The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1983

Day Of Heavenly Victory

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
October 4, 1983
Translator - Sang Kil Han

Have you ever thought about what we mean exactly by "Day of Heavenly Victory?" Does it mean the victory of Heaven in America, or in the world, or throughout history and throughout the cosmos? Does it mean that every person has gone successfully through his path of restoration and that everything is going properly in the world? Certainly not, so what exactly is the victory of Heaven?

If you had to answer that question on a test, what would you write? You would fail the test if you couldn't answer that question. Since you don't fully know the answer, it is probably very good for you to listen to my explanation.

God established His ideal and goals for the creation in the very beginning. Once He accomplished His goals, that would have been the completion of His ideal. We know that the ideal does not exist totally within God but requires the participation of His creation. Therefore the word "Heaven" does not exist alone; it requires a corresponding position to have meaning.

When you write "Heaven" in Chinese, you use the characters representing two persons. Oriental people have been using characters in their writing which contain a lot of revelatory information without realizing it.

The immensity of Heaven can be filled by the presence of two persons. All the things of creation might protest when they hear such a statement, saying, "What about all of us! Are you completely ignoring us and including only mankind?" God would answer, "You do not understand. Before I ever created mankind, I created all the different components that would go into them. That is what all of you are."

Perhaps all the things of creation would scrutinize what God said and complain, "I don't see myself in any of those human beings." But God would tell them, "Everything in creation is included within human beings. Nothing exists which is not included." Then all things might say, "Please show us some proof." How would God prove it? He could say, "Let's have an entertainment program. Let's challenge human beings to imitate the gestures of all the other forms of creation."

Man could imitate the way a bird walks and the birds would watch very closely. Then the lark could ask the human to mimic its voice; the sheep and the cow could do the same and man could do it. Perhaps it would take all day long, but finally God could say, "Now do you agree that all of you are represented in human beings?" They would have to agree.

This is why the Divine Principle calls man "the microcosm of the universe." Each person is a tiny universe. Thus we can more fully understand why two persons represent the entirety of Heaven. When we say "two persons," do we mean two men, two women, or what? We mean one man and one woman! That is the only combination possible that could include all the aspects of the creation. One person must be a plus and the other must be a minus.

You may think you clearly understand the Divine Principle, but you haven't asked enough questions of yourselves. The original plus being is God, the origin of the universe. When you understand that God is a plus being, it can make Him seem closer to you, instead of considering Him a far away, distant figure. Men are predominantly plus but they have an element of minus in them; likewise women are predominantly minus but they have an element of plus. There are certain basically plus characteristics and certain minus characteristics within the sung-sang element of man. We can see these things very clearly, now that it has been laid out in logical form. But nobody in the past has ever had such a complete and all-encompassing understanding.

God is the original plus being and mankind is the original minus being. Within that entity of mankind is perfected man and perfected woman. They are intended to become true parents. What do true parents do? Once they are perfected they become one with the original plus being. When a strong positive electrical current exists, it will flow down into a strong negative current and they will produce a tremendous spark of light. What is it that original man and woman produce when they spark together? True love. All mature men and women have the potential for a tremendous spark.

You might ask God, "Why did You impose a regulation or commandment on love? Why can't man and woman just do whatever they feel like doing as soon as they are capable?" Because of the Divine Principle, we can know the answer. The commandment not to eat which God gave to the first man and woman was a great thing, for which they should have been grateful. It was all right for the man and woman to be close to each other, but there was one thing they could not do. They were not supposed to enter each other's holy palace of love; God told them they could do anything else, just not that one thing.

Once those two had become perfected according to God's standard, God's original plus of love could have moved into their palaces of love. That was the plan for creation. Today the Unification Church members are receiving the same commandment. Why is that? It is because original love is waiting for you. That is a most beautiful and powerful thing.

