The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1982

New Family Given By God

Sun Myung Moon
September 5, 1982
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

Those who received the Blessing on July 1, please raise your hands. Each person was born as a descendant of the fall. You have an awareness of fallen nature and of being part of a fallen generation, but other people don't usually have that concept. The secular world only knows that they are born from their parents to live their one life here on earth. What is wrong with living without any sense of being part of history? The problem with that point of view is that it doesn't prepare one to meet the final terminal of life, which is death.

No one wants to face death, yet it is inevitable. Death is ordained by universal law. In this universe there is someone who enacted universal law, so death comes under that Creator's realm. How shall we live correctly and wisely in order to avoid the tragedy of final death? We are limited people and cannot forecast even one day in advance. How, then, could we know the day of death in advance and prepare for it? We cannot. We have to rely instead on some truth and principle to guide us and prepare us to meet death properly.

If there is a God in this universe, His goal for mankind cannot be simply death. Neither do men want to meet a catastrophic end. If there is a way of eternal life instead of death, the Creator must want to lead us to that path. God will guide us with a firm hand and we should follow His direction. Both God, the leader, and mankind, the followers, should seek to solve the problem as quickly as possible, not drag everything out until the final day. If everyone desires a quick solution, we can live with confidence and find a solution. Human beings need strong, organized leadership from God, who knows how to get to that ultimate goal. He knows all the threats and obstacles to it.

Of course, everyone would like to be traveling on a super highway where all the signs are clear and the way is obvious. But that is not the situation. In the Bible we read that the gate to life is narrow and difficult to pass through, while the gate to destruction and despair is wide and easy to enter. This is true because of the fall of man. For that reason, God initiated the work of religion. God has given us religion as a manual or guide to lead mankind in a certain direction in order to reach the gate of life instead of death.

So far, the religious goal has centered on individual salvation, but then where is family salvation? A good answer would be that family salvation begins after individual salvation. Then what about the tribe or clan salvation? That will begin after family salvation. What about the race or nation? That level will be saved after completion of the tribe's salvation. What about world salvation, as well as salvation of the entire spirit world, including hell? That will begin after all the other levels are completed.

When can God feel the fulfillment of His joy? God will declare His joy after He finishes cosmic salvation. What, then, is the relationship between God and mankind? Do you feel to the bone that it is one of Father and child? Is it really your Father, God, who is in heaven? As the child of God, do you know what your Father is doing right now, how much agony and grief He feels looking at the world, and what effort He is making to bring salvation to mankind?

Why did religion come into being? Religion is the instrument or the means by which we can reach the maim of God and participate in His joy. In that realm we can receive liberation from death. Who governs the realm of death? Satan is indeed the master of death, governing its darkness and dungeons.

What is the difference between those who belong to the satanic empire of death and those who belong to life? The people are different in those two empires. How are the worlds of life and death different? What is the difference between America and Great Britain? Britain has a queen, for one thing. But the people of both countries speak the same language, and British faces are similar to Americans. What is the real difference?

There is an invisible sign on the foreheads of the British which says, "I am British." There is a national spirit that only the British have, shaping the way they think and act. Those who are citizens of Great Britain are concerned about the benefit of their own country. They may find some very beautiful item in an American museum, and their first reaction is to wish it were in a British museum. When a British citizen discovers wonderful things in the world, they would like them to glorify their own country, their homeland. Isn't that true?

When an American sees something precious and valuable, where would he want to bring it? He would want to take it to his hometown. People always long for their roots. Where does this trait come from? No one is taught such things in school. Each individual has the innate desire to relate the good things in the world with himself and his home.

Perhaps someone is wild about gold and goes around the world collecting pieces and nuggets of gold. Is there some limitation to how much he will want? Will he ever think he has enough, or will he always want more and more? Does human greed have any limit? What would you do if you gathered a mountain of precious stones? You would go crazy trying to keep thieves away! After something precious like that, your worries and agonies would become immense. Even with your life you could not successfully defend your mountain. There are many thieves with weapons stronger than anything you might have.

There is no satisfying human greed. Even in the midst of dreadful paranoia, a person might go on trying to amass more possessions, whether gold or jewels or whatever. But imagine that you found something better than gold or diamonds, something you would swap all your wealth for. Perhaps it is something you can hide completely, so it is not in danger of being stolen. It's light and easy to carry. Even a million thieves would not discover your precious item. Something like that would have to be invisible first of all, so thieves cannot see it. Is there such a thing-invisible, precious, and priceless? Yes. It is God and true love, of course. God is our Father-Father and true love. Nothing else would satisfy everyone. From this, all the joy of the universe begins.

