The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1983

True Man, True Church, True Country

Sun Myung Moon
January 9, 1983
Belvedere, NY
Translator - Sang Kil Han

There are two different groups of people, basically, and they go in different directions. We can say that one is on the side of goodness and the other is on the side of evil. In a symbolic way, the right signifies heaven's side and the left signifies evil; also, up represents the direction of goodness and down evil When good and evil want to change positions, they cannot move in just any direction but must cross paths.

Where is the center that divides good and evil? The individual, or the self, is the center. Which side do "I" stand on? This decision is always made centering on yourself. Those whose course has been on the left side have to overcome difficulties, or go up a hill, before they can change and move to the right side. Conversely, those who start on the good side go downhill in order to join the evil side. If someone who is below is to go up, he has to pass the middle point.

We can see clearly that in order to change from evil to goodness or vice versa a person has to completely reverse his way of life. It's not something you can do lightly, you have to turn completely around, passing through the middle point, the point of self-denial. Sooner or later, you have to go through a process of completely denying yourself.

We can draw a scale representing the vertical degrees of goodness and evil. Starting in the middle, you can advance in goodness to the point of becoming a true person and go on to build a church, a country, and a world occupying this realm of goodness. The same process occurs on the negative side. Everything from the central fine down represents the satanic world, and everything above it the heavenly world.

Two points are always needed in order to make a straight line. One point is "I" Suppose "I" am good -- then what is the other point of goodness with which I can connect to make a straight line? That is God. That straight, vertical line does not deviate or waiver, centering on it, we can see which side each person occupies.

The centerline is the standard of goodness. What does that standard consist of? Let's take the existing laws of society as an example. The law represents a vertical line, the standard, if you abide by it, you are good according to that society. The center of a nation's laws is its constitution. However, the constitutions of each country differ from the true standard and also from one another, and sometimes they are also inconsistent within themselves.

What is the center of a nation's constitution? What is the heart of its laws? Countries obviously develop different according to the standards they uphold in their center fine, even before a constitution is drawn up. For instance, the United States Constitution is based on the idea of a free democracy.

In America, the individual prizes his so-called privacy, people accept that premise without further analyzing their standard of behavior. Of course, it is good to have privacy, but what is the center? Should it be each individual, or the public purpose? If the public is the center and each person has freedom within that realm, couldn't the public demand that an individual who is deviating from the center return to it? Anyone who strays from the center has to be brought back.

This is not an abstract idea. An individual has many components: eyes, mouth, hands, etc. If the eye were the center, then the eye could command the hands and aim and they would have to listen. However the entire being is the center, so if the eye goes off by itself, the other parts don't have to follow it. The eye has to comply with the whole.

Since the United States was founded on the free democratic ideal, Americans shape their thinking accordingly. The community and the country cannot act as they please but must act according to what the majority of the people are doing. However, the direction of the majority keeps changing, making zigzag movements each year. Because they don't know better, people assume that this is natural. When a different party takes power, government departments change direction, and national policy can become almost anything.

It is the nature of everything in creation to change course occasionally, but that is for the purpose of determining the right direction through trial and error. The purpose of zigzag movement is eventually to stabilize. Everything is that way. You don't go back and forth forever and ever, and certainly the overall purpose does not constantly change.

When you envision a hopeful future, do you think of a changing world or a stable one? Is this present society changing or stable? The countries which center on the ideals of a free democracy, such as the United States, are constantly in flux in the process of reaching for some true way. An individualistic democracy can never be the true way-, it is only a process.

Communism, which we know is wrong, is correct in one respect: communists work hard to bring countries to one consistent direction. Even though their idea of goodness is incorrect, their motive is to set a country on a specific course. The communists envision bringing the world into unity.

The free world, in contrast, is very vague about any true way or true path. Americans, for instance, certainly don't feel the need to make sure that other Americans are going in the fight direction. Such thinking is lacking here. The basis of government in the West always includes two political parties or two ways of governing.

Which has a better chance of surviving: the system which strives to bring the world into one, or the system which always includes a division or conflict between two or more groups? Logically, we must conclude that the communists have a better chance of surviving than the free world. Therefore, if the free world continues its present course, it is guaranteed to perish. That is a forthright statement. Is this logical?

