The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1983

The Day Of All Things - 1983

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
June 11, 1983
World Mission Center
Translator - Sang Kil Han

When you hear the phrase "Day of All Things" what do you think of first? Those who do not understand the Unification Church might wonder about the meaning of that phrase, but for most Unification Church members it brings to mind some profound past experiences. Through the Principle we learn that God created the angelic realm, then all things, and finally people. The angelic realm came first and the human realm last, but human beings are the center of all realms.

God was supposed to have perfect dominion over the world through His love, but has everything God created been living under His perfect dominion? When does the perfection of creation take place? Was God's creation complete when He made the angelic realm, or formed all things? Was it complete when He finished creating mankind? None of these was the completion of God's creation. Completion can only come when God and human beings are perfectly united in love; then all things and the angelic realm as well can be united in God's love. Only then will God's creation of the world be completed.

If you ask people if they have ever been truly loved-by God or by someone else-what kind of answer would you get? Can anyone reply, "Yes, I have been receiving an abundant amount of love, and I don't need any more"? No, we are still far from that state. To prove the point, 75 percent of theologians-those who study God as their specialty- are not even sure whether God exists!

What about Unification Church members? Are you ignorant or knowledgeable about God? We know God not only intellectually, but through our emotions and our heart as well. In the Unification Church, we have a clear and certain relationship with God.

In God there is no lack of happiness or peace of mind. God is perfect and has everything: joy, happiness and peace. So unless He is unhappy, the perfected person cannot be unhappy. Human perfection or completion is no abstract notion. It is very simple: when someone is very happy and cannot possibly be happier, when someone has an abundance and needs nothing more, then he is perfected; then he is happy. Of course, liberty is also included within perfection; a completed person can fulfill his true desires.

What do people want? They naturally want to do the things they enjoy and, ultimately, to possess God's love. Human beings do not need anything beyond the ultimate love of God. If you ask someone what he wants, many things might come to mind at first. But upon deeper reflection, he might reply, "I want to have the world to enjoy as I wish" The world encompasses all things of creation, such as trees and flowers, and mankind as well. If someone wants to "have the world,' does that mean he also wants to "have" mankind? When we speak of people, we include Caucasians, Blacks and Orientals-actually all five colors of skin. Do you think he would want to have all people, along with the whole world? There may be some who would rather exclude people and focus only on nature.

If God exists, wouldn't you want to possess Him also? Furthermore, in the spirit world there are billions of people, as well as the angels; do you ignore them and relate only with God? No? In your desire to own all things and possess God and His love, you wouldn't exclude people, would you? To say no is to recognize that you do care about other people and you want to see all people-on earth and in the spirit world as well-experience happiness even before you do.

Unless people are completed, God Himself is not fulfilled. Only through perfected love can God and human beings be fulfilled and perfected. Mankind has never understood this important fact before. Previously, people always assumed that God has been perfectly fulfilled. Of course, God is perfect in His personality, intelligence, abilities, etc., but because He has never been fulfilled in love, His perfection is not complete.

This should be a simple point to understand. For instance, we cannot imagine a person bursting with laughter and joy while all alone. If no man or woman can be happy alone, neither can God. How can God be truly happy without mankind?

We understand that God created all things in order to perfect His love. When perfected human beings achieve perfected love, they can fulfill their subject/object relationship with God. Today, many theologians conceive of God as beyond the realm of human beings; they say that God, the Creator, is totally "other"-distinct from His created beings, people. Therefore, they don't understand the need for a genuine relationship between God and mankind. But we realize how wrong they are.

When is a person perfected? When he has developed rippling muscles like those of Mr. Universe? When he has achieved vast knowledge and learning? But if such a person is alone, he is not admired or considered a happy person. If a woman beautiful enough to be Miss Universe is all alone, without any man to love, others do not envy her happiness. Only when an admirable man and an admirable woman come together in love is their perfection fulfilled.

