The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1982

Original Race From One Lineage [Part 1]

Sun Myung Moon
December 1, 1982
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

The literal translation of the title is blood family, a family or a people united by the same blood lineage. But you don't use a phrase such as blood race, do you? So a better translation might be the original race from one lineage.

Where did all of us come from? The key question is always one of origin. Consider yourself: what are you? You consist of mind and body. There are also various other symmetries and relationships in your make up: right and left, up and down, etc. Everything is relative.

When you look at your face, you may wonder why it happens to be the way it is. You can imagine some very funny variations. Suppose the various facial features were arranged differently. Everything might be upside down, for example. If your mouth were higher dun your eyes, your eyeballs would move up and down every time you brought food to your mouth. If your meal consisted of soup, every time a spoon carrying hot liquid went up, your eyes would declare an emergency! Then what if your nose were upside down, with the nostrils facing up? Any liquid failing from the mouth would enter those two holes and create tremendous problems.

Why do the eyes happen to be in their particular position? If they were on the top of your head, you would have to make incredible effort to look down. Any time you try to select a better position for the eyes, you come to the conclusion that this is the best place for them. Generally speaking, the eyes are centrally placed. Why? It is so you can see straight; your eyes move back and forth at a 90-degree angle from your standing position, which is a vertical line.

When you sleep at night, how do your eyes move up and down, or right and left? When you are lying down, it doesn't really matter whether the eyeballs move right and left or up and down. They still operate on a horizontal plane, don't they? You probably never thought about that.

What if you didn't have eyelashes or eyebrows? Look at someone and try to visualize him without eyebrows. In the summer when you work hard and the sweat pours down from your forehead, what would happen if the eyebrows were positioned upside down like a bowl? The sweat would stay in the bowl and spill over into your eyes! It's almost incredible how the features of your face are arranged.

Now, when you look at someone's eyes, you realize how strategically they are positioned and how well they are protected. The eyes are normally set in and the bones around them stick out. They are framed by eyebrows and eyelashes so they are well protected by their surroundings. In addition, the eyes are recessed and the eyelids extend over them, so liquids, including sweat, cannot get in. Suppose the hairs of the eyelashes extended over the nose. Have you thought about why them is hair around the eyes?

Many people probably look at their face and take it for granted. But so many things were considered in the creation of that face; so much thought went into making certain that it would function perfectly. Incredible thinking was invested in the face.

Suppose the eyeballs were immobile and the only way to look to the right or to the left was to move your face, or even your entire body. If the eyeballs didn't move, the neck would have to work double, triple, or even quadruple time. It would protest to the eyes: "You rascals, you give me such a hard time!"

Your eyelids don't stay still, they blink steadily. But do you feel uncomfortable blinking? Does blinking inconvenience you? Are you aware of your eyes blinking? From the time you get up in the morning and as you do your mission throughout the day, your eyelids blink without resting. Have you ever thought about how your eyes have to blink all day long? If they remained open like windows, without blinking, what do you think would happen? Your eyes would dry out; they would become sore and bloodshot; the various disturbances coming into your eyes would make them painful. So think what a priceless gift of fortune it is to have even one perfect eye functioning for you!

Suppose the line of your nose went downward and then suddenly turned up. Suppose it were circular. Suppose it ended right in the mouth. Why is there a slight bulge on both sides of the end of your nose? It is to keep any min or sweat from entering your nostrils. Any liquid coming down the top of your nose will fall to the side and never get into your mouth.

Why is there a line separating each cheek from your mouth? Each line and each shape has meaning. When I look at someone's face, I can tell a great deal about that person by the shape of those two lines. Those lines can tell me, for instance, whether a person works hard and sweats a lot. Your eyes also reveal a lot about you. Some people don't look straight at you; they always look up or down. Other people constantly look from side to side as they walk. There are even distinctive ways of closing one's mouth. Some people press their lips tightly and thrust them out. One person may shut his mouth, making a long horizontal line, while another points his lips out.

What was the original kind of face? What do you consider the most natural face? Is it a smiling face? The original face may be that of a newborn baby crying and shouting out to the world. A brand new baby doesn't just whimper, he puts his last ounce of energy into his cry. Actually, crying is an excellent exercise for an infant. His lungs contract all the way and his chest moves up and down; in this way he is exercising his lungs.

A baby who has just been born makes a declaration of life as he cries out to the world. A mother loves to hear her newborn cry. If the baby doesn't cry, something must be wrong. For nine months prior to birth, the baby was compressed into the small space inside the mother's womb. It had no elbowroom; it needed exercise. The baby has to be curled up into the smallest possible mass inside the womb. Finally, when the baby is born, his body can stretch out; his lungs expand and he starts to breathe.

