The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1983

Children's Day

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
November 5, 1983
World Mission Center
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

Do you understand the significance of Children's Day in the providence of God? As you know, restoration has been a history of paying indemnity. Children's Day is one of the milestones which True Parents recovered in their providential course. Sufficient indemnity conditions in the history of restoration were necessary for the True Parents to appear. The True Parents had to come in order for true children to come into existence.

You know through the Divine Principle that religion itself became necessary because of the fall of man. In the broad sense, the purpose of religion was to bring back the Heavenly Kingdom on earth, because that was what was lost at the fall of man.

When you throw a stone into a pond. it creates an expanding ring of waves. The original world was to have been something like that-God wanted to make His original impact and to have it expand throughout the entire universe. That ideal love wave would have been something in which God and man could take delight. All of creation was to take part in that joyful love wave. We can label that original impact GL, for God's Love.

Because of the fall of man, the GL impact was pushed out of the center point and even outside of human reality. Thus the impact was from Satan's love, or SL. Although God's love wave was excluded by Satan's love, the original pattern of love designed by God still remained. We read in the Bible in Romans 8:22 that all of creation is groaning in travail. In other words all of the physical world and spirit world-the entire realm of God's creation-is in the realm of grief. Instead of the waves of God's love occupying the whole world, Satan's love waves centering upon disunity, disharmony, jealousy, and crime took over. All of these elements have caused tragedy in human life.

Therefore the waves of God's love must be renewed in order to make an impact upon this world. Although God's love was always there, He has had no way to convey His love waves to the world until the time of the installation of True Parents. That is because they were the central point of those waves. The first True Parents, representing the love of God to others, also had to be True Children on another level. Without both parents and children, God's love could not be fulfilled on the earth. We know through the Divine Principle that the work of restoration has been done through the process of re-creation.

The entire world of creation has been governed by satanic love yet the original system still remains. That system has been working for Satan instead of God, which is a tragedy and the source of God's broken heart. For all these years, Christianity has spoken of the power and greatness of God but people have not understood that God's heart is one of sorrow.

Everyone here is destined to return to the original form; in order to do that. we must be restored to the original form of love. Who will determine whether you have achieved the original love of God? It must be Satan who gives his approval to you. You must be able to stand before him and say, "I have true love, don't you agree?" and he must nod yes.

Would Satan say that life or love came first? If Satan asked that question to God, how would He answer? Certainly, God would say that love is primary before life. Therefore in order to obtain true love, which is more valuable than life itself, you must go beyond your own life in the secular world. Anyone who says, "I want the love of God but I cannot go beyond my life," will never reach the love of God. This is a very important, cardinal rule for the Unification Church way of life. In order to attain true love, you must go beyond life itself. That is the point of the showdown between God and Satan within oneself.

Jesus said, "He who seeks to gain his life will lose it but he who seeks to lose his life for my sake will gain it." Why did Jesus teach such a paradox? It is because the true love of God is beyond the realm of life in the satanic world so unless you are willing to give up that life, you cannot reach it. Therefore self-denial must be perfect in order to return to the love of God. This is not Reverend Moon's sermon; this is what the principled point of view states.

Between love and life, it is love which comes first and is the subject. Therefore in order to return to that lost original love, one must be able to give his life for that purpose. Without that attitude you cannot return. Today there are at least one billion people in the world who profess to be Christians. Among those people, how many of them truly understand this point we are discussing? Only the controversial Moonies know it.

Moonies are those who are voluntarily taking the road of death, going beyond it and reaching out to the true love of God. We are telling Satan, "My neck is on the line for the sake of God's restoration so if you want to take it, go ahead." That is the dedication of this new breed of people. Is that true or not? Unless we do that, we simply cannot reach that goal.

Do you think I am walking a different path than you? No, I am living by exactly the same principle. Suppose the president of the United States joined the church in the future. Do you think he would have a separate set of rules to go by which would be easier? How about the pope? This is a universal principle which everyone must follow, regardless of who he is. Only those who live by this principle will be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

God created the angelic world first, then all the things of creation and finally people. Therefore in the process of restoration, God mobilized the angelic world first, then all things and then men and women. Loss of life and blood shed was inevitable in the process of restoration because of the principle we are discussing that regaining God's love is greater than our life. That is why sacrificial offerings were needed.

In the Old Testament era God required offerings of the things of creation such as doves, lambs, and so forth. In order for someone to become eligible to enter the realm of God. he had to cleanse himself from the satanic realm: thus cutting the offering and the shedding of blood were necessary.

God promised that He would send a messiah through His chosen people. Before the messiah came, God wanted to claim certain territory and certain things for the messiah, starting on the individual level. The messiah came as the true son of God in order to claim true ownership for God; therefore, preparation had to be made. Without that, Satan would not allow the Heavenly Kingdom to come. That ownership was not just a simple legal registration; it was ownership according to the love of God. No one is truly entitled to own the things of God's creation until he has the true love of God.

The messiah came as the perfected Adam and he was to restore a perfected Eve. Together Adam and Eve were to install the True Parenthood centered upon the true love of God. From that point on, true distribution of things and ownership can begin centered upon the love of God. All the levels of ownership-individual, family, tribe, and so on-have to be linked to the true love of God through the messiah. Only then can true ownership be claimed.

The messiah came to make the impact of the waves of God's love throughout the chosen nation, which is the first territory that God can claim. Next Jesus was to go to the Roman Empire and from there spread God's territory to the whole world. As the messiah claims ownership over the things of creation, automatically God becomes their owner again.

In the world today, do you think the USA is under the domain of the love of God? Is there any country on the earth that God can claim as His own? No, there is not. Therefore, none of the churches on the earth can claim that they belong completely to the domain of the love of God. That is because they have never yet seen the True Parents and therefore have never yet belonged to the messiah.

Under these circumstances, for you to be sitting here listening and learning from the True Parents, belonging to the True Family and gaining the position of true children, is an incredible honor and a privilege. This base alone can break through the satanic realm and lift mankind up to restoration.

How much do you understand the value of the True Parents? Do you appreciate being able to listen to their teaching? Do you know that this is more valuable than your own life? It is important to know if you have that kind of dedication. Within the Unification Church there are people who are destined to drop out and perish; they are those who think they know True Parents but actually value them very lightly.