We know this holds true for human beings, but what about God? Would He stand alone and say, "I am perfected; I need nothing more"? No. God as the true subject needs a true object. Love springs from God; God is truly the source of our love. But suppose a man says to God, "I want Your love for myself; I don't want to share it with anyone else, even this woman" On the other hand, suppose the woman tells God that she doesn't want to yield any of His love to that man-or she expects God to love her first and the man second. When the two find out what each other is up to, they will certainly fight!

God might feel some sympathy towards such a man and woman, since after all they are fighting over the greatest and most desirable of all treasures, love. So God has to decide which of them will receive love first! Both the man and the woman are like ripe fruits, red with desire for God's love. The color red is the best color to express passion. Even God is red with love. Once the three start to love each other, neither the man or the woman will object to what another receives, because as they reach out to each other, God comes into their midst! Their competition for love is solved, because as they embrace with God in the middle, both have equal access to God.

When the man is mature and red with the ripeness of his love, he will plead for God to come to him. At that point, he thinks about God first and the woman second. The woman as well asks for God first-not because she doesn't like the man, but because God takes precedence over any other person. God looks at such a man and woman with intense care. They are about to be drawn to one another in love, but their desire is to invite God in first, because without Him they cannot have a genuine relationship. Of course, God recognizes and endorses such an attitude. Once God approves of them, will He leave them alone, or will He zero in on them? The ideal position for both the man and the woman is that of equilibrium; when husband and wife are balanced, God comes to both at the same time, so they no longer need to compete to receive God's love first.

What power can create that perfect balance between a man and a woman, and between the couple and God? True love, of course. The man's true love, joined with the woman's love, plus God's true love creates a triply true love! Such monumental power is capable of stimulating God's mind and body, the man's mind and body, and the woman's mind and body. When so much excitement is stirred up, it erupts! Now you understand that when God created man and woman and pronounced them "very good,' He was thinking about love.

Examine yourself very carefully. Has your mind come into perfect unity with your body? What can make such a unity possible? Nothing less than true love. The true man is the one whose mind and body interact in perfect unity, centering on true love. Can any of you men claim to be such a true man? Can any of you women call yourself a true woman?

Of all the billions of people on earth, no individual can make such a claim. Yet people complain that they are not being treated as true men or true women! They sense the standard of a true person, so they resent it if they do not receive that kind of treatment. But if an untrue man or woman is given total freedom is it beneficial to him or her? Wouldn't such freedom be harmful? There is lots of freedom in America, but is it a good freedom? Do democratic countries enjoy true freedom? The question is not a simple one, because it raises a deep issue.

We need a clear definition of what a man and a woman are supposed to be. A true man is centered upon God's love. A true woman is centered upon God's love. In both of them, mind and body are united in perfect oneness. Such individuals can then be joined to form a perfect couple, and God will become their rightful subject. When a true man and a true woman seek each other and come together in balance, they are welcomed by the universe. But the universe detests it when an unbalanced man and woman who are not perfectly united in true love try to consummate love.

Those of you who are blessed and married, raise your hands, please. How many of you were married through me? The same number! When I matched you, did I do it haphazardly, or did I follow this true and strict standard of balance and harmony? I never compromise this principle in matching and blessing people.

Before any of you look upon your spouse with critical eyes and conclude that he or she isn't your type, or isn't good enough for you, you must appraise yourself honestly. Are you truly balanced in mind and body, centering on God, to the degree that you can claim to be one with God? You must scrutinize yourself closely. If you can honestly say you are balanced, then you may make some evaluation of your husband or wife; otherwise it is absurd to criticize him or her.

Day and night, you should challenge yourself and ask yourself if you are united within yourself and worthy of being united with God. The basic prerequisite is God's love; when you attain it, you and your spouse will inevitably come into perfect union. When you are truly strict with yourself and seek to create that balance, you don't even need to look at your spouse's face for love to ignite; merely touching your wife's skirt can electrify you. Which is more precious and important: appearance or love? You are supposed to be love-partners, not appreciation-partners.

Do you know that in God's eyes every woman is beautiful and every man handsome? If we look through God's eyes, we can develop the same attitude. Suppose your spouse is very unattractive; can you get remarried? Once a perfectly balanced man and woman set out on a particular course, they cannot meander around. They should move only in one unchanging direction.

