The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1983

Day of All Things

Sun Myung Moon
June 11, 1983
World Mission Center
True Ownership

We can ask the question: Have you ever been loved by God? Or by anyone, in fact? Are you receiving love from all beings, including God? We are far from this condition. The truth is that even among theologians -- those who are especially known to study about God -- 75 percent of them are not even sure if God exists.

What about Unification Church members? Are they ignorant or very knowledgeable about God? We not only know God through our intelligence, but also through our heart and feeling. In fact, in order to know God you must feel Him.

In the Unification Church we have a certain share of God's love and also an idea of where we stand before we receive His love. In order to test whether we are receiving God's love or not, we can think in the following way: If I am receiving the love of God, would my mind and body be happy and rejoice, or not?

Yes, lack of happiness and lack of peace should not even exist, since God is perfect, since He is everything. Therefore He must have joy, happiness, and peace -- unless He is unhappy, I cannot he unhappy. Unless His peace is disturbed, my peace couldn't be disturbed either.

The perfection of mankind does not have to be abstract. It's very simple. When a person is very happy and cannot be happier, he is full. Then he is perfected. Of course, so-called liberty is contained within that state. And whatever the person would like fulfilled, that would be fulfilled.

What Does Man Want?

Actually man wants to do things he likes to do and, beyond that, he would like to occupy God's love. That would be the ultimate happiness -- when we come to discover God. First we discover the world, then God who is greater than the world and who has love. When we occupy that love, we need nothing beyond that. But if you asked a person anyway what he wants beyond that, he would say he would like to have the world, and to have the world do his will.

Does this mean he would like to own mankind as well as the trees and animals and creation? And what about God? Would man like to possess God as well? There are billions of men and angels in spirit world. Would you like to exclude them from the world? Maybe you would like to get close to God but to exclude all other men and the angelic world from your scheme? When you say "no" that means you are yielding your place to all men before you. In other words, before you would become happy, you would like all mankind to be happy and all men in the spirit world to be happy.

God Needs Man

God's nature is like this too. God cannot be happy until man is happy. And God's perfection cannot be fulfilled before man's perfection is fulfilled -- through love. Mankind never knew this before. All people thought that God was perfect and complete. God is indeed perfect in His personality, in His intelligence, in His ability, in everything. But the most important of all for Him is the perfection of love. To perfect His love He needs man. That's very simple to explain. Do you think God is happy all alone? Can He be so happy that He laughs to His heart's content? As a man will never be happy alone, neither will God.

We also see very clearly that God created all things to perfect His love, so that all things and man will attain perfection in love. And such a man and God attain love within a perfect subject and object relationship.

When a man and a woman get together and love each other, we see the concept of perfection. A man is perfected, and a woman is perfected.

If you find a man who says, "Oh, God, I don't need a woman; just You and me, God," you must conclude he is very greedy. He doesn't want anyone with whom to share his love. Or it might be the other way around. Maybe a woman says she doesn't need the man since he is so greedy. Since he's always like that, she might think, then why can't she and God just create perfection together? Or maybe she would ask that God love her first, and love the man second.

When each of these two would find out what the other is up to, they would fight each other and claim that the other excluded him from the love relationship. God sees these two fighting, but it's actually very reasonable "fighting" over who would get His love first. Maybe God would not blame them so much after all.

When you express this passion for love, the most appropriate color would be red. The man is bright red with love, and so is the woman. God looks at them, also red and bright in His love. When these three, this trinity, begin to love each other, then perhaps nobody can object, and these three points will merge into one.

Parents' Day

Many people outside wonder what is the Unification Church's Day of All Things. They also wonder about Parents' Day, Children's Day, and God's Day.

Parents' Day has this significance: Parents' Day is the first time since God created all things and mankind that there is one balanced man, one balanced woman, balanced in love to whom God can descend and with whom He can truly be. For the first time in human history this original state of matrimony, the original trinity, has come into existence upon the earth. To find this perfect man and woman is the beginning of all of God's ideals, and God can descend to them.

When True Parents are asked the question, "What is your most fervent wish?" they say, "All our desire is to restore our children and return them to the original state of God's love."

If true children are asked the same question, their answer is also simple, "My wish as a child is to find true parents, connect with them, live with them, and go with them into the true realm of God's love." Such children wouldn't say, "I don't need any parents. I can go directly to God. As He becomes my perfect subject, I become His perfect object and we'll live happily." Children absolutely need parents.

Now here are the True Parents who love according to how God wants them to love. They bring God's love. With this advance of God's right love, those who choose to follow the True Man and the True Woman, discarding everything else, must be taken by God because they come to belong to this new state correct love. Since this is the original realm of love which is very Principled, not even Satan can interfere.

No matter who the children may be, Satan can never claim them back again as long as they choose True Parents, because God has that power.

The power of love is so strong that even God cannot free Himself from it. The human dilemma of love manifests itself in many ways but they all point to one crucial fact: God is suffering very much to restore this problem. Civilization in this high-technology era has many diverse problems, especially family problems which create social problems, but they all originate from one problem, that is, the love problem. The Unification Church has solved this most difficult problem once and for all.

Many children, in search of true love, follow the True Parents on their own. They want to remain with them for the rest of their lives and for eternity. We call Children's Day the day an individual declares to himself that he will not go back to the world which is more false than true.

The Realm of True Children

Children's Day is the day of declaration on the part of children. Unless this declaration exists, there is no way to enter the realm of True Children. They all belong to Satan; he possesses all things. Ever since man fell, all things have been occupied by the false owner. Therefore, we need a day through which all things will find their way to true ownership again. All things naturally want to belong to a righteous owner.

