The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1983

The Original World and the Enemy World

Sun Myung Moon
February 1, 1983
Belvedere, NY
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

We can consider two distinctly different worlds within the realm of human life. On the individual level, there are also two basic types of people. This division exists on the family, tribal, national and world levels, as well. Because of the fall of man, the true world did not become a reality. Instead, a world which was not originally intended, the unwanted world of evil came into being. For each individual, for example, there are two different worlds. There is an original man and original world, and a fallen man and fallen world.

Because of the human fall, the original world was lost and the fallen world arose in its place. Therefore, human history has developed within the enemy world, the world of God's adversary. Human beings and the world became separated from the ideal way and fell into a degenerated situation. The problem we face today is that fallen people do not know what the original human nature is. Nor do they know how to achieve the original family, the original society, nation and world. The fallen world is dominated by Satan, whereas the original world would have been dominated by God.

Who came first, Satan or God? God did. Then why has this fallen world become a reality? In order to completely understand why man has become such an alienated creature we must understand the human fall. This is commonly thought of in purely religious terms, but it is more than that. The idea of a human fall is the only explanation possible to explain the reality of our life. The world is as it is today because of man's fall-his departure from the original state.

We always sense the whispering of the original mind somewhere in our heart. The original mind continues to whisper even in the midst of the fallen world. Everyone harbors an original mind which yearns for a world of goodness and greatness. When we look at various phenomena in the fallen world, we must be able immediately to judge between good and evil -- who is the good man, who is the evil man; which is the good family, which the evil? Which is the good nation and the evil nation, the good world and the evil world?

Man's original mind moves him to pursue goodness. By the same token, as soon as he sees evil, he wants to move away from it. What has been the yardstick or central standard in fallen history to distinguish good and evil? Has it been religion? Many people do not even know that religion exists. Truth? What is the truth? Is there any simple criterion by which we can distinguish good and evil?

In any society there are laws. Laws are created or determined within a particular age or era. The sovereign power at the time determines that he wants to lead his country a certain way and thus he creates certain laws.

From ancient times until very recently it was the rulers -- the monarchy, the aristocrats, the powerful-who determined the laws that all people lived by. But that trend is changing. In modem days, we have seen the democratic system which says, "We should not leave it to one person. We have to rule ourselves." In democracy, the people themselves are the rulers, the sovereignty of the nation.

The older political system of monarchy or aristocracy has three distinctive levels -- the aristocracy, the middle class, and the lower class. The aristocracy is in a position equivalent to the parental role. The middle class represents the son, and the lower class represents the servant. The question is, then, what kind of law is right for that society? What is the criterion? There are three distinct classes, so which should be the governing one: the servant, the son, or the parents?

Is it because of your environment and circumstances that you value parental law, or is it your original mind which wants that? The original mind desires parental law. Why, then, is the aristocratic or the monarchical system declining? Did the monarchs and aristocrats want it to decline? Or, in spite of the fact that they wanted to remain in power, did some circumstances inevitably cause that decline? No monarch wanted to give up his power, yet because of the circumstances almost all did.

Who created the social climates that overthrew the monarchs and changed the system? Even though the monarchs wanted to remain in power, there was a third element which abetted the end of the monarchical system. In the free world among democratic people, does anyone freely choose communism? Why did it come then, if nobody wants it? Many people immigrate to America, seeing democracy as a golden system which will guarantee their freedom. But what has happened? The threat of communism is everywhere, trying to infiltrate and take over the American system and democracy. Why is that?

Let's look inside the communist world at the communist system itself. A great deal of change is taking place there, just as it is in the democratic world. At this point we have to address one question: In the future, what kind of world will we have? What kind of "ism" or system do we want to live by? The original system is what our minds automatically yearn for and seek.

The original mind is longing for the parental system. However, as a consequence of the fall, the world and therefore even the parental system are corrupted. Everything is on the side of Satan. But instead of overthrowing everything in one sudden move, restoration is gradually taking place, expanding God's territory step by step.

The age of the autocratic or imperialistic system is over. Now the predominant systems are democracy and communism, and they are in confrontation. As noted before, every country has its own laws. The problem is that all these laws differ from one another. There is no central criterion or standard. How can we find such a standard? Societies are in confusion and chaos because we have no way to know which laws are true or just, which are really representing justice.

The one central factor which determines whether a law is correct and just is the human conscience. At least conscience is alive in the human heart. Therefore, we can say there is one universal force - -the conscience -- that can be trusted. When you are faced with the need to determine what is right and wrong, good and evil, you can consult your conscience. We normally don't think so much in terms of, "Is it legal or illegal?" as much as, "Does it bother my conscience?" In our common, daily life we try to use our conscience as our guideline and standard. That means everything else out there, even the stem laws of the nation can be varied while the one unchanging criterion is the conscience.

Thus we can create a single kind of order. The governmental laws cannot be given almighty power to control the world. The guiding light for the dominion of the world should be the human conscience. Therefore conscientious persons should govern the law and not vice versa. In this way we have to analyze and reorganize the thinking of our world.

How do we know what kind of conscience we have and whether that conscience is the original or the fallen one? First, we have to consider what is the original. We talk about the original but how far back can we trace the original? Where do we end? The original started at some point and has come down systematically through tradition from grandfather to father and son, and so forth. It must be handed down.

Let's talk about the original of originals. Take the example of a tree. What is the original tree? There is a seed for a tree and that seed has two parts covered by skin, with an embryo nestled in the center. The two parts are not the original; they contain the nourishment. The real original is the embryo, but even inside the embryo, when you look very closely, you see two tiny parts within.

So where did man -- you as an individual -- begin? You began as a micro particle in a small part of your parent's body. A particle of your mother and a particle of your father came together and formed the embryo, out of which you have grown. When embryos grow up, they become men and women who need each other. That principle can be expanded from the individual into a greater sphere, all the way to the universe.

The embryo is very tiny. To mature, the seed embryo first uses its entire body as nourishment and thus grows to take more nourishment from the world around it. Likewise, you started as a tiny unit which initially took nourishment from your mother's body. After your birth you developed, grew, and became a man or a woman by taking nourishment -- food, air, sunlight and so forth -- from the entire world. When you are elevated into the spirit world, what kind of element do you consume? The love of God. Everyday you eat up God, who is everywhere!

According to the Principle, there are three stages of growth: the embryonic stage or the formative stage, the growth stage, and the completion stage. When people speak of death, is it really death? Does the person disappear from the cosmos? Isn't it actually a new birth? When you are born into the spirit world, you will still need food and nourishment. Your future environment will be the love of God. It will surround you and nourish you like food and air.

In seeking the original, then, we have seen that each person begins as a tiny particle called the embryo. Let's imagine, however, that inside the mother's womb where the elements of the father and mother meet, there was conflict-the "dialectical" at work. The mother's egg says, "I want to control the whole process. You just get out of here." Then the father's sperm says, "No, I am the boss. You get out of here." What do you think would happen if that kind of struggle actually took place? Does human life start out according to the communist "law" of the dialectic? Or does it follow the law of harmony, cooperation and unity toward a common purpose?

