this will save lives from further suffering. We can't joke around and sleep on those boats. Our work is even more serious than the other fishermen's.

Only twice have I ever laid down to rest on the New Hope. I had to at one time because I had a severe headache, but even then I prayed and apologized with great sincerity. Allen Hokanson was so tired one time that he was dozing off at the wheel. So, I allowed him to take a rest at that time because to steer the boat is a serious matter. I took responsibility for that and then, Allen could rest. Our work is so serious, you have to know that.

The Special One Hope Boat

To catch a tuna, I had to develop a way to communicate with them. Sometimes, there is a small craft warning and still I go out to fish. Why? Because I don't want the members to look at difficult weather and be afraid to go out. You have to be concerned about safety, but you also have to know how serious our work is. We cannot go out just because the weather is calm. The goal is very difficult to reach and very far away. We have to go through so much training to get there. The boat is one way to train. The One Hope boat is very tough. It won't sink. I wanted it that way. Twenty people can ride in it and flood the vessel, but still the front part will stay up. With your life jacket on you can just hang on and the boat will support you. This already happened with several people in a One Hope boat, so we know for sure the boat is very safe and strong. We made it that way. When we run into somebody or something, the boat doesn't break. I designed the boat, but behind me is a deeper inspiration for it. This is a multi-purpose boat. You can easily trailer the boat. It can be a speed boat, a sight-seeing boat, a tuna boat, a fishing boat, a teaching boat, any kind of boat. It can go to many kinds of programs and any kind of place. There is no limit or specific way to use these boats.

The New Hope is not such a good boat for catching tuna. It is too big and makes the job somewhat complicated, but the One Hope boat is a perfect size for the job. You just get away from the lines and the tuna gets tired from pulling the boat. Before I designed this boat I researched everywhere: Japan, Alaska and Germany.

We built this boat with specific things in mind. One thing is that the One Hope has to be able to cut through the waves. Then, it has to have speed. It cannot roll when it's going fast. Some boats have this problem and I wanted to prevent such mistakes from happening. For these and other reasons I researched for two years just on the design of the One Hope.

Now, I watch the boat and I am very happy. When you turn as you are going fast, it holds very well. Some boats would throw the man out, but the One Hope has real balance. There are a thousand tiny details that make this boat very different from other boats. However, when I first brought up the idea, Americans said, "Father, you need an expert to design such a boat."

The first one was built by members who didn't even know one thing about building boats. Such a thing can never be done by other people, but now as we build more and more boats, the members are looking and seeing that a bold new tradition is being set in making fiberglass boats of this size. We use the highest quality parts and this makes the boat a very expensive machine. You have to think seriously. Not only is it expensive, but it is also built by the sacrifice and hard work of the members. You have to realize that I designed and built that boat out of my own sweat and tears. You cannot just get on the boat and take off. This is the wrong attitude. In the years to come these boats will become very famous. You don't see it now, but this is true. You have to have a serious attitude about your boat and you have to have great pride in your boat. In the future, the record of your boat will be studied. People will ask, "How many fish did this One Hope catch?" One of these boats will catch the most and be very, very famous. Which one will that be? You have to do things with the thought of the future.

The Kind of Leader the World Needs

We are not playing. This is very, very serious. No one knows me. You don't know how serious I am. I made a condition in the beginning. More than twenty days I fished for tuna. I had to catch a tuna. There was a reason. Every day, every day, I went out. You don't know how serious that time was. When we finally caught the tuna, you don't know the feeling inside when we said, "Mansei!"

Now the Moonie members go out and catch a tuna. You just laugh and smile. You don't know the meaning of it. I am looking for the member who is strong and really researches how to catch the tuna. I have thought deeply about modern civilization. What kind of leader will fix the foundation upon which civilization stands? I have that kind of purpose in teaching you how to catch tuna. You have to be clear and pure. I have to make you pure. You are just looking around at the other boats, but you don't understand why you are out there. You have to dedicate your heart, otherwise, there is no meaning.

You have to endure hardships. It's a serious matter. I have been thinking seriously all my life. Tuna are not easy to catch. If you were to catch them so easily, it would not have such a meaning. I want to find members who can understand the meaning of catching tuna. I want those people to give lectures. I don't have time to always explain everything. If you inherit my heart this season and have a victorious season, you will want to come back next year. Between seasons, you have to go to other places and speak to the fishermen there about catching tuna. When you go to the ocean you have to think about many serious things. You have to think about making a living.

If you catch ten tuna you have made an- entire income for one year. You can support your family with one season's work. To catch ten tuna is really no problem. To catch thirty tuna can be done if you develop the skills. That kind of ability is precious. How great it is for you. How great this is for Ocean Church. You must know what is behind you when you work. Don't just work with an external attitude. You have a boat and every day you go out to the ocean. Every time you catch a fish, think very deeply about what you are doing. You are doing this for the future of mankind. You have the One Hope boat. After the tuna, I want to develop fishing for three or four other species of fish. Then, you can fish the entire year. If it's too cold here, you can go further south. I have taught you the foundation for catching tuna. Now we have to study secondary species of fishing. From five years ago, I have been thinking about the kind of fish we have to research and catch. Tuna, striped bass, flounder, fluke, salmon, trout, snapper and a few others. You have to think how to support your family and take care of your children. You can take the boats and fish in any area of the coast. Fish every season of the year. If you work as hard on the ocean as you do on land, you will make twice the amount of money. You will see this happen if you practice it. You have to find out and examine it for yourself. I am deeply convinced about this way of life. It is for your future.

