The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1982

A Beacon Of Hope

Sun Myung Moon
March 25, 1982
Parents' Day
World Mission Center

What is grieving the creation that God made? Creation is pursuing the original ideal home, wanting to live and prosper there. If you ask anyone on the street whether he has parents with true love, he will say no. He cannot say he has original brothers and sisters with true love. Neither does he have the original relatives, original world, or original God.

God is a God of love, and He must be thinking of how to create some model or microcosm of a world with true parents, true brothers and sisters and a true society, which the world can copy in order to be saved. God wants the whole world to see that model. The fallen world, however, is exactly the opposite, so when that model world comes, the fallen world will want to destroy it.

At the end of the world, it is the destiny of all four billion people on earth and all those in spirit world to be linked to True Parents. God is bringing His dispensation to a close centering on this ideal. In looking at this Parents' Day, we can see that God has already accomplished this idea of true parents and true children, true society and true nation. This is the reason for our celebration.

No matter what Satan may say, God wants to proclaim that you are His honorable, great and beloved sons and daughters. When God can say that you are honorable, He means that you have shown you will not be shaken by any temptation or suffering. When God says that you are great, He means that you give Him great hope because you have confronted the satanic world and won the battle.

I want to become the first honorable and great and courageous son of God. That has always been my determination. The American government is trying to prove that I am a criminal, but I will walk into the courtroom as an honorable and courageous son of God.

People of all religions and all countries are firing arrows at me. Arrows can fly silently and pierce your heart when you aren't aware of them. I have been the target of silent arrows coming from all over the world, at all times of day and night. the only reason I could survive is that God defended me; God mobilized the universe to protect me, and that is the only reason I am still alive. Wherever I move, God's attention follows. God cannot afford to see this ideology of True Parents fail; it is God who declared an emergency.

God wants His son to prepare a dwelling place for Him on earth. I have to do that in every continent. Every day reports from around the world reach me, of how our members are suffering and even dying through accidents or persecution. What kind of news do you think I hear more of each day -- sorrowful news or joyful news? What is the reason I keep going? The future of God and mankind is resting on our shoulders. Our work may look trivial, but the purpose behind it is divine. I want you to be proud.

I was young like you at one time. I was dynamic and could have enjoyed my life. Instead, I chose to become an outcast, to be the leader of the Unification Church for the sake of God. I knew God's will and His heart, and I could take no other way. I saw only one way to save mankind from tragedy. The salvation of mankind might have taken hundreds of years, but I wanted to do it in the shortest possible time, definitely within my lifetime. Now the world is beginning to understand my true ideal and purpose. Regardless of how corrupted the world is, conscience still lives in people, and in time it will explode like an atomic bomb.

My human side is saying that I am sorry for you. You are such beautiful young people, but ever since you began following me you have encountered only one difficulty after another. Sometimes you are in anguish and don't know what to do; sometimes you feel you c 'n no longer continue. Each one of you has wavered, and at the same time, the entire world is trembling. I am the only one who holds firm like a rock.

I want to give you some instruction on this Parents' Day: Those who feel that they love me but that this life is just too difficult for them may go out the door now and come back later, when everything is done. I am telling you now that I don't, want anyone here who will not be a positive element in this movement. I need the kind of people who will join me and be like rocks, who want to bring comfort and victory to God and salvation to mankind.

You should think that you will live on until the day you can inherit the true tradition of the heavenly kingdom and God's ideal, and then you can die. Until you consummate the ideal on the family level, tribal level, national and world levels, you should feel you cannot give up. Until my death I shall continue on. How about you? Your re-commitment to this goal of becoming one with True Parents in establishing the true family, society, nation and world, will be the most important aspect of this celebration.

Everyday I am thinking of the members who are working underground. I wish I could be just an ordinary member who could run after those brothers and sisters and help them, but I have no freedom of movement. How free you are in comparison! Free to dedicate yourself and work hard every day. Your potential is great. Last night Mother and I re-read a 1979 letter from a brother assigned to work underground in a communist country. This brother asked me to come, but even if I did go, he could not greet me openly; at best, he could see me from a distance or make some secret sign. But even under those circumstances, he still wanted me to come. How fervent is his love! In my heart I told that member I would talk about him in my Parents' Day sermon. Our members have gone to the place of death without fear, without fanfare. Only with the power of God's love could we do these things.

Spiritually, millions of people are dying every day. If you cannot feel this while you are out in the world, then you are dead inside. You really need to give yourself for the salvation of this society. That must be your dedication today.

This giant country is paralyzed; you must become its blood, muscles and nervous system so it can move again. You should want to give every drop of your blood for this nation, even if your time of joyful youth passes away. Members speculate about when the next Blessing will come, but what kind of blessing do you want when this nation and world are crumbling? The Blessing is not for your own sake, but for your posterity. Revolutionize your way of thinking; love your country as much as you love your fiance.

Centering on True Parents, we should determine to give our lives so that all mankind shall see a day of hope, and rejoice one day with God and True Parents.

I did not come here in order to leave my own achievement and tradition, but to leave God's work and tradition. My goal is to save not just this country but the world. That is your mission.

If another country welcomes me and I go there to guide the people and our members there, who will guide this country? When you Americans go to other countries and do exactly as I have done here, you will be persecuted and misunderstood; but you will have the power to persevere by remembering that when white people persecuted me, I loved America to the end. You can demonstrate the same way of life.

I am sending you out to bear your own fruit in home church. In order to restore tribal conflicts, we have to become tribal chiefs who can create harmony and unity among the tribes. Without that, no ideal nation can come about. Two tribes, representing Cain and Abel, must be united into one. You are setting up you Cain-type home church, and later your Abel-type home church; ultimately, you will bring them together, and then the ideal shall become a reality.

After joining in this celebration, we must recommit ourselves to the divine call in which God delights, in which True Parents delight, and in which the nation and all mankind can delight. 

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