When you observe electricity, do you see the plus and minus charges struggling? If not, what are they doing? They exist in harmony, unity and cooperation, right? By the same token, each new self, each embryo, results from the harmonious relationship of the mother's and the father's elements. We can therefore assert that the universe itself started from harmony, cooperation and unification toward a common purpose.

What does man's original mind desire? Does it seek struggle, confrontation, opposition, and separation? The original foundation of the universe is filled with the desire for unity, cooperation and harmony. This desire is the original spirit of the original mind and is where all things began. Any constructive movement begins from this point. Thus the spirit of the original mind always seeks unity, harmony and cooperation. The original mind can only move toward these qualities of relationship.

Communists, then, came up with the concept of struggle which they call the dialectic. Is that the real truth? Where would you like to dwell-in the place of struggle or in the place of harmony? You want to go where there is unity. Even if you say, "That's not true!" your original mind says, "Yes, it is!"

Therefore, we see that the original world is the world of harmony, unity, and cooperation. The original seed is formed through complementary relationships. From the original seed come the leaves, trunk and branches of the tree. This is logical. But if instead everything developed according to the concept of the dialectic, wherever seeds were sown, the result would be war. Thus we would see war against the soil, war against rain, war against the rocks, war against sunshine. But that's not the way nature works.

When a seed is planted, all things in the environment -- the soil, moisture and sunshine -- try to assist the seed to fulfill its purpose and become a tree. When a seed is dropped on the ground, do all the elements in the soil say, "We are the proletariat. You, the bourgeoisie, came into the ground to exploit us. We can't stand you. Get out of here"? Does a demonstration occur? No, absolutely not. They welcome the seed, "Mr. Seed, please come and dwell with us. We'll give you food and moisture. We'll love you and take care of you so that you can grow into a tree." Nature embraces and elevates, saying to the seed, "How wonderful you are!" not, "How miserable you are! Get out of here, you rascal."

Returning to the subject of conscience, then, the original mind always follows the original law of nature and the universe. That original law is the spirit of harmony, unity and cooperation. Thus our conscience always pushes us in this direction. When someone directed by his original mind desires to move toward maturity and growth, does he want to go as directly as possible, or to meander all over the place? When you go to meet your lover, are you taking your time to get there, dawdling along the way, or are you like a bullet, dashing forward?

We can rely more upon our conscience than upon the changeable laws of society. The man who follows his original mind does not need external laws, because he follows the law of his own conscience. That person would be welcome in any society. Therefore, men of justice behave according to the brightness and sensitivity of their conscience. Where is your conscience trying to direct you? Toward harmony. Harmony requires at least two elements. You must harmonize with something or someone else-not just with yourself.

Let's return to the origin of man and woman. The father's element and the mother's element come together in you, but what are they centered on? Even before life, love was your origin. So which comes first, life or love? Philosophy expounds upon this question, but still there remains much confusion about it.

There is no question but that love is the origin and the initiator. We can even answer the age-old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg? The egg came first! Now you know why you came to Belvedere today to learn the answer to this famous question! You achieved your purpose and don't need anything more, right? Shall we stop the sermon now? Why do you protest so loudly? You didn't pay an admission fee! You have the right to protest because of original love. You want to be given more.

We are discussing a very simple principle, but with it we can clarify so many confusing issues in our world. All universal matters can be systematized. Does the conscience travel a crooked line or a straight one? Your conscience moves you to the straight road, but where is that road going? Toward money? Power? Great fame and honor? Knowledge? What is it then? It is love. At all times the conscience is looking for only one way: the straight way toward love.

I want you to understand that the conscience follows the law of conscience, but a more important law is the law of love. There are all kinds of love. Among them is original love, and that's what we are talking about. Thus there should also be an original love law. Where is the original love law? Why do we need it? Wherever love is, that law is required. Love wants to dwell in its own home, society, nation, world, and cosmos. Love wants to create its own environment, not dwell in a foreign one.

When centered upon the law of conscience, a person will be very truthful. Centering upon the law of love, that person becomes not only truthful but also loving. Which kind of person would you like to be? Do you have that love? Do you have that conscience? Put your conscience in your palm and show it to me. Where is it? It is in your heart. Did your heart suddenly spring into being, or did it evolve through generations of your family tree? You are not an independent entity. You are connected back through time to the very origin at the beginning.

Where then is that original mind located? It is at the very center of the original world. You want to position yourself at the very center of the original world, of your original mind, so you are setting the pace, taking initiative. In that world you are most important. Unless you are confident enough to say, "I am the most important figure in the original world," you do not have the right to deal with the original law. Only with that position can you deal with the original law. Original law is the prime force, the supreme force of the universe. For example, when an individual cell in your body is functioning perfectly, that cell is entitled to receive any kind of blood circulating in your body. That is a special privilege of the cell.

We come to the conclusion, then, that human history has gone through three basic stages: the imperial stage, the democratic stage and the communist stage. But each will fade away because none of those systems is the true one. None deals with the original mind, the original world and original love. Because they have no capacity to deal with that, they will come and go.

The most important person is the one who harbors the original mind. But where can we find that original person? We must conclude that we are living in a fake world, an untruthful world. Therefore, the original mind desires to escape and seeks to reach the original world.

The earth has a current population of over four billion people. The innate desire of all people is to find someone who can guide mankind toward the original world. That true leader comes from where? He must come through and go over the entire fallen world-from the individual, to the family, tribal, national and worldwide levels. Battered, seasoned and tested by the fallen world, he will finally be proven to be the original leader.

What kind of man is the original man? He is a true man. What is the definition of a true man? You say he is a man of perfected love. What kind of man has perfected love? How do you recognize him? In order to understand the true man we have to ask, "What kind of God is God?" because God is the origin of the true man. To understand the true, original man you must understand God.

God is the one who has the capacity to love each and everything. When you say someone has the capacity to love each and everything, you can say he is both the largest and the smallest of all. Since you've covered both ends, you've covered them all. God has the capability and power to love the greatest and the most minute of all. God has overlooked nothing.

Think of the circulation of your blood. There is no place in your body which is off-limits. Blood flows from the top of your brain to your fingertips to your toenails. It goes everywhere. Have you ever wondered why blood is crimson red? What about snow white blood? Let's imagine we had snow white blood. When you think of the color white, it immediately connotes coldness. The Redskins won the Super Bowl, right? I'll tell you later the secret of how they won it! "Redskin," referring to the Indians' color, suggests a race that is warmer, more embracing than "cold" white people. The white race excels in scientific achievement by coldly, analytically breaking things down. But the Redskins, the Indians, are primitive, maintaining their crude, original nature. Therefore, they have preserved much more purity of heart and have a more unstained nature.

Thus the communists were smart for choosing red as their color. When you select one color to represent love, what color would you like to have? Yes, red because red represents heart and warmth. In the communist world, real warmth and love are suppressed. But they picked the warmest color as a deceptive facade for the coldness and cruelty they wanted to hide.

