The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1982

Ocean Church and America

Sun Myung Moon
August 28, 1982
Provincetown, MA

Since we cannot go out to sea today, I called you here. Would you prefer to go out to sea or come here? As you know we have Morning Garden in Gloucester, a very nice place which we prepared some years ago, however, because of a pending court case we cannot use the center there right now. Whenever you start a new religion there is always the path of persecution that must be followed. Not because there is anything bad or wrong with the religion, but when something new grows out of the old tradition, the new movement always has to pay indemnity. This is historical fact.

The Goal of History

The goal of history is to come to final fruition. When we look at this point, it is only natural that we go through such a process. Just as it is for fruit, which stems from a big tree, so the process to final maturity is not easy. The seasons come and go, some of the branches may be broken off by the wind, but the fruits which unite together and hang onto the branch will complete the process. It is the same with human history. That is why we cannot judge until we look back at the total process, until all has taken place. Persecution is part of the process towards that final growth. Therefore, it is not something we can escape; we have to go through it.

You are young men and women. You all live in America, but your backgrounds are very different. What is the purpose of American youth? We have to make that clear. They would like to have something of value and do something worthwhile with their lives. They would like to have these nice boats and go out to sea; it is something that almost every young man dreams about. What about you? Is that why you are here, to go out every day on a boat?

Let me ask you then, why did you join and stay in the Unification Church? You see the final fruit in the future don't you? That is why you can stay in the Unification Church, even though you have been working many years, going on and on. The history of mankind and the history within the Unification Church have many parallels. History started with a certain goal and people have come and gone, starting something, then complaining about it and leaving, then some joining again and others leaving.

Within Unification Church too, the same pattern exists. Human history and Unification history go through this struggle. It is the struggle against selfish desire and for the will of God. Within this group, I see three kinds of members. There are those who try to go forward, those who try to maintain and those who try to pull others down. Human history is the same. American history is also the same. Some people envision a better future and try to create it. Others just try to keep what they have in life, and then there are those who want to go back to the good old days.

Who will take responsibility for the future of America? Certainly the group which wants to pull others back is not the group to take this responsibility. Certainly not the group which wants to maintain what it has, that wants to keep the good life they already enjoy. This group might be good for the current national interest, but not for the world, not for the sake of human history. History always has to go beyond just normal human interest. History has always been led by the people who have an ideal and actively pursue that goal.

Look at Provincetown where so many youth come to use drugs and gay people gather together. They might become the people who lead America. Their lifestyle goes against universal law. Why was man or woman born? Man was born for woman and woman was born for man. Man was not born for man and woman was not born for woman. We are born for each other. Even in the insect world there isn't any mix-up in that standard. Even in the animal kingdom there is no such confusion in their natural setting. No other group in creation has this problem. Just mankind. This indicates to us that the final days are here when mankind must decide between future prosperity or its own destruction. We have to ask, why did Adam need Eve and vice versa? We have to understand clearly that they were made for each other in order to bear children. Children represent the future. They would have produced better people than themselves. Just as a tree produces better fruit, the desire of man and woman is to produce better children than themselves. For the sake of a better future, that is why man and woman need each other.

Why do you want to get married? Just to love each other? Actually you want to bear better fruit than yourself. Why do you love your children? Why do you love your wife? Because you can love the generations to come through her. The future is centered on you. You have to prepare the love that you have for your wife and for your children. You have the responsibility to connect the past, present and future. Each one of you has that responsibility. Therefore it is shameful for America that so many young people are destroying their bodies with drugs and also destroying their future by indulging in homosexual relationships. They are not the hope of America. History really needs a group which can lead young people into the future. The world needs that group, America needs such a group. Even God himself needs that kind of group.

Whoever goes and pioneers this new era for America, for mankind and for God is the kind of group that all of history has been waiting for. It will be the age of true man and true woman, of true men and women. I am always looking at the work of the Unification Church. I am always thinking of every detail, always thinking of you, of the future. Daytime and nighttime I am thinking of what kind of people you need to become. You should look at yourself and examine yourself. How much have you changed since you joined the church? Do you think selfishly about yourself all the time or do you now think more for the public purpose? You used to be only concerned for "me, me, me." But now you are thinking, "what can I do for the sake of God, for mankind, for others? You used to try to find value in life with a self-centered scope, but since you joined the church you now look for value in a much greater sense. Your future has broadened. Where you stand today is not limited to yourself; rather, it is limitless. You used to have a limited future, but now your future is without any limits.

Before you used to think at least about your own nation, but now you think about the entire world and even beyond. This kind of interest will only benefit America in the long range. So at some point, America will welcome such people as you. In the past, all your sweat and tears and hard work were only for yourself, but now all that same effort is for the sake of mankind. This is really the beginning of a new era, a new history for yourself and for your nation. It is really the new beginning for the world. You young people can start an entirely new world.

I want you to realize that this is our motivation; this is the direction of our work. If you look at what we are doing this summer, everything looks as if it is for no gain. We are going out to fish for tuna, but we are losing so much money in the process. You don't like to go out every day like that do you? It's really hard to get up so early and stay out so long. Why are we doing this kind of work and why do we make so much effort? I am not thinking of what we do just today; I am thinking of the future goal. Why do we spend so much money just to catch tuna? It doesn't even seem to pay for itself and it takes thousands of dollars to train you. We do this for the same reason that we do all our projects. For example, why do we want to construct a highway in Asia? Why build such a super highway? Usually companies that build highways try to make money from their effort, but we are raising money to build that highway and we will give it to the world, for the sake of mankind.

It is the generations to come that will look at what we have done and those people will truly look up to you. It is for those people that we are living today. Therefore, our work has to have a vision of the future. We have to create a tradition that thousands of others can respect and follow for generations to come. So, today our purpose has to be for that better future. We must become a victor, not a loser for the sake of those to come. All of my life has been like this. While I was working in the early years, everyone came against me; everyone misunderstood me. But now, as some look back and see what I have done, they admit that I was right. The same is for you. Sixty years from now, people will look back at your life. People looked at my projects with such a small eye at first, but as I continued, their eyes got bigger and bigger. My work didn't stop in Korea; it went out to America, South America and Africa and beyond. I am somewhat of a mystery to others. However, within myself, I have a crystal clear plan; the goal is very exact.

The Ocean and a New Way of Life

In ten years, you will see why I am doing this program, why I am putting so much effort into it now. The Ocean Church movement then, that's what we are talking about today. Is it a good movement? You are shouting that it is a "great movement," but why is it a great movement? What we are doing is great, that's true. Think about the meaning of "great" in history. What has it usually meant? It meant to control everything. But no one likes that, so why is this Ocean Church movement great? If you look at the fishing towns in America, most of the young people are leaving, they are even cursing their home town. However, you young people are coming to these towns and creating a new movement. You don't even know that yet. People will see this new movement in each Ocean Church city and they will begin to think, "Reverend Moon is a great man."

Let me ask you something. Since you came here, did you like the strong winds or did you hate them? Did you feel on a windy day just like you do when you are meeting your fiancée or wife? No? Why are you laughing? In the start of the morning when you see a windy day did you say, "Today there will be something great out there waiting for me!" Did you feel like that? You have to cultivate your interest in life, even beyond the windy day. You have to see through it. Every young man is afraid of a storm. Have you ever studied why? Do you really feel stimulated and interested when some big wave comes over the bow into your boat? Do you see any hope there? Are you interested in that big wave? A man of the sea really tries to find hope in something like that. A small boat going through the wave is so dramatic. When you see your boat going through a wave, crashing over onto the other side, you really have to think, "Ah, here is hope for the future."

Don't hate the waves. You will only become like them. We have to accept everything, cold water and stormy skies. Always welcome the water with your hands, your feet, everything of your body. Do you do that every day? On the flat calm day look at yourself in the mirror of the ocean and realize the power of the water. On a calm day that flat mirror looks so peaceful, but the next day it could tower above you like a twenty foot mountain. It is only taking a rest on those calm days, but its power remains constant.

