The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1983

Let This Be A Good Year

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 2, 1983
World Mission Center, New York City
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

Usually when a new year comes, an older person will think about the passage of time with some regret. However, a young person will look at it as a good thing because he is becoming more and more mature. The teenager welcomes another year because it brings him closer to adulthood. Why do young people feel joyful to welcome the new year and older people regret the quick passage of time? When a boy and girl reach their teens, they open the door into a new world-that of knowing each other in love. As young people leave their teens, they feel they are coming into a broader and deeper world of new fulfillment and excitement. However, when a person becomes older, those memories of excitement in youth begin to fade. This is why older people often hate to see the years go by.

When a person gets older, many things begin to depart from him. First of all, his children get married and leave home. That means the parents are left alone in the home. Then one or the other of the spouses will depart; husband or wife will die first. Loneliness sets in because of the departure of loved ones. Old people can see the sundown of their lives on the horizon; they know their own day of death is approaching.

According to my observations, people below the age of 40 generally do not worry very much about their own deaths. They have no sense of dying. However, when a person is older than sixty, he usually starts trying to put everything in his life into order. He wants to prepare properly for his last days here on earth.

When a person is preparing for something new, he has a lot of hope and vitality. On the other hand, if he is preparing for his death and putting things into order for that, it is usually not so pleasant. When you are young, -your work is the preparation for something greater. When you are old your work prepares you to phase out of this life smoothly.

Each day can be divided into two parts. Up to the noon hour, your activities are basically in preparation for the day, but after noon you start to wind down and eventually to meet the end of the day. When you face the sunrise in the morning, your shadow falls behind you, toward the west. The sun moves from the east to the west, so the direction of movement in the morning is toward the west. From high noon, your shadow starts to change positions and starts to move toward the east. The sun doesn't change its direction; it just passes over you along its normal route.

In spirit world, the direction of east is very important because the east is always the direction of ascension toward movement and hope. Once the sun begins to fall toward the west, the sunlight starts to become weaker and weaker. Why do you think I named East Garden as I did? It was because the east is a symbol of rising, planning and moving toward the ultimate goal.

By the same token, young people enjoy being young because it is like being in the east-moving and rising toward a prosperous future. A teenager feels his life rising up and he always wants to strive forward toward the highest point of his life. Thus the teen years are the most exciting ones. The highest point of life is reached when a person achieves the prime of his growth and he enters into his married life. At high noon, you don't have any visible shadow because the sun is directly above you. The sun is absolutely vertical to you.

In the universe, the same principle is at work. When one side is moving up, the other is moving down, and there must be some universal position of "high noon." The action of waves is that of rising up, then falling down, over and over again. Going up is not the only goodness and going down is not necessarily bad. Going down enables the waves to go up again; it is impossible to go up without going down. Everything exists in complementary give and take.

Imagine two people dancing. If every motion they made was identical, with no contrast, that would not truly be dancing. There is a wave-like, curving motion even to dancing. Your mouth cannot stay shut tightly all day long. In fact, it is always working and moving. Even if you are not talking or eating, your mouth still moves. Sometimes you breathe through your mouth. When you close your lips, are your upper and lower teeth completely clenched? No, there is a certain amount of complementary action occurring within your mouth, even when no one can see it. Either you are pulling in your tongue, or moving the parts of your mouth in relation to one another.

This is the principle we see throughout our universe. Whether it is in the way we breathe, or the action of the waves, it is the same. Human life is like a wave, with youth being one aspect and old age being the other. Yet old age is not the end; it is part of the wave. Youth and old age are part of the rhythm of the wave so it is not necessarily gloomy to become old.

God is part of the universe so this same principle can apply to Him. What is the point of "high noon," the point where God and man can meet like east meeting west? There must be a moment or place when Heaven and earth can stand together in high noon, without any shadow. There must be a position where God is in man and man is in God.

Two people in love achieve that position when they are completely united, spiritually and physically. The husband is the wife and the wife is the husband; there is no separation between them. High noon is the time of the brightest sunlight. There is no darkness anywhere, only brightness pervades the atmosphere. It is the condition of fullness-there is nothing lacking.

God and men must be able to stand in a similar position like high noon where they feel total satisfaction and fullness, without anything lacking. Then what is supposed to happen? Do God and man stop right there and just stop their motion all of a sudden? No, they must begin moving on the downward side of the wave so that they can begin another climb toward the top. That downward time is not necessarily a painful period. Husband and wife are always moving and weaving in their relationship; it is part of the excitement of interaction.

Husband and wife represent heaven and earth. Sometimes heaven is in the high position, sometimes the earth is; they exchange their positions freely, centering upon their love for each other. There is nothing more that is needed.

When a teenager gets some food, perhaps he will be completely satisfied just to feed his own stomach. Normally he is not very concerned about whether or not his neighbor is eating; he is just busy feeding himself. However, once a person gets married, even eating is no longer just a solitary matter. He has to first consider whether his wife has eaten. Suppose the wife starts to eat very rapidly and she sees that her husband is eating more slowly. She will want to slow down, too, to keep pace with him.

Everything in the universe is imbued with this harmony. Why did God make men taller than women? It was to create harmony. The man looks down and smiles at the woman; the woman looks up and smiles. This is complementary give and take by which everything exists in the universe.

When you understand this principle you know that old age is not necessarily a bad or gloomy thing. Everything in the universe is designed to fulfill love. Does love only involve men and women, or are there other elements involved? There is the reality of the love of God. When are we supposed to receive that particular love? You cannot see love and you cannot see God or His love, either. How can you be so sure you received that particular love?

God is invisible and everything about Him is invisible. In order to share in the love of God, people must also have some invisible aspect. How does a person move himself from his visible nature into some invisible nature? In order to move from visibility to invisibility, some revolutionary movement must occur. It is a transformation that requires pushing the visible world completely behind you; you have to forget this world entirely in that transformation. That particular drastic moment when you reach the point of invisibility is what people call "death.,'

The definition of death, then, is the movement of a person from the visible body into an invisible self. This is not a destructive or diminishing activity because a person is being elevated to a higher plateau where he can directly receive the invisible love of God. Thus death actually transforms a person from the visible form to the invisible form so that he can become a direct counterpart of God, enjoying direct give and take with the invisible God.

Furthermore, God exists in the dual essentialities, so in order to fully resemble Him, you must be elevated into relationship with Him as a husband and wife together. Alone, neither of you can fully reflect or resemble God. When a man and woman are together, they totally reflect the image of God. Men and women are that much of a necessity to each other.

We know that God exists in both masculine and feminine essentialities, positive and negative characteristics. However since God is the universal Subject, we know through the Divine Principle that this is characterized as a masculine aspect. Therefore, God would be most sensitive to the "tender touch" which is a characteristic of women. When men and women are transformed into spirit world, the man is like the bones of the body and woman is like the flesh. Women create the touch which is given to God.

Anyone who touches you touches your flesh. No one touches your bones. No one says, "Your bones are so lovely." Instead people are pleased by your tender, soft skin. Nowadays the fashionable thing in secular society is for women to diet and be skinny, but that removes the flesh. A woman who has very little flesh just has bones and skin. Perhaps this is the result of women striving to be equal to men. Since men are in the position of "bones," women are trying to lose their flesh and become more and more bony. In a way, the woman who is truly "equal" to a man must be a woman who is disliked by men; she must be just the same as he is.

Men do not look for a skinny, bony woman; they always seek some soft, tender woman. If you women want to diet and get really thin, you are actually seeking to become a woman that men dislike. Skinny women do not inspire men to seek to live with them throughout eternity; they simply are not that attractive to men. God provided you women with your natural "cushion," your buttocks and hips. When men and women come together in love, the man doesn't want to feel like he is touching a piece of wood. The blessing of love cannot come to a woman who has no flesh; she must be more than just bones and skin to receive that love. If you want to invite the blessing, you must be the kind of person who has a "cushion" upon which love can be comfortable. But skinny people are always jumpy and moving around and do not provide that point of comfort and stability.

If a woman has a tremendously large bosom, with a very narrow waist and hips, she is unbalanced. Korean women often wear long skirts. In ancient times they even padded their clothes with lots of cotton to make themselves look really fluffy-they wanted to contain plenty of blessings. They put together twelve different pieces to make their skirts. When the husband would come in from the cold, he would want to run and wrap himself in the skirts of his wife to warm up. Those skirts were like the wings of a hen. Inside those wings, the woman had enough room for her husband and her twelve children! When all her "brood" is inside her skirts, that mother should have lots of cushioning to give off the warmth and softness of her love. Nobody would like to touch a mother who was like a piece of wood-it is too harsh. Woman are not supposed to treat others with harshness.

Therefore, you women are privileged to be made by God with large hips, a rounded bosom and a narrow waist. That is the beauty of balance in the woman's body. The flesh of men is mostly muscle; it is more harsh than woman's flesh. Women seek to touch masculine flesh; they look for contrast.

Once I went into a factory which cuts diamonds. Since the diamond is the hardest stone on earth, I was curious to know what has the power to cut it. Some people might think that only something harder than a diamond would be able to cut it. On the contrary, I discovered that diamonds are cut by grinding with copper. It is amazing that the hardest of stones can be cut with a metal which is relatively soft. When the shaft of an engine is turning, it must be supported by a ring. You would normally think that ring should be made of the hardest metal, but that is not the case. It is made of a soft metal. This is a reflection of universal truth.

