The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1983

About Myself

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 27, 1983
Translator - Sang Kil Han

Each person has his native motherland. What is it that causes people to love their motherlands? Each person has an accumulation of memories and historical events that happened in his life within his motherland. These past events are connected directly with where he is in the present. Each person looks toward the future on the foundation of his own history. A person might be the citizen of a first-rate, leading country in the world or a country that is just developing. If a person has lived with a certain pride or ideal, he will wish to expand that within an even more prosperous and proud future.

Ultimately the ancestry of all mankind is from the same source, not many different ones. What was the homeland of that original source? According to the Bible, the first human ancestors were able to talk person-to-person with God. So we can say that God was residing within that first motherland of our human ancestors. What was that country like where God resided? That country was to be the motherland for all the descendants in the future.

What was the history of that first motherland? Certainly, God Himself was directly connected with that land. That was an ideal time, a time when no such thing as a fall had occurred. Everything there was ideal-ideal man and woman, ideal heart, ideal love. One characteristic of the ideal is that it will not decline; it may follow a curve, but it is always moving upward and getting better.

All cultures have a language at their center. What was that original language of the ideal world? The ideal language developed out of the ideal thought of man. The source of the ideal thought was God, the true subject of mankind. If we asked every person here whom he would like his ultimate subject to be, everyone would choose God even though everyone comes out of a fallen ancestry. Although everyone wishes to be in that subject-object relationship with God, He is not so easily found. He is invisible and people usually don't know how to go about finding Him.

Let us consider an example. Perhaps a woman is seeking a relationship with God but realizes that God is invisible and intangible. She would ask, "Is there anyone on earth who can be the visible representation of God for me, in whom I can trust?" She feels that she needs a man to closely connect with in a subject/object relationship and that person needs to be someone who closely represents God. In other words, for her, having the relationship with that person is having a relationship with God.

A man, too. will seek out such a relationship with a woman for the purpose of finding God. Once a man and woman find each other. do they just sit down and look at each other? Would they be happy just looking at each other for eternity? Wouldn't each of them want to hear the other saying that their relationship was the most wonderful thing that could ever happen in the past, present or the future? This would certainly be pleasing to both a woman and a man.

If you ask a man what he needs, he would say, "I need a woman who appreciates me the most." What is that appreciation normally centered upon? Is it because that person studies a lot, speaks well, or does something else well? When you laugh. it is focused on something. What makes you laugh the loudest and best? The answer to our question is love. Love is eternally "the most." If you were totally enjoying a delicious meal but someone gave you the option of giving it up for the sake of an eternal love relationship, you wouldn't hesitate to choose love over the food. Every person would do the same. God Himself likes strong, long-lasting love. He has created everything on the earth and He has the power to do anything, except for one thing-He cannot create love for Himself without an object. Just as a man needs a woman's love and vice-versa, God needs love.

Are the loves which a man, a woman, and God are seeking all different experiences or are they the same love? They are the same. Then why does God exist? What does God live for? We can name three elements which we all live for-joy, hope, and love. Among these, love is the center. Joy and hope themselves spring from love.

We were speaking of the original homeland. God's homeland is the place in which He experienced His first love-with mankind. But since the fall, there has been no time and no place in which God could settle Himself on the earth. There has been no time when God has settled down with love. Furthermore it follows that God has no culture, no language or developed thought through which He could express Himself on the earth. In other words, there has never been a culture which developed out of God's love.

Where did the thought of mankind originate from the very beginning? We can clearly see that language and culture were developed out of sources which had nothing to do with the love of God. Therefore, what is the quality of the cultures, languages and thoughts of the fallen world compared with the unfallen, Godly world? All people are yearning to hear just one word which God uttered in His love for mankind.

