The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1983

Final World Centered Upon Good And Evil

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
October 30, 1983
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

People generally have the desire to live in goodness and pursue justice. That is a common goal of human beings. It is not only your desire now, but it was also the desire of people in the past, and it will be the same for people in the future. Even though we live with incredible evils around us, it is our human desire to be good and to live in a good world. Then the question arises, what is good? What is evil? We need to understand this difference clearly, like black and white.

We can give a general definition of good and evil and say that good is something which never changes. Its value endures forever, so it is unchanging and everlasting. Then what is evil, on the other hand? Evil is changeable and temporary. Good and evil differ from their very foundation. Goodness is long-lasting and unchanging, while evil is short-lived and changeable. We can compare many relative levels of goodness. The greatest goodness would be the longest-lasting, the most unchanging.

This is the kind of definition we need. The definition of good and evil has not been clear throughout human history. It has always been a source of confusion. Also, when we talk about goodness we're talking about something very precious, something of great value. What is value, then? Value represents the degree of goodness contained within something. When people consider what is most valuable, they often think in terms of material things. Women may think of diamonds, for example, while men talk about money or gold. Some people may think of jewels like pearls, for example.

Why are those materials so precious? It is simply because they are unchanging and long-lasting. Certainly diamonds and gold are unchanging and long-lasting, and the pearl exhibits an everlasting harmony of color. Thus we say that they are good things. People want to wear something that lasts a long time; they like to decorate themselves with rings, necklaces, and earrings.

A person may decorate his or her body with precious metals and other things, but what about the person himself? Shouldn't he be more valuable, more priceless than the things he is wearing? Why do women, in particular, want to wear precious jewels and own beautiful objects? Even unconsciously, that is a message coming from history: women are changeable in nature and, therefore, they want to encourage themselves to be unchanging by wearing long-lasting and unchanging things. What about you women? Do you agree with me? Reluctantly?

History proves that women are more changeable in nature. Therefore, God has special devices to keep them unchanging. What about those people who are always running after the latest fashions? There is no question that women are the ones who are most sensitive to fashion.

Women are always looking for something more exciting, more fashionable and more beautiful. The eyes of a woman move around everywhere, like a searchlight.

Just look at the colors of clothing in this auditorium. The men's clothes are dark, stark, tasteless; look at those beiges. But now look at the women and how colorful they are. They are wearing all kinds of colors-different shades of yellow, red and so forth. They not only wear colorful clothing, they also paint their fingernails colorfully.

These are the expressions of a changeable nature. Generally speaking, where can evil infiltrate first, or more easily-in the men's or the women's camp? Although you may deny this adamantly, history is your proof. Even the fall of man was initiated through the changeable nature of woman. Sorry.

You know that I have suffered a great deal in prison. I was tortured many times and to an incredible degree. Here in America it is very rare to see prisoners or criminals tortured. Thirty or forty years ago, particularly in Japan when it was under militaristic rule, incredible inhuman torture was the daily reality. Most political prisoners were tortured, and often killed by torture. In proportion, 80 percent of the deaths of men were caused by torture, whereas the other 20 percent were women.

Why is it that so many more men die under torture than women? Even under torture, men do not easily lie or make up stories. They can determine not to speak and thus they get killed. But the tendency of many women when torture comes is to confess. Sometimes they even fabricate a confession. In these kinds of dreadful situations, I understand that it is very difficult for women to keep secrets. However, when there is something fun, joyful, or beautiful, the one who wants to run forward to be there first is a woman.

You should not feel sorry or disturbed about this because I am just speaking factually, from a historical analysis. Of course, I am speaking relatively. It doesn't mean that all men are good. There are evil men everywhere. But relatively speaking, more goodness has been consummated through men.

Since the 1960's, the world has been filled with turmoil. The fast-changing tempo is almost dazzling. People's values have been changing. Whole nations have come and gone. One government might appear to be very strong but it could easily start crumbling. Look at the United States. At one time, this country seemed invincible, but in one decade it has come to look miserable as it has been shaken by incredible turmoil.

