The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1982

In Search Of Our Home

Sun Myung Moon
July 11, 1982

Unification Church marriages are very different from worldly marriages; we already have God above us, caring for our lives in the most minute detail; then we have True Parents who even make the choice of a mate for us. Others welcome us and give us their blessings. Our marriages, then, will be the path for the world to be restored. Hell originated from the wrong marriage in which God and parents were excluded, while Satan was embraced. Adam and Eve were warned, but they shared their love prematurely.

And during the last days now, all parents are finding themselves without power to direct their children's marriages in any way. This is the historic fruit of the fall. However, Unification Church brings God's right order closer and closer to completion, while the secular world drifts farther out of control. That is the way the world falls further and further down into hell. God cannot get in there, so it is hell. In our marriages, we follow God and True Parents and the original tradition of heaven which God always intended to pass on to His children.

Maybe some of you are now thinking that you are married to the most wonderful person; in fact, he or she is so wonderful that you are afraid someone will try to take him or her away from you. However, worrying about something like that will never do any good. You must simply love that person three times more than you loved him when you were engaged! Determine that no matter how beautiful are the women around your husband, you will be such a wonderful source of love to him that there will be no problem. Besides, even if such a husband is stolen away by some other woman, as long as you have given your 100% effort and love, heaven will give you another husband three times better. Likewise with a man; if he has given his entire heart and effort to love and serve a wife, who leaves him, Heaven will bring him another wife three times better than the first. In other words, there is n thing to worry about as long as you do your best. Anyone who willingly departs from the God-approved marriage will eventually find nothing but unhappiness.

If you were God, where would you situate the great pool of love -- in the woman's mind or the man's mind? Certainly God gave the woman that pool; but why? The pool is big and beautiful so the man naturally wants to jump in and swim.

That's a good arrangement. This sister here will be the kind who is very strong in herself so she will make many demands upon her husband. It will not be so easy for you to reconcile yourself with your husband. Can you do it anyway? Are you the kind of woman who strongly asserts herself? (Yes) You don't even like it when I poke you on the head, do you? (Laughter) I knew all these things about you and that is why I matched you to the person I did.

Now that I have matched and blessed you, I feel a tremendous burden of responsibility about the future. "Will they live the right way? Will they grow closer to God and not drift away?" I want to speak to you in all seriousness. You have heard before that love is important and you have said, "I know, Father, love is important," but do you really know how important love is? So you women will indeed have within you a pool of love bigger than the ocean?

Where Is Our Home?

Our topic is "In Search of Our Home." Where is your home? It is not necessarily where you live right now. Home is where you create it. You haven't done that yet. So far no home has been handed down by God for us -- you are the prototypes for the future.

The first most important aspect of family affairs are economic, concerning how to make a living, and secondly education or how to educate your children and yourselves as well.

Your goal is to achieve solutions to these problems and establish an enduring home. When one or the other (economics or education) becomes a source of great difficulty, there will be tension between you and your husband. When you do not have money for the bills, the effects are immediate, while education or lack of it, has more long-range results.

All of you have learned how to fundraise, so you should not have a problem with that. You have learned enough from Divine Principle to educate your children to some extent, you already know much more than the world at large. But there is no guarantee that your husband or wife will not get sick sometime in your life. Or perhaps one of your children will be born with birth defects or damage. Are you guaranteed freedom from such afflictions just because God gave you the blessing? No.

Can you say, "The church will take care of us in the future"? The church has a much bigger mission to accomplish -- to reach out to the world, not to take care of the individual families. Your attitude should be that you don't want the church to worry about you but you want the church to reach out and care for those less fortunate than you. Once the whole world is flourishing under the domain of God and you are still struggling, you will have the right to complain -- but so long as there is so much suffering around the world, you cannot complain about your own situation. If I have a choice, which would you want me to do, help you or help the world? (World!) You say, "world," and that is the principled way of thinking.