Religion has been playing the role of bringing people back to the culture where they should have originated. Since this is the ideal function of religion, the Unification Church has the same ideal-bringing people of today back into that original thought, language, and culture of God's ideal. Until now God has been in the position of being forced to live according to something other than His original purpose. He has been trying to mend or repair people back into their original state. When man changes constantly God has to change His response constantly: otherwise. He cannot focus on man. If His unwavering position as a Being of total goodness was to say, "Anybody who doesn't come to Me is not worthy of Me," nobody would have any relationship with Him. He has been forced to follow and search for people. After the fall. God has been following man into whatever places he has gone, no matter how dirty or miserable man has been. God had to follow people to educate them and bring them back to Him. In history there has been no time in which man followed God long enough to get back to Him.

What about you? Do you follow God or must God still follow after you? One thing is certain-you are not too confident in your answers! You may say you are following after God but that may be only as long as it suits you. What would you like to do in the future-continue to force God to follow you, or would you like to use your knowledge to follow God? We have learned that fallen man cannot follow God, no matter how strongly he might desire, without a condition. He cannot just say, "OK. I will now follow God," and then just do it with ease. That necessary condition is what we call the indemnity condition. Do you like indemnity conditions? Nobody does, including me. However, this is the law and we cannot avoid it.

Indemnity is not the subject of my sermon this morning, but it is important to mention it. What kind of a God do we really want to follow after-the God of indemnity and restoration? No, we would like to be able to follow God in His original situation, the true God. In order to be His true self, He must have a true object with whom He can exchange true love. As long as He does not have that object, God can never be fulfilled the way He should.

Before God can be fulfilled, He needs True Parents on the earth. That is reasonable because out of the True Parents the true family will emerge. Where is God's motherland, then? It is the same as the land of the True Parents and their family-where they are, God is. What about the True Parents' motherland? For the True Parents, the place where God and the children are is their motherland-where they can exchange love with their subject and with their object. Likewise the motherland for the children is where God is and where the parents are.

The simple term we use to describe this is the four position foundation. The ideal motherland is where this true four position foundation is to be found. We can call it the true motherland because it is where all the elements of love can be found and it is the point where that love can be disseminated to the entire world. You may have only understood the four position foundation as a concept, but it has this deep meaning. It is immediately related to the motherland where God dwells within the ideal.

If you were asked where you would like to go, wouldn't want to go to that original motherland? Within that motherland you can find God, True Parents. and the true children but you must be able to communicate with them through language. Can you go there and declare, "I am American! I can speak only English!"? That would certainly be out of place. Will you say, "Since America is the number one country, the True Parents must learn English or else there will not be a Kingdom of Heaven."?

If there had been just the one, original language, no one would be speaking English or Korean now, just that one language. The original language was the result of God's thought being uttered on earth. People would have spread it over all the earth and all the descendants of humanity would have used the same language. Would you like to learn that original language?

It so happened that the True Parents came to a particular country and that country happened to speak a language called Korean, so God had to express His love to mankind through that language. In other words, God had to adapt to that situation. He developed His four position foundation and expressed His love in that way, with the background of that particular language. Therefore anyone who wants to learn deeply about these important things has to understand the particular language which is being used, which happens to be Korean. Because of all these circumstances, we say that Korean is the native language, the original language.

If Cod talks to you does He want to use an interpreter or wouldn't He want to speak directly to you? Did Adam and Eve need an interpreter to talk to God? This is the reason why, even if I were to tell you not to learn Korean, you could not help but learn it. Regardless of race, whether you are black, white, or yellow, if you speak Korean you are all of the same race. That is because you are speaking the native language. But look at you now: you speak one language, I speak a different one and what a big barrier separates us because of that! You should be the ones taking the time and the pains to be learning Korean but it is I who am working to learn English. Some of you have even said that Korean is too difficult for you to ever learn! However, I have thought about it and I think that Korean ought to be the hardest language for people to learn, since most important things are hard to acquire. Isn't that true?

If someone speaks Korean well, he will probably also speak a second language well. Korean has the richest variety of adjectives, with many different degrees of meaning. In describing a color, Korean has a total spectrum of words to choose from. Compared to a Japanese person, a Korean who speaks English usually speaks it better because Korean contains within it the aptitude for learning all other languages rather deeply. Wherever they may be, Koreans can quickly learn the language.

