The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1983

Original World And Present World

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 29, 1983
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

Are there any volunteers to translate the title this morning? It is: original world and world of reality. Therefore, the topic of today's message is the original world and the real, or present, world.

Everyone living on the face of the earth-past, present and future-realizes that his earthly life cannot be prolonged indefinitely. Although billions of people are alive at present, each individual represents all humanity. So in speaking of America, you are included as a representative or a part of America. Also, when you refer to the world, you put yourself in the center of that world; you think of it as yours. The individual, the nation and the world are actually not separated from each other. All levels are infinitely interrelated.

Each of you dreams of the ideal world; but as you do so, you realize that your dreams are a long way from the reality of the present situation. There is a big gap separating reality from the ideal; they are not so interrelated.

You cannot relate to the entire United States, even though you are a part of it and it is your nation. Furthermore, the American people cannot relate freely with the rest of the world; they are still far removed from the world panorama. You call this your nation, yet there are many factors and situations beyond your reach, outside of your control. You would like to be in a position to direct this country, to guide the national situation; everyone has such an ambition. However, we are not yet capable of doing that. Therefore, we still long for an ideal state and cherish the dream of a future ideal country. We never cease striving for that goal.

We want the freedom to relate to an ideal state and ideal world and ideal spiritual world. That is our hope and dream. I as an individual should be able to relate to everyone everywhere, without any restriction or obstacle. I should be able to encompass the whole country and connect to all of it, as well as the whole earth and all of spirit world.

An ideal state needs some central point-some central figure or focus. What kind of central figure would make our dream a reality? What kind of power would the central figure need? Only God meets the requirements. God is totally free; God is the total, perfect ideal. Therefore, He is the central figure we need.

What kind of character should God have? Does He need to be a tall, muscular man-a heavyweight champion? No. The God we are seeking is the ideal God, a God of total freedom and total power, able to relate to anyone anywhere, without restriction or limit.

In an ideal state, then, good and evil will not have to be defined, because there will be no room for evil or even for thinking of evil. God transcends the definition of good and evil. Such an ideal state must be totally pure, leaving no room for evil. Everything will be totally and permanently good. Its citizens will dwell in goodness, and each person will be thoroughly good. Men will be good, women will be good, and they can connect to that ultimate goodness with absolute freedom.

When God created all things, He said they were good. When He created Adam and Eve, He pronounced them very good, although Adam and Eve never did fulfill all the meaning of "very good" Which attracts God more: something good, or something very good? Very good, of course. Only after the creation of a man and a woman did God call His handiwork very good. He must have been wide awake and totally thrilled that day. He must have shouted with jubilation, loud enough for the whole universe to hear: "It is very good!"

What inspired such a response? Did God say, "very good!" when He looked at Adam's face? Or was it Eve that excited Him so much? No, it was the unity and harmony of Adam and Eve that God called supreme goodness. The content of harmony and unity is love. So the history of supreme goodness began when love entered the picture. Adam alone was not yet very good. Eve by herself did not meet the standard. But when God brought the two together and the current of love sparked between them, then He pronounced it very good.

If you ask God where He would like to dwell-in a good state or a very good state-what do you think He would answer? What would your answer be? Of course, you want to live in a very good state. The central theme of a very good state is love. Love is like a rope, a force which binds men and women together forever. Furthermore, even though people are eternally linked by such a rope, and even though it may look like bondage or slavery, it still fills people with infinite joy. That is love. So love is the supreme goodness, not just goodness.

Let us imagine two kinds of love scenes. In the first, a man and a woman are deeply in love, gazing at each other, holding one another in close embrace, not even knowing how to separate themselves. The second scene is like the first, except that someone else enters the picture. God joins the man and the woman, and the three together unite and rejoice in love. The center of goodness is two beings in love. But the center of supreme goodness is God.

The ideal is for a man and a woman of goodness to unite with God in supreme goodness and become totally one. Once you achieve that, you are totally free for the first time in your life because you can relate to everyone and everything. Whatever the circumstances, you can reach out to others. Once you attain that supreme goodness, you can travel throughout your nation and knock on the door of any home in any town, and you will be welcomed. People of all races will receive you because such supreme goodness cannot be dejected. Then you are totally free.