There are three directions in which we can go: following the laws of secular society, the law of conscience, or the law of love. Out of those three choices, which would you choose as your final destination?

We were discussing the seed -- the embryo and the two parts inside the seed. The seed germinates and becomes a tree but then it produces new seeds, making a complete cycle. Similarly, man began from love. Love was his seed, the initial point by which he will complete the cycle and produce a new person, the fruit of love. A person is born into society, develops through society during the growth period, and ultimately comes to marry, which should be the culmination of love.

Have you blossomed? You have gone through the period of your prime teen years, when your minds were filled with romantic and poetic thoughts. At that time, both men and women come to realize and seek the specialness of each other. You did go through that age, didn't you?

A flower has two parts: the male and the female. When a tree is fully grown, the flowers are in full bloom. Then the male part and female part of the flowers meet in "flower love," have give and take, and their unity germinates a new seed. Passing through the prime teen years is therefore the most dangerous period for men and women. Enticement, attractions, and temptation like magnetic waves are everywhere. The desire to unite is very strong. But illicit, unlawful unity yields an illicit seed and bears unlawful or sinful fruit.

What is the ideal? Purity must be maintained. The male flower part and the female flower part meet in purity, lawfully and with the acceptance of the universe, and then bear fruit. Purity ensures the preservation of the original mind and the original world. The original man is without stain. When original man and woman meet, the original pure seed will be conceived. The cycle is completed when the fruit is borne and produces new seeds, in turn.

Do you think you can stop the power of nature which is pushing you to bear fruit? Can the flower stop its male and female parts from meeting and forming the seed? The unstained first love is most important. After you enter into lawful marriage and lawful love, you always compare that with your first love, even if you misused your first love. That is unfortunate. Your mind always goes back to the original, and the purest thing is the first one. Divorce is actually rebellion against nature and the law of love. Where can you go to get forgiveness?

The worst possible crime in the world of God is disobedience to the law of love. In spirit world the worst punishment goes to the person who was irresponsible in love. He deserves the worst place, the hell of hells. Therefore in the world of God, the world of human beings, and the world of nature, the worst enemies are those who violated the law of love.

Look at the American way of life. Is it heaven or hell? You Americans say it is hell. Is America a good and great country? If it is evil and bad, it is destined to perish. The natural conclusion is that this country is declining. You Americans should think, "When America perishes, I too will perish." What about the Moonies in America? Are you a good group? Are you just trying to be good?

Though each seed is destined to return to the original seed to complete its cycle, this route has been blocked in the human world. People have no way to return and consummate themselves as a true seed, and therefore, somewhere along the fine, they will be corrupted. That's why the situation is miserable.

Men and women have certain satanic influence over each other. Some women feel they are very beautiful and want to dress nicely and wear lots of makeup to hook men. The men think the same way. "I am a very good looking man, and I'm sure women will follow me. I'm going to test it out myself on Fifth Avenue!" Why do Moonies go against this trend? It is because we know the truth. We know they are walking along the road to destruction. Our road is narrow but it is the road to prosperity and true survival.

Here is a good piece of advice for women: If you feel your husband is not attractive and you don't even want to look at him anymore, then think of him as a pet! You may not pay much attention to a little dog or cat, but if it follows you around constantly-into the living room, around the house, into the bedroom-and sleeps with you, sooner or later you will form some kind of an attachment! That's the way the original mind works! At some point you will start patting the dog. When you look at him really intently, your pet will feel joy. Your dog will blink his eyes at you. When you give him food, he eats and enjoys it. You can say, "Well, my pet acts just like me. if I hit him, he is so unhappy. Since he reacts just like me, we are basically the same."

There is only one difference -- one is feminine and the other is masculine. Women usually don't like an effeminate man; they have no attraction to such a man. Imagine yourself living with a man who had small, manicured hands, polished toenails, and who wore a necklace and earrings! Mother and Father have two very different natures. Mother eats very daintily and carefully, but Father just stuffs the food in. Men have no time to think about how to eat food. Men should act like men. In wartime, in a state of emergency, there's no time for men to worry about forks and knives or about looking attractive. When a bomb drops at the door, he just kicks it out!

For a long time: East Garden didn't have any pets.

Mother didn't especially want to have pets around. But the children brought in a little kitten one day and that kitten went everywhere. There was nothing in which that kitten was not involved, even in important conferences. It was always around Mother's feet and it followed her to the bedroom and everywhere. Mother developed an attachment to that kitten, and now she loves pets more than anyone else at East Garden. That's the way human nature is.

So think of it this way: no matter how bad your husband may be, he is still better than a pet. At least when you call your husband, he can say, "Yes?" A dog cannot. Women enjoy being sentimental, romantic, and poetic sometimes and you need someone who will listen to you. Well, talk to your husband. He will listen to you. A pet cannot understand you. Sometimes women are hypersensitive and you need someone you can take it out on. Your husband will just take it saying, "Uh, huh.'' That's better than a pet. Also, men know that women have a certain period they go through every month, a moody and sensitive time. When you women get very nasty, your husband knows it is that time and will forgive and love you. How wonderful to have someone to put up with you!

Think of how it would be if you were feeling moody, tearful, and sentimental but there was no one to respond to you. If a woman was feeling discouraged or in a very sentimental mood, and another beautiful woman came along and said, "I understand you, I want to comfort you," that would not please you very much. But there is much more comfort in a rough-looking, masculine man coming along and saying, "Don't worry! I'll take care of you.

When you speak of something as "ideal," there is no ready-made item you can point to. "Ideal" is something you must put together. There is no such thing as an ideal husband or ideal wife. The ideal is something you develop and create in your relationship. Love is something which germinates. The time will come when love enters into two people. As time goes on, you will realize the preciousness of that love between you. Then husband and wife can say, "I am in you, and you are in me," just as Jesus said, "I am in the Father and the Father in me."

Love must be given freely and unconditionally. Without first giving it, can you try to receive it? This is not correct and is against universal law.

Each person is the fruit of the love between his father and mother, and he himself shall consummate the same love, continuing the tradition. Sometimes people may live very peacefully together, even though they are not such pretty people to look at. They may have deficiencies, yet they live harmoniously. You may be amazed at how a man can live with a certain kind of woman, or vice-versa.

But it's always possible.

Sometimes you may observe someone in your family such as your brother and his wife, for example, who have many deficiencies on both sides and who appear not to be such a good match. Yet they live happily with one another. You realize there is an amazing power pulling them together. You might try to pick one ideal couple from all your relatives. There may be one uncle who is a Harvard graduate, with a wife who is equally well educated. Because they have enough money and a good house, they may seem like the ideal couple. Another couple, however, may seem impossible-they have nothing, they don't look attractive and aren't even at the same educational level.

But external things do not make people happy. The well-to-do couple may become miserably unhappy, while the couple with nothing may live like sweet honey because love is the power which brings them together, not their social condition or the size of their bank account. The intensity of unconditional love between husband and wife is more valuable than anything you can think of, more than beauty, education or social standing. The most important thing is the purity and intensity of their love.