Even though such people say they belong to True Parents, they want to bring True Parents' ideal down to the level of satanic love, trying to justify such love. That is impossible: there is no relationship. There can never be compromise on the part of True Parents with satanic standards. There can be no compromise between the love of God and the love of Satan-not even one percent or even a fraction of a percent. Today you must come to the realization that the truth is absolute.

It is most important to ask how we can make the initial impact of God's love on the earth. That is the key question. When you were first born, did you cry out in the realm of God's love or the realm of Satan's love? No one can say that he was born into the reality of God's domain. I want you to understand this clearly. There is a boundary between the GL realm and the SL realm, just as there is a boundary between Heaven and earth.

The true hope of mankind is not so much honor, education, or social status. Rather it is to be restored into the realm of the true love of God. That can never be achieved by God alone; He needs the fundamental base of restored Adam and Eve-the True Parents. I look at everything from this point of view. Every person and action can be evaluated according to the GL line or the SL line. Anybody who thinks, "I can go over to the GL line very easily," please raise your hand. If even you Moonies cannot raise your hands, what about those people out there on the street?

There is a great amount of ignorance among religions today and in ignorance there can be no perfection. At this time the truth is being revealed through the Unification Church so many theologians around the world are coming. Without understanding the Divine Principle, no one can answer the questions of theology, philosophy, or history regardless of how much he might study.

Since God's pattern still remains in the satanic world, in many cases the power of love is stronger than life. There are many stories in which people die for love. Therefore how can any of you claim, "I don't want to lose anything in my life but I still want to enter the realm of God's love."? That is impossible. God cannot accept such a person. I want you to understand that until Reverend Moon came to proclaim the way to receive the love of God, there was no one who passed over the line and who fully dwelt in the love of God.

Reverend Moon is walking through the valley of the shadow of death here in America, declaring that he will go to Moscow. My march is toward Hell, in order to liberate it. My goal is one thing: to make the impact of God's love in the center of the world which will be the wave of a family, tribe. nation, and world. Until this happens there can be no Kingdom of Heaven on earth. We have begun the GL wave with the Unification Church holy weddings.

From God's point of view no one in the fallen world is truly qualified to be married. This is why Christian culture elevated celibacy to such a high status in the past. It is only when someone establishes himself upon the GL foundation that he becomes eligible to marry. Many Christian ministers and churches believe that they are perfectly all right in the sight of God, but that is not actually the case. Reverend Moon gave you the blessing only upon the GL foundation.

This morning at Pledge service, I told the couples that the children of the Unification Church should be able to speak the tongue of the True Parents. When the time of blessing comes, I have a big problem because many Westerners ask me for Korean spouses. I don't have enough Korean people in my pocket! After all, those Korean men aren't so handsome, are they? Furthermore, they are very short and smell of kimchee! But something tells Moonie men and women to connect their lives with the nation of Korea. That is one reason why other people say you are crazy and "brainwashed." They simply can't explain it any other way. However, you know that you have the ability to share what you have learned with that very person who calls you crazy.

Even the leaders of the church have not realized the importance of putting their lives on the line for the sake of God's love. He who seeks to lose his life for God's sake will gain it. This phrase graphically illustrates the relationship between God's love realm and Satan's love realm- you must give up one in order to gain the other.

The relationship between a step-parent and stepchild is normally not as loving as between natural parents and children. When a man marries a woman who has children by a previous husband, it is natural that he would have some difficulty accepting those children. That is universal human nature. If you think in such a fashion, can God look at the children of satanic love and say, "No problem. I will bring them up and love them as My own."? God wanted human history to begin with His own true, unstained children. He never wanted to have to adopt satanic children and recreate history with step-children.

In the true, original world of God's ideal there would never have been such a thing as stepchildren or adopted children. If a child is adopted, then his true lineage came from deterrent parents. God never wanted such a thing to happen. However. the reality is that the world is full of stained children and God must deal with them. How can the children in the satanic realm become the children of God? It is only when they deny their lives and say, "I want to give up every aspect of my satanic life and become a new person." That is the reason you must be willing to lose your life for God's sake. Do you understand?

You Moonies must understand this truth absolutely clearly. Particularly, the leadership must understand this. You must never think, "I am a leader and therefore I have great value." Such thinking has no merit in the sight of God. It is only by fulfilling the principle of self-sacrifice to the letter that you gain such merit. When you are heading toward restoring the love of God, you cannot accumulate any value at all from the satanic realm. Therefore you must separate yourself from Satan. He will be holding on to you tightly so the only way you can separate yourself from him is to die to that old self, the self in the satanic world, and then resurrect yourself within the Heavenly world.

It is a failure of conventional Christianity to think about going to Heaven only after death. Instead, we should think about restoring Heaven on earth. That means we must restore the GIL realm on earth. All those Christians who think they are living properly and expect to go to the highest Heaven will only go to some middle area. Even Jesus himself could only go to Paradise because he wasn't able to bring the total, victorious love of God and establish the GL realm on earth. Instead, he was attacked and crucified by the satanic power.

Christianity has never understood the true agony of Jesus. He suffered terribly for the three years of his public ministry. Finally when he was on the cross, he shouted, "Eloi, Eloi. lama sabachthani?" meaning, "My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?"

Since Jesus could not establish the GL foundation here on earth, the Second Coming became necessary. The Unification Church has proclaimed that the Second Coming will be on the earth, not on the clouds of Heaven. Now the Unification foundation is greater than the Christian foundation and the time has come to declare it.

There was a prime opportunity for the GL impact to be made in the world right after World War II, when all the anti-Christian forces were defeated. That was a world upon which the Lord of the Second Advent could land and make his impact, spreading the GL waves. However after World War 11. established Christianity opposed the work of the Lord. Ever since then, Christianity has been declining in world influence. For Christianity, the forty years since 1945 have been comparable to the Israelites' wandering in the wilderness, prey to the eagles.

While traditional Christianity has been declining, God has been pushing young people toward the Unification Church. The first generation of Israelites out of Egypt all died in the wilderness; it was only the second generation that entered the promised land. By the same token, the older generation of Christianity is declining and the second generation, the youth of the Unification Church. is rising and preparing to enter into Canaan.