The traditional virtues of family, brotherhood, loyalty between husband and wife are crumbling like fallen leaves. This is a tremendous era of confusion and chaos.

Since their atmosphere and surroundings are changing so much, people become victimized. So many people just drift into each situation. Will the changeable nature of this world stop now, or will it change further? Will there be more changing down the line, or not?

Changes are not a problem if they are for goodness. But if the changes carry us further down into degradation and evil, this is a problem. If we're changing into the heavenly situation where everybody can enjoy the ideal and an abundance of goodness, that is fine. But now we are already beset with so many problems of poverty and hunger, and we see further changes for the worse. What can we do? Can we expect joy, peace and beauty funkier down the line?

The circumstances, surroundings and atmosphere of the world have been changing for the worse. The United States is getting worse and worse, and eventually, it could fall to the level of India, where poverty is rampant and human suffering is so deep. What should we do about this?

America today is virtually an "eating country" Not only do we eat three meals a day, but we have coffee breaks and snacks. Add up all these things and desserts, too, and you're eating all day long. The very word "diet" connotes luxury. In the rest of the world, millions of people are starving to death. Yet in this country, people talk continually about dieting.

Who do you think is more miserable? In India, people suffer from hunger but they hope to acquire more food and nourish themselves. Here, people have abundant food and yet virtually starve themselves to death by their dieting. What is their hope? The American suffering is a peculiar suffering and is more miserable, in a way. There is hope in India; even though they're hungry, they still have certain goals. But, on the other hand, in this society you have everything, you've achieved everything, still you're hopeless. This is truly miserable.

The balance of history is always changing. Movement and change occur and take away the abundance from one area and add to another. The United States is in the process of abandoning, throwing things away. But the underdeveloped countries are seeking to acquire more. Which side will prove to be better? The person who has lost hope and is trying to get away from reality? That person has no more room for development.

Let us compare Europe and America, culturally and historically, and see which side is more changeable. What do you think? Very reluctantly, you're saying America. Then, if America is more changeable than Europe, which area is more close to goodness and which is closer to evil, according to the criteria we have been discussing this morning?

Americans are fond of saying that they are first class citizens of the world. They are most proud of the American culture. What do you think? Is that an accurate statement? One source of pride has been that America is a melting pot. People come from foreign countries to this melting pot and become Americanized.

When you heat up a melting pot to the highest possible temperature, it becomes a ball of fire. You can't tell by looking whether the contents are metal, gold, or dirt. You have no way to distinguish until it cools off. When America cools off, what kind of material will be found there? What do you think? What is the essence of America, its bottom line? Do you have confidence to say, "Yes, Father, we'll find genuine gold there"?

What is the nature of gold? When it is placed in a melting pot and becomes a ball of fire, the essence of gold does not change. It still remains gold. What about you Americans? Are you made of gold? This is the way to evaluate the true characteristics of America.

Melting pot is a good term. I like it. The problem is, what are you melting in the pot? Is it gold, or human waste, or what? America's true future and hope is its young people. Are the young people of America chunks of gold? You say "No" What I am saying is that, due to so much change, Americans have lost the essence of their original human nature. Wherever you go, whether to the North Pole, the South Pole, or anywhere, you have to maintain your essence. But what has happened? America is completely changeable. The rest of the world can see this. Therefore, Americans are not welcomed. That's why you are likely to hear, "Yankee go home," almost anywhere in the world.

Wherever Americans go, they pursue their own self interests. The United States, sadly enough, is more and more approaching the standard of universal evil. A new fashion, a new way of thinking, or a new way of doing things is not necessarily evil or bad. As long as you maintain the essence of your original nature, to dress these characteristics with a new fashion would be good. But when you lose your bottom line, there is nothing to hold onto. The worst possible evil can come when you lose your original characteristics.