Hating or abhorring another human being, regardless of the reason, is a manifestation of the satanic nature. The original mind always seeks to embrace others. Since God has the original of original minds, He always bonds with His children and is always trying to embrace them. God is capable of loving the smallest and the largest, the lowest and the highest. That is what God is all about.

Suppose a certain person happens to be ugly, crippled, or in a miserable situation. Do you think God is not interested in that person, that He is so almighty and lofty that He wouldn't want to have any contact with such human garbage? On the contrary, God would be most concerned about the person who has the most need of His love. God wants to care for him.

If you do not take your spouse seriously, or if you have some feeling that your spouse is not good enough for you, listen to this lecture closely. Men and women, you must clearly realize that we were born into this world to fulfill true love. True love can be fulfilled in a more dramatic way when there is little compatibility between husband and wife at first. Without a woman, you men cannot look forward to true love. Without a man, you women cannot consummate true love. Is it true love when someone has a different lover each night, and then goes away in the morning? In America today the divorce rate is over 50% -- more than one million couples were divorced in 1982. Is that a sign of true love?

Each person came into being from the union of love, not from deception or a lie. That is a fact, the real thing. You have to take seriously the real heart, real love, and real mind of others. No matter what kind of husband you have, the parent who gave birth to him loved him and nurtured him, and truly protected his well being. That person became your husband, or your wife. Any wife who wants to inherit the tradition of that family love must love her husband more than his parents loved him. You have to look at marriage from that concept, because nowadays marriage is seen from a selfish viewpoint-"I want to gain something out of this marriage. Someone should come and love me." This concept of marriage is wrong.

If you are not satisfied with your spouse, you should blame your own "eye." There is nothing wrong with the husband or the wife. Your "eye" is wrong -- your concept and your perceptions are wrong.

Sometimes when you are having a fight or quarrel with your spouse, the best thing you can do is to run into the bathroom and look in the mirror. You will see the most satanic and monstrous face there. When you women see yourself like that, you will thank your husband for being such a saint and say, "If I had been in his position, I would have kicked me out a long time ago." Be grateful. Maybe that is the reason women carry a mirror in their handbag!

When you compare smiles, a woman's smiling face is much more attractive than a man's, which is not so expressive. A woman's smile grows from formation, growth, to perfection, like a flower opening up and blossoming. It starts out mildly, then it bursts into a bigger smile, and finishes very beautifully. When women smile, their faces become blushed and pink; men are always attracted by that kind of smile. So the smile is a woman's special ability: a thousand words will not do the work of one beautiful smile.

Men don't enjoy women who talk like a machine gun. Women who are slightly reserved, and who from time to time give their best smile are more pleasant to be around. If some emergency happens, a man may react very violently, while a woman may react more calmly and say quietly, "What happened?" Women are more symbolic of love. We might say that women are always swimming in the ocean of love. When you go to a pool and watch men and women swimming, which are more beautiful to behold? Women swimming are more beautiful because they are curved and streamlined, like a Concorde jet.

What kind of law do we want to follow in our heart the law of society, the law of conscience, or the law of love? Even if you decided to follow that law of love a long time ago, this morning you must have realized that you have violated that law many times. So this morning you have come to a clear determination: we will follow the law of love.

Today's topic is "The Original World and the Enemy World." What is the difference between the two worlds? In the original world, the law of love prevails and is observed from the individual to the family, society, national and world levels, all the way up to God. Wouldn't you like to live in that original world? For what purpose? For love. I want you to understand that human beings were born because of love. Thus you can say, "I live because of love, I will die and go to a higher life because of love." Love is everything.

When will you be able to say you are ready to die? It's simple. When you women have truly loved your husband without reservation, then you can die willingly. As husbands, when you men have a record and achievement of loving your wife with all your soul, heart, and mind, then you are ready. Then you can claim, "God, I love my spouse with all my heart, soul and mind, and with that same criteria I love the world and I love you. Are you ready to accept me?" God will say, "Yes, I am. You are my child, without question," and it will echo and vibrate throughout the universe. In order to accomplish this, you definitely need your husband or wife. How precious is your spouse -- without him or her, you could not do it.

As parents, you should say, "I love my children with true parental love. With the same quality of love, I love the universe and God." Then when you stand before God, the entire universe will testify to you. When children say, "I love my parents as much as they loved me. I love them as much as my spouse," then the universe will say, "Yes, yes, you do." Anybody who receives that resounding echo from the universe is ready to die happily. Such a person can be elevated into new life at any time.

Therefore, both men and women are extremely important, necessary components of life. Men, women, parents, children-all these are necessary "workshop instruments" by which we can perfect our love. The greatest praise your children can give is, "My daddy and mummy are like God." The best thing a wife can say is, "My husband is like God." The best thing a husband can say is, "My wife is a saint. She is like God." Parents can say about their children, "My son is like Jesus." These are the kinds of compliments we want to give to our family members. What will bring that kind of accomplishment? Would money do it? Would knowledge or a university degree do it? No, it is only with love that you become like God. Do you want to live like that?

By doing, by thinking, by loving in this way you will liberate yourself. You are initially confined to a small area, but when you love, you are liberated to travel throughout the universe. The cosmos is truly yours. The universe is so large that you could travel for billions of light years and still you would not come to the end of it. What pushes you to want to go everywhere? It is the urge of love. You want to go with someone you love, with children, parents and spouse that you love. You want to be totally free to travel everywhere and let your loved ones enjoy everything. That is the urge of love and that is why God created an infinite universe. What is hell? It is being confined in a box while other people are traveling freely all over the universe, living a fulfilled life.

No matter how big the universe might be, the love between husband and wife is still greater. If someone were offered the universe for that love, there would be no comparison, no swap possible. Are you practicing that kind of love in your married life? If you have a Korean wife, I'm sure you are thinking that she is tough, and may even wonder if it would be better to have an American wife. Do you have such an analytical and comparing mind? Love encompasses and embraces everything-is this what you are doing? When you consider all the people of the world, white people are a very small minority. You must embrace and encompass everyone in the entire universe. That is the scope of our life.

When a husband and wife both reach the spirit world, they dwell together. Once you are blessed here as husband and wife, you can travel to the ends of the universe in spirit world. It might take billions of light years, but when you are in love in the spirit world, it can happen instantly. You can just lock your arms together, like Superman and Lois Lane, and fly through the sky. You don't even have to go to a travel agency and make a reservation!

I want you to know that ours is a most romantic and dramatic God. He has a mind-boggling universe waiting for us. Once I went to a museum in Great Britain where I saw the largest diamond in the world -- 570 carats. But in God's realm, an entire planet is made of diamond. Don't you think such a thing exists in outer space? How about a star of pure gold? In light of this, it is very amusing that women may wear a small piece of gold or diamond and be so proud of that. In the love of God, I feel as if I am riding on a gold and diamond star -- so I don't need any rings or jewelry at all. When you consummate true love, you inherit everything out there. It is all yours when you inherit the true love of God.