Now that we understand this beautiful plan of creation, we can look at the way love has been degraded in the secular world, particularly in America; truly that love is no higher than that of dogs or other animals. We can determine not to take part in any of that degraded love which Satan has produced. Knowing the principle, we can see that what passes for love in the secular world is something outside of principle and therefore the source of man's destruction, not his perfection.

These are simple but extremely important points which must be understood if we are to figure out the rest of the problems of the world and ourselves. As soon as the people of the world find out that Reverend Moon is opening the gate to this understanding, they will start to run after him and try to go with him. You state leaders and IOWC leaders, will you also follow after Reverend Moon at any cost?

You may say, "Yes, I am trying to follow after Reverend Moon but he always gives me such a hard time, how can I follow?" Why should Reverend Moon do such a thing? When I look at you, I can see that you are not alone in your pursuit of me; someone else is following you. Satan is coming after you with a dark cloth to envelope you; therefore, I must pull you free.

The average person doesn't realize that Satan is following after him because he can't see him. He might be told about Satan and then turn around and say, "Satan, go away!" but he can't see him anywhere. Therefore, I must kick and push that person. At that point Satan will come and whisper in his ears, "It's not worth it to follow Reverend Moon." Should I leave that person alone to do things exactly as he sees fit, or should I try to pull him toward God in the shortest possible time?

When two people are engaged to be blessed, they might be tempted to focus entirely on their love and ignore my warnings, saying, "After we are truly united we can listen to Father." Then they put my words second in priority to their relationship. Such people are definitely going in the wrong direction to find original, true love. It doesn't matter how difficult it is to get to our goal as long as we get there.

Why should the state and IOWC members listen to their leaders? It is so they can come closer to me and understand God's situation better. Each member must understand what the highest Abel is saying. Then if one of their intermediate Abels starts to do things which are inconsistent with my goals, they can report that to me. Who is the highest Abel? From the Divine Principle perspective, I will demote any leader who is inconsistent with my words.

To disentangle Satan from an individual and chase him away is my greatest responsibility on earth. Whom do you like to follow, the central figure who is always sweet to you or the highest leader who is always harsh? In the very beginning, Adam and Eve listened to an "intermediate Abel," the archangel, who came to them with sweet words which were inconsistent with God's words. God had said, "Don't," but the archangel said, "Do," and that was easier to follow.

Although I will be kind to you most of the time, when it comes to this principle I will never compromise and I will be harsh. My simple rule of judgment is whether a person follows this principle, even though it is very difficult. If he does, I know he is going the right way. But if someone refuses this principle and only wants to go the easy way, I know he has the wrong attitude. How can I judge other people's intentions so clearly? Because I myself have gone the same way and I have always found that there are at least two ways to do something-the easy way and the more difficult way. My intuition always told me that the difficult way was also the right way to go and sure enough, it always was.

This is most serious. Only you can be the ultimate judge of whether you are following this principle. No central figure, even Reverend Moon, can guide you 100%. This is so serious that I am harsh, not only with all the leaders, but also with Mother. Actually I am harshest of all with Mother. Even though she might be totally exhausted after some event, I will urge her to continue. That is not because I hate her but because I love her. I cannot bend the principle for anyone.

Without the eyeglasses of this principle, it is often impossible to judge whether a person is truly righteous or not. But when you know that the person who is willing to go the difficult way has to have a righteous motivation, then you can see people more clearly. Some American members might have thought, "Until now, things were always sunshiny but since all those Japanese, European and Korean elders came, the weather is getting very cloudy!" However, if the weather here in America remained only sunshiny bright all the time without any clouds and rain, it would soon dry up and become a desert, don't you agree? Therefore, please welcome any clouds that come along!

This is supposed to be a day of celebration, so why am I giving such a harsh and principle-oriented talk? It is because this is the most crucial, basic point. I must be sure that you understand this because until you do, you are not really qualified to listen to the meaning of the Day of Heavenly Victory.

