The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1983

Our Ideal Home: Part Two

Sun Myung Moon
June 26, 1983
Belvedere, NY
Translator - Sang Kil Han

What aspect of an individual is the most precious? That part of the individual should be connected with the most precious aspect of the family. The family's most precious aspects should also be connected with the clan. This is true for the nation, world, cosmos, and all the way up to God.

Every cell in our bodies has a relationship with every other cell. The cells on the tip of the finger are related to the veins and to the heart. Because of that, we can say that our bodies are living in their ideal state. Only when our bodies am in this ideal state can we enjoy true physical freedom. Likewise, we must become ideal people in order to lead an ideal life. We must have nothing restricting us.

When your whole body is living in an ideal state, you can say that your eyes are ideal eyes. 'Mat is because they can see and enjoy everything they look at, with no restrictions. Your ears, limbs, and so forth are all ideal and free as well.

What is the purpose of the ideal self? That is an important question. The purpose of an ideal, free self is none other than love. Love is not something vague. When love is at the center of our lives, our eyes and everything else our ears, nose, mouth, etc. -are united and directing our attention to love.

As we know, man has not only five senses but ten senses because he has a spiritual body in addition to his physical one. If the attention of the physical body can be directed toward love, certainly the same will hold true for the senses of the spiritual body. Our eyes or our ears are not the center of our body. It is none other than love itself which is the center of our whole being.

It makes sense to you that love is the central purpose of life. But there are many people who think that money is the center of life. They believe that enough money will solve all their problems. Likewise some people think that with enough worldly authority they can have everything they need. Or they think that with enough understanding and knowledge they will have success.

Can anyone walk into a library and say, "Here is the source of my love"? That is a ridiculous idea, isn't it? Likewise, it is only a madman who would think, "If I could gain the position of president, my life would automatically be happy." There is no head of state anywhere who would say that he is the happiest person in the world because of his position and that he has no need for love. Likewise, if someone owned a huge gold mine, he wouldn't look at it and say, "Oh, my love!" If he actually spoke to his gold mine in that way, everyone would know that he was crazy.

Why, then, do so many so-called normal people pursue money, power, and knowledge? It is because they do not understand what comes first and what comes second. It is only after we have become ideal and free people that we should be seeking after those accessories to our primary goal, which is love.

We can say that most people are "accessory people," that is they pursue the accessories of life first. However, there is no single accessory that is sufficient; many different things are needed in each different situation. Therefore people yearn for more and more of life's accessories and then get dragged down in that pursuit. This is upside down from the original way of life.

What should actually be the primary desire which moves people in their lives? It is love. Do you feel that you seriously desire that goal? When you are young and idealistic you desire it, but what about when you get old?

Let us go back to the question, "Why was I born?"

Many people answer, "I was born for the sake of freedom, more than love or law." However, if we put freedom in the primary position of our lives, we are actually saying, "anything goes." The eyes can be situated on the soles of the feet or on the fingertips and that has to be all right.

When you look at it this way, it is obviously insane; yet most American young people are actually thinking this way.

If someone you love has the completely wrong way of thinking, wouldn't you be willing to shatter that to pieces and set them straight? Hopefully America will soon discover that it needs such a person as Reverend Moon, because that is what he is doing. When we seriously consider the situation, we can see that America absolutely needs the kind of person who will straighten out its wrong ways.

I have been saying to America that this country will perish unless it changes. Every level of America, including the top government, must repent and change but no one wants to listen. When will they change their attitude? How about you? Even you Moonies who am educated by me directly are in the same situation as America. Should you listen to me or should I listen to you?

You tell me, "I will listen to you, Father, but you have to respect my point of view first. I will only listen to you if you show you value me." Is this the way you are holding back or have you realized that your situation is so serious that you want to forget about your "self'? Do you listen to me with all your soul and your senses because this is so important?

Isn't it true that you are always listening to me with part of your mind comparing what I say to the way you were educated in the past? Don't you think, "This is different from what I already learned"? If something doesn't suit you, you immediately think, "Father is Oriental and we are Western, therefore he doesn't understand us and that is why he is doing that." You can clearly see the differences between you and me -- hair color, eyes, etc. -- and you automatically think of me as an Oriental.