Would Satan approve of such a state? Of course God will, but even Satan cannot completely deny it, because he still has wisdom and recognizes what is true. He might say, "Well, it is logical and I realize that it is the truth, but I don't agree" That "1" is always Satan because it represents selfishness. Satan does not want any part of God's ideal; he never wants to see it fulfilled.

Let's go back to God's reason for creating the universe and mankind. His purpose was and is to achieve that state of supreme goodness. He wants to be able to call His creation "very good" Once you achieve supreme goodness, a happy state is possible.

Those critical four letters, V E R Y, set the ideal apart from the present situation. The ideal is not mere goodness. The present standard of goodness and love between men and women needs to be linked to the ideal love, the central, supremely good love. When that happens, you can call it an ideal state.

You must be able to logically explain what you mean by an ideal state. To speak about the ideal without knowing what it is all about is not scientific or logical. If you cannot explain the ideal condition, you will be blocked from moving forward. The ideal state is the state of supreme goodness. That is not too difficult to understand. Truth is always simple!

What then is the ideal world? It is the dwelling place of ideal people. The ideal world is the supremely good world, formed by good people; it is where loving men and women live in happiness, centered upon the core love of God. Just loving men and women is not the ideal; it is not even a supremely good state. Loving men and women need to be centered upon the core, universal love of God in order to create the ideal.

The motion of love is sometimes outward, sometimes inward; but in essence, it draws people closer. When a man and a woman tell each other, "I love you,' they are bound together. I wrote M and W on the blackboard, representing men and women. These two English letters look very similar. Turn the M upside down and it becomes a W. The subject points upward, and the object downward; the two positions are symmetrical. So MW and WM are harmonious. In that respect, the British people who created the English language were quite smart!

When a man and a woman come together, where do they touch first? Probably the nose! Actually, the heart is the center of our being, so people should meet heart to heart. The heart of the man is meant to join with the heart of the woman. It is not easy for the heart of a man to match that of a woman. Women have their own minds and men have theirs. Women may turn to the right, while men turn to the left, for instance.

To feel joy, you need to connect with an object. If you could get something to bind you to your object, would you want it? A man can have a miracle rope that hooks a woman and pulls her everywhere with him, without causing her to feel pain, unhappiness or resentment. A woman can also have such a rope that hooks a man and pulls him around without complaint. Would you that kind of rope? Absolutely yes! What is this miracle rope? It is the rope of love.

How much would you offer for that love rope? What price tag does it carry? You would be determined to get it even if you had to give yourself and all your possessions. Once you obtain such a precious rope, you cannot release it. To keep from letting go, you wrap it around yourself until you are completely bound by it! If your eyes are blindfolded by that rope, will they protest? If you are muzzled and fettered by it, will you feel pain or happiness? No, only great joy.

The rope of love is powerful enough to make someone heading in one direction wake up and turn completely around. Men and women touched by the rope of love become totally intoxicated. Its impact has electrifying power. As men and women draw nearer to each other, their positions no longer matter; the rope binds them together into one central position. How much energy does their fusion generate? The greatest imaginable power under the sun.

It is not always easy to link up with an object. If you want to catch a baseball, how do you do it? You could run toward the ball or retreat from it. If you charge into the ball to catch it, it would cause a lot of pain to your hands. To crash into a ball is a very awkward way of catching it. Suppose that instead of a ball it happens to be a woman coming toward you. How would you catch her? Would you crash into her or move around and gracefully reach for her?

When American soldiers returned from Vietnam after a long absence from their wives and children, their family reunions at the airport were the most touchingly beautiful scenes. When husband and wife ran towards each other, they did not crash headlong, but embraced and whirled round and round in their joy and harmony.

When lovers meet, they do not smash each other but revolve around each other. To revolve around each other means that each one fully accepts the other. Husband and wife should be interdependent and willing to be controlled by their spouse. People in love can open themselves totally to each other, without fear or resistance.

Normally, the woman is smaller and has to jump up to meet the man. So the man becomes the axis in the couple's revolution, and the woman hangs onto him. The man is the subject, taking the initiative. When a woman meets her lover, normally she wants to be enveloped in his arms or wrap her arms around his neck and be lifted up from the ground. Since God made women a little smaller than men, they are always waiting to be raised up. You have been trained to be lifted up by wearing high heels! In many cases, you American women want to play the subject role, but even you cannot disagree with me on this point.