Communism is founded on atheism, but its ideal is still to bring the world into one. We have to look intently at the communists, because they are only one step from reaching their goal. The communists are doing this without God, while the religious people in the free world today have no hope for accomplishing this in the am future. Religion recognizes that God is working through history and that the world cannot come into oneness without Him. There is something substantial in the nature of religion, and it has to be magnified and brought to the attention of every individual in the country. Religions have to be made workable once more. Religious people are supposed to be the ones who bring the world into oneness, so they should examine what has made an atheistic ideology like communism so successful.

The communist world represents evil and the free world represents goodness. In the last days, who is going to win? You say God is going to win, but in actuality, the communists are advancing while the free world remains divided. How can you be confident that God is going to win? At this point we have to conclude that the free world is about to perish. This is a grave situation.

What are we going to do? Will we also perish? Maybe it is too complicated to think about philosophies and historical events; however, one thing is very clear- communism is moving forward in a consistent way, toward one goal. We certainly have to do something better than communism. We have to move forward in one direction, trying ten times harder and doing things better than they do. Someone has to start doing that, and then everyone else must join in.

Many individuals have given these problems much thought, but they have found no solution. Leading thinkers of today have realized that the free world is on the road to doom and that now is a critical time, but no one in the free world has a solution. Thanks to God, however, the Unification Church has emerged and is bringing new hope. I came to speak truthfully to the American people-not to praise this country, but to show what is wrong with it. This country has got to change to a godly direction. Unless we drastically alter this country's direction, it will perish in the near future.

Zigzag movement is understandable as long as you are about to stabilize, but if it continues without establishing a direction, it only leads to destruction. Americans have always thought that communism is wrong and that they have to defend their democracy, but that kind of thinking is not enough. They have to overcome communism. I am proclaiming here in America and to the free world that we have to change our direction drastically These radical words make me a most fearful man in the democratic world.

When God looks down on this scene and sees one person proclaiming the need to revolutionize the democratic world, how does He fed? Would that man represent the hope Of God or of Satan? Will the democracies look at this man as a menace? When people in the democratic world oppose me, God is very sad but Satan is very happy! If a country remains on the satanic side for very long, it will perish.

We must to in the right direction. Does the Unification Church have only one focus? Do we have a choice about our target? What is the center of that one direction? You say God is in the center, but what is the center of God? True love. Can you see true love?

The center of America traditionally has been the Judeo-Christian values. Until now, Christianity has played a crucial role in forming this country. Its voice declared what was right and wrong. America has been varying its course ever since it was founded, but Christianity was always there to offer righteous ideas to stabilize the country many different fines of thought and action have developed throughout history, but now there is a confrontation between the two remaining streams of thought: the godly side and the atheistic side. The world has to choose whether to go the communist way and deny God, or eventually to embrace God and bring the world into oneness.

Everyone wants the free world to unite, but no one sees possibility of it. Mr. Reagan is president of a great country, but can anyone bring unity between the divided congressmen and senators? The free world and Christianity, as well, must go through a revolution toward goodness. That means all religious groups and countries will have to join together in solidarity -- just as the communists are doing-in order to conquer the communist effort.

When God looks at this world, does He want to see the communist world pin victory or the free world? The free world is suffering from all kinds of illnesses and. is on the brink of death. Looking at the situation, wouldn't God want me to take any action necessary to assemble a strong force to swallow up communism? That is God's situation now.

That strange group which will emerge at the end of the world is not communist or democratic or even traditionally Christian. But that one group is working very hard. That particular group is determined to strengthen Christianity and create solidarity in this country so it can prevail over communism. Americans might oppose that movement, but what about God? If this strange group is God's only hope, and yet it is opposed by the free world, then God has to temporarily regard the free world as His enemy and give it a hard time.

In a village, when one dog starts barking at a man, other dogs join in, and they continue even after the stranger leaves. I am a stranger in the Western world, and I am watching all this barking going on. When those who are barking at me discover that the object of their noise has disappeared, they will be shocked and surprised. They will realize they are only barking at the blue sky and wonder what all the ruckus was about!

We are not here to hurt anybody, but to bring unity and harmonize the country, Christianity and the free world. Americans don't like that; they fear that I will take dominion over America and the free world.

