The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1983

Parents, Children And The World Centered Upon Oneself

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
June 5, 1983
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

There are many people living on the face of the earth and many kinds of relationships among them. What are those relationships? There are many nations, but there is no true unity among them. There are many people within each nation, but they have not united. You don't see total unity within your family, and even within yourself there is not total oneness. This is the present reality that we face. No matter where we look, we see that unity is lacking.

Oneness is a difficult goal to achieve. Distrust, disobedience and disharmony surround us. There is both good and evil in our fluctuating, volatile environment. However, it is undeniable that each person is pursuing something higher than merely staying alive. There is a drive in men's hearts to pursue their original minds and reach some ideal state. What is that ultimate destination toward which we all strive?

Let us look at ourselves first. Within each individual there is a battle going on between his mind and his body. Where in this universe can we find something solid and reliable? We depend upon certain things, such as our family and nation, our friends and loved ones, but ultimately we find a certain inability to trust. The self cannot completely rely even on its mind and body. The nation and world are far away from the self; even parents, husband and wife are far away from the self. The basic problem of one's life can only be solved within oneself. The solution to world harmony and unity must be sought within the self first. That is the closest place for one to start.

The goal of the world is to move from the present situation of disharmony to a world of harmony and unity. Likewise, the goal of each nation is also harmony and unity. Every different level in the universe is seeking after that point of harmony, which can be found within the individual. Therefore, each individual is ultimately the key to the harmony and unity of the universe. Without this key, any discussion about unity is just wishful thinking and empty talk. Any hope we have of achieving harmony and unity always comes back to the self. If this goal is not achievable on the individual level, then we can never talk about any great ideal or noble dreams because the self is the ground floor to those larger ideals. In other words, the individual is the key to all the rest of the world's peace and harmony; everything else is an expansion of the individual.

In order to measure things we must have an established scale. Furthermore there must be some original standard by which we create the scale. Thus as individuals, we need some original scale. No matter how proud a person may be of himself, if he does not conform to the true model, he is not within the true standard. One centimeter contains ten millimeters; the millimeter is the beginning point of measurement so there must be an absolute scale for the millimeter. This scale has universal meaning and applies everywhere. Is there such a standard for mankind? In order to achieve unity and harmony there must be a base scale by which men and women can measure themselves to achieve the model.

Is it easy to control and discipline yourself? Your mind usually wants to go in a direction different from your body. There is an Oriental saying that a mountain remains forever but the human mind changes from morning to night. If the human mind fluctuates so much, where can we find a point of unity? There can be no single stationary position if everyone is moving around constantly.

Let us consider the holy men of history, such as Jesus, or Buddha or Confucius. What kind of personalities did they have? These people had a certain stability of mind and body when ordinary people were always divided. But even a saint is never absolutely immobile or stationary. People may think that Jesus was a rock who never moved, but Jesus was a human being. As a man, was he totally indifferent to the attraction between men and women? There is always the force of electricity pulling plus and minus toward each other. Do you think Jesus felt some sensation when he looked at a woman? Jesus' feet were firmly anchored but I'm sure his body was turning toward that attraction! However, he was never affected so much that he moved his feet from their right foundation. When an ordinary person feels temptation he usually just jumps into it, but the saints are different. Although a saint may be pulled around somewhat, his feet never budge.

However holy a person may be, he is always bound by his human character and vulnerability. All the saints, including Jesus, began with certain principles. During their own period of instability they learned to deal with temptation and reasoned out their standards, until finally they had rock-like foundations within themselves. A saint recognizes himself as a human being but he shapes his human character inside the palace of the universe.

It is only within that most holy and precious palace that a man and woman should meet in love. The American way is very practical and easy, but can a man and woman meet there according to the original standard? Every day there are millions of people kissing enthusiastically but what is a true kiss? Do you think we need the model of a true kiss? Saints are the people who give the world the model of loving and kissing and the rest of the world should measure themselves against their standard. But people of the fallen world never even think about such a standard. We must come to the conclusion, however, that in order to achieve the ideal world which all people dream of, there must be some standard or scale to go by.

No individual is capable of achieving such a standard all alone. Therefore God, who is the creator and the first cause, must be able to send such a standard to the earth. This is His responsibility. It has been God's plan to send an absolute standard to mankind, thus throughout history people have shared the expectation of a Messiah-figure. This model man must come from God and raise up a model woman and together they can show to the world a model love. When you think of it in this fashion, the concept of a Messiah becomes easy to relate to.

Even if a man and woman think they have ideal love, they are still acting according to their own thinking and standards. Will that fit into God's standard of model love? God's desire is for every man and woman on earth to love each other according to His original pattern of true love. That pattern would become the central love of the universe. Certainly every man and woman desire to achieve true love, and God's desire is the same for them so there must be one central love which is the scale or model for all people.