A new family needs a husband and wife. Do you sisters have good husbands? You don't seem very confident! Do you rascal brothers have good wives? What makes them good? You call them good if they love God and True Parents, don't you? It is only through God and True Parents that true love can flow. God is our invisible, true Father on the vertical plane, while we have the True Parents on the horizontal plane.

In my last sermon I talked about the absolute vertical line and the absolute horizontal line. We must link the vertical and horizontal -- one line is our spiritual Father in heaven, the other is the physical True Father on earth. What is the difference between them? One is the absolute vertical, and the other is the absolute horizontal. Between them there is a perfectly perpendicular, degree angle. When they are harmonized them is an eternal circular motion. It has no end. The motor turns but no power turns it; it just ignites. Once perfect vertical and horizontal begin give and take and create circular motion, them is no end. It is eternal. Plus and plus repel each other, likewise minus and minus, but plus and minus pull each other. Once there is a small impetus or spark, the whole begins to turn.

Therefore, we need a vertical father and a horizontal father. Why do we need both the invisible God and visible True Parents? Love has dual characteristics -- one is invisible, the other visible. Between the two, invisible love is the central and subject position. When you love someone, the invisible heart or mind exists first before you take certain loving actions. You do not take action and then think of love.

Why do we regard God as most important of all beings? Because He is subject, even though He is invisible. When you practice the two kinds of love, you are doing all fight-love for the invisible Father and love for the visible Father. Visible love, which exists in the horizontal realm, is love in the dimension of time, while God's love is in the realm of eternity. We can expand horizontal love without limit, but there is only one point where that expansion can begin: at the perpendicular, 90-degree point. That is the mediation point where the love of our invisible Father and our visible parents can begin.

Once you know this, you can use the opportunity to grab that love and hide it in the most secret place in your heart. From that point, you are free to initiate universal action. Everything is free. Then you can expand the circle as much or as little as you want; you are totally free. How can you do that? Since the vertical line has no limit, it can accommodate your direction. God's true love will want to follow you. The supply of true love is only limited by the size of your love. When your love is fused with God's invisible and True Parents' visible love, the intensity of your love will determine its scope.

Isn't that great? Would you rather have gold pieces the size of a continent, or hold onto this kind of love? Perhaps you prefer true, invisible love because it is mom convenient to carry around? You pragmatic American people! Is that the only reason?

You said universal love has more value, but why? True love is like an ID card. When God sees it, He will give you carte blanche over the whole world. You can demand anything and everything without limit with that true love. I know how greedy you are and what requests you will make. "I want You, God! Please come and join with my true love right away." God will say, "Yes, I will!" God will come down to your true love at your request, and so will True Parents. Even if you kept God and the True Parents in a small bag, they would not feel suffocated. Inside true love, God and the True Parents feel incredible joy.

When lovers come together, they hold each other tightly and they actually seem to get smaller; they almost want to crush each other. It is the same between you and God and True Parents. In the intensity of your love, you will all be compressed into a small ball, like a marble. That is good because the smaller the ball, the faster it can turn. When God comes closer and closer inside that ball, the speed intensifies, going faster and faster.

When you run fast, you breathe hard. The faster you move, the faster you breathe. God wants to experience suffocating, breath-taking love inside that tiny marble ball. How wonderful that is! All you need is one, invisible little thing called true love. With that ID card you have a free pass to go see kings and queens, or even thieves and murderers and melt their hearts. Don't you feel good just thinking about it? When it is real, how much better it is!

Now you should be able to answer whether your spouse is a good one or not. Your wife or husband is the conducting wire of true love to you. You should think, "My husband may not be so handsome, but all he needs are two qualities: love of God and love of True Parents." Through that, true love can come. Your husband or wife is the conveyer belt between the visible father and invisible Father.

Most people tend to think a lot about physical appearance and want to marry someone like a Hollywood movie star. Can you tell the difference between a true diamond and an imitation? In appearance a man-made diamond is mom organized. A natural diamond has certain irregular qualities that have to be made the best of. The important thing with men and women is the original quality.

I know that each of you has some false areas as well as your original qualities. Who has more original qualities men or women? Men are not as changeable. For example, they tend to wear the same suit every day, while women think, "I wore red yesterday, so I have to wear a different color today." Something which is not genuine, an imitation, has more of the changeable quality. Don't hate me for saying this. I'm only telling the truth. I have nothing against American women!

From God's point of view, the most handsome man and beautiful woman are those who can draw the straightest line of love and thus be the best conveyer belt. The question is whether that straight line is imitation or genuine. If that line is drawn with 24-karat gold wire, the purest kind, its conductibility is 100%. Would you prefer a thick line that was only gold-plated on the outside, or a thin fine of pure gold? You have seen men who come from rich families and look handsome but who are really only gold-plated. Wouldn't you women prefer a poor husband of genuine gold?

