The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1982

The Pure Way Of Truth And Public Righteousness

Sun Myung Moon
July 18, 1982

Many people think that Reverend Moon is going through the worst period of his life right now. They think I must be completely miserable. On the contrary, I feel totally high and wonderful every day Judge Goettel can see that the trial has not perturbed me at all.

Do you think Judge Goettel's announcement of sentencing is a judgment against me? Actually I felt an exhilaration from witnessing this drama which is being played out. I observed the government trying to control my missionary work in any way they can. Yet I know that ultimately I will be the one to take the subjective position and give direction and education to this nation about God's providence. My life is just like everyone else's basically. I have high points, low points, bright and dark times, but the important difference is that I shall never cease to move forward toward God's goal.

I am always thinking, "At this junction of history, what shall I and the Unification Church leave behind which will better the world and all mankind?" At the courthouse during these past months I felt that God was saddened by the events. Therefore instead of being sad myself, I stayed busy comforting God and spirit world.

I continually told God, "Do not worry about me. This will only make me more loyal, stronger and more righteous. When I think of the world and mankind I have even greater determination to serve with more righteousness." If the U.S. government is on the side of goodness and righteousness I shall never hesitate to concur with them at any time. However as long as I am on the side of goodness and I am being opposed by the government, it doesn't matter at all how many newspaper headlines ire printed saying all kinds of things. Eventually I am confident that righteousness and justice shall prevail and I shall be vindicated. I feel that this is a special opportunity for me. Why? During ordinary times it is easy to love God and mankind -- it is normal. But when a person is subjected to suffering and tribulation and at that point still comforts God and loves mankind, that is something special. I actually thank God for giving me this opportunity to demonstrate a special love for Him and humanity.

When the sentencing was pronounced my thought was not "my sentence," but I was concerned about how I could lead the Unification Church and inspire the members. When I received a heavier sentence than Mr. Kamiyama's, I was the first one to rejoice for him.

I recognize this time as opportunity to act in a way that exhibits the words which I have been teaching others. I actually felt happy that day of the sentencing, knowing that a much greater good could come out of it.

This is the road of righteousness. My immediate reaction was to tell everyone -- Unification Church, Korea, God -- "Do not worry about me. Goodness will come out of this event."

At this hour I am continually searching for the ways to leave behind me a better tradition, a better example for others. This comes out of my heart very naturally.

What We Should Be Thinking

How are you looking at this time? Do you think, "Father is a great and righteous man so I am happy with these events"? You should realize that your attitude ought to be different from mine. Even though I feel exhilarated, you American people, especially, ought to feel deeply sorry that the nation of America has given such treatment to me because of their ignorance and misunderstanding. You ought to be thinking, "I am responsible for this."

I told you that by 1978 we needed a certain number of supporters of our movement in this country. Do you feel you should have worked harder to achieve that goal, knowing that this mistake would not have happened at this time? When you consider the injustice which has occurred, you should bow your head in repentance.

Mr. Kamiyama should be thinking, "What a terrible injustice that I got a lesser sentence than Father. 1 should have gotten ten years so that Father could have gone free!" Such a way of thinking is beautiful.

I feel the desire to take on all the burdens of my followers; I rejoice at the opportunity. But that feeling should be reciprocated in order to produce beautiful give and take action. You should feel the same as I do; you should rejoice in the chance to take my burden from me. With that kind of give and take, prosperity cannot be avoided. Otherwise, there will be decline.

Once we are truly moving along the road of public righteousness, no power will be able to come against us. True judgment is not that of the courtroom or something temporal; it is universal judgment. True judgment is only from the standpoint of public righteousness. I know that I am a victorious person from that standpoint. Whoever is not vindicated from that standpoint will be the one to diminish.

When I suffered in the prison camp in North Korea, I established the foundation for my prosperity in South Korea. By the same token, if I am sentenced to prison here in the United States, I know that God will be able to open a new door for my work in Soviet Russia. I always see myself as paying for some greater even in the future.

I have always walked the road of public righteousness throughout my life so I never feel lonely. I can exhibit great courage because God is with me and the universe is supporting me as I walk according to the Principle. Nothing can stop me from moving forward. Even my physical death will not be able to stop my work on this earth. However, those who oppose righteousness will truly be stopped when they leave this earth. They will be unable to do anything from the spirit world.

When Jesus was hanging on the cross, he spoke to his followers weeping beneath him, "Do not cry for me; cry for your children, the children of Israel." The crucifixion could not stop the power of Jesus' righteousness; it continued to move forward. Jesus was only concerned for the future of the children of Israel.

The Way Of Prosperity Public Righteousness

What is the purpose of public righteousness, then? It is to leave behind something better than oneself. Through this court battle, I have not been diminished but have taken this as a way to leave behind an even better tradition for America. Do you think that scholars in the future who research about my life will end their studies with this trial? Certainly not. The trial will be the jumping board for the new leap forward in my life.