I don't know what the medical books say about this because I haven't read them, but I know what nature says very well. The newborn baby's cry is a cry of joy, a cry of bursting into nature. It is an incredible outburst of life.

Both crying and laughing are extreme expressions of feeling, linking emotional and physical functions. When you look at someone laughing, you see not just the mouth but the whole body is involved. It is awkward and unnatural for someone to laugh only with his mouth. Laughter is an emotional expression of the whole face and body.

Another amazing thing is that tears are produced both when you laugh and when you cry. The emotions of laughing and crying are extreme opposites, but both are expressed by the same tears. Does that mean the two emotions are far apart or close? Is it bad to cry? Do you want to live a crying life? Would you want to spend your entire life as a crying baby? Would you prefer a laughing life or a crying life? One is an upward expression and the other a downward expression, so the two emotions are different. What kind of face would you want to wear daily? You say a happy face. Show me one.

Happiness can be described as a smooth, natural and harmonious expression -- a full circle. Unless your circle is completely full, there is no true happiness. We could say that the universe exists to fill the circle. The various parts of your body are rounded; there are no sharp edges. Even a person's face is generally round; a person's head is rounded. A round face and head are good.

There are distinct features that differentiate Oriental and Western people. Oriental heads are normally broad in front, but short in depth, while Western heads are narrower in front but quite long. People usually evaluate a person's attractiveness from the front, but I think the most important angle is the rear view. A good-looking person should be attractive from the rear, side and top as well; all directions should be perfect.

When I look at someone's mouth, it tells me lots of stories about him. From the shape of the mouth I know whether someone speaks bluntly and honestly.

It is not easy to become a totally original, natural person. To be natural, everything has to be straight, parallel, and organized. It even means walking in the most natural manner possible. To conform to the original human standard is not easy; to reach the original level is an almost insurmountable physical task.

It would be absurd to say that the intricate human body just happened by accident. By looking at the human face alone, one cannot deny the existence of God. You sometimes wonder how I can match so many couples in such a short time; now you have been given a glimpse into the process. This is a very elementary explanation, but it still offers some hints about how I get insights into people.

A person's chin and ears offer insights as well. A person's chin generally protrudes slightly. Do you know why? It is for the sake of harmony. If all the lines go straight down, the face looks too flat, so the chin makes the face more interesting. The shape of the ears is absolutely beautiful. There are even three stages to the ear.

Just as there are three focal points in the face -- eyes, nose and mouth -- there are also three distinct areas: from the hairline to the eyebrows, the eyebrows to the tip of the nose, and the nose to the chin. Each of these levels also has three distinct areas. Everything, even your fingers, has three parts.

The features of one's face are also proportionate to the face as a whole. When God gives someone a long face, for instance, He has to give him a long nose. Can you imagine how unbalanced a long face with a very tiny nose would look!

Everything we are talking about then is scientific. What does it mean to say something is scientific? The scientific process involves making logical, organized links between cause and effect. This whole discussion of facial features is very logical.

Let's talk about the ancestors of your eyes. Where do your eyes come from? Which do you think came first, the eye or the environment? Why did the environment come first? Before the eyes were even created, they knew there would be a sun; eyes were designed on the assumption of sunshine. Perhaps someone would claim, "No, no. The sun knew what kind of eyes them would be, so it adapted itself to them adjusting its brightness to give them enough light."

We might ask another question: how did the eyes know they would need some kind of moisture to keep from drying out? Whoever designed the eyes provided tear ducts and eyelids to protect the eyes from dust. So did that somebody create eyes first and then put dust into the air? No. Your answer is correct: the environment came first; nature came first.

Therefore, it is obvious that even before they came into being, your eyes knew there would be sunshine, rain, sweat, dust, atmosphere, and so on to deal with. When the very first eyes came into the world, did they know they would encounter sunlight, dust and moisture, etc.? The eyes didn't know that, but their designer did.

Then who is that designer? You say God, but have you seen Him? How do you know He did it? We can conclude, very logically and scientifically, that before the eyes ever came into being, some intelligence which knew the circumstances of the atmosphere designed the eyes to function properly. If eyes had come into being on their own and encountered some unforeseen circumstances, do you suppose they would go searching throughout the universe for some hairs they had neglected to provide!

Your eyes are like two windows opening out to the universe. So when you open your eyes, you are not just moving muscles but you are exposing yourself to the universe. You can acquire universal knowledge through them.