All people are meant to be transformed at some point from the visible realm into the invisible one. That is the point we leave this world behind; we forget this world. Therefore when people get older they often complain about losing their memories. Actually that is simply a sign that God is preparing them to forget this world. Also the eyesight of older people normally starts to get worse, but this is another sign from God. They will eventually forget all vision of this world and move into a vision of the new realm. The teeth of older people also tend to get weak and fall out. At that time, they should realize that God is preparing them to leave behind coarse, material foods. The day is coming when they will only take in the invisible food of the invisible realm and they won't need their teeth to chew.

People are often termed to be going into their "second childhood" when they become older. The child's nature is not to worry about anything. The way that God plans everything is dramatic. When a child is born into this world, he grows up to meet with all the physical, horizontal realities. When a person goes into his second childhood, he is preparing to go into the invisible, infinite reality, the vertical world. Therefore, death is not a negative thing. It is the transformation into the vertical world.

As men and women get older they prepare to go into that vertical realm together. As a horizontally united couple, they meet with the vertical unit of God. The ultimate beauty of that vertical world cannot be experienced until we die, so death is not something to be hated. Were you born because you wished to be born? No, you never willed yourself to come into being. Childbirth and the cutting of the umbilical cord is like a "violent death" to the infant. The infant is moving from one womb to another-the universal womb.

There are many parallels between the mother's womb and the womb of the universe. In the mother's womb, the baby lives as an isolated individual. In the universal womb, men and women must live in pairs and grow together. In the mother's womb the baby receives all his necessary nourishment for growth. By the same token, we are supposed to receive the nourishment of love from the universal womb. The mother's body provides everything for the sake of her child totally unselfishly. That child is the representative of love and is the "second self" of the mother. By the same token, the universe looks at you as a second self and it wants to give you everything it has to allow you to grow to maturity.

Why, then, do we have to get married? It is because God exists in dual essentialities and men and women must reflect those essentialities. Therefore, men and women must come together and unite in total resemblance of God's image. That is why marriage is one essential factor in your total growth; without it, you would be crippled.

The baby inside the womb doesn't breathe through his nose but instead receives oxygen through the umbilical cord. Therefore, he is "breathing" through that cord. The moment comes when a new system is begun-the system of breathing air through the nose. That occurs at birth. We are now breathing air through our noses but actually we are preparing ourselves for another system. That will be the system of breathing love.

An amazing parallel can be drawn here. Inside your mother's womb, your belly was the place where you received nourishment but all the while your lungs were being prepared to receive the intake of air at the moment of birth. By the same token, while we are breathing this air within the universal womb, using our noses and lungs, we are already being prepared to use another set of lungs which will breathe the love of God. You are actually preparing yourself to have the capacity to breathe love.

While you were inside your mother's womb, the environment of air was already prepared and waiting for you when you emerged. By the same token, while we are living here on this earth, God has prepared another environment which is filled with love. Love is our air in that environment. We shall all be born into that world one day.

When men and women are totally blended into one in spirit world, their two noses become as one nose. The man's nose becomes the right nostril and the woman's becomes the left nostril. Therefore, men and women are supposed to grow together to achieve a balance here on earth. If you go to spirit world in a totally unbalanced state, your whole face will wiggle in a very unharmonious way. Unbalanced growth here on earth between men and women produces imbalance when you go to spirit world; God doesn't enjoy the touch of such people. Sometimes the spirit bodies of unbalanced men and women have eyes pointing outward strangely, noses in the wrong place and so forth.

Marriage is for the purpose of blending men and women into God-like figures, to put people into the image of God so that when they are elevated into spirit world they can enjoy a relationship with God together. We come to the clear conclusion that God created all things and human beings for the purpose of consummating His love. Where can that love be consummated? It can be done while we are here on earth, in the relationship between husband and wife, in the family. Therefore, marriage is the most important event of human life.

Teenagers greet the new year with great excitement because they are moving toward the prime of their lives- their married lives and married love. Older people are moving toward their transformation from the visible world to the invisible world where they can unite with God; therefore, they too have another "high noon" to look forward to.

In this world, men and women come together in horizontal unity and blend into the oneness of love; then they move toward their transformation into the next world. There they encounter the dramatic consummation of vertical love. That is the time when people can truly exclaim, "Manse)!" At that point we will alter our traditional three cheers from "Aboji Mansei" to "Saran" Mansei," or "Love Mansei!"

We are preparing here on earth for one more "birth," into an ecstatically joyful new life where we can be consummated with God's universal love. What is the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven? It is the world of high noon, where God and man meet without any shadow-a total union filled with brightness. This universe is always moving in a wavelike motion toward and away from high noon. If there is a high noon in this world, how much more intense will it be in the spirit world! The supreme high noon of love is awaiting us. God has prepared for us that wonderful high noon; our lives here are to prepare us for that. You are interested in learning these things, aren't you? The intensity of a person's love determines his value or virtue. The person who sacrifices himself for the sake of his parents is called a son of filial piety. The one who dedicates himself for the sake of his nation is called a patriot. The saint is like a patriot on the world level; he wants to give himself for the sake of all humanity. The highest title anyone can receive is that of son or daughter of God-those who want to give everything possible for the sake of God. The intensity of a person's love determines the degree of his value. This is because the ultimate world is made in such a way that love alone determines value. This world is the world of result so it follows naturally that it would reflect those values of the world of cause.

You American women look directly at me and answer this question: do you want to live for your husband, or do you want to die for your husband? You say "both," but that is too greedy. Everyone must die sometime, so if you are willing to die for your husband you are going beyond all limits in your love. That kind of standard is an eternal one; that kind of love lasts forever. If your whole purpose is to live in love, then your attitude is closest to wanting only to receive love. But when you say, "I am ready to die for my husband," that means you are ready to give everything without limit. This is the same principle as in the Bible, when it states that those who want to live for their own sake will lose their lives while those who are willing to die, will gain their lives.

Now you can answer me with a clear perspective. Do you want to live or die for your husbands? This morning we are witnessing a great revolution which I have ignited here in America. White, skinny, beautiful American women are sitting on the hard floor and telling me they are willing to die for their husbands! You rascal men, you don't deserve such great wives! You are so selfish and greedy. You must match your wives' determination with your own.

Love is connected to death. Why is that? It sounds pessimistic but it isn't, really. Ultimate, eternal love exists in an invisible form, so in order to reach such an invisible plateau, death is necessary. The ultimate consummation of love arises out of the willingness to die for those you love. Therefore this earthly life must not be clung to so strongly. The person who gives up his life for his spouse, his country, for the world, or for God will be immediately transformed into a correspondingly high place in spirit world. Such a sacrifice is actually the ultimate, supreme way of life. There need be no regrets about it.

You are hearing such serious things at the very outset of this new year, but does it make you feel bad? I am actually telling you to go ahead, die for the sake of the love of others. There is no greater life, no more saintly action.

Suppose there is a tremendously independent, aloof American woman who is determined not to give in to any man and get married. If her parents forced her somehow into marriage even against her will but she suddenly discovered the joy of love, wouldn't she feel grateful to her parents? The same thing is happening here. Perhaps you don't want to hear the kind of talk I am giving to you today; you feel it is too harsh. However, if you really take me seriously and live up to this teaching, the only result in the end will be the total consummation of love. This is why I always teach you the naked truth without any hesitation or formality. Do you welcome that kind of attitude?

We are living a dramatic way of life, walking across the bridge of love. The things I am teaching you are very serious and important. You may think sometimes that I am a creative genius who just speaks in an interesting way. However, there is much weight behind what I am saying. The older people in the audience with white hair must feel a sense of new hope when they hear these words today.

Our topic this morning is Let This Be a Good Year. What should be the contents of a good year? A good year must be one which is filled with love. We are people who are pursuing such a goal in our lives; no better goal can be found for men and women. We are living such a dramatic life!

We must use our five senses here on earth to observe the universe from the viewpoint which I have been discussing. Your eye must look forward to the vision of eternal love-that is the reason for your eye's existence. Your ear is meant to hear the sound of eternal love. Your nose is created to smell that eternal love. Your mouth is meant to kiss with eternal love; when you kiss with that purpose, you are kissing God too.

When you men and women embrace and touch, the woman's bosom touches the man's chest. God shows His romantic nature in the way He formed the shapes of men and women. The bosom of a woman extends outward while her sexual organs are inside. The man has a flat chest but his sexual organ extends outward. This is the balance of physical shapes. God is truly a romantic lover, a great scientist. We cannot deny God's existence once we observe the harmony and balance between men and women.

The breast of the woman is not only a symbol of love but also a source of life for her babies; through the breast, she feeds life to her child. The breast is large and rounded, but in the center the nipple is a different color. This illustrates God's dramatic character; He wanted to focus attention on that nipple, the central point. Perhaps you think this is a most amazing sermon you are hearing! When a man looks at a woman he naturally looks at her bosom - God made men that way and it is not bad. That is the most mysterious area to a man and his attention is naturally drawn to it. If a man has no such an urge or interest, that person is not really a man.

The mother's milk is a creamy white color. Do you think that a black woman will produce black milk from her breasts? No, the black mother feeds her baby with white milk, just like every other woman. The contrast between dark skin and the creamy white milk is much more dramatic than the white woman whose white breast produces white milk. God is very artistic and romantic. He appreciates contrast in beauty.

We seem to have lost track of the time! The focal point of this morning's message is that death shall be death no more. Death is simply the point when we are thrust into new life. Bo Hi Pak is getting white hair, so he is being given a sign from nature that his time for transformation is getting near! A person must seriously prepare his life for that one great transformation from the visible world to the invisible one.