Women have a woman's essence, an essential original nature. Men have a man's original nature. When you ask an average American woman if she has maintained her essential original nature, not too many women could say yes. What is the true women's essence? The number one element of the women's essence is heart: a heart of pure love for husband, for children. Women have an abundance of tears; they are very rich in that realm. Why did God create her that way? God made women closer to the heartistic world. When God created human beings, He was not interested in more material things or precious metal; nor was He seeking power, money, or anything like that. God wanted an object of love. God created us for the purpose of shimjung.

Who is God? God is the subject; the masculine nature is in the subjective position, but there is also the female character within God. Men are meant to be masculine, courageous and bold, with broad shoulders. Those are the manly characteristics. Women, on the other hand, are a little smaller, yet full of the flow of heart. Because of that power of heart even though they are smaller in stature and physically weaker than men, women have the power to overcome men. A man's love is more external, like skin, while woman's love is like a seed-inside the heart. Now I am speaking very good things about women for a change.

A woman has much more ability to move the heart of the parents by her tears, by the heartistic approach. A man will go out and be active all day long, and then come back home. What is home? Woman's embrace, her love. A man cannot survive without that warmth and love. Look at children. They always miss their mother, mother's heart, mother's bosom. Woman is the symbol of love, like the torch of love. The husband comes home, the children come home, all the members of the family come to the mother's bosom, the place of love. That is historically the women's position. What do you think? No matter what time of day, midnight or early in the morning, if the man comes home and his wife is not there, he feels lonely, even devastated. The children play all day long outside, go to school, and then they come home expecting to see their mother. If she is not home, the children feel that nobody is home. They feel lonely without their mother.

Women in America are trying to win equality and take the men's position, but that's not necessarily wise. They might be able to acquire more material, external things, but actually they're losing incredible internal things, that is, a heartistic home and loving atmosphere. I have analyzed why America is changing so fast and it's mainly because women are going out trying to take the position of men.

I want to make sure that you understand that good and evil are determined by changeable or unchangeable, temporary or long-lasting nature. Thus any society that is changing too fast and losing its original characteristics is always the place where more evil can creep in.

I am not condemning change. Certain changes are necessary, but we have to evaluate what is needed and what is not needed. If you try to improve yourself by changing without losing your original nature, essence and characteristic, that is good. I encourage that. That is necessary, in fact. The Unification movement is not a status quo movement. On the contrary, we are trying to bring about a change in America-a true change. But we are going to change it by bringing back America's soul, by restoring the essence of human beings.

Satan hates that kind of change. He doesn't want to see a logical, orderly, Principled change. He would like to say, "There is no such thing as Principle, ethics or morality. That's all manmade. You should just act like the animals. That's the way you can have the most fun" This is how Satan whispers in the ears of people.

The crucial question is whether we can change for the better, not the worst. I don't worry so much about change in itself; change is not evil, but losing the soul, the essence of man, the original character of the American people, that is my worry.

When some ideal society has been created, the American people would probably like to get there first. Maybe they would be the most excited. But you won't get there until you restore the unchanging eternal character within you. For example, a wife who tries to improve herself so as to be more beautiful for her husband has a good attitude. But just making yourself up without having a heart of love towards your husband is only external improvement and will not bring about constructive change.

You must secure the essential characteristics first by laying the right foundation, then you can bring the external change. But without bringing the heart into it, trying to change only externally will bring disaster and destruction. When you have a secure center and then you make a change, the change will create a widening circle which will stay with you. That would be improving the situation. It doesn't degenerate. Do you follow?

Wearing cosmetics-external makeup-is not necessarily evil. But you must make up your love first. Your essential characteristic of love should be pure, genuine and everlasting. Then you can dress up externally with no problem. One kind of a woman only cares about making herself beautiful externally. But there's another kind who may wear no makeup but has a genuine heart of love. Which one is more truly beautiful? A busy mother has no time to put on makeup. She is occupied with the chores around the house all day long, besides taking care of the children. Even though that mother is working all day long like a servant, with no time to put on makeup, she has the most noble, divine appearance.