In order to restore things from false to true ownership, we have been doing fundraising in which we invest all our heart and love. By Principle, we helped all things be restored into the realm of true love. So, after Parents' Day and Children's Day could be announced, the Day of All Things could be proclaimed exactly 21 years ago today.

The Day of All Things

When True Parents and True Children unite and never separate no matter what, then God would like to create even more possessions to give to them. That's how God feels, but He also thinks that before He gives you a blessing, you should restore what was yours originally and bring it back into your own possession. And God will help you do that.

When we are absolutely confident in ourselves and in the relationship with True Parents centered on God's love, nothing can separate us. And if we proclaim to all things, "If you want to come and belong to us, I will open up a way for you," not only all things would come to our bosom, but God would make them come to our bosom. That's how all things will respond to this true unity.

As long as this principle of true love is intact, all things will come flowing into the True Family and to the True Children. And they will soon detach themselves from the outside world, whose possession i• only temporary.

Do You Absolutely Need A Woman?

If a man is asked, "Do you absolutely need a woman?" or if a woman is asked, "Do you absolutely need a man?" they probably will answer that they absolutely do need a partner. The reason is that, unless you have a mate, you don't get recognition from Parents or have God's love remain with you.

The one who refuses to recognize this, or thinks he has a way around it -- it doesn't matter who he is -- belongs to the realm of Satan.

Why is it that the Unification Church, which is founded on the highest ideals, does not allow men and women to get married as they wish, as in the outside world? This is because of a law of nature as sure as the one by which water doesn't go from a lower to a higher place. The spiritual law of nature is that, without Parents, God's blessing does not descend, because Parents need to occupy a position in place of God. The center is needed. Therefore the son or daughter can never have the union of marriage without the parents' approval.

Where does love come from? From above. So establishing vertical love is the first step. First comes original love, which is vertical, and then man's love, which is horizontal. So Father has no choice in giving you the Blessing. It's not a matter of maybe one way or maybe another. We can be proud of being natural, being matched and blessed by our True Parents according to universal law. When this is done, the satanic world will crumble down because that world is not lawful in the sight of God. This very world which tries to exclude God from its community will not survive.

Heavenly Attitude Toward Possession

You have a perfect right that you must develop for yourself, and that is the right to true love. But you have hardly exercised that right at all. First you should proclaim to God that you really have true love, and that you have True Parents, and you should demand of God to say, "Yes." Just cling to Him until He says yes. And protest to God that He has so much, and yet you have to go hungry. Doesn't this stand to reason? And God will answer you, "Yes, you are right. You need some possessions, and I will bring you some."

Even though you have True Parents, they somehow don't seem to buy a house for you, or pay for the hospital bill when you have a baby. So what are you going to do? Just sleep on park benches? Certainly not. You proclaim to God and the world that you have true love and True Parents, and that all the possessions should be yours. You can't go hungry! When you ask that of God and proclaim to Him that you deserve it, how can He not give you enough money to deliver the baby?

If you were God, what would you say? God doesn't give you money directly. But as long as you are dwelling in the realm of true love, God gives you the authority and the opportunity to restore money back to God. Standing at this borderline between the evil world and God's world, people in the future will come to you wanting to invest their money.

To give an example, when the science conference opened, many said, "Oh Father, please don't spend that much money. We need that money for printing something, for maintaining the vehicles," etc. But Father didn't listen. The same when Father created The Washington Times, many said, "Oh Father, don't spend money there," but Father said that this was a must. Now today what happens is that they all came to know through its phenomenal success that God is with The Washington Times. Since everybody sees that God is truly with The Washington Times and Rev. Moon, many will say, "Well, Rev. Moon, I'd like to invest in what you think is a good project."

True Ownership

God was the original new Owner over all things until mankind fell. According to this principle, there will one day be a country of our own, the country that belongs directly to God. If no one on earth will welcome the existence of God's country, or our country, still that doesn't stop us. We will create one with our own hands.

Today we celebrate the 21st Day of All Things. That means exactly 20 years have passed by as of today. This 20 is truly the beginning. A new era of blessing is coming for returning all things to the ownership of God.

As we know from the book of Romans, all things are in lamentation, sighing that they are in the hands of the wrong ownership. So for ownership to come into the hands of God or the country of God's dominion, it has to become dominated by true love. True love is what all things want. They are really disappointed and sighing because they are the prisoner and slave of unrighteous ownership. In order for them to go back to the true love dominion -- to the godly nation, tribe, clan, and ultimately to the godly parents and children -- the only way is for all things to be returned to the ownership of God. They, too, need to be saved, just as mankind needs to be saved.

In the original world there was no such a thing as "my possessions." Before that concept arose, things were thought to belong to God and to every man. So, therefore, if we own lots of property, it indicates that we are selfishly clinging to possessions that belonged to the satanic world, and we cannot say these things really belong to God.

There will come an inescapable time when all belongings will have to be moved into the dominion of God. This must be done in the future.

To whom do you, your mind and body, belong? First to God, then to True Parents. So if there is a true woman to whom does she belong? As a true child, nothing is her own. If you want to be exact, divide your body into eighths: one is God's, one is True Mother's, one is for your husband, and maybe one eighth is for yourself, but in that proportion only.

If you register your wealth in your parent's name, or your country's name, then it's all right. You first belong to various others before you belong to yourself. All things will be returned to God, and from God they will be received back to the various countries.

So we come to one great solution to the problem: unless we return everything to God, or until we live with the things that come from God, we can't go to heaven. If we have something from this world and live with it selfishly and then go to spirit world, we just can't go to heaven. This is the significance of all things: all things belong to God first.

With this great principle, those who work harder than anyone else, with determination to bring all things of God's creation back into His possession, will gain prosperity in the future.

Let us have confidence in restoring all things, so they find their way into the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen. 

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