When you are transformed from your visible body into your invisible one, do you think you will still need transportation like airplanes? Will you need the Columbia space shuttles to travel the universe? No, you will enjoy total freedom of movement. There are heavenly bodies all over the universe; multitudes of vast galaxies abound, with thousands of light years between them. The universe can be compared to the human body; each cell among the billions of cells is like one star. There is a sophisticated system of relationship between all your different cells.

The universe exists in interrelationship just as everything within the human body is interrelated. There must be some star made entirely of diamond. Can you travel there if you want to? There must be a star made of pure gold, too. There are billions and billions of stars in the universe- every kind you can imagine. They are all yours and you don't even need any money to claim them. All you have to do is claim them with love. Love is the standard of value in spirit world.

However vast the universe might be, everything within it is moving toward that center of love. The center of love is God, so God has true dominion over all things in the universe. Each of you is the object of love to God so what God owns, you own. When we come to this realization, the position of Almighty King is the position of Almighty love. Once you have possession of that Almighty love you gain dominion over all things.

However cold and unresponsive a woman may be, once she is touched by Almighty love she will be immediately ignited. Every part of her starts to respond to that love-her eyes, nose, ears, everything. The human body is a small universe which is totally activated by the touch of Almighty love. When that happens, it makes the loudest sound in the universe. It is not an unpleasant sound, but rather a joyful, romantic sound. How wonderful that is!

In order to make 1983 a good year, you must begin with a good state of mind. That is where everything begins. To have a good year, you must become good men and women. What is a good man and a good woman? They are people who do not live only for themselves but for the sake of others. When you look at something, your eyes should not look selfishly but should have the desire to give your love. Suppose someone hates you. If you look at him only with love, he will eventually change. Do not look at an evil person with a dirty look; instead look at him with extra compassion and love. True love has the capacity to digest all evil things. Love is power and energy.

You must begin to send out messages of love to those around you. That means you must change the way you look at things. Pull out the old vision and put in "new eyeballs," with the vision of true love. Change your old nose into a new one, which can smell the worst smells with forgiveness and tolerance, giving back love. This new nose can only be fulfilled in that way. We can transform all the smells of the universe into the fragrance of love.

Practically speaking, you men and women who are willing and ready to go to senior citizens' homes and take care of them-cleaning their bodies and replacing their bedpans-are exhibiting true love. When you were a baby your parents took care of you, changing your diapers and wiping you clean; they didn't have any feelings of discomfort to do that for you. You should be able to take care of your grandparents in that manner. That is the beauty of give and take. It is the responsibility of young people to take care of the elderly.

Most American young people today are eager to leave home for very selfish reasons. They only want to gain their own freedom, their own "identity." They should be willing to visit with their grandparents and take care of other elderly people. When young people start to have that attitude, a new kind of America will emerge. Your grandparents represent more of God's image, so when you serve them you are serving God. Through them you can learn how to serve God because you can experience more of God's love through them.

When the Unification society gains its sovereignty here on earth, you won't have to do the things you are doing today, such as witnessing and fundraising. What will you do then? You will serve others. Young people will serve their elders.

The purpose of your five senses and all the organs of your body is for imparting true love to others. From this moment forward, you should train yourself to think in that way. When you talk, talk of love; smell only love with your nose. Look at your eyes and mouth with the same viewpoint. All your senses must center upon giving love. Walk and speak for the sake of love. I believe that anyone who is totally functioning for the sake of love day in and day out will not have a susceptibility to disease because he will be surrounded by a shield of love. Even germs are susceptible to love and they don't want to contaminate a completely loving person!

Everything and everybody will surrender to God because He is the essence of true love, imparting nothing else, so He cannot inspire dislike in anyone. Even the most irascible, closed person wants to be governed and dominated by true love. Love has the power to dominate everyone. You married women want to be embraced and hugged by your husbands so tightly that it almost hurts, don't you? Certainly you are not stimulated by some formal, stiff touch. True love has the characteristic of domination.

A political dictator is usually known for using other people for his selfish purposes. Although love has power over you, you don't consider it a dictator because it makes your life sweet and whole when it comes to you. Everybody desires to be ruled by a genuine dictator; the greatest dictator is God, but His power over us comes out of His true love. When your eyes are ruled by true love they are totally fulfilled.

It is not by power, wealth or knowledge that we truly dominate others. It is only by true love that we can conquer others; when true love is in action, conquering is not a bad thing. Men conquer women and women conquer men through the give and take of true love. Therefore, true love is totally concentrated control-you can even dominate God with true love because its power is so great. Everyone has within him this power of dictatorship. Without true love, dictatorship becomes an ugly, criminal thing; with true love, it is beautiful.

How can we determine if someone is living with true love? The person who lives totally unselfishly for the sake of others is the one who is living with true love. Consider the eye. Is it made for itself or for something else? The eye isn't even made for the sake of the person; after all, your eye doesn't look at you, but it looks at others. The only way it could be made for yourself is if it had a long antenna that stuck out and turned around to look at you! Your nose is not created for your sake, either. It is always smelling the world outside of you. Your ears are meant to hear others; your mouth is meant to talk to someone else, not yourself.

Why are all the five senses dedicated to experiencing the world outside of yourself? It is because you must receive love coming from outside of you. Love comes from someplace other than yourself; your senses are meant to receive that love.

All of God's senses are also functioning for the sake of others and for experiencing His objective world. God himself exists for the sake of others, specifically people. People live for the sake of other people and God. This turning action of give and take has true love at its central point.

Everybody wants to receive true love but if we all just stand apart, demanding that others give love to us, nothing will happen. There must be a process of give and take. Who initiated the giving action first and is the subject? Between Cain and Abel, which we talk about a lot in the Unification Church, which one is supposed to initiate the giving? In many cases, people in our church have totally misunderstood what is right. Many leaders have had the attitude, "I'm Abel, so all you members should bring everything to me." That is absolutely wrong. The Abel figure is the one who is supposed to initiate the giving action.

Particularly, the wife of a leader of the Unification Church should be one who gives first. She should have the attitude that she will carve out her own flesh to give to others; she should give far more than her husband. There is no room for such an attitude as, "You must serve me." She must give everything of herself.

Everybody in the Unification Church bows and pays great respect to Reverend Moon, but that is not my interest. I am always ready to do anything which is necessary for the sake of the providence of God.

It is part of innate human nature to want to command others and also to be commanded by others. According to the principle of changing positions, the upper position goes to the lower and vice-versa; the right side will travel to the left. This kind of turning cannot happen based only upon force or power; only through the realm of love is it possible.

Look at human life. When a child is young, his parents have control or dominion over him. When he is mature, the parents start to listen to him and even be controlled by him. You leaders who have been the "big shots" and giving out orders-I want to transform all of you into servants. How about that?

Everyone should be able to change positions freely, from higher to lower. That is the beauty of the give and take of love. The person who can adjust himself in any new environment, always changing positions and willing to work in lower as well as higher responsibilities, is truly a person of harmony.

The whole balance sheet of your life is determined by what portion of your life has been lived for the sake of others. When American wives go to the market and shop, do you buy your husband's things first or your own first? I have been thinking that American women tend to spend almost all their money on themselves and if there is a little left over, then they spend it on their husbands. Is that true? You say no, but you must admit to having that tendency.

On the other hand, Oriental women will often spend money for their husbands and children without giving a thought to their own needs. That is generally the Oriental tradition. American men are being drawn to marry Oriental women rather than American women for this reason. The men can't be blamed for this-it is natural. The responsibility rests on the shoulders of American women.

This nation is supposed to be a Christian nation, yet here is the land where such fads as "free sex" originated. Between men and women, men are born with the greater sense of dominion or need for power. The man is in the plus or subject position but the woman also has the potential or ability to take the plus position. However, when plus and plus come together they repel each other. The nature of a woman is basically objective, in the minus position. Women may claim their ability to take the plus position in all but one area-you cannot deny that your bodies, namely your sexual parts, must take the minus position. That is one case where you cannot take the role of plus.

Some women seek to satisfy their sexual needs but then go out and try to take the plus position in everything again. As soon as a man tries to take dominion over them, they immediately reject him. That has to change. I would like to see those American women who join the Unification Church igniting and leading the revolution here in America to make new American women.

Women who live for the sake of their husbands and children are living for the sake of others. That means you are also living for the sake of the society, the nation, and world. Such a woman is fulfilling the ideal which God envisioned. When you are living in such an unselfish manner, your husband will have to follow your example; he will have no alternative.

I have a responsibility to educate American women, particularly you blessed couples. You must come to the realization that you were born for the sake of others; your own physical functions were designed in that manner. Likewise, men must not think to benefit themselves but to benefit others. There must be harmonized give and take which is totally unselfish between men and women. When that happens, it is most beautiful. That is true love. That is universal truth and there is no escaping it. You must follow universal law.

Once all of you inscribe what you have heard this morning on your hearts, you are guaranteed of having a good year. When you go through certain difficulties and dangers, it is not a completely bad thing because you are creating an exciting history. Danger always comes when you reach the pinnacle or the summit. As you go down, you gain momentum to climb up to the next pinnacle. The universe moves according to this law, so you should, too. Often people only want to go higher and higher, impatiently trying to jump from the top of one hill to the next.

When you are hiking and reach the top of one particular hill, you may have the urge to jump from one hill to another, but it is impossible. You must climb down to the bottom of that hill, into the valley, before you can climb up the other hill.

It is only the power of love which enables a person to move freely up and down, from the "high noon" of life to the lower point. As a couple, a man and woman can gain greater momentum when they start to go down after reaching the pinnacle of an experience. Even more momentum can be gained when your children join with you in this up and down movement.