On a two-lane American highway people drive in the right lane. The left lane is for cars coming from the opposite direction. But you women are like drivers who want to use the left lane. What happens when you change lanes? A crash. Women who move into the opposite lane cause many head-on collisions in American families today.

Who can train these tough, stubborn, impossible American women? Only Reverend Moon. You might be grumbling inside and rebelling against what I am explaining, but it is true. You should be humble enough to acknowledge the truth and determine to live by it.

Will you American women try to control your husband or will you let him control you? That is a hateful question for American women. All I am trying to do is stimulate you to achieve the supreme goodness. It is not so difficult to reach goodness, but unless you follow the Principle, you can never attain the supreme goodness.

Men are plus and women minus. This is the original and official formula. Can you protest against it? Your ancestors who created the alphabet and designed the letters M and W must have known what I was going to preach this morning!

Well, we have not yet covered the introduction, and one hour has already passed. We have just analyzed men and women. Shall we quit now? How much tuition did you pay to study this valuable material?

If I quit now, you might protest, "Father, you taught us the Principle. It says that in order to become very good, one needs an object. In the Unification Church, you are the subject, and without us as objects, you cannot achieve supreme goodness. You need us, Father" That is a good argument. I will surrender to it!

Once everything comes together in the right position and combination, following the right formula, supreme goodness will abound. From north, south, east and west, men and women will head for the center, and God will come down as they approach. Like an electric circuit, men being the plus and women the minus, they link up and make sparks fly! A spark is like an explosion; when you explode, you are no longer just men and women. That is the very moment God has been waiting for. When that moment comes, God will pull the man and woman to His bosom and revolve around with them! Then the ideal state will begin to function.

In what part of His children would God make his home? How about the eyeballs, the nose, the ears, or the mouth? None of these will satisfy Him. He will focus on the center of supreme goodness, the totally pure love of men and women joined together, and make His dwelling there.

The center of love is like pure gold, which has I 00 percent conductivity. Electrical current always flows towards something it can consume, generating explosions and sparks when it reaches the core. Electromagnetic current operates throughout the universe, controlling the function of the heavenly bodies. The truth of electricity is also the truth of the universe. Electrical current flows in a circuit; gravity draws everything towards the center. Why? Something comparable to pure gold is at the center of the universe. Universal prime force directs all motion towards the center, maintaining order in the universe.

Without gravity, the universe would fall apart. Likewise, in the world of heart, pure-gold love pulls everything to the center. The pure gold of God's love is the magnetic force, the center of gravity in the world of love. It affects any moving object. People's lives take various courses, but they always return to that pulling power. When you make contact with the golden core of God's love, will He cry out in pain, or laugh with joy and happiness? God is like us; He feels joy when touched by external stimulation.

Logically speaking, what can make God explode with joyful laughter? When He sees loving men and women coming together centering upon Him and exploding in love, He feels joy and wants to revolve with them.

Centered upon the love of God, the husband and wife turn in various directions and angles, but they always maintain the same center. The motion of love is not only circling but also spherical. As a metal cube turns over and over, it becomes rounder, because its edges wear down. Men are generally taller and heavier than women. Because God wanted that circling, spherical motion, He designed some differences between the sexes and also created a variety of men and women. He created Adam and Eve and pronounced them very good because He saw the possibility that His love could be ignited through the union, and that through them true joy could be fulfilled.

I want you to understand the central message this morning. Men and women may love each other horizontally, but unless their love is centered upon God, it will never ignite the universe or bring God true joy.

Once the central position is fixed, it cannot be changed. Society has been straying from this principle; men deny women and women deny men. Under such circumstances, the ideal can never come about. In God's sight, the gay movement in America, for example, and the various perverted forms of love are the worst offenses. They are crimes in His eyes. God is permitting the punishment of these movements by the spread of a new disease, which attacks gay people especially. It threatens their lives because they violate the laws of God and oppose His original love. God cannot let such activities prosper, so He uses natural law to curtail them.

When young people get married, the first thing they often do is reject their parents. Women in particular do not want to live in their husband's home. "Why are these old folks here?" they protest. "Why do I have to serve an old woman and an old man who mean nothing to me?" People who feel that way have no anchor for their lives; they will lose the land of settlement.

Senior citizens homes in America are like half-way houses next to a cemetery. Their residents are biologically alive, but in the sense of love, they are dead. Our church tradition is not to send our aged parents to a senior citizens home, but to give them the central position in our homes. Let them have the master bedroom.

