The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1983

Heaven's Side And Satan's Side

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 20, 1983
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

Religious people generally do not take seriously the idea of a Heavenly side and a satanic side in this world. This is simply because many people are not sure of themselves and whether there really is a God and a Satan. However the Unification Church is clearly making a declaration about the existence of both God and Satan.

What would God and Satan themselves say about their own existences? Certainly they are sure that they exist. Also they would be clear about claiming what belongs to each of them. Would both God and Satan claim the good things or the bad ones? They would both want the good things. What is it that Satan looks upon as most desirable in this world? According to Oriental philosophy, the universe is composed of chun, which is the heavens; chi, which is the earth; and in, which is mankind. The population of the Heavenly Kingdom as well as earthly kingdoms is composed of human beings; thus these elements include everything in the universe. It is the common goal of both God and Satan to have dominion over everything in the universe-heaven, earth, and mankind.

Both God and Satan are pulling the three elements toward their own sides. Satan wants to make the heavens into his own kingdom, all the kingdoms of earth under him, and all mankind under his domain. God wants to do the same thing. If Satan and God really had the same goal, they should have no quarrel with each other; but that would mean that there was no distinction between Satan and God. However, even the fact that there is a terminology regarding the different sides signifies that there are differences between God's goal and Satan's goal.

What is the clear definition of Satan's side and what is the goal of Satan? Likewise what is God's side and God's goal? If we draw three concentric circles, one represents man, one Heaven, and one the earth. From the center, two completely opposite directions came into being, one representing God's side and the other, Satan's side. If God is the God of goodness, what can be said about Satan? He is the "god" of evil. From Heaven's side, we term certain things evil but from the satanic point of view, the same things are good and the opposites are evil. From God's point of view, Satan is evil. From Satan's viewpoint, God is evil. Does Satan have the right to claim that, however? Does he have the right to claim his side as good?

Do you think God knows clearly that He is good? Does Satan know clearly that he is evil? That is a very fundamental question. We must start out with a fundamental definition of good and evil. What is good? Is eating a meal "good?" Is wearing a good suit "good?" Good is related to original value, the originally intended value. What is that origin? Let us take the example of a plant. Its origin is a seed which was borne by another plant's fruit. These are real, substantial origins which really existed.

Goodness always brings protection to that original form. What is evil? Evil is the power which tries to obstruct and destroy the original form. For example, when a little sprout is coming up from the seed, the evil force will try to stop it by taking away the dirt or moisture. When the tree tries to put forth flowers, evil would bring about cold weather or something to kill the flowers in order to prevent the fruit from coming into being. That is an illustration of evil going against an entity's original form.

What is the definition of God? God is a personality and a character. In our universe God brings protection to all the originally created forms of the creation. All of the things of creation need to grow toward their goals, so God is the source of their warmth and love and protection allowing them to achieve their originally intended goals. When I hug someone, he must feel good from it. Why? Because a hug means warmth, love and protection. Likewise, if I hit that person, he would feel hurt and shocked because that is a destructive action. In this context, hugging someone is a good action while hitting someone is an evil action. Thus the definition of goodness is to bring protection, warmth and love to the original form so that form can blossom into its original design or purpose. The definition of evil is that force which tries to bring destruction and disturbance to the original form or purpose.

When we draw a vertical line in the center of a circle, God's side is always moving toward normalcy and growth. Satan's side moves away from normalcy and toward diminishing goodness. The characteristic of God is to always try to build toward the better, while Satan is always bringing the lesser, destructive results. Thus the elements chun, chi, and in,-heaven, earth, and man-are the sum of the universe. Which of these are in the position to be the central point of the universe? Certainly, the focal point of existence, the central point, is mankind.

What are the components of mankind? They are men and women. Let us also say that God exists. What kind of a God is a good God? The definition of a good God is one who gives protection for the development of all the original forms to their fruition. There is another "god," as well, one who is pulling the universe in the opposite direction, toward destruction. That "god" is Satan and his forces are the satanic forces. In our universe, the three critical "actors" are God, Satan, and mankind. What is the common desire of both God and Satan? Do you think Satan wants to possess God? Does God want to possess Satan? No, they each want to possess man.