Man is the same as well. You can be highly excited and stimulated, but then you calm down and your heart maintains a humble, quiet, appreciative standard. It is also the same within women. You can see your face reflected in the peaceful water, even so, the ocean is always moving. It has to for the sake of the fish. The wind moves the water and this movement allows for the oxygen that the fish need to live. God gave life to the ocean and this is how they live.

If you look at a drop of water, it has no color. But if you gather more water, a beautiful color begins to emerge. How beautiful it is. In the water are so many species of fish; the ocean contains all kinds of fish and life. Water is life giving; more than 70% of man's body is made of water. When the water hits your face, it scratches your eyes because it's so salty. How do you feel at that moment? You spit it out, don't you, and try to shut your eyes? Ocean water has a basic taste, it is the natural taste of life. So when you go out again, you will feel and taste the water differently won't you?

After working all day your hands will be dry and salty. Then you can taste them. That is a wonderful moment. That is the beauty of the sea. You can even write a poem about the salt of the ocean. Any great art and literature comes from this kind of intimate exchange with life. Those who hate all the natural things of life cannot create such art and literature, but those who really love life to its bottom core can create such beautiful and inspiring art and literature.

You look out there on a calm day and suddenly a fish jumps up out of the water, just like a man would. The whale makes a huge leap and then it looks around. It seems as if he is looking for the future. Just look at yourself. When your mind and body are calm, your spirit wants to jump up and look for something good. So look upon the ocean in this way, and then life itself will be revealed to you.

When you express something in literature about the sun and the moon it is too simple, but if you talk about the moving waves, the dancing waves, it is more beautiful. If you look at the sun, you can talk about the smiling face of your father and the sun is more beautiful than just a shining ball. You have to experience the sun in that way. You have to experience everything more deeply like that. From that kind of deep experience you gain unlimited inspiration for your conscience.

One time we caught a lot of rotten, dark fish. The smell was like ammonia. I seldom feel seasick, but when I smelled that my stomach began to turn. I first thought, "I'm no good, because I'm feeling so bad over this fish." Then I began to think differently and said, "I have to pay indemnity." When I realized that, the sickness disappeared, because I could love that smell. It meant I could pay indemnity for something, for someone. I could have a sense of gratitude for that smell and with that, I overcame any feeling of sickness.

When I come back with that fish smell, that chum smell, Mother sometimes says something about my clothes, but I tell her, "You don't have to do the laundry for these yet, they are still good." Mother does them anyway. Some of you wear the same fish smelling clothes for the entire month. You shouldn't apologize. We have to learn how to digest things like this in our life, every day of our life. We do this for the sake of the future. Look at me. I am going out every day and certainly I am tired, but I never say, "I am so tired; I cannot go out." When I think of the fisherman who has to go out every day and take care of his family, I cannot think of being tired. I have often said to Mother, over and over, "today I'll get the striper," but it's very difficult to actually do that. I think of the fisherman who promises his wife and family every day that he will make the catch. He has got to catch those fish. I think about that kind of life very seriously.

Who is more desperate? Am I, who promises Mother I will catch the striped bass, or the fisherman who has to catch fish in order to feed his family? Which is the more difficult feeling? Is it me when I have to apologize to Mother for not catching the fish, or the fisherman whose family will starve if he doesn't catch something, anything? When I think about those fishermen, I don't ever feel tired and going out is no problem. We need to develop that kind of thinking. We must believe, I am doing this for the sake of all mankind, I am leaving something behind for mankind.

With that kind of spirit we have to go out. Through this activity, 1 can see that mankind will someday have hope. In the future what we do here will bring great benefit to all of mankind. I want to really make you men and women of the sea. If you men grow a beard, I want you to touch your beard and say, "I am a man and I must work harder always for the sake of mankind." Do you have that spirit? You should say, "since I have a beard, I want to get to the fishing grounds faster than anyone else." You have to prepare to go out. You have to have a good engine, bait, gasoline, everything. This is basic. I am always prepared before leaving. Yesterday I received a report that the eel bait we were going to use was ready the night before However, in the morning, I found out that the eel wasn't fixed right That's no good. You shouldn't wait until the morning to find out these things. Everything should be ready and finished the night before.

When I look at you in this basic area, you are still almost at zero. Is your spirit looking forward, always getting ready for tomorrow? If your spirit isn't like that, then you will be accused by the fisherman working so hard. I may look humble now, but my Vision is crystal clear for the future. I am preparing the foundation now for a great future. How about you?

A New Future for the Ocean

There are many religious groups in America. but no one is doing anything like this. God has a great hope in Ocean Church. From this point of view, do you feel that Ocean Church is bad or good? You like to shout that it's great. However, let's look at the word "good". God has how many O's? Just one. How many O's does good have? It has two O's. So, good is really double God. Spirit world is good and the physical world is good. Together they are double God, they are good. That's the meaning of good. Double God has a subject and an object, a spiritual world and a physical world. Also, there is land and ocean. We can't be a mountain man all the time, nor can we be an ocean man always. We have to go to both and love both. In Korea, we had a boat and just one captain of that boat. In the very beginning I had to be that captain. It was just one boat, but I saw the future and it was much more than just one boat.

Are you like that? Look at yourself. In Gloucester you have to sleep on the boats. Sometimes you are out fishing for several days and there is no shower, no toilet, and you have to use a bucket. It's a hard life. You may be looking for a place to die and cannot even find that. I look at that and think, "that's good." When I see that, I can see a great future. People don't think beyond the point of their daily life, but we think way beyond. With that, we begin the way towards a new life. I want to restore everything for God. Gloucester and Provincetown are two places where we can make our foundation. We have to think that we are great men; we are catching the giant tuna in one of the best fishing grounds in the world. With these boats you now understand how to catch tuna. I want to catch the striped bass next. However, New Hope hasn't caught enough tuna yet. Soon, during this summer we will expand the foundation. Why are we doing this? We are offering all this for the sake of mankind. I never ate any of my own catch until last year. I have fished for seven years, but never ate my own catch. It was always offered for the sake of others. The fish are hoping to be caught by us. Many of them will just be eaten by other fish, but it is far better to be eaten by man. The fish wants to reach the highest degree of life by becoming part of man. The same way that the fish think towards man, we must think towards God. We want to become part of the highest degree, we want to become part of God.

A large part of the economy in the future will come from the ocean. I would like to spend that money overseas: There are over twenty million people starving each year. You can't imagine it because the American way of life is so luxurious. When I am with the members, they are asking every minute, "Father, don't you want something to drink, don't you want something to eat?" Instead, I am thinking that it's better to conserve even the Coca-Cola and find some way to give that to the rest of mankind. We have to have the concept of conservation in every aspect of our life. If we don't have that, then God's blessing will go away. However, we can inherit God's blessing if we are always thinking of how to conserve things for the sake of others, for the sake of mankind and for the future. God's spirit will always penetrate us if we do all things with this kind of sincerity. If we simply want to find the best fishing spot and if we are doing more for God than anyone else, then God will help us, providing us with greater insight towards that goal. Do you understand? Those who graduated from UTS, please raise your hands. You are responsible for a boat during this summer season. Do any of you think your spouse might be against you coming to Ocean Church at this time? They have to realize and you have to know that I would have never started Ocean Church if I had not had any interest in the future of the ocean. Two-thirds of this world is ocean. Who will take care of the world in the future? God is the master of the universe, but who will rule and take care of the world?

The children of God have to inherit the world. Then certainly they have to inherit the ocean. That is why I am interested in the ocean.

Many people are leaving the ocean behind. Why? Because a new age for the ocean is coming. Even some nations have left the ocean behind. Why? Because the time has come for the true caretakers of the ocean to come. That is why we have a great hope for the ocean. In the past the ocean served many bad purposes for mankind. Even today, drugs are smuggled on the ocean, but the purpose has to be made heavenly. We have to change the purpose of man's use of the ocean. That is why we have Ocean Church. We have to cultivate a courageous spirit. We have to have more daring and courage than the pirates of the past.

