The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1983

Establishing New Starting Point for God

Sun Myung Moon
April 3, 1983
Total Indemnity
God's Will and the World
Unofficial Translation

For God to make a new start, He must cleanse all historical conditions. There must be no other subject being, no Satan. God must be the absolute and only subject. However, in this world there is another plus -- the evil opposing Him. God cannot set His new starting point unless Satan's position is completely removed. It would be no problem for a man to deny himself if there were no Satan. However, the real issue is that a man must deny Satan who controls man. Accordingly, after man completely denies himself, he has to still set the standard that denies Satan absolutely. Otherwise, there still remain two subjects.

Even if a man denies himself, Satan still remains. This means that another subject centering on false love is there still opposing God and the universe. Then, it is impossible to create the starting point for perfection while two conflicting subjects remain. Of course, first a man has to deny himself. Yet, a god of the fall -- the devil -- remains. Satan is still here. How can we deny Satan? In order for God to establish a new starting point on earth, from both God and human standpoints, denying Satan is the absolute and necessary condition. Do you follow? Why deny? You must deny yourself. Then you must deny the devil -- deny the false god. Once you create such a realm of total denial, God can stand as the only subject. The subject must be only one. All opposing and competing subjects must be denied and eliminated; then upon this condition, for the first time, God can stand as the subject of love. Do you understand?

How can you set up such condition? This is the challenge. As the result of the fall, the standard of this world is controlled by the realm of two subjects. Therefore, at the individual level, you must deal with this challenge; then on the family level, you must deny this duplicated subject. Then you must deny the false subject from tribal, people, national, worldwide, and cosmic levels. This is the logical conclusion.

Then, what is restoration through indemnity? If you desire for the absolute and unique subject, you must go through the realm of absolute denial. As you seek for this absolute and unique subject, you must fulfill the conditions of absolute denial of everything in the environment. Do you follow? Absolute Denial! Then, at what point will restoration through indemnity be fulfilled? Not even an iota of a condition for self affirmation should remain. From the position of absolute denial, the indemnity condition is set up by fulfilling the condition of absolute denial. When this standard is fulfilled in all eight stages, from the individual, family, clan and so on, you can reach the ideal world that human history has longed for. You must necessarily go through the process at each of the eight stages. Otherwise one cannot reach the ideal where he can truly communicate and harmonize with God.

If a man insists on his independence and his being subject, he immediately repels God. He comes to belong to Satan right away. Satan is the subject of all that is opposing to God. If you repel God and assert only for yourself, you move to the opposing side of God. You will, then, belong to Satan. If you continue this position, you can never reach the ideal realm of God.

At this point in the religious world, absolute obedience is necessary. Why is absolute obedience required? Once you think of yourself and insist on your own thinking and your own idea, you will stand in the position of the second subjectivity. The second subjectivity is Satan and belongs to the satanic realm; then, you become Satan's possession. Therefore, God demands the realm of absolute denial. Even standing on this foundation of denial, if even a little of the concept of self remains, Satan claims your condition. God and Satan must settle and liquidate conditions through the struggle of self denial in the fallen world. 

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