The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1983

Father's Leaders' Conference Instructions

Sun Myung Moon
June 27, 1983

From now on, it's me. I am responsible.

I. My Responsibility

Not God's responsibility, nation's responsibility, but my responsibility. Mafia, gangsters, everything going wrong out there is my responsibility.

II. I Am the Sacrifice

Since everything is my responsibility, I am the sacrifice. I will sacrifice for the sake of the mission.

III. I Will Act and Take Initiative.

I will stand up. Not Rev. Moon, not Bo Hi Pak, not CAUSA, not IOWC, but me. I will act.

IV. I Will Set My Tradition

I will be a focal issue of tradition. It can be handed down to generations to come. Don't just command others, but act and sacrifice. Each one is responsible for his own tradition of love. So far you talk about tradition like it was somebody else's business. Tradition is Father's heart, servant's shoes, shedding tears for earth, sweat for man, and blood for heaven. If you're just blindly waiting for Father's instructions, it's already too late. Take initiative.

V. My Ownership

I want to own something. You must make your tradition substantial, visible. Something you can bet your life on. Something -- not necessarily material -- that no one can take away from you. Witnessing, fundraising, everything comes under this.

VI. My Heaven

Upon that foundation, you are building your own heaven. Unless you have your own heaven, how can you talk about family heaven, national heaven, etc.? But to get to heaven you must pay the price. Indemnity. Your own realm no one can take away. Your own property.

VII. My Happiness and My Perfection

I am a happy man. God's man, perfect man. Achieve original blueprint of man centered upon heart of God. My happiness, not Father's happiness or Unification Church happiness. More precious, valuable.

The center is you. To fulfill this, you must be above any secular standard. Below the secular level is fallen man/Satan's realm. If you follow this kind of instruction you don't need Father. 

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