So a perfect man and woman can marry only once, no more. Through the Principle, we learn that Eve made a mistake at a certain age and fell. If Adam had not fallen, Eve could have been restored relatively easily; Adam could have explained the problem to God, and He could have remedied the situation. If you stumble on one foot, it is fairly easy to restore your balance. But if both of your feet are in the wrong place, you are in trouble.

Why do you suppose I am speaking about these things this morning? Non-members may wonder about the meaning of our various church holidays, such as Parents' Day, Children's Day, God's Day and Day of All Things. Parents' Day, for instance, commemorates the first time since the creation of all things and mankind that a stable and perfected man and woman could dwell together in balance and love and enable God to come and dwell with them. This is the first time such a person has lived on earth. Such a person is called the Messiah. The Messiah means one who has perfect balance between mind and body and who has reached the original unfallen state. The terms Messiah, perfect man, last Adam, etc., describe the various qualities of such a person. The Messiah creates the conditions to return fallen people to their original state. That process is called salvation or restoration. Therefore, we say that the Messiah comes to transform fallen mankind into the original mankind.

The first mission on earth of the perfect man, or savior, is to find the lost bride, the lost Eve. Thus Parents' Day means the first matrimony in history with God at the center, forming the true trinity. This is the beginning point of God's ideal. This was God's intention from the dawn of creation of the angelic world, all things, and mankind. His great desire was to see perfected man and woman coming together in complete balance.

Then what is Children's Day? After mankind fell, many children have been born, but all have been part of the satanic realm. Instead of seeking true balance and perfection, men and women became attracted to each other, got married as they pleased, and then remarried if they wanted to.

But now that True Parents exist, these children who didn't originally belong to God are receiving the love God intended them to receive, through True Parents. Therefore, God's love can abide with them, and they can choose to follow True Parents and disregard everything else. Then, because they belong to the realm of True Parents, God must welcome them.

Once people enter this original realm of principled love, Satan can no longer claim them. Now True Parents exist: an original man and woman who can love children with God's heart. Even though these children once belonged to the satanic world, Satan can never reclaim them as long as they embrace True Parents. God now has the power to claim them.

There are Moonies of all colors of skin. Each of you has your own physical parents; you might call them your "normal parents" But in the Unification Church there are True Parents. Are they special, or abnormal parents? Perhaps your mother and father tell you, "We are your true parents; Rev. Moon and his wife are abnormal parents" But your way of thinking is very different from theirs. To you, True Parents are not abnormal, but very special parents.

True Parents do not force anybody to do anything; we do not drag you along with us. But all you children make so much commotion as you try to follow us! Then your "normal parents" kidnap you and use any means to try to stop you from following your "special parents" They tell you, "We love you so much that we spent a great deal of money to have you kidnapped; we had to stop you from going to those other parents. Don't you see how much more special we are and how much more we love you?"

But your "special parents,' your True Parents, do not act that way. While your "normal parents" do everything possible to stop you from coming to us, we Just stand here. You might feel caught in a dilemma and wish you had only one set of parents. Since the issue is so important, you might try asking your original mind for advice. What would your original mind reply? Would it say that your special parents in the Unification Church are the ones you should follow? Why so? Because your Unification Church parents enable you to live with them in the realm of true love. Once you attain that realm, you will enter God's domain and will be free from Satan's domain. Because your spirit knows that, you long to rest under the eternal peace and happiness of True Parents. Through the power of love, we can be saved. Love is so strong that even God cannot free Himself from it. And Satan is less powerful than God.

The human dilemma manifests itself in many different forms, but they all boil down to one critical point: love. God has been laboring and suffering so much in order to restore love. Even in highly developed societies, individuals and families are riddled with problems, and family troubles expand into social troubles. But all difficulties boil down to one fundamental problem: love.

You Moonies are special men and women, because once you enter the realm of God's love, the satanic world has no more power to pull you back. If you talk to any former members who have dropped away, ask them if they loved Reverend Moon while they were in the Unification Church. Invariably, they will answer yes. Then they might tell you about their central figure and how bad he was, and explain that because of him they had to drop away. This is the nearly universal answer of former members, whether in Korea, Japan, or any other country.

