The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1983

Total Indemnity

Sun Myung Moon
April 3, 1983
Seoul, Korea
Translator: Tadaaki Shimmyo

July 4, 1985. Father at the leader's conference at East Garden.

The Unification Church has become more and more needed. Perfection cannot be realized without restoration through indemnity, which is accomplished through unity. The perfection of the whole comes from the indemnity of the whole. Therefore, we can conclude that indemnity means unity among enemies.

If enemies unite with each other and offer themselves to God as sacrifices, and God accepts them, the purpose of religion will be fulfilled. Until now, only those who have been most loved by God have been offered on the altar; but today, even those who are loved by Satan are offered on the altar. If they are accepted by God, then the role of religion will be complete. No religion will be necessary after that; humankind can simply live with God, as was originally intended. Religion exists only because of the need for separation from Satan. When offerings anywhere are made to God, He will accept them. We have to make offerings on the worldwide level. Therefore, what Rev. Moon of the Unification Church must do first is to love his enemies: that is the Principle.

The foundation for the heavenly kingdom should start in a place dominated by Satan. For that purpose, you must be in the position to be persecuted by those Satan loves most, and you must love them so that they can surrender to you naturally. If they hit you when you are right, they must compensate for it. That is the rule of the universe. Through compensation I you can restore. But if you hit back in the same way that Satan hits you, then you cannot restore anything. When you are hit, be hit completely. That way you can restore the most. This way you can reap what you sow.

It is the mission of the Messiah to separate evil from good, and to put what's evil into a warehouse of evil and what's good into a warehouse of goodness. On this earth, two seeds were planted, a bad one and a good one. The good seed will go to the heavenly warehouse, but the bad seed will be burned by fire. Now is the time of the harvest.

Unity on All Levels

The fallen world is in chaos; therefore, we must bring forth unity. We must unite all races. Individualism has become the norm in this world. There is no real unity in the family between parents, between children, between the generations; nor is there unity on the tribal or the national level. But the Unification Church is one on the worldwide level, on the national level, on the tribal level, and on the family level. Our church is doing something opposite to what the rest of the world is doing.

In the past, people of the same nation and race usually married each other, but in the Unification Church, the marriages go beyond nationality. Normally, a Japanese person would never even dream of marrying a Korean, or a black person, but we are doing that without hesitation. Because of whom? Because of God. Why? To become one. Why is unity necessary? To bring to God the satanic world of disunity, which would otherwise be destroyed. In this process who will pay indemnity? It is the Unification Church and those people who are in its mainstream. Rev. Moon, who is the head of that mainstream, is walking the path of indemnity, representing the world. When he pays indemnity, it may appear to be on the individual level, but in fact he is representing all humanity.

Unless you pay indemnity in the midst of fallen society you can never establish the ideal of perfection as an individual. One man must come to unify three different loves: mother's love, wife's love, and sister's love: all of these were lost through the fall of Adam. Therefore, they have had to be sanctified. Centering upon Adam, these loves should be restored from the individual level to the worldwide level; otherwise, the world cannot separate from Satan. This man has to guide all women correctly. He should even teach the true path to prostitutes so that they are convinced.

He must be welcomed as a true man. To restore these loves, he has to be tempted by seduction, but he must not give in to the trap. He should instead rise above it and become victorious. The same is true for you men. No matter how beautiful a woman you may see, and no matter how she may try to seduce you, don't fall prey to your individual desire. Strive to walk a righteous path, and get a solid education in goodness. This way, even if you are in a place where there are complicated man- woman relationships, you will never fall. You have to establish that kind of tradition. Otherwise you can never establish the perfect ideal of a man as an individual.

After Adam's individual perfection is realized, Eve should be restored. Eve was created after the model of Adam. What this means is that true Adam must recreate true Eve according to the principle of recreation. Because Adam was not able to fulfill his responsibility when Eve was faltering, Satan took her away. True Adam must claim her back.

July 4, 1985. At 8 a.m. the Danbury prison doors opened and Father appeared. Here he is greeting Mother before giving her a hug. Two prison officials look on from right.

A Life of Indemnity

God has prepared a foundation for this recreation to take place. True Mother, for example, was less than 20 years of age when she was married, and knew nothing about man-woman relation- ships. The first seven years of the marriage were for her a period of absolute obedience. She had to obey her husband in every way. Mother's obedience was an important condition allowing for the establishment of Parents' Day, Day of All Things, and God's Day. Until God's Day was founded, the True Parents had to go through all kinds of internal suffering and pay indemnity to overcome Satan's accusation for the sake of victory. God's Day means the start of a perfect Adam and Eve.