There can be no true love between people alone; God must also play a role in it. Can you women declare that you have a true woman's love? Can any Of you men declare you have a true man's love? Whether you live a religious way of life or not, if you are living with true love then you have already achieved the highest goal of any religion. If any two people with such love join together centered upon God then that couple is a consummated couple. Such a man and woman can go anywhere in the universe without limitation.

Although people speak of becoming holy, noble and so forth, everything good comes down to the achievement of true love. Once that happens all the problems of the world are solved. It is a rather dramatic declaration to say that the only thing we need is for men and women to achieve true love. Can this be more important than worship and religion? Ask God whether this is correct. He would reply that He is ecstatic over such a declaration and that no greater sermon could be given to you.

A noble man and woman are necessary for the sake of making a noble couple. We need a noble couple in order to achieve God's noble love. What good is God's love to you? When you achieve God's love you become the center of God's universe. Every line must go through the center, so everything in the universe would be connected to the person connected with God.

Should money have the central role in the universe? Authority? Knowledge? The most tragic thing we witness in the world today is the sight of people selling love to acquire money, power or knowledge. Could you buy the love of God if you owned the whole universe ? Would you like to buy the love of God if it were for sale ? The essential point here is that what people are pursuing is actually the love of God. and they would go all out to obtain it. The true teaching must emphasize not the trappings of religion but the love of God; thus the ultimate pursuit of men is the love of God.

Why do we seek religion, then? It is because religion is the only avenue we have to find the love of God. You did not join the Unification Church to pursue religion per se, but to reach the love of God. What kind of unification are we talking about here? We are pursuing unity of men and women centered upon and grafted into the love of God. We are talking about the unification of love, and that is the highest possible religion we can pursue. With such a goal there is nothing we cannot sacrifice to get there. Whatever difficulty we encounter. we will not be stopped.

Men and women seek each other for the same purpose -they are seeking the love of God. Let us logically organize our thinking; our goal in life is not a family, or even a nation or world. Our goal is to go beyond those and reach the love of God. Has your mind been firmly fixed on that goal or were you unsure? Have you been unwavering in that goal? Are you such men and women of perfection?

Unity of mind and body is always the fundamental necessity, and only the power of love can achieve it. When you understand that true love is your goal and you focus everything in pursuit of it, then at that point mind and body are working together. In the teenage years the mind and body are looking for one thing-love. When you have a love nose, it picks up the mysterious smell of love. Love has a special taste in your mouth, and love ears want to hear the fascinating sound of love all the time. When you have a love hand, you want to touch love forever. Love power alone lasts for eternity.

A teenager in love is dreamy-eyed; he or she wants to interpret everything about the loved one in a good way. Everything in love is tasty and turns into joy. Love can digest any ugliness or tastelessness. Love is brave and mysterious and wonderful. All the adjectives in the dictionary cannot describe love. Men and women are always shooting bullets of love at one another. With love bullets not only the bullets but also the rifle is moving into the heart of the target! Have you ever seen such a gun?

Love has a wonderful power, and first love in particular. Your first impression when you open your eyes of love can never be erased. In that sense your first love should be your most sacred and holy experience. The person who can achieve true love as his first love can truly understand heaven. It is most important that young people fit their first love into God's model love.

The Unification Church has the goal of conforming to the model love of God. and in that spirit our marriages become absolutely important. The sacrificial love of international marriage crystallizes this attitude toward love. While we are pursuing that goal the world thinks we are crazy people. It is only model love that will continue eternally.

Evaluate yourself in this light and see how imperfect you are. Your mind and body are always trying to deceive each other, so before asking God for salvation you have to clean up yourself. You must bring your mind and body together. Should you achieve that unity centered upon your mind or your body? Even though your mind may fluctuate, the mind must become subject over the body. It is the only way you can become an ideal man or woman. Only an ideal man or woman can be a bridge to reach out to God.

Thus you can say that for this purpose you can give up anything. Does it sound reasonable? Would you follow this road only because I say so, or is your original mind already telling you this is the way to go?

We must understand why the mind and body are separated in the first place. We were not born out of our own will; our lives were simply given to us. We may ask God, "Why couldn't you ensure that mind and body would become one when we came to the world?" Since Almighty God is creator, how could this separation come about? It is clear that some accident occurred before men could reach their goal.

Why do men and women have to wait and discipline themselves instead of just jumping into love whenever they feel like it? We know that the creation is bounded by a certain period of growth. Therefore a child's love cannot be consummated as soon as he is born; he must grow into the fullest realization of love.

Some accident occurred during the period of growth, an accident of love. We have an explanation of the whole process of that accident of love. We know that love is the supreme power, and therefore the consequences of the accident have been so grave. God gave the man and woman a commandment during their growth period, specifying that they should not do certain things. Was it a commandment for eternity, or only for a certain period of time? If the commandment applied for eternity then the purpose of creation would have been nullified, but that was not the case.