Certainly, I agree that the climate of the American movement has been shiny and bright, but that brightness will never bring rain. Only with clouds and pouring rain can America receive the outpouring of spirit; without that, America will just dry up. There are two ways to go: the easy way of constant sunshine until you dry up, or the difficult way of clouds and rain which will bring the outpouring of spirit, and ultimately prosperity.

People in the secular world say, "Why do you Moonies go out on rainy days and work? Why not just go out when the weather is nice?" However, Moonies ignore those words because we can only claim our victory and our pride once we have gone through the difficult days. You must know this point clearly. Are you only thinking about your own happiness with your wife or husband? I know your thinking so I am teaching you these things.

We are now standing on the most fearful crossroads because of this principle. Once you tell me, "I understand what you say," you had better realize that you will be expected to carry it out. If you don't want this kind of purpose, then you can do freely whatever you want. But if you listen to me and you understand the seriousness of this, you will have to follow. It is true that younger members can learn from older members but you must always be careful. Discern whether the judgment of older members is actually right, according to this principle.

I am making myself available just like a ladder. You can climb on me in order to go up higher. Will you tell me, "I want to climb on you, Father, but please make it easy."? I want to make it as easy as possible, but there are certain principles which I cannot bend or alter. I want to tell you members who have been in the movement for many years that if you have the ears and the eyes to receive what I am saying here, the American church will begin to prosper. Not enough members are doing that.

Go ahead and try what you might think is the best way to go. I can guarantee that the only way is the way I am directing, even though it is very difficult. If the road were broad and smooth, many would have chosen it. There is only one road to the goal, and that road is narrow. The True Parents have worked at the risk of their lives, with backbreaking effort, to make this road passable for individuals, families, nations and the world. Can you try to follow that path now and expect it to be easy? Can you say, "No matter what Father says, I will go the way I choose."?

I am now giving the same direction to every member in the Unification Church: if you know that your central figure is not going in the same direction as Reverend Moon, you are now authorized to leave that IOWC commander or leader and go where you know the leader is following my direction. Of course, you must let someone know what you are doing. You should call Kim Tamura here at Belvedere, who will record it and let Headquarters know.

The same thing applies to all you state leaders. If you want to protest to me, saying, "Father, you are not living up to the principle which you have taught me," that is fine; you can go where you feel you can do it better. But then you have to make your report to God! You can tell God that you don't think my method will work and that you are taking over as chief restorer. Who knows, God might accept that! Is that fair enough? The same principle applies to every state leader, commander, Korean leaders, and so forth. There is no exception.

The only thing we really care about is reaching the goal of true love. Everything else is subordinated to that. This is the most wonderful of news. Once we penetrate that point, everything will be accomplished; we will not have to do more.

You must think about the current world situation. Look at it through God's eyes. Who can solve the problems for God? If we can solve these problems, we will be the greatest people of history. We must proclaim to God, "We will do it! No matter how difficult, even unto our lives, we will do it!" God will be so grateful that we took care of His problems and that we are making one ideal family.

I have spoken to you for a few minutes in English so that we can communicate directly. I know that Korean is very difficult for you to learn, but you have to be able to understand me. By learning Korean, you can understand the spiritual world more clearly. Are you studying Korean? You must study hard. Korean has twenty-four characters in its alphabet. You can learn them within twenty minutes. There are just a few sounds, such as "th," which are not included; except for that the Korean language can pronounce the sounds of all the other languages in the world. For this reason, Koreans can learn other languages quickly.

This is my honest opinion and not just because I am Korean. The Korean language is the best for people to express deep feelings, especially between lovers, and for the expression of profound religious feelings. Therefore, will you quickly learn it? Koreans have a kind of "revolutionary" character. They want to do things in a dramatic, total way, not in just a simple, linear way. That is why God chose a Korean to come to America. Only with a revolutionary way of thinking could anyone deal with this giant, cumbersome country.