What shame you will have if you go to spirit world and never had any experience on earth of speaking to True Parents directly in the native language. If God asks you what language you spoke on earth, would you be proud to answer, "English was my only language."? English is not the original language. Whatever is not the original language is a deviated language.

What is the restored language? It can only be that language which is used by the True Parents. This is because that language is the one which is used to relate with all people who are fallen and restore them back to their original state. Therefore, your ancestry in spirit world will blame you if you don't learn to speak that original language while on the earth. If you just stay with your old language, you will definitely be blamed in spirit world. So are you going to learn Korean now? Or are you going to say, "I hate to have to learn Korean' I just want to use English!"? Once a person understands clearly that he needs to do something, then he no longer needs someone else to compel him to do it.

Even the greatest genius cannot translate from Korean to English 100%, perfectly. At the very most, 70% of the meaning can be conveyed through translation. I am confident that I could draw you right into the realm of the Heart of God if we spoke the same language-if either you spoke Korean or I spoke English. If I had come to this country at the age of 30. I could have quickly learned English, but for me to learn English at my age and under my circumstances now is not so likely. I must try ten times harder than I would have earlier in life. Therefore, you cannot say at your younger age that Korean is too difficult for you!

When the time for matching and blessing came, many of you wanted to receive Korean spouses. I asked myself why that was, then I thought maybe it was because you wanted to be able to communicate with me through your spouse-at least he or she can speak my language! I have encouraged all of you married to Koreans to speak Korean with each other. When such a thing happens, other people who are ignorant of our movement will see that we are very different, unusual. Those of you who feel the need to learn Korean, please raise your hands. If I yelled at you and said, "Forget about it. You will never learn Korean.' what would you say? Even if I did everything I could to prevent you from learning Korean. if you would still try to learn it, raise your hands. I will watch and see. How long will it take you to learn, all your life? How much time should I give you? You say three years, so from 19851 will stop using an interpreter whenever I speak to you. I will speak only Korean, so it will just be too bad for those who don't understand Korean.

With this basis of unity, the world cannot avoid coming into unity. When you come to think of it, I never before spoke so strongly about your learning Korean. During the last ten years I never urged you in this way, yet still American people can see that we are very different and now they will say, 'They are creating their own unique culture!" The persecution against me would have been three times greater if I had said these things ten years ago. However, since there is nothing I am not blamed for at this point, I have nothing to lose by saying these things!

We are becoming one race, the original love race. Those of you who think I am illogical about your learning Korean, please raise your hands. Since you haven't raised your hands, you are saying that it is a reasonable and good thing I am urging you to do. However, tell me now that you don't follow my logic if you are not convinced.

Everything must stand to reason or else it cannot last. Everything we are teaching is according to reason or logic so no one can rightfully protest against our truthfulness. Imagine if you came to Korea and were able to speak Korean better than the people there. Can you imagine the response? Their eyes would pop open in admiration!

Without doubt America is the most materially advanced country in the world. Yet we cannot be comfortable saying that America is spiritually advanced; in fact, America is a most undeveloped country, spiritually speaking. Would you like to see America become spiritually developed? You should be proud of learning Korean because Korea is the most spiritually developed country. Although you are already in your twenties and thirties and therefore it may be difficult for you to learn Korean, you can encourage your blessed children to learn it and they can do it much more easily. You should teach your children to call you Abba and Omma, their father and mother.

Have you gained now some perspective in your heart, not just your mind, about why you and your children must learn Korean? Do you think it is possible to do? You must understand that as soon as the Unification thought is spread over the world, you Americans who have been in the movement for ten or twenty years and yet don't speak the Korean language will feel outside of the true realm of heart. Language is very important. In order to develop your heart. you must speak the same language as the one you are learning from. This will require a burden of additional work for you, without a doubt.

When Unificationism is being lectured in Korea, I will not allow any interpreters to be employed. Why should the lectures be translated when they are speaking in Korea? Will you call me a "dictator" because I am saying that the original language must be used to express the original thought?