Within this universe the most precious creation is mankind. However, above man there is an even greater Being, the Creator, namely God. Why doesn't Satan want to have possession of God, since He is greater than man? Satan is a greedy being, so why wasn't he ultimately greedy and pursuing God as his object of possession? The reason is that God has no capacity to be corrupted- He is eternal, unchanging, unique. Therefore, no matter how much power Satan may gain, he could never change God and bring Him under his control. God is beyond Satan's realm.

Why didn't God seek to gain possession of Satan, with all his power? Both are rulers-God is eternal and unchanging while Satan is always changing and is very temporal. God is unique and Satan is not; God is eternal, Satan is temporal; God is unchanging, Satan is always changing to suit himself. Why, then, do God and Satan both pursue mankind as their possession? It is because mankind is capable of relating to both God and Satan. Men have the characteristics of changeability as well as unchangeability so both God and Satan have the hope that men will come to their sides.

Is the person who changes from morning to night more open to God's side or Satan's side? Is the person who is always the source of conflicts in his home more susceptible to God or to Satan? Is the person who is totally immersed in his daily affairs and doesn't even think about eternity or gain any kind of long-term vision-is he more susceptible to God or to Satan? Let's look at the man who is a husband and a father with many responsibilities at home. Suppose he continually neglects his wife and children and goes off to the local bar and gets drunk, even trying to forget about his home life seeking only momentary pleasures. Is that person more susceptible to Satan or to God? Do you think such a person who likes to drink and get drunk is a happy person? During the time when he is drinking, he may be very happy. He might even jump up on top of the bar and start to dance because he wants to express his joy. However, such joy will never last. It has no element of the future, of eternity. The next day he will suffer because he used up all his money at the bar and there will be no peaceful relationship with his family. Therefore his momentarily happy acts of drunkenness will bring him to eventual destruction.

We need to evaluate the world in which we live as well as the society and the nation. Are they more susceptible to Satan or to God's side? Those who think we have a society which is on Satan's side, raise your hands, please. Now, those who also have the conviction that they are one of Satan's men and women, raise your hands, please. You have said that you are living in a satanic society, but you have also said that you are not a satanic person. Are you telling me the truth? Aren't you contradicting yourself? You feel you are separate from Satan, but honestly examine yourself. Don't you have a susceptible attitude toward Satan? Aren't you more changeable than unchangeable'' How much do you change from morning to night, from day to day? Do you think God takes delight in something one minute and the next day He changes and feels unhappy about it? Or is God's joy an everlasting joy?

God is always presenting His eternal, unchanging, unique character. The forces opposing Him are saying, "I will challenge you and make you change." Throughout human history there have been many human dramas in which women have enticed men from their homes and caused problems within the society and nation. Among women, who is more susceptible to being used in this way-the homely ones or the more beautiful ones? Certainly, it is the beautiful ones. However, men can also become useful instruments for Satan. Now that the blessing has been given to most of the members, I observe that you men are the ones who are shaking like willows-from one side to another each day. When the Unification Church men have changeable minds, is that a good time for Satan to visit? Yes, it is. That means God will have to leave you and you will be opening the door to Satan.

Where can God visit? He can go wherever His character can be seen-wherever He sees an eternal, unique, unchanging character. When those characteristics are missing, God's presence departs. This is the reason why God emphasizes the need for absolute faith which is eternal, unchanging, and unique. God wants to create an absolute reality, and that must start from absolute faith. God needs absolute faith on the part of man.

I want you to understand very clearly that this is the formula; also this is the covenant between God and Satan. They have agreed upon one thing: Satan promised God that anybody on earth who manifests His character through absolute, unchanging, unique faith will belong to God. God is in a sad position, in a way, because Satan is always accusing people before Him, "You think John Doe is a man of God? You are proud of him now but how can you guarantee that for the rest of his life he will not change?" God cannot say for sure because He doesn't know what John Doe will do ten years from now. Satan always has the upper hand because men are always doing more good for Satan than for God. God is always worried and concerned about men and wishing for the best but in many cases people bring more disappointment than satisfaction to Him.