Do you want a complicated family or a simple one? You are going to form simple families, but when I say that, I do not mean just husband and wife. I mean grandparents, parents, nephews and nieces, brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law, all living harmoniously in one home. Three generations under one roof is the most ideal sort of family. You, your parents and your grandparents represent the stages of formation, growth and completion. Above you are your parents, and above them your grandparents. The heart of even the most elderly grandparents is always reaching out to little children. When you learn how to love grandparents, you will find God above them. If you are unable to love your grandparents, you should not even talk about loving God.

When this tradition governs your home, God will feel welcome to come and dwell there. Why do we need our spouse? Why do we need our parents and children? Because our unity with them is the prerequisite for welcoming God into our home. God's presence should be the core of love in your home. When you fulfill the three levels or stages of love, with God at the center, you can reach out in all directions, forming a complete sphere.

Your parents, your spouse and your children open the way for you to move freely in all directions. When you raise up and honor your parents, your spouse and your children, you transcend all limitations.

This kind of message is absolutely necessary in America. When ABC, NBC and CBS broadcast it to the 240 million Americans, will people respond, "Oh, Reverend Moon, we don't need you; go home"? When 240 million people reply, "Aboji, manse),' that will be the final chapter of the American dispensation! They may not say that very quickly, but at least they should welcome me and say, "Reverend Moon, we need you. Stay here forever"

Today's theme is the original, ideal world. The Unification movement's task is to bring mankind to that goal. We know the present reality, the focal point of the ideal world, and the way to reach it. What an incredible discovery for this confused and chaotic world! The Unification Church becomes a light to the world.

There are many antique lovers and collectors in this country. But what is the oldest antique of all? God. However, He is no ancient relic in a glass case, but a living God.

Antique collectors might display their treasures in their living room and come in once a day to admire them. But the oldest antique, God, is someone with whom you can share your life. Antiques can be quite costly, so how much would you expect to pay for the oldest antique? What could you offer in exchange for it? The entire United States of America? The whole earth? Its value would be astronomical.

When we do obtain God, where can we store Him? There are a lot of robbers around who would plot a way to steal something so marvelous and valuable. People want to use any possible means to fulfill their desires. When God looks at people who want so desperately to obtain life's greatest treasure, would He hate them? He would probably smile upon them.

Realizing that He is too precious to be visible, God made Himself invisible. That way He can be available to everyone who makes the condition to attract Him. So not only is God invisible, but He is universally available to dwell with us.

Many successful businessmen will save up their money so they can pass their work on to their children and take a tour of the world. They journey around here and there, enjoying life. Where does such an urge come from? God. When God is fulfilled and has achieved all His goals, He will want to travel around, visiting the homes of one child after another, enjoying a happy, productive, tourist's life!

When God promises to visit your home, He gives you the proper key to let Him in. Only a very special key will admit God into your home. It is the love key. With that key, you can unlock doors in all directions and move around without limitation. Use that key to open the door when God comes knocking.

Where can you store God's love so that no one can steal Him from you? You can keep God in your invisible mind, where no one can even see inside. Anything visible or tangible is always exposed to danger. If someone had a precious jewel he desperately wanted to safeguard, he could even hide it under his skin; if he was really desperate, he might cut into one of his leg muscles and bury it there. Still, someone who knows what he did might take his leg in order to get the treasure! Of course, God does not want His protector crippled, so He devised the most sacred and secure hiding place of all, the mind.

When God enters your life, He will zoom to the center of your mind, into your most sacred place. The center of your mind is the ideal place to conceal God. Those of you who want to possess this living, eternal antique, raise your hands. I know you well. You are greedy! All right, let's do it. Let's obtain the key of love and use it to open the door for God, the oldest antique. He will fly into our hearts and dwell there forever.

The world is nothing more than an extension of your family into the community, the nation, and the globe. Love your parents the way you love God; then you can go anywhere. Love your spouse the way you love God; then eternity is within your grasp. Love your children the way you love God; then they can go anywhere. A child who is loved that way can be accepted by not only his parents and grandparents, but all people everywhere.

If you practice this kind of love, all of life is harmonious and united. Everything works out well. Even if there were no God, this would be the only method to bring the world together. But God truly does exist. He is the final, ultimate reality.