The court trial is a new beginning and there shall be greater accomplishment in the future. America will eventually have to follow the path of public righteousness; it will never be the other way around, with public righteousness following the path of America. Anyone who follows the path of public righteousness will eventually flourish and rise up; likewise, he who goes in the other direction will eventually diminish and be cast out through the judgment of public righteousness.

The entire life of Reverend Moon has been embroidered with the experiences such as these of the past few months. This is the fourth attempt of a government trying to stop me and contain my ministry. First the Japanese government tried to eliminate me during my youth, during my college days. Then I was imprisoned by communist North Korea for almost three years and liberated through the Korean War. After a time the government of South Korea also tried to convict me of a crime but after a short time they had to acquit me; they simply could not find any thing wrong. Now I have come to the United States and been put on trial by this government as well.

I have not done anything wrong. I certainly did not murder anyone or steal anything; I did nothing wrong at all. The only "crime" I am guilty of is giving my total energies and resources for the youth of America so that they can be restored and made whole and healthy again. They should become the source of new life for the world as well. This is what I have been working for and will continue to work for. If America maintains this conviction against me at this time, they only have to wait for a while. History will show who was right and who was wrong.

If America refuses to embrace the way of public righteousness, she will only experience greater internal corruption and turmoil. As proud American youth you should be saying to me, "Leave it to us. We will be the ones to change this nation and set it free from its evils."

At this time many people of the world will regard Reverend Moon as a "convict" or a criminal. In such a case, will you follow the opinion of the world or will you support me with even greater fervor? Will you say to the world, "If Reverend Moon has to go to jail for a year and a half, I shall go the rest of my life vindicating his name and carrying on his message to change this nation." That should be your determination.

My Path Shall Not Be Altered

Regardless of the court trial and sentencing, my path and my goals shall not be altered. However, unless you have a redetermination to make a new beginning you will not be able to go parallel with me along the path. Many people around the world will think when they hear the news of the court trial, "If Rev. Moon had come to our country, we would not have treated him in such a way. I wish he were here because we would have treated him better."

Those Americans who are living as my contemporaries will now have a greater responsibility. These are not my words but Heavenly Father's words and those of the universe. You know that I have no feelings of guilt this morning as I stand before you; but many of you feel very heavy and even guilty somewhere in your hearts. This is the reality.

You are in the position to indemnify the wrongs which have been committed by this country. I never spoke during the trial; I did not relate with them on that level. By the same token, you must not complain at this time about your situation. These are not the remarks of Reverend Moon alone but they are the words of public righteousness.

I will not abandon my responsibilities for America; I will continue to pray for and love this country. However, my mission for America is over; my mission for the rest of the world is now at hand.

What about the United States? You Americans must take on the responsibility for this nation; unless you do it, the future will be very dismal for this country. Since America treated me in such a way, how can I restore it on the world level?

Of course, we have the Appeals Court and we are assured that the victory will ultimately be won. However the damage is already done.

Therefore, according to the way of public righteousness you must commit yourselves today without waiting for the appeal to take on this new responsibility. Of course I am not in any way negating my responsibility here; I feel my responsibility down to my bones. Since all the American members will have to bear a greater burden from now on, my heart goes out to you. I want to care for you more because I have a parental heart toward you. More than myself I am concerned about you and your future.

Jesus Walked The Way Of Public Righteousness

Jesus was crucified in the company of two thieves. Why did the death of Jesus have such a great impact upon history? It is because he represented this road of public righteousness.

If any country should mistreat an American ambassador they are actually mistreating the American government because he represents them. By the same token, when a nation or the world mistreats the ambassador of God the consequences are universal. Particularly when he was more than an ambassador but was also the son of God, the consequences would be even greater.

There would be no way for anyone to comfort the heart of God except to work a hundred times harder than God's son did.

I am quite calm and peaceful and I have no turmoil within my mind; I see my path clearly. I shall continue to walk as a representative of my nation, the world and ultimately a representative of God. No obstacles will be able to hamper my path.

The truth will prevail. I am not the way America has perceived me so there has been an even greater gap created between me and America. The more I am attacked by negative, evil forces, the more blessings come over to my side from the evil side; America's blessings will be given over to the Unification Church.

If members of the Unification Church adopt the determination to take on even greater burdens than I have and vindicate the name of Rev. Moon in this country, which has made a mistake, then blessings will surround you. This is your opportunity to transfer the blessings to God's side.

Who will be responsible for the degradation of America's youth? Who will attack the problems of drug abuse? Communism? Will Mr. Flumenbaum or Judge Goettel take care of these problems? There is no one except Rev. Moon who is determined, as well as destined, to eliminate these problems. You must also take upon yourselves the responsibilities of these burdens together with me.

Inherit The Road Of Righteousness

Once I have completed this court battle I will have no further reason to remain here in America. You must be serious at this time to inherit this road of public righteousness. This is your duty to fulfill. You must have the attitude that until the name of Rev. Moon is completely vindicated, you will not be vindicated either. You should want to suffer more than I; this is the only way we can defeat our opposition and walk the road of public righteousness.