So far I have spent over one hour just explaining why it is so Important for you to learn Korean. In many churches, no minister is tolerated who gives sermons that last longer than forty-five minutes! Yet I have already spoken for one hour and fifteen minutes and I am just beginning the sermon! The only reason why you accept and even welcome such sermons is that you are crazy-love crazy, and that is a good thing, not a bad thing. Love craziness is something which the universe welcomes-it's the only kind of craziness that is good and healthy. A love sermon could last forever and the universe wouldn't object.

If someone asked you to write about yourself, you would write down where and when you were born and what you have done in the course of your life. All of us were born within this century but every one of us comes from different places. Everyone has done different things in his life. How can people of such diverse backgrounds come into unity with each other? When people begin to work toward the same objective or goal. regardless of their backgrounds, they begin to have the same focus and gain unity with each other. What is the best objective toward which people could be working? Certainly it is true love- not only in the present but also in the past and future.

God is the subject of true love so God's goal is to find only true love. Unless God has a foundation of true love in the past, present and future, He has no avenue upon which to travel. Can you think of any human ancestor who has lived with perfect true love in the past? Is there such an ancestor in America? In the earliest days of America's settling, there were more native people here than immigrants. Those native Americans are called Indians. They spoke their own languages, which were the original "American languages." Today the language of English has taken over and the Indian people have been scattered and their numbers diminished. Who caused that? They never died because of sickness or natural causes but at the hands of the white American immigrants. Those original American natives had lived and multiplied for thousands of years here but within the past four hundred years they have become almost extinct.

A country without a foundation of love is not a good country. It must be a love which is good enough for God to dwell within and feel free in. A country without a foundation of love cannot prosper forever. At the last days, they will be faced with challenges they cannot overcome. When many signs point to America's decline, that is a sure sign of the last days. Since this country's history began with bloodshed, it could possibly end in bloodshed-perhaps a racial conflict instigated by communists. Communism exploits the differences and tensions between the races.

At this point in history, Reverend Moon has come with the mission of preventing such a convict and making peace between the races. The best way to accomplish this is to inspire white people to humble themselves voluntarily and serve people of other races. Many people have seen the value in such a thing but no one before has been able to inspire such an activity on a large scale. Reverend Moon has been able to teach these things for the first time in the history of America, and for the first time it is becoming a reality.

Each day contains daylight and darkness. Likewise the races of black and white correspond with and complement each other; they should not conflict with each other. Any painting contains contrasting hues of lightness and darkness on a canvas. Is it true that all white people only enjoy daytime and never enjoy the night time ? Do black people only enjoy night time and hate the daylight? Certainly not. It is a universal law that night follows day and day follows night-this cycle is natural. When there are cows of different colors eating in a meadow' do the white cows only eat side by side with other white cows? They never notice each others' colors.

Dogs have very distinctive coloring and shapes. For instance, there are black Dobermans, white poodles. and brown German Shepherds. Yet with all their external differences, do they ever show signs of ''racial discrimination" against each other? However, people are very different. Animals do not hesitate to mate, even if their mates are a different color. Often black people will say that they would not object to marrying a white person; however, what do most white people think about that? Many white people are opposed to marrying a black person. Why is that? Such discrimination is not natural.

Black people have great beauty and value. If science was able to make black people turn white, most black people would resist and say that they wanted to remain black. If you think about it, why should there be such deep differences between people just because their skin colors are different? The brown cow doesn't resent the white cow or vice versa, so why do people resent each other? There arc day and night and the four different seasons of the year. Natural differences should never be the cause of conflict.