In unlocking the problems of the universe, I realized that the greatest discovery was the truth about the fall of man. If the forbidden fruit was a literal apple or pear which God placed right in the middle of the Garden of Eden. then God's plan must have been imperfect. This was not the case. Rather, I have brought a revolutionary declaration to the world that the forbidden "fruit" was a symbol of love between man and woman. From love can spring either good or evil fruit, therefore the tree was described as one of the knowledge of good and evil.

Love is the judgment point for mankind. What is the love that God can relate with? God wanted Adam and Eve to grow into the full sensation of love-for Adam to discover all of a sudden that Eve was not just a sister but a woman; and for Eve to discover that Adam was not just a brother but a man. In the sensation of love, Adam and Eve's mind and body could work together and experience the electricity of touching each other.

Once Adam and Eve realized the explosion of their love, the entire universe would have been like one beautiful, fragrant flower garden. They would feel everything echoing their love. When that electrifying sensation came to God then He would be pulled to them and His entire creation would have been activated with love. God was supposed to be the matchmaker. bringing Adam and Eve together in the explosion of love.

In the ensuing explosion of love all three of them would be consumed! The important thing is that there be no foreign element there, that men and women be pure when they consummate their first love. Then they become the core of the universe. This core would be so powerful that everything else would be pulled into it, and even God would be a prisoner. Children would be multiplied from that core and it would continue to grow and grow. From a family the core would grow into a tribe, then a nation and a world. How wonderful a world it is, when the universe echoes the love of the core. That is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth-that is the true world.

At this time in history Reverend Moon is declaring to the world that the fall of man was an accident of love. This is the greatest declaration because it hits the core of evil. It is also a most logical and correct diagnosis, making possible the correct prescription for treatment. Analyzing an event from 6,000 years ago was not easy so it had to be done step by step. The love core was not achieved, and the opposite, evil result came into being, bringing division and perverted love. This resulted in not only denial of God, but denial of parents, of men and women. Human civilization has sunk below that of animals. In this world there has been no ideal because no individual has had the correct diagnosis and could not find the proper prescription to achieve a cure.

People have lived in great confusion and many even think that God is dead. Thus they think it is futile to think about life after death or any ideal human society. This world is like a jungle, where all sense of direction disappears. The only way to see the problem clearly is to step out of the confusion and look at it from the position of God. Many past saints sought answers but still got lost in the labyrinth, unable to find the answers. This world needs a declaration from a higher level, where the true perspective can be found.

Original love is far greater than worldly love. In this world, one man has stood up and said, "Love me more than you love anyone in the world." Anyone who could make such a statement must be the most extraordinary man in history. What that man is actually saying is that you must remove yourself from this world and find God's viewpoint in order to make a new beginning. If you tell God that you want to make a new start from the original point and make a new world? then He will say, "Welcome. my child! I have been waiting for you. I need that kind of solution for this world." If God did not respond in that way, then God would be responsible for the problems. God will have to respond to such a person.

Of all the saints and holy people' only one man made that declaration. Jesus knew God as a personal God of heart, and he represented that love to the world, saying, "Love me more than anyone or anything else." Jesus' position was absolutely extraordinary. God welcomed Jesus' entry into the world, but Satan held him back.

There is a certain logic to Satan's ways. He claimed, "What Jesus says is correct, but I am originally your creation, too, and I deserve your love. You cannot completely deny me because I occupy a certain position in the universe too. Regardless of right or wrong, I loved this world first so I have a certain right to claim it. Anyone who wants to take this world away from me must first love me more than my love for this world." Satan will also point out that all the children of the world are born in his lineage, so that anyone who wants to take the world back must create a new lineage.

Why was Jesus' family tree described in detail in the Bible? It is important to reveal God's effort to create an unstained lineage out of which Jesus could be born. The struggle of Esau and Jacob. and the special situation of Joseph's mother are all significant. The Bible records some things which seem to be irregular, but it was necessary so that the satanic lineage could be liquidated, allowing a new ancestor to emerge.

It is nearly impossible to sort out all this mixed-up history. Only in the Unification Church can you find an explanation of all these tangled events, as well as a solution. You are most fortunate to be able to inherit such truth, which penetrates to the core of the world's problems.

In order to consummate our love we must deny the world and love God and the True Parents more than anything. Even though you want to do this, Satan will be trying to hold you back, so you have to know how to separate from him. The Abels who are going to pioneer a new history must set the standard of loving the fallen archangel with selflessness; otherwise he will not release you.

This world needs a Messiah who will briny it life; he must come to eliminate all fallen situations. Judaism began the task of preparing the world to receive the Messiah; in fact the central teaching of Judaism is the coming of the Messiah. God carved out a chosen people within the world, where the Messiah was supposed to come. When the chosen people of Israel united completely with the Messiah. that core was supposed to move into another part of the world-Rome. The Israelites were expected to digest Rome with God's love. Jesus' role as the Messiah was to embrace and digest the chosen people with love.