When you travel with me and you get hungry, you hope for a big meal of hamburger. But then I take you to a Korean restaurant and you are expected to eat kimchee, which is so strange and garlicky! Finally it is time to sleep and you are expecting a bed but I just lie down on my back on a mat on the floor. It is not so comfortable for you to sleep like that, is it?

What is the direction in which we should all be going? Should we go to the east or to the west, or to where? You know that mankind must change its direction; that means we must turn around. If you are moving around the world in a certain direction, eventually you will automatically turn around and begin in a different direction. For example, if you are heading due south, you will have to turn north eventually.

Many people move in a certain direction throughout their lives and eventually they encounter all kinds of problems. At some point, perhaps a person will even think of killing himself in order to put an end to his problems. But could that be a solution? No, it couldn't. When such a situation arises in a person's life, one thing is certainly lacking and that is success.

The only way for a person going east to meet with someone going west is to turn toward the north or the south. Those are the only two possibilities. Once you turn in another direction, you must encounter differences, digest them, and keep on going. How far around the globe would you like to go -- halfway, or all the way back to where you started?

Between man and woman, the ideal is for a man to go to the woman's position and then take her back into his position and vice versa. But many American women just want to lead men. There is no other country with women like those in America. Some women don't think men are even as precious as one of their accessories.

Men and women each have their own realm or domain. They need to learn from each other about those realms. A woman will want to harmonize with the man's world and learn whatever she can. Likewise, a man will try to fit in and harmonize with the woman's world. When a man finds himself in the woman's world, he must learn how to become smaller and more humble. The woman learns from the man's world how to be more bold, larger and taller.

Why is it that women are normally smaller than men? Why didn't God create them of equal height? I believe this is the "textbook" of God, a way in which men could learn how to become smaller and women how to become larger. Both of them can go from small to Imp and then back again and in this way they fulfill the universal law of motion.

If man were not created taller and larger, this kind of motion would never be possible. The bigger man can embrace the smaller woman and carry her to the farthest point of his domain and then they can go back together into the woman's domain. It is like two people dancing-they turn all around the floor and move all around the room. That is a microcosm of the law of motion; everything moves like that.

People have different ways of breathing -- some people inhale slowly and exhale slowly, while others inhale slowly but exhale in a short burst. You can observe for yourself that this is true. People breathe according to their personality and character. Certainly breathing is very important -- our lives depend upon it.

Men have more physical power than women so when a woman needs power she will immediately seek out a man. When a powerful man starts to feel lonely, he will seek out a woman. We have spent an hour so far discussing these basic points, but it is necessary for our life.

Homosexuals are not thinking along these lines. They are not even consistent with the universal law of motion, so they cannot be protected and will eventually perish. They can exist for one hundred years at the most but then there will be no trace of them. However, those people who live in accordance with the universal law of motion will live eternally.

As a person is becoming bigger and bigger, he must always maintain his connection with the center. If he does not, he will lose sight of his direction and will eventually perish.

When a person acquires money, authority, and fame, he normally wants to return to the central point of his life -- his home -- and show off what he has. No one wants to acquire a lot of things and then go off to some foreign country and live there alone. Perhaps a person might think, "I hate my native country," and will set off to travel around the world. No matter where he goes, however, every place is basically the same and he will not feel at home anywhere. That would be a terrible feeling and he would eventually want to return to his native land.

Just like a wheel, an individual makes a circular motion in his life. Would you prefer a distorted circle or a perfectly smooth round one? Perhaps the most perfect circular motion is that of a top, which looks like it is not even moving at first but when you look closely you can see that it is spinning very rapidly.

Suppose an automobile had wheels which were misshapen and not round. It would move in a very rough and bumpy way. If the wheel is not perfectly balanced, you will bounce wound when you ride in the car. But if the wheels are perfectly round, you can't see that they am Moving even if they are turning at a very fag pace. For the wheel to turn around so perfectly, it must have a perfect center. In that way the car will move smoothly and when you are inside of it, you can hardly feel that you am moving.