I returned to this country to face this court trial with a very serious attitude because I knew all the implications and consequences of this. I made up my mind how to fight the battle and I determined that I would not complain against or hate America or any of those people who prosecuted me. When the sentence was read last week, I smiled and shook hands with all the defense lawyers and then tried to shake hands with the prosecutors. The first one, Mr. D'Evita was stunned; he didn't know what to do so he just numbly put out his hand to shake mine. Seeing me shaking Mr. D'Evita's hand, the other two prosecutors, Mr. Flumenbaum and JoAnn Harris, quickly assembled their papers and practically ran away so they wouldn't have to face me. I certainly wasn't running away from them but it was the other way around! That was a moment in which the judgment of public righteousness was pronounced.

I have nothing to fear or feel ashamed about in the sight of God, America or its forefathers. My own dignity is intact. I have never hated Mr. Flumenbaum or Ms. Harris; I know that although they do not understand me, their children will come to appreciate me in the future. How will their children feel when they learn that their parent organized the prosecution against Rev. Moon?

The road is set for men of righteousness. Although it often appears to be dark and difficult, that way will always prosper in the end. The road of men of evil appears to be easy and prosperous, but it always leads eventually to destruction. That is a universal truth.

Did I Do My Duty?

When you face some difficulty, ask yourself, "Did I do my duty toward my parents, toward my teachers, toward God, the community and the world?" You must feel a certain shame if the answer is no.

Today you must remember that righteousness requires a person to become like a lamb, totally giving of himself. I have been teaching this truth for a long time and I always want to practice it; thus this court trial is merely a test for me and my way of life. It doesn't matter, really, what the verdict or the sentence was; what matters is how I behaved in the situation.

I do not show any signs of emotion but that does not mean you should not, either. I restrain myself for your benefit. You are in a position to reflect God's feelings about this situation and in such a way you can give me great comfort. When I have seen that the Japanese leaders have come to me and repented and the American leaders have done the same, I can then apologize and repent to God, saying, "Heavenly Father, it is my fault, too. All these members and leaders have come to me to apologize; on behalf of them I apologize for all the grief caused to You." In that way everyone can share the blessings from God at that time. Otherwise I would be the only one to receive it and that would mean a separation between me and the rest of the Unification Church members. That would not be good.

We are discussing the way in which a person of public righteousness should behave. You cannot laugh and dance while your parents or your spouse are crying. Universal law dictates that. At this time I am very calm and dignified, but how is God and the spirit world feeling? Is God happy about these recent events? Those members of the movement who have not done their proper duties are collectively responsible for this situation happening to me. There was not one bit of evidence presented in the courtroom that showed that I was personally involved in any of the alleged wrongdoings.

The one who is suffering the most is God and I am in the position to comfort Him. At the same time, you are in the position to comfort me. This is truly a beautiful example of give and take. Do you understand?

You must feel repentful together today for what has happened and you must make a new determination to begin again. This is the attitude of public righteousness. What will you do now? Can you go forward without me? You must be able to do that. If I should go to jail, when I come out I would like to see that everyone has surpassed me in accomplishment.

So far you have felt yourself in the position of follower but from now on you must feel you are the leader of this crusade; you must be the front-line soldier. That is what my message is all about today.

I Have Told You Everything

I gave the blessing July 1, which was before the sentencing. I have spoken here at Belvedere time and again about how you should live your life; I have told you everything you need to be told. Today I am only emphasizing public righteousness. In the position of parent I am urging you to fulfill your proper role as children. You know precisely what you should do in order to save this nation and the world.

In your diary you can record an unforgettable day -- July 16, the day of sentencing. Spiritually that day in America was completely dark; it was the repetition of the crucifixion. Thus we must come up with a new "sun" -- each of you must become the new suns in America. Even though I will leave this country, before you follow me you must fulfill your responsibilities here; then you can have the right to follow me.

No matter how sad you may be, you must recognize that you are in the position to comfort God, mankind, the movement, your family and friends. You must set an example for them of public righteousness. You must pay the indemnity.

Your determination today must be great. I was aware throughout the court trial that if I could not fulfill my responsibility to act in the appropriate way, my own children would be affected and would have to pay indemnity. The same law applies to you. At this time, you must pay the indemnity and act in the proper way. You must take the responsibility for America and for the evils which she has committed. Do you follow?

John the Baptist witnessed to Jesus as the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Today the Moonies are in the position to become like lambs, bearing the sins of America on your shoulders. You must feel that you are a little lamb. After this battle is completely over, including the appeal, I will not remain here. I will leave and go elsewhere; therefore, I am preparing you to take over. At this hour you must make your commitment. Today I want you to enter into your second covenant with me -- that you will not let me down but will take responsibility for America. Are you willing to do that?

The responsibility is being passed on to you. This place at Belvedere could become like another "upper room" where the Holy Spirit came to the 120 disciples and initiated the activities of Christianity. The same thing must happen to you when you come here to pray; a new revival and a new infusion of spirit must come to you as you give yourself to fervent, tearful prayer. 

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