The Messiah came as a man. According to the Bible, Eve was made out of Adam's rib, meaning after the pattern of Adam. Thus the Messiah was supposed to pick out one woman from the fallen women and recreate her as the original Eve. Until such a day, no woman is truly eligible to be married. That is why the Bible says that all women are in the position of waiting to be a bride.

The Messiah and his bride are to be united as a God-centered couple. Where was that supposed to happen? Among the chosen nation. Did that occur in Israel? It was the chief priests who persecuted Jesus the most, instead of helping him to unite with his bride.

The crucifixion prevented God from accomplishing these things, so now everything must be re-enacted on the foundation of Christianity. The central expectation of Christianity has been the coming of the Messiah. As a Christian nation, America's power after World War II was so great as to affect the whole world. That was a unique historical time but the opportunity was lost because Americans did not realize God was giving them the chance to block the development of communism. The years after World War II should have seen the end of the satanic era and the manifestation of the Messiah in the Orient.

The relationship of Rome and Israel has been reenacted in the twentieth century between America and Korea. Two thousand years ago Rome was outside the sphere of the chosen people, but America's position today is within the sphere of the chosen people of Christianity. If the Unification Church had been accepted by the chosen people, the communist world could have been conquered long ago. But like Moses in the past, the Unification Church was rejected by the chosen people-Christianity. It had to go through the wilderness for forty years and then return to Christianity, which is Canaan. This is precisely the history of the Unification Church.

From that wilderness, we have come to the United States because this is where the victory must finally be won. Even though Satan has claimed so much territory in this country, we must turn it around. We must restore this nation by love. Even though other Christians have treated us as their enemies, we must love them more than anyone ever has. Eventually that love will win out.

Now we are in the thirty-seventh year, with three more to go. The world situation is becoming so desperate that people are starting to realize that only the Unification Church has any answers. At first they persecuted us, but now people can see that we have a vision and devotion and they are beginning to rediscover us. Furthermore. the Unification Church has a complete understanding and world view that even the communist world knows it cannot surpass. The free world, looking for answers, has rejected communism; they are looking at the Unification Church now.

American young people have tried all kinds of things like free sex, drugs, the hippie culture, even homosexuality and so on, looking for true joy but they have not been able to find what they were searching for. Now this one funny group called Moonies is emerging, made of people who don't use drugs or practice free sex, who don't have many luxuries; but they have a clear goal and are working hard. They see Western men marrying Oriental women and vice versa; they are not confused or depressed, but are happy.

In American society where people pick their own spouses, half of the marriages end in divorce. The Moonies, on the other hand, may have husbands or wives who don't even speak the same language, but they have happy marriages. When people compare modern youth with the couples of the Unification Church, they see a tremendous difference. You are not pursuing fun for yourselves primarily but are living a sacrificial life for the sake of other people-helping your elders and trying to create harmonious societies in your Home Church areas.

They are looking at you and thinking, "Such strange people." Then it hits them that, according to the standards of the world, the strangest person is God; therefore you strange people must be God's people. It is only a matter of time before Americans realize that they have to turn to the Unification Church for answers. Young people will come in an avalanche to support Reverend Moon, and apologize that their parents opposed him. People will quote the Divine Principle and protest that Reverend Moon is responsible to lead them into Canaan; they will point out that even though one generation of Israelites failed God in the wilderness, He still took the second generation into Canaan.

I will have to surrender to such protests, but before that situation occurs, let us go in advance and help everyone to come in. If we wait until the avalanche occurs of its own accord, people will accuse the Moonies of not doing enough and being weak; they will kick you out and help Reverend Moon themselves. We cannot stand still as a small handful of people; everyone must grow himself and develop God's nation and world, and then late-comers will not have any foundation to accuse. You have to deserve the blessing that I saved to give only to you. In the future, even if you really want to do the fund raising and witnessing that you avoid doing now, people who come later will do these things in your place.

Dr. Durst reported to me that in his recent travels around the country. the media and officials seemed to have changed and are much more receptive to learning about our movement. However, those people have not actually changed: the difference is that, while they used to be wearing blinders when looking at us, they are now looking more clearly. They have thrown away those blinders and can see who is espousing good and who is evil, and all of a sudden it seems that the Moonies are looking very good.

Fish always look for clean water to live in. The world is a very muddy place now and people of good conscience are looking for cleaner water to live in. They will see that the only clean environment is within the Unification Church. Therefore, it is inevitable that the conscientious, thoughtful young people of America will come to our doors in an avalanche. You can grab any good-looking, successful man on the street and confront him, "Do you have true confidence about your future with your family and your world?" No one has true reason to have such confidence. Only the Moonies have that confidence in themselves, their families, their nation, the future.

I never give directions to you blindly; I always pay great attention to timing, and our offensive has begun. The spiritual weapons we are using are not weak; they are powerful. This is a most exciting time.