You might wish your own life and your family's life could enjoy such perfect circular motion. For the wheel to go around perfectly, every part of it must be perfectly balanced. Men are mostly plus but they also have an. element of minus; likewise, women have an element of plus in them.

There is a magnetic field around the earth which involves not only the atmosphere but also the composition of the earth itself. Because of the action of positive and negative, pushing and pulling, the earth is able to maintain a round shape. Otherwise, it would have an oblong shape. By the same token, a power exists between men and women which causes them to constantly maintain the roundness of their relationship.

No matter what the woman does, she is always basically in the minus position, her initial and primary position. Women as well as men have personality and dignity of character. If a man ignores women or fails to respect them, he will perish. There is no law that provides for plus and plus to work together harmoniously, so the universe will push out anyone who does not work within the plus/minus relationship. They cannot be protected by the universe. People may have a tendency to be "gay" but universal law requires that man and woman must absolutely pursue each other. This is not Reverend Moon's law, it is the universal and absolute law.

The family is the place where man and woman can come together from their opposite poles and begin their legitimate motion under universal law. Through their marriage, they make a public promise to the universe that they will live together, responding to one another in accordance to the law of motion of the universe. Before that time, they were not a part of the universal law on the fullest scale. If someone refuses to marry while on the earth, he will be in a miserable situation in spirit world because he will have to wander, with no objective and no happiness. He is not in conformity with the universe. That is how important marriage is.

Animals follow the law of the universe in their own way. They may only come together once a year but when they do, it is for the purpose of reproducing their species. Those humans who do not live according to universal law are lower than the animals and they are therefore worthy of being despised by the rest of the universe. Such a person ought to bow down to the animals. This is not "our" point of view; it is the universal point of view and law.

The ideal family is based upon this understanding of law. We can see that America needs such an ideal family. The hardest thing for man and woman to control is their desire for love. Horses, with much larger sexual organs, can still wait for the right time to express their instincts. But many men cannot control their needs and do not conform to any law or discipline. Some women are in the same situation. In this respect, instead of being the highest species of animal, man is the lowest.

Among the deer, the strongest buck fights the others and wins the right to all the females -- this is according to the law of nature. Each species of the animal kingdom has a primary characteristic. Horses are runners, for example. What is the most important characteristic of mankind? It is love. Love is the highest level of intelligence and because of that quality, man is considered the highest being.

Love must conform rigidly to the highest law. When a human being fails to do that, he immediately plummets to the lowest level -- lower than the horse or dog. On the other hand, when an ideal man understands his position and abides by the law of love, he can create an ideal family, nation, world, and go all the way to God.

Our goal is to reach such a high level and in order to do this, we must know where we are. We must know why we are there, how we can get out of there and how we can get to our originally intended point. Once we know these things, we can have the strength to fight very hard to get to where we are going.

Each individual man and woman needs to become a person the universe will applaud and say, "He is a typical good man and she is a typical good woman." Whenever a family sincerely strives to live in obedience to the law of the universe, all the other families of the world will respect them and welcome them. The spirit world will appreciate them among all the families of the world, and God will truly love them. When a family conforms with the law of the universe, everything around them will benefit. Therefore, everything in the universe will support them and help them to prosper. A family which puts true love at its center will be supported and protected by all the universe. Such a family will be the hope of the universe.

Some of you Western men and woman may say, "Oh, Father, you are so square! How can you expect me to love only one person in the whole universe, when there are so many people?" But can you deny universal law? A person who does that would be an element aiming to destroy everything Heavenly-the family, the nation, the world. Therefore, no one would welcome him and he would end up in the worst imaginable hell.

Do you women feel that you seriously need a man? You must shout out desperately with a giant, "Yes" not in just a meek little manner. Do you then insist, "Father, I want a man who is pleasing to my eyes and my ears."? Everybody has different tastes and requirements but if you really get outside of yourself, you will say that any man will do. On what grounds can you claim your own "self s'' desires? You may tell God, "You created me as the highest being," but you have never truly become the highest being. What you were created to be is quite different from what you truly are.