When God is with us, will He help us? It would be against His nature not to help us. The question is whether we are a hundred percent confident that God has to help us. We don't have to wonder what He would do, we know God will help us. All Moonies must have this absolute confidence.

Americans realize that something is wrong, but they are sick and out of condition; it is difficult for them to change. The nation has contracted an almost incurable cancer. If a cure is available, shouldn't the doctor grab the patient and use even drastic treatments? Does the patient have the right to agree or not? You have no right to decide to die, do you? When the doctor operates on a very sick person and he recovers, the patient will be grateful.

Can we leave America to die just because it doesn't want our treatment? American have treated Moonies like enemies, but we realize they don't understand, so we go ahead and work to save this country. When the country is dying, there is no room to think about ourselves or being fired.

Now that President Reagan is in office, he is rearming the United States. He seems strong, although only a few people in the United States are supporting his effort. The Soviets are strongly opposing him. American history shows that when public opinion does not support a president; he becomes weak. If that happens, the Soviets will certainly applaud. Should President Reagan do something that makes the Soviets happy, even if that is what public opinion supports? By keeping the Soviets unhappy, be knows he is doing something right.

Americans are tolerating just about anything. In the past, people were thrown in jail for years for using hard drugs such as opium, but now it is almost considered an individual's right. By contrast, in the Soviet Union, if you are caught even possessing drugs, you may be executed. They are out to conquer America and the free world so they do not tolerate drug abuse.

Ever since the communists took power in Russia, they have focused on building their military strength. Why is that? Power, not God, is their ultimate goal. As God observes this situation, wouldn't He want someone even stronger than President Reagan to lead America? Suppose Reagan's successor decides that nuclear arms are too unpopular, so be will disarm America. Shouldn't the President follow one stable central line, no matter who he is?

One thing America should not have a is a changeable central line; every country needs a stable focus. No matter what else the presidential candidates may say or do, they should proclaim the importance of a strong defense against communism. If that happens, then America can have hope for the future. So long as there is a strong voice which insists that America must be protected from communism and must depend on God, then America has hope. But if that voice is stilled, then God must leave.

When I came to America in 1971, God had me speak to this country as no one had ever spoken before. Does God feel I have done my duty here? I came and proclaimed that America needed a doctor from outside to heal it, a firefighter from another country to put out the flames. People were dumbfounded when they heard an Oriental man saying these things, and they felt insulted. In the past, Korea was always helped by America, not the other way around. Americans have not been sympathetic to us for these past ten years, but has the Unification Church perished? No, it has kept growing.

Americans thought that only young people joined this church, but now older scholars in universities are associating with us. Over the last ten years more and more people have come to feel that the Unification movement is necessary for America. Everyone knew that something like The Washington Times had to come into being, but no one could do it. When I decided to do it, a great uproar began. People said they needed a conservative paper, but they didn't want Reverend Moon behind it. Today people are telling me privately bow thankful they are, although they won't say so publicly.

I have done these things in order to protect this country from communism. I want to do whatever will weaken communism, regardless of the sacrifice, yet many Americans have opposed us. That means they are putting themselves on the side of communism. Where are the true people, the true church and the true country in America? Many people think this is a great nation. Is this country a true nation today? According to the standard I have spoken about, are the average America close to being true people? What about the average American church?

How does it feel to admit these American problems to me, an Oriental man? Do you feel good and proud? You feel ashamed. The United States has the potential to be better than any other nation, so I want you to feel that you can become better than Reverend Moon. How long are you going to need the Japanese as teachers? If you want to, you can do better than they

Because the Japanese are small, they eat less; Americans are bigger, so they eat more. The Japanese sleep just a few hours, while the Americans sleep more. The Japanese have thin waists and work like ants, but that is not the tradition here. American women have thin waists because it is fashionable, but the Japanese have dun waists bemuse they work hard. Americans only want to work five days a week while the Japanese work seven days. On the other hand, Moonies want to work seven days and nights a week!

Who is bound to win? The truth is simple. Ever since I arrived in America, I have disregarded American popular opinion and just worked, day in and day out. Is that a good or a bad thing?

When I first arrived in America, our members were happy and literally danced. But as I made them work harder and harder their welcoming voices became smaller and smaller. If I push you enough, maybe you will say that you don't like met Have you ever decided that when you joined the Unification Church you gave your life to God to achieve His goal? Do you feel that since you might die young for the cause you should take it easy, or have you determined to do your utmost in the time you have left?