Preparing Mind and Body for the Future

Ocean Church is the primary movement for developing that kind of spirit. The secondary movement to raise up the standard in young people is a martial arts movement. For a healthy spirit and body few things are better than martial arts. If you prepare for martial arts with a good spirit, no evil power can attack you. Martial arts have often been used for a great purpose in history. Unfortunately, it has also been used with an evil intent. Martial arts, if left to themselves will most often be used for an evil purpose. However, with a religious movement, martial arts can be used for a constructive, good purpose. That is the point. If someone comes to martial arts with an arrogant manner, we have to teach them a higher meaning for its use. We have to know that it is necessary to prepare a unifying martial arts movement throughout the world.

We have to defend all aspects of our life. We are now organizing a martial arts group worldwide, and preparing to make this martial arts part of the Olympic games. Most seminaries don't teach any martial arts or even physical education, but our seminary teaches martial arts so that our students are not only prepared intellectually, but also spiritually and physically. We are preparing a world movement for God and everything should come together under that. We are even preparing for a religious Olympic association. The top religious leaders of the world, prominent theologians and scholars will come together and open these games once every two years. The Olympic games have a standard of coming together every four years, but we want to go beyond that standard by meeting every two years. More importantly, we want to go beyond that standard by having a higher purpose for coming together.

Everyone needs a good system of give and take for their body. The body, just like the mind or the spirit, needs to be balanced and have a good flow of energy. If you have pain in your stomach, it is because there isn't a good flow of energy between your stomach and other body functions. When I come home after working hard all day, I exercise every night. This is one reason why I don't get tired even though I am competing with you, a younger generation.

For a sound body, you have to exercise; for a sound spirit, you also have to exercise. For the spirit, this means a religious way of life.

We have to embrace the land, the sea and encompass all the arts. These areas we need to cover. Then, centered around these things, the new world will begin. At the core, we are religious, but our goal is to establish the Kingdom of God on earth. A sound body develops through external practice; a sound spirit develops through internal practice. Literature, music, poetry, art, all these areas we have to develop ourselves. I have learned how to do well in all these areas and so should you.

No one ever dreamed that I would come to Provincetown and fish like this, but now I have done it for ten years. The public doesn't understand why I initiated many of the things which we do. They cannot see our motivation, so it is natural that they come to oppose us. As time passes, those who oppose and those who try to help us will move a greater and greater distance apart. One side will eventually disappear and the other side will eventually be embraced by God. Thus, a new era will be created.

The Formula for Pioneering Ocean Church

Will you inherit my spirit and carry on when I have gone to the spiritual world? You are shouting a loud and clear "Yes." If indeed you carry on my tradition, then, Ocean Church is wonderful, it is good. It is double God. One god is land god and one god is sea god. Ocean Church is both; we live on the land, but we go out to sea. So that is double God. Ocean Church is really good then, isn't it? Now you are receiving persecution; this means your future will be great. No one can understand you now, but they will later on and they will respect you twice as much. They will respect you for your perseverance when they misunderstood you and for your compassion towards them when they finally do understand.

Would you like to take care of an ocean city? There is a basic formula for how to develop each city. When you plan to take care of a city, to be a leader in that community, you have to think about it. When you come to a city your first question is, "What should I do?" Taking a boat out and catching fish is not the beginning and end of it. When you show up with a One Hope boat in the city, people will recognize it as a Moonie boat. They will start to oppose you, persecute you and test you. They will start talking about Moonies, about how you are good or bad. The tendency of any community is to test a newcomer.

Therefore, the short cut for us is to find a way to make unity with the major leaders of that city. Then you don't have to be tested by the entire community. The key point is how to meet the established leaders, the mayor, the police chief, the coast guard commander, the fishermen's union leader and other business leaders in the community. Just a few people have to understand and unite with you and each other. The key point is how you can help them understand why you are there and what you are doing for the future of their city.

I myself followed this very same pattern when I came to America. I started many different aspects to our movement such as IOWC and CARP, Home Church and Ocean Church. From the first moment that I arrived in America I met with the leaders of America, the city officials, the congressmen and senators. Whenever I met those leaders I explained what I was going to do in America. They had a difficult time believing me then, but now many of them recognize what I meant.

In that way I could see what kind of movement was needed in America in order to mobilize the national leadership. I even prepared the newspaper media and six years ago started publishing. Those who came to the Washington Times didn't come just because we started that newspaper; they came because a foundation had already been laid. They came because they could understand our vision.

Although the Washington Times has only been three months in publication, it has already gone above the national standard. The conservative groups usually fight amongst themselves, but they all concurred that this newspaper is a great asset for America. One conservative group is centered on Christianity while another one is based on the business community in America. There is a new group rising in the intellectual community and the fourth group is mostly -- patriotic in nature.

At one time or another, each group has made a stand against me, against our movement, but through the Washington Times, we have been able to unite all four groups. Even though I am now preparing for the court case, we are moving ahead all the time. It is like a dream to see all that we have accomplished. It is hard to tell the whole story about it. One small example: President Reagan made a summit conference and took with him the correspondence chiefs from only four American newspapers. In America there are 1,753 newspaper companies, but Reagan took only four representatives. One of them was the Washington Times. This happened only five days after we started! Why was this Washington Times correspondent chief selected to attend? It was because people already recognized the excellent quality of this newspaper and its courageous stand, and they didn't want to ignore it.

This is only one part of the plan. From this foundation, we will begin to publish a nationwide newspaper. The time will come when the major television news media will frequently and constantly quote from the Washington Times. Then the basic trend of the media in America can be changed. Many conservative business leaders want to invest in the Washington Times because they believe it will make it, that it will be successful. The "times" indeed have changed. I am explaining this to you because I want you to see that the foundation for the future of this nation is already being prepared for you.

Why did we put so much effort into the movie Inchon? No matter what the result, the motivation was for people to understand about MacArthur. I wanted to show how MacArthur loved God and loved people. MacArthur came to Japan after World War II and put the nation back together. He really respected and loved the people He also loved God very much and fought with great strength against tyranny and communism. That is what I want the people to understand. We must love God and we must love people. Communism destroys both, and so we should hate that. All these projects and activities make me extremely busy. When you are finished you just come back here and rest, but I have to stay up almost all night listening to reports and giving new directions. I am busy day and night. There is almost no time for coming here to fish like this. Why then have I done this for at least ten years? I have been going on and on every year, never getting tired. When I look at you, just going out for a few days and then getting tired, I feel ashamed for you.

Already I have seen many members run away from the ocean. This season we can only catch one tuna per week. Many people thought we wouldn't come. Anyway, we came and many people were shocked. They were certain that I wouldn't come, but our reason for fishing is not just economic. We have to fish, we have to continue on. We have to set the tradition.

I want to leave behind at least ten "Reverend Moons" so that the tradition will go on. I am wondering who has the desire to go out to an ocean city and restore it within ten years? How many of you have that idea and desire? Within ten years, if each one of you became a top fishing leader in your ocean city and could expand that foundation to at least 100 ocean cities, I would feel I had left something of value behind.

If we have 100 cities, we have a foundation for this nation. Once you become a well-known and established person in a city, you can start a fish company or a related business and be in charge of that. You have to make your foundation quickly. In other words, once you go to your ocean city, you have to meet the top leaders and give them something of value for the future of their city. You have to be able to work with the young people. You have to solve two problems. Manpower and money. How can you make money and how can you raise young people so they can someday be responsible for that city? Those are big problems. If you can solve them you can start a big company, anything. No problem. The problems are how to make good members and how to make a good economic foundation. If you can solve those problems then everything else comes. First, you make a good relationship with the major leaders in your city. Then, you make friends with the major fishing leaders and the major business leaders. Pick up their knowledge and experience, and from that point, you can make the foundation to someday be the leader of your own company. First, you have to solve those two problems.

You have to train yourself. Centered on you, these problems will be solved. You can do that. You can accomplish these points. You have to work hard, day and night. Then, great things will happen.

