The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1982

The Deep Desire Of Our Original Nature

Sun Myung Moon
February 14, 1982

What is the deep desire of our true nature? The literal meaning in Korean is, "The way the mind is born."

Each of us, as an individual within the giant sphere of the universe, occupies a certain position in relation to the center point. Some individuals will go North, others will go to the West, or East or South. When the one who went West comes to the terminus of the West, he must do one of two things: either he must stop there or he must change directions and keep moving. We know that everything without exception wants to perpetuate itself, to keep moving and continue forever. If the person continues to move West, once he reaches the limit, he can turn North, then gradually go back toward the East. He must think, "I have been going in the direction of West, and it is very meaningful to me, but now I can also go East; I am flexible."

If he continues to go West with no flexibility, then he will be forced by the nature of the circle to deflect his direction when he reaches the limit. Perhaps he will be pushed in the direction of South, where he can either allow himself to be absorbed by the environment of the South or digest it. He can absorb or be absorbed.

The Eastern person who is moving toward the East may feel the same way: "I will move in an Easterly direction and I will never deviate." But unless he, too, can change, he cannot progress.

The Will Of The Universe

Why should it be necessary for someone going West to start heading East? Because it is the will of the universe, which exists in the shape of a sphere, to maintain that spherical nature.

When you come to the edge of another person's property, you must ask permission to enter his property. You must tell the owner, "I will obey your rules in your territory."

The same thing applies to the relationship of men and women. If a woman says, "I am sufficient unto myself; why should I need men?" she does not understand her need for moving in another direction. Once a woman who has been searching for a man, finds him, if she tells him, "Now that I have found you, you must do things the way I want," her movement towards another direction has reached its limit. She cannot actually enter into the territory of a man if she has such an attitude.

Why should men and women live according to the desires of the other? Because by doing so, they will make spherical movement, not a linear movement, and thus continue forever. When a man and woman gain perfect harmony with one another, that couple is able to go into any home in the world and adapt to it.

Spiral In And Out Like Breathing

Spherical motion requires that we embrace the opposite direction; we can move in a spherical manner, reverse direction, and make a spiraling motion. This movement resembles the lines of a seashell. Like the spiral which starts in the center point with very small circles, expanding out, when it reaches the perimeter it changes direction and circles back in again toward the center. You see, this is like breathing in and breathing out. All living things go through the motion of expanding and contracting. The inside goes outside, and the outside moves in.

The motion of this spiral leads toward the center point of the core, because the original Cause is in that position; the result is naturally drawn to it and "homes in" on its cause. The spiral also moves outward because the inner cause naturally moves outward towards its result. This heartbeat motion of moving in and moving out is the natural movement of the universe.

The inner and outer points on the spiral are connected because we must be connected to the rest of the universe and have a relationship with it in order to attain the highest level of value.

Because of our desire to be recognized by the world, it is natural to want to relate to that which is the cause of our being. We return to our cause because then our individual value participates in the value of the universe. In a similar way, even one individual hair plucked from your head can be claimed as belonging to your whole body, for every part of the body contributed the elements which became that hair.

Here I am, Reverend Moon, an Oriental man, and people wonder why I don't stay in the Orient. Externally many haulers prevent understanding, but internally I communicate well and am understood by your original mind. Your original nature can perceive your individual value and the value of Reverend Moon, as well as the potential value which can be gained by uniting with me. Although I came from the East, it was important for me to move toward the West. But where should I go from here? To South America and Africa. And then to the North; there's work to be done there too.

Connecting America To The South

If a nation moves forward in one certain direction and is not willing to change when it comes to the end, it will simply perish. This is the law of the universe. I have been teaching you Westerners that you must change your direction. Now you must turn your direction South. In the Southern countries there are predominantly black and dark-skinned peoples. Can you digest these differences? If you Americans go with the attitude that your way is superior and Black people should bow down to it, then this is not good. If Western people refuse to recognize the value of the other direction then they will be isolated, with nowhere to go.

All over the world strong anti-American sentiment is growing. Some nations are very bitter towards America. Those of you who are sitting in the heart of New York, in the coziness of American culture, can never really know how they feel until you are exposed to that feeling. Someone must point out this fact and teach the stubborn Americans. America arrived at a certain level of result; now she must begin the spiral turn inward toward the cause.

After Expansion Comes Humility

Perhaps someone is agreeable to the notion of finding God, but he might want to continue to expand himself. However, to go inward toward the cause requires that one become smaller. The spiral motion can only move inward by shrinking; therefore, modesty has traditionally been considered a virtue. A selfish person is not normally a modest or humble person. Only becoming humble allows a person or nation to return to that Cause which is in the center.

Sometimes a person is criticized for being "too humble," and he may be told to express himself more and reach out more to others. There actually are persons who penetrated the spiral, but now they must move outward, toward the result level. Once a person has gone all the way down to the smallest point, there is no other direction to go but up and out. If he lingers and resists going out, someone will come and push him.

The one who is most adaptable and willing to go in all four directions, no matter how difficult, is qualified to be closest to the center. A small humble woman might be close to that central point. By looking at her, others might not be able to see how good a person she is; but she actually has the quality of adaptability to all four directions beautifully, never demanding for herself but always harmonizing with all four directions; she can digest all of them. Even without realizing it, she will eventually end up at that central position.