We can learn a lesson from Christian history. You know what Jesus' desire and objective was when he came to earth. But did he find disciples easily? Was he welcomed? Jesus was always focusing on how to win his country and the world. Do you think that the Christians who came after Jesus enjoyed the respect that Christians have today? Everyone ridiculed and persecuted them. The label "Christian" was very derogative. Jesus knew he was fighting the final battle, and that unless one was determined to die, he would never be serious enough to win the war. That is why Jesus said that those who want to die would live, and those who want to live would die. The person who expects to win the war and still save his own life can never make it. How serious Jesus was when he said these words! A big confrontation was taking place at the time, and Jesus, who had nothing, was going to try to win the battle.

We are in exactly the same situation now. This powerful country, the United States, opposes us; the communists oppose us; and only a handful of us are fighting. How can we enjoy ourselves and still win the war? You might think you have suffered in the Unification Church, but God knows how much more is in store before we can achieve the world-level goal.

I watch the expressions on the faces of individuals here at Belvedere. The Japanese sisters, for instance, have worked hard for the last ten years; should their faces be bright or downcast? The American women have also suffered a great deal; are their faces Slowing with hope, or stricken with misery? What about my face?

Recently I asked the Japanese members who have two or more children to separate since they have established their four-position foundation, and so out for the mission. When the Japanese sisters heard this, they were about to cry because they felt their backs were already breaking, but all of them went out. The American sisters are different; when they are told to do something, they will do it only if they feel like it.

America had to fight to win its independence, and everyone was serious then about fighting. But Americans are no longer serious about struggling for their independence; they don't mind if the Japanese members fight for them. If the Japanese win that independence, however, would this be an American country, or a Japanese country? The Japanese are working very hard in Japan to support America. I am watching you Americans to see how you are moving. Will you fall behind the Japanese or lead the way? Are you American women going to work for America, or will the Japanese work ahead of you? I feel hope if you are at least thinking about this. But are you going to carry it out?

The question is who will become truly God-centered? The center is true love. The person who is God-centered is a person of true love, and the church standing on that center is a true-love church. The world standing on that center is a true-love world.

A true man is not Harry Truman! That Truman did the wrong thing; be should have listened to MacArthur, and then we wouldn't have the trouble with communism that we have today. His mistake was a severe blow for the free world, and the communists really expanded. We made the movie Inchon about MacArthur in order to bring out this point once more at tins crucial tune.

Much struggle and suffering was involved in making that movie. Its purpose is to inspire God-fearing people to join this effort and once more have hope in America. The free world didn't understand this, but the communists understood very well. They started a news war to criticize us for making that movie, which is finished now and awaiting release.

We are now in the video age, and video use will only expand in the future. In 1975 1 predicted that videotape programs would start to replace many university courses. I have asked our Japanese church to prepare a Master's Degree program. Many professors are working closely with us who could help prepare such a course. Now we are compiling a complete encyclopedia of God-centered knowledge. Then a videotape course can be worked out with top professors giving i expert lectures. In such a case why would a university be necessary?

In Japan our members are bringing people to watch Principle videotapes. This is four times more effective than the conventional kind of witnessing. We are also creating video centers in America. An interested person only has to go to one of those and he can bear the best Principle lecturers.

America would like to think that I will be defeated with the Inchon movie. But it is a good movie. Once this battle is won, I can clearly see that Hollywood will tag along with me. Is it good to do this movie?

In America is there much love or little love? What is the direction of true love? Unless we have a clear idea about true love, we cannot define what a true person a. A true person is one with true heart and love. The most important point is that true love lives eternally for the center, which is God. Eternally we will be drawn towards God's love. Everything will be permeated with that love, and we will become more and more deeply a part of it.

If your own life is focused in this direction, you will be a true person, and this will be a true church. Since we love God so much, when He commands us, we obey Him absolutely. We live according to God's direct love, so it is only natural to follow His direction. When we receive a command from true love, there is no room for argument.

Even a woman with a fierce, forbidding appearance will be melted by true love and never stray from, it even one inch. Are you like that? If I didn't know these things, how could I match you for the Blessing?