By now, we know the definition of good and evil and we can apply it in many ways in our daily lives. Centered upon that understanding of good and evil, we're talking about the last world, the final world. When you constantly pursue goodness, you will have to move toward Heaven. When you pursue evil, you will go down into hell.

Are you Unification Church members going to be changing men and women in a changing world, or unchanging men and women? My goal is to create men and women of unchanging character. Such men and women are trained, seasoned, and toughened by the changing world. From a fortunate way of life with plenty of food, comfortable shelter, fine clothing, I am pushing you into the most suffering way. You are learning to do without material comforts. In that way your true, unchanging character can be toughened. Your unchanging character must exert creative energy and take the initiative to convert the changing world into an unchanging one.

My life is a good example. Since I came here, people have been trying to Americanize me. Instead, I have been "Moonizing" America. Because I am taking this route, persecution is inevitable. I have fought the battle all the way to this court trial. But, then, even while I have been engaged in this court battle, I have been doing many constructive things, such as founding The Washington Times.

In this changeable land of America, I am trying to do something unchangeable. No matter what the circumstances may be, I will not be swayed. I came with a principle and upon that principle, I intend to recreate America. That is my determination. The Unification movement is trying to restore the essential heart of the American people.

The conclusion is very simple: those who become Moonized will prosper, while those who are Americanized will decline. This is Reverend Moon's perspective. Do you welcome it?

From this standpoint, do you think I can trust American people? Why can't you say yes? Do you think I should follow your way or should you follow mine? Do you say, "Father, we gave in nine times; at least you should give in once. What about some compromise?"

This is my agony, in a way: the question of how to deal with America. One thing is absolutely clear. God has left this changeable America, but God will always be with the unchangeable Reverend Moon. America, what would you like to do? Would you persecute God, chasing Him away from America again? When we expand the unchangeable territory, making it push right through to the changeable world, the boundary of God expands. In other words, we must convert the changeable world into an unchangeable world. By doing so, the territory of God is expanded. What do you think? Do you feel this to your bones, or does it simply sound good?

Our way of life, including witnessing, fundraising, and many other difficult missions in the Unification Church, is merely a training ground where God pushes changeable people into a changeable world, trying to season and harden them into unchangeable men and women. That is the purpose and goal. What is needed more than anything else in America is the unchanging power of human beings, more than military power, money, political power or anything.

Once the United States was involved in Vietnam, it should not have retreated until the original purpose was achieved. In other words, America changed its mind: "Oh, we got involved there, but to look good we must get out" Reverend Moon is not leading that way of life. He's standing in the forefront, telling the American people: set the right purpose, then stay on it; fulfill it unto your life. Even though you die, you stay with it until you fulfill the purpose.

No matter how badly America treats Reverend Moon, even confining him to prison, it won't make any difference; it will not change me one iota. Why do I have that kind of character? It is because something else is connected to it. Therefore, with great confidence, I came to change this world into an unchanging world.

Let's say that within one family, there are two types of persons. One is principled and has a stable, unchanging character. The other is changeable, moment by moment. Which would you respect more? The unchanging quality doesn't all of a sudden come out of the ground, or out of heaven. It comes on a foundation. The children in a family must follow the parental way of life, which comes with a history. Children who rebel against their parents normally end up in disaster.

The work of Satan is to bring division between parents and children, to drive a wedge between husband and wife. Satan wants to make a changeable world. God wants united, Principled, unchanging families. God cannot put His trust in a family that is divided and changing all the time. He knows that such a family cannot accomplish His will. The essence of the family is love-supportive and sacrificial love. The quality of sacrifice is in the love of the parents for the children; such love enables the children to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the parents, the husband for the wife, and the wife for the husband. This sacrificial love is the unchanging, essential quality of family love.

Those who want to offer themselves for others will be raised up in every situation. Why is the Unification Church rising? It is simply because of our absolute sacrificial love for the world. We strive to give ourselves for the sake of the world and go beyond our own personal or selfish benefit. Because Reverend Moon has practiced this throughout his life, he's rising like the sun. The Unification Church members will be the same. If you follow this principle, you will rise, too, because that is universal law.

