The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1983

Who is the Messiah?

Sun Myung Moon
April 3, 1983
God's Will and the World
Total Indemnity

Sun Myung Moon with family and friends, May 1, 2011

Within the religious realm, there is the belief in the Second Coming of the Messiah. There is the expectation of the second coming, namely the Messianic Expectation. Then, who is the Messiah? The Messiah is the one whom God loves most. What kind position is most loved by God? God loves the messiah, whom He sent, but in what type of position is He to be able to express His love to him. There are many people who are standing in front of God as representatives, for example, of the nation, the society, or some other organization. What kind of a person is the Messiah?

The Messiah is the first person who has the same mind of love and the same direction of love as God. The Messiah is the first born son of God. Jesus was God's only son, His only child. To be an only child means to receive the parent's total love, from the beginning to the end. God is the absolute subject and the Messiah stands in God's sphere. Their relationship is the relationship of parent and child. He is the one who is born as God's first son and receives the fullness of God's love given to the individual, family, clan, society, nation, and the world. He is qualified to receive the love transcending all these spheres. This is the Messiah. He is God's beloved child.

But what can he do all by himself? The beloved must find his spouse. And where can he find her? He can't get her from the heavens. Since man has been lost as a result of the fall on the earth, he must be recreated on the earth. What does religion do? Heaven is in the plus position and the earth is in the minus position. People desire the Messiah, who knows heaven. This human world deeply desires its proper subject of love and this yearning is the Messianic Expectation.

The Messiah must be welcomed on the world level, beyond the individual, clan and even national levels. The entire world will be able to be united with a man of God's love, as the absolute subject. There will be no reason to oppose him; there can be only absolute attendance. Self-centeredness cannot exist anymore. To create the environment so that one exists only for the sake of the Lord was the mission of the Old Testament age and of the New Testament age. The mission of both of these ages was also to create an Eve, a spouse, for the Messiah.

Once Eve absolutely follows the Messiah and that sphere of obedience is expanded, opposition to the Messiah will diminish. In this environment, the entire world will be automatically connected to the subject of love at one point. To create such an environment on the world level was the mission of the Old Testament age and of the New Testament age. Accordingly, present day Christianity and Judaism must completely follow the Messiah.

Christians and believers of Judaism who have been keeping their faith are supposed to offer everything when the Messiah comes. Their faith teaches perfect obedience to the Messiah. Yet what is the reality of today's Christians? What about Judaism today? Instead of the spirit which God desires, they are completely opposed -- 180 degrees. If a religion desires only its own success on the earth, and disregards the returning Messiah and blocks the victorious completion of God's dispensation, it will be a total failure. Any religion with this kind of attitude will be completely broken in the Last Days, as if hit by God's heavenly hammer.

In this period of the Last Days, Christians in the world are looking for the Second Coming, but if we analyze the motivation of their desire, it is usually, "I want to be saved:" There is no concern for God's victory on the world level. They may say, "I want to go to the Heavenly Kingdom, and I want my family and my country to be saved." The furthest limit is usually the country. But they must go beyond the country to the end of the world; they must enlarge their concern to the spiritual world. Yet most cannot go beyond their own self, and this spells success for Satan. As long as this standard remains, God's world cannot be born. 

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