Since that person loved True Parents, Satan realized he could not intervene directly there. However, because that member could not love his central figure-who was connected to True Parents-Satan could claim a link to him, because he could not connect with True Parents' relative.

The safest place on earth is within the true family, centered on love. Many people have broken away from that family in search of some individualistic ideal which doesn't even exist. This is one of Satan's typical ploys. It's an age-old trap with which he has claimed many people. But it is Satan's ultimate trick, because he has nothing more powerful to try. Now the Unification Church has solved the most intricate and difficult of Satan's puzzles.

Parents' Day was established because, for the first time in history, True Parents fulfilled the conditions for proclaiming to the world: "We have reached the original state of man and woman, we are the parents of mankind" On that foundation, many children have now proclaimed, "I have chosen to follow these True Parents; I do not wish to return to the world in which love is more false than true" History needed a Parents' Day and a Children's Day to clear the record and set the proper standard.

Because of Children's Day, children now have the opportunity to liberate themselves from evil, become rooted in true love, and belong to True Parents. Children's Day gives you the opportunity to announce: "I stand here determined to restore myself to the original state of a child. I will love my True Parents more than anyone in history ever loved their physical parents. No matter what may come against me- even death-I will not be separated from this true love embodied in God and True Parents" Children's Day is a day of proclamation on the part of children. Without making such a declaration, you cannot return to the realm of true children. Do you understand?

True Parents and true children have come together, but what about true things of creation? Satan still possesses the things of the world. Ever since mankind fell and created untrue parents and children, all things have suffered under the control of a false owner. Thus we need a day through which all things can escape their previous ownership and find their way back to their true ownership.

All things actually long to return to their true owner Therefore, through fundraising, we can restore them. We devote our whole heart and love to restoring all things to their rightful ownership, enabling them to enter the realm of true love. All things need their day of proclamation, similar to the day of True Parents and true children. That day was proclaimed three years after the establishment of Parents' Day and Children's Day. It happened exactly 21 years ago. So today is the 21st proclamation of the Day of All Things.

If you ask True Parents what they most fervently desire, they will say, "To restore our children and return to the original state of God's love" If you ask true children the same thing, they will answer, "As children, our only wish is to be connected with the True Parents, to live with them, and to return to the true domain of God's love" True children would not expect to go directly to God without parents. Without True Parents, it is impossible to become perfect objects to God and live happily ever after with Him as your subject. Do children need parents, or can they manage without them? Parents are absolutely essential.

You can also ask an individual if he or she needs someone of the opposite sex. Your need is absolute, because otherwise you cannot be recognized by your parents, receive God's love, and become parents yourselves.

Anyone who claims to have found another way is simply mistaken. Why does the Unification Church, which offers such a great solution for the world, not allow men and women to marry as they please, like others in the outside world? You might as well ask why water does not flow from a lower place to a higher place. Everything has to follow the laws of nature. Without parents, God's blessing cannot flow down to the children and their descendants. Parents must be in the center, as God's representatives. Therefore, children cannot form their own union without putting the parents in their proper position.

Where does love come from? From above, or from the man and woman? Certainly it comes from above. Therefore, the vertical position of love needs to be established first. In America, people write horizontally, from left to right. In the Orient, people write vertically, from top to bottom. The horizontal traditions of the West and the vertical traditions of the East must become interwoven. Horizontal love is human love, and vertical love is God's love. Therefore, you need the Blessing.

Once perfectly balanced love is established, the satanic world will crumble because it is not lawful in God's sight- and we won't even have to do anything! No world which tries to exclude God will ever survive. Therefore, you should be proud of being matched and blessed by True Parents according to God's natural law.

Today is the Day of All Things. When True Parents and true children reach perfect unity, God feels like creating even more things for them! He wants to give them more possessions. God is thinking, "I want to create more for you, but first, please restore all the things that were originally meant to be owned by you. I will help you accomplish it, and then I will create even more for you" When you feel absolute confidence in your inseparable unity as true children with True Parents, when you determine to open the way for all things to return to God's ownership, and when you make this proclamation-not only will all things find their way back to your bosom, but God will even make them return to you! All things are drawn to true unity.