Do you want to increase and prosper or decrease and decline? If you want to prosper, you must invest more and more in life. Is it good for a couple to have lots of children, or only one or two? What do parents normally feel? It is natural to want to have lots of children. Is that true even for you American women? Why do women in the secular world often use birth control and hesitate to bear children? Often it is because they simply don't want to be burdened with children.

Think of it-I am leading people from all over the world, so do you think my life is very simple and I have plenty of time for myself? No, I must go through tremendous difficulty. According to ordinary preferences, nobody would volunteer to live such a life. I, myself, would not volunteer for such a life except for the power of love. Only the power of love enables me to live like this.

All of us can gather together at the top of the hill like a giant snowball which, when it rolls down, gains tremendous momentum. It is not going to be easy to turn the world around, so we need that kind of momentum and power. Many members think that when our movement becomes bigger we won't have to go down at all, that we will just begin jumping from one summit to another. However, that will not be the case. We will always have to go down to the valleys in order to go up higher.

Every seven years, therefore, the Unification Church completes a kind of cycle. The leaders will become servants and the members will become leaders. This interchangeability is necessary. For seven years we go up, then for the next seven years we go down; then another seven years of going up completes twenty-one years. That is why 21 years in the Unification Church is an important figure. There is another reason why 1983 should be a good year. When you add together 1, 9, 8, and 3, they total 21.

We are saying today that we will overcome every difficulty, even death, and climb upward from there. Why do you think I constantly emphasize the importance of unconditional giving? When you are giving unconditionally, you will find a nucleus formed within yourself which is indestructible. What is that nucleus? As you strive to give of yourself, even to the point of death, you reach a supreme level of love and that is indestructible and unchangeable. That central resolve is your nucleus; nothing can be higher than that. That nucleus has a direct vertical connection with God and eternity. Nothing can ever diminish it.

Women become pregnant in different circumstances; however, the most ideal way is when husband and wife are together experiencing the highest point of ecstasy in God's Love. When a child is conceived under such circumstances, he will be a most brilliant one. Because of the fall of man the focus of love has been blurred and confused. For that reason, children are conceived without God being at their center; therefore, brilliant children are almost never conceived. Only when the love of God is their source can such a thing happen.

Pregnancy occurs when invisible love becomes visible at the nucleus, center of life. You must give and give, more and more, so that you can reach that universal nucleus of love. As you give totally unselfishly and when a husband and wife are giving to each other with such a mind, you can hit that nucleus of love. You achieve every level of love-love for the nation, the world, all of humanity. In other words, that nucleus is the highest point, which encompasses all other points.

In American history, there must be that eternal nucleus point-that supreme demonstration of the love of country. That nucleus point cannot be focused on power, knowledge or wealth; rather, it must be centered on totally altruistic love. That is the kind of nucleus America can develop. When you try to give more and more, that nucleus becomes stronger and stronger and will not diminish.

This is why horizontal people want to be united with unselfish, altruistic love. They want to make themselves into a bigger "ball" so that when they roll down into the valley, they can use their momentum to climb up higher and higher. Thus the greatest love is demonstrated through self-sacrifice.

Normally people try to figure things out pragmatically, saying, "Why can't I devise a method that will benefit me first, as well as the greater cause?" That won't work. Serving the greatest purpose is something that will remain for eternity; serving one's own purpose will not endure. There is a nucleus of the individual, but greater than that is the nucleus of the family, the society, the nation and the world.

What is your ultimate goal in hitting that nucleus? You want to unite with the almighty God; thus you are making yourself a minus before Him. Your nucleus can have give and take with that of God and together you will create a brand-new nucleus. From that point on, the Kingdom of God on earth shall emerge.

After the realization of this truth, any person who continues to strive hard for his or her own sake is a foolish person, indeed. It is exemplifying a most unworthy, ungrateful attitude.

As we mentioned, the numerals of 1983 are added together to equal 21. 21 means the three cycles-one up, one down, then another climbing up. Anybody who only wants to stay at the highest level will be demolished; he will automatically have to go another seven years' course downward. Generally, people who have a great responsibility and find it shifted to another person often feel resentful or offended. That is common human nature. However, we must remember that we are living for the altruistic goal, from the individual level all the way to the highest level. Always there is a greater purpose ahead of us-family is greater than the individual, society is greater than the family, etc. There is one altruistic way of life but there are greater and greater levels of living it.

I am going to announce revolutionary changes today in our leaders' meeting. Anybody who goes down into a lower position and fulfills his responsibility well will eventually climb up again toward another pinnacle. Climbing up is not the only way to go. In the secular world, people only want to climb higher and higher but such an attitude is directing them to hell. In the Heavenly world, people strive to go down and down, assuming the lower position of service for the greater purpose. This is the year we will walk such a way. You must resolve not to think about receiving praise and honor. For the public purpose, think, "Father, I want to be treated harshly, criticized every day and burdened. That will be my routine for the whole year."

In the Garden of Eden, God commanded Adam and Eve not to eat. Satan said, "Now, now, don't listen to that commandment; it's not true. Go ahead, eat all you want." Adam and Eve received two different forms of advice. Whose side are you on now, God's or Satan's? You want to be on God's side, isn't that true? That means you must cross through Satan's side.

What is the most basic characteristic of Satan? He always wants to do what God doesn't like. Therefore, you must go completely opposite from whatever pleases Satan. Satan is always thinking of himself as the center of everything; he is also very proud. He will always try to eliminate anything that goes against his will. People who want to live an easy life and not work for what they get are being influenced by Satan. They must say, "Get behind me, Satan. I'm going to work hard and I don't even care if I receive any reward for it!"

Satan wants to receive lots of praise and tribute. That means you must seek to receive more criticism and hardship. Satan always encourages you to desire good clothing and to be boastful about yourself. Therefore, you must turn the other way. A beautiful woman or handsome man might be encouraged by Satan to try to become a famous Broadway star. In order to go against him, you would have to seek a humble, meek life.

This morning I came in here a few minutes before six and the room was almost two-thirds empty. Why was that? People were listening to Satan saying, "You don't have to go down to the Grand Ballroom so early. You can sleep thirty more minutes." You did that, didn't you? Satan is always whispering into your ears. The Heavenly way is to reject him 100% and turn exactly toward the opposite direction from where he is urging you to go.

My thinking is that whenever someone tells me "Father, I want to do this," I advise them to do the exact opposite. If you think you want to do certain things, I will often give you the opposite direction. That is because when "you" want to do something, it is usually what Satan is suggesting to you. I spoke a total of eight hours yesterday and now I have spoken for three hours today. The normal advice I receive is, "Father, you don't have to speak so much and work so hard." Therefore, since that is the "normal" way, I do the exact opposite and speak longer and longer.

As I speak more and more and the time passes, it is very usual that the most important part of the message is contained within the last part of that speech. I am looking at the front one-third of this gathering and I feel that those who most intensely love me are usually seated here. One reason that is apparent is that those who are in the front never fall asleep, while in the rear area I sometimes see people actually snoring soundly. Today is January 2, so Satan must have sent some spies into this meeting to find out what Reverend Moon is planning to do this year. Those people will not be sitting right in front, close to me, but rather will be way in the back.

You should make your resolve for 1983: anything which your physical senses or organs push you to do, do the exact opposite. You women who feel a tremendous urge to experience the love of men should make the opposite resolve-think, "I want to give my purest love to another woman, rather than a man." That is not to say that I am trying to encourage homosexuality or lesbianism-I am speaking of the most altruistic love for each other.

This year, whatever your physical body may dictate that you do, you should do the opposite. You may have a tremendous urge to eat lots of good-tasting food; therefore, in order to go the opposite way you should eat humble, even tasteless food. Satan's way is always to seek the seat of honor, the place of prestige. This year, when you feel the urge to take the important seat at some gathering, go instead and take the humblest possible seat.

Since you naturally desire to wear clean, fresh clothing, do you think I am saying that you should wear only dirty, unwashed clothes? Not necessarily, but before you dress yourself with fresh, clean clothes, prepare someone else's clothes so that they are clean and nice. Be sure your husband's clothes are clean before your own; then you can make effort to clean your own.

A good year is our goal but we must remember that our environment is satanic; therefore, whatever this world encourages you to do, you should do the exact opposite. Those of you who really like Home Church, please raise your hands. Actually, Home Church is not a pleasant thing; nobody really enjoys it. From the satanic point of view, Home Church is the worst thing; also, within the Unification Church, it is the toughest job.

Many people say, "The Unification Church is very good; however, I don't like fundraising. And I don't like witnessing; and I certainly don't like Home Church!" Many members say, "I like Father!" but in the next breath they say, "But Father's words are not so great to me." Everybody wishes that I would just content myself with teaching the Divine Principle and not push them to do fundraising and witnessing and encourage you to sleep a little longer every day. Then, you think I would be just a wonderful, perfect Father!

However what kind of a Father am I, truly? You have never heard throughout your time in the Unification Church that I told you, "Go off and take a rest." The secular world has the decency of giving you at least a few days off now and then; but you can say, "I have been in the Unification Church for ten years and Father has never given me even one day off!" Look at my own life. Not for just ten years, but for my entire life of more than sixty years, I have never taken even one day "off."

On ceremonial occasions, I wear a dress suit and tie; but as soon as I return to regular daily wear, I am back in an inexpensive suit and shirt, with no tie. I do not like to look well-dressed. I prefer to look humble and unassuming. Many men and women, once they are in the privacy of their own homes, take off almost all their clothes in order to relax. But even within my own home, I have never in my life gone around in an indecent manner. The home is God's temple. We want to make a good year out of 1983 and you have received some very practical advice from me so far. Now you know that you are susceptible to the satanic world and close to that realm.