If God had not thought of this strategy before, as He listened to my sermon this morning, He would decide to carry it out! He would have to admit, "You are absolutely correct. I have waited for six thousand years, and now I will do it"

If at least a glimpse of this message had appeared in the New Testament, the work of restoring Christianity would have been infinitely easier!

I have a priceless secret. How would you propose to obtain it? Even if you offer an infinite amount, I will not sell it. But if you go out and suffer for the sake of love, demonstrating your sincerity, putting forth your maximum effort, I will make a deal with you. I will not sell it for money, but I will give it in exchange for love. Do you truly love me?

The most paradoxical of Jesus' teachings, even though it expresses eternal truth, has been hard for people to understand: "He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for my sake will find it" Jesus also said, "He who loves father or mother, son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me"

How could Jesus make such incredible, outrageous statements? He could not reveal all the meaning behind his words, but today I am doing so. Jesus had grounds for making such statements because he also wanted to give people his priceless treasure. No money could ever buy it; only love could obtain it. Because of love, Jesus could make such a statement.

Two thousand years later, Jesus' era is being repeated. Our century is like the first century. I am making extraordinary statements with confidence and power. When I state that unless you love me more than anything under the sun you are not worthy of me, I also have good reasons for doing so. I have something priceless to give you in return, something which money cannot buy. Will you accept my terms?

I am asking for your absolute love. Your duty can be summed up simply: to become a true son or a true daughter. Once you become a true child, you are completely, one hundred percent united with True Parents. The way to become a true son or daughter is quite simple: to completely live your life for the love of True Parents. That is a simple but formidable statement. Can you take up the challenge?

Some critics might call me a dictator of love. That does not matter, as long as we reach the goal of supreme goodness. That is all we need. In order to attain that, there is nothing we cannot sacrifice. So shall we accept it?

Among the blessed couples, some women originally told me they did not want to be matched or get married, but I matched them anyway! Now that they have a husband and children, they are coming and apologizing to me: "Father, I am sorry I gave you such a hard time at the matching. I didn't know it could be so good! Father, thank you" I get letters like that every day.

Are Moonies happy or unhappy people? What makes you happy? Chinese food? You don't possess too many material things, so what is the source of your happiness? True love. That is an invisible value and therefore it goes everywhere. It meets no resistance; it permeates everything. Would you want to stop it or resist it? When such a treasure approaches you open yourself totally to it. Love works miracles. Love causes things to happen; it makes everything beautiful and marvelous.

In the face of a little child, you behold the image of God. A tiny, beautiful, charming God is playing there in front of you. When I go to Mother, she says, "My husband, God, is approaching me" When you look at your grandparents, they seem so wonderful because they are the closest to God of all your family; they have greater rapport with Him since they are the closest in age!

As you get older, your hair becomes gray and finally white. That white represents purity in the process of becoming closer to God. God's hair is also white! Whether your skin is black, yellow or white, your hair whitens with age. That indicates you are changing into the likeness of God. Why did God create tall mountains capped with white snow? They represent God's position. When you ascend to the highest places on earth, nature becomes pure and white. The highest peaks symbolize God.

High and low, broad and narrow, all things come together making creation harmonious. True love is the catalyst. True love makes things harmonize and unify.

The family sphere has a center and three axes: upper and lower, right and left, and front and rear. These are the positions of God, parents and children, husband and wife, and brothers and sisters. All these sectors become united through love. Could military power force them to unite? Could knowledge teach them how? Could money buy it? Only true love. This is the eternal and absolute truth. So your family is actually your textbook of love.

The love you experience in your family can be expanded to your community. Even the universe is nothing more than the extension of your family. Jesus said we should love our neighbors as ourselves. That may sound vague, but the pattern is clear: treat older persons as your own grandparents and younger people as your own children. Each segment of humanity is represented in your family sphere. Therefore, you can relate to anyone using your own family as a model.

My rule is to love grandparents as you love God, and then to love all people as you love your grandparents. There is no higher attitude than that. I regard young people and children as miniature images of God. Each person is a model or exhibit of God.