A great dawn is coming to the world. The most precious opportunity God gave to the world was the period from 1945-1948. In 1948 Korea regained its independence; it was God's plan that the Unification Church also achieve independence in that year. In 1948 Israel became independent as well. Providentially, America's awakening should also have been complete in that year so that dispensational events could have moved like a forest fire all over the world. Since the True Parents have appeared, every people and every nation has the right to be brothers and sisters.

Unprecedented things happened after World War 11; the victorious nations became almost like servants to the conquered nations. History has never seen such a thing as the way the United States helped to rebuild Germany and Japan. Today they are leading nations, surpassing even the nations that defeated them in World War 11.

America has become more self-centered and has been declining; their European allies have been doing the same. If Japan and Germany turn toward self-serving ways, they too will start to decline. All the powerful nations are destined to decline because of this principle, but there is one group of people that is rising up. Moonies are rising up because our ideology stresses unselfishness. Our goal is not even just one united world on earth. but one united universe of earth and spirit world. This is why the spirit world is working so hard to assist us.

We have become a tower of strength within the Christian world, pushing communism out of the planet. The tree world never liked Reverend Moon in the past, but God is smart-communism is becoming so strong that the free world is desperate to find an answer and will have to accept me. Because their survival is clearly at stake. they have to follow the Divine Principle. This may have seemed like a dream, but it is actually happening now.

The Unification Church has not only the hope but the power to digest both the communist and Christian worlds. That is why we are most fearful to the world. For the first time in 6,000 years Satan is trembling, so God must be feeling good, jumping up and down with joy! If Satan tries to sabotage us, God will say, "No sir! This is my property."

The first generation may oppose me, but the second generation will be on God's side. Even children of the communist leaders will eventually rebel against their parents and support me. One thing I know is God, and He and the Moonies will make it!

Human history was mixed up by a man and woman; therefore, the new history will be consummated by men and women. This is the alpha and omega-men and women. TM, TW, and TG-true men, true women and true God. So far, God has not been able to take His true position. True men, true women and true God will consummate their love within the family; this is Unification idealism.

Every individual needs the original condition, which was God, the archangel, Adam, Eve, and the world of all things. All these elements existed for the purpose of love. The individual man needs Eve. In the case of women, you need Adam. Would you give your life in looking for a man or woman, or would you just expect to receive one? You are the citizens of a nation and part of the world. The problem is that all these elements are linked by Satan-centered love.

Why do we need at least three spiritual children? Finding them is the equivalent of restoring the three archangels. Actually a family of eight members began the fallen world-Adam, Eve, three sons, and three daughters. You must restore that number through your spiritual children. Three spiritual children represent three sons, and you must elevate them from fallen love to God's love.

Also you must set a condition to restore all things, which were lost to Satan. Fund raising fulfills that condition. Until we bring the creation from satanic domination to God's side we cannot restore ourselves, since God made the creation before He made Adam and Eve. Because Satan is reluctant to release what he has, it is only by fighting him, in other words by confronting persecution and rejection, that we can bring all things to their true owner. Ownership is determined by love. Satan enslaved all things instead of loving them, so when we love all things we have a right to claim them. Our love must be more intense than Satan's.

We are claiming to Satan that we love mankind, more than him. We are not bringing every single thing back to God's world, but a representative seed. A condition is a seed. To restore yourselves you need the foundation of all things. If you love all things from the position of original man and woman, then you are elevating yourselves to the position of original Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve failed to love their original archangel; they fell instead. The original love action should have been initiated by Adam and Eve, not the archangel. Since the archangel became Satan and claimed Adam and Eve and their posterity, all their descendants are arch angelic children. In that sense when we restore spiritual children we are restoring the archangel.

You must spend three and a half years restoring all things, and three and a half years restoring spiritual children; that is your seven-year course. Unless we set these conditions of loving all things and loving the archangel, we cannot love God. This is the original formula. If you resist fund raising, you are resisting the foundation upon which your own body can be re-created. Unless you find your three spiritual children, you are not in a position to say you have loved the archangel. Because you are trying to restore yourself to the original state of man before the fall, you must do all these things.

The ideal is for you to restore a spiritual family of eight members in place of the fallen family of Adam and Eve. Under those circumstances you can be elevated to God's realm. At this point you are not yet outside the physical realm of Satan; even though you have your family, you must grow into a tribe and nation. You don't know about those areas, so you need the Messiah to guide you to the end. That course is what we call the three seven-year courses.

In 1976 virtually every element in the world was opposing our movement. That situation could only be overcome by love and desire for their salvation, not revenge. We created the movie Inchon centered on General MacArthur to help revive the spirit of patriotism in America. Likewise, The Washington Times was created to help in America's salvation. In these ways we loved the enemies that were persecuting us. Japan was an enemy to Korea and to America. America was an enemy to Germany. We are bringing these enemy nations together centering on love. They are uniting and loving even the greatest enemy of the world, which is communism.