Can you claim you are the highest being if you have a lot of wealth, authority or learning? No, you can only claim that position if you have fulfilled yourself in true love. When you have true love you can say, "Follow me" and the whole universe will obey. That is your dignity, your authority and your privilege. That is the way God looks at things. God doesn't mind if you are blind or if you are the most ugly man or woman; if you have the true standard of love, God will love you.

The most precious thing to hope for is to love and be loved by one man or woman for hundreds and thousands of years and on into eternity. For that your love must become unchangeable. Or do you want to be a "romantic poet" who has all different partners and kinds of love experiences? That would be a poet of hell. Your love must become unchangeable and in that way you will create Heaven, no matter what difficulties you must endure. You must be a champion for the cause of unchangeable love.

You must have this pure, unchangeable love in order to claim yourself before God. If you do not have this, you have nothing. Therefore, you must cleanse yourselves completely. It is the most serious problem for an individual to cleanse himself and remove the memories of impure love from his mind. You must come to the point where you cannot even imagine anyone but your spouse touching your most intimate parts. The thought of such a thing should be absolutely intolerable.

Many Americans may wish Reverend Moon would not say such things because they are fearful of this truth. Nevertheless, this is the absolute standard by which all the Moonies must live.

Why do we love and cherish God so much? Is it simply because He created us? No, it is because God created us as His object, like His spouse. He lost us but He has not given up on us for all the thousands of years of history. That is why we come to Him in tears now and we follow Him. God's dignity is eternal; it is centered forever upon His love of mankind, His object, His spouse. Therefore, God is the most precious being for mankind and that is why we love and worship Him. It is not just because He is the Almighty God. You must feel this deeply in your mind and your body.

Where can we find a place in which the ideal positions of both man and God are established? It is not in the White House or the State Department; it is only within the Unification movement. You are sitting in such a precious place. You must be totally serious about this. Once you become absolutely confident and established in this position and you feel, "For millions of years, I am securely set in this direction," you will truly start to enjoy freedom.

The point of total freedom is the absolutely central point -- where you can turn for 360 degrees and go anywhere. God says in the Bible that He is the alpha and omega; that means His love is at the beginning and the end. It is everywhere.

Whether people are principled or not, everyone desires to see a world of peace and unity. There are many ways in which people try to achieve such a world -- by spending money on cultural projects or building up defense power and so forth -- but nothing will work except perfect love. No matter what you try to do, there is no other way to achieve a world of unity.

There are many different kinds of metals, such as copper, tin, and iron, and every one of them conducts electricity. Likewise, any man and any woman are also conductors of the electricity of love. However, only one metal is the true standard 100% pure gold. When two people who are wires of pure gold come together and the electricity of love flows through them, they are welded together forever. No one can separate them, not even God. The universe will protect them with all kinds of layers in the same way that we wrap high voltage electrical wires with many different layers so that nothing can invade.

It doesn't matter what such a couple may look like, even if they are both very ugly. Suppose you have a small gold ring and a large gold nugget. Although the ring may be beautiful, is the gold more beautiful than that in the nugget? No, not at all; in fact, the nugget is preferable because it has more gold!

There are many families in the world -- grandfathers and grandmothers with dignity, parents with plenty of money, and so forth. But the children know their own families. They often sense, for instance, if their parents are unfaithful to each other. Everyone in the world comes from families of sinfulness of one sort or another. Therefore a pure-hearted, idealistic person will want to reject that kind of corruption in his own family.

You can evaluate everything now from the viewpoint of principle -- you can model yourself after a truly exemplary family. You can judge your own family according to this viewpoint -- five points for someone, ten points for another, maybe even minus a thousand points for someone else. If your family has someone who committed incest, for instance, that would be a person who would earn minus points.