What is our biggest purpose? It is to reach our goal of true love. All the other things are minor and transitory. In our Pledge, what do we claim to be proud of? One people, language, and culture centered upon God. What is that culture? Do you think the American culture is God's culture? What about the Korean culture? No, God's culture is the Adam culture. Who is at the center of the Adam culture? True love is at the center. There is only one true love, not many different ones. Thus we are proud to use the language of the true love culture.

True Adam is the True Father. The true language is the one which the true children inherit from the True Parents. That is the principled view of "true language." How do you know that Reverend Moon is the True Parent? Actually, you don't really know. Once you go to spirit world, though, you will know. The True Parenthood doesn't come from Reverend Moon himself, it comes from God; so unless you know God, there is no way you can know the True Parents. Thus you are in the process of learning about the True Parents, about God, and all the aspects of spirit world. You certainly cannot claim to know everything at this time.

You are like university students, in the "universal university" of the True Parents. If you don't learn about every point from the professor, you can't be qualified for your diploma. The Unification Church has all the different grades of students-from kindergarten through elementary school and on up through college and the postgraduate level. Everybody is learning together and striving for the same ultimate goal.

You have many different excuses for not studying, "Because of my wife/husband, I couldn't make a good grade," and so forth. However, those excuses will never take you to the destination. Unlike some of the traditional Christian churches, who think they can do whatever they want and still get a passing grade for Heaven, it is not easy to receive a diploma from True Father's school.

If we could give grades to Heaven itself, wouldn't you prefer to go to the Ph.D. level, rather than the elementary school level? In order to get there, you must have great discipline. You must be able to deny yourself; you cannot just look at or listen to whatever you feel like, and you cannot just sleep whenever you might feel like it. Such is the life you are leading now. I have been working throughout my life for the purpose of preparing the course for you.

You may have been a member for many years and perhaps a leader for a long time in the church, but you should ask yourself seriously how much you really know the True Father. Many scholars outside the church study comparative religion and sometimes they understand more than you do. Thus how can you claim seniority? These are important points which I am digressing to explain; I want you to be fully aware of these things.

In order for a man and woman to get completely close to each other, they must first be close to God and the True Parents. The person who understands God and the Parents can then become one with another person. Until such time, you must restore the ability to truly love each other with the brotherly and sisterly heart.

God will come to visit you, even though you may not know that He is near. When the moment of contact between man and God, the original plus being, occurs it will be like lightning. Then the entire universe will be shocked by that love and they will explode in joy because their original Subject will have come into them. So far, that has not been achieved.

The talk this morning is centered on the Day of the Victory of Heaven. Let me ask you a question: is the Day of Victory of Heaven that day in which all the population of the earth has joined the Unification Church? Is the Day of Victory of Heaven the day in which all the people of the earth welcome the Unification Church and rejoice that it is here? No, the Day of Victory of Heaven is the day when the original plus being became one with the original minus being, man. How many people are required to achieve that? Only one man and one woman, plus God, making oneness in love as husband and wife. But before a man and woman become husband and wife, the principle requires that they become brother and sister in the true sense, with true brotherly and sisterly love.

That is our pattern. You get matched as an engaged couple and then you relate like a brother and sister, going your separate ways. You should remind each other, "We must listen to our parents first of all." After you have become one on that level, you can reach the level of true parents yourself. That is the path of reaching the heart of true love. Thus you are preparing yourselves to become true parents, by first becoming true brothers and sisters, then true couples. Unless you go through these stages, you cannot give birth to true children. Can you reach that level? If you do not, your children will accuse you.

We know clearly how Adam and Eve failed along their path to that goal. In order to correct their failure, you must understand what I have been discussing today. Do you think I, too, have had to follow this road of principle or am I exempt because of a special power from God? I had to be the first person to go this path. Satan knows clearly what is needed for God to come into this world; therefore, all his forces were mobilized to block True Parents from reaching all the way to God. He knew that if the True Parents were not established, he would have been able to reign without interference forever.