The Ocean Providence and the Fishing Industry

When I came here almost ten years ago, tuna was only ten cents a pound. I asked myself, "how can I make the price of tuna go up?" I want to see the price go to $4.00 this summer. People used to come to catch tuna as a sport only. They came here from all over the world, but the fishermen themselves couldn't fish for tuna because they would lose so much money going out every day just for tuna. There was a great opportunity there for them, but they couldn't participate in it.

I saw one boat come in several years ago and there wasn't even a price for the tuna that day, so they lost their money on expenses. This was really sad for me to see. Last year we pushed the price up to $2.50 per pound. This year the price started at $1.65. Why? Last year the price ended higher, but the habit of exploiting the fishermen is deep set. You have to keep pushing the standard, raising it higher They don't like the Moonies, but they welcome me coming every year now. They persecuted us so much when we first started coming, but now they really want to be our friends. You now know the fishing grounds and you see mostly small boats out there. Before there were only the expensive sport fishing boats, but now even the little fisherman can try to make money by catching tuna.

Think about it. If the price goes up to $4.00, which is my hope for this year, then a fisherman who catches one tuna weighing more than 1,000 pounds will earn $4,000. He can earn that much from just one day's work. That's amazing. So now, many small fishing boats are out there, going for the tuna. Anyone can own a small boat at least. Why not a thousand boats at the tuna grounds? Every day there will be a great competition to catch the tuna. That's not bad; it's good actually. Now that the price is going up, everyone is interested in coming here to fish for tuna. We can bring people here and they can experience the ocean. Some of them will be rich, but have no vision for their money. When they see the potential of the ocean, they will want to invest their money in it. There are all kinds of good projects which could benefit.

We are preparing the foundation in each part of the important coastal areas of America. As you know, in the Gulf of Mexico we have a shrimp business, and in Alabama we have a ship building business. In Alaska we have a plant which can process 400,000 pounds of fish each day. The question is, how can we manage such enterprises? I am hoping that the Ocean Church centers will train young people who can quickly mature and provide that kind of leadership. We start with only thirty centers, but eventually we have to create up to 3,000 centers on the coastal waters.

I have this large vision for America. Why? Because the fish are here in American waters. I have seen many other areas of the world, but here you can just drop a line off the fishing pier and catch a fish. However, no one is guiding America to realize its potential in fishing. You have to be the ones to do that. Over three years ago, we started thirty shrimp boats in Surinam. They are also tuna fishing. These boats are quite large. Somehow, the Americas should be connected. The ocean provides a way for that to happen. The ocean connects all the major fishing countries in the world. Eventually we can improve prices for all fishermen and also feed more people.

In Japan we have already prepared every aspect of the fishing industry. We made a famous fish selling team. Their logo is a picture of a fish selling boy with a band on his head. Every fish selling person wears that band on their head whenever they go out to sell throughout Japan. We are now preparing similar fish selling techniques here in America. Those with a Japanese husband or wife will participate one way or another in the fishing providence future.

How about it? Wouldn't it be great for every couple to have their own boat? They can fish with it and live on it and even make their babies on the boat. You can start with the One Hope training boat. If you do well and mature as a fisherman, then you can earn a big boat like the ones they make in Alabama. Some people have to spend twenty-one years to reach that state, but if you really apply yourself, you can reach it in only seven years' time.

In Japan, when the members fund raised, they always experienced the spiritual world guiding them to the right person to make the sale. The same experience is waiting for you. When you go out to the ocean you will find the spiritual world helping you to find where the fish are and you can catch tons of fish. You don't think so? I think so. You have to find out for yourself.

Many people complain, "Oh, Ocean Church is so difficult; I don't like it." However, once the foundation is laid, the next steps are no problem. It only took a few months for us to come up with the Washington Times, which is now so prestigious. With that ability and capacity, it is no problem to build the right kind of trawler and bring it to this area. You can become a good captain of a large boat. Then, you will automatically be able to meet the leaders of your city. You will come to know the president of the fish processing company and other businessmen. If you make one phone call from your office, you can connect all over the world. Whatever I say I mean with utmost sincerity. It will come to pass. Do you believe that?

Leadership Training on the Ocean

I spend a great deal of time, precious time out here on the ocean. It is because I have such a vision for the future. I see that you are not disciplined yet. How can you inherit this vision? I am thinking of sending you one by one, or two by two, to the Surinam shrimping boats for a period of time. It would be good training for you. Once you go there you won't come back for two or four months. That's how long one trip is. I should also send you to Alaska. How about if I send you there in the winter time? You should be able to change back and forth. You should go easily from the land to the ocean. Those who have been out to sea for a while should go back and reinvest in the land. You will have more strength and enthusiasm for it. It works the other way around too; after a while on land, you should go out to sea.

The formula course for Unification members has been that for three and one-half years you fund raise as basic training. The economic foundation represents creation and this restores your relationship with all things. This should be changed to two years of fund raising and eighteen months of ocean duty.

I am educating you here so kindly, but how about if you are hired to go out on the ocean in a large boat? If you go out with a rough captain on a big trawler, he will just throw you around. In that way, the captain gives you training. I myself would like to start out like that with you, but I know that if I start like that, no one will be left to finish. That's why I am giving you a nice introduction. Actually, we haven't really started yet. Anyway, all church members have to go through this kind of training. Each one of you has to go someplace where your English doesn't work. You will have to use every other part of your body to communicate with the other person. You will feel lonely on such a boat and if you say, "Oh, I'm sick and tired and have to go home," there will be no way to go back. Then your experience here in Gloucester will be just like heaven. Do you still want to go on with this training course? One day this season I heard a sister shouting out to me when the New Hope went by, "Father, I want to be in Ocean Church!" She sounded almost like a crazy person. That's how we should feel.

We are preparing to have refrigerated warehouses in the major coastal cities. We would open them all tonight if we could find someone to manage these plants. However, you are not ready yet. I am wondering if you will be much different in three years' time. I am depending on you American brothers and sisters. If you don't do it, then the European, Asian or Hispanic members will be mobilized to do it. I will mobilize the Asian and Hispanic members. If you Americans don't want it, then the minorities in America can earn the fishing industry. If you don't want it and don't like it, there is no choice but to offer this opportunity to minority members.

In Japan there is already so much preparation in fishing related fields, but I want you to be the central people in this providence. That is why I have hope in the international Blessing. One way or another we shall do it. If Ocean Church can't do it, then Asian members in America will have to do it. I am giving you the best education now. You can learn something for your entire life. For ten years I have been working so hard to train you. If you gain success it will go far more quickly than if the Asian members have to do it.

The ocean has everything to do with the future. Don't you know that? You have to become interested in the ocean or otherwise you will just disappear into history. In the future, the qualification for leadership will be to know about the ocean. The basic knowledge will be how to handle a boat. To know about the ocean and to be able to go upon it will become the two basic qualifications for leadership in the future.

You don't know so much about me. I'm giving every ounce of my sweat to maintain the prestige of America in the world. How many days could you continue, working at such a pace? Are you thinking about sleeping each day you go out? Are you playing every day, just looking around and thinking about the pretty boats? Don't just be light and say, "Oh I love the sea!" It's actually very difficult to really love the sea.

I want to send the brothers to Surinam and train you there, then bring you back and make you into captains of a large boat. I have been thinking about that for three years, but I look at you and you are already tired with just the One Hope boats. In Alaska, the thirty knot winds are nothing. That's normal -- a calm day. On the rough days, you don't even see other boats between the waves, maybe just the highest light. Think about that. Think about the couple who would live in that situation. How wonderful it would be. They could be loving each other in that kind of weather. That's really exciting, isn't it? The way you live all depends upon what you think. It depends on how you look at it. If your spirit is willing and joyfully giving for the cause, you can do anything.

If I had not come to America with that kind of spirit, our movement could never have spent the millions of dollars that it has already invested in so many programs. We are even spending and investing more now. And yet, at the same time I am accused of hiding tax money from the government. It is exactly opposite to reality, but they can't see that yet. It doesn't make sense. We spent more than four million dollars for the last science conference and almost two million dollars for the World Youth for God conference and world tour. Tax evasion? It's really a great mistake that America judged me that way. However, I only answered the judge with a smile. I have no grudge against America. That is the kind of man leading you. No matter what kind of persecution comes towards me, I will just stand where I am. Nothing will move me from the will of God. This is happening in the free world. What do you think the Communist world would like to do? They are really against me. I am the most fearful person to them. Why? Because they cannot defeat this ideology. Instead, our ideology can easily defeat them, so they will come against me at every opportunity. You will see it. We have to work in every field to bring it salvation.

