The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1982

Assistance of the Spirit World and Ourselves (III)

Sun Myung Moon
Circa 1982
Mobilizing the spirit world to assist your activities
"Proclamation of Celebrating True Parents' Cosmic Victory"
Unofficial Translation

You must become people who have the ability to mobilize the spirit world to assist your activities on earth. It is a very important question, how to utilize the spirit world.

When I was in prison, other prisoners brought me food all of a sudden, because they were told by the spirit world. Such things happened frequently. Such inmates just walked as if their feet were moving them without knowing exactly where they were taking the foods. Then, their feet stopped in front of me. Would such people, who were called this way, follow me or not? (They would follow you.) I entered such a mysterious state. How far are you from such a state?

You must treat everything as holy. You treat your body as holy. And you must have the most sincere intention and sincere heart. When you try to live centering on this attitude -- absorbing and digesting everything as Heavenly things -- then the spirit world will begin to assist you.

When I was hungry while escaping to the south, I encountered so many occasions where people who dressed in white ceremonial clothing offered me feasts with so many kinds of delicacies in the morning -- even slaughtering their precious chickens. I experienced these types of events frequently. When I arrived at a train station, I was met by a person who was waiting with a train ticket for me. Can you believe this?

You must know that I am doing my mission today with countless of these mysterious experiences as my background. In the early days, when we were struggling to do our mission because of lack of money, Heaven gave orders. For example, a woman came to a jewelry store to sell her precious jewels. Then she received an order from Heaven to bring every penny she made to me. She gave me every penny she made! This is not just talk. This was real fact. Can you believe such thing as a fact? So, you must know that the spirit world is near.

Because you are not investing enough sincerity, God's Will has not been achieved. You must, honestly, open up with what you are thinking, completely, without hiding anything. Then, God knows clearly what you are thinking. Then you can be confident even if you are opposed. You will never be wishy-washy. Without any penny in your pocket, you can be adventurous and will be able to find a way to accomplish your task. When you are successful in this way, you will with confidence, want to continue going forward. 

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