Do you think Reverend Moon has just come up with his own brilliant idea, or am I speaking about the truth based upon eternal law and principle? You don't want to hear this kind of sermon this morning, do you? Aren't you saying, "Father, why can't you make our lives a little easier? After listening to this sermon, I know I have to continue working until my death! You have tied me up!" Many of you have thought, "Gee, I thought the blessing would be nothing but sweet candy," but now you are blessed with spouses from totally different cultures and you are thinking, "Now I wish I hadn't gone through with this." Is that more akin to Satan than to God? Certainly, to Satan.

Another way of thinking which some of you have is, "I thought Father was wonderful, that Divine Principle was great, but then I have heard Father speaking over and over again at Belvedere and all he does is accuse American women and Western civilization. What can I do?" Once you are wondering what to do, you are already hooked by Satan. You may laugh at my example, but there is a very important implication here.

Now you can understand that God's character is eternal, unchanging, and unique. In order for you to reflect God's character, you too must exhibit eternal, unchanging, and unique qualities. Now look at yourself and ask if you are on your way to that goal or if you are there already. Are you full of hope, or hopeless? Do you men feel uncomfortable if you are not allowed to wear a mustache in your mission work or can you say it doesn't matter? The Unification Church members are known for their clean-cut appearance, but suppose someone says, "I want to be a different kind of Moonie. I want to grow my beard and mustache and look real shaggy but I will still be a good Moonie." Is that kind of character more susceptible to satanic influence or not?

I am not saying these things just for the sake of an argument but there is a certain principle within it. The members of the Unification Church love to say, "Yes, we are on God's side ! " but often they have no deeds to back up that statement. That is an irresponsible way to behave. Do you think you are truly on God's side? God, who is eternal, unchanging and unique is looking at people here on earth, including you, and He is trying to determine whom He can count as His. How many do you think God can count as His men and women with confidence? That is a very serious question. Are you really on the side of God ?

When you evaluate your past you can see how irresponsible you have been. You have been talking about being on the side of God but you have not lived up to it for the most part. I want you to understand that those sons and daughters who are known to have filial piety toward their parents are those whose minds do not change, their fidelity doesn't change. The patriot is the one whose love for his country doesn't change even under adverse circumstances. This quality of unchanging love determines true goodness. Those who are saints and holy people are those whose loyalty toward God never changes, even unto giving up their lives.

This kind of unchanging spirit was dramatically demonstrated by Jesus Christ at his crucifixion. He knew beforehand that his crucifixion was imminent, but he prayed to God that if it were Possible some other course besides the crucifixion might occur. "However, not my will but Thy will be done," was his resolve. Certainly Jesus went through great agony as a human being at that moment when he was facing his death on the cross but he never compromised his unchanging character.

Let us imagine that every one of the Unification Church members dropped out, one by one. Do you think then that Reverend Moon would say, "Since nobody is coming to Belvedere anymore, I will quit too."? I know that every person in this room has the potential to be a drop-out. I know this by my own experience because everyone has that changeable character. Let's compare the qualities of character between Oriental people and Occidentals. Which culture is the more changeable? Since the Western culture is more prone to change, we can conclude that the ultimate, unchangeable truth of God can be brought more easily to the world from the East and not the West. Eternal truth will more easily come through the relatively less changeable culture.

What kind of people are Orientals? They have tremendous patience and endurance. Although they have these qualities, however, not all Orientals are prone to great idealism as well. Patience and endurance are not the only qualities which God looks for but He also looks at the historical idealism which has been manifested by a certain group of people or a nation. Out of all the Oriental cultures, Korea has the highest degree of idealism. Korea has been invaded by foreign powers 910 times throughout its history. Nonetheless, the country endured and the central theme of that endurance was God.