Actually, when we live this way, we are making models and samples here on earth for the ultimate exhibition of God's ideal in the spirit world. The spirit world is centered upon the family, so people enter the spirit world not as individuals, but as a family unit. The perfect family needs to be consummated here on earth first, and then brought to the spirit world for eternal display. A family in the spirit world needs the same components as an earthly family: parents, husband and wife and children; but you can form it only on earth, not in the spirit world. Once you create the perfect family here on earth, when you enter the spirit world, you will receive the warmest welcome wherever you go. Anything faked or counterfeit here on earth is not acceptable in the spirit world; only the honest truth will do.

The wife who truly loves her husband and the husband who truly loves his wife will go to heaven. Children who truly love their parents and parents who truly love their children are entitled to heaven. Who should be the head of the family? Grandparents are the ultimate authority. Although the family members are harmonized by love, there is still a certain order of command: grandparents, parents and children.

Parents should take their children to the grandparents and bow down together, asking for the grandfather's blessing. When your grandparents receive such homage, they can bless you. The blessing signifies delegation of authority to the children. In the Bible, Jacob and Esau went to their father Isaac to receive his blessing. The grandparents, in God's position, must delegate authority by giving their blessing. Those family traditions that revere grandparents are very important in the religious world, because when you come to your grandparents with homage and respect and love, they become channels for God's blessing.

The true, ultimate grandparent is God. He is waiting for all the religions to come together, as brothers and sisters in front of Him, and say, "Grandfather, Your children are united; we are no longer fighting. We have become good brothers and sisters; now we deserve Your blessing" God yearns for the time when He can bless all His children. I am working to bring all the religions before God and have them bow down to Him in unity and ask for His blessing.

Furthermore, I am uniting all the races-black, white and yellow-harmonizing them and bringing them together in love, making them brothers and sisters. Eventually, we will bring all mankind together before God and proclaim: "We are here, God. Please accept us. All mankind is now united-black, white and yellow-bowing down to You as true brothers and sisters" God has been waiting throughout history for that one moment and my effort is directed toward that one moment. God will reply, "I have been waiting for a long, long time. How precious it is! I will now bestow my blessing"

The world in which we live is still far from that goal. Who shall make such a world? No matter how thoroughly you investigate, you will find only one answer: Reverend Moon and the Unification Church. All the Moonies are chosen and commissioned for this task.

When you look at yourselves, you still find some barriers between your mind and body. What distinguishes the original world from the present world is its lack of barriers. In the original world you would be free to communicate and travel anywhere, but the present world is compartmentalized, fragmented and barricaded.

The first barrier is that which separates the mind and body. When God created men and women, He pronounced them very good. He never envisioned a division between a person's mind and body, so that division within you is Satan's work, Satan's castle.

There is also a barrier between husband and wife; it is often like a high wall, particularly here in America. There are also barriers between parents and children, and between people of the various races. There are all kinds of division under the sun. God's world is all chopped up by barriers.

What shall we do? What force can demolish the obstructions? All the barriers are described in detail in the Principle, which explains their origin and the method for eradicating them. To make a long story short, the divisions come from selfishness. When you focus on yourself and elevate yourself more and more, those divisions become stronger and more complex.

The remedy we need to spread throughout the world is an unselfish, sacrificial and serving way of life. We must become humble and meek in order to break down barriers. Wherever we go, we should humble ourselves and sacrificially serve our fellow man. Humility is our weapon.

Satan is at the center of all the obstructions. He has an arrogant, selfish personality and cannot humble himself. To demolish Satan's walls, we must become the opposite of their architect, Satan; that is why we must become humble, sacrificial and unselfish.

Please understand this clearly. To remove the satanic nature, which is arrogance and selfishness, we need to become meek, humble and unselfish, denying the satanic world. Satanic nature is always the opposite of the heavenly nature. It is self-centered, arrogant and self-serving.

Religious doctrine, therefore, is basically the denial of the Satan-centered self, family, society, nation and world. Therefore, persecution is a blessing, in a way, because when the satanic world mobilizes to attack you, it causes you to become humble and deny that fallen world. How could you welcome it? Persecution automatically directs you down the road of denial, which is your route to God. In the sense that he reinforces the course of denial that a godly person must take, Satan ultimately serves the very purpose he denies. He assists you by giving you persecution. That is why persecution, tears, pain and suffering always accompany the birth of true religious movements, heading them in the right direction, the heavenly direction.

Although Satan and his world persecute you, if you stand firm and become victorious, you will inherit all their possessions. Satan will have to relinquish his power to you. So, although Satan's position is the antithesis of God's, history will ultimately record that even Satan helped God reach His objective.