This is the 38th year after 1945; that is why we have declared our three-year course up until 1985, which will complete the forty years. The democratic world has tried its way of life but there is too much corruption and it doesn't work well. Likewise the communist world has tried to enforce its way of life but it isn't successful either. Where can the people of the world turn for hope? The Unification Church and its ideal is the only hope for this troubled world; it is the one lantern shining bright in this wilderness.

Your Moses-the only central figure in the Unification Church-is Father. It is most important now that you set your sights on Moses; hold on tight and follow him closely and you will make it through the time of wilderness. I want you to understand that the Unification movement is the alpha and omega, the first and last. We are mobilizing people with the power of love so that they are willing to dedicate their lives and move forward into the land of Canaan. There has never before been such a movement in history; this is the first and the last.

Our job is to get out of the SL realm and move into the GL realm. Until you give up your life, you won't make it. It is not a joyful way nor a way of fun and entertainment. This is a time for commitment. Both internally and externally, you have to give yourself unto your life. We have one common goal, one mission. We do everything together-eat, sleep, work-and we will get there together.

We are the last gypsies in history. There are gypsies in the secular world who go around from place to place, trying to gain a little money here and there, a little food, finding shelter wherever they can. We too are gypsies, but a different kind. We go around from place to place. trying to get people into Heaven. We have a different kind of motivation and a different goal.

Are you committing your life to God? After God, are you committing your life for the sake of humanity and all things of the universe? We are going to leap forward for the sake of humanity and all things, reaching out to the realm of the love of God. In many parts of the world, for example in Africa, people feel that only the ideology of Reverend Moon gives them hope. What about you? You have been remolded and recreated; in that way, you have become men and women with a vision and a goal. There are many people in the world who are living in the realm of human trash; they can't even think or talk about the GL realm.

I want you to understand this truth-that you must sacrifice your satanic self in order to be born into your Heavenly self. The first step is to make an offering according to the Old Testament tradition. God sent the messiah 2,000 years ago and if people had accepted him, it would have been the time for creating the Heavenly Kingdom. Therefore, the crucifixion was not the mission of Jesus; he wanted to create the GL realm on earth with his body intact. He wanted to install the True Parenthood but his desire did not happen.

There were many martyrs in Christian history because they also had to go over to the GL realm; in order to get there, they had to give up their lives in the satanic realm. Christian history has been one of expectation of the Second Advent. What is the Second Advent? It is the time for the actual fulfillment of the GL base on earth-the True Parenthood.

How can the Lord come on the clouds of Heaven if his job is to create the GL impact upon the physical earth? Unless he is a physical man, how can he become a true parent? The traditional belief that the Lord is coming on the clouds of Heaven is like a fantasy story. The things which God lost were the real things here on earth-the love of human beings, family love, social harmony, and so forth. Therefore in order to restore these things, the Lord must work as a real man.

Reverend Moon has been working at this task for 40 years and many people have tried to destroy me; but I will not be destroyed because the power of God is with me.

The history of Joseph is a model for the dispensation of God. He had eleven elder brothers who tried to kill him but failed, so they sold him into slavery instead. Many years later, however, all his brothers and his parents as well had to come before Joseph to beg for their survival. The Unification Church and Reverend Moon, in particular, are in the position of Joseph. The rest of the world, including the Christian denominations, have been trying to kill Reverend Moon but they will not succeed. Eventually, Reverend Moon will be in the position to save them-giving them nourishment and eternal life.

Even though human history is a fallen one, the original pattern of God still remains. Adam was supposed to love his elder son, Cain, first. This is Reverend Moon's ideal so I have given love to the elder brothers in faith-the Jewish and Christian people. We have put ourselves in the younger brother's position, giving them our respect. Furthermore they do not understand the protocol of the Heavenly Kingdom so we must teach them the Divine Principle and guide them as our elder brothers. You will see that the second generation of the Christian churches, the sons and daughters of Christian leaders today, will want to come to the Unification Church.

Those of you who belonged to a Christian denomination before, please raise your hands. Why did you come here ? Why don't you go back to your old church? Some of your parents are saying that this is a heretical church so why did you come here? One of the phenomena of the last days is that truth looks like falsehood and lies look like truth; in other words, confusion reigns and people receive lies as truth and mistreat the true things.

How can you distinguish between truth and falsehood? There is only one criterion-put the truth or the true person into a melting pot. Whoever is false will be burned up, leaving nothing but ashes but he who is true as gold will never be diminished by the fire of the furnace. That is what the Unification Church is doing. We are all being put into a burning furnace, a melting pot.

Ordinary people with ordinary faith could not survive such a furnace. In order to be purified, it is good to be put into such a faith furnace many times-the more the better. Many furnaces have been prepared for you. Moonies from all over the world were brought to the U. S. to do witnessing, fundraising, and so forth. Then many of you went to Korea and Japan to work with the IOWC and that was another furnace. After that, missionaries went to the jungles of Africa to wrestle with the poisonous snakes. That was not enough, so we inaugurated Ocean Church-that is the toughest melting pot of all! Those of you who enjoy Ocean Church, please raise your hands.

Perhaps we will have one final melting pot-an African safari. But you won't go into the jungle with rifles; you will have to use your bare hands against the wild animals, like Daniel in the Bible. By that time, most Moonies will throw up their hands and say, "This is it. I can't go on! I am sure now that Reverend Moon is crazy!" But I will be watching to see how many of you will be survivors of the lions' den.

Daniel was able to tame the lion with his love. In the same way, the true Moonies must be able to become the friends of lions. Therefore, when the lion comes roaring up to you, you can open your arms and say, "My dear, let's kiss and hug!" If you have true love, the lion won't bite you. With our love, we are going to experience many miracles!

Those of you who feel you can go that far in your faith, please raise your hands. With that kind of commitment on your part, everything will be all right; no power can deter such committed people. When you enter the lion's den thinking you are surrounded by ferocious beasts, you will find all of a sudden that they are angels of God. They will reveal their true nature to you just at the moment when you think the lion is charging toward you. Then you can share a loving embrace with them. The test is whether you can have the faith to reach such a level. At that point you can experience the strongest kiss ever.