Religion is the center or the core of our life, but we cannot be separate from all these other areas such as education, business or politics. That is why America cannot understand me. They cannot see in such a large way. I have had to focus on the court case rather than many other more important projects. However, it is not just my own battle; it is to educate you, to educate America. I have to fight.

It is an indemnity course, but by following it, I will become even more famous. The same principle applies to you. Here in Gloucester you receive persecution, but if you keep working hard, the public will begin to see you as you really are. Are you a dirty boat Moonie, or are you absolutely clean and orderly? I should inspect each boat and make sure. I have a great idea and a great concept for your life. How many of you want to go to South America and receive training? The best training is to go to another country and receive your training from that low, lonely place. After receiving your training, you should then come back and work very hard for America. When you fish in South America it takes several months to fill the quota which means you are out fishing for at least one month before you even get to where the fish can be caught. Here you complain about what kind of breakfast or dinner you have, but out there you can't complain about the food. Out there you might get a letter from your lovely wife, but the captain won't let you have it until the end of the fishing period. Even if you are upset about that, nothing will be done to change it. On those boats, there are about thirty crew members. Think about their life. When you come back from fishing, there are thirty families waiting for the crew member. Everything depends on the work that they did, how much they caught. It depends on their result; they have no choice but to work harder than other boats. I see that as really good training for you and that is why I am thinking of sending you down there.

I am going to do this anyway, so why don't you just catch the spirit quickly? Don't just wait for it. I am thinking about sending one or two persons immediately to Surinam after this summer, or Berlin. The German fishermen also go out into the cold, harsh seas for three or four months duty. After that, if you are still willing to serve the ocean providence, you are truly ready to be an Ocean Church member. After you come back from that experience, if you still want to serve the ocean, I will choose you. Then, you can someday be trusted with a large fishing boat and a fishing career as a captain. I have great hope for the ocean. I have great hope for all of you. I would like to send you out and have you come back ready to serve America and become a great leader.

Your Foundation is with the Fishermen

I know history very clearly. In the near future, those who are fishermen will really deeply appreciate what we have done for them. When Karl Marx started communism he supported the laborers, but he himself never once experienced that kind of work. He didn't do his own front-line work. I am very different from that. I am truly a good friend of the fisherman because I myself have pushed and worked hard in this area. I truly understand their effort and their heart. That is the great difference.

You can't complain to me because I am always doing first whatever I ask of you. When you go back to your regions, learn how to catch the fish of that area. If you are in an area where there is striped bass, you must really research them. I want to help you, but you also have to study and do your own research.

You have to build your own foundation also. While the husband is out catching fish, the women cannot stay at home all the time. The wife has to develop a fish related activity. The husband and wife should both be active and interested in the ocean world. I am making prototype foundations: one in the East, one in the South and one in the West. On that base, we can expand. After building the foundation, we can even begin to make all our own equipment, boats, gear, clothing, everything. I am always studying and researching. I am always thinking of ways to make the fisherman's life better. We can use the fish that people usually throw away and invent a way to precut it as chum. Then, the fishermen can come and ask us for the #3 chum which catches blue fish, and the #4 chum which catches tuna, and so on. Our future is unlimited. You have to use your imagination and create your own foundation. Once you do that, you only have to spend a few hours each day with your own personal business. Then, you can go out and meet the other leaders in the community. You can find other churches and help their programs. They are looking for something to do with their young people. You can train them on your boats. That is what they are for.

How many boats would you like to have in each center? How many big trawlers would you like to administrate in the future? Your desire may be very large, but if you are going to accomplish these things you have to start now. That is why we made these One Hope boats. You need education and training. How many boats can you be responsible for?

With the One Hope you have to learn and experience how to manage a boat. That will help you understand how to manage a larger boat in the future. How many small boats can you control?

You have to go all over the sea coast and explore every opportunity. In Florida, you have many friends already, so you won't have too many problems. Anywhere you go, you can find friends. Most fishermen don't have such friendship and help, but you know how to serve people and make friends wherever you go. How can you even worry about the future? You will always have some place to go and someone to help you.

You have to study how you can make a fishermen's association. You can help the fishermen in your area. Sometimes a captain may need some help. The fishermen don't have any association or organization. They are looking for that. They are looking at us with great big open eyes. They are waiting to see if we have the ability to do that. They need that kind of help. Every environment needs preparation. We can begin an American organization, but then cover the whole world, sharing with fishermen everywhere.

That is why I am wondering how many boats you can be responsible for. Can you take care of 100 boats? Not now. Someday you should be able to guide and manage a fleet of large boats. That is why you have to train on the smaller boats for the future. You are on a small boat now; this is where everything starts for you. You can control the smaller boat now and find out how to catch the smaller fish, such as striped bass, but this is training for you. Some of you will move on to take care of much larger boats and to catch large amounts of fish.

Training on the One Hope Boats

After you graduate from the One Hope boat, you can go on to the next size boat. You can become responsible for a forty foot or fifty foot boat. You can even live on that size of boat as well. You can make the ocean your way of life, every area of your life. You have to be interested and capable in every aspect of fishing. Do you know anything about tackle? Do you know how to handle and take care of fish? Do you know how to repair engines and make boat modifications? If you don't know these things, how will you survive upon and live from the ocean?

The One Hope boats have to go everywhere so that people will see them and come to respect what we are doing. It's a dream, and I am holding onto that dream in my mind. That means that it is in an invisible form, but it will become visible. We will see it in the future. We will see it soon. A man who believes can do anything. A man who acts can achieve anything. "Believing man and Doing man." That is how I am and that is how I envision you to become. Actually, it isn't a dream. It is what I know.

Even the One Hope boat is not the final standard. I am now researching how to make it better. One problem is that the balance is too sensitive. This has to be corrected. We have to research and correct that problem. I want to make this boat useful for every kind of training. I am also looking at how it cuts through the wave. If the boat could go faster, the boat could cut three waves at once. Now, it can cut two and if you go slowly it has to cut each wave, one by one. I have already tested this out. If the boat goes 3,500 rpm it is more stable and cuts the wave cleanly.

Can you suggest anything that would improve the One Hope boat? Let's really study this boat and make the best modifications. It is already designed very well and whenever we have taken it to boat shows in this country, we receive very good comments. We make the One Hope boats twenty-eight feet for a specific purpose. We can store them easily because we can trailer them anywhere in the country. We can mobilize from one city to another city this way as well. It's more difficult with larger boats. The twenty-eight foot boat is stable in winds up to twenty-five knots. Winds higher than that are not the best for fishing anyway, so the twenty-eight foot boat is an excellent boat to train for all kinds of fishing.

What is unique about this boat is that it will never sink. There is no limit to our use of such a boat. This is great for Home Church. An entire family can use this boat; they can go almost anywhere. This as a very convenient and wonderful boat for any family. That is why I designed the boat this way. When we begin to mass produce other boats, you can sell them for your own personal business. Through Master Marine company you can order the boats for those in your local area who want to buy one for themselves.

Don't take this effort lightly. It's very difficult to come to an old establishment like this industry and set up a new tradition. We have to study it very carefully. Money is not the problem. The key point is, do we have the ability? One good example for us is the Washington Times. Our members did not have the same abilities as the people we employed, but they were able to administer and manage the direction of the paper. That's the key point for us. You should become that kind of person, who can administrate and take care of many people. You have to be able to guide people in all areas of life.

The same principle applies to things as well. Make a basic formula for all the boats and follow that standard in taking care of them. Engine and boat repair are expensive to do; you have to do your best to prevent the need for repair. You must make periodic inspections of your engines and boats. Each region, West Coast, East Coast and Gulf Coast has to make a system to maintain the boats. How many of you can repair an engine? An IW should be appointed for each coastal region. Each region has to have at least three spare engines so that if an engine breaks down, you can use that engine while you are fixing the broken one. You should be able to fix an engine in one night, even if you have to stay up the entire night.