If you go to spirit world without consummating true love, you cannot say to me, "Father, why didn't you teach me the truth?" You have heard this truth at Belvedere on February 1, 1983. I am not just speaking to you, but I am also speaking to the world and to generations to come. When I speak from this platform, I am speaking in eternal history. These historical words are spoken every Sunday morning, or every first of the month. When you come to hear the historical declarations, however, you sometimes say, "Oh, why is it taking so long? He has been speaking for three hours already. I'm sleepy." Complaining this way shows that you are forgetting the historical meaning.

Any person who doesn't want to listen when I speak about the philosophy of love is destined to decline. The love of God is trying to knock on your door, but you are sleeping. You don't recognize the love of God right in front of you. The universe is trying to embrace you, but you reject it because you are sleepy. Your eyes should be like sparkling lights, and even if we should go on for 24 hours or more, day in and day out, your eyes should sparkle even more, saying, "Father, give me more! Give me more!"

Those who have received the Blessing from Father, raise your hands. Even if all other couples flunk, do you want to be the one exemplary couple?

We're talking about love, but the tide of our speech also mentions the enemy, the adversary. I have already been speaking for two and a half hours. I made a promise to Mother that I would be brief. If I break that promise, I must apologize to her. Then she will say, "I know you spoke overtime, but I forgive you. This February I was a special morning, and I saw all the state leaders here today. You spoke of love, and that topic always makes you go overtime! I know that, so I forgive you!"

Actually, Mother is concerned because of her love. She sees that I am no longer a young man, even though I still feel young. She says to me, "Father, you should not over-extend yourself. You have biological limitations."

If I get into the habit of speaking for five hours, Mother may tell me to shorten it by 30 minutes. Then when I cut down to four and a half hours, she win tell me to shorten it another 30 minutes. When it is four hours she will tell me to reduce it to three and a half, then to three, then to two and a half, and so on, until finally I don't have to speak at all. I just have to show up at the service! I should receive a degree, graduating with honors in sermonizing! But I don't want to receive a diploma without breaking all existing world records.

No matter what, love is supreme. A loving hand, even though small, can be extended a million miles. A heart can expand and penetrate every part of the world. Do you feel pain when someone loves you? Do you repel love, or do you want it? What about God? You desire love because God feels that way, and you are created in His image.

When you pray, asking fervently, "God, give ME knowledge. I want to have the wisdom of Solomon," God will say, "Forget it. I'm not interested in giving you knowledge." Then you might ask, "God, please give me a lot of money," and He wouldn't pay any attention. But when you ask, "God, give me love," He'll ask, "What would you do with My love?" You would answer, "I want to liberate the entire world, including You." Then God would say, "That is an exciting project! I want to join with you and be your partner."

If you first say, "Give me Your love," then you can ask, "By the way, Heavenly Father, I need more wisdom, too, in order to convey Your love to others. I want to conduct seminars and teach many people, so I need money, too, Heavenly Father!" Then God will say, "Just as you requested, everything is going to be ready for you. I have prepared everything." So you donít even need a prayer if it is for Heaven-just go out, get it and do it.

Ultimately, religion is heading toward the goal where neither religion itself nor prayer will be necessary All you will need to do is practice love and live in love. Then you won't need sermons and religious doctrines. Our fundraising members don't have much time to pray From morning to night they are running, running, running. As they run they say, "Heavenly Father, please help me- You are with me, aren't You?" God is right there to respond to those most urgent prayers. In that case, you don't have to sit down at a specified time to pray.

You may go to a chapel and pray for hours and hours, only to come out and do evil deeds because you already set bad conditions. Many people even misuse religion by saying, "God forgives us, so we can do whatever we want." But you are working to save the lives of the people of the world. You say, "They are my brothers and sisters, and they are dying! This is an emergency. I'm totally committed to rescuing just one more brother before time runs out. There's no time to sit down for prayer." That is truly the right attitude.

Where is the average American family heading for today? They are heading for hell! You know it, yet many of you are apathetic, not doing anything about it. What kind of brotherhood is that? If a person were ill and about to die and there was no doctor to unlock the drug cabinet, wouldn't you break into it to get the medicine? Would you be heated as a thief? Not at all. Even if secular law tried to condemn you for stealing, the man you saved would come to the court and say, "Don't accuse him! Without him I would have been dead." By the law of love, a other laws can be judged.

If, in his absolute determination to save the world, someone is running so fast that he has an accident and someone is killed, how would he be judged? As far as heavenly law is concerned, that person is forgiven because the law of love precedes anything else. If he was truly trying to give his life for the sake of the world and that was his pure motivation, that person would be forgiven. When you go out with extraordinary love, all other things shall be encompassed by it. Father is the central figure of all Moonies, right? Not only you say yes, but all of America will say that Reverend Moon is the central figure. God, too, says, "Yes, Reverend Moon is the central figure!" What win Satan and the evil spirits in hell say?

People may ask, "Why am you doing such strange things? Why are you making so much noise and becoming so controversial? Why does the entire world come against you, Reverend Moon, and why don't the Christian churches like you? How can you survive? You are really an oddball." Will I say, "Well, I didn't realize that. You are right. I should retreat now and do things differently"? No matter how great the opposition and criticism coming to me, I do not change even one iota. I push you out more and more, making your life more difficult.

Because outside people observe how Reverend Moon upholds Ins principle and pushes the members to sacrifice more and more, they think that no one will stay, that everyone will run away When you stay, however, people conclude that you must be brainwashed. Why don't you run away? Why do you stay with me? I don't give you money or buy you fancy automobiles- Why do you stay? It is for love. Spirit world is giving the same answer.

I think on a large scale. In order to save the billions of people in the world, this group of people shall become the offering. The entire history of restoration is at stake so from the viewpoint of God, it will be the most worthwhile sacrifice. Some of you may even be called to martyrdom. If so, you will be the most glorified people in history.

I am absolutely determined to see the fulfillment of universal love and the salvation of all mankind. This goal of restoration of history from evil to goodness overrides everything, so I am pushing you to do extraordinary things. Though you might feel it is unreasonable, history will not. What we do will be accepted in the sight of the universe and the sight of God.

One day the national leaders of the church in Germany were called and asked to come immediately to the United States. They just came, period, not knowing why or where they were going. One thing is for sure: they will be pushed out for the accomplishment of greater love and greater purpose. Because they trust me, they said, "Whatever you want, let it be done." The universe is pushing Reverend Moon to do more. Since I am under pressure by the universe, I push you as well so you are told, "Do more, accomplish more, fight harder!" Do you like it?

The reason I am pushing you so hard is that I want you to gain the love which nobody can take away from you. It will be yours for eternity Satan can never come and open his mouth to accuse you. If I was too easy on you, Satan would say, "What did they do to deserve that love?' You must graduate from accusation so that no one can point a finger at you.

