The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1982

Declaration Of The Ceremony Of Unity Between Spirit World And Physical World

Sun Myung Moon
March 28, 1982

While Adam and Eve were still very young, spirit world was narrow, but as they grew, spirit world also widened. When Adam and Eve reached maturity, God intended for the spirit world and physical world to become one, centering on the love of God and perfected mankind.

But Adam and Eve fell all the way down to rock bottom, and instead of the spirit world widening out as they grew, it became even more narrow. As a result of the fall, the spirit world was almost never visible to mankind; it has remained dark and mysterious. The sensation of being there would be like choking, and nowhere in such a spirit world could you find any solution to life.

By origin, man is a being of spiritual nature, no matter how feeble it may be. People still living in this world should stress conscience, a striving to reach higher ideals. If you have limited knowledge, then you have a limited conscience. On the other hand, as your knowledge about the world increases, your conscience can also increase. The axis at the center of each conscience leads to the unity of an ideal man and woman in true love.

Our ancestors in spirit world must come down and share in this widening of conscience, and generations in the future will follow the path we pioneer. Spirit men must work again through people on earth, in order to be resurrected and complete their unfinished course. The level of the true line of conscience will be elevated higher and higher. Those in spirit world welcome it, for then their course will be made easier also.

Throughout history, this has been only a hope, but now it is becoming reality. Religions have tried to bring men and women up to this point, and now the reality is being started by the Unification Church.

If Satan hears that Adam and Eve are growing, he will try to obstruct them with all his might, while all the good angelic forces will try to support them. But even though the path is open, if Adam and Eve are in conflict, their path of advance will be blocked. We might say, "Why should I listen to you?" and Adam might retort, "I am greater than you are." We have to have absolute love in order to reach God's love, loving first our spouses, then our families, our nations and the world, and finally coming to God's love.

True Parents are the foundation of the Unification Church, and as our church grows, that family domain in spirit world will be widened as well. As that passage ever broadens, greater numbers of good spirit men can come down to spend time with us. The intense wish of all the billions of spirit men is for the Unification Church to arrive at the culminating point. Suppose the Unification Church becomes accepted on the national level; then automatically an equivalent area will be opened up in the spirit world. From the beginning, the Unification Church has been widening God's domain through serving others and absorbing persecution. During the first 21-year course, you worked to establish heaven's domain generally in this world, and now you are continuing to work so that the same thing will happen in the spirit world.

Jesus was the second person to come as the ancestor of man, but his followers did not have absolute faith in him or practice absolute love. His disciples should have wanted to die in Jesus' place, rather than see him killed. Jesus would never have been crucified had they thought that way.

The mission of the Unification Church is to indemnify the situations of both Adam and Jesus, by having absolute faith and ideal love. Christian churches have been opposing the Unification Church, for no logical reason, and we have had to defend ourselves against this by legal means. I spent two years and eight months in a North Korean prison, a time roughly equivalent to the length of Jesus' public ministry. The Jews wanted Jesus to be crucified, and likewise it was the Christians who had me sent to prison in North Korea, with the aid of the government. By going to that prison, I could recover 12 disciples, in place of those who had betrayed me before. My 12 disciples from prison followed me during the hell of prison life. Thus, whether on a spiritual or physical basis, my foundation had to be better than the foundation on which Christianity started. That gave me a base on which to restore Christian tradition and culture, and I could return to South Korea. After laying a foundation in Korea, naturally I would come to America, to boldly proclaim what is right and wrong in this country.

From February 22, 1948 (the date of Father's arrest in North Korea) to February 22, 1982 is a period of complete indemnity for Jesus' life. Now that this period has been recovered and completed victoriously, the spiritual and physical foundations for Christianity have been restored. Thus, I stand at the culminating point, where the indemnity of the spirit world and the indemnity of the physical world connect. That point should also be the culminating point of the world level. That is the significance of February 22, 1982.

Because Jesus died at age 33, his 34th year is within the domain of resurrection. We have successfully crossed over the point at which Jesus died, and now we are in the realm of new life, or resurrection. We know that behind us are thousands of generations of history, and ahead of us are endless generations. God is comfortably standing on my side, and we can project that there will be no opposition beyond this horizontal and vertical line on the world level. Our opponents will give up, and automatically we will prosper.

Until now, the spirit world could come for periods of time to help, but they could not stay continuously. But from February 22 on, the spirit world will be able to work continuously with us, and now the vertical line of spirit world and the horizontal line of physical world are united, centering on true love and True Parents. We have great hopes for the 34th through the 40th years, expecting that things will be settled one by one in proper order. The 1990's will be completely different from anything mankind has previously witnessed. Christian societies will experience a great revival, with new ethical and moral invigoration.

When an outer enemy strikes, the inner element will become strong. Unification Church members have never been completely, ideally united, but now is a good time for them to be completely united in God's sight. We have to deserve our name! Then the victory I have won can quickly be passed along to all the members.

It is imperative that all Unification Church members know what position we stand at in history today. To come this far, I had to indemnify all levels of the individual, family, clan, nation, world and spirit world. I want to pass this on to all Unification Church members, so you can stand in my position.

But in order to inherit the advantage of this time, you too must first go that path of indemnity; then you can stand in my position and be free to go anywhere. In a nutshell, this inheritance comes in home church.

Home church is the foundation to go beyond national boundaries. Only after being successful in home church are we worthy of having our rightful position in spirit world.

This time is like the moment before the sun rises. The dawn is gathering and the sun is just about to show itself. In home church, you will see the sun rise. With this confidence, you can do home church. The Unification Church has gone through much suffering just to see this one day. We will focus on uniting and on doing home church. 

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