If you need help, get the person in charge of the boats and spend the whole night with him. The IW can direct those responsible for the boats to stay and work with him, even if it takes all night. You should have that kind of experience. The IW has to teach all the others what to do. If those engines break down in the same way again, they have to go back and teach everyone again how to operate an engine and repair it. We have to learn these lessons very well.

The engine is most important. Without a good engine you cannot use the boat for anything. So, the regional service men have to go immediately wherever the boat has broken down. Who has confidence to repair an engine in this room? You have to learn both, gasoline and diesel. You can't say, "I can fix gasoline, but not diesel." You have to fix both. Also, those who fix engines have to know the electrical system. You have to be able to repair anything wrong with that system as well. The One Hope boat is so small, there is hardly anything to learn about.

However, if you go through this course and get experience and skill, you can open a maintenance and repair business for larger boats. You can repair trawling boats and big ships. You can train yourself to repair anything. Engines have common points or parts that break down.

In each center, start with one boat. If that boat breaks down, then fix it. If you have two boats and one is older and it breaks down, don't just get on the new boat and go out. You have to fix the older boat and use that boat. That's the tradition. If you have an older boat and it breaks down, you have to come up with the money to fix that boat. This will teach you the tradition of responsibility.

Catalog everything: boat number, parts number, engine number. Then, you can order by number the parts you need for repairs. We should have that kind of inventory system and relationship with the factory. If we have spare engines in New York, and California needs a specific part, they can order from New York and it can be sent over night. Then, we can repair our boats within two days of breaking down. We should develop that kind of system. After one year, we can see which parts break down more frequently and we can stock those parts. The same goes for the electrical system. Everything has to be listed by number, every part that goes onto and is used by the One Hope boat. This includes doors, anchors, fire equipment, everything. Then we can keep track of what we lose more often or what breaks down more often. The number system has to be unified and used by every center in the nation.

The responsibility here is great. Our future is great, but we have to be serious with what we do now. Someday you will be able to repair even the largest of boats. You will have to be able to repair Navy ships. That day is coming. I am thinking about going around in the New Hope to directly supervise the fishing activities of each center, but that might not be possible. However, we have Sea Hope I, II, and III. One of these boats should be sent as a flagship to each of these regions. Then, with the One Hope boat and the Sea Hope boat, you can spend the night out together fishing. You can teach from these boats all the activities of the One Hope boats in your region. Each center has to have at least a One Hope always ready to go, so that whenever I call, you will be immediately ready to go out. That is the standard for each center, to have one boat completely ready to go at any time. I would like to send my representative to you. The moment he arrives, you must take him out. Someone like Dr. Durst or Colonel Pak may come; you have to be absolutely ready. No excuses. So, please, study the fishing grounds in your area and know the right places to go.

The Purpose of One Hope Training

Why should we have this standard? I want to explain this to you. You should be able to take out anyone at any time. You should be able to take out a world class person and impress them with your standard. We could prepare a fishing tour from Alaska down the West coast, through the Gulf area and up the East coast. That would be a six month fishing tour. After such an experience of catching fish in each of these coastal areas, they would become crazy!

Then, we could create fishing tours all over the world. Fishing in Africa, Europe, South America. We have to prepare for that right now, beginning right now. In this way, we are connected to people all over the world and can connect people to the ocean all over the world. They would never forget their experiences. There are many fishing and hunting groups all over the world, but their purpose needs to change. They need to be ignited to do something for the sake of helping the world. Therefore, you have to study your area. Ask yourselves, "How can I make my seaport more and more beautiful?" You have to prepare your area. Study how to catch flounder, striped bass and tuna. Then, we can advertise in Japan. They can plan their trips to America by the kind of fish they want to catch. You have to experience by yourself how to catch the fish in your area. Do you understand me? If you want to take charge of this area you have to go to Europe, Africa, South America and Japan on a regular basis. Are you that kind of person?

When you are catching tuna, do you remember anything sad or happy? You forget everything don't you? Your mother or wife may have recently died, but you can forget that sorrow in that moment. The excitement is so great that you are lifted up out of any sad or depressed mood. That's true! Modern man is looking for a way to get rid of his tension without leaving his business behind for a long time. They are looking for a way to get rid of a great deal of tension in a short amount of time. Something that is great and exciting can do that. Fishing in America can do that.

I want to stop here at this point because you forget everything so easily. but we have to continue. I have been teaching you how to catch tuna, how to catch striped bass. I feel that I am the champion of the tuna now, but I have not graduated from the striped bass. The striped bass is very smart, even smarter than the tuna. The striped bass is very hard to catch. When you first start to fish for a species, you don't know anything about its habits, such as where to go to catch it. You have to study what the other fishermen are doing, then you have to inherit that and improve it. You have to go fishing with them, find out their spots. Then, study the area and mark the spot on your own map.

Follow the professional fishermen. Be like their own sons. No one will inherit from them, so you must do that. One by one you can talk to them and tell them what you are doing. Ask them if they want to help you. Many of them will say "yes." You must move them deep inside, one by one. Then, start an association in your area. Make friends and bring them together. Take them out in your boat; it runs so fast that they cannot help but become excited.

Bring them together for a banquet, tell them all your plans and share with them. Cook all kinds of seafood for them. They will respond to you and want to help you. Make them your friends. Bring back some fish that you catch and give it to them. Share your life with them and they will share with you. By doing this, you can inherit from them and they will want to help you obtain your goals. You have your own experience, plus you have the fishermen's experience of that area. You can then make a textbook for fishing by combining all your experience and knowledge from these different areas. We can make a textbook and update it all the time. This kind of effort helps everyone.

Take your fisherman friends with you to another area to fish. Ask them, "Won't you go out with me? I already bought a ticket for you and I, so let's go." And he will answer, "Yes!" Take your friends to Alaska. They will be so excited. How about if I ask you, "Don't you want to go to Europe to fish?" What kind of answer do you have? "Sure!" So, you can teach them and raise them up. When you really need them you can call them up on the phone and say, "Come here quickly!"

They will surely come to help you. We have to start from here, but this is where we want to go. We have to constantly keep the future in front of us. Otherwise, nothing happens.

Have hope, great hope. We are doing so many things and I have to guide so many projects. I remember when I started the Science Conference. Many people could not grasp it. Many members opposed it. When I started the seminary many members didn't want to support the idea either. Then the News World came and many members didn't like that idea, but the News World gave birth to the Washington Times and everyone can see how great a newspaper it is.

Am I crazy? I don't think so. You think so, don't you? Sometimes? I understand. Anyway, let's understand this much; if I don't go to the spiritual world too soon, this venture will be successful. There is no doubt about that. What will you do if I go to the spiritual world tomorrow? Will you give up? You are very strong, very firm and even heaven hears your "No!" However, even if you give up what I am saying to you today, there will be young people in the future who will risk their own life to achieve this idea. Once I have touched this industry, then it shall never perish. Now it is declining and in serious trouble, but we will pick it up and resurrect it. Therefore, you have to make up your mind. Make it up very strongly to go this way. Do you want to do this? "Yes." Okay, then. Thank you very much.

Question and Answer Session

If you have any questions for me, now is a good time.

Member: "Will you start Ocean Church in Africa?"

If we accomplish Ocean Church in America, it is no problem anywhere else in the world. However, first things first. We have to make the foundation here. Surely, we must go everywhere in the world, after all almost every country has a coastline.

Member: "Have you any ideas about aquaculture?"

Fish farming is the real way for the future. We should intensely study about that. Someday, we have to start a fish farm for almost every kind of fish. We have to do that through the academic side, so we have to start a university and that program will begin there.

Member: "Will we have other types of Ocean Challenge programs?"

Yes, we can go to places like Key West, Florida. We can do king fishing there. Wherever we go, we have to prepare.

Member: "What is the relationship between Ocean Church and Home Church?"