Do you think God truly loves Reverend Moon? Maybe you know better than I! After all, God has always given me the worst situations. God gave me a long term in a communist prison camp, as well as perpetual persecution from society. God directed me ten years ago to come to America, telling me that everything would be all right. But actually since coming to America, all I have experienced was persecution, court battles, and even a prison sentence. Were those the goodies God was talking about? Yet I truly have no complaint whatsoever because love blossoms in the worst place. The most brilliant flower of love blooms at the bottom of hell. That's the way you can conquer the satanic world, and Satan can have absolutely no accusation anymore.

What about you? How much have you matured in your years of being a member of the Unification Church? What about you state leaders? Do you think: "Well, I have been a member for several years and now I'm a state leader. I shouldn't have to go out witnessing or fundraising! I'll just make the members do if'? Is that what you are saying? As leaders, you must understand that you are in the parental role. A mother is the servant of servants in every house. She always takes care of the worst chores, the jobs that nobody wants.

How do you distinguish a good leader from a bad one? You know the criteria now. Those state leaders who think that they are good, compare your definition with mine. How many of you are the servant of the servants in your state? After listening to this sermon today, how many of you realize that you have not been good leaders? Therefore, I treat you harshly and try to discipline you. Do you wonder why I do that?

What does that mean? It means we've got to bring a revolution to our leadership, beginning with those in the highest positions. As long as you have hope, you can go down to the very bottom and begin again. After working your way to the top, you can go down and start again. After working your way up even higher, you can go down again. With this kind of rhythm, you will be all right. You may have started with a very high spirit some years ago but have now declined. Somehow you recover, but generally speaking you keep going down, and someday you may even fall away.

What kind of revolution do we need? A revolution of love. Do you welcome it? If your husband or wife doesn't like the revolution, then tell him or her to go away. Let him stay out for ten years and meanwhile you just fulfill everything for the Kingdom of God. Then go look for your husband. If he is still longing for you and waiting for you, put him in your pocket and restore him. And vice versa. If your wife has been waiting out there for ten years, that's all right. You should have no regrets at all. You will have done the right thing.

You may be thinking, 'This is Reverend Moon's way and method and not the American way. We are civilized people. We don't do things like that." Do you think your way will lead you to Heaven, or will Reverend Moon's way lead you to Heaven? You said it: "Reverend Moon's way leads to Heaven."

I recently watched the Super Bowl between the Washington Redskins and the Miami Dolphins. I like football because it has such spirit, such a strategy of defense. The defensive players are like rocks-nothing is going to come through them. The offensive players are like bullets they just penetrate, regardless of the opponent. The fact that the Redskins won this year was almost a miracle. They were the underdog, with no way to win.

I want you to understand that the universal dispensation is extraordinary in scope. The Unification Church is in a position like the Redskins. We will have to sacrifice, sometimes just in small ways here and there, but maybe some will even have to die. Yet when the ultimate victory has been won, that sacrifice will be glorified and sanctified. The saints throughout history were martyred and shed blood on many occasions. However, God was patient, knowing that He would see the ultimate universal victory in which everyone's sacrifice would be rewarded many thousand times over. That's the way God has planned it, and how I see it as well.

Jesus accepted his fate on the cross because by offering that sacrifice God could win a greater victory. In order to save the world, God nobly sacrificed His own most precious son.

Do you know if God really loves Reverend Moon? My mind is not relaxed for even one moment. I don't know if I am doing 100% or not; only when I have finished my course and ascend to spirit world will I know. So until then, I cannot relax. I will probably suffer my entire life here on earth until I go up to my own place in Heaven. Then looking down, I will see that the Unification Church is loved by the entire world. The Unification Church will have brought the fallen world into fruition, perfection and restoration. Then I will take joy from the sight. That shall be my reward.

God has been with me all of the time. Those forces which have come against me, such as established churches, American politicians, and the media, think that they are doing the right thing to oppose me, but they have fallen deeper and deeper into darkness, confusion and chaos. They thought Reverend Moon represented the forces of darkness, but Reverend Moon is being seen clearly in the light of his righteousness. The time will come when they will see clearly. The dawn is approaching; each moment moves us toward the sunrise.

The universe and all nature are preparing for that dawn, ready to receive the sunlight. The satanic world doesn't like Reverend Moon at all. They look at him and scoff, but the original world looks at Reverend Moon as a champion and representative of original love. What kind of champion is he? He is the one who is upholding the love of God. Billions of men have been born throughout history, but Reverend Moon is the one who has expressed most clearly the intense love of God. He is the one who has loved the entire universe and mankind with the perspective of God's love.

The Unification Church is a unique church: it teaches clearly and logically the truth about the original world and the love of God. Even if some members leave, they cannot deny that the Unification Church has a logical scientific teaching, and that what it talks about is correct. Do you agree with that? Ex-Moonies usually don't like to go their way alone. They feel too lonely. Therefore, they cling together and create Ex-Moonie clubs.

Many felt that they didn't have any freedom in the Unification Church, so they wanted to leave and live according to their own will. They may go out and earn money or try to gain all the knowledge they can, but do you think they get real joy out of it? No, they find even greater dilemmas. Some even try drinking and promiscuous lifestyles which they thought would be fun, and they become miserable and hopeless.

We are leading a tough life, but at least we have hope. No matter how much Reverend Moon is persecuted it doesn't matter because he always has hope. The strength of your heart is the key. If you are assured and confident, then you will be strong enough to repel all kinds of persecution. Even death cannot stop you. The strongest army is the one whose members do not fear the possibility of death and who pledge, "Unto my life."

When I came to America, the first thing I did was to meet leaders in this country: I met senators, congressmen and even the President. I spoke exactly this kind of truth to them. Many senators didn't want to listen. They thought, "I've been in politics for several decades, and I know this country better than any foreigner. Now Reverend Moon, visitor from the Orient, comes to tell me what is wrong with America!"

But now, who was right? Who has become more famous? According to their standards, Reverend Moon was wrong, but this opinion has been turned around. I have great confidence because I have based my whole life and teaching on the eternal truth of love. In millions of years, this law of love will not change. Men will come and go, but love will not change.

This is truly the most blessed spot in which you are sitting. Therefore, be absolutely confident; take the initiative. Do not retreat even one iota. Move forward saying, "Nobody can stop me because I am representing universal love, the love of God. Mankind desperately needs the love of God which I can share."

For this reason I always ask the state leaders to go and meet the top people in their state. I ask them why they sit inside the church center instead of going out. I came from Korea and went to meet the top leadership of the United States, including Nixon and Eisenhower. When I knew that President Carter was going against God's principles, I spoke out.

State leaders should be able to inspire governors, deputy governors, police chiefs and the heads of city councils. You will only be able to do that if you create the way. You cannot just sit in the living room trying to love the world. You have to go to the world and mobilize people. We must wipe out our conventional way of thinking about leadership and form a new concept. What do you think? You know that America is a dying patient. When you see that dying patient-your own country-can you Americans just remain bystanders? If you did, you would become an enemy to America.