Outside our Church we see many beauty queens Hollywood stars, models and cover girls. But many Unification Church women look like ghosts! Do you want a wife with the gold on the outside or the inside? You men are looking for the genuine qualities of heart. You won't find it in those movie stars or cover girls. What changes most quickly -- the outside or the inside of a woman? What about men? Do you find men and women with unchangeable qualities in the Unification Church? Is that good fortune or bad? Yes, it's good!

You are looking for a good wife or husband. That means a man or woman of God. Can you find many such people in the secular world? Why not? It is because they don't have True Parents. Men and women in this world are looking for sensational love, which is changeable, but in the Unification Church we are looking for unchangeable love. We aren't thinking so much about whether our spouse looks like a ghost, but whether he or she has that genuine gold wire inside.

Can you find that unchangeable love within one year? How do you know love won't change after one year? You have to live together ten or twenty years to really discover your mate's unique, unchanging qualities. Those are the qualities that will intoxicate you and last for all eternity.

Marriage is a journey that men and women begin together. Where will it end? Can you imagine living for 10,000 years? Compared to eternity, that is just the beginning. Some people realize that. Others think, "Boy, one month is eternity! I can't even stand to look at my wife." Marriage is like exploring a gold mine. In one month or one year you can barely find one sewn of gold. There may be all kinds of foreign elements in it, so unless you dig deeper down, you won't know what's there. That is the adventure of married life.

There are two different kinds of appearance. A Broadway stage can look like a golden palace, but them is nothing behind the facade. On the other hand, a simple mountain may look plain, but when you dig into it you discover limitless resources inside. I always ask whether genuineness can be mom frequently found in an attractive person or a homely one. You greedy guys always think you can be genuine and handsome, too! Actually, there are always exceptions, so you can be the exception! But generally the unchanging qualities are more often found in the homelier-looking people.

We see women wearing elaborate cosmetics, false eyelashes, high heels and beautiful dresses. They may change their costume three times a day in order to parade down Fifth Avenue. Is that the ideal for a woman? What about a man with flowing hair and mustache, wearing a fancy breast pocket handkerchief going into a bar to find girls? Is that ideal? Then consider a man who smells bad, even from a distance, and who only has two teeth; perhaps he is almost blind, too. Could someone like that be genuine 24-karat gold? You have to focus your concept of an ideal man and woman.

A 24-karat gold wire can conduct electricity even if it is crooked and has all kinds of loops and twists. Would you prefer such a gold wire, or a perfectly straight one? As long as they are of genuine gold, their conductibility is just the same. If the amount of energy passing through is the same, why go after the straight wire? When you unwind the crooked wire, you have a greater amount of gold! The important thing is the genuineness and purity of the gold.

A pure gold person will probably be ugly. There are exceptions, but usually this is true. After listening to this explanation, you sisters who are proud to have the ugliest husband in the Unification Church, raise your hands! At night he may be uglier than in the morning because he is tired from living the sacrificial way of life for God. Perhaps your husband doesn't worry about you or the children as much as doing the will of God. Is he an impossible husband?

From all the usual standards of appearance and education, your husband may seem impossible, but the important question is whether he is genuinely living for the will of God. However ugly that person may be, his gold can be refined by dressing him up and educating him and teaching him manners. The handsome man, on the other hand, would more likely think it is dumb to live for God and True Parents and not for himself. Which type of husband would you want?

I experienced this very thing in my own life. My first wife was outstanding as an individual, but she only thought of her own well being and our family. But I was looking for a woman who would take care of everyone else first. I wanted our home to be open for public service and a place of God's love, but she could not live like that. If I listened to that woman, would I be here today teaching you this message? I knew that my wife had a very difficult task to truly live for the sake of others, but to follow her direction would have lead to permanent death. I could not possibly live that way. When she knew she could not change my mind, she just left.

I could not leave God's destiny. I know this from my own experience. This can also happen to you. You must keep your two eyes focused on God and True Parents. Please be like spearheads and penetrate to the goal.

What kind of spear is your husband? Does his handle look worn out? The important thing is the spearhead; if that is genuine gold then you have a lot of hope. No matter how sharp the spearhead of true love, it does not hurt or destroy but embraces. It can penetrate anything else. When your husband penetrates the true love of God, it will bring happiness and prosperity and everything good to you.