When I go to Alaska. I will invite everyone to go bear-hunting with me-not with guns but with our bare hands. Will you go along with me? When you are willing to go anywhere with me, I will go anywhere with you. In reality, when men and women are in serious danger and they are competing with each other to sacrifice their own lives. they create a beautiful, protective spirit around them. Satan will retreat from them and God will come to take care of them.

So far, this has been Chapter One. I would like to move on now to a more advanced lesson.

Today is Children's Day but what kind of children are we talking about? We are talking about true children who are born in the GL realm, grow up there and marry there, becoming perfected children of God. Were you born in the GL realm to True Parents? You have already been born and you are a reality on this earth; since you cannot ever go back and be physically born again, we must create a way to achieve the same goal. Therefore the Unification Church follows the process of indemnity.

The True Father and Mother have given physical birth to thirteen children. While those children were growing within their mother's womb, the members of the Unification Church took the position of spiritual twins to them. Although they could not actually be inside the mother's womb, they could feel that they were a twin to those true children. To the Western world, such a concept is difficult to accept but it is feasible to Orientals. The elder members of the church understood this concept and prayed earnestly to create such a bridge between themselves and the true children.

We have many symbolic ceremonies in the Unification Church. For example in Korea, whenever a mother gives birth. she drinks a certain kind of soup; then she shares that soup with the rest of the family. Also when the baby drinks from a bottle. it is passed around for everyone else to drink from. This kind of training is being given so that you will understand that the joy of the true children is also your joy; their sorrow is your sorrow. You can link your emotions with theirs. These kinds of intimate family activities are hardly known to the Western members.

The mission of the Western world is to lift the Unification movement into the worldwide level. Without even knowing it, you have already been grafted into the True Parents' family on the individual. family, tribal, society, national and worldwide level. Someday you will have a moment of realization and you will say, "Yes, I am truly linked with the True Family." These next three years will be your opportunity to come to that poignant realization. This is why the Korean elders have come here I wanted you to achieve that emotional link between the Korean and Western tradition. You will inherit such a heartistic connection, not from me directly but from the Korean elders, who are in the position of archangels to Adam and Eve CHILDREN'S DAY

It was God's design for the archangel to take the position of teacher to the growing Adam and Eve even though he was ultimately in the servant's position. The Korean elders will bring all the children of the True Parents-whether Oriental or Western-together into one family. Only when you are true brothers and sisters can the True Parents completely accept you. From the Divine Principle point of view, the Korean elders are in the position of unfallen archangel in the Garden of Eden and you are in the position of Adam and Eve. Their primary purpose is to teach God's tradition to you.

Can you say. "Oh. we don't need Korean leaders here in America!"? Some Americans might say, Father, America is a great country and we are first-class citizens. Why can't we just rely on our own leadership and take care of ourselves?" There have been all kinds of criticisms of the Korean leaders coming to me, so that my ears feel like they are full of buzzing bees. Why so much noisiness in the American Moonies? It must be because you don't need the Koreans, is that true? Do you think I enjoy listening to noisy buzzing now, after ten years of being in America?

On this Children's Day I am clearly declaring two things to you: from the heartistic point of view. you must inherit the True Father's tradition from your Korean leaders. Secondly, you must inherit the economic tradition from the Japanese leaders. The Heavenly tradition will not come out of the United States. You must receive it from your leaders and digest it. The problem is that you have rejected what you have been given; you must take it with an open mind and create harmony from both the Korean and the Japanese church traditions.

You must thank God and the True Parents that they have given to America and the Western world this opportunity to learn from the tradition of the Unification Church. The Japanese leaders have come here in order to truly launch a new national tradition in this country. Internally, you must dig the ground of the Koreans; externally, you must dig Japanese ground. Digging into those two grounds, you can take the very best out of them and be immeasurably enriched.

Achieving harmony with leadership is similar to riding a horse. You cannot complain against the rhythm of that horse; you must ride with it and tit yourself to it. Without such an attitude, you are not appreciating your own Parents, your elder brothers, and ultimately you are not recognizing God.

In the ancient past, the elder brother, Cain. did not love his younger brother but killed him instead. In this new age. we must set up the new tradition. The elder brother must truly fulfill his role and the younger brother must be a true younger brother. Will you stubbornly hold your chin up and complain against your brother, or will you humble yourself and be grateful to God? Which way do you pray-with head up or head down? Will you promise to me today that you will have a grateful attitude? If so, you will become one with your leaders.

Now you know that this time in which we are living is the time of total indemnification. Therefore if you win the final showdown now, you will be all right in the future; but if you fail now, you will never be able to make it up. This is the time to inherit that GL center built upon the Heavenly tradition and expand it to the national level. After you erect the national level, there will be no more obstacles.

All the American leaders must be aware of this truth very clearly. Japanese leaders are going to give you their external, economic tradition and you must receive it 100%. Likewise the Korean leaders who have been taught by me for such a long time will teach you how to create the internal tradition; you must receive it fully. Korea is the Adam nation and Japan is the Eve nation; the two nations are working together now.

Why do you think Korea has become such a focal point in the world at this time, especially with such recent events as the KAL tragedy and the bombing in Burma? Why must Korean people continue to suffer in such a way? The Koreans must be careful because now, after the disasters in the air and on the ground, another disaster might occur in the ocean. This is because the law of indemnity must be fulfilled on the national level.

There were people from 16 nationalities killed in the Korean Airline massacre. As you know, during the Korean War 16 nations fought together for the sake of freedom. In Burma, Korean national ministers shed their blood and died. Due to the Korean Airline disaster, the three primary dispensational countries became more closely united- Korea, Japan, and the United States-because they suffered the most.

Japan has been in a position to move in many directions; it could unite with Soviet Russia or with China or North Korea. But at this time, Japan is moving toward the United States. Japan is like a teen-aged woman who could send signals of invitation to Russia, China, North Korea, or the United States; she has many "marriage" possibilities. However, due to recent external events, Japan is being forced to unite with South Korea and also the United States.

Our members created the International Federation for Victory Over Communism in Japan and it has now gained a membership of nearly 3.5 million; it is a tremendously strong organization. In Korea, the IFVOC has 70,000 members in leadership positions all over the country. especially on the village level.