Grade yourself as well. Even if you haven't committed any grievous sins, how would you grade your thoughts? You know yourself the best. Raise your hand if you would give yourself a mark of 50% on your daily thinking. If you desperately want to earn a 100% mark, raise your hand.

Everyone wants that.

If you want to achieve this, can you just flirt with danger by relating freely with members of the opposite sex? Or can you take a vacation from your mission and go home for a while? Would your spiritual counselor ever advise you to go home and just take it easy? There is always the danger of meeting your former boyfriend or girlfriend and reverting back to your old secular ways.

You are basically gold but there is much impurity mixed in with your gold. You need someone to put you into a refinery, where you can have all your impure metals burned away. When solid metal is melting into liquid, it thinks it is dying. But that mass is being reduced to its purest form. Which is the larger part of yourself-purity or impurity? Although you may have more impurity than purity, nevertheless your pure part is subject over the impure. Therefore, you don't have to worry too much about yourself, if that small pure part is your subject. We can see why logically we have to deny so much of ourselves. Perhaps we must overcome 98% of ourselves and only 2% can be valued.

If you can only cherish 2% of yourself, how miserable you must be! Have you ever experienced denying yourself like that? Is the life of a Moonie basically difficult or happy? What about Reverend Moon, who is at the center of the Moonie's life? Am I miserable or happy? I may be miserable, but I have lots of hope!

Thus persecution is not such a bad thing for us. You should say to yourself, "If the world persecutes me, I deserve it because I am so far from the universal standard. The way I am, the universe ought to persecute me." Persecution will stop when it stops. The fastest way to become pure gold is to stay in the furnace until all the impurity bums away. Since all the world has come against me, I have been in the smelting furnace on the world scale for my entire life.

Once the American public realizes that they are putting us into the refinery of persecution, and 100% of what they put in is coming out again as pure gold from start to finish, then they will have to bow down to such a fact. How do you American people feel about that?

Since you must deny 98% of yourself, how much perseverance do you need? You must continually endure self-denial. Unification Church members must have plenty of patience; short-tempered people cannot endure. Just like long distance runners, you have to move forward every day with the determination to endure for the rest of your life. Perhaps the world will look at you and say you are giving 100%, but God has a different standard. God may be wishing to give you the highest marks, but He cannot do so easily. Perhaps you might gain a 100% rating from God but you feel, "According to my own desire, that is only 80%." How does such a thing sound to you? I want to live according to such an attitude and I want all of you to five that way, too. I want all of you to be harsh with yourselves, never generous. Let God be generous with you. The best way to be successful is to try to go beyond God Himself in your standard of giving and self-sacrifice.

What is 100% pure gold? It is gold without any trace of foreign elements. The people who are dedicated for eternity to creating an ideal family with their spouses will have the possibility of becoming 100% pure gold. Everyone of you will become such husbands and wives-how wonderful that is! How wonderful you are! Once you become pure gold, do you still need God? You will not "need" God because He will be already there, constantly with you; you and He will be one.

Reverend Moon is not your original father; he is an unusual father. You love me even though I am not an ordinary person. It's no secret that I am not tremendously knowledgeable; I did not go to Harvard but I have love for you. You are not necessarily happy if you go to a prestigious school, but when you are with the Father who loves you, you are happy. When you are here listening to me, you feel drawn to me in heart.

What is it that made this Japanese sister come all the way across the ocean, giving up her native land? She simply wanted to come and be close to her Father. The Japanese brothers and sisters endure so much pain and difficulty here in America, yet they come hem anyway out of love. We can call that truly great love.

People in the secular world cannot understand these things. Therefore they accuse me of doing evil things, like "stealing" their children from them and controlling their minds. Moonies take it for granted that black people marry white people, but what about the rest of the world? Is there any other place where black and white people are happy to many each other, cherishing each other for eternity? The things the Unification Church is doing as a matter of fact are actually historical events. The world has never seen such miracles.

When the sun rises, all the plants turn toward it. Likewise, when someone true emerges people start to turn in that direction. Mankind has never seen such a phenomenon, never heard of anyone with such a high ideal. This is the everyday reality of the Unification Church; we think nothing of it. True love has the strongest power over everything. It can possess everything; it can do everything and accomplish every miracle. God Himself becomes yours when you have true love.