Actually the Korean people are the center of controversy and are very troublesome, even among the Asian cultures. I am sure that the Korean immigrants will become controversial here in American society as well. Korean people are composed of both extremes-very evil people and extremely good people. Within that one country there are both kinds of extreme characters which will be very susceptible either to God or to Satan. The most vicious satanic forces exist within that country.

When Korean history is looked at from God's dispensational point of view, it makes absolute sense. That is because there is nothing lukewarm about Korean people. They have been either incredible patriots, displaying absolute loyalty to their king and country to their deaths, or they have been traitors, betraying the good people and trying to manipulate everyone for their own power. Korean history is painted with much blood, including the blood of betrayal.

During modern day history' Reverend Moon is here trying to do absolute good for the sake of the world. On the other hand there is a power which is trying absolutely to destroy Reverend Moon's power-those are the Koreans who have been working against the Unification Church. Koreans themselves have been the worst enemies of the Unification Church. especially some Korean Christians, who waged the worst persecution against us. This is because God is finally making the separation between good and evil, so there must be a black and white clarity between them. There has to be some absolute boundary line which will distinguish good and evil.

What do you think? Am I advertising for or against Korea today? Perhaps you cannot tell. One thing is for sure: I am speaking the truth. The Bible clearly shows that whenever a great sin occurred, a correspondingly great grace was given. I am sure that the Koreans have a great talent for participating in the Mafia; eventually, I fear. there will be a lot of Koreans involved in it. That is one reason people have criticized me saying, "Reverend Moon is the head of his own Mafia." When such accusations are being heard, you should rejoice because that is a signal for the final judgment and that the last days are drawing to a close.

Now you know why God could never claim Satan as His own and why Satan could not do the same for God. How would you create the Kingdom of Heaven on earth? How should God go about it? There is a very simple answer to that question: the Heavenly Kingdom will be erected by those people who are like God, possessing unchanging, eternal, and unique character. As such people come together one by one and create families, a society and a nation, that will become the Heavenly Kingdom on earth. The key to the problem does not rest with the society, the nation, nor the spirit world-it rests upon you, the individual. You will determine the showdown between good and evil, the beginning point of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Evaluate yourselves as Unification Church members. Do you think there might be some new ideology or belief that could be presented and shake us all up and change our minds? Is that the kind of shakable belief you possess? On the other hand, do we possess the kind of belief that can change communists and bring them to our side? Do you think we shall be the ones to be digested by the secular world or shall we digest them? Will you members of the Unification Church be assimilated by mainstream Christianity or shall we be the ones who can revive Christianity?

Shall we be the ones to be "liberated" by the other religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and so forth? Or shall we be in the position to unite those religions and guide them to find the culmination of their beliefs within our teachings? As soon as God sees that the Unification Church is truly representing Him and has the power to influence the world in such a way won't God take great joy in that? Satan, on the other hand, will feel great fear and unhappiness. He will say, "That Reverend Moon! He has taken away almost all of my kingdom and he is getting closer and closer to me." Therefore, Satan will make Reverend Moon his first target.

Satan's secret weapon for conquering men is their love of women. Therefore in order for the Unification Church to avoid repeating the historical mistake of fallen love, we make the clear policy that our men will not chase after women. Do you think I am speaking about this in order to torment women, or am I telling the truth, regardless of how it feels to you? This is important to speak about because my only motivation is to protect and further God's side in this world. Historical mistakes must be evaluated so that we won't repeat them. Even women, therefore, must gladly accept these statements. You Western men do not deserve my praise! Western men are deeply involved in such impure things as smoking, drinking, drugs and chasing women. If you answer, "Not any more," that means you used to be!