How can God and the vast race of mankind be connected at this time? It is only through true love. What power does true love have? How can unity come about through true love? The essential quality within true love is that it gives a person the power to love his enemy. There is plenty of love to be found in the fallen, secular world and sometimes it is very hard to distinguish between Godly love and satanic love. They are almost completely alike- unless you have the framework of right philosophy, you cannot tell the difference. The biggest difference is that God's love has the power to love one's enemies while satanic love has absolutely no such power. The only way of dealing with enemies from the satanic point of view is to hate and even to kill them. God's love uses no coercion but always waits until a person can be moved on his own to do the right thing. God's love requires great patience: God has had a miserably long wait for man. God's love has the goal of establishing God's headquarters inside the very heart of the enemy's land. This concept alone is very revolutionary to most people. but the Unification Church has been not only speaking of the idea but also putting it into practice-not just on the individual level but on the world level as well.

As people have spread around the earth they have spread their conflicts all the way to the world level. World War II was an example of this type of conflict. That was the last physical war between people-with weapons-on the world level. At this time. people understand that the entire human population might be damaged or destroyed if we fight another world war. That knowledge has become common. Why was World War II the last physical war? Adam and Eve and the archangel were the only beings in the Garden of Eden-God sowed those seeds of history. They fell away from God and the result was that they began to fight with each other. Adam and Eve fought with each other and the archangel became an enemy of God-conflict and contradiction became common between everyone.

An Adam-block of nations, an Eve-block of nations and an archangel-block have come to exist under the secular realm, the satanic domain. What was sown at the time of the original Adam and Eve and archangel has come to be harvested in this way. According to the law of restoration, the same pattern must exist, regardless of the size it takes, in order for the original mistake to be indemnified and restored. Centering upon England, the pattern took shape. England was in Eve's position; America was born out of England. France was in the archangel's position; it is very different from either England or America. Both America and England have the same language and similar cultures, while France is entirely different. But by joining on the Heavenly side, they eventually came into unity with the Adam country, America, and the Eve country, England.

The Eve nation of the satanic countries was Japan; Japan is certainly a female nation. Also Japan has had many gods; they have accepted the idea of hundreds and thousands of gods. That symbolizes a woman with no sense of chastity but who moves from one man to another and thinks nothing of it. Germany was in the position of the satanic Adam country. Germany is very masculine. The alliance between the two satanic countries, Germany and Japan, necessitated an alliance on God's side in order to counteract them. Italy was in the arch angelic position on the satanic side.

Today, 30 years since World War II. France has turned toward a leftist position and Italy will probably go the same way. During World War II, there were clearly divided Heavenly and satanic blocks fighting against each other. Since the Heavenly side won. they should have inherited everything from the satanic side. Also they should have embraced them and encompassed them to bring them under Christian influence, but America failed to do that after World War II.

History has shown that America failed to do those three things and the United Nations has become a communistic tool as a result; it is not benefiting America or the rest of the free world. Many Americans want to do something about the United Nations but they don't know what to do. America has been paying the largest portion of the UN's expenses. even though it has been such a tool for world communism. Although America won World War II, it didn't have the ability to digest its enemies.

It was at that time that the Unification Church emerged. If Christianity, America and the rest of the free world had listened to Reverend Moon when he emerged, many problems would have been solved once and for all. However, Reverend Moon was opposed by them and, at the same time, God was opposed by them. Thus communists today are openly striking out against God and all the free world.

Now God must work to restore the mistakes of America and the free world through the Unification Church. That is why we oppose communism. Because both the people of the free world and the communists are opposing Reverend Moon at this time, they are working together in a way. What is the position of the United Nations? Where is the godly side within the United Nations? One thing is certain-a United Nations must be born on God's side. This Godly United Nations must win over the satanic United Nations through superior theory and practice and form a unified realm on God's side.

Communism is the principal occupant of the earth. There is only a small segment of the earth which is occupied by the Unification Church, but Reverend Moon has come out and proclaimed our advance against the power of Moscow and our determination to expand God's territory on this earth. This is the war we are engaged in at this time. This is the reason why we must fight against communism.

Clearly the Unification Church has the function and mission to restore what the free world failed to do after World War II-to recover what was lost to communist power for God's purposes. This is why all the forces under Satan's influence have banded together to resist our movement. The highest point of that resistance or persecution occurred in 1976. That was the fiercest time of the war. I proclaimed then that the opposition would start to decline.