Why do the eyeballs move left and right and up and down? Many people believe that everything happens by accident, that life evolved through random mutations. But you must recognize that there is direction and will in evolution. If there were no discipline in development, your eyes might have evolved in all kinds of ways.

A crucial question in philosophy is which came first, consciousness or existence. If you say consciousness was the origin, you are calling it the seed of everything. If you say existence came first, you mean that matter is the essence of the universe. So what is the answer?

How many eye doctors do you think there are in the world? Tens of thousands, right? If your eyes are healthy and don't need the care of an eye doctor, that means they are protected and beyond the realm of knowledge of the doctors. All the intelligence of all the eye doctors together is not enough to fathom the eye. How many volumes of books do you think would be needed to describe all the knowledge about your eyes? What's more, your eyes are not just physical organs; they perceive the universe. Therefore, a comprehensive book about eyes would also have to describe universal phenomena!

In addition, your eyes, mouth, nose and ears don't just function separately, but they are all interconnected. If you take a deep breath and hold your nose, for instance, you can feel your eyes and ears pop. How many books would be needed to describe the five functions of your face? Would one book be enough? A million books? That and many more. You have never seen anything more intricate, sophisticated, disciplined, or more organized than the organs of your face. What a lot of nonsense for someone to say it all came about by accident!

Actually, each person contains the essence of the universe including solid, liquid and gas elements. To bring one person into existence would require mastering the total knowledge of the universe and projecting it into one perfect microcosm: a human being. So you are not an accidental phenomenon. It would be nonsense for a person to declare, "I don't care about the universe; I have nothing to do with it. I happen to be here by accident."

Some people claim that human beings evolved from monkeys. All right, but who determined the way the monkey is? Who decided there would be male and female monkeys? Was there some clever monkey who chose whether it was going to be male or female? Perhaps a female monkey declared she wanted to be a male from then on. Suppose none of them wanted to be female, and all the monkeys ended up being males. What would happen then? Male monkeys ire tall, strong and powerful, while female monkeys are smaller and weaker, so maybe nobody wanted to be a female monkey. But does a monkey have the right to decide?

The theory of evolution leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Who determined the direction of evolution? Who said that monkeys should become humans? Why shouldn't the monkeys become more primitive and go back to being amoebas? Did the monkeys make up their mind to head one way and not the other? Who decided that life should evolve from a primitive state to a more advanced, sophisticated state?

In order to become something else or to achieve a higher state, one needs extra energy. Where can one get that extra energy to invest? Can you say, "I don't need anything. I will create my own energy?" Does created matter generate creative power within itself? When we really understand scientific logic, communism has no ground to stand upon. But scientists are too timid, in a way, to come out and declare it.

When you think about it deeply, nothing is accidental in the human body. For instance, why do men have a beard and women not? Whoever designed men knew that men were going to sweat a lot; therefore, when the sweat comes out, it is absorbed by the hair instead of dripping all over the face. Everything has a reason. Nothing on your face or in your body is there without a reason.

Which comes first, consciousness or existence? A long time ago I had many friends who were communists. I kept teasing them, "Oh, you conic from a monkey, so you are a monkey boy. Why don't you evolve into a man? I'm a man, but you're a monkey. You can be my friend when you conic up to the human level!"

When you look into a mirror, you are looking at a mystery palace. How big a price tag would you place on your body? One human being is so precious that even if you offered the entire universe, it would not be sufficient compensation. What are the distinctive human attributes and qualities? We have consciousness; we have the ability to think. But any discussion of human lineage requires understanding of the original human beings.

What was the original human being like? The original human being looked like you! Every person has the same number of features in his face: two eyes, two ears, one nose, one mouth. How many holes are there in your face? Seven: two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, and the mouth. The number seven comes from four plus three.

Where can we find the number three in our face? It is divided into three levels and each part has three aspects of segments. Where can we find the number four? Your ears hear from all four different directions; your nose also deals with four directions. In the Bible, the numbers three and four are very important, as well as seven (three plus four) and twelve (three times four). Nature is designed around twelve months, twelve hours, and twelve directions, for example.

The number one is a symbol of God. The thumb has two joints, representing God who exists in dual essentialities. The hands of an unborn baby are clenched, with the thumb inside the fist. Why is the thumb inside? Because God is the center of the universe; His position is the pivotal, inner position. The other four fingers of our hand have a total of twelve joints, signifying the twelve months, twelve directions, and twelve hours that represent the universe. So the four fingers represent the universe and the thumb represents God at the center.

