The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1983

Absolute Values And The New Cultural Revolution

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Founder's Address
Twelfth International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences
November 25, 1983,
The Chicago Marriott Hotel

Honorable Chairmen. Committee Chairpersons, distinguished scholars, ladies and gentlemen. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to you for coming to Chicago to participate in the Twelfth International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences. Since the first ICUS, these conferences have progressed greatly. The ICUS achievement is a result of the coordination and dedicated work of many of you, performed in the face of enormous pressure and persecution. Your work has created in the ICUS a conference unsurpassed in the entire world. I would like to express my deepest appreciation for your efforts and contributions and, at the same time, congratulate you for what you have accomplished.

The world is undergoing rapid changes which correspond to the remarkable development of science and technology. As a result, the established values of society are being shaken at their foundations, causing confusion and conflict on every level. This trend has been accelerated by the growing influence of atheistic materialism. In short, many difficult problems beset our world today. Until now, people have not been able to find true solutions to these problems.

It is clear that neither Democracy nor Communism provides the means to cure the ills of society. Originally, both Democracy and Communism developed out of the desire to solve humanity's common problems. Yet not only has Democracy been unsuccessful at this task, but it has also proved itself unable to resist and overcome the destructiveness of Communism. Communism, on the other hand, also is completely unable to solve the world's problems, and. ironically, it creates even more woes for the human race. Thus the world is at an impasse: Democracy and Communism are faced with a "no-win" situation leading to a dead end. This being our present reality, the future of humankind seems bleak and unpredictable.

Why, then, are Democracy and Communism not the answer? A careful analysis of both systems shows that neither one has a core of "truth" in the ultimate sense. Democracy may serve as the basis for a political system. but it is not a clear and comprehensive world view. Communism is an inclusive. systematic world view, but it is one based upon false assumptions and distorted facts. What is needed, then. is a third alternative. a movement based upon a new understanding of truth, one which gives hope by presenting a new vision of world society. This is in fact the Unification Movement. with the Unification ideology-a complete, systematic world view grounded in truth and absolute values. A new cultural revolution is coming, and all scholars and professionals are called to participate in creating it.

Learning from the shortcomings of Democracy and Communism, we conclude that a new cultural revolution can come only on the foundation of absolute values. These cannot be relative values grounded in the changing world of phenomena. Rather, they must be universal and ultimate values, grounded in the unchanging world of essence and cause, in the fundamental relationships between God. human beings and the universe.

We initiated the ICUS meetings for the purpose of resolving the present world problems and developing this third alternative world view. When I founded ICUS twelve years ago. I established the central theme of Absolute Values." I did so because I believe that unchanging, universal values are the essential foundation for a true world view. In addition to the ICUS meetings. I initiated many other conferences and projects. in order to prepare for the building of an ideal society such as exists in the dreams and hopes of all people. The purpose of the Unification movement, for which I have been working all my life. is to create the new cultural revolution based upon this new systematic world view. Our movement has expanded to over 130 countries. As a result. many conscientious people now seriously consider our guiding principles- the Unification ideology-as a new system of truth.

Generally there has been openness to the Unification ideology in the democratic world, and great interest in its potential. The Communist world. on the other hand. has been consistently hostile towards the Unification Movement, and has used the democratic system as a tool to destroy us. Communist leaders regard us as their primary enemy, and have opposed each and every project related to Reverend Moon. The ICUS organization is no exception. Communists know that Reverend Moon founded this conference and has always considered it to be of highest importance. This is a major cause of the accusation and persecution ICUS has received since its beginnings.

Communists use deceit and terrorism to undermine the Free World. You undoubtedly are aware of Communist slander and sabotage in your own countries. as I am aware of their work against the Unification Movement. We cannot overlook this problem any longer. Therefore. I have chosen this occasion to speak to you clearly about the reality of the Communist attack against the Unification Movement and the entire Free World. I think it is necessary for you to know these things for your own sakes, for the sake of defending academic freedom. and for defending the Free World as a whole.

As the Unification Movement has developed worldwide there have been many incidents of hostility and persecution from Communists. As a result we have suffered many setbacks everywhere. It originally was a mystery to us why we received such opposition, when our activities were so beneficial to society. To discover the real source of the opposition, we began an investigation. Today, I am going to speak about the information we have uncovered in Japan. where the Unification Movement is successful and very well-known. I believe this information will be useful to people in all countries, since the Communist effort to destroy the Free World as well as our movement is consistent worldwide. A more detailed exposition of what I am about to say will soon be published as a book. which I hope you all will read.