At this time in both Korea and Japan, the governments and the public realize that they must pay attention to the Unification movement and Reverend Moon. Korea and Japan will be linked together in a brother/sister relationship; every Asian nation will observe this alliance and will want to be a part of it. Thus it can be spread to Free China, the Philippines, Malaysia. and so forth. Such an alliance will transcend national boundaries. There must be a strong and powerful Asian alliance to fight against communism. Once this kind of alliance is formed, the international highway project which I announced at the Science Conference in Korea will immediately begin.

What about the United States? Will you Americans follow this way? In Latin America and Africa it is just a matter of time before they join this path. The United States of America is no exception; this great country also needs to receive the guidance and counseling from Reverend Moon. The moment will come when this country will receive God's ideal and will blend it into the American dream.

Today I have another dispensation unfolding. I would like to organize the Koreans in America today, allowing them to take the front-line role here. In the future, the 240 million people of America will want to learn Korean so they will need many teachers. Therefore, we must mobilize the Koreans here to fulfill that job. What do you think about that? The Korean residents will find that they have no other direction to go except toward the Unification movement; particularly the young people will join. Otherwise, they will find that their purpose of coming to this country will be nullified.

Today we have many Korean leaders attending a conference. I will announce to them that the time has come that they must pay attention to Reverend Moon; the Korean community cannot neglect him any longer. With or without the help of the Korean-American community, my work will continue and succeed in the Western world. Unless they are with me, the Korean people will be deeply ashamed. I don't want them to fall into such a bad position but would like them to join with me.

Do you want to learn Korean? Every Sunday morning you say the Pledge: "I am proud of the one Sovereignty, one people, one land, one language and culture centered upon God." You have been making that pledge every week so now the time has come to fulfill it. You must learn the mother tongue of the Heavenly Kingdom. I will tell you why. In order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven in spirit world, you must be able to converse in the mother tongue; without that. you will become second-class citizens of the spirit world.

If you don't believe you will be affected in spirit world by not knowing Korean, tell me. I am sorry but this is true. It is not because of the language itself but only because the Korean language is the True Parents' language.

In spirit world, the universal language is that of the True Parents. If you don't believe me you can go to spirit world and come back and tell me what you discovered! If I didn't teach you these things now, later on you would come and complain to me. But you have heard this very clearly, haven't you?

The world of the new culture, the Unification culture, shall become a reality very soon; in fact the major foundation for this new culture shall be laid before the 1990's. By the year 2000, we will make tremendous achievement in uniting culture and language. After the first day of 1990, I will hold an international conference and I will not use an interpreter! All of those Unification Church leaders who do not speak Korean at that time will not be able to participate! Because of the barrier of language, the heartistic connection cannot be established through an interpreter; we must communicate directly.

In addition, the Korean language is fortunately one of the finest languages of any human culture. It has an enormous number of adjectives and it is an ideal language for expressing religious philosophy.

The Japanese are limited in their pronunciations much more than the Koreans-they can't even pronounce McDonald's! When they say Happy World products, they put an extra syllable on the end. Mr. Oyamada told me that one scholar in Japan is telling people the best way for them to learn foreign languages is to study Korean first. Once the Japanese master Korean, they will be able to learn any other foreign language.

If I am studying English at my age, you have no excuse not to study Korean. My memory is not like a young person's so new pronunciations and vocabulary are very difficult for me. But still I am making this effort and I have learned so much English that I can check Col. Pak's translations to make sure they are right! However, I do not want to speak to you in English. It would be too convenient for you if I spoke English. I want you to learn Korean.

You must realize on this Children's Day that it is necessary for the Oriental leaders to come here to America, particularly the Korean leaders. I want to ignite within you the desire to learn Korean; by my pushing you this way, the Korean leaders become that much more valuable to you. You will feel you must pay closer attention to them.

You must realize that since learning Korean is so important, being able to learn from the elder Korean blessed couples is a joyful opportunity. Not only are you learning the Korean language from Korean elders, but your textbook is the Divine Principle book. That is extraordinary good fortune for you. They will not only teach you the Divine Principle, they can also teach the spirit behind Divine Principle and you can know more about my life. Do you need that?

Now Chapter Two is finished, so shall we continue? It is getting close to lunchtime, so shall we cancel Chapter Three? No? You are really cruel Moonies-this is a celebration day and the only person who is really working is me! Since this is Children's Day, you are supposed to be the ones to come to Mother and me and make our day a relaxed and happy one! Instead, you want me to continue to work for you so that you can receive more? What can I do? You children come to me spiritually hungry, yearning for spiritual food and as a parent, I must give that food to you. It doesn't matter how hard I have to work. So I must go on to Chapter Three!

The Cain and Abel relationship is one of the major problems of our way of life in the Unification Church. Why is that? According to the Divine Principle, in order to fulfill our goal we must bring physical unity between Cain and Abel; somehow their struggle must be harmonized. I will speak in greater detail on this to the leaders tomorrow but today I want to share the essential points with you.

There are eight different stages in the process of restoration. The ultimate goal-the GL realm-is way up on top; underneath are all the stages which are within the realm of satanic love. As you know, Abel was on the side of God and Cain was on the side of Satan. God wanted to work through Abel not so much for Abel's sake but for the sake of saving Cain. Therefore, Abel is in the position of mediator for Cain.

Abel's responsibility is to subjugate Cain and Satan, who surrounds Cain. Abel also must separate Satan from himself. Therefore, Abel's first responsibility is to save Cain; second, to separate Satan from himself. These are the two main purposes of Abel.

Thus any Unification Church leader who likes to sit back in a comfortable chair and order other people around is going against this rule. Those who are in the central figure position within the Unification Church have the job of saving Cain and then separating Satan from themselves. Can they do that by hating Cain? No, only by loving and winning the heart of Cain.

Abel is privileged to have been given the GL love seed. This GL love starts on the individual level. The only way of reaching the love of God is by Abel sacrificing himself for the sake of Cain. Satan knew that Abel's mission was to subjugate Cain and he didn't want that to happen because he didn't want to lose Cain. This is why the original Cain killed Abel and throughout history' whenever an Abel type tried to lead a Cain type. the Cain would again reject him or try to kill him. Thus. Cain automatically opposes Abel. Abel has to love Cain at least three times more than he loves his own children in order to win his heart.