Why do you think I have spoken today about so much besides the Day of All Things? One reason is that today is the 21st Day of All Things. Furthermore, explaining such a subject is like speaking about your foot-you have to place it within the context of your whole body: head, torso, etc.

As long as this principle remains intact, all things- whether from the democratic or communist side-will flow towards the true family and true children. Therefore, we need to make some proclamation about this.

You headstrong Western children might say, "Oh dear, how can we make unity with our Oriental True Parents?" Now that you are blessed, you women might try to push your husbands toward some external accomplishments, in order to create a good future for yourselves. Some women in particular want their husband to get a Ph.D. In Korean, the word for doctor, or Ph.D. is "paksa" But "paksa" also means "shatter into pieces" So if you force your husband into getting a Ph.D., you might shatter him into pieces!

There is one privilege and right, however, which you have never exercised enough! You have the right to claim your own true love before God. You can tell Him, "God, I have true love and I have True Parents, don't I?" God will have to acknowledge that. Then you can continue, "That means I have the right to possess the things of creation, don't I? Is it reasonable that I should have to go hungry?"

"You are right," God will reply. "You need to have possessions, so I will provide some for you." I understand the situation you are in now. It's similar to mine in the past. Even though you have True Parents, you are independent and on your own. True Parents don't seem to buy you a house, or pay your hospital bills when you have a baby, so what will you do? You can't take a chance on your child, or sleep in the park. But what you can do is proclaim to God in prayer that you have true love and True Parents. When you pray in such a way to God, how can He not help you?

I have been telling the Japanese members, "In the name of True Parents, go out with absolute confidence and all things will inevitably be restored" But now for the first time, I have told them to go out in the name of true children, claiming the love of True Parents and God, and work for the sake of the world.

The Japanese typically love their own nation, but they have never loved the world. Now they are learning how to love the world even more than their own country; on that basis, they can reclaim all things for themselves. This is the strong direction I have given them.

So I am authorizing you to go out with original true love and claim possessions. Do you understand clearly? This is why I integrated all the business and evangelical activities in Japan. I also launched a campaign to win 3 million VOC members there. That way, those who love Japan can take one further step and love the world. This concept has been making sense to many Japanese people, and they have been pledging membership goals of 70,000 and 90,000! As of yesterday, pledges total one and a half million. A tremendous miracle has been accomplished in such a short time!

Why is this miracle happening now and not earlier? It's a product of this providential time. A good storm is blowing now. Don't you see how people's minds are being drawn towards the center-even in spite of themselves? This is what I have been stressing. For the next three and a half years, go out and show this example to America-and let's see what kind of winds will move people, even in spite of themselves!

To whom does this country belong? To the one who loves it the most, the one who is the least selfish. In God's eyes, this country belongs to no one else. If you start a new business, for example, in the name of God and mankind, once the business becomes a success, it belongs to God and mankind.

During the past few years many people have persecuted me because they fear me-even though they recognize that I am a good man. But such persecution cannot be successful, because it is unlawful.

After the Day of All Things was proclaimed, God's Day was established. These four holidays in sequence established first True Parents, then clarified the standard of true children and the ownership of all things, and finally dedicated all these elements to God. Following this principle, there should be one nation which belongs directly to God. If no one on earth welcomes the presence of God's country, that will not stop us from creating one with our own hands!

Today being the 21st Day of All Things means that exactly 20 years have passed since its establishment. The perfection of the number 20 opens a new era of blessing for the God-centered Unification Church.

Are we doing things the wrong way? From Satan's viewpoint, we are wrong, but from God's perspective we are doing the right thing. According to Romans 8:19-22, all things are groaning in travail, waiting for the appearance of the sons of God. Creation has been in the hands of the wrong owner. To establish rightful ownership requires a God-centered country and the dominion of true love. This is what all things have been sighing for. The things of creation have been prisoners and slaves of unrighteous ownership. To return to their rightful dominion, they have to go through the levels of godly nation, tribe, clan, family, children and parents. This is the only way for all things to return to their relationship with God.