When I came to this country, I knew that I would be the object of temptation from Western women. That is why I made the rule that no women should kiss me in greeting. It is very important. In order to protect God's side, such a rule is absolutely essential. It is mankind who is sought after by both God and Satan but the central core of men and women is their love. Satan promotes changeable love, illicit love. God promotes unchangeable, sacrificial, unique love. From this point of view, we can clearly see that our world has not been God's world but has rather been Satan's world. The Unification Church has declared without any hesitation that this situation is evil and that we are going to bring purification to our society without any compromise. Satan is promoting all kinds of evils by trying to justify all immoral deeds, including free sex, drugs, adultery, homosexuality, and so forth. But the Unification Church has come out clearly defining what is wrong and what is right; we are bringing the absolute standard according to God's judgment.

I want you to understand that the Unification Church is not just anti-immorality. Rather, the church and Reverend Moon are promoting a Heavenly ideal of Heavenly love and Heavenly society so that mankind can live as one family under God. For that reason we have special international marriages which are transcendent of race or nationality. We are coming together as the family of man-black, white, yellow, red-everyone is part of that family. This is what Satan abhors the most and cannot deal with; such a thing never happened before in the satanic world and there is no way he can duplicate it. We are going to uphold this standard of unchanging, eternal love before all of the world. Therefore do not worry about being accused and persecuted because of upholding such principles. No matter what, you are on the strong side because you are on the side of God. You can be absolutely sure that when you are upholding such a truth and principle, God is one thousand percent on your side. How wonderful that is!

Even though you may not have an abundant material life, eating and dressing well, that is not what counts. What is important is that you are walking towards an eternal goal of goodness on the side of God. We know we shall be vindicated. You can tell the satanic world, "Do what you will, I will not change my work at all. I am going to continue to bring people into this constructive new goal. Each day I am so busy I can forget the passage of time, forgetting even to eat, because I am working to bring more and more people to this way of life."

Judge yourself. Compared to the life you were living before you met Reverend Moon, have you come closer to God or to Satan? No matter what people may say, it is true that you are closer to God. How much closer is up to you, but one thing is certain: your direction changed from toward Satan to growing closer to God.

Now we have a clear concept of good and evil. A "good man" is one who has unchanging, eternal, and unique character. Why is gold so precious and so expensive? It is because gold has an unchanging character-you can melt it, freeze it and no matter what, it remains the same. Gold is always gold. Why are pearls so precious? They have a harmonizing ability; they can beautifully complement any surroundings. Why are diamonds so precious? They are completely hard and will never break down; diamonds can break other things, but nothing can break a diamond.

Those precious jewels have value to human lives; by the same token, people who are like gold, pearls, and diamonds have great value because of their unchanging character. The very day when Reverend Moon learned the truth, he began to walk in that direction and not one iota has changed. Although his surroundings have always tried to change Reverend Moon-the governments and people around me-I haven't changed my standard at all. Instead I have been slowly but surely causing change in the societies of Korea and Japan as well as America. Eventually the entire world will be influenced toward God; Reverend Moon will not change even one iota in the direction of the world.

Reverend Moon stands like a rock-unchanging. Therefore, from the perspective of history he is an extraordinary occurrence in the world. For this reason all the challenges have come against me, even the United States government. However you will see that Reverend Moon will not break. The United States will change and international communism will change as well. This is because Reverend Moon represents God and God's truth and principle is protecting me. Many people look at me and wonder how the Unification Church and I could survive and prosper; they think it is an impossibility.

Although the U.S. government indicted me and brought me into a court battle, this doesn't discourage me at all. During that time, I conducted the blessing of 2,O75 couples at Madison Square Garden, I inspired the creation of the Washington Times, and we held a larger blessing in Korea. Reverend Moon was not hampered in any way from going God's way. During the entire time of the court battle, instead of the lawyers taking care of and comforting Reverend Moon, I was busy comforting and encouraging the lawyers.

You women answer me, would you prefer to have a husband who is unchangeable even though he might be as ugly as an Idaho potato? Perhaps Unification men are very tasteless; they have no charm, no diplomacy, and no appeal, like Idaho potatoes. But as long as you can find that one quality within them-that they are absolutely on God's side-then that is all you need. Such a person is the man you want and need.