Do you understand that it is the responsibility of the families to help the world missions of the church, not that the church should help the families? My responsibility is not on the individual level or even the family level missions.

My thought is always to establish the right tradition and show the proper example for people to raise funds for the sake of the whole world.

Perhaps you can support your family; how big of a family can you support? How large of a family do you intend to have? You will have your Abel family, but what about the other families, the "Cain" families? The country itself is in the position of Cain to you and your families, so you have a smaller, representative area to deal with. This is the home church area. It is Abel's job to create unity between himself and Cain; the unity will never be just handed to you.

Your family as a unit is in direct lineage from True Parents and God, while the Cain families are in the side-lineage which must be united. We have a spiritual mission but we must work within the physical realm to accomplish our mission. Abel's family must play the leading role -- through economic ways. Cain will not be able to do it, even though Cain traditionally was more materialistic. Without your making them indebted to you, the restoration will not take place. To the extent that we sacrifice for their sake, they will want to offer you great rewards; they will ant you to teach their children. In this way you will have restored parental position in relationship to them. When you have established this, the Cain families can cross over into the heavenly domain and be free of Satan.

Very soon some of you will start having babies. Can your attitude toward your baby be, "I will love this child more than anyone else"? You must love Cain first, and then Cain will turn around and give love and care to your own children in order to pay you back. This is my tradition -- I always served other families before my own.

Why do we do such a thing? In this way, we are restoring the position of angels. First, God; second, Adam and Eve; third, children; and fourth, angels. Because of this, we cannot love our own children with all our attention and focus, as we would naturally be inclined to do. Because we are restoring the fall, we must serve other families even before our own; then we can allow other families to serve our own children.

Loving The Elder Son

In order for you to be restored to the position of a true father, you must love the elder son, Cain, first. Your own son will be Abel's position. Until you have loved the first son, you cannot love the second son. Your elder son will be subjugated not by force, but by heart. You may be thinking, "Why did I have to join Unification Church and learn all these things?" But you must go exactly the same way as God and True Parents have gone. Once I learned the truth of things, I have been passing this on to you as your inheritance. Ask the older members of the church how things were in the church back in the 1940's and 1950's.

I had to worry about the homes in which the 36 couples live. You American members knew that from the very beginning when some of the 36 couples came here, I would go and buy furniture and other things for them. You may have wondered why I was making such a big fuss over them at the time. It is because of this very principle which I am teaching you -- I must live this way successfully in order for each of you to be successful. Then families of the future will be able to live this way as well.

I never went and selected furniture for American leaders, and they wondered why not. It is because of this principle; your time will come. I must first take care of the family level, then the clan, then the nation... not the other way around. When you are building a house you build the foundation, then the lower level, then go up from there. When the 36 couples find themselves capable, the first thing they will do is find homes and furniture for American and Japanese blessed couples. The 36 couples will inevitably start worrying about that before they worry about their own children. That is the Principled way.

Before your physical child arrives, you had better start loving your Cain children from your home church area so they can love your child. I never paid a lot of attention to my own children; of course I loved them, but I paid more attention to the 36 couples and gave them precedence over my own physical children. In other words, my own children are being sacrificed for the sake of the whole purpose. That is heaven's way.

Cain, for you, is the people of home church; Cain is in the elder son position. All true parents must love the elder son first and the younger son second. When you give birth to children you become parents. When you love Cain children first, and they make unity with your children, you will successfully be true parents. That is what we are striving for.

Why did God extend the restoration for thousands and thousands of years? It was a very simple foundation that had to be laid. Because nobody ever knew -- only Father was able to discover the secrets which would allow God to make progress toward the ultimate restoration. A big breakthrough has been made. Satan's family is like a cancer which, once started with the smallest foundation, extended all over the world. The world is on the verge of death at the hands of this cancer. But I have discovered the secret of curing this cancer. Through the lessons I have been giving, you can create well-founded family, a healthy family, for the first time in history.