From the year 1968 on, based on the foundation of God's Day, the Unification Church sent all blessed couples up to the 120 Couples to the front line in every corner of South Korea, basically to be persecuted for three years. It was a life of indemnity. Family indemnity was paid on the national level. Many problems occurred -- some of the blessed children were placed under foster care, or sent to members' parents. During this period a foundation had to be made for the resolution of all problems that had occurred in families of the past. Because this I was persecuted, even by Unificationists and their families.

However, according to the Principle, unless you pay indemnity on the tribal level, you can never establish a secure foundation for the family. Likewise, you have to invest yourself on the family level in order to establish your foundation as an individual, and so forth. Unless you establish a foundation on successively higher levels victoriously by paying indemnity, you can never live comfortably as an individual. That is an iron rule.

After the three-year period was over, I blessed 777 couples in order to connect that foundation to the entire world. Centering on this three-year period of indemnity and on the perfection of the family foundation on the national level in Korea, I was able to come to America, which is the foremost nation of the world. I departed from Korea, going first to Japan and Canada. Three nations were involved to make the four position foundation, together with the United States.

I arrived in America on December 18, 1971. The Little Angels were playing at Carnegie Hall that day. At that time, no one knew me. No one except myself and God knew that I would go to America. If you read my sermons given around that time, you might discern it. I had to restore the suffering path of Jesus. For three-and-a-half years in America, I conducted a speaking tour reaching out to Christianity. In 1974, I was warmly welcomed received as many as 1,200 awards, and I received keys to many cities, and many citations. Christianity in Korea had rebelled against me, but Christianity in the United States welcomed me initially, thus paying indemnity for the failure of Christianity in Korea. Upon the foundation of this welcome, on April 1, 1975, I sent the first International One World Crusade teams (IOWCs) to Korea from the Western sphere of civilization. These IOWCs started their activities in Pusan.

Two thousand years ago, officials of Rome, Israel, and Judaism united to destroy Jesus. This was the reverse. America and Korea got together to unite with the Unification Church. For the Yoido Rally, 1.2 million people came. On this foundation, we had the Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument rallies in 1976 in America. At those two rallies my main message was for America. America is like a house on fire. She needs a fire fighter; someone outside of America must save her. That person is Rev. Moon. When you get sick, you need a physician. Only the Unification Church and Rev. Moon can really cure the diseases of America. Because I said it directly, Americans didn't like it; they even got angry. Hence there followed the period in which I and the Unification Church were publicly attacked. During this time the Fraser Committee investigations took place.

However, also during this time many intellectuals and college professors came to support me. Even during the court case, the media, economists, and lawyers came to my aid.

You throw a net to cover thousands of fish and you let the rope go, and when the proper time comes you pull them all in with one great tug. The rope which you pull is nothing but the philosophy of the Unification movement; all the fish are pulled in by the rope of Unification Thought. Then all the fish will be led into the bosom of God. For this great harvest to take place, a final command for mobilization had to be given.

The Three-Year Training Period

On March 1, 1983 the call came upon America for total mobilization. It will be a three-year period of training before entering the land of Canaan. It is equivalent to the three-day period in Egypt in which the Jewish people were allowed by Pharaoh to go and worship their own God. During this time you should work in a crazy way. Just as the Jewish people sought to give their complete loyalty to their own God for three days, so you must conduct yourself in this three-year period.

In the wilderness, 600,000 thousand people of the first generation died, becoming the prey of Satan, but later the second generation entered Canaan. Today in America and Japan, the older generation has opposed the Unification Church, but the second generation may not oppose us. We will educate the second generation.

Without the kind of training they received in the wilderness, the Jewish people would not have been able to liberate the seven tribes of Canaan. In the same way, unless we are trained, we will not be able to liberate people from the yoke of communism. We Unification Church members who are in the wilderness have to make a firm determination centering upon God's heart. We are to wear the helmet of heavenly heart. We must become heavenly soldiers who can go to the battlefield and be victorious. Therefore, wherever you go, always put up the flag of victory 24 hours a day -- in every town, city, and province, in every village and every house. You must fulfill your mission in accordance with the will of God.

Within this period you must come to understand that the Unification Church is a group which goes the path of the wilderness to the land of Canaan, and that Rev. Moon, who is leading the Unification Church, is the Moses of the modern day. Within these three years we have to overcome all opposition, and we have to offer everything to God and to the world. We have no nation yet; we have no family of our own yet. Therefore we must entrust everything to the will of God and we have to listen to Him. We are called to offer everything for the sake of God and His ideal, and for the love of all humanity. Through absolute obedience to the Principle and the will of God, we are to become one, transcending nations and marching forward to Jericho.

