The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1982

Blessing Prayer for the 5,837 Couple Blessing

Sun Myung Moon
October 14, 1982
Jams il Gymnasium, Seoul, Korea

Loving Heavenly Father,

On this historic day of October 14, 1982, as we reflect on the last 22 years which You have designated, we come to realize how desperate you are to embrace all mankind with your love.

Originally, God had the ideal of creation and He prepared the cosmic foundation through the ideal of love. We know that You had the ideal to connect the individual, family, tribe, nation, and world together, centered on love.

Adam and Eve, who were supposed to fulfill this ideal, were the center of all individuals on the individual, family, tribal, national, world-wide and cosmic levels. We know that your great ideal was to actualize all of this; the realm of God's ideal love as the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

You created Adam and Eve according to this ideal, but it was lost by one mistake. True individual, family, tribe, nation, world and true cosmos were also lost.

Furthermore, Your sorrow of not being able to stand on the true throne of God and not being able to have dominion over the realm of love started from the day of the fall. We know that this caused You resentment and also caused the historical resentment of mankind.

We know that in order to resolve these historic and cosmic sorrowful events You have caused many religions to appear so that the true individual could be restored.

We also know that You have tried to connect such an individual to the true family, tribal, national, worldwide and cosmic levels, but although large numbers of religious men believed in Your will, they could not fulfill it on this earth.

In order to fulfill this will, Jesus Christ came on the world-wide level. As a true son of God and as a true man, he was to be blessed with a true bride who was to be the object of love in accordance with Your ideal.

Then, based on the horizontal foundation he was to achieve the true realm of "family heart," with children centered upon Your direct love. Jesus was to actualize the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth on the family, tribal, national and world-wide levels at the same time, by placing the realm of the ideal on the vertical level into the realm of love on the horizontal level.

He could not fulfill this will of Yours, however, because the people of that time could not fulfill their mission.

Through 2,000 years of Christianity You have been trying to fulfill this will again on this earth. You have even tried to fulfill the realm of the ideal of love in the spirit world. Such has been the will of Heavenly Father.

This history of actualizing God's will again on earth was not based on the foundation of spirit and body, but rather upon the victorious spiritual foundation gained by the course of the cross, which became necessary due to Satan's invasion.

The foundation expanded from the realm of the tribe out to the worldwide level, and preparation was made for the coming of the Second Advent. Religions could not form the national foundation based on the unity of spirit and body, but they developed only as a foundation for the world of spirit.

Today, on the world-wide level, we know that this cultural foundation is led by America and other countries of the free world.

Now that the victorious spiritual foundation has been inherited and the tribe of the Second Advent is here, the Unification Church is called in front of Heaven and Earth, and in front of God's will. Before You, it must offer the substantial realm of the victorious individual standing on the unity of spirit and body completely connected, centering on love.

It must build the foundation for a family centered upon love. It must be the foundation for True Parents by one true messiah representing true husband who welcomes one woman as his bride. Centered upon this unity, let us complete the formation of the new tribe and the new world.

We are called to discover what has been planned by You but was lost -- the ideal of the new world and the original universe. We know very well that this pioneering path by the Unification Church has been the course of historical sorrow.

Having known the historical will of God put forth by You which allows such true individuals to be united with other true individuals, and which also allows many tribes to be connected to true family, true tribe, true world, and true cosmos; and having received the seal of approval from Heavenly Father as new bride and groom who, as practitioners of love embracing your ideal have achieved the completion stage on the individual level and are now ready to fulfill the purpose of true family and acquire qualification to be subject figures practicing eternal love; having conquered the challenge of becoming unashamed practitioners of God's will; such are the youth of the world-wide Unification Church who have been fighting until today.

Heavenly Father, please bless these 5,837 couples gathered here today, the 14 of October, 1982. They are the ones whose philosophy is in line with Your ideal and their path of love extends directly from individual to family, tribe, nation, world and cosmos. Today, we are very happy that this group can witness the beginning of new families in front of You.

Also the youth here are from different nations and they are willing to march forward to do God's will from now on. Therefore, please bless the future of these youth, who will, in their respective tribes and nations, try to expand into the world level.

Please record them as husband and wife of goodness in Your eternal book of life and please allow them not to be afraid of any challenge or any persecution. Let them be the heavenly true husband and wife who possess wisdom, who march forward with only victory in mind with courage and pride.

Numerous saints and sages of the past, 40 billion ancestors who lived on this earth and the entire physical and spiritual world are here watching at this place. Please allow them the new beginning whereby God's love can explode throughout the world.

This is an historical moment of new beginning, expanding to the world centered on Korea. Please remember, therefore, this particular place. As true couples, they are set on their determination to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and are ready to go on the pioneering path of extending eternal spiritual heaven and extending the world-wide level heavenly ideal family.

As the true couples who are worthy to receive Your love and blessing, and as True Father and Mother and also as leaders of tribes and the world, I sincerely ask that You let them be the leaders who fulfill Your expectations.

On this joyful day, I offer in front of You these 5,837 couples. Heavenly Father, please accept them. I wish that Your limitless love and glory be with them, and I pray all this in the name of True Parents.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

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