You can understand clearly now the difference between good and evil. You can clearly judge whether a person is a good person or whether he is behaving in an evil way. Also you know that God and Satan can never make peace with each other; coexistence for them is impossible. Between the two, one must go. Now you know the secret-people are the ones to decide the victory of God or Satan. Once you decide to go with God, Satan will be destroyed.

There is no absolute goodness in either of the two world camps-neither in the free world or the communist world. However the free world at least gives recognition to the original principles of goodness. The communist world totally changed all the rules and created a new set based on lies and deception. Just by observing the actions of communists we can learn a lot. They have tried to initiate an arms limitations treaty between the U.S. and the Soviets but what is their motivation? They can trust that the U.S. will abide by the terms of such a treaty while they will be free to build any weapons they desire. That has been their tradition.

In Korea the 1953 armistice was declared and the communists agreed that there should be no more arms build up by either the North or the South. However, they signed the armistice only because they were on the verge of destruction. After that they were able to totally rebuild their armed forces. This is the way Satan has always worked. Those of us on God's side, knowing this fact, cannot allow ourselves to be victimized by these ancient tactics of Satan. We must put up a good self-defense.

Which of the two world camps is closer, relatively speaking, to God's side? Certainly, it is the free world. Between the free world and the Unification world, which is closer to God? Yes, it is the Unification world. God's great tragedy is that Satan can number many people in his camp; there are so many changeable people that Satan can accuse before God. But when God tries to find people He can claim as being unchangeable like Himself, He cannot find very many. It is people who make God's situation a tragic one.

Satan can arrogantly say, "Look God, I have a lot of changeable people who are immoral and have broken their families but where are there any families which are God centered, unchanging and stable that You can claim?" God cannot show Satan very many such families. That is truly a tragedy.

However, God is hopeful to someday see God-centered, prosperous, unchanging families by the thousands, the millions, like the stars in the sky. Then He can say to Satan, "Look, you were wrong. Your world is ending and My kingdom is prospering." God is looking forward to the day when He can make such a declaration, but the reality is that Satan can still say, "This is my society, my world. These people are immoral, selfish, and changing so they are my property. Where are Your people, God?" And God cannot even come up with 1% of the population to claim before such an accusation.

Satan doesn't end there. He goes on to say, "God, why don't You just give up on these people and join forces with me? Forget about the restoration of Adam and Eve. Let me take complete dominion over the world. Come to my kingdom and I will treat you well." Does God consider such an offer? Never. God cannot change or compromise Himself, no matter what. That is the greatness of God and our good fortune; we can serve and attend such a great God.

There are many churches and powerful religions all over the world but when God looks at this world He has been unable to find a family, nation or group of people who can absolutely represent His principles. All of a sudden, however, one man has showed up and has come forward saying, "Heavenly Father, I am going to stand up for Your principle, protect it, and bring the victory to You." That man is Reverend Moon. Even though Reverend Moon is physically limited to one body, he will raise up a multitude of individuals, families, and nations who will not change in their adherence to God's principles. This is his task and mission.

That is the reason why Reverend Moon has become controversial in this satanic world. If he had not become controversial, he would have been doing something wrong. Satan and his forces have the strongest reasons for coming against Reverend Moon but God and His forces are protecting me.

The final answer for the world is not just democracy, although it is relatively better than communism. Certainly communism is not going to be the answer for the world. However, the third option is a new ideology upon which the new society of the new world can be built That option is Unificationism.

As Unification Church members, we have only one source of pride -that we will not change in our faithfulness to God's principles. That is our pride, our property, our everything. We can never exchange this for all the material wealth in the world. We can never give it up because of the enticement of any satanic weapon, whether it comes through the love of the opposite sex or whatever. We must maintain our faithfulness to the absolute truth and remain as unchanging people. Our pride is to reflect God in His eternal and unchanging quality.