Among enemies, which is the worst enemy? Is it the one who takes away your possessions or your house? That is not the worst enemy. The worst enemy is the enemy of love because the enemy of love destroys the universal principle.

We can divide human life into four major parts: the family, the nation, the world and the cosmos. Let's examine the family. How many generations are living in one family? Perhaps there are three or even four-great grandparents, grandparents, parents and children. It is not unusual these days for four generations to be living at the same time. Counting each generation as twenty years, four generations total eighty years. By what is a family organized-by power? By knowledge? By money? No, it is by love.

What then is Satan? For the members of a family, any person or action which tries to separate them from a loving relationship and which causes great unhappiness within the family is Satan. Anybody who destroys the love between my father and mother is my worst enemy. Anyone who separates me from my wife is my worst enemy. Truly Satan is anyone who would separate my brothers or sisters from their spouses, anyone who would destroy my children's love. On all these levels, there is only one enemy: Satan. The one who could destroy love on every level is an extraordinary enemy, the worst enemy.

Satan is the worst enemy of all. He not only brought separation in all love relationships, but he actively seeks to exterminate all people. He has attacked all loving relationships, and has made people his slaves. Satan has expanded his destruction of love from the family level to the national level. Further, Satan will try to destroy love on the worldwide level, especially at the time of the coming of the Messiah. He wants to totally destroy any relationship between the Messiah and the people.

Furthermore, Satan wants to go all the way through the cosmos to destroy even God's own loving palace. From the top to the bottom, it is Satan who brought the destruction of the love relationship. That is Satan's crime. I want you to understand how absolutely evil Satan is. He not only destroyed love, but he also brought heartbreak to God by killing all the righteous people, including Jesus. The work of Satan has caused so much bloodshed.

Your lives are no exception. Satan is working in America, vying to destroy the American family. The problem that America faces today is how to restore every level of love into the original form. America has become so perverted. How can we put it all back together? Can you say, "Well, so what! I'll live with it"? Satan utilizes all kinds of weapons and criminal activities, including liquor, tobacco, drugs, immorality, prostitution and extortion. We cannot allow Satan to continue such corruption.

God has been looking at all the problems of the world. Though He has the power to destroy everything at one time, He won't because He cannot abolish His desire for true love. If He were to trample down every facet of the world, it would mean that He would have no more hope for the realization of true love. That's why God must be patient.

In the last days, Satan is utilizing as his greatest champion the God-denying ideology of communism. Through communism and its theory of struggle and the dialectic he is working to destroy the family, as well as the national: worldwide and cosmic levels of love. In communism there is no recognition of conscience. They can exterminate millions and their conscience is not bothered. America just doesn't know anything about communism. It is a professional "business" which destroys loving relationships, and which has succeeded in destroying so many families and so many nations already.

In order to overcome the threat of communism, an extraordinary group must emerge on the opposite side as God's champions. If we do not wipe this evil ideology off the planet, even after we go up to spirit world we will have to come back. We cannot leave the job undone. We must accomplish this task, no matter what the sacrifice, and fulfill it while we are here on earth. There must be one group of people who are determined to fulfill this mission for God, unto their lives.

But God's goal is not to kill off the enemy. Even though they are under the influence of Satan, communists were created to be the children of God too. Satan knows how to use the Principle to protest to God. He says, "Unless You demonstrate Your ultimate and utmost love for the Cain world, You cannot take this Cain world away from me because they are in the elder son's position. You have to set the condition of loving Your elder son the most, more than Your second or third son." That is the condition. Without setting this condition, God cannot restore Cain. Because God has to set this condition, He cannot exercise His power to trample evil.

Through whom does God fulfill this condition for restoring Cain? It is through Abel, the younger brother. God is the parent, so the parent and Abel together must love Cain. This condition is absolutely essential to restore the world. Otherwise neither the original world nor the original family will be seen. God is stuck, in a way. He cannot escape this law of love.

For this reason, Jesus demonstrated the supreme love of his own enemy, praying for the people who were killing him. He knew the law of God and therefore he set the condition of loving his worst enemy before he died. The Roman soldiers were in the elder brother's position. Jesus was Abel and also in the parent's position, so he had to set the condition of loving Cain, his elder brother.

This is why we have to love our enemies. We cannot take revenge and just kill them off because that is a violation of God's ideal of true love. Reverend Moon has a temper like fire and I can become incredibly angry Though I have that kind of fighting spirit, I came to the realization that God has been patient with this rebellious world for all of human history. He has been suppressing His emotion and continuously forgiving the fallen world. When I realized God's patience, I knew I could not act in any other way except God's way.

God is miserable and heartbroken; He is not a happy God. Adam represented God, so Eve represented the wife of God, we might say. Thus when Satan took Eve, he actually took away the wife of God. Have you been spiritually awakened? If so, how could you ever say, "Father, there is just too much persecution. I wasn't prepared for this. I have no more energy to go on"? How could you think that way for even one second of the day? God doesn't ask the easy way. Anyone can destroy his enemy, but you must love your enemy with supreme love.

I know how much humanity has been suffering and bringing pain to God, again and again. For the first time, the suffering of God has been taught to mankind through Reverend Moon. The Unification Church understands the suffering of God, and we want to bring true liberation to Him. We are like a heavenly independence army. How can you be a coward when you are chosen to be an independence soldier? Each must repent at the realization of how untruthful, inadequate, and rebellious we are. Instead of looking forward to glorious, joyful, easy days, we must go out, confront the enemy and demonstrate our love for them.

Korea and Japan have been enemies in the past as were America and Germany during World War II. Turning away from that tradition, we are instead setting the tradition of forgiving our enemies in the Unification Church movement. The only one who is trying to transform enemy relationships with the new tradition of salvation is Reverend Moon. There is no one else doing that in our world today. We are bringing together Korea and Japan, so they can forgive each other and unite. We are bringing a truly loving relationship between Japan and America, as well as between America and Germany.

Reverend Moon knows the ultimate reason why God cannot demolish the world and why He has to forgive sinful mankind. Knowing that and knowing that somebody has to set the example, Reverend Moon and the Unification Church are setting the condition of Abel and Parent together loving Cain. For Reverend Moon, Japan was a terrible enemy because the Japanese government and people subjected me to incredible torture. But I am paying them back with love instead of revenge because that is the attitude of God. I came to America and gave so much love, yet America became my enemy. Instead of revenge, I am bringing love and forgiveness to this country. Germany is another example-it was the worst, most criminal country in the world during World War It. The four countries who have rejected our movement most violently are Korea, Japan, the United States and Germany. All that opposition peaked in 1976. We have set the condition of receiving and loving the enemy instead of seeking reprisal or revenge.

In 1975 we sent missionaries to 120 different countries of the world. One Japanese, one American and one German went to each country, and my mandate to them was to unite with one another. My goal was to send the missionaries into the world, have them set the heavenly tradition and come back. Father is always the center, so this represented the unity of the four nations: Korea, Japan, United States and Germany. I want to set this tradition all the world. When Abel sets the condition of loving Cain with a parental heart, the kingdom of God will begin.