Like the United States, Japan boasts of great freedom for her citizens. Few people realize that in the midst of such an ideal, the KGB and Japanese Communist Party are attacking freedom by instigating deprogramming" actions against people who decide to join our movement. At times they even obtain help from the courts. Our investigation reveals conclusively that Communists have organized to spread lies, distortions and unfounded allegations. in a conspiracy toe destroy me and the Unification Movement. Through the systematic spread of disinformation. the Communists work to create mass mobilization and to establish a unified front" against the Unification Movement This creates polarization. conflict and struggle-a situation Communists always capitalize upon in order to eliminate all possible opposition.

The Japanese Communist Party regards the Unification Movement as its principal enemy. It has publicly declared that the struggle against our movement is more crucial than the struggle against ''Japanese Capitalism" and "American Imperialism." At the National Leaders Conference of the Japanese Communist Party held June 5-7, 1978. Chairman Kenji Miyamoto stated that the destruction of the Unification Movement is a "righteous battle which will be remembered in history.'' Furthermore. he urged all "democratic forces'' to unite and launch an all-out effort toe accomplish this 'historic task.'' The Communists in Japan have mobilized several hundred groups to oppose us.

I founded the Unification Movement for the purpose of realizing the ultimate ideal of God and humankind: the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Ours is a movement to revive religion and to educate people in all aspects of human endeavor. It is historically inevitable that a spiritual movement such as ours encounter opposition from established forces which proclaim different interests and directions. All religious movements had to go through intense persecution and hostility at their outset. Only by overcoming those difficulties were they able to form the mainstream of thought and guiding force for future generations. Judaism, Christianity. and even Democracy and Communism, are examples of this pattern.

Likewise. from the beginning. Reverend Moon and the Unification Movement have endured tremendous misunderstanding, accusation, persecution and trials, not only in the area of religion. but also in the fields of politics, economics. culture. science and technology, media and education. We have been opposed and persecuted by every part of society, from the general public to governmental authorities. wherever we have been. In a sense, therefore, all people in the world are directly or indirectly responsible for the fate of the Unification Movement, and are accountable for their actions in front of God. The worldwide opposition, however, has been orchestrated in particular by Communists. Their target is anything with Reverend Moon's name attached to it.

For most people, then, it has been quite difficult to gain a proper understanding of the Unification Movement Most of what people have heard and read about us has been the reflection of lies and sensationalism spread by our opponents, compounded over the years. What people tend to believe about Reverend Moon and the Unification Movement is merely the repetition of false allegations made long ago. Following Lenin's teaching that "A lie repeated one hundred times will become a truth," Communists have repeated endlessly the same false rumors in order to give them credibility. For example, in the past twelve years, the Japanese Communist Party has printed 1.6 billion pieces of anti-Unification literature in their propaganda organ AKAHATA and its affiliated publications. This comes to sixteen pieces of malicious propaganda provided to every Japanese citizen!

This is but one of the many sources of disinformation put forth in the Communist attempt to destroy our movement. Anti-Unification propaganda also flows unceasingly out of countries such as Red China. North Korea, East Germany, the Soviet Union, Cuba, Nicaragua, Libya and others. These lies filter down to public officials. government leaders. intellectuals, religious leaders, the media and eventually to the general public. By then. the distorted facts have been heard so many times that people believe them to be true.

The most despicable act. however. is the inhumane treatment of those who join the Unification Movement. It is clear that the so-called "deprogramming" movement is supported by Communists. Judges and courts, who are supposed to be the custodians of human rights, often collaborate in this infringement upon fundamental religious liberties. Ironically, the greatest violation of these rights takes place in countries which loudly proclaim their regard for human rights and the freedom of religion. The methods involved in "deprogramming" are like those used in Communist concentration camps. Using parents and relatives to entrap members, deprogrammers" commit grown adults to mental hospitals. with the supposed illness" of holding of a minority religious belief. Other typical deprogramming techniques include kidnapping. illegal detention, violence, psychological harassment. sleep deprivation, inducement to use alcohol and drugs, sexual seduction and rape. By such threats, harassment and manipulation professional "deprogrammers" force members to renounce their faith. Many people are injured physically and psychologically because of this criminal activity. You cannot imagine the deep sorrow I feel when I see so many people whom I love suffer for their faith and ideals. Incredibly, the deprogramming movement accuses us of using the reprehensible tactics which they practice so wantonly.