With this principle, we can even go down into hell and set about changing it into an unchanging world. Therefore, we don't even fear or worry about going to hell, because we know we can make it into a heavenly place by our unchanging character. What do you think? Is this noble thinking? Hell is the assembly place for the most changeable persons. Thus we will go there and convert them into unchangeable people. Those hellish people will come after you, wanting to bite you, tear you apart. But you have to persevere until the final moment.

Reverend Moon has been withstanding, persevering for his entire 60 years. The world has tried to tear me apart, accuse me, persecute me, and I have endured it. That's how I have accumulated the gifts of Heaven, something I can bring back home and give as a gift to God. I want to prepare such a gift package for God.

My philosophy is rather simple. Truth and the principle of goodness are rather simple although they are difficult to practice. In this changeable world, are you the unchangeable men and women? How can I trust your statement? How can I test you? Do you say, "Put us in the melting pot; heat us in the oven and let us melt. We'll turn into gold; then you'll know you can trust us" If you were placed in a discotheque, that's a melting pot, too. What happens? You can find several people who are ready to be converted into Moonies. You can bring several lost souls out of that place and convert them into gold chunks. When you follow the fashionable, secular way of life, you cannot bring anything precious and noble to God. What do you think? Is my statement correct?

Your youth lasts only a short time. It will never come back. I know that this is a very precious moment of your life. How can you invest that precious moment for the best purpose? This is the key question. There are basically two ways. One way is to just have fun; enjoy life. Go out dancing and dating and pursuing your carnal desires. But another way is to burn the energy of your youthful passions for the sake of something good, something unchanging. In doing that, you will be persecuted but you will be doing something centered on God's principle. Those are two ways you can invest your youth.

Those two options are always there. They were available for me, as well, and they are available now to you. Those two options will be available to the future generations. The Unification Church also has two options. One is to absolutely follow Father's way. The other is to "use your own judgment" Of two Unification leaders, which one do you think you would prefer to follow? You may have a central figure who, when I say something, says, "Let's have a meeting and discuss whether we will adopt Father's way or not" What would you think about such a thing?

The important fact is that all of the central figures are under my direction. Because of my background and accumulated authority, there is no one among the church leaders who would challenge that. I have absolute faith and confidence through my own experiences, because of the Principle, and the heavenly revelation that this way of life and this movement will prosper and be the winner in the future.

There are missionaries working throughout the world. The entire spirit world came down to assist many of those lonely missionaries in their unfamiliar lands. Why is that? Spirit world is of an unchanging quality, so they assist our missionaries because they are part of the unchanging character of Reverend Moon. They want to see the way of life that Reverend Moon is promoting flourish. Anybody under such suffering circumstances who is willing to suffer more will receive more power from spirit world. Those missionaries who said, "Oh no, I didn't expect this. I must go back to my former way of life. This is too much,' did not receive the help of spirit world. There are two types of missionaries.

If you want to receive help from spirit world, there is one sure-fire way: go down to the bottom of hell. That is an iron rule of the Principle. People say "This sounds good to my ears, feels good to my mouth-I love to talk about it; but I don't want to do it" No such excuse will work, because when you really hear goodness and speak goodness, then you have to do goodness. That is God's rule.

There are so many cases in America where people have said, "That sounds very good, but I don't particularly care to join in that action. After listening to all of the Divine Principle, it's a beautiful truth, a beautiful revelation, and I can accept everything. However, I want to remove one word: indemnity" But without indemnity, the foundation of the Principle is shaky. There is no value in it.

I am living for the sake of the fulfillment of that one word: "indemnity" How about you? You must conquer the route of indemnity in order to open the heavenly door. You must look at indemnity as God does. Are you thinking that seriously about the meaning of the word indemnity? Do you say, "Here in America we are on the top of the world, so why should we need indemnity? We have everything"? That will not work. This is a showdown. The word indemnity divides heaven and hell.