In the original world, no such concept as "my position" existed. Everything belonged to God and all mankind. So if we keep a lot of property for ourselves, it only proves that we are maintaining the satanic world's possession and such things cannot be claimed for God. Do you understand?

According to the Principle, all things-even your own body-must inevitably be returned to God's dominion. To whom does your body belong? First to God, doesn't it? Then to True Parents. Then to your true spouse; a true woman belongs to a true man, and vice versa. Actually, true children have nothing that is only their own! If you want to be precise, you might consider everything divided into eighths: one-eighth for God, one-eighth for Father, one-eighth for Mother, one-eighth for your spouse, etc. You can say that the final eighth belongs to yourself, but you must keep it in the right proportion!

To whom do all things belong? If you register them in the name of your Parents or your country, that is all right. These are the proper centers through which everything must pass. Do you follow? Does your clothing belong to you? You might claim it as your own, but its true owner is first God, then True Parents, and then the man or woman, etc.

So all things should be returned first to God, and then the various countries will receive them back from Him. God does not really need so many different countries; this earth is actually only one land. True Parents need only one country. This was God's original ideal of creation-that everything belong to one nation. These are not my words or inventions. This is the original ideal of God's creation. People may oppose and persecute me, but as long as this truth holds, the one who abides by it will be the winner.

What am I to you? What kind of parent? How am I special? You call me True Father, but how many True Fathers can there be? Only one? To whom do the things you own belong? Without hesitation you should say, "What I have belongs to God, True Parents, true families and, lastly, to me" Rather than clinging to your own clothes, you should give to someone who is going out and working in that position. This is where the greatness of Moonies lies.

The greatest people today-even presidents of countries- admit that although they have accomplished many things and amassed a lot of money, they don't have even one disciple. They marvel that I have thousands, and even millions, of disciples. This is the difference between other people and me.

The happy person is the one who can invest all his or her energy in his or her daily work and come home free of worries. So many people are burdened by multitudes of worries, but members of the Unification Church don't have any real reason for worrying.

I, for example, am the spiritual leader of a movement that spends tremendous amounts of money, but I have never personally seen a million dollars, or even a hundred thousand dollars. No matter how much I spend, I don't see it. It is God's money and it is used for God's work. This is why I don't worry about someone swindling us. I might authorize someone to use a million dollars, and he might go and spend it for the sake of God and that project. Nobody has to worry about it!

Suppose, however, a person were to misuse the money, cheating me and putting it all in his personal bank account. If such a thing happened, that person, and even his whole family, would experience tremendous troubles. Satan would have a fearful claim over them. God Himself enforces this rigid law. It is a simple principle and it works.

On this Day of All Things, we now realize that until we return everything to God or until we live surrounded by things that have come from God, we cannot go to Heaven in the spirit world. Whatever we have on earth must come from God and be returned to Him when we leave. This is the significance of all things. In contrast to contemporary worldly attitudes, we believe that all things must belong to God first. Our lives are headed in that direction. If things belong to me, it is really God, not I, who owns them.

According to this great principle, those who work harder than anyone else to return all things to God's possession will earn millions of dollars in the future. Reverend Kwak administers many things, but they do not belong to him; they belong to God and to the church. Someone claimed the situation was different, but he was educated in the wrong way; that is not how I taught him. Every individual in the Unification Church belongs first to God and True Parents, before he belongs to any organization or any central figure. You leaders must have a clear understanding of this.

The way of the Principle is simple and uncomplicated. Therefore, we must have confidence. Neither the democratic nor the communist world can compete with God's world. So with absolute confidence let us march forward to the realization of the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen!

Wives, please encourage your husbands to understand clearly that they belong first to God and True Parents. Parents, please encourage your children to have the confidence to restore all things; that is how they will find their way into God's dominion. You American women always try to control your husband and tell him to follow you; but I am warning you not to pressure him in the wrong way! If you do, you belong first to Satan's side. You husbands must also be strict with yourselves and not follow the wrong direction!

Those of you who will keep my advice, please raise your hands. God bless you for that!

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