According to the Oriental way of thinking, when it is hot outside the best thing to drink is something hot. In cold weather, drink something cold. Hot can be counteracted with hot; cold with cold. Normally in this culture people try to drink something cold on hot days. Your body may be asking for something cold but instead you should give it something hot. When you sleep in a chilly room in cold weather, your body will normally be healthier than if you sleep in a warm or hot room. When do you catch a cold? Usually it is when you abruptly change from a hot house to the cold outdoors. Abrupt change in temperature will bring disharmony and disease to your body. You have to go opposite from your bodily desires.

Are you confident to make 1983 a good year? That means those who are fond of sleeping long hours should deny themselves that pleasure. Those who have never wanted to go fundraising should see this as the year to go fundraising. You women who enjoy wearing jewelry should take off your rings and earrings and go plain. Women normally enjoy looking at themselves in mirrors. Why don't you make a resolve for this year: "I will not sit even once in front of the mirror in 1983."? If you like to wear colorful dresses of yellow and red and so forth, why not resolve that this year you will wear only gray and black?

Someone who is very fond of soft, hot breads should determine that he will eat only cold, tough bread. Most Americans love to eat steak, really thick and tasty. Why don't you resolve to eat thin, tough steak throughout this year? Do the exact opposite from what your body likes.

Many people seem to be unable to smile. The person who never smiles should kick out the satanic influence and learn to smile broadly from ear to ear. I have done many exercises like that in my life. When I was a young man, I was very sensitive and enjoyed seeing movies and theater productions. Knowing how vulnerable I was to being affected by such things, I resolved that I would not see movies any more. In order to make my resolve very dramatic, I first went to movies for several days in a row, all day long, sometimes watching one movie five times. Then I cut myself off entirely from movies.

If you decide to stop eating your favorite kind of bread, first buy a big basketful of that bread and eat the whole thing! You will feel so full you will be in pain! When you are stuffed like that, you are unable to move freely. Compare that feeling with the one you get when you are empty and hungry-you will find that being hungry is preferable because you can at least move! You need to experience both extremes of living.

This year we must go opposite from the way Satan is leading. Without doing that, we cannot create a good year. You Americans, do you love your parents and your grandparents? How do you feel about the smell that very old grandparents sometimes give off? It is not so pleasant. You know your own mind; you like certain things and you dislike others. It is important that you have good friends; friends affect your love. You need friends and you need a good leader. Knowing your own weaknesses, you should seek out friends who can advise you well and a leader who will give you correct guidance.

In the Bible, Jesus says, "He who seeks to gain his life will lose it, but he who loses his life for my sake will find it." Why should that be? Jesus understood precisely how the satanic world functions. Reverend Moon is also living among the satanic surroundings and Satan is always trying to invade or occupy Reverend Moon.

Normally men want to possess and control others, rather than being controlled. Also people want to be prosperous and have dignity and status in society. Therefore, we must go the opposite direction and humble ourselves. You should be doing things for the sake of the world, nothing less than that. Resurrection is only possible when you go the exactly opposite way from Satan. Instead of living, you should die-die well for the sake of the resurrection. Each day is part of the dying process, in a way.

Normally nobody wants to go through suffering and death; therefore, God provides you with added impetus: persecution. Because of persecution from others, you are put into a position in which you really have no choice but to suffer and be willing to die.

When you face your persecutors you may feel you need to respond to them in an aggressive way. Far greater is the attitude of willingly looking forward to that persecution and suffering. In other words, when you receive the suffering voluntarily you are not only paying indemnity but also moving forward and making progress for Heaven. Thus there are two ways of receiving persecution. One way is to receive it entirely passively, or the other way is to voluntarily reach out for that persecution and suffering.

If Reverend Moon had stayed in Korea, he would be comfortable today. Nobody would be bothering me or persecuting me now. However, I came to the United States voluntarily, inviting the persecution which lay in wait for me. My own body says to me, "Why do you put yourself into such uncomfortable and painful situations?" However, my mind simply rules out the desires of my body and continues to seek out the difficulties. Because I voluntarily go this way, there is always progress and achievement.

Perhaps after ten years here I should be ready to settle down in America. However, my goal is not here but Moscow. I am asking for trouble, in a way. But I know I will not be destroyed in this way; rather, I will gain many achievements for Heaven. Unless I went this way, Satan and his forces would surround me.

The Unification Church doesn't spend its money for the sake of itself. Our church is actually very poor, yet we spend a lot of money for interfaith, inter-religious work. I will never ask you to do your best for the sake of the Unification Church. Rather, I will ask you to sacrifice yourself for the sake of the country and the world. When you serve those larger entities, the Unification Church automatically receives the blessing.

This current court battle is not something I enjoy; nobody enjoys going to court. However, I willingly returned to this country and never thought of dodging the situation. I determined to play the most active role in that particular drama. No matter what, I will go on. I will continue until communism is completely subjugated. My life is truly dramatic and extraordinary.

Two sets of spectators surround me-Heaven's spectators and Satan's spectators. From the viewpoints of both sides, Reverend Moon's drama in life is very exciting. I have been chosen as the leading actor in this Heavenly drama. When my acting is very good, Satan is very displeased but God is very happy. How wonderful that is!

Your way of life should not be to just pay indemnity passively. Once you have made up your mind to voluntarily travel the road of tribulation asking for difficulties, the greatest indemnity condition is accomplished! All that is left is for you to receive a blessing. All the tribulation will become the means of your receiving more and more blessing.

All you leaders, do you do your prayer at five o'clock in the morning? You probably hate to get up so early every morning, but still you do it. Since your body hates it, you know that it is good to do. You have to know the taste of prayer and prefer it to your body's desires. You should be longing for that hour of prayer. In prayer, you can feel the taste of the presence of God. Then when you go out to work, you can maintain that sense of God's presence. The world may be treating you very harshly, but when you have that feeling of God's presence and you are going the opposite way from what Satan wants, that is the best way of life. Nothing is better.

Why do you have to go the opposite way from what your body desires? That is the way of eliminating all the indemnity conditions. Once you have made up your mind to live your entire life that way, you won't have any other requirements to meet. Satan can oppose you or welcome you-it won't matter to you, because your own mind is already made up.

Elder leaders of the church come to East Garden from all over the world. They may be invited to breakfast with Mother and me and then stay all day long. When midnight comes, even though they don't say it, I know they are wishing I would go upstairs and sleep so they can retire too. I see them sneaking looks at their watches. Last night after the God's Day performances, I attended a leader's conference; it was very late and I could read the minds of those leaders. They were strongly wishing I would retire for the night. That is the way I live my entire life-anything I do, I don't want to be behind anyone else. Even if I am climbing a mountain, I want to get to the top first. I want to be the one to take the toughest, most difficult path.

I think exactly the opposite from the world's way.

Sometimes I travel around the country and I see different sights. I might sit right down on a dirty bench somewhere; other people would try to clean it off, but I just sit right down. When Koreans give a banquet, unlike the American way they just serve everything in the center of the table for everyone to take from. If I see a particularly delicious item and one that is quite untasty, I will put my plate in front of the untasty one and resist the delicious one so that everyone else can enjoy it. Whenever I visit with a friend and stay overnight, I will ask my friends to wear my good clothing while I wear my older clothes. I want others to enjoy better things than 1. I forget about the gifts I make to others, while those who receive don't forget.

Do you think I wear expensive shoes? I am wearing well-made shoes, but the only reason I bought them was that they were on sale-for only $29. I had a pair of shoes which I wore for over three years and I still didn't want to get new ones. Those old shoes were ragged and worn, so Mother or somebody in the house hid them from me. Therefore, I was forced to wear these new shoes this morning. I often wear old worn-out clothing over and over again. Mother is very busy, hiding things like that from me.

I know that somebody at East Garden has the job of doing the laundry and she is working very hard for the family. I don't like to give her too big a burden. I don't mind wearing a shirt for three days, or even one week. Those people who are serving Mother and me at East Garden don't want to work anywhere else. They want to stay there because they feel the warmth of the love coming from True Parents. I never worry about small things or chastise anyone for something petty. Sometimes a sister in the kitchen will drop and break a dish and she will feel terribly sorry. In order to alleviate her suffering, I will just ignore the event and look in the other direction. If I looked at her, she would feel much worse.

The satanic world sees things from the opposite viewpoint. They are always trying to find a reason to criticize others. We are living in the midst of a world which is ruled by selfishness, therefore we must protect ourselves from any encroachment by Satan. When you married couples meet with each other, your love is sweet like honey. However, since you have a mission you sometimes have to be tough with your desires to be together and harsh with yourself. Mother knows I am capable of being cruel, in a way, in terms of our relationship. Although I am very warm and loving, when it necessary for me to be separate from her I refuse to compromise at all. I just draw the line and nothing will make me cross it.

The only way to survive in the satanic world is by going the Heavenly way. I go a way which is very clear-cut and absolute in its reversal of the satanic standard. Every moment of the day I am aware that the satanic world is around me. Do you understand this now?

Once you have made up your mind to voluntarily take up the cross of suffering and go the opposite way from the world, your indemnity conditions are fulfilled. A long time ago I announced the Home Church crusade and told you it was your road of tribal messiah. However, virtually no one wants to go to Home Church. Why is that? It is because there are many evil spirits, particularly evil ancestors of people in the area, who go to the area and wait for you and give you a hard time. Those enemy ancestors do not want to see you succeed; they see you as the offspring of God, who is their enemy. However, good ancestors also come down and help you to make the offspring of those evil ancestors your spiritual children.