Rather than becoming secular kings and queens, upholding no eternal principles, we would prefer to become beggars as long as we can be faithful to God's unchanging principles. This is our pride. Therefore, when people spit at you, persecuting you strongly, don't worry. We have no time to waste worrying about such things. We must be busy pursuing our goal. The Unification Church culture shall become a tower of strength in every field-academic, religious, philosophic, political or economic-and no one will be able to diminish the strength of this tower. As this tower grows taller, God is feeling greater excitement to see it.

In our blood there are red and white cells. The white cells are like the army and the red cells are like the police. They protect life itself. Will we need an army in the Heavenly Kingdom? Just as the body always needs both its white and red blood cells, the Heavenly Kingdom will also need the services of an army and police. What would the army do in the Heavenly Kingdom? They would not be needed for wars or struggle, but they would be needed for development of the society. Perhaps all the young people would serve in the "army" for a certain period of time, building national projects, such as bridges, airports and roads.

We will definitely need such an army to construct the international highway which I proposed at the Science Conference. The Heavenly army will build the physical structures in the Heavenly society. Until such time as Satan is totally demolished, satanic forces will always be trying to infiltrate. As soon as those symptoms arise, the Heavenly army would be there to defend against them.

Our goal is basically very simple: to see a world in which each individual is born into the eternal, unchanging ideal, grows up within that ideal and then goes to Heaven within that ideal. There would be no room for mistakes but each person would go to Heaven. What is Heaven? It is the place where the people who lived an unchanging life here on earth shall dwell for eternity. Truth is basically simple.

You were blessed by True Parents. Is that a changeable or an unchangeable blessing? It is truly unchangeable. If someone feels not totally satisfied with his blessing, that is his challenge. He should say, "I want to make my love unchangeable in order to contribute to the unchangeable society. That is my challenge and I will meet it. I will recreate my changeable love into unchangeable love. Out of changeable situations, I will create an unchangeable love."

That has been the way of life of Reverend Moon. I am now 63 years old and Mother is 40. With 23 years difference in our age, this is a very unusual situation. There might be many opportunities for changeability in our relationship. When the Holy Wedding took place, I was 40 and Mother was only 17. At such a young age, no one is quite mature. That is a very changeable age but I was determined to make a marriage based upon unchangeable love. Were there no other women for me to choose from? There were plenty of women, those with all different kinds of natures. There were women with Ph.D.s and all kinds of professions to choose from. Also there were women of great beauty. However, for a certain destiny I had to choose a wife the age of a daughter. That is because according to Divine Principle the bride should not be beyond the age of 20. The fall occurred during the teen years so the restoration of Eve must come at that time.

Mother was totally innocent and didn't know the depths of the Principle. You are much luckier today; you know far more Divine Principle than she did. In this light, how can you complain? Mother is now going over the age of 40. I have absolute respect, love and admiration to her. I pay her tribute for having totally accomplished Heaven's expectations.

1945 to 1985 is the forty years period of the greatest changeability in human history. Just looking externally, we can see how many changes have occurred in the world during these forty years. There has been incredible human suffering. Colonizing nations have been overthrown and the entire international scene has gone through many convolutions. Religion has also changed a great deal. Family ethics and social ethics have changed. The so-called generation gap is a reflection of all the upheaval.

Things have become so chaotic that no one feels confident to say, "l can take care of the problems of this society." It has gone well beyond human power to solve. The concepts of family, societal responsibilities, and patriotism have been greatly eroded in the minds of young people. Thus Satan is proudly saying to God, "Look what I have accomplished in forty years! I have made everyone changeable. Forget about Your eternal, unchanging ideal, God. Even Your churches have been eroded. There are even communists running some of those churches. Every phenomenon of breakdown in society has become another proof in Satan's argument that God has totally failed.

Satan can use any area to prove his point-education, religion, business, politics, philosophy. "Look, God, they are all on my side," he is saying. Is God going to surrender to Satan? No, He is telling him, "Just wait and see." God has hope in someone because some champions are working in this world, giving substance to his hope. Those champions are the Unification Church members. Starting from the smallest level, we have fought every battle for God all the way up to the world level. We have grown from a tiny rock to the size of a mountain.