Reverend Moon has penetrated this world, and all his followers should be able to go beyond this secular world, but it cannot be done without sufficient conditions being set. We cannot go all by ourselves. Before leaving this world we have to bring members of our Cain family with us. Cain is the twin elder brother. He was born before you were so you should let him receive the benefit first. Without Cain you cannot be born.

If your three spiritual children truly support and love you, then you finally have the foundation to be born as true Adam and true Eve. Since the fall could be initiated because of disunity between Adam, Eve and the archangel, your archangels must be united in loving Adam and Eve. There is a certain indemnity price to be paid before Reverend Moon can lead people out of this fallen world. I came out of the fallen world, but had to return and become the center of that world. Our central headquarters rests upon the foundation of the 360-home Home Church providence.

Once you overcome the fallen state, you must return to the fallen world and become master of it through the Home Church system. When you are successful in four directions in your Home Church, God will regard it as a complete success that can be expanded onto a worldwide basis. In my era I did it in the midst of persecution but the time is changing and you will do it in the midst of welcome. After these three years are over, the atmosphere of the world will totally change. Therefore in these three years we must concretely set the Home Church providence.

Even though we are doing much mobile work, Home Church must not be ignored. This is just a special task force mobilization; Home Church is our land of settlement.

Mobile teams are to hasten the providence by proclaiming the successful foundation of the Unification Church, but ultimately we must gain the victory in the Home Church providence. I spent sixty years coming to this period, but you are going to do it in seven years or less. My goal is to consummate the Home Church providence by 1988. When public opinion changes and Americans feel that they need Reverend Moon's guidance for this country. every problem will be solved.

Three spiritual children are essential for several reasons. First of all, you must set a condition to restore the archangel and of loving the creation. In that way, you can restore your position as original Adam and Eve. Furthermore, you set a condition of loving the Cain world, including the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament eras. The Old Testament era is that of the tribe: the New Testament era is that of the nation; and our era, the Completed Testament era, is the era of the world.

Moses brought 600,000 Israelites from Egypt to Canaan; and Jesus was to bring the chosen people from the nation of Israel to the world, which was Rome. The Unification Church today must bring the world to the universe and spirit world.

God was called the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. That also signifies the first Adam, second Adam, and third Adam. All these are restored by gaining three spiritual children. Without them you cannot consummate your family, even though you receive the blessing. For that reason Jesus needed three primary disciples. I chose three disciples and blessed them first-Young Whi Kim' Won Pil Kim, and the late Mr. Eu. Those three were expanded into twelve, covering all directions. Jesus also needed a foundation of twelve which would protect the central home.

It would have been ideal for Jesus to have twelve families surrounding his own central family. This particular process is the same, whether for Jesus or for you or me. We have to enter the Kingdom of Heaven together with those on the Cain side. Out of the Cain world we pick representatives to consummate the condition, allowing God to grant us Heavenly rights.

This is the restoration process, starting with the parents, children, tribe' society, nation, world and cosmos -seven stages. This format was horizontally expressed in the chosen nation of Israel. The Messiah was to come to that center, so he would have total freedom within the Jewish cultural sphere. If this foundation had been presented to Jesus, within seven years the providence of God would have been consummated. When God's nation was completely established like a rock, then Rome would have crumbled all by itself. Since this was not done at the time of Jesus, the world level was added on to the foundation necessary for the Lord of the Second Advent.

The Messiah has been awaited by the Christian world all this time, and he was meant to have complete freedom of movement in and out of this world. In that case only seven years would have been needed-1945 plus seven makes 1952. By 1952 all the dispensation should have been consummated. However, the Messiah was not accepted by the Christian world, so he moved out of that world and created his own circle. Centering on Reverend Moon, seven layers were created without relying on Christendom. The Unification Church independently created them without the assistance of Judaism or Christianity. We can prevail because the Unification Church is the consummation of Judaism and the consummation of the Christian culture. It is the consummation of America; we have the capability to defeat Satan.

Having consummated the Heavenly world, now I will spend the next three years to save the Christian world. Since I have created an Abel world, I will embrace the Cain world with love. When the Abel world becomes one with Christianity. the next goal will be Moscow. Any sovereignty that unites with this dispensation will be saved and prosper. and together we can liberate the communist world.

The fall of man can be condensed into one sentence: human beings lost their parents. Therefore, the history of man has been a search for parents. The day people meet their True Parents is their greatest day because, until then, everyone is like an orphan living in an orphanage. You have no place to make a true home. It is only with parental love that the problems of the world can be solved.

People must receive love from their parents; then centered upon that love, men and women can love each other and get blessed in marriage. When they give birth to children, they are creating their own Heavenly four positions. You are the center-of the parents, children, and all things. That means you are going to play the prime role, even if the True Parents are here-it is you who initiates the unity between the True Parents and yourself. Therefore, you are your best friend and also your own worst enemy. The biggest problem is that your mind and body have never truly united-your body is always separating from your mind. But upon the foundation of unity between your mind and body then you seek true parents, true children, all things.