In order to win the Cain world and create God's realm, an archangelic realm must be created in preparation. The entire religious world is equivalent to the archangelic realm on God's side. The archangel's position is to protect Adam and Eve, thus the religious world was supposed to serve as protection for the Messiah when he came.

There was a golden opportunity for this archangelic realm to be created right after World War II, centered upon the United States. This would have stopped the expansion of communism and the U.S. would have been the leading nation for Christianity. Unfortunately, the U.S. failed to fulfill and could not protect God's realm and property.

Communism has run rampant throughout the free world and has even infiltrated world Christianity, for example through the World Council of Churches. The current trend of liberation theology and "Christian Marxism" is the way in which communism has infiltrated Christian churches. The ministers who are following such theology and trying to play an "activist" role are being used by the communists, whether they realize it or not.

God has not given us any weapon to fight against this sort of thing except love. God's way of defeating His enemies is by natural subjugation, never by force. Satan knows Heavenly law and he admits that he is a bad guy. He says, "You and I both know, God, that I am fallen. But I am still in the archangel's position so you and Abel must love me. Even if I have fallen, you have to fulfill your principle which says that your son must love the archangel. Otherwise, there can be no Heaven." This is Satan's claim.

This is the answer to the mystery of why God sometimes appears to be helpless or even "dead." Although he is fallen, Satan has been requiring God and God's true child to love him. Therefore God's men and women have no choice but to love their enemies. Before you love your own sons, you must love the archangelic sons-Cain. They are your enemies but they are also your elder brothers.

This is a very crucial point of Divine Principle. Unless you demonstrate your love for your two enemies- the archangel and Cain-you will not be permitted to enter Heaven. Today's Christianity has no idea of this. In both cases, you must do this by love, not by force.

If there had been no fall, the GL realm would have grown automatically from the bottom line to the top. There would not have been a Satan or a Cain, only the direct dominion of God. But because of the fall, each level of existence has had a barrier. Adam and Eve became like enemies; Cain and Abel became enemies; parents and children became alienated from each other. Thus God's dominion was lost on all levels. Therefore, we have to fight every inch of the way from the individual level all the way up to the throne of God.

The restoration has to be done in steps; it cannot be accomplished in one stroke. The beginning point is the individual level; then the family, tribal level and so forth. On the first level, there is Satan in the father's position and Cain in the son's position. When are they subjugated? Only when they see Abel approaching with the willingness to give up his life for their sake; that will be the point when they are subjugated.

Thus you must go into the domain of Satan and love the people there with your life; then they can be subjugated. Satan and Cain will unite together in order to try to kill you, as Abel. However throughout history' religions made great strides when enduring persecution. Why is that? It is because of this principle.

This is the reason why you go out, even after receiving the blessing, and suffer on the front line for three years. As blessed couples dwelling on the family level, you can endure great persecution from Satan's realm and still remain one as husband and wife. The blessing itself is never the end of the road in the Unification Church; on the contrary, it is the beginning. I have always pushed the blessed couples out to greater levels of challenge.

Without this process, you cannot move up to higher levels. You must go into the satanic realm, make your showdown with God's love, and when you are victorious you can return to God with Cain following you. In that way the younger brother gains the elder brother's position. Cain will happily take the position of younger brother and follow Abel to receive the love of God. This is the reason why the second son in history was in the more blessed position.

Cain needs his younger brother as his mediator to return to God. He knows he is not worthy to go directly to God. Originally Cain should have been in the position closest to God; but because of the fall, he could not be in that position. Therefore Abel has the job of connecting Cain to God.

You cannot go to a higher level as Abel all by yourself; you must bring your Cain with you. That is not so easy to do; in fact, Cain will try to destroy you. It requires tremendous GL power to consume the satanic force. Cain and Satan are very arrogant, cruel, and barbaric but you must be able to melt them with the GL power. In order to live this principle, our church has been spending ten times more money on our interfaith movement in Korea, Japan and the United States than on our own needs. This is because I want to demonstrate unconditional love for our elder brothers.

For the sake of this country, we have spent tremendous sums. America is in the position of Cain to me, trying to destroy me through the courts. Even while fighting the current court battle, we made the Inchon movie and we began The Washington Times. There is not one single soul in America who can see these projects and say, "Reverend Moon is just trying to make money."

Reverend Moon is doing these things only for the sake of this nation. My purpose is to follow the principle of natural subjugation. Ultimately Americans will realize what I have been doing for them and they will repent. This is the central truth of the Divine Principle; therefore, Americans will come eventually to pay homage to Reverend Moon.

In the time of Jesus, the Jewish faith was in the Abel position and the nation of Israel was in the Cain position. The nation should have been subjugated naturally by the Jewish faith and by Jesus. However, the nation of Israel linked with the Roman Empire, the enemy.

If there had been unity between the people of Israel, the Jewish faith, and Jesus, history would have been entirely different. The teachings of Jesus would have moved eastward first, toward India and Asia. Christ's teachings would have gone to that gigantic area, which was like a spiritual vacuum waiting to be filled. However, because of the rejection of Jesus, the early Christians had to sacrifice their lives and work within the Roman Empire-the opposite direction from Asia. They had to go into enemy territory and win by GL power.

In order to fulfill, you must travel to another land- the sojourners' land. For Christianity it was Rome; for Islam, it was the Arab nations. For example, Jacob had to leave the land of Canaan and go to the enemy territory of Egypt in order to move the dispensation forward. Within that enemy territory, the nation of Israel took its root for 400 years; later on they traveled back to the land of Canaan. Since there was no unity between Egypt and the Jewish people, a gigantic division has persisted ever since between the two peoples.

This principle has to be repeated over and over again on each succeeding level-family, tribal, society, nation, and world. As you go up to each higher level, you must also go into the enemy territory and make your showdown with the power of God's love. This process has to be repeated over and over again-Abel goes out and brings in Cain again, for each level.