Ocean Church is the place where we raise the spirit of people, but the mission is the same. We have to reach out to people and raise them up. This actually takes a long time. You can stay all your life in either mission.

Member: "How are we connected to the members in Japan?"

The foundation is laid in Japan and it moves from there to America. From America, we have to think about the whole world, Africa and South America especially. Members should see themselves connected in this way. Since fish is an excellent source of protein, we are working to develop ways of sending fish and fish products all over the world. Japan is ahead of America in this sense. However, the best fishing grounds are here in America. Our hope is to connect these two countries so that many other nations will benefit.

Member: "After this season of tuna fishing, what do you want the members of Ocean Church to focus upon?"

You should study how to catch the striped bass. You should study all about the striped bass, especially how to increase its population. You should study all kinds of fish and fishing techniques, but first study about the striped bass. Your reality is that you have to support yourselves somehow in the local area. If you graduate the "tuna course" and then the "striped bass course" using the small boat, you can begin to operate larger boats and go after other kinds of fish.

Tuna is the king of fish and the striped bass is the prince of fish. When you see a large striped bass come up, you really fall in love with that fish. It's completely beautiful. The striped bass is the gentleman of the sea. Other fish, such as the bluefish, go behind their prey, but the striped bass comes head on to meet its intended catch. Even after hooking one up, they fight without extreme violence, just steady and determined to get loose.

I asked one brother to bring home a striped bass, but after an entire day he only caught one. If you can find out how to catch these fish, it is no problem to discover how to catch many other kinds of fish, such as the bluefish which is the "ocean wolf." Bluefish are so aggressive. When they pass through a school of fish, they tear into everything and nothing is left. The taste of that fish is not so great either. If they tasted really good, they could be forgiven, but they are one of the cheapest fish to buy.

Flounder is the "ocean cake." It's smooth and delicate. There are all kinds of fish and you have to learn about them.

Member: "Why are there so many dogfish and what are they good for?"

There are also lots of dogfish in Japan and in England. They are all over the world. I want to make fish powder out of dogfish, for protein bread. Then, that bread could be sent to third world countries. They could eat cheaply, but also get some protein. I think about that all the time. We have to make a factory which can produce this kind of bread. Man can eat any kind of fish. The only problem is how to process it. If you know how to do that, it's no problem. You can make fish powder thousands of ways. You can eat it every day. People can think of what they want to eat and say things like, "Oh, today we have fish pancakes!" I would like to hear words like that all over the world. I am deeply concerned about that.

Member: "What are the future plans for Master Marine?"

Essentially, they will build many boats, big boats and more small boats.

Member: "Everything we do is for restoration. I am wondering what that means for each one of us personally. For example, what did Jacob restore with Uncle Laban?"

Jacob's course in the land of Haran was to receive training. He trained for twenty-one years and he worked under all kinds of circumstances. Everyone is in this process; they are each on their course of restoration. For example, some people are on their way to Washington D.C. and they get a flat tire. They have to fix it. Next, their engine breaks down and they have to fix that, but they don't get discouraged. They are on the way and their final destination is in front of them. That's important. It is the same for you. Don't be disappointed by the things that get in your path. You have to know the essential point in the course of restoration. Some of you sisters are really good at singing and dancing, but how are you going to make a living? You have to remember that you live to love others. Don't expect to be loved. With that principle you can always go on. If you are accused by your husband for something, how will you take it? Will you cry out or just be grown-up and go on quietly?

When I look at some of the couples, I am really amazed. I wonder to myself, "How did I make such an ideal matching?" The more I look, the more amazed at myself I become. For example, this brother here is like those bluefish I was describing, so he needs a soft, beautiful girl such as his wife who is sitting next to him. I didn't know these details when I matched you, but as time goes on, I am truly amazed at how well you fit together. There is another brother here, Steve Taylor, who also has just the right kind of wife. His wife is what I usually call an "eye-laughing" or "laughing-eyes" girl. This kind of sister has a complicated heart and mind and sometimes it is easy for others to misunderstand her. When you look at her husband, he looks angry day and night. He can pick up the good nature of his wife, and together, with good give and take, they will pick up the good qualities between each other.

I am sympathetic towards them. I know this brother truly loves his wife. She may think, "Oh, my husband needs to be different, he should have a better shape or a better mind." She may think this way, but it isn't true. For this sister, her spouse has the kind of character that best suits her. It is a perfect match. You will have especially good children. Wait and see when your children come.

When I look at you, I can see right away your inside and outside. When I look at the nation I can also see its character and future. When I came to America in the early 1970's I proclaimed that America was heading for destruction. I was anxious to proclaim this in every city and state. When people heard this they questioned why I was so intent to proclaim that kind of thing for America. They didn't know that if people heard that and united with me, America could be saved at a much earlier time. Look at the gay men and women in America. This is sad and miserable. Those people have a special kind of cancer in the blood system. What can be done for them?

Even in simple electricity the flow of energy can only occur in polar relationships, between positive and negative. Plus and plus, minus and minus is completely out of line. From that, all kinds of problems arise, even resentment and sickness. This is a state of confusion and chaos, men looking at men and falling in love, kissing and making love. Biologically, men and women are meant to get together. Man is made to give and woman is made to receive Men smell different from women. That difference actually attracts one to the other. God is really a great scientist. Even that small detail was taken care of. Even the nose between men and women has a purpose. When you understand this, you can understand the essential course of training that we go through and you can understand the essential course of restoration that we have to accomplish. You can understand the final goal.

Member: "Is the two year fund raising course and the eighteen month ocean church course for everybody?"

Yes, everybody. Including me. I myself have gone this course. We have to experience many different things. That's what is important.

Education System for Ocean Church Members

You have to train and study. The first process is to train Ocean Church members about fishing. The second is to help Ocean Church expand and gain a foundation. From there, you can move to other kinds of fishing. This way you will find out how to prepare for all kinds of fishing. You can compile the information: this kind of fish is "a- type" and this kind is "b-type", and you can write down what kind of line to use, what kind of tackle and what kind of bait. This kind of information is very important.

We have to gain our own members in Ocean Church and we have to find a way to raise them up. Use the video system. Each guest comes to see the entire video program, which is several cassettes long. However, people are happy to learn in this way. In Japan, we have gained more than 100 dedicated members from this form of education. People can come and study for themselves.

We can design many programs, such as education programs about current affairs and other things. The guests can come and gain not only knowledge in Divine Principle, but also about society and the world. If you set up your centers and you are busy, you don't have to teach them everything yourself. Use the portable size video player. Just hook it up to the television and you can provide all kinds of education for your guests.

You can create this kind of situation. Everything can connect together. You just have to use what you have and whatever is around you. People are looking to learn and improve themselves. Now there is so much confusion and people are really suffering. We showed these Divine Principle lecture tapes to many professors and they were really impressed. They said, "This kind of education is very good." We don't have many teachers, so these tapes can fill the gap. We should make 2- day, 7-day, 21-day and 40-day lecture courses where the guest can come each day and learn from the tape.

While listening to the tapes, they don't have to stop for questions. In this way, they get the whole idea of each lecture first. This will help them understand more clearly what we are teaching. Sometimes people stop the lecturer all the time with so many questions, but this prevents them from seeing the whole idea. It's better to ask questions after the lecture is given in its entirety.

We have to find the way to teach Divine Principle. How can we teach the entire world? How can we teach the highest quality person? We have to get the highest quality teacher and then make an excellent video series on the Divine Principle. Now we are starting to do this. If we were welcomed by the environment, it would be easier, but this is not our situation, so we have to give all our effort to teach the people. You didn't know about the spiritual world before, but now you must clearly experience it. People don't know that their life is forever; they only live half of a human life. They don't understand the purpose of their physical life at all.

The Parents' Course

Let us think more seriously now. My life has not been so easy. I don't have even one day for myself. I know the spiritual world, so there is no escape for me, no hope to get away from my task. I know how you feel sometimes, but I can never turn around and go back. There is absolutely no way other than this for me to go. I know the reality of both worlds, so I must continue with my work. Do you understand? You too must understand the spiritual world. Now, you are starting from the miserable place in your course of life, you are preparing for the future. You cannot see that, but I know what your future will be like. Now you cannot see it, but eventually, everyone has to go this way. There is no other way.

