The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1983

The Path of Tradition for those who follow God's Way of Life

Sun Myung Moon
April 3, 1983
God's Will and the World
Total Indemnity

Sun Myung Moon and family members, April 22, 2011

Because I understood this, I have totally focused on pioneering the path of restoration through indemnity. My way of life has been to disregard the snow, the wind or seasonal changes; my life can be summed up in one word -- misery. I am walking a path which nobody except God can understand. When you pray sincerely about me to Heaven, you cannot help crying again and again. If you ask heaven who I am, you will cry out and a storm of tears will flow all over your face. You will feel such a pain in your heart -- a pain which causes that kind of water to flow.

But why is this? Originally I was supposed to stand in a much different position. If the Christian cultural sphere had welcomed me, within seven years -- during my 30s -- I could have returned the world to God's domain. The things I am teaching now did not begin recently; I started along this path by uncovering the very origin of this truth. I laid the foundation then, and have been bringing accomplishments throughout my life until this point, now, when I am teaching you these things. This is not just an abstract idea. I have actually done what I am teaching you now. I could not speak to you before I had done this, or you would be pulled to Satan's world.

You Japanese members must now reflect upon your lives. You have been working hard up to this time, following me, and months, years -- in some cases 10 or 20 years -- have passed. When you look back upon your life of faith, what do you find? I have been climbing up the summit of indemnity, higher than the Himalayas, a more difficult ascent than any other in man's history. Now I am throwing down a rope from Japan to the rest of the world. All of us are doing tremendously hard work. If possible, you who are in the position to do so should pull the rope with me and help me so that you can loosen the tension of that rope. But have you ever tightened that rope instead?

Haven't you complained centering upon yourself, and criticized, saying such things as, "Father is just the Father of Korea"? If I only thought about Korea, what would have happened? I would have been taken into the spiritual world a long time ago. Such a person is of no use to this world. Only after the restoration of the whole world through indemnity, after you have cleaned everything up, can you return to your beginning point and think about your children, your family or your own nation. This is the only way for a person who has decided to go the way of God. This is from the dispensational point of view. If you think about things centering only upon yourself, your family or your nation, you will not be able to help the world.

Can you truly be proud of yourself in front of God? I have been leading this way as the world pioneer of restoration. What has been your standard in relation to me? Unless you can see yourself clearly and are able to change today, you cannot be the standard bearers for tomorrow's victory. On the national level, Japan is standing in the position of the Eve nation in relation to the Adam nation. This being the case, you should not have even a bit of doubt or worry, or give any difficulty to me. If we remember that the true historical tradition was destroyed by the fallen Eve, you must not give the slightest pain to the True Father's heart.

You are representing the world and the totality of humanity; that's the position of Japan as Eve's nation. Do you understand? Do not complain. Do not grumble. Totally deny yourself! But, you should witness and stand on the front line of God's will. Even if we cannot achieve the standard of perfection at this moment, it is guaranteed that in the future we will be able to accomplish it, because we have this principle.

And, what about you? Do you want to accomplish this sometime in the distant future, or would you prefer to achieve perfection during the age when I am living? ("Now") To do so you must work at the risk of your life. Those who were born in the past and believed in religion cannot be born again in this modern time, even though they want to be. Therefore, they are anxiously waiting and watching from the spiritual world, knowing that this is the most precious time in history, not replaceable by any other age. When you understand this point, you must be very grateful for the fact that you are receiving words directly from me on the earth. 

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