The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1983

Learning Through Experience

Sun Myung Moon
June 1983

The following speech was given by Father to the 120 day trainees at East Garden. It was reconstructed from personal notes. Father spoke in a very intimate and personal way, fall of love and concern for everyone.

You can never understand anything through thinking or studying but only through your own experience. Once you are persecuted and suffer, then you can really understand what Father must have gone through. To study the Principle is sometimes not so easy but the real difficulty starts when you witness to one person. Only then can you understand how complicated it is for God to bring all mankind back to the original state.

Think of your own struggles to finally accept the Principle and True Parents. How much effort God and True Parents put into you! How much more difficult, then, it is for you to witness to another person, since you are somewhat better than most other people.

In order to win 10 people you have to make an effort commensurate with 10 people. This is the Principle. And think of how much effort heaven has to put proportionally into this evil world in order to change it into a good one.

In order to reach that goal it's not possible to proceed in a normal way. Here comes the concept of absolute obedience. It's all right to understand things before doing them, but how much time do we have for that? However if you obey 100 percent it'll be the fastest way. God then can set His foot on your head and, if you don't move, He has a stable ground to stand upon.

Let's look at the Christians. They have a very deep faith but they believe blindly. We, however, have received many explanations and answers. But where do we go from there? Once we understand the Principle we have to return to even a deeper faith than the Christians, which is not blind. This is the only way to achieve a better world than they have. In other words, though you have now learned about the Principle, it's not enough. God and spirit world will not help you unless you have absolute faith in it.

Spiritual and physical training

For the last few months your schedule consisted of virtually 24 hours of studying and fundraising daily. What would you do if, in addition to that tough schedule, somebody beat you up a hundred times? You probably would run away, wouldn't you? Mas Oyama karate is very famous for its special training, because in the very first lesson, the teacher beats you. The first time you feel very worried about where he hits you, but once you get used to it, you forget where you were beaten the day before.

Now think what the communists are doing. They beat you, and even more than that, they threaten you with a gun. Let's not kid ourselves, so far we never had the right kind of training to win over them.

Someday, though, Father will train you as guerrilla forces. This is unusual for a religious movement. Because of our religiousness, the communists are very afraid of Father. They know he will do everything to overcome communism, because it is the enemy of God. The communists' attention is focused now on the Third World, but Father is snatching away from them one country after another.

How can we influence more South American and African people? We have to send white people to their countries and let them suffer more than any white or black people had before. Throughout history, Europeans made Africans suffer, but now it's the other way around. Once Europeans begin to die happily in an African nation, everything will become very harmonious, and they will win completely the hearts of the Africans.

Democracy of love

Unification Church members are the ones who eat up all that's bad and transform it into nutrition. You already have eaten up a lot of things, like dating, individualism, free sex and democracy, haven't you? Eating up is equivalent to digesting.

Democracy in which freedom is the supreme value is worth nothing compared with democracy where love is the highest value. At first sight, the latter doesn't seem compatible with democracy, but it is actually much better. So-called freedom is often a very destructive thing, for example someone's "free" attitude that, "I don't need my father and mother. I don't need my wife. She disagrees with me all the time anyway. I don't need sons and daughters.," etc.

This kind of attitude leads inexorably to emptiness and loneliness. Hope is lost. Such a person easily becomes a nihilist and finally may commit suicide, for there is no longer anything for him to do.

Is there room for individualism in a democracy of love? Well, no individual can make love by himself. Love goes beyond everything, it brings everything together. We surely don't deny democracy but we do promote a democracy of love. Moonies have every reason to be proud, for our thinking is higher than the ordinary. We are free, but in a limited sense. Our liberating element is love, with which you can do everything.

Connecting extremes

Look at the Japanese. They are short, have dark hair and small noses, but their husbands are tall, blue-eyed and have light hair. They are like two different poles. Imagine the South and the North Poles -- in between there is everything. A magnetic force attracts them to each other. In our case the poles are "love poles." Unification Church members are always reaching out to the extremes, for example, a black person reaching out to a white person, loving each other to the utmost.

In the future, people will be reaching out in just this way to the most difficult places, but Unification Church members already will have settled there. That will also be the day when the most handsome man will many the ugliest woman. This relationship will be much deeper than one between two handsome people. The woman will do very much for her husband, so grateful that her husband married her in spite of her ugliness. How much love he must have! she will think.

Only such a strategy of uniting opposites through love will make one world. Or is there any other way to unite the world?