This is critical. During your short lifetime you can do it. Thousands of years of problems in the spiritual world can be solved by you. You have to do it. No one else will. That is why I must be hard on you. I like you, but I must be hard. I must tell America the truth about itself. Otherwise the nation has no hope, no future. The same holds for you. You decide now. Each day you decide your own fate and the fate of your nation. God blessed America, but you are responsible for that blessing. Otherwise, God will find another nation It is very serious for you. America doesn't want to hear about its problems, but it has to listen. The problems of this nation are very serious.

Who will solve the problems in America? If America doesn't solve the problems of drugs, free sex, the breakdown of the family and the decline of Christianity, it will perish. Intelligent people in the Communist camp look at these problems and work to make them worse. They won't have to shed any of their own blood to ruin this nation. Therefore, they support drugs and free sex and push towards the breakdown of the family and the decline of religious life in America. This is true. In this way, communism will just walk in and take over someday.

Can you understand my heart? Really? I am so serious. I began all alone. There was no one to lead me, no one to guide me along the way. It was a miserable, lonely course. How could I have had any hope. How could I have continued? The only way I could continue was because I had found the way to solve mankind's division and this unlocked the way for mankind to receive God's blessing. Cain and Abel have to come together and stand and work together. Then, the position of the parents can stand and God can work his power on earth through that.

Upon that foundation, the parents can come. All the levels have to be achieved: family level, tribal level, national level and finally, the worldwide level. That is the way of the providence. It has always been this way. Today, that providence is working the same way, but centering on Asia. If we can bring the nations together, the world can start anew. If an individual Cain and Abel become one, the family can stand. If a Cain family and an Abel family become one, the tribe can stand. If a Cain nation and an Abel nation become one, the world can stand. Do you understand? That is the way of the Principle.

I now stand in Abel's position. I started alone, so I had to create the foundation on the individual level and work up to the worldwide level. I couldn't think of my own family. Abel cannot think of his own family. He has to go to Cain and Cain's family, and to the entire world of Cain. Then after that, he can go to his own family. This has been my situation all throughout my life.

Think about my heart. There is so much pain. I he worst persecution comes from those closest to the heart. My own family wanted me to be concerned for them, but I could never once think of them first. This caused incredible pain for them. This has been my course. Sometimes, I even have to hear the cries of my own children, but I can't take the time with them that they need. My time is for others instead.

The parents are in such a severe situation. Cain and Abel have to come together. That is the only way to save your parents. Do you understand? When you fight one another in the church, do you think about that? So much depends on you. You will understand later on, but not now. Sometimes you are like a robber or a thief. You are taking things without earning them. You cannot steal the parents' love like that. You have to come together first and then God can send the parents love to you. You have to bring others together centered on God's providence. Then you can taste the parents' love.

Cain and Abel have to become one. With this, the True Parents can be revealed. Parents cannot become parents by themselves. They must have the children's position fulfilled. We have to solve the division between Cain and Abel, from the individual level to the tribal level to the national level, all the way to the worldwide level.

Solving the Serious Problems of the World

The world is crazy now. Everyone is working for themselves, or at the very most for their own nation. Who is really thinking about and working for the entire world? No one. That is Satan's character. Selfish. The Oriental world is more occupied with the spiritual world, with philosophy and meditation and spiritual practice. That is its basic history. The Western world is more or less occupied with the physical world, with science and technology. That means one is more internal and the other is more external. What does that indicate to us? Cain and Abel. They share a relationship. Without them, True parents cannot stand. In the court case they asked me, "who did you meet in the spiritual world?" I told them the truth. Our purpose is to proclaim the messiah isn't it? When they asked me this question, I said, "Jesus, Moses, every kind of saint." They replied, "Oh, amazing." They didn't believe it. Neither did the newspapers. I explained that I met Moses because he was the founder of Judaism, and Jesus because he is responsible for all Christians, and Buddha because he was the beginning point of Buddhism. Some Muslim people came to ask if I met Muhammad. I said, "Yes." They asked, "Was he Muslim?" I said, "Yes, of course, indeed he was Muslim."

Jewish people also wanted to know about my meetings with Moses. They didn't believe me, but they asked anyway, just in case. They were curious to find out what Moses might have said. They were curious about what he might have said to me. Others were upset that I had met with Jesus, but what is wrong with that? There is nothing wrong with that. Few people can meet with Jesus because he is so high in the spiritual world, but there is nothing wrong with meeting Jesus.

We have to defend the free world because here these things can be said openly. We can at least discuss these things and investigate whether they are true or not. In the Communist world, this is not at all even possible. We have to bring these two worlds together. Not just East and West, but also the spiritual and physical worlds. Then we can proclaim the messiah and people will understand without too many problems.

During the time before World War II, there were many groups in Korea receiving messages directly from the spiritual world. They had ideas similar to mine. They could understand parts of the message. They had a certain amount of preparation, but they didn't understand me completely and this foundation was lost. After World War II, there was the Korean War and during this time I had to go and recreate the foundation. After that war, many people were searching and could hear the message.

Now we are centering on America, but they don't have the same kind of spiritual background. They have liberal theology, liberal thinking. They are not concerned with the spiritual world. However, what is true is true. The spiritual world exists and everyone lives there from the worst sinner to the highest saint. Anyone can find out for himself. American people don't understand who they are and they are confused about the purpose of their life. If 50% of the families in America end in divorce, how can they understand the concept of True Parents? Are you going to take care of that? Do you know how to solve that? It's very serious.

Who can save American youth? Who can straighten out their situation? There are all kinds of situations. Do you believe that you can solve everything? Can you say, "Father, we will do everything"? Can you American men and women say that? I like you, but what is happening to your nation? Do your congressmen care? Do your senators really care about how young people will remain pure and reach God? Do they truly understand how to solve the problems if they recognize them? No, but Reverend Moon understands these problems and he is working day and night to solve them, to clean up the youth of America. What has been your experience with me? Are you better or worse now?

It looks like you are worse. I make you work all day and night, in any kind of weather. In spite of that, you feel better. Is that right? Why? Because you are fulfilling your purpose in life. The ideal world will come from you. That's true. In this world, all you can find is persecution. No matter how hard it is, you have to go on. I came here more than ten years ago. During that time many powerful people came to persecute me. All the newspapers and news media and government officials were against me. They started then to prevent my work in America.

However, from this time on, people will begin to see our work and they will welcome us all over the world. Many people in South America already want to meet me. Third World nations will understand me much more quickly, but my greatest concern is the Free World. It has a mission to the Communist World. If you take care of the other nations in the world they will come to help you when you need it. Your mission is at least to take care of South America. America has to understand that.

Japan's mission is to take care of America. Western people have to follow the Oriental way. That will be the way for them. Western civilization is an empire built on technical ability in the physical world, but the Oriental way has traditionally been more concerned with the spiritual way. You have to inherit that. How about you sisters? Why do you want to marry an Oriental man? And why do the brothers also want an Oriental wife? That is because the two worlds now want to meet. They can meet through you. That's true. The future world needs both. Then we can create the original family, starting with Cain and Abel. The world can start a new family. How about you? When you first came here did your parents become angry? Many of you are nodding your heads saying, "Yes." Why? Even my family couldn't understand the path I was taking. Your parents said, "Don't go, don't go," but you went anyway.

Everyone says, "the Unification Church is an evil place." Why don't you believe them and leave? You came here to solve your problems. Instead, you were inspired to solve the problems of the world first. First help the world, then help yourself. Now, everything is in perspective for you isn't it?

You need to experience the spiritual world. Three nations represent three positions. Adam, Eve and the archangel. To save the world we have to bring three nations together. Actually, we need four nations because we solve the problem of the archangel through the restoration of Cain and Abel. Therefore, we need Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel nations. If these four nations unite, the world can unite. When this happens, the spiritual and physical worlds can come together as one. 

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