When an individual starts from very humble origins, moving up the ladder of success step by step until he becomes a rich man of great influence, eventually he returns with those accomplishments to his origin, that is, to his parents. Even though the whole world may be willing to bow down before a man of greatness and influence, he will remain humble before his parents, like the day he was born. This is natural and more principled than trying to remain in a very lofty position and never wanting to go back to one's origins.

To Be Welcomed By The World

In the English language there is no simple word which expresses the idea, "Please go out and come back soon." But in Korean, with just one word, tonyo-oseyo, you can say it. It's a common expression which parents say to their children. It is a way of wishing the child well, implying with it the knowledge that unless you are welcomed by the world, you cannot go and come back quickly. So the parents want the world to welcome their child.

But someone might think that although Father is right, they don't want to move up to higher levels because they are satisfied at the individual level. Any person who insists on such a position is really a miserable being.

Once a person reaches the world level, he must come back through the other levels of nation, society, tribe, family, to his spouse. Then the couple is ready to move and continue out toward the world level again. Such a family will be welcomed no matter where they go around the world.

In witnessing and missionary work you strive for good results, but your purpose is not to remain at the level of those results; you want to be able to come back and give a proud report to me. In that way you are returning to your cause and reporting is the best way to unite the results with the cause.

Man is a resultant being, not the causal being, and what he wants is to know the world and become a part of it; his ultimate desire should be to go back to God (his ultimate Cause) and report to Him all his experiences, good and bad. The resultant being wants to share his life with the causal being. Everything we do is a part of this process of going back to God.

Purposeful Motion

Every existence, every subject-object pair, has two tendencies: one outward moving and the other inward moving. Everything is in motion, but the motion is not random; there are two controlling directions to the movement, which ensure the purposefulness of the motion. A centrifugal force pushes the object outward, and a centripetal force pulls the object toward the center. The movement from causal point to resultant point is continually repeated.

Between your mind and body there should be purposeful give and take relationship; such a harmony makes the individual a happy person. Such a man wants to meet a similar woman. Together they want to have a purposeful, harmonious relationship. The ideal within the Unification Church is to achieve good give and take relationships between subject and object. With Reverend Moon as your subject, you receive directions and you work hard toward achieving your goal. Then you return to me with good results. In this way, we can expand our influence of goodness all over the world.

This is the standard and criterion by which a man should be measured. The person living according to the law and standard of harmony should be the natural center and leader; this person will be welcomed not only in his own country, but also the rest of the world. All things of creation, plants and animals live by this standard. Anything which leaves the boundaries of this principle of harmony will gradually lose power and eventually become extinct.

Whoever gives the most for the sake of the world is the person whom the world wants to remember. God Himself is guided by these principles. Once we as people are living according to the universal principles, we can relate to God in such an intimate way. We can talk with God, dance with Him, and have such a deep personal give-and-take with Him. All men need God and seek to perfect themselves in order to come back to that ultimate cause.

To Be Recognized As The Best

Suppose there was to be a meeting between the most superior persons from each part of the world -- the best from the East, the West, the South and the North. Do you suppose they would get together and struggle among themselves to decide which was the best of the best? Would the strongest person be the best person? The best person of all would have to be recognized as such by all those present, by their own free will. The greatest person would be recognized as the one who best understands each other person, and the one who has something which all the rest lack and want. The others would naturally want such a person to be their leader.

The Unification Church has been training people to become such universal people. Well-educated Western members have gone willingly to backward countries and sacrificed their time and effort to help the people there and raise up their standard of living. In the past Western nations have sent out their best people only for the purpose of gaining dominion over them to advance the power and influence of their own nations. But we in the Unification Church must reverse that. The person we send to the backward nation lives in the worst position there, and his purpose is to raise up all the people there to a better position.

I have sent missionaries from America, Germany and Japan because they represent well-developed nations. More often than not, they are arrogant people. They come from successful nations which have a history of never wanting to bow down to any other. The missionaries were instructed by me that the one among them who is most willing to sacrifice himself or herself for the sake of the others should be the leader.

Are we going this direction simply out of a desire for something different? No, we do this because this is the original true way. There is no other way for unity of the world.

Let us consider the reality of the world today. People around the world are beginning to wish bad things to happen to America. Twenty or thirty years ago they didn't have such thinking; they looked toward America as their ideal. Although so far those voices of resentment and hatred haven't had much influence, as the opinion continues to spread, the voices of negativity toward America will become stronger. Any person, nation or entity which boasts of its greatness in the realm of result (at the outer rim of the spiral) simply cannot continue its existence unless it connects itself back to its cause at the center-most internal part. Because of this principle, if there are many people who wish you to decline, there is no way to avoid that destiny.

Connect People To The Universal Principle

By witnessing, you are opening up a way for other people to connect with the Cause; you are helping that person find his path towards health and perfection. There is nothing more valuable you can give to another person. Once you have had a successful experience in witnessing, nothing can stop you. You are going out to the world and returning them to their Cause, God.

Eventually this way of life will lead us to God, as you move closer and closer to that central point. The topic of my speech has been "The Deep Desire of Our Original Nature." And where does our original mind most deeply want to go? Back to its center, the realm of God's love where we can live for eternity. This is why we were born; for the purpose of returning to our original Center. 

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