The leaders of the Unification Church must understand that they cannot be leaders until they are first servants-until they subjugate Cain naturally by their loving actions. If the Christian realm in the free world today practiced this principle, the entire world could be restored within seven years. The U.S. would certainly not be in the shape that it is in today. However, Christendom did not do that; most Christians did not even know they should do that, much less how to do it. That is why the Unification Church has come up from the very bottom, rebuilding each step all the way to the GL realm.

This is the reason the Unification Church welcomes the road of sacrifice and suffering; it is the road by which we can demonstrate the GL power on every different level. This is why I defined Moonies as those who are willing to go out and suffer unto their lives for the sake of Cain and Satan. I have walked this path myself; by the year 1976, the worldwide opposition was at its peak but even under those circumstances I moved forward. The principle actually required that I be persecuted by the entire world.

The Washington Monument Rally in 1976 represented the ultimate showdown between Satan and Heaven. The power of the entire world wanted to eliminate the Unification Church from the face of the earth. God chose Reverend Moon as His champion, representing all the levels from individual up to the world. I led everybody into the wilderness and welcomed that showdown there. Christianity was supposed to accomplish the things which we did, long before we did them; but since they failed, the Unification Church had to move quickly and lay the foundation in the shortest possible time.

One of the most extraordinary occurrences in history is that parents have been kidnapping their own children out of the Unification Church. Some of those parents feel that they would like to kill Reverend Moon and resent that he ever came to this country. How did Reverend Moon survive up to this point? It was because God worked for 2,000 years to create a nation such as this, in which freedom of religion, assembly and speech are guaranteed. He knew the kinds of danger that would confront His son so He prepared this foundation to prevent the enemy from killing Reverend Moon.

Perhaps the government will send me to jail. That is all right; I will not die there. Actually, if such a thing happens, progress will come to the Unification Church by leaps and bounds.

On February 23, 1977, I declared that the Unification movement was finally taking the offensive rather than the defensive position. At that point the Unification movement took the position of representing Christian culture; no longer did the traditional Christian world have that position.

Before that time I always resisted confronting our enemies through the courts, but after that I directed that we fight every step of the way through legal channels. During these past seven years, we have won many significant court battles from the small to the largest level. We will not reveal all of those victories until America is naturally subjugated; that day is at hand.

Why is America so divided today? Why are there such large numbers of broken homes. juvenile delinquents, so much moral degradation, drug addiction, homosexuality and so forth? It is because God is pushing this nation down like a stick in the ground so that it will receive His Heavenly prescription.

There is one doctor coming from God with the right prescription for treatment-that doctor is Reverend Moon. This country is mortally ill; unless it receives the proper treatment it cannot survive. That prescription for treatment is the Unification Church. Do you agree with me?

Ten years ago America had a confident attitude and scorned any warnings which Reverend Moon offered. They said, "You have come to the wrong country. We don't need your advice." At that time I declared that America was in the position of a sick patient, needing a doctor to come from outside of the home with the proper treatment. Also I said that this country was on fire and only a firefighter from outside could save it. However, the established white culture was very insulted by the suggestion that a humble Korean man could help them in any way even though they knew that what Reverend Moon was saying was correct. They knew that this country needed "major surgery" in order to be saved.

An incredible fact is that, while the media and other forces were persecuting Reverend Moon, many young people came to hear him and joined with him, dedicating their lives to his cause. For the establishment that was bad news, but for God and the Unification movement, it was great news. In one part of the country, people were yelling in rage while in another part people were shouting "Manse)" to the Heavens.

You have no other way to turn; you cannot go back to the way you were before, living just an individualistic way of life. Try it and you will see that it won't work. There is only one way to go now-God's way. We are moving through the wilderness with courage and we will not stop until we go all the way to Moscow and liberate it! At the Washington Monument rally, I declared that our next goal was Moscow; the leaders of the Soviet Union laughed at such an idea and thought Reverend Moon had to be crazy. What has happened? It is 1983 and they are no longer laughing. Now they are very worried and fear that Reverend Moon's goal will truly be fulfilled.

All the projects which I have inspired have really hurt the Soviets. For example when The Washington Times started, Pravda criticized it in the strongest language. Why did they do that? It is because they were hurt by it. When The Washington Post heard about the CAUSA International movement, they devoted three pages to denouncing it. Why? Because they know it is succeeding and it hurts them. We are bad news to them but good news to Heaven.

Within the Unification Church, we have the understanding of the Divine Principle which we follow completely. The communists do not have this truth. Reverend Moon is quickly becoming a universal Abel, not only recognized by the internal members of our movement but also by people in the outside world. In the next three years, the position of Reverend Moon and the Moonies will completely change from being laughed at to being respected.

The time has come when you can truly challenge anyone who speaks against the Unification Church. In many cases. you have been weak and unable to declare to the world, "I am a Moonie and proud of it!" Can you do it now? God's battle is a lonely battle. Likewise, Reverend Moon came to this country with a lonely mission; I went to the highest officials of this land, including the presidents.

No recent president has had such guts as Mr. Reagan. That is what will rekindle the confidence of the American people in the American dream. Look at how effective the operation in Grenada was. How could President Reagan do that? The right kind of spiritual atmosphere was formed by Heaven's forces. Even though Grenada is a small island, many American presidents have been afraid to take such a stand. Particularly since the Vietnam war, most politicians have been too timid.

Grenada was a dynamic operation, but a small one. When Reverend Moon goes to Moscow, that will be a super-dynamic operation! We must go. We have no time to waste!

The communists in Korea, Japan, and the U.S. have been put on the defensive because Reverend Moon has launched his ideological offensive. Furthermore the highest levels of intellectual people, especially scholars, have been realizing that Reverend Moon has brought the new understanding to guide people into the 21st century and beyond. We have brought people of the scholarly world together and also the people of the media. That is the mightiest force that God can create. When those two worlds can unite righteously and fight head-on against communism, that will spell the end of communism.

In a way, I abandoned my home country of Korea and came to America to confront persecution. I did it because of this principle. I knew that if the Oriental people united with the Occidental people and all the five colors of skin came together to create a harmonized base, it would be the foundation upon which the True Parents could be welcomed. This is the ultimate line-up to create the Kingdom of Heaven on earth-God, True Parents and the harmonized children of mankind.