Evil spirit world is the true source of the persecution and difficulty you encounter in your Home Church area. Therefore, if you refuse to retreat in the face of persecution but instead fight against it and bring victory over it, your reward and benefit will also be transferred to your good ancestors.

Because I have an international foundation and am well-known around the world, once people accept your teaching and believe that Reverend Moon is a good man, you have won a total victory. That is because you are carrying with you the worldwide foundation of victory which I have already achieved. The only people who will consistently oppose you will be the communists because they are the only ones who have special motivation to do so. Once your Home Church people realize this, they will support you and oppose the communists' attempt to stop you.

No matter what, you must make one showdown, one true confrontation with Satan. Without that you will never succeed. Is the heart you put into your Home Church work stronger than that which you put into your studies? Is it more than you do at your job? You should chase after the Home Church work even more strongly than you pursue your own lover. Anything less than that standard will be a condition for Satan to infiltrate.

You must have a strong, anxious desire to do Home Church. Perhaps you have very little time because you must earn your own living and take care of many other things. If you pray earnestly for God to accept even one hour of work in your area and you do it with great sincerity, God will look at it as twenty-four hours of work. Many people put their outside jobs first and Home Church second, but that is not acceptable in Unification Church. When you are prevented from working in your area because of your mission in the church, that is unavoidable; but when you are trying to earn a lot of money in an outside job and cannot do your Home Church work, that is not acceptable.

Home Church is the place for you to meet God and love Him. Therefore, it is most logical for you to work in Home Church more than you spend time on school work, on your job, or for your own lover. If the intensity of your love for Home Church is at that level, God's protection will be added to you and Satan will have no way to infiltrate.

When I first open my eyes each morning, I think about God's providence. There is no moment, even during my sleep, when I am not thinking and concentrating upon the providence. That is the way my life has been conducted. That is why God has blessed everything I have done. Sometimes when I have a seemingly impossible task from God, I feel it may take a longer time but I put my whole heart in it. I want you to understand that God cannot bless you and your work until you demonstrate a higher standard than any satanic standard.

Jesus said clearly that people had to love him, the Christ, more than they loved their own spouse, parents, children, etc. Otherwise they were not worthy of him. You have no idea how impenetrable the indemnity barriers are and how difficult they are to dissolve. For six thousand Biblical years, God has been working to restore one single person, one pure Adam. Think of it. If I can restore during my lifetime one Eve, children, and all mankind, what a great accomplishment that will be in the sight of God and history. This is not just theory I am speaking about-it is reality. I have broken down that incredible indemnity barrier and created an altar before God.

In the United States, everyone will be able to welcome Reverend Moon on the foundation of the Home Church tribal messiah. On that foundation, the national messiah will emerge. When that foundation is accomplished, the worldwide messiah will emerge. Jesus Christ came as the messiah but his fulfillment was thwarted even on the level of family, thus the higher levels were out of the question. The position you are inheriting-to become a tribal messiah-is greater than the level which was anticipated by the 4,000 year history of Judaism.

By receiving the position of tribal messiah, you are automatically receiving the right to exceed the accomplishments at the time of Jesus. The victory of the tribal messiah is the equivalent of the victory over Rome two thousand years ago. After that victory you can claim the victory over the entire world, including the communist world. This is why I can immediately set the goal of the Moscow Rally. Therefore, your victory in the Home Church as the tribal messiah is necessary; without that, we cannot move forward.

Upon that foundation the national messiah will come. Then the worldwide messiah can come. The tribal messiah is the formation stage, the national messiah is the growth stage, and the worldwide messiah is perfection. In order to inherit the tradition of messiahship you must begin at the tribal level which is the ground level. It is an incredible privilege and honor. This is the time for which many millions of martyrs and religious people and saints shed their blood.

In today's world communism is the largest and worst form of Satan's power. From the communists' point of view, who is the most formidable adversary-traditional Christianity or the Unification Church? Certainly it is the Unification Church. In a few decades the church has come up to this level of direct confrontation with the communistic world. World Christianity and other religions will be following the good leadership of the Unification Church.

The spirit world consists of hell and Heaven. Since communism is hell's representative on earth and we are battling it, we will be elevated to the very forefront of the Kingdom of Heaven, once we go to spirit world. At the fore-forefront of Heaven, God is residing. Therefore, the way of the Unification Church represents the best possible goodness; communism represents the worst possible degree of evil.

Reverend Moon came this far in twenty years' time. Think about the advances we will make in the next twenty years! In twenty years of progress, we will be able to achieve greater things than anyone in history. Already great things are happening in South America. Heads of state are trying to entice me to visit their countries-they know I can bring good influence to those countries. When I have worked for only one year in such a situation of positivity, our accomplishment will be unparalleled.

When I hold rallies and meetings, heads of state will attend. The press will see the value and cheer what we are doing. Think about such a dramatically different situation. Each day, whole nations could turn toward Unificationism. There are twenty-six nations in South and Central America, If Reverend Moon is invited to hold rallies and influence people there, the whole continent will be changed. When all of South America is solidly united behind me, I will proclaim to North America, "Well, Uncle Sam, do you still call me 'the controversial Reverend Moon?"

Many people want to come to the United States but the U.S. embassies in most countries are very reluctant to issue visas. People in South America wait in long lines for visas. However, the time will come when Moonies will proclaim, "Open the doors between North and South America. We should be one country, one continent, not two." The time will come when, since Reverend Moon will be in South America and there will be so many Moonies here in the U. S., there will be a tremendous crush to go from North to South America-opposite from what it is now! People will be lined up to get out of the United States so they can see Reverend Moon! As long as this country opposes Reverend Moon, there can be no benefit here at all.

I feel completely confident that North and South America will follow God's direction. Someone might say, "In what capacity do you say these things, Reverend Moon? What is your foundation?" My answer is, "Just wait and see. The trend of history will bear this out. What I am saying will come to pass."

Under incredible adversity during the past ten years, our movement has laid this strong foundation. The United States will eventually have no power in their opposition.

America has no reason to be fearful of Reverend Moon. They only need to heed my advice-if they would listen to what I am saying, they would no longer be fearful. I can offer America a way of educating the public to become God-centered men and women, armed with an ideology which would totally uproot the power of communism. Instead, the U.S. has been trying to destroy Reverend Moon in a very cheap way; they have dragged me into the courtroom, thinking they could stop and destroy me in that way. They can never send me to hell; the destiny of hell is never decided by the U. S. government. God is the one who decides who goes to hell; therefore, I have nothing to fear and no reason to retreat. I came here for a straightforward confrontation.

Perhaps you American women feel I speak too harshly to you sometimes. Nevertheless, you like to hear a man of guts and conviction, based upon God. I'm sure my words are often unpleasant to your ears, but I speak the truth.

The most formidable group in the world are the Moonies, without question. I have unquestionable power, but it is not from Satan; rather, I am working for God and goodness. Therefore, my entire method and strategy is a peaceful one.

I have been receiving direct persecution from the United States for ten years. Now the time has come when you Americans must vindicate me-1983 is the year to do it! The place for that vindication is Home Church. By that, I am not talking about destruction or violence. I am talking about saving America, restoring this nation. Our only form of revenge will be to return love for the hate we have received. I came to America totally on my volition and endured the persecution for ten years. Now you American citizens must march voluntarily toward the Home Church providence and win the vindication for the sake of this world - vindication of the name of Reverend Moon.

The forces of evil have tried to harass you all the time with methods such as leafleting and so forth. Why shouldn't you adopt similar methods, only with good intentions- why can't you wake up the people to God's providence and direction? If this cannot be done successfully, I will be forced to pull all the members of the church from their missions, including the newspapers, and mobilize them to do nothing but Home Church.

This is the year for you to make your victory in Home Church. Make your showdown this year. From that point on, new leaders of this nation will emerge. When your Home Church area responds favorably, you can bind together with ten other areas and elect your own congressman. As you become larger and larger in your influence, you will be able to elect a God-centered good leader for senator or governor, for city councilmen and state senators. Is there some part of the Constitution that says that because you are members of the Unification Church, you will be deprived of the rights of the Constitution and that you cannot run for public office? Can you not become the president of the US or a congressman because you are a Moonie? That is not the law of the land.

The leaders of the Unification Church are not prohibited by the Constitution from becoming leaders of the Republican or Democratic parties. You know that Reverend Moon came here in order to give education to the president of the U. S. You members of the church will be in the position to educate senators, congressmen, mayors, government officials. What is wrong with that? Right now, those people are not listening to me so I have had to make my own foundation to achieve the same goal. Therefore, I have been organizing people from different professions such as lawyers, scholars and theologians, scientists, and the media. At this time, we could assemble top grade leadership from those organizations such as the Professors World Peace Academy and offer excellent leaders for this nation. We are not looking at this from a "political" viewpoint; this is the way God is looking at this nation and the world. God wants to see certain things happen in this country.

As you know, the power of communism is organized under the International Communist Party. However, the free world does not have any such thing to match this atheistic organization. Therefore, all the religious people of the free world, including the Pope, should be brought together for this purpose. That is the reason all religious forces must be mobilized. Right now in Florida, many theologians and philosophers are gathering at the Conference on God to discuss this idea. All famous scholars and theologians must be brought together in unity under one system. In order to hasten the day of true peace-the Kingdom of Heaven on earth-we must mobilize all religious organizations into one common alliance. In that way we can confront the power of international communism. No other force in the free world has the power to do that.