Satan's forces tried everything to stop the True Parents from achieving unity, striving to block each step which they had to climb. Thus the strongest time of persecution and effort on the part of Satan centered on that day of the victory of Heaven. Satan always tries to work through a person's immediate family-the people closest to him-in order to get him. The entire family must achieve unity with no one being outside that unity.

Both Satan and God knew very well that the path of restoration lay in the unity of True Parents and their family. God was hoping for that to happen and Satan was hoping to prevent it. God provided the proper religious environment around the world, through Judaism and Christianity and so forth, to help His goal to be achieved.

History has a clear cause and effect. If the religious leaders had helped Jesus during his time, the world could have been restored then and the misery of the world would have ended. All the twelve tribes could have achieved unity as well. Today the disharmony between Arabs and Israelis is the result of that failure of 2,000 years ago to achieve the unity between the twelve tribes. There is no way to achieve unity between the Arabs and Jews outside of the teaching of the Divine Principle because that is the only way they can possibly understand each other and overcome their differences. You may have wondered why we hold the Conference on God and the Youth Seminars; the main reason is that we are striving to bring about that unity.

If established Christianity only knew about the Cain and Abel principle in God's dispensation, America could have come into perfect unity as the Abel country after World War II. That was the most opportune time, but because of ignorance it didn't happen. The entire earth could have been united under God, even the Soviet Union, but America did not seize that opportunity. Therefore, God could not stop communism from rising up and striking at America.

Nobody else understands this historical fact. Now is the time for Christianity to be revived and to fulfill its destiny. America is deteriorating morally because of Christianity's declining influence here. All the religions of the world must be brought into unity as well.

Satan knows very well that God wants to see the unity of the world. Thus communism is striving to do that very thing-under Satan's guidance. He wants to destroy America in the process. There is no other religion in the world that sees this fact; the Unification Church is alone in proclaiming it. Reverend Moon is the only one bringing an ideology powerful enough to defeat communism, but many Americans are turning against Reverend Moon and are inadvertently aiding Satan's efforts in this country.

That which America had the potential to establish after World War II has been recreated by Reverend Moon- uniting all different kinds of people, reviving the Christian spirit, and so forth-except we have had to do it without any nation's support. While I was carrying this out individually, I was opposed on every level-by friends, members of my family, and the country. You can inherit the victory which is established on a certain foundation, but once that foundation is lost you cannot go straight to the original goal. Once you become a sinner, there is no way to get back to the original state without indemnity. Thus the Unification Church's most important teaching is that of indemnity. Indemnity is the key to reaching Heaven.

Indemnity is, first of all, the key to opening Heaven. I knew when I had to go up the sharpest hill of indemnity. Because the established Christian churches in Korea opposed me, I had to re-indemnify that. This is why I founded a true ecumenical movement. There is no other way to get back to the original situation than by loving our enemies, those who persecute us. Therefore, we must love the established Christian churches regardless of what they do against us.

It was at this time in 1976 when I made all the re-indemnity conditions. Then all the opposing forces were massed together-including all the free world, Christians, Jewish people, and communists. We sent missionaries to 127 nations around the world, to indemnify the fact that all the world came against our movement.

There has never before been a religious leader in history who was attacked by the entire world and all the other religions as well. Satan was saying, "All right, you made a family and a clan; but let's see if you can survive this worldwide opposition." Even Mother herself didn't understand what I was doing. All she had to do was have absolute confidence in me and follow my direction. This condition was very significant for Mother. If she was able to support me throughout all the trying times, she was also able to take the victory with me. Whatever I was able to accomplish was equally shared with Mother because she made me the success that I was. You, the children, had the same responsibility as Mother: simply to support the True Father.

The Washington Monument rally was the peak time of the opposition from the entire world; since then it has been dying down. Satan's explicit purpose of opposing our movement in 1976 was to chase us away from America, but he failed. After that, people started to wonder how Reverend Moon had been able to produce such a large scale rally in America when he couldn't even speak English.