The sick world can never go to heaven, likewise, you cannot live in a worldly satanic way and expect to go to heaven; it will never happen. If you refuse to pay attention to my words, how can I help you? If I speak plainly to you and tell you the way to go to heaven and you choose the wrong way, that is your exercise of your portion of responsibility -- I have no control over that. I cannot do anything more than what I am doing, showing you this is the way to heaven, and that is the way to hell. If there were some way that you could avoid all these complicated things, certainly I would have found that way and applied it to my own case; I would not have lived such a complicated life myself. If God would have been able to give me a pleasant royal path, then you too could have followed that.

The Principled way is the way which God Himself must follow -- even God is not exempt. No matter how famous Rev. Moon may become, he must follow the Principle. How about you? Are you exempt? No matter how capable and famous you are, you must follow the Principle, too.

If you think you can, please come up with a better idea than this one -- an easier way.

Present it to me, and if it is good, I will proclaim it as the standard. Until now, I have come up with the best idea which all of you must follow.

So far, heaven has been empty, because there was no legitimate husband and wife. Everyone remained individually within Paradise. But there will soon be some level of heaven opened up when Unification Church husbands and wives go there.

The Real Business Begins

Until now you have not been secure -- you have been just an individual, but now you are a blessed couple. Now you are beginning the real business of membership in the Unification Church. It is your church, you are the elements of the Unification Church. True Parents are your parents. If you do not connect to that tradition, you cannot inherit the heart of True Parents. You have to inherit the position of true sons and daughters and carry out the Principle the way I have, and then you will be registered into heaven.

Those of you who are confident of handling your family's economic affairs, raise your hands. How about the education of your family based upon Divine Principle? Those of you who understand the importance of home church as your immediate business, before your physical children arrive, please raise your hands. I pray for you and your ability to understand.

I am not just training you to provide for your own family, but also for the 360 homes in your area. The only way to go is to forge ahead without all kinds of indecision and doubt. Once you know the direction you are going, you don't need to question over and over what you are doing. Just do it.

You should care so much about the children in your area that you bring them presents. As you are caring so diligently for other people's children, they will want to bring presents and things to your children. You must wait until the home church people give your children gifts, before you do.

By loving your home church people, you are loving your own children -- by that relationship, your own children will benefit immensely. When your children are brought up strictly according to the Principle, they will be ready to go out once they are grown up and work for the sake of the country. This is the way the real history begins: when your sons and daughters start to serve the world. You are laying the foundation now, by uniting the Cain and Abel factions, so that your children can go directly to God.

Once this new, heavenly country begins to appear, all other countries will have to follow it. God's order will be established.

How important is it, what we are doing now? We are in seach of our home. It is not waiting for us somewhere; it must be created by us.

Three years ago, I started pushing so strongly the home church providence and gave you slogans for the year, "Home Church is the Base of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth." How is home church the base of the Kingdom of Heaven? It is your base. Do you clearly understand what it takes to make our own home?

The immediate goal of the history of restoration is restoration of the lost elder son. God has tried and failed again and again to do this. I have to straighten out all these multiple complications. It has come to this culmination point: home church. I am now passing on this inheritance of home church to you blessed couples. Adam was the first son, Jesus came as Second Adam, but died before restoring position of first son, so Jesus remained in position of second son. The whole of Adam's family became the satanic first son position. The position of third Adam is here now, and elder son's position can now be restored. This is the historical changeover; this is restoration. Clearly now, these two worlds are being distinguished.

Once we solve these Cain problems through home church, there will be no more Cain/Abel problems for our children in the future. They will be able to go to God alone, without the struggle of making unity with Cain first. By your loving and sacrificing yourself for the people in the area, Satan will be chased out and no longer have a foothold on the earth. Do you understand this clearly?