Indemnity is a defense against Satan because Satan says, "I want to go to heaven but because of indemnity, I cannot" Satan always declines indemnity. So as long as you hate the word indemnity, you are still remaining in hell. This subject will be taught during the Children's Day Conference. It is very clear, but we don't have time to finish today. Do you follow?

There are two avenues or paths to follow in the last days. One is the hellish way, the other is the heavenly way. So there are two last worlds. As we know, evildoers will be destined to hell and good people will be destined to heaven. The question is, what is evil and what is good? Who are evil people, who are good people? Those who strive to keep the soul, the heart, the essence of life and who work to bring an unchanging quality into this world are the good people. Those who have lost their own essence and character and who compromise with the world by saying, "I just want to do things the way everybody else does,' are the people who are destined to hell.

I sacrificed my youth because I am wise, not because I am dumb or foolish. I have dedicated not only my youth, but my entire life for the sake of this principle. Now the time has come, however, that Reverend Moon has risen above the level of the world. The entire world has to recognize what I have done. So actually, the battle is over. No matter what the outcome of the court battle, it won't bother me because victory has been declared. There is no power under the sun that can bring me to defeat.

Where do you want to go? Are you destined to go to heaven or to hell Do you say, "Oh, Father, we failed so miserably. Please help us"? Or would you say, "Father, please come here; I'm waiting for you. I've laid out the red carpet for you" What kind of men and women would you like to become? Is it going to be easy to do that, however?

I gave you the Blessing and I wish you to live well. That doesn't necessarily mean for you to just live physically well. It does mean that I want you, as husband and wife, to be destined to Heaven. Even if it means that you two suffer together, or even if you two are separated here on earth, you shall be destined for Heaven. That is the true Blessing.

As husband and wife, even if you had to be separated like the North and South Pole a thousand times, nothing should truly separate you. Here in America, where husband and wife can always be together, there are millions of separations. There is a drastic contrast between these two different types of couples. Which one is an unchanging couple- those who are physically separated but united in heart, or those physically united but heartistically separated? Who knows true unity?

Even Satan, when he looks at this kind of couple, would take his hat off and bow down to you saying, "Truly, the Moonie couple is amazing; I can't touch you" Satan would give up on you. The Moonie couple and family are like that; Moonie society is like that.

Why should we live like this? I am pushing you this way so that you can get a diploma, a certificate of approval, and you can be accepted in the original world. When you are crossing the boundary between hell and Heaven, don't you think you will need a certain ID card to pass? You must have a pass to go through the gate. In other words, if you are moving from one world to another, you actually must be approved by both worlds. Satan must say, "Yes, she deserves to go over there" And the Heavenly world must say, "Yes, she is qualified" Unless you have two passes, you cannot get there.

How will you get that pass? You must fulfill the criteria of indemnity; that becomes your qualification. What is the basic essence, the content of indemnity? It is separation from Satan. Do you have a record of separating from Satan? If you have failed to obtain the indemnity passport, your only destiny is hell. Why do I let you suffer? It doesn't bring me money or honor; it doesn't bring me joy. So why do I push you into suffering? It is only because of my concern for your eternal life. I want you to receive the proper passport to Heaven. That passport must be signed by the True Father. There is no boundary with such a passport. To have it signed just by Dr. Durst, as an American Church passport would not do. You would not have total freedom. You have to fulfill the requirements, otherwise that passport will not be issued. Thus the final world of Heaven and hell will be determined by that passport.

As you know, the ultimate showdown comes when you die. Inevitably, the final world will come at that time. At that moment, the important thing is whether you have that passport ready. Do you have it? You're working on it. How long are you going to be working on it? Who knows if you will die today or tomorrow? Who knows if you will live another ten, twenty, or fifty years? This is a serious matter; it is not a joke.

God would like to see more individuals, more families, more societies, and nations receive this passport. This is how the Heavenly Kingdom can be created here on earth. It is God's desire that more people pass this test. God wants to have one nation obtain this passport so that then He can bequeath the entire creation to that nation. That is the ultimate purpose of creation. Then Satan could not even approach you.