Your face is also a microcosm. The most mysterious part of your face is the eyes, because they represent God. The nose, at the center, represents Adam and Eve. The mouth represents all things of creation. A normal, healthy person has 32 teeth, four times eight, representing the whole. Also, the mouth deals with all things, represented by the food it takes in. Only the mouth takes in food but it also corresponds to the mind because words come out of the mouth. Of the five sensory organs, only the mouth has a dual responsibility: eating and speaking. Speaking is a spiritual function, while eating is a physical function. Taking in food deals with physical elements, while speaking deals with spiritual elements.

The connection between your mouth and your mind is a crucial one. This is obvious, because when your mind feels it wants to go somewhere, your mouth should immediately say it wants to go. The mouth responds to the mind and is completely harmonized with it. This is another way of explaining that the mind and body are not separate; rather they are one harmonious whole. Mind and body cannot be separated.

What would happen if your mouth disobeyed your mind? What if the mind said, "I want to go there," and the mouth replied, "No, you don't?" 'Your mind would be saying, "Yes, yes," and your body "No, no." Actually, in the original concept, there was to be no separation between mind and body. But what has happened? Do you sometimes feel a contradiction between your mind and body? Does your mind belong to the spiritual realm and your body to the material realm, or vice versa? Your mind deals with consciousness and your body with matter, but the problem is that we have found no way to harmonize the two.

Disharmony exists on all levels, from the individual to the worldwide level. On the global level, two fundamentally contradictory worlds exist: democratic and communist. Their conflict has caused tremendous confusion and chaos. Do you have such confusion and chaos? Since you don't, Moonies are number one! You are clever, aren't you?

This disharmony of the world was not the original intention. We can say that universal consciousness or intelligence is parallel with our minds; both have the same essence. Also, our body and the material world have the same origin. Is it possible that the two were designed to be fighting all the time? The original concept was for mind and body to be harmonized, but our problem today is that they are divided and contradictory.

Throughout history, philosophers and secular thinkers could not determine why this division came about. Only religion has a clear understanding, teaching that man fell. To say that there was a fall means that something is out of order. Fallen men and women are like broken-down instruments that need to be sent back to the manufacturer for repairs. Who is the owner of all these broken-down instruments? It is God. Looking at such disorder, God thinks, 'They need to be sent to a repair shop."

In God's sight, religion is the repair shop, but there are many different levels of religion, from the most elementary to the most sophisticated. The Unification Church is one of God's repair shops, but which kind? As our name indicates, we are the repair shop that brings unification; the end result of our work is unification. In the Unification shop, everything must harmonize; all parts must click together.

I am the shop foreman. When I speak to you and rap your forehead, you feel good because you can say, "I am being remolded; I am in the process of being repaired." Those who sit in front want to be fixed first. Clever people who want to be repaired first look for the right position!

When you have a choice between a mediocre repair shop and an excellent one, which would you choose? Do you look for meticulous work? Do you want to be worked on a lot or just a little? Is the Unification Church repair shop an easy place, a mediocre place, or a hard place? Do you like such a hard place?

Why is this a good repair shop? Once you have been through this shop, you become a superior product and everybody in the world wants you! Who can determine the quality of product you will become? You can. Compare what you get here with what you could get from the world. You have come to the right repair shop, haven't you?

Is MFT duty in the Unification Church okay? How do you like witnessing? You go through a great deal of hardship when people criticize and persecute you for witnessing, but is it okay? Why do you have to endure it? I know it is tough for you, but through this process you are being molded into a new being; you are actually elevating yourself.

Are you confident that you can become a new person through following faithfully the Unification Church doctrine? Do you really mean it when you say yes? Once you are repaired, your mind and body operate in harmony what the mind wants the body does, and what the body wants the mind does.

Do you find my way of thinking and describing things ordinary or extraordinary? You learn a lot in this repair shop, don't you? How much tuition do you pay? If we were to charge tuition, it wouldn't be cheap. You aren't dumb! You know these are expensive lessons.

Once you are repaired, I will give you a final test; every product will be tested, and I will seal you with my signature, Sun Myung Moon. Furthermore, I will give you a guarantee not just for one year or ten years, but for eternity. Once I sip the eternal guarantee, you will be welcome not only here on earth but everywhere. People will say, "Hem comes a perfect specimen. I want it." Isn't that what you want to be?

To gain a worldly Ph.D. from Harvard University takes 10, 15, or maybe 20 years. But you have come to the Unification Church and learned incredible, extraordinary lessons. Can you say that three years or seven years is too long? At the end of your course, you will receive an eternal guarantee. A university degree represents competence in basically only one area, but I want you to become multi-faceted people, able to understand every phase of human life. The only reason I can lead you is that I understand every facet of human life.

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