The conclusion is that all religions, regardless of denomination or beliefs, must come into unity to fight against the satanic force of communism. They must give birth to the true United Nations which will oppose the ungodly forces. This United Nations should be stronger than that other UN on the satanic side. It should be more effective and bring much greater results for mankind.

This has been what Reverend Moon has been doing, consistently for the past decades-bringing theologians together of different denominations, as well as bringing scientists and other leaders together into one super denominational movement. The Conference on God is one example and the Youth Seminar is another. What we are talking about is very simple: that all the people on the Godly side. regardless of denomination or religion, should come together to oppose the satanic realm of communism, knowing that communism will destroy them otherwise.

There must be a leading country in this effort and the only country suitable is America. Since the free world has been opposing me, they have behaved as my enemies. However, I cannot treat them as my enemy because they are the foundation which God has prepared for the past thousands of years. They are opposing Reverend Moon out of ignorance therefore, I must tolerate them, no matter what they do. America has never been truly good: however, God's wish for America is that she be good. This is what is holding up America even today.

God had to allow the Indians in this country to be mistreated 400 years ago because of His future plans for the America that would develop. He knew that a powerful, Abel-type nation had to be prepared which could fight against satanic powers. God had no choice but to work through the white American people so He provided them with the capability which they have today to fight against the satanic power of communism.

God was happy to see the Abel side win World War II. However, America did not carry on after her victory. In fact, America totally failed after the victory. Because the Second Coming of the Messiah occurs on the world level, the satanic imitation of the messiah, namely communism, is developed on the world level and is claiming its mission to save the whole world. This is a typical example of the false prophet appearing one step ahead of the true one. Since the free world tailed to inherit what God prepared for it, the foundation which God had laid was taken over by communism.

Right after World War II, the communists quickly reorganized and launched their movement, just the way the Messiah would. Stalin established the policy of communizing the entire world; that was the time of the communists' peak potential for unifying the entire world under the communist banner. At that time, Reverend Moon was in the position to lead a world movement of Christianity; God wanted Christians to support His champion. However since that did not happen, Reverend Moon had to establish the Unification Church and let it pay the indemnity in the place of all Christianity.

I have fought for God's gigantic plan every! inch of the way and we have come a long way. We are now going over the hill and God's ideal of a unified world is about to be established. The current court battle is like the highest hill to go over. Reverend Moon is still holding onto world Christianity and extending hands of love. The Unification Church is being given the chance to do the work of God: however. world Christianity is much more capable of doing that work. Now that I have come to this point. I must decide how to fulfill God's schedule. How can I hold on to America and revive Christianity here within the. next three years?

We must now travel out of the wilderness and enter into Canaan within the next three years. We must deliver Christianity into Canaan, into the realm of God. These last three years of the forty years' wilderness time are the most crucial ones. Success or failure is being created from now on. The forty years from 1945 to 1985 have been and will be years of world chaos with nothing but confusion about right and wrong. This is much like the time when Moses went up to the mountain to receive the Ten commandments. All his followers were confused and became disloyal. During these past forty years in the spiritual wilderness, many Christians have likewise plummeted into confusion over what is right and wrong. They don't understand the difference between their friend and their true enemy -they have come to believe that communism might be their ally and friend, yet they think we are their enemy when we are clearly their friends. Many men and women are confused about their own natures - becoming homosexual and lesbian and believing it is right. This is much the same as in Moses' time. The Israelites became filled with wont! ideas and lowered themselves to nothing but carnal pursuits Christianity today has lost much of its spirit and influence over people.

The Israelites always tended to betray Moses and wanted to live their own way, but Moses remained strong even after much suffering and was able to receive the tablets. Home Church has come according to that pattern I am teaching you, "This is the way to eternal life. We must do this, regardless of how the world feels about it because this is God's direction." Moses had to hoist up the serpent on his staff so that everyone behind him could see it. The next three years will be the time when the Unification Church will proclaim to the whole world, 'We have found the solution and the right direction for every nation. family and individual to live. This is the only chance." Just like the Israelites followed Moses into Canaan. when Reverend Moon goes to Moscow, Americans will follow him.