Those things which America needed but was totally unable to do have been done by Reverend Moon. At this time, people are giving Reverend Moon credit for being an indispensable person for America, but you can look back and see where we started. Many people are beginning to understand the value of Reverend Moon to this country. Much of their opportunity was wasted, but they still have the chance to follow God's direction.

If they put me in jail, I will stay there for a year and a half, then I will have to completely give up on America. I will have to leave and God, too, will leave this country. This is why I am exhorting all you Americans to try their best at this time. This is not a threat or a retaliation against injustice; it is purely the prediction, based on the Divine Principle, of what the world will become in the future. Do all you fifty state leaders clearly understand now, on behalf of all Americans? This is why I have so often spoken of having to leave the country.

Until 1985, even if the government fails to understand and support us, we must educate the American people ourselves, telling them about what is imminent in God's providence. You must understand clearly that this is why all the Japanese, Korean, German and European members have come here. The American people must be made to understand during these next two or three years.

Like the three days of darkness of Jesus, these next three years will be our chance to rise above the cross. If we are determined to even go to jail for the next three years if that can bring life to America, we can go over the time of crucifixion. But if nobody does anything victorious, we will certainly be defeated.

Many people have started to see that our movement is capable of protecting this country from communist infiltration and takeover. Americans are also beginning to realize that our movement has the only solution to the problems of drug abuse and youthful degradation, as well as the widespread immorality and the deterioration of Christian influence.

The Israelites never realized who Jesus was until after he was dead; but by then it was too late. Now, before Americans crucify Reverend Moon, they must understand and appreciate his value and for the next three years start to follow the guidance and direction of our movement. If that happens, they will be most fortunate.

There is truly a potential for blessing in America because many leaders, including intellectuals and government people, are beginning to realize this point. The persecution of 1976 is being reversed; instead of trying to chase our movement out of the country, many leaders of Christian churches are standing up and speaking out for us. If we can teach Americans the value of the Divine Principle during these next three years, the country can be saved.

All of the money that our church has been making and all of the effort we have been expending has been for the sake of America. If Americans beg us to continue our work, then I would have to think twice whether I should accept their apology and stay here. That is the position I am in now. Many people in South America are calling to Reverend Moon and asking for him to come there.

These next three years are our opportunity to march forward into Canaan. If you don't make it, all your descendants will blame you. Those Israelites who refused to listen to Moses in the wilderness all perished. From 1945 until 1985 is our forty years' wilderness period. The entire world is actually in the wilderness-turmoil and tribulation are occurring everywhere. But now that time is coming to an end.

The European leaders have their own pressing timetable and responsibilities. However, there is nothing more important than the crucial moment the world is facing, centered upon America. That is why those Europeans were called here; in the long run, their work will be of greater benefit to their own country than if they stayed home at this time. If those European leaders do not see this clearly and have left America without seeking my permission, they are really short-sighted. They will leave a big stain on the history of the dispensation.

Nothing is more important than God's dispensation at this time, so everything else must be subordinated to it. Have you ever stopped to think that it is up to you whether or not America will accept and welcome True Parents? That is a truly honorable and important task in God's dispensation. I know that any individual or family that misses this once-in-history opportunity to help install the position of True Parents in this country and world, will cry out with regret for generations to come. This is certainly not a threat but an assessment of the world, based upon the Divine Principle. Do you understand?

This day of October 4, 1976, was the day when the persecution started to turn around. That was the day when the True Parents could put down their marker in the earth. Instead of passively enduring persecution, we could take the offensive against Satan and begin to work positively for God. That was the first time when True Parents' settlement could be established and the possibility of your settlement came into being. Therefore, on the first day of this year, which was seven years after that victory, I proclaimed the motto, "Home Church Is Our Land of Settlement." For the first time, our motto included the idea of settlement.