What about you? Have you completely separated from Satan? Does he have nothing more to do with you? There must be separation from Satan on the individual level, the family, clan, society, national and the world level, as well as the cosmic level. There are many different levels of the separation from Satan. When did you separate from Satan? You know the Principle. How did you separate? You should answer, "Only by paying indemnity have I separated from Satan"

Those who have a good post or a title, who are leaders of the Unification Church but who are actually doing nothing, just wasting their time, are rascals. They are like a walking pyramid of devils, I feel. It doesn't matter if you are a scholar or a national leader, if you don't pass this indemnity test, you are nothing.

No one really teaches indemnity; you have to find your own way. But you have a guide-the Principle. If you fail this test, then you are destined to hell. There is no way out. This is not a threat. In order to undo the fall, the road of indemnity is inevitable. We are going to erase all the false writing that has been made on the white sheet of history. You may erase and erase and erase until you're almost dead and it still won't be erased. When you are stretched out until you have almost given up, when you feel you have nothing left that is how much effort it takes to eliminate fallen nature from ourselves.

As long as you have fallen nature within you, Satan will say, "This is my property" He will make his claim. This is the very reason Jesus said, "Whoever tries to save his life shall lose it; but whoever loses his life for my sake shall find it" (Matt. 16:25) This teaching sounds paradoxical, but it is perfectly fitting. You have to erase everything down to the completely white original paper, even cleaner than the original. Why? Then God can forget the dark memory of the fall of man. We want to erase that memory within the heart of God.

From this standpoint, you can see how childish and naive your thinking has been. While the American public is living so well, do you want to live even better than they, or do you want to go to the pits of hell? America must empty herself for the sake of the poor. Those Americans who are willing to give their profits, heart, soul, their very lives for the sake of the poor-for people in Africa, South America, Central America, the Middle East-they are the Americans who will go to Heaven. There is no question about that.

You have to face the extreme. For example, when Africans come to America, instead of saying, "This is a heavenly country. I can live and eat well here,' they should put themselves at a lower level for the sake of America. Then Africa will go to Heaven. When African members come to America, I will not let them enjoy themselves. I will bring them down to the worst possible level and let them suffer. I will send them to the black communities to develop their parental heart.

Who will do more, who will take a more public stand? That's the key question. If black people are more sacrificial for the sake of America, then they will be the winners. If they are only self-centered, they will be the losers. Laziness is the worst enemy of the black community. Reverend Moon came to America to wipe out that laziness. South America is the "maņana" country. In Brazil, for example, if they don't accomplish something today, they don't care; they can do it tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. But that is not acceptable to me.

I came to ignite the fires of revolution in people's hearts, so they can change drastically and give up their old habits and bad traditions, and be molded into a new beings. Let's say there are three women living together. How can you evaluate which one will go the highest heaven? It's very simple. The person who wants to dedicate and sacrifice herself the most for the sake of others is the person who will become the center person. The sacrificial person becomes the Abel, the center in spirit.

This is the reason the Unification Church cannot be divided; this principle is absolute. Who will be standing on the Heavenly side? You know very clearly. Whether someone is self-centered or public-centered will determine the leadership. This formula will override all other rules or laws of Heaven and earth. It goes beyond them all.

Of the CAUSA leadership, who shall ultimately be the center among them? Those who sacrifice more for the public purpose. It is simple. Whoever suffers and sacrifices more for the sake of the world will become the center of the world. Is this rule right or wrong? Is it correct only when Reverend Moon is preaching, or is it correct forever? The sacrificial person will become the center of his home. Likewise, in society, that kind of individual will become the center. On the national level, as well as the world, that kind of individual will be in the center.

In the entire world, there is only one person preaching this principle, over and over again, and that is Reverend Moon. No matter what happens to me, I will never change. I continue to push for this one principle throughout my life. Even if you all fulfill and harvest the results of this principle, still I will teach the same thing. Are you the harvested fruit, the seed?