True love is the factor by which to bring mind and body together. True love must bring men and women together to have children. True love is the ultimate value. Therefore we feel that, more than our spouses or children or anyone, God comes first. You must practice that attitude in your daily life-your children may not need it, but you do. "God first" is the absolute credo of our movement.

The conclusion of the Divine Principle is that you must make up your own mind to love True Parents more than your own self, spouse, or children.

You need the kind of spiritual children who will be the three archangels to love you and help support your children. Your three spiritual children are not a part of the Heavenly lineage, so they need to unite with your own children in order to be saved themselves. They must love your children more than they love themselves. Your children will petition you, "My dear parents, please love your spiritual children the way you love us!"

The True Parents' family is an example of this rule. The earliest blessed couples, the 36 couples, loved True Parents' children more than they loved themselves, their own children and spouses. Because of that, my own children petitioned me. "Please promote those people to the highest place in Heaven. They are wonderful people." That kind of petition had to come from my own children.

This is the tradition we are building. Once our church has crystallized this tradition, no power under the sun can ever take it away. That tradition must go to every level. For example, your own children must plead with you for the sake of your spiritual children. By the same token, when you love the True Parents' children, they will petition on your behalf. No matter how many families exist, it won't be any different. All will want to follow this central tradition and achieve the same goal.

Therefore, the Unification families are always moving toward the center-not the east, west, north or south- because the center is where life lies. Regardless of how many people-4 billion. 400 billion-it doesn't change the tradition. All families will want to align themselves with that center. That will create incredible order and discipline. You will receive the Church blessing; then you will receive the national blessing and the world blessing. I have always said that each person must go through three blessings in order to totally enjoy freedom. Even when you receive total freedom, you will not lose your connection with the center. Just like a compass, you will be constantly aligned with the center.

Ultimately, the True Father is the center with which all children and posterity are centered. But until you have received all three blessings, the entire True Family is the center. Once all those blessings are spread throughout all levels, then the True Father will be the eternal center for all people. There will always be a physical representative of the True Father here on earth-from one generation to another, there will be that axis on which the earth will turn. Therefore, all of you here on earth and all the people in the generations to come will be centered upon the same center.

When we look at the whole picture, the problem is always the self, the individual. Your children will not require spiritual children, but for you it is essential. That is because you came out of the satanic world and then received the blessing in the Heavenly world. Do you follow? This is an absolute. Without having spiritual children, it is not right to want to go on with your family life. Is all of this clear to you?

Those who have received the blessing are always in the most crucial position. According to the standard of loving True Parents' children the most, even the 36 couples have not fulfilled-they have not consummated their mission. My children are in the position to be educated by those couples-the way Adam and Eve should have been educated by the archangel. The 3 primary blessed couples, and also the entire 36 couple blessing, were supposed to take that position to the True Children. The archangel was supposed to educate Adam and Eve in wisdom.

The children can take the position of parents only when they understand the love of parents. The parents' position is a loving position. My own children are also bound by this truth. They must look at the True Parents as more than just "Daddy and Mommy." They must listen to the 36 couples. I have always lived totally by principle and for that reason there have been complaints from some of my children-but there is no reason for that. This is the tradition of Principle.

Right now, you are the problem and you are the solution. We certainly must consider that we have our own family members-spouse, parents, children, etc.-but the most important person is the archangel or spiritual children. The blessed couples' children cannot marry unblessed children. Especially if blessed couples abandon their blessing and go away and marry somebody else - that is the worst kind of thing. When that happens, re-indemnity has to be established, which is not an easy path, and you will have to continue that path even when you go to spirit world.

When you receive the blessing and then reject it, that is doing something worse than what Satan did. That means someone came into the direct dominion and control of God, then fell again. You may not realize it deeply, but an incredible Heavenly principle is working here.

Setting the right tradition is so important. The blessed life is one in which you spend your earthly time inheriting and living the God-centered, True Parent-centered tradition and then entering into Heaven. There are three countries which must be centered upon the True Father-an Adam nation, Eve nation, archangel nation, as well as a Cain and an Abel nation. How can God harvest these nations in these last days? Do you understand now that spiritual children are absolutely necessary?

So far, you have received the Unification Church blessing-not yet the national blessing. That will come in the future, when your deeds will be evaluated by your children, your spouse, your parents, and your brethren. Your surroundings will evaluate you. If you don't pass that evaluation, you will not be able to participate in the national blessing. Then you will have a special dispensational period to pay the indemnity to be restored. That will go beyond the wilderness period of 40 years.