Do you love your spouse now? Maybe you don't love each other now, but you should embrace your spouse and ding to each other for three years, and then see what happens. You think too much! Just be faithful. When a beautiful baby is born, the solution is automatic.

I had to study and research human beings all my life. I have reached the point that by looking at American people, I can tell the future of this country. Before I even begin a Project, I can tell whether it will be a success or a failure. Once I know it will be a success, it is only a matter of time, maybe one to five years for its completion. Do you trust my ability?

What is true love? It is God's love. How can you be a true man or woman? Quite simply, you must love the central Being, God, eternally and unchangingly. Why would that be good enough? Love is unchanging and eternal. When we are unchanging ourselves, then we will find true love. If we stay on the course, we will inevitably meet love.

You are going the true love way, aren't you? Have you determined to go this way without deviation? Someone will have to test how serious you are. Don't you want that? In school you have to take an exam to find out whether you really know the material or not. An unchangeable person has to be tested in many ways.

God Himself has been in the position to be tested. Everyone -- even Satan -- is testing whether Gods love is unchangeable. If God cannot tolerate something and stops loving, then He is not unchangeable, is He? I had to contemplate why God permitted certain impossible situations, and I realized that in order for God to be truly unchangeable, He has had to endure all kinds of intolerable situations.

Satan and God are completely opposite. If God is eternal then Satan is temporary-, if God is unchanging, Satan is always changing; if God is unique, Satan is not. There is a clear contrast between the characteristics of God and Satan. Whom do we resemble most closely? Are you changeable? You are unchangeable in the sense that you always want to be with God instead of Satan. In everyday life people tend to separate when they don't like each other, that is a satanic characteristic, while the desire to make unity is pan of the heavenly nature.

Do you believe in the Unification Church absolutely, or cam by case? You believe absolutely because God is absolute. Can Satan appear in front of God and claim he is absolute just like God? Satan has to confess that be is always changing. There is no doubt that we truly want to enter God's realm and remain eternally and unchangingly with Him.

God is unchanging, eternal and absolute, but can He alone have these qualities? This is a very important point. For God alone to be that way has no meaning. He needs an object who shares these characteristics. Without such an object, eternal unity has no meaning.

Even though everyone around Him is changing, God cannot alter His own character. In this evil world people accuse and blame God, but He cannot respond to that because He is eternal and unchanging. All people are meant to make the journey to true love. Even evil people want to be eternal and unchanging. Is this a desire to be fulfilled in isolation, or does it imply the longing for a counterpart? When you are by yourself, what difference does it make if you are changing or unchanging? When we say we want to be unchanging, we automatically have God in mind. If a subject and object are unchanging together, it can have profound meaning.

What is so good about being united eternally? What can join these two into one? Great power? Vast knowledge? No. Only love. We like love because love can occupy anything; it can enter you anywhere, at any time. Isn't that what Jesus indicated when he said, "I am in you and you in me, ... I am in my Father and my Father in me"? He never clarified what he meant, but we know now that this can happen through true love. No matter how cold a woman's heart may be, there is still one comer where her husband can dwell. Love can make oneness.

We may wonder why God doesn't do something during such impossible times as these. Then we see that He is waiting for someone to respond to His love in an eternal and unchanging manner. God will be very interested in such a person, if he proves worthy, then God will start working.

Do you Moonies love me? In what way? Absolutely and uniquely? I must possess true love, or else you wouldn't feel that way. To form a true couple, there must be a true man and a true woman. Then a true church and true country become the extensions of them.

Why are sheep used as offerings? A sheep represents obedience; it does not kick or bite its master, it does not protest when its wool is sheared off. That is how Jesus died. God promised many blessings to Jesus, but even when Jesus was crucified instead, he never rebelled. Are Moonies sheep or goats? How many of you are blessed? Do you think you are ideal couples, medium couples, or poor couples? You should know what your spouse is like by now. When you kiss, why do you do it-for temporary unity or eternal unity?

Unless we stay on the eternal path toward God, we can never fulfill eternal uniqueness. What about me? Am I carrying out my own instructions to you? If I gave orders without doing them myself, I could not be a true man. The same principle applies everywhere.

Can I be attracted by the pretty faces and appealing figures of various women? I feel they are as attractive as my sisters or my daughters. A middle-aged man can relate to pretty women as his nieces. There is only one husband and wife. This is the standard I must set on earth. Wherever I go, pretty women are always interested in me, but the dear standard is only one husband and one wife.