Today you are living with the entire universe but it is really only a concept to you. When you have true love, however, you will feel yourself living and breathing with the universe moment by moment, just like God. You will be living with God Himself, moment by moment. It is not a concept or belief; it is your life.

True love goes anywhere and does all things. How should a man feel when he looks at a beautiful woman? When I look at a beautiful young woman, my first thought is, "I have such a beautiful daughter." If she is older, then I look at her as a sister. If I touched her, she would feel that her father or her brother was touching her. She would not feel anything impure or wrong.

Faster and more sensitive than a computer, your mind can judge the intent of another person toward you. If the leader of the Unification Church was a greedy, self-serving tyrant, how could this worldwide organization continue to work? It is only with true love that I could guide such a massive undertaking. Because of true love, no one else has power over me. We have missionaries who travel to the remotest parts of the world, risking their lives. They do these things because of the true love they have found. Each of you must become 100% pure gold.

How much perseverance you must exercise! Your nose, your eyes, ears and every part of you must persevere and go this road in spite of all your desires. When I see you women with fine manicures or wearing eye shadow, I wonder if you attained purity in those eyes before you put that makeup on them. I know that the eyes with true love are much more beautiful than the eyes without true love, even though they may have lots of eye shadow on them.

I have never worn any rings on my fingers; it just wasn't necessary. I wear a watch out of necessity. I love my own bare hands because I know what they have done for the sake of God and mankind, even though they may be rough and sunburned. Certainly I never envy the well-manicured hands of other people or their fancy rings.

Perhaps you might think when you are out fundraising, "Here I am on this hot day and Father is on his yacht somewhere." However, when I go out to sea, I do not do it as a pleasant diversion for one day or one week. I go out for many weeks, every day, rain or shine. I created Ocean Church for the sake of mankind; I had to establish the tradition for the future. There is no one else who can do it.

I have spoken extensively about Ocean Church and some of you American members may think, "I don't want to hear any more about Ocean Church." But who can take responsibility for the ocean in America? No matter how difficult, I will take that responsibility -- that is my own determination No matter how much you hate to go to the ocean, I will continue to do it for the sake of this country.

After making that kind of foundation, I know American young people will get the message. You might say, "I like what Father says but I don't like the things he does!" I can swan snag you those who like what I do and those who don't like what I do. How about you American young men? Do you like Ocean Church? Are you faithful only with your mouth?

During the tuna season this summer, we will spend half a million dollars -- every year we have lost money on the tuna fishing, but we must do it anyway. Nobody else is doing it. The tuna season is only during the summer, so all the rest of the year is unproductive. I have an overall plan to supplement tuna fishing with other fish-flukes, flounders, bluefish, etc. -according to their own seasons. We must establish the standard for successful businesses and use all the different fish throughout the year.

Once you get out on the ocean, you come to love it. But until you do, the ocean is a stranger. Do you think I was born an expert on tuna fishing? No, I had to learn it from scratch. I kept on working day after day and established the tradition. Now I am known as an expert among the other tuna fishermen. I developed the plan, putting in seven or eight seasons faithfully, until I learned how to catch tuna. Such a thing cannot be accomplished as a hobby or by someone who just enjoys the ocean.

I spoke yesterday at the seventh graduation of the Seminary. Afterwards, with all the parents and professors around, I changed into my fishing clothes and went out to the boat again. The waves were rough in the Hudson but I went out anyway. Those people might have thought me eccentric, but they don't understand what our goal is. Even though my feet swell up from standing all day, I reprimand them and command them to continue working. I certainly don't do this because it is enjoyable. I am very serious in this work.

People have accused Reverend Moon of living an easy life, having a yacht, many cars, a mansion, and so forth. But I know very well that these so-called luxuries, such as fishing, are for no other purpose than making America a healthier place and bringing life to places like Africa. Therefore, my conscience is not hurting me.