When the Israelites went into Canaan, they had to overcome the powers living there. Likewise, one day we will march forward into the satellite countries of communism and liberate them with the message of God. This is the mission of the Unification Church. We must understand what is in store for the Unification Church in the future. What is God about to ask us to do? Nothing less than this worldwide dispensation.

We are truly the Heavenly army and we have just received our command from God Himself to go out and work to clean up all immorality-drug abuse, homosexuality, prostitution, gambling. I know how all these ungodly activities operate. I know how the casinos operate in Las Vegas and how that city is run. Unless all this immorality is cleaned up, America has no chance for survival in the future. Nobody but the Unification Church can do this job.

At this time, Col. Pak and CAUSA is having a seminar with 200 leading Americans from various fields. Since America has been very indecisive and has not been concerned about right or wrong so much, the activities of CAUSA in South America can stimulate the people here to realize the truth. I predicted that Vietnam would be betrayed unless America could adopt a firmer. more confident stance. That is what happened in 1975. Cuba has grown much more powerful than it should have' also. Because of that. so much trouble has occurred in Central America.

This is the time of the cross once again. Reverend Moon is leading the way. Only after we have planted God's banner inside of Moscow will I be ready to return to my homeland. Once that is done, I won't have to do so much more and the foundation will be firmly established. The Unification foundation will always remain on earth and communism will be driven out. All of God's avenues into the world will have been established. God will have the foundation to live on the earth and to travel freely here with His love, in the past, present and future. Every country will be a place where God can freely visit any time He wants. That will be the substantial beginning of Heaven on earth.

We are about to accomplish what America failed to accomplish after World War II. An entirely new world was supposed to begin, so now we will begin that new world. This will be centered upon four countries. One is Korea, which is in Adam's position in God's dispensation. Japan. America and Germany are the other countries. America is in the Abel position and Germany is in the Cain position. Germany and America were enemies during World War II and Japan and Korea have been historical enemies of each other. Simply put. America and the free world, representing Christianity, won World War II and if they had continued in the way God intended, God's Kingdom would have been so much easier to establish. But since they went against God, God lost much of His foundation. Satan emerged and took everything that was not claimed by God's side.

Today the communists in Moscow believe they have already won their war against America; they think America is a certain loser. They have a clear rationale behind this. America lost the war in Vietnam, despite superior arms and forces, while the communists had cruder weapons and forces. That means the communists have proven their power to defeat Americans in any similar type of war. Right here on the American continent communists can wage a similar war-through labor unions or through college communist groups. They have infiltrated carefully chosen people into the media and they know that they could easily achieve their goals. If the communists threw all their efforts right now into overthrowing America through such means, America would not be able to overcome them. So many young people and even leaders in this country are drug takers; sexual degradation is very common; moral disease is everywhere. The communists see these things.

But all of a sudden like a miracle, a strong and powerful voice is raised-such as CARP and the Unification Church-and they begin to teach the truth very effectively. In Korea the Unification Church has grown and gained acceptance over a period of time in the face of fierce opposition. The same thing has happened in Japan. Although you may not think it is possible to happen in America, we have achieved victory twice before.

Compared to the Unification Church, the communists have nothing inside of them. When we confront them head-on they crumble. They are clever and they know that their real threat is not America or any government, but rather Reverend Moon and the Unification Church. No matter how strong the communists are, they can never digest the Unification Church's teachings. However, the Unification Church members can digest communism. How much God takes pride in Unification members!

You are standing upon such a high place so examine your worthiness of that standard. Do you truly feel proud to be in this great position and are you confident that you will win over any evil power on earth? Especially you American women-you are in Eve's position and you must be stronger than Satan at this time. It was Eve who first violated the law of love in the beginning so now you women must control and occupy the archangel, restoring him. 1 will make you women into such strong Heavenly soldiers. Our women as restored Eves must overcome the fallen archangel. Will you do it? You American women have already learned how to control men. You must now become so strong that you can guide them toward God.