For the sake of love

When you have a crippled child of your own, your parental mind naturally aches much more for the crippled child than for the normal one. God's mind is just like that. If you love brothers and sisters whom nobody loves, then you resemble God and 'True Parents. That's the most beautiful thing on earth!

Look at the world. People are literally dying. You first must give them a shot to bring them back to life before you can give them love. That injection is called Divine Principle, or even 120 days training.

If you think about how much authority and dignity you will gain in heaven, then you cannot truly love. Father has given up his authority and dignity and just loved people. He has gone through all kinds of trials, as the time in prison where he was left with no dignity whatsoever. In this situation, Father always thought about how to save the people.

When you really come to know who Father is, you will cherish him. If you live in the same way as Father, people will come to feel toward you as you feel toward him now. It will continue for all eternity.

Father's conclusion is very simple: die and you shall live! But when you die you are not really dead. At least 10 people -- especially your children -- will pick up your work and bring it to a conclusion.

Our final goal is to liberate the communist world. In the future, we'll be sent out as spies -- heavenly spies armed with true love and with the purpose of saving a particular country. Usually "spy" is a bad word, because a spy tries to get information to destroy a country. But we are different.

Man as a top level partner of love

God cannot love all by Himself. He needs a man as a co-creator of true love, as a "top level partner of love" (Americans would like the expression). What higher purpose of existence can there be? You literally become God. God is invisible but you are visible. You become God through your love. You can say that I am the outside God [God of Day] and He is the inside God [God of night]. God must have another God to create something together in love. This is a rather unusual concept of God compared with the traditional ones.

What will it be like when you get to spirit world? In the spirit world, God maintains a certain state. When we reach the same state, we become a part of God Himself. God is a duality of male and female. Man and woman must therefore become very harmonious in order to come close to God and resemble Him. If we become similar to Him, we feel everything that God feels: joy, sadness, etc. We thus become a cell of God's body. So husband and wife must always understand each other, create each other. God is like a huge man in spirit and each cell is like an individual man and woman.

Since God is our origin, we expand ourselves here on earth and then go back to the origin again. It is as if somebody drops a seed on earth, which grows, multiplies and bears fruit and then returns to its origin. The more this is achieved, the more God grows and grows.

Couples today tend to be badly matched, with few principles in their relationships, creating a weak foundation on which to start married life. But in the Unification Church, our goal is to become completely one as husband and wife. This is a must, the minimum we have to achieve to prepare for the spirit world.

Loving the enemy

Jesus said, Love your enemy. The enemy turned out to be a servant or Cain, the elder brother and archangel. Unless we love, nothing has value, because man was originally meant to be a being of love. Cain will be subjugated only when you give him original love. Unless you love your elder brothers, you will not be able to reach your goal.

Centering on Father, there are the Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel countries. These countries must dedicate themselves to Father before the original world can be reconstituted. At the beginning of human history, a seed (the Fall) was sown which must be restored. Everyone became each other's enemy. For example, Korea and Japan, Japan and America and America and Germany were enemies of each other.

That's why Father sent representatives of these countries to the foreign missions. Some took three years or eight years to unite. Father so far never specifically told the missionaries to unite before they went out. This was an indemnity condition. But now Father is telling you. If these four countries love each other, the communists automatically will crumble and cease to exist. When man fulfills his responsibility, this will happen, otherwise not. In this way, man becomes a co- creator with God.

Never lonely

Even though we are physically far away from True Parents we should feel happy because Father is always there. Please think that no matter how difficult the path may be, Father is going the exact same road. Can you complain? To whom? Only to yourself, that you haven't loved enough.

If you are like that, God will always look after you. Father knows this absolutely, because he experienced so many times that God became his friend when he was lonely. Go the road you must go. Don't feel lonely.

Many people have wondered why God didn't do anything about the evil of this world if He is so powerful and almighty. But now we know that God cannot do anything unless man makes himself available to Him. With this solution, we can explain the age-old question why God left the world uncorrected. If someone knowing that secret makes himself an object to God, God certainly will help him.

Do you rather want to be longing for the kingdom of heaven or work hard and make this world into a kingdom of heaven? Where do you want to go first, to heaven or hell? Actually there is no such thing as hell anyway. Each individual creates hell in himself. You already have eaten up a lot. Father already ate you up. You are already a new person. In the same way, you should eat the worst person and make him the best person.

How wonderful you are! That should be enough. 

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