This wilderness period is the most painful period, full of uncertainty and hostility in the world. There are all kinds of dangers around us, including both physical and spiritual attack. But by the time you are elevated to the national and the worldwide blessing, each one of you will have become a tribe. Your tribe will prepare a report on you that will enable you to pass the worldwide level of blessing, and then you will be able to register as an eternal citizen of the Heavenly Kingdom. Do you follow? Until you come to that level of registration as a citizen in the Kingdom of Heaven for eternity, you must unite with the whole family of the True Parents.

The family of the True Parents will hold a meeting and will discuss and decide if you are eligible to become a citizen. Who will be eligible? The ones who are more loving, giving and sacrificial-those are the criteria. After that time of registration is done, True Father will appoint his successor. That successor must be known to all the Unification Church, all the blessed couples, the True Parents' family, and they must unanimously accept him. Once that successor is determined, the law or constitution of the Heavenly Kingdom shall be laid down to guide all activities. The law will guide Heavenly citizens here on earth and will guide them straight into the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven. Is that clear?

I want you to understand the seriousness of being a blessed couple. If you have not realized this before, you must know how important it is for you to uphold your responsibility. You are in the most crucial position-you are the problem and you are also the solution. When I am not here, you will automatically seek guidance from my children. You have your own consensus of who among my children are the most Abel-like. Even though you may not have direct contact with them, you should know their names, their character, their behavior, and so forth, so that you can learn how to harmonize with them.

Those children born as blessed children should not feel they are privileged. They have a difficult and challenging path ahead of them. It is most important that they unite with their parents. Here in America there is a tendency for blessed children to mingle with children of the secular world - but that is very disheartening and also very dangerous.

Thus each person is the key to success or failure. Your mind and body must become one, centered upon true love, and you must come totally over to God's side. Today is a special sermon in which I am teaching you the most important standard-unless you keep up with this standard, you will not be able to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. You are not going to go along this road being pushed by somebody else-you must voluntarily perfect yourself. You should not wait for someone to come along and push you out to go on the mobile teams; you should volunteer, even before you hear the word from me. Husbands and wives should push each other to go out.

We are just like the Israelites moving through the wilderness or troops on the march. When people have babies, they must send them to the division that takes care of babies so that they can get back to the front lines where they are needed. If someone in a battle is trying to wander around. clutching her baby to her breast, they will both be killed in the fierce fighting. It is good to love your husband or wife, but in the time of war, God and mission must be first and foremost in your mind.

Before the Unification Church, we must love the Unification nation. We are building that nation now. You are the ones who will determine the success or failure of this venture. Whenever I look at Mother, I always ask myself, "Am I loving her with a united mind and body?" Mother has the same attitude.

We are going into the land of Canaan and the journey is not easy. We must pass through the wilderness to get there. We are passing through the worst situations now- you don't know what will happen. The only person who really knows what is going to happen is True Father; Mother is holding on tight to me and going wherever I go. Of course, Mother is busy caring for the children and thus she has different duties than I do. The best situation would be for all the children, as well as Mother, to be looking toward me for direction and eager to dash out to fulfill it. I am telling my own children that they are not the ones to control our actions. Therefore, Mother and I should be the focal point of your attentions as well.

Night and day, whether I am sleeping in a bed or not, there is only one thing on my mind: God's world here on the earth. You are going to be citizens of that world; therefore, you are responsible to become worthy of it. If you fail to become a citizen of that Kingdom when you go to spirit world, you shall have to wait a millennium or perhaps even millions of years.

I cannot always remain here and speak to you at Belvedere because I cannot stay in one place forever. Unless the entire country of America will welcome me, I must go away and go to the country which knows it needs Reverend Moon and welcomes me on the national level. It doesn't matter how large or small the country. There are many nations more prepared than the U.S. to receive the True Parents.

However, I still have hope for this country. That is the reason I am pushing everyone for the next three years to give every ounce of energy and heart for the sake of consummating the mission in this country. We want America to be in the position to receive the blessing-to be in the position to accept God, welcome Him, and ask for His guidance. That is the purpose of these three years.

In the meantime, while I am concentrating so strongly on the United States, I want you to understand that the rest of the world is suffering. I could leave this country easily. I could have a much easier time working with some other country which is eager to welcome me. But that is not what the rest of the world needs. The world needs such a country as the U.S. to become a God-centered nation. Therefore, even though it is very difficult, I will go this road. Korea and the U.S. are linked together. If anything happened to damage that link, I would return immediately to Korea.

I am asking each one of you today to assume the role and responsibility which I have been carrying. Anybody who has such a desire and participates in his mission in that way will have God with him. That is the rule of Heaven. When you are completely united with the True Father in your heart, God is with you.

You should be doubly strong as blessed couples because husband and wife should both be thinking how to inherit my spirit. Then even greater miracles can happen. Centering upon your blessed family, you are going to move toward the national foundation. Your family shall become an offering for that purpose.

Would you do this and follow my direction? God's blessing be with you. Thank you.

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