You may wonder why Communists have so much fear and hostility towards Reverend Moon and the Unification Movement, and why they are trying so desperately to destroy us. As you know, the ultimate goal of Communism is nothing less than a Communist Party dictatorship subjugating the entire world under the banner of atheistic materialism. Actually, Marxist theories-such as the Labor Theory of Value, Surplus Value Theory, Dialectical Materialism and Historical Materialism-are inversions of the truth, which are put forward to justify violent revolution. Until now, nothing has existed which could overcome the terrifying reality of Communism. The Unification ideology, however, exposes the fictions of Communism. They know this and therefore are trying to exterminate Unificationism at the source. Communists are extremely afraid of anything which exposes their true identity.

Because of ignorance, millions of people have been used and slaughtered without mercy by Communism. Some are courageous enough to fight, but because they lack a strong ideology and organization they are isolated, weakened and easily defeated. Today hundreds of millions wait for liberation from Communism with tears of desperation. I myself spent nearly three years in a Communist concentration camp under the North Korean dictatorship of Kim 11 Sung. They sent me there to die, but I survived and eventually was freed by the United Nations forces. My life's mission since then has been concentrated on how to establish the absolute truth, a truth superior to Communism, which can bring about the world's liberation from Communism.

I now can speak clearly about the crimes I witnessed. I now have the substantial foundation to speak, to act, and to surpass Communism. Thus you can understand why the Communists are afraid of Reverend Moon and his organization.

What the Communists find very difficult to understand is, why does Reverend Moon's movement continue to grow so successfully in spite of all their opposition, persecution and slander? For instance, in Japan we have more than 3.5 million members in the International Federation for the Victory Over Communism (IFVC).

First of all, Communists do not realize that God is alive and substantially working behind the Unification Movement. Second. they do not understand the true essence of religion. and the fact that the original mind of human beings feels truly satisfied only by God's truth and love. Finally, they do not realize that God's laws, which govern the spiritual world and the universe. do not operate in accordance with dialectical materialism.

The Unification Movement is sustained and motivated by the deepest religious experience and discipline, based on the fundamental truths of the universe. For that reason we can move the original hearts and minds of people the world over. For that reason our members can overcome trials and hardships no matter how severe. They have learned to forgive. They accept persecution and trials as nutrition for their spiritual growth, rather than as a source of resentment against those who persecute them. In short, the true members of the Unification Movement have an unshakable faith and power to persevere through any opposition. This is proven by the fact that we have already established strong foundations throughout the world.

Reverend Moon and the Unification Movement are involved in a life-and-death mission for the sake of God and humanity. However. this mission is not the monopoly of the Unification Movement. The members of this movement desire to work with all people of conscience and ideals in the new cultural revolution. The people of the free world. especially Christians and all religious people. should be the greatest friends of the Unification Movement. Tragically, these people have been ignorant of the Communist strategy and unable to distinguish friend from foe. As a result they often have attacked and subverted their true friends. Recently, however, the situation has been changing. People are becoming indignant about the threats and injustices of Communism. Recent events clearly expose the strategy and tactics which Communists have used ever since their beginnings. Conscientious scholars, professional and religious leaders are beginning to join under the general banner of Unificationism, as they become more and more concerned about the future of religion and the Free World. Also, people are attracted to the Unification ideology because of its power to combat moral decadence and its very potent counterproposal to Communism.

Today, you and I stand together confronting a common destiny. Let us work with each other to defend the academic world from Communism and to fulfill the task history presses upon us at this time. I and my followers are determined to meet this challenge. From this day forward, let scholars throughout the world join together to take leadership in every field. On the Communist side, Marxist scholars play leadership roles by guiding students and campus activities. In concert with labor and minority organizers they create a formidable ideological and social front, which works ultimately to the detriment of real human happiness. Thus we are urgently compelled to establish a systematic, social foundation through the responsible cooperation of professors and students. To my bones I have come to realize that a person who advocates righteousness in this evil world can be eliminated easily if he has no substantial foundation. Thus a unified front of scholars and students must work together with Christians and all other religious believers.

Living at this most important time in history, we stand on the boundary of life and death. I cannot but fervently desire that, as ambitious and righteous scholars and educators, you will make substantial, constructive changes in the world. Let us work together in a unified front embracing all areas of life. Standing at the pinnacle of history, let us ignite the new cultural revolution reaching the four corners of the earth.

May God's abundant blessing be with your countries, your families, and every one of you. May God guide your discussions in this Twelfth ICUS meeting. Thank you very much.

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