I have a plan and method of fulfillment of that plan. Through the mobilization of righteous religious people, this nation can be restored to political righteousness. You women whose husbands get elected to the senate or congress or precedent could even become the First Lady of the nation. Who ever said it couldn't be done? That kind of event is not so far off.

The time will come when all the smallest minorities will become important in this country. I have created all kinds of organizations in this country, but there is only one for which I have set aside an endowment fund-the Minority Alliance International, for which I allocated $2 million. Without the mediation of Reverend Moon, there can be no permanent healing of the rift between white and black people. Unificationism is the only power with a universal ideology and way of life. You must have that kind of consciousness-that Moonie consciousness.

Therefore, in the fight against communism nobody else but us will be the front line forces. 1983 is the very year in which we shall proclaim that war-and we shall win the victory. I have a plan to take care of drug addicts. Through the CARP movement we can teach martial arts to students, which is an excellent form of discipline and a way of cleaning up the moral climate of the campuses. That kind of thing is very good for America. By doing all these good activities in 1983, it will be a very good year for America.

At this time, since the municipal police forces are too small to fight the wave of crime in this country, every Home Church area has the capacity to organize its own voluntary police forces. Moonies are becoming part of those voluntary police forces; that is good for you to do. Because you will work the hardest and give yourselves the most, you will set the standard for the police forces. We will cleanse them in such a way.

What kind of a member of the Unification Church do you want to be? One who only believes in the Principle, or one who can also actively bring results? The Kingdom of Heaven on earth can only emerge by the actions of believers, not by belief only. Go ahead and expand your influence of goodness as wide as you can. Once your foundation of self-discipline is strong, there is no need for Reverend Moon to be here in America. However, some United States officials believe that if they can kick Reverend Moon out of here, they will eliminate their "problems" because of him. However, they are already too late for that.

If you have been only a believing member of the Unification Church, you must begin from now on to be an action member. Another job needs to be done, that of cleansing and eliminating the prostitution districts in New York City. Why is Reverend Moon thinking about these things? It is for just one reason-to save America. Actually, what does Reverend Moon owe to America? [ could be praying for revenge against this nation, but every day my prayer is how to save it.

I instructed the Japanese members to learn martial arts very well; wherever there was a V.O.C. gathering or meeting, the communists would try to destroy it. However, since our members were experts in martial arts, the communists would be unable to stop our rallies. Even the thinnest, shortest members could knock out bigger, stronger communists. Therefore, the campuses were taken out of the hands of the communists and CARP gained tremendous influence in one campus after another.

The communists in Japan were defeated by Reverend Moon, so they wanted to gain revenge. They spread the reputation of Reverend Moon as a "dictator," "brainwasher:' etc. That kind of terminology was created by the communists in order to launch a character assassination against me. The American media just gobbled up that kind of terminology; that has been going on here for ten years.

My conviction was to have no fear in waging this battle. As long as truth is on our side, we shall prevail over the lies of communism. All lies will eventually be shattered by the truth. The media has thought they could destroy Reverend Moon by using their "smoke screen" method and spreading lies about me but after ten years what are they saying? They are having to admit that all their efforts have only made Reverend Moon famous in this country! Their problem is that Reverend Moon has consistently spoken the truth, even though they don't like to hear it. Furthermore, the predictions I have made have come to pass. That is a big problem for the media and the U.S. government.

Now Reverend Moon has inspired the founding of the Washington Times. Until this time the conservatives in Washington had no voice. When we initially tried to create a new newspaper, everybody said it was impossible and many groups organized to try to stop the efforts of Reverend Moon. Now, though, look what has happened there. Those formerly negative conservative groups are calling it "our" paper now, "our" Washington Times.

The Reagan administration looks upon the Washington Times as a great ally; it is a favored newspaper. Reagan gave the paper an interview, as did several members of the Cabinet and high government officials-why? It is not because they like Reverend Moon; rather, it is because they know they need the Washington Times. Even though many American leaders do not like me personally, they like the Washington Times; this is ironic.

Those people who act in deeds rather than just talk shall be the ones who gain the victory. I want to see those victors. Do you want to become such victors? Will you be people of action from now on? We are like soldiers going into the front line of the battle, not for the sake of ourselves or even for the sake of America, but for the sake of the world.

As you know, the Unification Church is the greatest adversary of communism. Therefore, anyone who tries to destroy Reverend Moon-for example, the U.S. government-is actually aiding communism. However, soon all these groups will understand the truth and the truth shall make them free.

Home Church is the first-and the last-battleground for the victory of God. The Home Church providence was launched by me, a person with very thin, small eyes. However, these small eyes will continue to watch until they see the victory in the Home Church providence. Actually, the battle of the Unification Church is finished. Why do I say that? It is because you Moonies are capable of digesting America but America is incapable of digesting you. Also, the Moonies can digest communism but communism has no power to digest the Moonies. Therefore, the real showdown has been won. It is simply a matter of growing ourselves and expanding more and more. Don't you want to join in this battle in which the victory is truly guaranteed?

All you need to do here in America is resurrect the name of Reverend Moon. Suppose we mobilized 1,000 members for Home Church; each member will have 360 homes. That will mean 360,000 homes will be included. Suppose each home will hold four people. That means 1,440,000 people will be included within the Home Church areas. They can also mobilize their relatives and friends and at least 3,000,000 people will be included-that could be done in the New York area alone. These people can unite under one common belief: that they need Reverend Moon here in America. These people could therefore resurrect the name of Reverend Moon. The mayor of New York would have to be approved by these people in order to get elected.

I have no personal interest in American government; however, I want to see you American citizens elected to leadership positions in this country. What is wrong with that? You are entitled to that right by the Constitution.

All the court entanglements will soon be over. Even if I have to go to jail for a period of time, I am thinking that it will be a very exciting period. All the Moonies will come there to visit me; every morning you will hold a prayer service and demonstrate to be allowed to see me. You will line up for blocks to see me. You will want to write in your diary, "Father was suffering in jail and I went to visit him on this day." That will be an historical occasion. Not only the Moonies will want to come but you will also bring your parents there, telling them that they must apologize to Reverend Moon.

If I go to jail, will the Professors World Peace Academy be suspended? No, the heads of all the chapters in fifty countries will come to the jail to meet with me and receive direction. Also, if I call for the chairmen of the Science Conference to come to meet with me, they would come too. At that time, the media would be watching to see who visits Reverend Moon; they would attach a permanent reporter at the front gate of the jail. All those prominent theologians from the Conference on God might be called to meet with me. Would they come?

We want to be successful within the New York City area. Through the Home Church system we shall achieve our success. Reverend Moon is certainly not a passive religious leader; I am an activist, in a way. I am teaching action, not just belief.

When we won the victory in the New York Supreme Court which entitled us to tax exemption here, the judge stated that although people criticize the Unification Church as a political or a business organization, he saw after digging down to the bottom that all those activities have been motivated out of a deep and supreme religious conviction. Therefore, they are part of our religious activities. Thus the church is entitled to the same tax exemption as any other church.

Actually, the Unification Church has no intention to meddle into politics but we have the desire to educate people in every field so that they can become God-centered people of righteousness and nobility. What is wrong with that? The Home Church providence itself is basically an educational activity. We want to stop immorality and educate people into God-centeredness and push them into leadership roles. In that way new leadership will be created for this country. The Unification Church is an organization of "exercise"-no one can just stand still; either you run or jump or do something active.

From now on, you must take on some type of exercise-some type of action. When will you do that? When Unification members are following my instruction to the precise letter, I know the end result of 1983 will be one of goodness. When December comes, we will be able to say, "It was truly a good year."

My great dream is to educate someone to become a truly God-centered president of this country. Do you think American people would welcome such a goal? Those really caring, patriotic Americans will petition me, saying, "You are the only one to correctly educate the leaders of this country." Imagine if the U.S. president were here and smiling from ear to ear as he listens to this sermon, how would God feel? Wouldn't God be pleased to see such an event? Suppose all the senators from the fifty states came here and sat in one block, listening for a six hour sermon and forgetting themselves. Would God take delight to look upon such a scene?

When you women dream of an ideal husband, would you look for someone like me? What can you do about that? There is only one of me and there are 1.5 billion women in the world. There is only one way-you women put your husbands under my care and I will train them and remold and shape them into someone like me and then return them to you. How do you like that? Would you leave your husband in my hands? Or would you try to whisper your own opinions into his ears? Those who would want to leave your husbands in my hands, please raise your hands now. Even you married women? You men heard what I have said-your wives have given you to me. I want to make you into replicas of me, since your wives want it, God wants it, and the world needs it. How about that?

Revolutionary changes will come during 1983. I am truly going to start a new year. Now, it is the men's turn: what will you say if I chastise you hard when you fail to live up to my expectations and continue to do things your own way? Would you accept my chastisement? With the American way of doing things, it might take ten years for victory, while with my way it will take only one year. We don't have much time. This new year is a year of action.

Even though I have been doing my absolute best and have persevered through many ordeals, if I do not live up to God's expectations I too will be cut off from God's blessing. That is the kind of judgment we are all facing. 1983, in particular, is such a crucial year. Many things are geared up for their consummation in this year. The tensions between East and West, particularly Soviet Russia and the United States, have come to a crucial point now. Russia has been ahead of the U.S. militarily for several years; now President Reagan is trying to close that gap. However, some liberal politicians and media forces have been trying to stop him.

