The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1983

Thank You God!

Sun Myung Moon
June 27, 1983
God's Will and the Ocean
Given at the Leaders' Conference

This is a new chapter, a new era, a new history. You are the master of this new history. In order to do that, you must have determination. Without that determination, you will not even get near it. Once you determine to risk your life for that purpose, you can separate yourself from Satan; Satan will have no business with you anymore. Don't try to preserve your life. Go to the land of death. That means that God will take your sacrifice, and God will never let you die. That is the Principle.

This is my life exactly! I have always been ready to die. This tradition goes down from me to you, from you to all others. As long as you are alive, as long as you are breathing, you cannot complain because you have already made that resolution; you are ready to die, but you have not died yet. You can say, "I am still alive! I must go on, more and more. I am not yet dying, that means I can still go further. Thank You God!"

My legs are always swollen for some reasons not caused by using leg muscles. (So, I experience much discomforts and pains) with the overuse of my legs from standing on the deck so long. However, I say, "Thank You, God! I have not yet died; I am still breathing. God, I can go on."

One night there was an accident and I collapsed in the bathroom. Mother does not know, but I fainted. When I got up, the first words I spoke were, "Thank You God, I have not died. I can go on and on and on." That is the kind of tradition I laid in the Unification Church. How can we complain? If we disregard this tradition, America will become a very dismal and tragic country. When you inherit this tradition, America will be glorious and prosperous. Everlasting blessings will come to you if you do inherit this. 

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