No philosopher has ever understood that the foundation for the ideal society can be laid only when people from enemy nations come together harmoniously. Reverend Moon has not only proclaimed this truth, he is fulfilling it. Korea and Japan were bitter enemies for 36 years; the U.S. and Japan were enemies in World War 11. as were the U.S. and Germany. Yet these four countries have been brought together under Reverend Moon to create a foundation of faith and brotherhood.

In 1975 when I sent the missionaries to 127 countries, I selected representatives from the U.S., Japan, and Germany. As they were going in my place, they also represented Korea. Therefore, these four nationalities were represented in 127 countries. My instructions to them at that time were, "If you are united, God will come to dwell with you." Why is that? Because they were citizens of enemy countries and they became like a lightning rod; all kinds of opposition and spiritual difficulties would be attracted to them. The only way they could survive was to unite with each other. That is why I pushed them into that situation.

You must know that these final three years of the dispensation are no longer on the individual level; they are on the worldwide level. You are all participating now in the final showdown. This is where we are today! Any self centered individuals within the Unification movement are not thinking about God's goal and dispensation. Instead they are thinking about their own small situation or some petty grievance, such as "somebody didn't recognize me," or "so and so has a better situation." Those people absolutely must repent and change-you must cleanse yourselves and become new men and women.

When Jesus was hanging on the cross, he prayed, "Please, Father, forgive them because they do not know what they do." He was not just praying for that one Roman soldier who was piercing his side; he was praying for the forgiveness of the entire Roman Empire. He came with a universal, international mission, not for just one soul or one group. Today the Christian churches are looking for "my Heaven, my little cubbyhole Upstairs," but that is not the way God sees it. Either you win the whole world or nothing can be won.

I knew that incredible sacrifice would be required and my own life has been the first offering. My life and my family have always been the first example of sacrifice; in that way I have loved the world. Your mission is to walk the same path; you cannot escape it. You must deny yourself, receive your mission and be willing to fulfill it with your very life. You must willingly and eagerly go forward, sacrificing your own self, grateful for God's love-that is the secret.

After I leave this country you will have to remain as my representatives, leading the crusade. Therefore you must repent and change now, while I am here. You must consummate your missions and repent now. I am looking at each of you with this viewpoint-who among you can be my best representatives here after I leave', This is the guideline behind our training and leadership programs.

The story of Sodom and Gomorrah is significant. Abraham prayed to God. "Please forgive these cities if I can only find five righteous men," but he could not even come up with five righteous men. Therefore Sodom and Gomorrah were given up to their judgment. Today's Unification Church members are in the position to be like the five righteous men in each city; because of them, this nation will be able to survive. But who are those five truly righteous Moonies, those who have given up their lives for the sake of the country? Only those Moonies who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater purpose are the righteous ones.

I want to be proud of you. You should grasp my vision and charge forward bravely into the enemy camp to win the victory. I have always known that my stay in this country was temporary; someday I will go back to the Republic of Korea. Since I left Korea ten years ago, it has been going through tremendous turmoil, with one crisis after another. Kim Il-Sung is always poised and ready to attack the south; the only power that can stop that aggression is God and the Moonie power.

I know communism to its core so I know how to fight against it. We have our own plan; we will never kill anyone but rather we "attack" with love and block the enemy's advance in that way. We cannot be destroyed in that way and we will be protected. The current nuclear freeze movement here in America and Europe has an extremely naive way of thinking; they have no understanding of the true nature of communism. Satan always attacks as soon as he sees that the enemy is weakened.

At this time I am leading the battle on the ultimate level, the eighth one, and you are participating in this battle with me. From the victory in this battle the lineup of God, True Parents, and true children will be established. All of you are representatives of all the races of mankind; as you come together and live in harmony, you create the foundation upon which True Parents can be installed. Then the satanic love community, instead of opposing you, will want to buy you out! They will welcome you and want to join with you. At that point, I am sure that the Kingdom of God on earth will be a reality. That day is not too far away.

The Korean nation has had a long and proud history of over 5,000 years. However, during modern history they have been enduring much more turmoil than ever before. Only by welcoming Reverend Moon can they have hope; that is why I want to initiate a new dispensation among the Korean people. Many top-level Christian scholars and theologians have already united with me; now the problem is the Christian ministers. But even they will not take much longer before they come around to seeing the truth of the Divine Principle. There is truly no way for Christianity to maintain its life without uniting with the Unification Church.

The Divine Principle is not only traditional, it is also logical and scientific. There can never be perfection when ignorance exists; ignorance only breeds more ignorance, mistakes, and darkness. The Unification Church is not bringing more ignorance to the world; it is bringing the truth, with a 20th century scientific viewpoint to back it up.

There must be unity between Cain and Abel as well as separation of Satan from oneself; when you fulfill these two goals on the universal level, we will instantly move into the final objective. Within the ideal realm of the love of God. there can be no taint of the satanic power. You must completely eliminate Satan's power from within you and then you can walk freely forward into God's realm.

The true way to celebrate Children's Day is to rededicate ourselves to this common purpose and age-old goal. Beyond race and creed, we want to bring together as many children as possible who can accept True Parents. We are proud to be here to celebrate this Children's Day and proud to pledge ourselves to this common goal. Amen!

Where will you achieve true unity? You will not do it sitting here but only out on the battlefield. Those who do not want to go out to the battlefield should pack up your luggage and move out. We don't want soldiers who are fearful; we need champions. Those who are vacillating back and forth and have no commitment might just as well leave now. To have such soldiers within our ranks is a shame to us.

Do not pay attention to anyone, including leaders, who do not obey me; those who don't listen to me but insist on doing things their own way should be kicked out. Even if they are Korean or Japanese leaders, it doesn't matter. The precious leaders are those who are following God's will.

Can you pledge to me today that you will bring unity on the international level? Once you are in the position of the true children under the True Parents, there will be no boundaries for you.

Please stand and make your pledge. If you can say, "Father, we pledge to accept your direction and become your true children, bringing the world into harmony. By living the Divine Principle we will bring God's Kingdom on the earth," please shout, "Yes, Father! Yes. Mother! Yes, True Parents." Thank you.

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