The fiberglass boat is going to be the future of fishing boats in America. You wait and see. It will become the standard for boats in the future, even up to eighty foot boats. If such a boat has a break or a puncture, we can fix it more easily than if it were steel. I am thinking about the future of the fishing industry in Alaska. I am determined to develop the boat that fishes best up there.

I am so serious about this providence. If the Western members don't inherit it, I will push the Japanese to take it. If they refuse to pick it up, I will offer it to the Koreans. If they miss the opportunity, I will give it to the blessed children. If they fail, then my own children will establish it. Why? Because mankind has to inherit this tradition. It is for the future of all mankind.

Inherit the Future Through the Ocean.

I don't blame you if you don't understand everything today. In ten years you will understand what I am talking about. So, please just do your very best and inherit what I am doing upon the ocean. It's important for you, it's essential for mankind's future. For example, look at Tyler Hendricks. He was the first PhD graduate. As soon as he graduated, he was asked to come to Ocean Church. He couldn't believe it. I had been working for seven or eight years before I could become the top fisherman, but Tyler came along and had to inherit it in one season. No matter how tough it was, he had to do that. It's really impossible, but anyway, he had to find out what it is like.

I have been fishing now for ten years. However, I cannot do that anymore. The purpose for it is in you. You have to research what I have done here and go on from this point. The first thing that you must do is gather all the information around you. Find out about the fish, how it runs. Then, find out about the currents in the waters and the shape of the ocean floor where you are fishing. If you do that for tuna fishing, you then know how to do that for any other kind of fishing. Also, don't just take my word, or anyone's word. Find out for yourself. Never believe what others say, but first find out for yourself how the fish run and what the water is really like. You have to train your mind to think and question and research like that. That is what you must inherit from me.

Those who stay in the Gloucester area should research the catching of tuna. If you catch tuna in the morning, you have the rest of the day to do other things. Research the catching of other fish. Go out and try to catch the striped bass, the flounder and other kinds of fish. Yesterday, I caught almost 200 pounds of flounder. If you watch me you will discover what I am teaching you. I am already thinking far ahead and researching how to sell fish that are still alive. That fish can be sold for the best price directly to the restaurants. Many restaurants will keep an aquarium for the customer to choose the fish he wants for his meal that night. The best seafood restaurants will develop this system. This is not new in Japan, but will be a really new thing in America.

There will be a day in the future when the best restaurants will advertise "live fish." Even the President of the United States will express his liking for such fish. Also, we have to research about live bait. We have to develop live bait stores. This will be an enormous business in itself. However, keeping fish alive is a very difficult thing to do. That is why we began with lobster. Lobster is the most difficult to keep alive. If we find the best ways to do that, developing ways to keep fish alive will not be a problem. I am thinking of how to revive the American market. That is the market which really needs new development. We can start by keeping the fish in seawater and sending it to Japan. That will generate the funds and give us practice in the market itself. Then, we can develop the market here in America. The better seafood restaurants will quickly see the good points in having live fish tanks. We can make the market expand quickly.

You may think, "Oh Father, that is not for me," but how do you know that this won't be a success? I always think of things that everyone else never thinks of doing. Look at the Washington Times. No one else even thought it could be done in three years, but in less than one year, we brought it to a brilliant level of success. Everyone is admitting that.

I won't let Ocean Church members even come to the office in the future. Don't sit behind a desk! Just put my ideas into action and you will find the success I am talking about. The only hope that Unification Church has for the future lies in Ocean Church. Don't you see how serious your position is? What is the limit of the future of those who go to the ocean? I can say with complete confidence, "there is no limit." Now, Russia, Japan, South America and North America are competing, but there is no limit. We can really inherit the future through the ocean. We are people for the future. Our thinking is always for the future. So, the future is for us. In America, the retirement age is sixty-five, but I started at the age of sixty. Can you follow me? Why can't you follow me if you are so much younger than I am? You have no excuse. If you come to a difficult point, think of me when I started Ocean Church from nothing. Think of me when I went out fishing with no knowledge and then created the way to catch tuna. You have to go even beyond that.

This has to be done. For the future, someone has to do it. You are my hope. If you don't know that, you cannot understand even who you are. The one who is close to me is the one who will determine to be successful on the ocean. After telling you this, should I stay here or go on to something else? Ocean Church members, you shouldn't worry where I might be. As long as you have the same mind and desire that I have, then Ocean Church will succeed. And if you lose all hope, remember that my mind is always with you. I will never, ever forget Ocean Church. 

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