Since the True Parents struggled against evil on the world level to establish the Heavenly settlement, all the members of their family must fight against evil to establish their own settlements. Until that point in 1976, there was no time in the history of the Unification Church when we could even begin to take an offensive position toward the persecution. But now, for the first time, we have assumed a rightly aggressive stance. During the next three years, if we win this fight, all the problems will be dissipated. After that victory, no matter what we do-dancing all day and night-nobody will accuse us for it.

The original man and woman became one and settled down, just like God's original plan of creation. This was accomplished even while Satan's forces were opposing them on every level. Fighting against Satan, the Parents established their eternal settlement on the earth, and that was the Day of the Victory of Heaven. When that happened, God was no longer limited to working only on the vertical level, but was also able to work horizontally. Until then, you had to pray so deeply and strongly before you could receive any direct guidance from God through spirit world. But now, since you are horizontally aligned with the True Parents, each of you can receive guidance from spirit world directly in your work. How encouraging that is and so much easier for you to make your best effort! From this time on, since we are in the realm of the horizontal influence, this can happen more and more.

By the True Parents "settling down," I do not mean that we will continue to live where we are now, in America. It means that wherever True Parents may go, the dispensation can be continued based upon that country.

Where is that Heaven for which we have cried out for so long? It is right here on the earth, not somewhere in space. Heaven begins when we survive and win over all the persecution and opposition. We are together here in America from all the different countries and races, working like a hurricane to establish God's domain. This country represents the world; beginning here, we can spread God's settlement over the whole earth. Then we can live the original way of life.

Those Japanese members did not come over here to make a living for you Americans! You must save this country. All you state leaders-do you understand that? It is good for you to make this determination on the Day of Heavenly Victory. Moses got discouraged and blocked from succeeding in his mission by his tribal chiefs. You fifty state leaders are in the position of those tribal chiefs. You must lead and teach with all your energy. No matter what, we must bring everyone into Canaan.

This Day of the Victory of Heaven is the day when Heaven had the minimum foundation here on earth for God, the original plus being, and the original man and woman to get together and realize God's ideal of creation. From that small foundation onward, it can grow in strength. Such is the significance of this day. I want you to know that all the work I have done was for the sake of this victorious day. The victorious result of all my life is what I am about to give to you by letting you work for the next three years. Compared to my entire lifetime, this is a tremendous privilege for you.

Up to now, I have personally struggled around the world-Korea, Japan, and now the U.S. But you don't have to go anywhere else besides this country for the next three years, fighting for God's providence, and it will be the same victory as the one I gained after a lifetime of struggle.

This is the moment of declaration to this country and the whole world. America can never solve its own problems without the guidance of Reverend Moon and the Divine Principle. There is no place in the world for America unless it follows this guidance. If the rest of America is not listening, how about you Moonies? Do you believe that what I am saying is true? Do you KNOW this is true? How can you know it? All the hundreds of things Reverend Moon predicted in the past have come true. Therefore, you can trust that what I am predicting now about the future must also come true.

Even now if someone says Reverend Moon is the Lord of the Second Advent, many people respond, "It is possible. Reverend Moon seems to have that potential." So during the next three years, are you really going to dedicate your entire energies with utmost seriousness, or are you going to straggle along like in the past?

I know that this is the only way for you to go; either you must do it now or much later. Do those things during the next three years which you can tell stories about for the rest of your life! The record you establish during this time will be the public record of your relationship with me. No one has ever before stood and proclaimed so clearly what a good reward you can claim if you do certain things during the next three years. These words of encouragement are truly a blessing for all those who happen to be participating in today's celebration.

Can you imagine that the Unification Church could ever be more persecuted than we were in 1976? The only way that could happen would be if America completely failed and communism took over the world; if that happened, then no Moonies would survive. But as long as America survives in the dispensation, America doesn't even have to fight against communism. The Unification movement will directly solve the problem of communism without any fighting. We can solve all the problems of youth degradation and drug abuse as well, very simply.