As a religious leader, I certainly do not enjoy killing tuna. When they are bleeding and staining the water all around, I cannot enjoy such a sight. I am in deep prayer, apologizing to those tuna and begging them to understand. I tell them, "You must give yourselves for the sake of the people of America because they are much more important to God and the universe than you. I need you as a sacrifice to offer for all mankind; I beg you to give yourselves." Since God and the universe know that, they are helping us and our ocean business is prospering. You must have a clear understanding of this.

For the sake of mankind, it is righteous to go out to the ocean. From this perspective, who is the noble, righteous American who wants to follow my tradition? I have bow looking for those Americans for over ten years.

Probably I must bring people from Japan to set the standard here and then Americans can inherit it. If the Japanese do not succeed, I will use the Korean people. If they fail, I will send my own sons and daughters to make the right tradition. That is why I have been taking all the blessed children out on the boats this summer. This is the first time I have done such a thing, but we must accomplish our objective on the ocean.

America will lose its chance to take advantage of the resources of the ocean because it is not, taking any initiative in that direction. Many other nations are taking the ocean away from them. I have followed the Divine Principle in setting the Ocean Church tradition. I waited and tried to give every chance to Americans, encouraging you to participate in ocean fishing. If you still do not respond, what else can I do? The one who loves the ocean the most will become its master. I am trying to love the ocean the most.

You should not dismiss this thinking of mine. It is very important. All the other shipbuilding companies in the south have gone bankrupt except the Master Marine Company. Even though we were losing money for a while, too, we did not stop our business. The Unification Church gave up its own money and manpower to set the standard for the United States' shipbuilding industry. The government didn't do it; we did it.

The businesses of our church are based on love. If you really put your heart into a business, it cannot fail because God and the universe will support you. You must follow the direction I am giving you. Are you willing to do that?

Think of yourself as pure gold. Last Sunday I urged you to "bet your neck," and put your life on the line. This Sunday, I am teaching you that you must become pure gold. There must be a continuation of this theme but today I think that you have received enough.

If you want to become pure gold, you have to go to the furnace and be refined. There is no other way to do it. All of you will have to go to that refinery. Be persecuted and overcome it. If I told you just a small portion of the persecution that has come to me, every one of you would weep. I know that I myself would cry if I told those stories. If I am sad, I know God is sad too; therefore I try never to be sad.

Do you think the Father and Son, with their hearts saturated with grief, meet with each other with a lot of words? No, they meet in silence carrying all of their history inside of them. You too should have a great history inside of you. I have bitten my own tongue until it bled to force myself to tolerate the persecution that has come to me. When that blood dripped down, it served as a condition for me to pledge myself to God. That is what brought about today's Unification Church.

Even though I don't tell you the whole story, you ought to yearn to find out; it is up to you to research. If someone teaches it to you, you won't learn it; you must seek it out on your own. That is love -- when you seek to learn the contents of another person's life on your own, without someone pushing you. God has had many lamentations but He doesn't complain to anyone. The most precious person is the one who seeks to understand those things.

As the ideal family, you don't have to express your deep feelings toward your spouse in a lot of words. In your deeds you show they are there and they are your pure gold. It is not easy for me to speak freely about the ideal family. You must have all the basics and all the right perspectives.

Think about how you are going to become pure gold. Since pure gold doesn't change, it doesn't fear its surroundings. Even though it becomes terribly hot and the gold melts, it has nothing to fear because it remains just as it was-pure gold. Therefore, if I am pure gold I have no fear of becoming liquid, solid, or anything because nothing can change me. When you go out to witness, go as pure gold and you can have no embarrassment, self-consciousness or fear. Whatever you hear or see, apply the standard of pure gold.

I will continue this topic on another occasion. Meanwhile, think deeply about the things we have discussed today. You might complain if I criticize you Americans, especially you women, when I speak. But the people whom I criticize can become the textbook or training aid for other people. Thus you should be happy to serve that purpose.

Let us pursue now the golden home, instead of just the "home sweet home." Those of you who pledge to do that, please raise your hands. Thank you. God bless you.

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