Even though our environment is such that we may have to die, we have to love our nation and our fatherland. We have to be ready even to give our lives with God's love. We must overcome all difficult circumstances, and still have that passion and conviction. Never allow yourself to hesitate. Invest everything. If you have any energy, exert it all. Empty yourself, so that you may become convinced that a loving heart is eternal. With that conviction march forward. Each of us must know that we are standing near the final destination of restorational history. Never become losers; this would be tragic. Unification Church members of East and West must be kindled together in love. Heartistic explosion on the worldwide level will bring forth resurrection. Even God will be resurrected. A sphere wherein God is liberated will come into being. We are soldiers who are marching forward, aiming at the great foundation of restoration through indemnity. We must clearly know that. This is our purpose, our value, and our destiny during the three-year period.

Father embraces Hyo Jin Nim at the doorway of Danbury prison.

Showing Ultimate Love to the Enemy

It's important to love your enemy. Why did God make effort to teach us that loving the enemy is important? It is natural to hate our enemies. Why has God taught us that we must love our enemies? Theologians and philosophers have asked this question repeatedly, but no one has really understood the answer. You must understand it clearly.

Throughout history, Satan has said to God, "In order for you to be God, you must always maintain the standard of the eternal ideal. When you made me the archangel, did you do so just in order to love me temporarily, or to love me forever?" God has had to reply, "Forever." If God were to love only temporarily, then He would be like Satan. If you have no standard of loving forever, you cannot show God's dignity to Satan. In order for God to be God, he must love Satan no matter how much Satan is opposing Him. Satan has said to God, "I fell and became evil. But you who are good can never change and you can never do the things that I do. I like to fight but you must not like to fight. You must be silent even if you are beaten."

Hence, God must not resist. It is the same for God's representatives. No matter how much suffering you may have to experience, you have to love the archangel until the ideal of heaven is completely established in this world. Because all the world is connected to Satan, God can't simply cut off from Satan. He must always love Satan so that the fallen archangel will finally say, "God is indeed God. I surrender to you." God is bound with that problem. Because you are trying to go to the heavenly kingdom to live with God, as you were originally intended to do, Satan is testing you. As God's child you should walk the same path of unconditional love and righteousness, inheriting from your Parent. You have to be able to say to Satan, "Don't you agree that I am a child of God?" And Satan has to say, "Yes. It's true."

Therefore, if you want to go to the heavenly kingdom, you have to take the same position as God and ultimately love Satan. Even though you are persecuted by this world, which is the realm of the enemy, you must love. You have to fulfill that condition. It might look simple, but this is the boundary line between God and Satan. God must not regard His enemy as an enemy and He cannot take revenge. In giving His son to be crucified God showed ultimate love for His enemy.

What God's son did in this circumstance was also of crucial importance. If Jesus had hated his enemies when he was about to die, the providence of God could not have been realized. Instead, Jesus prayed for his enemies, thus overcoming the tragic situation through love. As a result, Satan began to surrender. Because of this Jesus was able to gain the absolute qualification to be God's true child. Satan had to give his signature.

During this three-year emergency time period, the mandate to "love your enemy" in the Bible is to be accomplished. Ordinary Christians have believed that those words of Jesus refer to the enemy as an individual, but that is not all. Your enemy could be a nation or even the world. Countries that have been enemies become the starting point of our heavenly kingdom. There is no ideology which is greater than one founded upon the maxim, "Love your enemies." Once this tradition of love is established, no other ideology will be necessary.

Four Major Providential Nations

From the Korean point of view, Japanese people are the enemy. If I were to look at things only as a Korean, I would think of the Japanese people as my enemies. They killed Koreans and did many evil things to them. Nevertheless, I loved the Japanese people. When the Japanese surrendered in World War II, I loved the defeated enemies. Do you understand the reason why Japanese young people are now following Rev. Moon at the risk of their lives? Acting in accordance with God's heart, which surpasses nationalism, I loved the enemy nation of Japan. I established that foundation of heart. The policemen who persecuted me would have been executed by shooting if I had pointed them out at the conclusion of the war. But I forgave them, and today Japanese are coming to join me, even without knowing my background.

God might have chosen some nation other than Japan, such as England, which is a Christian nation, to be in the Eve position; but the Unification Church, founded in Korea, started instead to work in the nation that had been Korea's worst enemy. Actually, it is noble that Japanese members are now shedding tears, sweat, and blood to save the United States, once an enemy country. This is how Satan will give way on the worldwide level. There has never been such an event in history. They are not doing this for America alone; they are doing it for the world. America does not exist for itself: it represents the free world, and it is the channel through which God can reclaim the entire world.

Therefore, all the members worldwide are being mobilized to help America, in order to make it the center of the new global culture and the center of the Unification movement in the future. Even if Japan becomes a desert, the Japanese people can survive if America survives. Then, after teaching the Cain and Abel nations of America and Germany the traditions of heaven, the Eve nation of Japan should come back to the Adam nation of Korea. This is in accordance with the Principle. If this fails, we cannot come back to heaven.

