The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1983

Father's Instructions For Leadership In America

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 2, 1983

I. The Necessity of Membership Expansion

1. Portion of Responsibility and Indemnity.
2. Establishment of a time period of Spiritual Aid.
3. Establishment of Parent-Child relationship.
4. Concept of Heaven and Concept of Hell.
Establishment of ownership of Heaven.
Ownership of Love (of the people witnessed to).
5. Establishment of New Organization.
6. Establishment of Videotape Centers.
7 Days Training in each Region.
21 Days Training in each Region.
40 Days Training in each Region.
7. Prayer Centering on Love.
Prayer for object, for others, not for self.
Loyalty for family, for brothers and sisters.
Effort. Make effort for family members, brothers and sisters; put heart in everything.
8. Take initiative to set example.
in gaining members.
9. Private Life Management.
Two people should not meet alone behind closed doors.
Family Life - Write letter to families every week - don't phone.
Church Life is Public Life.
Guide Sunday Service and Morning Service.
Special Prayer always.
Establishment of 1-1-1 goal of 84 people.

II. Economic Self-Sufficiency of Church

1. Support of Headquarters and President by all states.
2. Collective Purchasing for all areas. (CARP, Ocean Church, etc.)
3. Collective Use of items in all areas.
Self-sufficient Economic Plan.
Collective Economic Plan.
Special Economic Plan. (for Headquarters)
4. Fishing Industry for Economy.
Everyone serve one week per year for this purpose.
5. Blessed Couple Living Plan.
Education for Children and Life
Pledge service every Sunday morning, sharing holy food, then talk from Parents.
Nation and World
Give 10% to nation
Give 10% to world
Give 10% to headquarters

III. Mobile Team Organization. - Organizing the People. - Activities.

1. Regional Leaders and Portion of Responsibility.
Establishment of 50 members per state in 6 months.
2. Formulizing Method of Witnessing.
(Formulizing means using the method that brings most people.)
3. Enforcement of Organization.
1) Enforcement of Management Activities.
2) Revival Activities.
Locate meeting place.
3) Everyone must be mobilized.
4) Mobilize through media.
5) Mobilize through religion.
6) Mobilize through police.
7) Mobilize through colleges.
8) Mobilize through V. 0. C.
Expand membership through video activity, through CAUSA seminars, Principle seminars, and CARP V.O.C. seminars.

Each person get 3-5 video machines.

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