We are finally coming to the championship match, our Super bowl. We are the Heavenly Redskins, fighting against the Dolphins. We are in the forty years wilderness period and the Redskins won their first national victory in 40 years. Their quarterback had the number 7, the number of perfection. The running back, the hero, had the number 44, which is an important number. Although everyone underestimated the Redskins, I knew from the beginning they had a good reason for victory. I told Mother they would be the winners. However, at half-time, they were behind 17-10 and Mother asked me if I was still sure they would win. I just said, "Wait and see!"

The Unification Church today is in the position of the Washington Redskins. We are at the half-time now and everybody sees that the score is against us. They are saying, "They are going to lose. They have no hope." Everyone is persecuting us and they think Reverend Moon is finished. However, God is watching our game on His TV. and is saying, "Wait and see."

Sooner or later, the rest of the world will see that the Unification Church is the only hope for this world. Some people in America say, "I don't think I like Reverend Moon but look at the members of his church. They are really top-notch." Many people envy me because such wonderful people are following me, but who has brought luck to whom? Have you brought me luck, or vice-versa?

Everybody is watching to see what will happen to Reverend Moon's realm of influence. They want to see how far Reverend Moon will go. How far shall we go? How about Moscow? We "must go" to Moscow. When you go there, will you be defeated or victorious? You are not going over there to kill anyone but rather you are going there to conquer them with truth and love. Can you do it? Do you have that confidence? Do you know about the strength of the Soviet Army? Can you face them? How will you overcome them? What is your strength? Only with Hananim-God-will we win in Moscow. With the name of God we shall win.

Our slogan is "One World Under God." God knows that this nation of America will continue to follow its changeable course and will decline. The communistic world, no matter how many arms they build up, will not succeed either because they are based upon a lie. Lies cannot overcome truth permanently. God and Satan clearly see that the showdown between them is going to be conducted by the Moonies. Thus, we have in our own hands the power to decide the destiny of God and of Satan. Without the Moonies there is no place on earth for God to dwell. Thus He is actually dependent upon us.

During these next three years the Unification Church is going to demonstrate to God and to the world an unchanging, God-like quality. These next three years will be the most changeable time of all the forty years period. The world situation will fluctuate day and night but the Unification Church will be demonstrating God's unchanging characteristic. This is the time when God is asking you, His champions. to go out to the world and vindicate Him. Satan so far has been claiming all of mankind, from the individual to the world level, by making them changeable. God is asking you to go forth and change that changeable world into an unchanging world and society.

God has been struck during every moment of human history. Satan has always accused Him. Now God is asking you to go out and vindicate Him in one stroke. Do you think this should happen? This is the time when God will issue a special emergency order. This is the time we must make our resolution to march toward that goal with our whole heart, mind and body. No matter what, even if your body becomes disabled, you must determine to march forward to achieve this goal. The emergency is that great. We shall totally defeat Satan's side and declare the absolute victory for God's side.

God wants that moment to come when He is able to say, "Satan, what did I tell you? I told you to wait and see and now what do you see?" Satan will see the victory of God's unchanging group of people and will have to surrender. At that point, God can walk triumphantly into His Heavenly palace and Satan will have to crawl down into his cubbyhole somewhere in hell. The entire earth will be transformed into the Heavenly Kingdom on earth and all of Heaven will flourish forevermore. Amen! The historical accuser of God will be gone and all of his forces demolished. The Heavenly ideal shall prevail.

In the past, Moonies have demonstrated elements of changeability, but from this time forward we must become unchangeable. You will become the champions; you have been given your marching orders by God, your Commander-in Chief. We shall go forth into the enemy territory to bring the victory to God. That ultimate day of victory is at hand.

Evil armies have come and gone throughout history, but Heaven's forces will march on forever. As long as God's invincible army is existing, true peace will never be violated. The Kingdom of God shall prevail through love for eternity. As members of these elite Heavenly forces, we shall march forward to the Heavenly goal. Raise your hands and say amen. God bless you.

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