What is home church? It is where you can claim the legitimate position as elder son of True Parents; you are no longer of Satan. This is truly the beginning of the civilization of True Adam. This new civilization is being passed through the True Parents, down to their children, then to you, and down to your children. This is the flow. The first generation is True Parents' family, the second generation is your family, the third generation is your son's family. Those three generations make the heavenly foundation. You have to follow True Parents' way; your children must follow your way.

I feel this is the most serious moment for all American members since I first came here ten years ago. If you are truly serious, you will relieve me of my tremendous burden here in this country. When we do this -- sacrifice ourselves for the sake of others -- nobody will dare to oppose us. How can they? I no longer have to remain here (in America); you understand the truth and now all of you must do it. That is your responsibility, I no longer need to help you.

Your family responsibility can be done to perfection. Beyond man's individual portion of human responsibility, you are now in "family responsibility" Man only has 5% portion of responsibility and as he fulfills, he earns total dominion over the earth.

You must be very grateful because God gave you an opportunity to become such a great benefit to the nation through your family. I paid all the levels of indemnity, but you only have to pay up to the family level of indemnity, and by accomplishing that, you accomplish all levels up to the world level. Your family's responsibility is still remaining; you have just begun. All of mankind's restoration has been delayed and postponed because mankind has failed to attain the family level of responsibility.

For some of you, the formula course of seven years is still incomplete. This is 3 1/2 years of fundraising and 3 1/2 years witnessing. This is the indemnity condition to restore the material foundation, to restore our bodies, and to restore people's hearts back to God. Once you finish these seven years, you will have completed the basic foundation for membership. For a condition of indemnity, there are always three crucial elements needed: the person, the conditional offering, and the time period. In other words, there is a correct time and situation through which and offering of indemnity can be acceptable. The Principle prescribes what is necessary. By faithful adherence to these conditions, all the problems of fallen life, such as promiscuity and drug abuse, will be cured. All these social problems will disappear when you do your portion of responsibility. God wants us to pass on pure blood to our families.

Actually, 14 years of these conditions are required, but I have established it so that man and woman each take half, 7 years each. Think that Father will make up the other 7 years for you. Until I reach 70 years of age, I am determined to do that. Once I reach 70, that is the number of resting. God rested on the seventh day.

When we say we are "in search of our home" we cannot exclude home church from our home. Your home is within the fence of home church, where your family and your home church people exist together. The position of the "fence" is played by the angelic world: the good angels. Your home will be a safe place within the fence of home church.

Therefore, can you substitute anything else for home church? No matter how difficult it may be -- even if you lose your life doing it -- you must go through it. To establish your family in home church must be accomplished. Those who want to save their lives will lose them, while those who are willing to die will live -- that is the paradox. When you are willing to die for the sake of home church, you will live. This is the time for achievement of God's role of restoration; this is the time which the books of the Bible were referring to.

As blessed couples, you must understand what I am doing. Are you going to go on the same course I have gone or not? This course is what I pass on to you. I cannot give it to you as an individual, but only as couples and families. Do you understand?

God gives the inheritance to blessed couples, they are given the power to chase Satan away. Are you confident of your important position given to you by God?

You may have been thinking that perhaps the church would provide you with a home, but now you are clearly told that you must search for your own home and build it. With what will you do that? By fulfilling man's portion of responsibility. It is true that all of you are indebted to me -- for the teachings and example I have given to you -- but I am not even hinting that you should pay it back to me. I am directing that you pay it back to your own nation's people, your own generation. What I have done for you, you should do for your own generation. And do it for the sake of the coming generation. What I am trying to teach you is to become a good ancestor. From this time on. whether or not you see me often should not make any difference. You know clearly the path you must go according to the Principle. You should not need any more sermons from me.

Shall we find our own home? Don't depend upon God to do it for you -- God knows what you need. Don't worry about your future, where you will live, and so on. With your own effort and that of your family, you must determine that you will create your own home, not depending upon God or the church in your nation, for they will not do it for you.

Are you confident to do that? If you are confident, raise your hands.

Thank you. 

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