Although you Americans were always going in patterns before finding God, you wanted to find a stable and eternal way. My task and that of the Unification Church is to lead you along that way. Have you determined deeply in your mind to go that direction? You should not be wobbling, but remain steady.

Be candid now -- before you were blessed, your minds were wandering, weren't they? But if you are unsteady now, you are not worthy of your husband or wife. You must realize how important and crucial this marriage is.

In order to change for the good, we must know ourselves first. No one thought he was bad before, but the Principle brings a realization of how far from the ideal each one has been. Changing our pattern is not the work of a few years but the labor of eternity.

If you consider getting a divorce, you should feel shocked and faint. In the future, the word "divorce" will be erased from the dictionary. God will never compromise one inch on this. If you discuss the possibility of divorce without feeling stunned, then you know how far from God you are. This is an absolute criterion. We have to live according to that standard before we can say we have gained absolute love.

Every day brings new opportunity for training. We constantly need to renew our pledge to fulfill eternal love. Ask yourself, "If my life were in danger, would I find a way to stay on the course of true love? People have thought that Jesus and his twelve disciples were very close, but the truth is that Jesus maintained this principle and gave up his life for the sake of true love and his disciples did not.

This is the distinction between Heaven and hell. Heaven is dominated by God; it is an unchanging and eternal realm. But even God is willing to throw away His life for the sake of love. Once we find love, we are in love eternally. It is meant to come to us only once.

We need to reflect and continually check whether we are close to this standard. A person of unchanging true love can never become a part of the satanic world or hell. There are two different paths which you can follow: the paths to heaven or hell. If someone is a traitor, it means he is a vacillating, changing person. This is one sermon you should never forget for the rest of your fife, because it is so basic,

This year's motto is "Home Church Is Our Land of Settlement." Before we can settle, we have to level the ground of the opposition. Where did home church come from-from God or is it just some idea I had? Is it a direction that will change? Is it absolute, or case by case? If you can change your mind one-day about doing Home Church because you have a stomach ache, is it an absolute activity?

I speak every Sunday morning, and you regularly come to listen to me. Do we do this to establish the absolute pattern of fife or just to spend time together? Recently most people went out fundraising, so there were only a handful of people here on Sunday. Reverend Kwak suggested that I let someone else give the sermon, but I refused bemuse speaking on Sunday is my principle. Whether the day is cold and or lovely, whether one person comes or a thousand, whether I slept the night before or not -- it doesn't matter. What matters is that I be here for the sermon. I have to express love to you and you to me.

Love doesn't develop automatically. You married couples have to express love to each other, you have to make your husband like you, and vice versa. You me never go to heaven by yourself if your wife goes ahead, she has to wait for you.

If you are treading this way, it doesn't matter how insignificant you may appear to be because you have passed the absolute test; you will continue to grow and grow. Like God, when you are opposed by others, you have to tolerate them with love. People will begin to feel sorry for you when you have been opposed three or four times. That is my standard in educating you: no matter what others may do to you, persevere and they will feel badly about it and stop. When each one of us becomes like that, this church will be a true church.

We want to make a true ideal country based on this foundation. Once we create a true country, in no time at all it will cover the rest of the world. Then everyone on every level will be a pan of this realm of true love. This world is full of change and instability. Even though we are just a handful of people, we are most precious if we are unchanging. I want to love you because you are like jewels among all this falseness.

Following this principle, white people can go to Heaven only through unity with black people, and vice versa. Can a country of true love insist that only one race five there?

This is not just something to think about, this is a guide for daily living. How many thousands of miles is this from today's reality? How much work remains ahead of us? We may not feel much concern because we will five only a hundred years or so, but what about God? We have to think like Him. God's situation is more miserable than you realize.

We need only a true person, a true church, and a true country. After those are accomplished, restoration will be very quick and the rest of the world will be no problem.

I have trained myself. In prison, I was on the verge of collapse but I decided that if I gave up, them would be no one to take my place. Thus I determined to remain on the course. As long as we are conscious, we must keep going and never Id our minds stray off the course. I have been tested and have already fulfilled the conditions, but you have not yet completed the requirements. However, the direction is the same for all of us-including God.