We have now entered a very important period. In these three years total indemnity must be offered. Unless this is accomplished within three years, however, another three years will be necessary. We should not delay. These four great enemy nations must begin to establish the worldwide (fair-position) foundation for the heavenly kingdom, by following the tradition of heaven victoriously. If we begin the heavenly tradition among four such enemy nations, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth will be realized principle. Accordingly, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is not far away; it is near. When unity among these nations is realized, the Kingdom of Heaven will begin.

I am gathering and uniting these major providential nations, and offering them to God as the indemnity condition in order to restore the entire world. Thus, what I am now doing is the final work. We are at the terminal point of history. This is the beginning, and at the same time, the end. Having started by paying indemnity on the individual, family, tribal, societal, and national levels, we have now come to the point of paying indemnity on the worldwide level.

These four major providential nations all have good things, and when we restore them, we can offer them to God. Korea has spirit; she has the treasury of thought. Japan has beauty. The United States has power. Germany has intellect and technique. These nations have the essential resources which can unite the world.

If we continue a movement of unity among these nations for a few years, no one will oppose us. I have already started a movement for international unity in America, among minorities there. South Americans, Africans, and Asians in the United States are now welcoming me. If such minorities are completely united, the "majority" will become the minority.

Thirteen ministers and prominent laymen came to embrace Father on July 4.

Restoring Canaan through Home Church Work

After Father pays total indemnity to restore victory from Satan, then you, together with all humanity, must also establish victory in a smaller way. That is accomplished through home church activity.

Through home church activity, you will inherit property after the land of Canaan is restored. Where is today's Canaan? It is the entire earth. We are already accomplishing the conditions for victory, and the expansion of home church activity is transcending nationalities and ideologies. We are even working in communist countries. We will eventually expand to the point where we can establish the heavenly kingdom.

We are restoring Canaan through home church work. If the fall of man had not taken place, you would have had the right to own the universe. Your home church area will become a conditional object whereby you regain the right to possess the cosmos: all things, all people, True Parents, and God. Therefore, without home church you cannot establish the standard to become one with the True Parents and God. You cannot go to the heavenly kingdom without having a foundation in home church. That is the principle. No one can object to that.

In 1976, Rev. Moon established a victorious foundation of worldwide indemnity. On this basis he announced the beginning of home church activities. This is the best of all good news for humankind. From this the heavenly kingdom on earth, the liberation of God, the ideal nation, all ideals will be substantialized. Inherit this as your daily life. Nothing is better news than this.

You have been given such a precious gift from God, but you are reluctant to go to your home church area. You should visit your home church area every day. The fact is, however, that many of you have not visited your home church area at all. There are even people who have no home church areas. Unless you have your own home church area, unless you have your own Cain-type tribe, you can never restore your Abel-type tribe. Before you restore your Abel-type family, you have to restore Cain. This is the most difficult task in religion. No one has ever understood it so far. Father came to this world to teach it. No one knew this secret up until now.

Not Your Own Merit

You should work with an all-out effort at the risk of your lives, and with gratitude. If you do, you can mobilize your ancestors for 70 or even 120 generations back. You can liberate them. Spirit world is willing to help those on earth. If you mobilize your ancestors, you can gain 70 or even 120 disciples centering on your own clan.

You did not join the Unification Church because you had good faith. You entered the Unification Church because of the thousands of generations of your ancestors' sacrifice and service to God, and their accumulated goodness. If you accomplish your mission and then go to spirit world, you will be welcomed and you will be served by your ancestors. But what will become of you if you are failing students? Your ancestors will be angry with you. They will blame you, and you will have no place to go in the spirit world.

You came here not because of your own merit, but because you were directed here by spirit world. I was born in order to accomplish the historical task of complete restoration, and God prepared the environment for me. Accordingly, spirit world mobilized you when I came. You gathered here for the purpose of complete restoration.

The resentment of many years should be used not for revenge, but for the salvation of the enemy. That kind of thought is based on God's love. Now is the moment that we must decide in our minds to work according to this thought. If you do, you can pay all the indemnity necessary for total restoration. When total indemnity is paid, complete restoration is the result, which leads to complete perfection.

The title of my speech today is "Total Indemnity". What does total indemnity aim for? It aims for total restoration and ultimately, perfection. This is in accordance with the Principle. Adam's individual perfection is the basis of the perfection of the family, tribe, nation, and world.

You should not work from now on in the way you used to. Your whole family should be involved in working hard for the nation and the world. If you surpass the national level, then everything will be finished. The day will come when the heavenly constitution can be given. I have already asked a famous scholar of the United States Constitution to make a draft of the heavenly constitution.

We are on the very threshold of such a day. When you look at all this you should realize that your position is important and precious, and you should seize this moment to correct your way of life. From now on we should not repeat the faults of history, but should march on in accordance with God's will to fulfill His providence. That is my hope. Let us pray, raising our hands to heaven. Let us pray. 

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