Satan will even give you your certificate to enter Heaven. If you go the sacrificial way, he will eventually urge God to accept you. "In spite of all my power,' he will confess, "I cannot deal with this person; he is impossible" When you get that endorsement from Satan, Jesus will countersign your certificate.

When Satan admits the futility of trying to cope with you, God will step in and lay claim to you. God and Satan are like oil and water; they do not mix. Satan is completely self centered and always tries to promote selfishness. When you become truly God-centered and no longer attempt to foster your self-interests, Satan's arsenal of weapons has no effect on you. He surrenders!

Religious teachings have urged people to serve the world and to be humble and sacrificial. They know in general that all these are good virtues, but they do not know precisely why. We do. I am teaching you why. This is our inevitable course because it is the only way we can separate from Satan and become totally acceptable to God.

Religion teaches people to love their enemy. Who is the ultimate enemy? It is Satan. Eventually, even Satan must be liberated and saved. Even though he has played the enemy role, still he helps people to come to God, and in the end God will forgive him. So please love your enemy.

Ultimately, even Satan's rank will change. In essence, he is the fallen archangel. The archangel's rank must be restored; he must return to his original position. Mankind is supposed to love the archangel, according to God's original principle. We must leave the record of loving the enemy before we get to the spirit world.

Satan as an archangel should never have sunk to his present position. God's true sons and daughters are those who have perfected themselves and have been restored to an unfallen position. We must be able to practice loving our enemy, Satan, here on earth, which means loving the original, unfallen position of archangel.

Knowing all this, Satan and Cain are holding you around the neck, reminding you that you cannot get to Heaven- "that nice place upstairs"-until you love them. When you totally love them, you demolish the barriers of the present world. When you model your family after the original standard of God, Satan can no longer put any obstacles in your way. When you enter the eternal world, he will greet you and say, "Go to the Heaven you deserve"

Of your two aspects, your external body is on the satanic side, and your internal mind is on God's side. One or the other has to be denied. Ironically, people in this world cherish and exalt their bodies over their minds. The Unification Church way of life is basically a pattern of self-denial. It is particularly painful for women. You have numerous charms and attractions, and you want to put on polish, makeup, jewels and such things to enhance them. As you look at each part of you, remind yourself, "I have got to deny this finger, these eyes, this mouth, these ears, this neck, etc."

The best course of self-denial is fundraising, because there people will scorn you, mistreat you and even spit at you. That is the best training ground for self-denial. Pay no heed to people's accusations; just persevere towards the goal.

Moonies in good standing are disciplined to self-denial. For instance, we often deny sleep and rest. The body longs to stretch out and enjoy long hours of rest, but we learn to overcome those urges. Who told you that you need eight hours of sleep? Where in the Constitution is it written that you need a set amount of sleep? Decide on a small amount of sleep and make it your rule.

Working people go to the office at 9:00 and leave for home at 5:00. In contrast, we may work 20 hours and allow only four for resting, eating and caring for our body- considering even these few hours a luxury!

Many people also make money their objective, striving for material goals. But we say, "I have a mission to fulfill God's will. I am laboring to secure true love. That, not money, is my goal"

You should not need someone to look after you, check on you or inspect you. You should not need supervision, because you are your own master. Your mind is almost a tyrannical supervisor!

People earn money and store it in their bank account. In contrast, we make money but our pockets are always empty! We say, "I don't spend money for myself; I invest it for the sake of the world and humanity. To help others, I need to maintain my body; therefore, I eat. This body must function properly in order to serve mankind"

Men and women who live this way will be welcomed throughout the world. Mankind must pay tribute to them, because without them, heaven on earth can never be a reality. So please gain mastery over your body. Get Satan to sign you over to God. When I receive his certification, I will sign it too. That is the kind of man and woman I want to unite as husband and wife.

There is a major barrier dividing the world of men from the world of women. When I bring a couple together in heavenly Blessing, the greatest of all walls is torn down. To break down the heaviest barriers, I normally match a person from one extreme to his or her opposite. If there is a likelihood that the man and woman would fall in love on their own, I do not want to match them, because they would be tempted to cling together and not want to do anything else; they would forget the rest of the world! But when extremes are joined-an ugly man and a beautiful woman, for instance-they have to make much more effort to create a unity, and they are more likely to pay attention to the will of God above that of their spouse.