From the Heavenly point of view, the greatest battle in this country is that between the U.S. government and Reverend Moon. The government and the media have come together and tried to push Reverend Moon into an isolated little corner. Now, however, the battle has shifted. The government and the media are not as united as before. Reverend Moon is gaining the support of some media people; also support has come from the religious community now.

This year which adds up numerically to 21 will be the year in which Reverend Moon will stretch out his wings and fly. "Let this be a good year"-that is a prayerful statement but it also means that we are going to make this a good year ourselves. Undoubtedly Reverend Moon is a famous person. During 1982, I shocked the entire world with the two mass weddings. What shall we do in 1983? I would like to make this year unforgettable by organizing a Home Church demonstration-by creating victory in Home Church. Do you think we could have a rally at Central Park for 500,000 people? We could do that easily, particularly with the work of the Minority Alliance International and our Home Church work. Let us harbor an absolute hope for victory.

Those of you who would like to become publishers of newspapers in the future, please raise your hands. You are pretty greedy! Do you want to create a company from scratch, or are you waiting for me to give you a company so you can just sit in your comfortable armchair? If you want to create your own newspaper company, you will need much, much money! That is not so easy. Do you want such a difficult job? It is easy to say yes, but doing it is different.

Why do you think I make things so complicated here in America-why do I bring over Koreans and Japanese elders? Wouldn't it be much simpler if I just picked American leaders to do everything here? I cannot use only American leaders, even though it would be most convenient for the members. Actually we have created a club of enemies-Korea and Japan were bitter enemies of each other. Japan and the U.S. fought a war against each other and the U. S. and Germany fought two wars. Do you look upon each other with those facts in mind? Think about why I do such seemingly impossible things-why should I bring together all these enemy countries and try to harmonize them? There are incredible cultural and language barriers between them. Why do I do it?

God uses Cain's position as much as Abel's in history. There must be a victorious foundation on Cain's side, as well as Abel's. God always sacrifices Abel for the sake of Cain. Therefore, we must love our enemies. In the last days, before the completion of the restoration, God is using enemy territories, enemy countries in which to lay the foundation to restore His own country. Therefore, in order to bring all the enemy countries together, only the United States is eligible to do this. Korea could not achieve such a thing. If we tried to bring Japanese together with Koreans in Korea, I know many bitter Koreans would kill the Japanese. Also, if we tried to bring together everyone in Japan it would be impossible. That is why God prepared this "melting pot" nation for the last days, where all colors of skin and nationalities have come together.

Therefore all the different leaders such as Korean, Japanese and American have come together here for the purpose of achieving true unity. Korea is in the Adam position providentially, Japan in the Eve position and America in the Archangel position. Who made those positions? God did not create them; they came into being through the activity of the providence. In order to fulfill this restoration drama, certain countries took certain roles.

There is only one Adam and Eve, but there is the Heavenly archangel position and the satanic one. The archangel country must love the Eve and Adam country, otherwise restoration cannot occur. Here in America, there is no real master or leader. The central position of this

country can go to anyone; anyone who is born here can become the president regardless of his ancestry. The Adam and Eve countries are ones of homogeneous heritage, while the archangel country is a mixture of all heritages. This heterogeneous country of America is being requested to unite with the Adam and Eve countries.

The archangel was supposed to unite with Adam and Eve according to their standards, but he enticed them to depart from the principle and do things his way. I selected Mr. Kamiyama as my financial advisor; he has been doing this for almost 10 years. In every home, the role of the mother is to take care of the material things; she also is responsible for feeding the children. She gives birth to the two sons-the Cain and Abel positions. At this time, the U. S. is in the position of the Abel archangel and Germany is the Cain archangel in Europe. Eve's role is to bring Cain and Abel together at her two breasts; without the unity of those two sons, Eve cannot return to her husband. That is why so much support is coming to our movement from Japan; Japan is "feeding" America and Germany. When Japan has brought together these two nations, she can be accepted by the Adam country, Korea.

America is protecting Korea's national security; this is most crucial. America must not neglect this responsibility. Since 1978, Japan has risen to become an internationally respected economic power; that is the plan of God. In order for the mother's position to be fulfilled, she must be healthy and able to give nourishment to the children; she must have plenty of resources.

Japan also has the responsibility to protect Korea. I asked Mr. Furuta, the manager of the Japanese church's economic affairs, to bring Japanese people to Korea through the Korea-Japan Cultural Association. He should show them around and take them to the Little Angels School for a performance. That is providentially very important. It will contribute to the joint dependence of Korea and Japan and will be significantly important for national security. I have asked Mr. Furuta to do this without fail.

The most important internal strategy is that here in America the leadership from Korea, Japan and America must unite and work together. Also many marriages have taken place between those nations, which is a fulfillment of the providence. Even if you blue-eyed Americans are tearful, saying, "We don't want this!," you must go this path. Therefore, Korean and Japanese elders are an absolute necessity here in America and I will not pull them out. This is an historical requirement. Do you understand?

When I sent out the missionaries to different countries, I selected one each from Japan, the U.S., and Germany. Japan is in the mother's role among the three, so the Japanese missionaries should have fulfilled that mother's position. When the three missionaries were united together totally, only then could they come and have an audience with me. I told them they should come back to see me after seven years were over. On May 1, the seven years will be complete. Meanwhile the worldwide foundation has been laid. Japanese people are now dispersed over six different continents.

There are more women members in Japan than men; that is God's plan, too. Therefore, 500 brides had to go overseas to find their husbands; in that way, the Japanese can link themselves to the entire world. Japanese women have the capability to adjust themselves to different cultures.

The Unification Church is an exciting place, isn't it? We have homes in which there are Japanese, Korean, American and German people living together. United States citizens are in the Heavenly archangel's position, which is comparable to Abel's position. Abel should be in the serving position to the Cain people. Also, Abel must serve the parents; that is the viewpoint of Principle. The parent countries are Korea and Japan. That means American people have to love Cain-the German people, and also the parents-Korea and Japan.

Many American leaders have accused Korean and Japanese elders, but that is taking Satan's position. The Heavenly order of responsibility is Korea first, then Japan, then America, then Germany. Therefore, Japanese leaders cannot argue with Korean leaders and Americans cannot argue with Japanese leaders. Do you follow me clearly? Until now you have had many problems with Oriental leaders, but that kind of situation is what pleases Satan.

If I decided to make my sermons in English, I could do so. However, if I did that it would not encourage all of you to learn Korean. It is you who are supposed to be learning the mother tongue, not the parents who are supposed to learn the children's language. Think of how great it would be if I could just speak in Korean without an interpreter. When I made a joke, everybody could laugh in unison. How historical that would be! I am determined that such a thing will happen; you may not do it, but your children will be able to understand me. Do you want to leave it to your children, or will you do it yourself? All right then, do it.

God has been enduring tremendous suffering throughout history which until now no one has understood. Jesus' heart on the cross at Calvary has never before been understood until this time, when Reverend Moon could come and reveal the heart of God. Jesus knew the heart of God and even though the Roman soldiers pierced his side as he hung on the cross, he could forgive them and say to God, "They do not know what they do." How could he say that? He was thinking of the future of the nation, not just of those few Roman soldiers.

This is the time when God has assembled this one Christian nation of America, in the position of the Roman empire. He is forgiving them, giving them their last opportunity to unite with the other providential countries in order to fulfill God's will and God's goal. Asian people have come to America to set the new tradition. I have come here temporarily but it is not my permanent mission. When American and Japanese people are in Korea they are not motivated to believe in the Unification Church. Likewise when Americans and Koreans go to Japan, they are not inspired to accept the Unification Church. Therefore, God's providence directed that Japanese and Korean people should come to America to witness temporarily to the American people; they must lay the foundation. The Japanese and Koreans will become the spiritual parents of many people. Even if those Americans are told not to go to Korea or Japan, they will not be stopped; they will want to do anything to see the countries of their spiritual parents.

Unless the United States links herself to the culture of the East, this nation will perish. In the English language, a nation has the feminine gender but when I talk about Korea, it is a "he" nation. The "she" nations need a "he" nation. That is natural.

You first-class American citizens, are you going to be defeated by all these Japanese people? As the members of the archangel country, you should learn tradition from Eve's country; so you should hold on to them, imitating them and learning their methods. Heavenly tradition is not set by the archangel; it is set by Adam and Eve. Therefore, Adam and Eve's actions must become the archangel's actions. No matter how great your civilization may be, you do not have the Heavenly tradition here. Do you want to inherit that tradition? That means this country needs the Adam and Eve nation very much. Therefore, you must follow and respect those nations. Am I saying these words because I am an Oriental man? No, I am not. You cannot make any excuses about this; this is the truth. If anyone tries to excuse himself from this way, he is excusing himself from Heaven. Be very clear about this and remember from now on.

This is the time for action so 1983 is the year of action. We are gathered together, all the different enemy nations-Japan and Korea, the United States and Germany -to set the example and the tradition for true unification. That is good for God, but it is bad for your nationalistic pride.

We must be thankful to God; He always prepares our situation for us. The Unification Church does not use birth control; we bear as many children as God gives us. Mother and I have set the example and Mother has already given birth to 13 children. Having more and more children is another way in which our movement can grow. Since America is so wealthy that you have special foods for dogs and cats, that wealth can be channeled into feeding good human beings. With the kind of multiplication we will be seeing, imagine how large our population will be in fifty years!

You have been listening to me for a long time today; now it is boiling down to one simple statement. Those of you who can say, "I have made up my mind to follow your direction and bring the success. I will not let you down; please trust me," raise your hands and say Amen! We are marching on that road to success Amen'

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