You say, "Father, you always talk about the same thing at Belvedere" I tell you, even though this generation comes and goes, I will still preach the same principle, because it is the cardinal rule. If there was a shortcut, I would have been the first to find and take it.

Do you want to receive the passport to Heaven? The Unification Church has true Moonies and false Moonies. Which one are you? I see only one true Moonie here, and that's myself! There is still a certain gap between my thinking and yours. That means you are not yet a true Moonie.

In measuring anything, you have to have a standard. If you want to be absolutely accurate, you have to apply that standard absolutely. Then you can expand that standard in all four directions; you can be sure you are correct.

Our title today, "The Final World Centered Upon Good and Evil", indicates the goal or target for anyone to become a true Moonie. You will achieve that goal only by principled living, by completely uniting yourselves with this principle. Then you shall survive and prosper. Just analyze yourself and your deeds from this standpoint and way of life. You have to abolish your self-centered family, nation, and world concepts and change them to God-centered concepts, as I have been teaching you. You need to receive these concepts and forsake your old ones.

If America wants to live up to the absolute will of God, then America must follow this principle and give up herself for the sake of the world. President Reagan's announcement that the Marines should go to Grenada to protect the American interests and the 1000 American lives there wasn't good enough, in my eyes. There are 400 billion people around the world, and there are 150 million dead from the yoke of communism. For the sake of all the enslaved human beings, America should sacrifice herself. The President's announcement should have acknowledged that. Then God's blessing could be given to America. America must be centered upon the fulfillment of God's will in a sacrificial way. Then this nation shall be blessed.

Communists are the tools of Satan and Satan is a liar. Because they routinely resort to lies, it is clearly impossible to create conferences or any kind of reasonable dialogue with communists. Communist regimes are the most changeable of all; they are absolutely irresponsible, cruel and barbaric. In order to deal with them, we have to enforce an unchanging quality, an unchanging principle and a sacrificial way of life. That is the only way we will overcome them. My goal is Moscow. I have a long way to go, but I have already come a long way. My suffering in America is as nothing; I am anticipating even greater suffering. If you cannot follow me during this American battle, I will be going on to greater hardship and suffering and you will not be there. I want to train you to be the "remnant," those who will remain, who can survive to the last. That is the kind of men and women I want to see.

Do you think going to Moscow will be easy? Do you think the suffering there will be lesser or greater? For that reason, I let you suffer here in America. You have not seen suffering yet in this country, in these circumstances. For three to seven years, you must give your life and your soul to this land; then you will become a true American who can inherit the God-centered, blessed America. I am pushing you to become the surviving remnant. When the missionaries went out, I never even looked at them for seven years. Compared to their lives, you cannot even say you have suffered. Reverend Moon is, in a way, God's missionary to America. Isn't that true?

Did I receive a hearty welcome in America? No, I was rejected; the foundation I have laid in America has been created upon rejection after rejection. The world and America must come to recognize Reverend Moon's accomplishments. They cannot deny them because I built them upon rejection. I have suffered ten, even a hundred times more than you. I face problems all the time. Witnessing and fundraising are ten times easier than that. How can you complain or doubt or be wishy-washy when you know what I face? We still have a long way to go to reach the final world.

God is not looking at only you; He is looking through you at the world, your nation, your family. You are at the center, like the chosen champion-that's the way God expects you to fulfill your responsibility. Do you think that kind of responsibility is easy? You may cope on the individual or family level, but what about the national or world level? I am coping with that level all the time. Therefore, all you have to do is unite with me and then my triumph becomes yours. Thus you should always ask me to give you more suffering, more challenge, ask me to let you do more for the sake of the world. Such men and women shall truly become the children of God, pious sons and daughters. But I want you to know that I will never let you do it alone; I will always be with you.

Those who are determined to become champions and be centered on goodness at the end of the world, raise your hands please. God bless you. Let us pray.

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