World restoration is such an awesome task that you should not want to be matched to an easy love. If you are on the opposite end of the spectrum from your spouse and love comes only with difficulty, you can become one only after you make much effort. That is the kind of effort needed to unite the world.

Which is more difficult to unite: an ugly woman and a handsome man, or the free world and the communist world? To unite two worlds is a much greater challenge than to unite two individuals. However, in order to harmonize opposing worlds, you need some training. The best training is to make harmony with someone completely opposite from you. The struggles and trials involved in uniting opposite men and women are training for world unity.

What is the ideal challenge for a couple to confront? For the best-looking man to love the worst-looking woman. What kind of couple do you think God prefers to look at? A handsome man and a beautiful woman? Suppose God wanted to visit a harmonious couple and could choose from three combinations: a handsome man and a beautiful woman; an ugly man and an ugly woman; and a handsome man and an ugly woman. Would God be drawn to the easiest, most natural unity or to the most difficult one? Ugly men and women living together is normal and there is nothing special about handsome men and beautiful women living together. God would be attracted to the couple who overcame the greatest challenges to physical unity.

In pursuing the ideal state, I have become a genius at matching handsome men to ugly women and beautiful women to ugly men. When you recognize the purpose behind this, you have no grounds whatsoever for complaint.

At a matching, the most ideal Moonie would say, "Father, I close my eyes and open my arms. Bring me anyone" You men could say, "I just open my arms, Father. All I need is any kind of creature called a woman" You women could say you need only a man. That is the wisest attitude in the Unification Church.

When someone says he cannot accept his match, who is making such a judgment? It is your eyes. You could pull out your eyes and solve the problem! Like a blind man, you could rely on your sense of touch. The man could feel a woman's bosom and recognize his partner as a woman and say, "This is good enough!" And vice versa.

The two eyes often don't want to accept things; they often complain and cause problems. The fall occurred because the eyes saw something else they thought they wanted. Therefore, if your eyes want something, do the opposite; then you will not be too mistaken.

Women's eyes in particular are so sensitive. Your eyes often make comparisons and try to create a squabble. The essence of a woman is what is important. Without true women, no ideal can come true; God's master plan cannot be realized. Women are essential for the fulfillment of God's work.

Our goal is the ideal world, but our starting point is the present, fallen world. I know precisely how to reach the goal, and I have made my life a model for you to follow. I have never sought an easy life, but always challenged difficulties, gaining mastery over my body, breaking through all obstacles and overcoming all persecution.

Man recreates woman and woman recreates man. In that way, ugliness can be transformed into beauty. Whoever wants to start on the highest level will run into trouble sooner or later and decline. But if you start from the lowest possible level, you will not make a mistake. Please accept your match in faith and gratitude. However ugly or handsome your mate may appear makes no difference. God will bless your unity with great children.

Don't misunderstand. I do not match people only on the basis of the life of self-denial in the midst of this present world because our goal is the original, ideal world. This present world will never satisfy us, so we are like gypsies on a journey. Since this world is governed by Satan and Cain-like elements, we cannot transcend it without denying ourselves. Thus the indemnity course is an absolute necessity.

Home church is a microcosm of the entire world. When you are rejected in your home church and then gain victory, you go through all the indemnity process in one stroke. You find fulfillment in rejection, because that is how you overcome Cain and reach the heavenly world. As a family, you are moving toward that original world. The family is the formula of the Kingdom of Heaven. It is both the foundation and the building block of Heaven.

True Parents are representatives of your parents. They are real parents, not just symbolic or conceptual parents, so you must unite with them.

God represents the grandparents. He is the ultimate authority; when He gives an order, the parents must obey. The parents' goal is to bring up their children in God's way of life, so that all together may enter Heaven. Like the True Parents, you must also walk the road of restoration. You have to fulfill your five percent portion of responsibility through home church.

More than your spouse and children, you should love your parents and God. That is the criterion for entering Heaven. Such families can expand into societies, nations and world. That is the Unification Church goal; that is the ideal state we are pursuing The core of the Unification Church is the family. If you follow what I have outlined here, you will inevitably end up in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Those who say, "Father, please trust me. I will enter that Kingdom of Heaven,' raise your hands. God bless you. Thank you.

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