Therefore, continue working for the goal of educating the American people. Let them know how much they need the True Parents. I expect you to be brave and audacious. Is this a moment of pride for you, or misery?

If I explained everything I have said in exact detail, it would be too complicated. The person who listened would have had an added burden of responsibility, so I just give the broad points and you can still be on God's side without such a burden. This is a principle which I have followed in teaching you.

Each of you must achieve your own Day of Victory of Heaven before you can achieve your perfect unity as a couple with God. Unless you do that, you will not rise above the situation you are in; you will be unable to settle. You should be grateful that I am so concerned about your own day of settlement.

You want to love your spouse, don't you? The Day of Victory of Heaven will be transferred to you and you can establish your own day of victory by following the victory of True Parents in the two or three years to come. When this happens, the Unification Church will not have to face anything like the persecution we faced in the past; nobody will have to be martyred again. When America comes securely within God's domain, communism will be no problem in the world even though they might appear to be very mighty.

I have thought that ,in order to continue God's will in America, we could raise up Senators and Congressmen centered on God. God certainly does not want to see weak, self-centered Congressmen in this country; He wants a righteous president and government. This is why I have worked so hard to train you how to win over communism. This has been my continual purpose.

Are you going to inherit that Day of Victory of Heaven? You should organize your own rallies in each state, the way I did with Yankee Stadium, Washington Monument, and Madison Square Garden. Since I knew you state leaders could not do that by yourselves, I gave you the assistance of IOWC to create the right environment for you. Are you going to follow my pattern of activity? Even though my directions might sound very drastic, still you should not criticize from your own viewpoint.

Are you state leaders going to follow me as your leader and example? I asked the major leaders not to hold conferences among themselves or with the state leaders unless it concerns ways of pursuing my direction more effectively. That kind of conference is needed, but any conference which has the result of watering down my direction should not be held. If you hear someone saying something contrary to my direction, you should point it out to him. Don't just sit there and be polite; tell what you know to be right and wrong, even if it is your Abel you are speaking to. Will you really tell what you know to be my direction when someone is wrong? This will ensure the strength of our activity.

Suppose it happened that a leader was the target of someone pointing out an error in thinking; he ought to say, "Thank you for that." This is a way of self-protection for you ordinary members of the movement. You cannot blame your Abel figure later for some misdirection he gives because you have the responsibility to follow my direction, regardless. The one who gives misdirection is not Abel, but Cain; he is standing on Satan's side. If your leader cannot exercise proper leadership, then I will do it in his place.

Now you understand clearly what "central figure" means. You must know clearly that the primary central figure is God. The main central figure for our movement is Reverend Moon; the rest of the central figures are all in the position of intermediaries. How can you ever think of giving the same consideration, even less, to the main central figure as you do to the lesser ones? It is no wonder that the Unification Church is inefficient with such an attitude.

This is certainly the Day of Victory of Heaven and at the same time it is the day of victory over evil's domain. It took us a long time to get to this point, but now we have a clear path. I have truly told you everything you need to know. From now on, no matter where I might be, you shouldn't try to seek me out for additional instruction.

These next three years will be the most crucial time for you and at the same time for me in the worldwide dispensation. Do you realize that if I go out of my way for your sake, there is someone who will accuse that it is unfair? From now on, I will not regularly appear for all the public gatherings. I know when I pray each morning what is in store for me that day; so when I feel that a day is Godly, certainly I will come and share with you. If I feel it is not wise, then I won't. Please understand this.

Instead of looking for me, put yourself in my position and do the same as I would do. I would like to stand in the front line forever, but it is best for the overall purpose that I do not. You must also have the opportunity to establish your own victory. I ask you to do your very best during these next two or three years. Will you do it?

Instead of teaching you directly, I have given you the Korean and Japanese leaders. I have been teaching them for many years and they have more than ample ability to lead you. If you feel really lonesome for me, please turn to them just as if they were me. God bless you.

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