When True Parents' birthday was celebrated on February 23, 1977, we declared Year One of the Heavenly Kingdom. The new age had dawned because the condition had been set of Abel loving Cain. The Parent has loved the first son. By virtue of that, Father is in the position to restore history, and Year One was declared on a worldwide base.

My job is the most difficult one because I am planting the heavenly tradition in a satanic world. That tradition is the supreme one, the tradition of love. How can it be easy? I always practice this law within myself. My own children must come last because they are in the Abel position. As the parent, I must love the Cain world first sinners and enemies-before I can love my own children. Thus, I always set that condition.

You are in the position of Cain and therefore you must love Abel first. Where do you learn? You learn from the parent, from True Father. You know Father loved you before his own children so you must learn from that example.

Since I always neglected my own relatives and family, they are the ones who suffered the most. All of them in North Korea were killed because they were relatives of Reverend Moon. I couldn't pay attention to them because I had to love Cain first. Such sacrifice was necessary in order to restore the world. This is the tradition.

When you look at the True Children at East Garden, you should feel that they are your elder brothers and sisters. The parents should be in a position to love them first before they love you. Once that is possible, the Heavenly Kingdom shall be opened up because, according to the ideal, the elder son is loved first.

Because of this restorational principle, the 36 couples have received more love from me than anybody else. If they don't take care of and pay attention to the True Children, then I am the one who suffers because the True Children suffer. In that case, the elder couples are committing the worst kind of crime. The 36 couples represent the races of the entire world, so they should be in the position to really love the True Children. Every moment of the day, I center my concentration upon the problems of humanity and the world. I have no time to spend with my own family

The Washington Times is a good example of this. I could have had the attitude, "Let America go down the drain. This country never did anything good to me." But even when the U.S. government was trying to put me in jail, I was concerned about the well being of this country. Our movement spent incredible amounts of money to establish The Washington Times. Why? Because America is in the Cain position and we must love Cain first. Once Cain understands that love, repents and humbly takes the second son's position, Abel is then raised up to the first son's position. Thus they can swap the birthright. Do you follow?

For the Unification Church, what is the Cain religion? It is established Christianity. I came to America because it is the central representative of Christianity. Nobody in the past or future can exceed the record of sacrificial giving which Reverend Moon has set in America. Even though the American nation has come against me, still there are people who understand me-the Moonies. I love Moonies. You are in the Abel position in America. Therefore, unless you love Cain, you cannot get into Heaven. The Unification movement is shedding sweat and tears for the sake of America in the Cain position

The way to win Cain is not by force. Cain must come and surrender voluntarily. Therefore, our job is to go to all the 50 states and completely set the condition of loving this country. We must love the Cain people. That is precisely what I did when I first arrived here. In a 40-day period I drove through every state and established Holy Grounds. By doing so, the ground of this country was prepared.

Gradually Americans will come to realize the truth, even though they are trying to push me out of the country now. More and more people are speaking up in my defense and saying, "America needs Reverend Moon." The time has come. The crucifixion that the U.S. government would impose upon me is the court battle, but the day Of resurrection is ahead of us. Therefore, the time has come to totally rally together and to become a new force moving forward for the restoration of America.

There are 40 years between 1945 to 1985. This is truly the cosmic age of the 40 years in the wilderness. When Moses led the 600,000 Jewish people out of Egypt, he asked for a three-day period. Corresponding to that period, the next three years -- 1983, 1984 and 1985 -- will see the culmination of the Unification Church's wilderness period. We are moving into the new age Canaan, and we must unite the first Israel, second Israel and third Israel so that we can enter Canaan together.

Where can we find the first, second and third Israels? We can find them all in the United States of America. We can move together into the new Israel, which is Moscow. We must go through the gateway to Moscow. After we have passed through the wilderness period, we will come to the time of settlement. This is why our motto this year is, "Home Church Is the Land of Settlement."

We want our revenge, in a way, but our revenge is love. When you pray to God, you come to the realization of how great God is. "How great Thou art!" You are truly powerful sons and daughters with His love.

The central theme and ideology of the Unification Church is that of True Parents. Why? True Parents are the first in human history to fully inherit the heart of God and proclaim it to mankind. Therefore, mankind can inherit the spirit of God. Without True Parents, you would have no way to come near to understanding the spirit and the suffering of our heartbroken God. True Parents have brought this profound portrait of God; therefore, we must be grateful.

You must understand the truth in order to know or love me in depth. You now have some idea how much God truly loves Reverend Moon. I want you also to understand that you are so precious in the sight of God. As a champion of Reverend Moon, you are inheriting my spirit to go out to the world and to conquer it with true love. God is waiting for you; He is fighting with you now, side by side. Not only God but also the True Parents are waiting for you. Thus you can feel fulfilled and rewarded, thinking, "No matter what, I am happy because God is with me. True Parents are with me."

You must feel intuitively that when you are discouraged, the universe is also discouraged. When you feel sluggish, the universe will also feel sluggish. But knowing God and True Parents are with you, you can feel happy and achieve your goal. Satan cannot take that accomplishment away. It is your own property and shall remain with you forever because it was harvested through true love. Once you come to that relationship with God and True Parents, you will own it.

Am I right or wrong? I have a good brain and after thinking about it a million times over, I always come to the same conclusion: this is correct. Without this path you have no way to enter into Heaven. There is no exception. We must retain our confidence, whatever opposition the world might bring against us, think, "With God and True Parents and their incredible protective power around me, I shall achieve the goal without mistake. " That's the kind of confidence, faith and belief we must have.

Remember we are going to subjugate the enemy through their own voluntary action, not by force. And because they surrender to true love, their surrender will be permanent. Can you say to Heaven and to Father, "I was selected as a champion of God and True Parents in this most sacred and holy struggle of human history. Through this battle, we can restore the entire cosmos. I have the truth, confidence and power to move forward, and I will bring the victory! Amen!" Those who say this, raise your hands, please.

Within your own mind there should be unity among Korea, Japan, the United States and Germany. Who will be on top, then? Who is the leader? That would be the elder blessed couples because that is the seniority the Unification Church observes. The blessed couples follow that tradition from the 36 Couples all the way down to the recent Blessing. Therefore, the Korean leaders are now the regional directors, leading the U.S. movement. Even though they cannot speak English, you must not look down on them. You must feel closer to them than to your own brothers and sisters. Even though they might give you a hard time and you feel you are pushed too much, remember that they are not doing it for their own sake but for yours. Will you unite with them?

This is a blessed land, even though it is still in the "enemy" position. You have been given such a great truth. Vertically speaking, the spirit world and all people on the earth-white, yellow, and black-must be united. Horizontally, Korea, Japan, the United States and Germany must be united. Without this vertical and horizontal unity, Heaven cannot be achieved. You should be able to evaluate your position and see how far you have to go. Every day we are moving closer to the blessed land. Thank you. Let us pray.

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