We have to liberate God. Is that easy? We must go forward at any cost. We have no choice. Even those who oppose us have to go this way, along with their children. If we fail to accomplish true love here, it will be millions of times more difficult when we arrive in the spirit world. We must fulfill it on earth. When you deeply understand this reality, even if I punched you, you should have no regrets. When you become a leader-and later, when you have your own children-you won't fed sorry when you may have to ad harshly towards your members and family because you know you am acting for their benefit.

Jesus said that unless we become like children, we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You have never felt that realistically. A parent may feel bad when he has to punish his children, but actually little children forget quickly This a why Jesus said we should become like children.

I have had the experience of God promising me one thing and then something quite different happening such as severe persecution and torture. At the time it was difficult to endure, but when it was over I had no ill feelings towards God. At that point I gave up, resolving to follow God no matter what He did to me. I decided I would do what God did, and the rest was up to Him. It didn't even matter whether God approved of me or not; I would just go His way. How easy life is then! You don't toss and turn at night, worrying about whether God approves or not.

Americans are very sensitive to friendliness or disapproval, but if you are going this way, you need to be almost insensitive and childlike about such things. We know what is true and what is not, and where the truth comes from. We don't have to worry about whether our neighbors like us or not. We want to enable God to bring other people into true love.

Of all the scholars and judges and great leaders on earth, not one thinks about God and humanity the way I do. When God looks at this earth, how does He feel? God the rest of mankind to follow the way that I ha God feels so much excitement and hope at what I doing on earth during these past 40 years, that He is my cheerleader -- no matter how much people may oppose me.

Please regard each other in this way too, precious this handful of people is. How much love we should feel at the beauty of our brothers and are all students of unchanging love and eternal.

If someone makes a mistake, why not feel the urge to help him, instead of criticizing him? As individuals church, we should want to be this way. We all with one principle.

Suppose you cannot fundraise because you are in the office. If you have a heart of sincere love, then and sisters in the field can feel that you are uncomfortable your office and would much rather be out there. Then they feel sympathetic toward you. When a country becomes like this, how much hope is there for mankind!

Some day we will develop our own greetings. Saying "good-bye" or "au revoir," we will say, meet in spirit world!" Why not? Maybe we won't use words, but use a special sign.

You should think that you are going through life as an individual in order to help form the true country. How wonderful it is when God is.

In a soccer game, you may kick the ball a hundred meters, but it is the kick that sends the ball into the goal. We have to try again and again during our wonderful life. We try all of our life to reach God, each time you try you get closer to the goal.

When I was in Germany I went to the big games. For once the Germans were united! A player made a strategic kick and sent the ball in everyone jumped up and cheered. We are in soccer game with Satan. When we score, how excited to see us triumph in true love!

Don't you feel we have come a long way? Really become the center of America. Whether approve or not, one more hop and we win in of Moscow. Then we will land smack in the God's heart!

Are these thoughts just my imagination, or is ... How wonderful it is to have a clear and perfect standing of our circumstances! Did you understand or ten years ago? Have you ever read absolute made sense to you?

You are the best trained people in all of history, but passing the test is going to be difficult. Are you ready test? I kicked you out for fundraising, and later you wondered whether I meant for all of you to die. Maybe some of you got ready to die, but then God got really upset and said, "Don't die! This is just a test!

We are all here to make one true country. You shouldn't linger over doubts about whether you are a true person, or whether this is a true church. Let God worry about whether this is a true church! It doesn't matter whether America accepts us or not, or whether the communists are thinking of invading. If Satan himself came to block our way, what would you do? Have you decided?

If I died and a hundred Reverend Moons rose up to take my place, I wouldn't mind. Will you persevere, even if you find yourself all alone?

What if I go somewhere else without even saying goodbye -- are you ready to continue this way on your own?

Because of this principle, if I leave without saying good-bye, I have to come back! Would you rather I hug you when I leave or give you a big whack? If I hit you, then I have to love you when I return!

Haven't you seen this pattern in history? The Christians suffered for many years, but now they are accepted. Why did God allow that? Because He wanted to love them one final time. Lets wait and see what happens in the very last days.

The universe is here to help you, not to be indifferent to you. If you go this way, then the universe will protect you. You will realize this fully one day, looking back ova your life.

Let us all march forward to build this new country. Amen.

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