This is consistent with Divine Principle. You women must restore those women in Satan's forces by subjugating the archangel. While you are doing these things. your men will stand behind and watch. That means I will direct you women to go out and win over the satanic world, then you will be worthy of my acceptance. Now is the time for women to duel with your opponents-your opponents are Satan's men. How wonderful you are to be women!

This is why the Japanese women were mobilized before any others. Why did Japanese women come to America? All four enemies-Korea, Japan. Germany and America-must overcome their past differences and establish a new tradition as well, which people in the future will be able to follow easily. The foreign missionaries had as their primary mission to unite among themselves; that is how I instructed them. The missionaries were instructed to follow the Japanese member, who was in the position of Eve and should be able to nourish them, as if they were the children. The Japanese were put into this position. However, the average American doesn't even like to be close to a Japanese person, much less have to follow one as his leader. However, even though I knew the difficulties that exist between the Japanese and the Americans, I gave them that instruction because everyone must go through the mother's position.

You Americans may protest about Japanese, Korean and German elders coming here and having positions of leadership. It is happening because the nations that they represent must make a foundation of unity on enemy soil; that foundation must be established. In the future all families must be able to live together under one roof- Japanese with Korean and German and American families. Unless they exhibit unity to the world, they will not qualify as Heavenly citizens. You must gain that kind of certification and after that you can move into the Kingdom of Heaven. It is much more difficult for families to unite than just individuals, so if you as an individual cannot unite because it is too difficult, then your family will never be able to unite with others. That means you can never live in Heaven!

If there were an easier way of achieving Heaven, I would have found it since I am an intelligent person. Why should I deliberately choose the most difficult way? These four countries have tremendous economic power at this time. In the future, African countries will gain the same. When the four providential countries establish their foundation of tradition, the African nations need only to follow that tradition.

Reverend Moon is exercising his influence in these ways for the sake of the free world. Are you helping me or am I helping you? Until you mature, the parents have the responsibility to nourish you. That is the principle and is true everywhere.

From this point on, the bridge of love has been erected in every direction. There is nothing conceptual about these things. These are the deeds we must do. Ultimately there will be one thought or idea-Unificationism-on the earth. We can call Unificationism "lovism" as well.

We are seeing that everything in the old world is decaying and even perishing and at this time the new world will begin to spring up with tremendous power. Under these circumstances, if I give a direction to the women, will you respond quickly and obediently? You will not be fighting with weapons but with the tools of truth and your words. The power of your thought will be what you fight with. You are already doing that without realizing it.

Communism has a one-party system by which they rule in their subjugated nations. God's side must also have a united group such as the new United Nations. God wants to see the free world united to create the Godly United Nations by which they can restore all of Satan's countries and his United Nations as well.) Why must America and the free world do this? Without that, they cannot continue to protect themselves.

They must have an ideology upon which to base their actions. Unificationism is more than sufficient for that. Only Unificationism is capable of digesting communism. We are not just claiming this. It is obvious to anyone who has been observing. We have tested our ability to digest communism and we have succeeded-in Japan, Korea, and South America.

These things we have been discussing are very basic points which you need in your position. You need to have a perspective on the world in the future-what will happen and why. These points are not just some person's imaginings; they are derived from the Principle. As you know, the Divine Principle encompasses a huge area and nothing within it is contradictory. You have received a tremendous amount of knowledge by studying Principle for the past years. This kind of knowledge is not rivaled by anything at Harvard University. No library contains a fragment of this kind of knowledge. You have studied from Reverend Moon's "heart library" and there is no other source like that. If you want to open and study from that heart library, you must open it with the "heart key." Once you have such a key, everything will open up to you.

We will have to expand our discussion of the topic, "About Myself," into another week since we have hardly touched on it today. I spoke today about the world and historical things because before we can understand ourselves, we need to understand the larger entities and where we fit in. Those of you who have decided to work for the 'heart key" because you can make a connection with God, please raise your hands. How wonderful you are!

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