Am I handsome or ugly? I would describe myself as a cruel man for pushing you out so much. There must be something wrong with your eyes if you still think I am handsome! But you know that I am pushing you out so that you can find life and true love. If I were doing that for my own wealth and glory then I would be a monster. If my motivation were anything other than true love, then the closer you got to me, the uglier I would look. Your heart would turn cold and you would depart. You have found that I look stem and merciless, yet still you want to be close in order to find love and beauty.

Do you think Mother is a very fortunate and happy woman to be married to me? In one sense she is fortunate, but them is untold suffering behind her appearance. I know her suffering because she has virtually no freedom. She does not determine her own schedule. She has no freedom to sleep whenever she wants, but only when I allow it. It is not easy to be my wife. My life is absolutely public. Yesterday Mother didn't feel very well, but I had said that we would visit Washington, DC, so she just obeyed and followed. She had a headache and felt dizzy, but do you think Mother slept all morning? Absolutely not. Do you still think Mother is a happy woman?

I went to Washington yesterday and visited the members at The Washington Times, and Mother was there with me every minute. You know my sermons don't last just ten minutes but go on for hours, and Mother was there the whole time. I'm sure she was thinking I could give a great message in just a short time, but she sat and listened for hours. Even this morning I'm sure she would like me to give a short sermon because there is a celebration scheduled today at East Garden. Mother is concerned that I will get too tired. She feels anxious when I go on and on, but still she obeys and sits calmly Mother does not have an easy life at all. You may think she is the happiest person under the sun with nothing to worry about, but that is not the case.

Mother knows that she must follow my will because everything I do is for the salvation and benefit of others. I care about the lives of The Washington Times people so I talked a long time to them. Mother knows this so she supports me. I just came back from Gloucester. After a whole summer on the ocean I was very fatigued and would have liked to rest. I could have sent Bo Hi Pak here to give the sermon this morning, but I came anyway, pounding on you again! I come here to give the milk of life to you, almost like spiritual breast-feeding. When you drink it like a child, your eyes and ears, as well as your spiritual mind, open up. Wherever I am, when Sunday comes I want to bring resurrection to you.

When you come to Belvedere expecting to see me, the air is tense with anticipation and you feel keyed up. But then if I am away and someone else speaks instead, you feel let down. I know exactly what happens, so I push myself to come here every Sunday morning. I couldn't rest at East Garden while the church leaders spoke here in my place. It is impossible for me to even imagine that. I push myself up no matter how tired I am.

No one gives me money to speak like this. I receive no honorarium. I understand that because of the system at The Washington Times, our members have to get paid and, because of that, other members want to work there. Let them go and see how long they could maintain themselves. It is a sort of heretical system in the Unification Church tradition. I allow it because I am realistic enough to know how to deal with the secular world. Do you prefer the heavenly system instead?

In the traditional heavenly way, there is no danger, but there is a risk involved in going the way of the secular world. You must take extra caution. If you go the traditional way then your husbands will go out for the mission and the wife must support the family. Does that sound better than having your husband get a paycheck from the Times so that you can stay home all day? The secular way may sound sweet, but I have walked the heavenly way.

Now you know what a genuine wife and husband are all about. I want you to understand that your husband or wife is not your private property. You come out of the fallen world, yet your mate comes as a gift from heaven, through True Parents. You must be able to read the label that comes on your spouse. That label tells you where that item comes from. "Made in Heaven." That gift is given to you in order that you might consummate true love. It is impossible for love to be consummated by one person alone.

This is the Principle. Husbands and wives, look at each other as representatives of God and True Parents. Your duty is to love each other, and by doing so you are loving True Parents and your Heavenly Father. By loving his wife, the husband is loving True Mother. The wife is loving True Father by loving her husband. As you love each other, you are loving God and True Parents. Your journey is to eternity, and the achievement of true love is our goal.

Even if your husband or wife cannot make it, that does not give you the right to give up. Think, "You may abandon me, but I will not abandon you or this path." There is no such thing as abandonment in God's world. Our way of life requires us to be patient and persevere. If you are abandoned, that is not your responsibility. Think, "Because God exists, I have hope. I will return to Him one way or another." That is the meaning of the Blessing given on July 1.

I am giving you men and women a mandate. You are destined to live this central life where the vertical and horizontal lines cross, where you can find the invisible love of God and the visible love of True Parents. You are destined to consummate that love and expand it to the world. Of course, there are difficulties on this path. Whenever my boat, "New Hope," leaves port it is in good shape and everything is functioning smoothly. But something invariably happens. Maybe a storm will come up, or the engine will develop trouble. A crewmember may make a mistake and overlook something. But the important thing is to cope with any situation and persevere to find the solution. Instead of panicking, take care of the matter and go on.

At first glance your husband may not seem so attractive, but then look at him from the point of view of his father and mother. You should be competing with his parents to love that man more than his parents do. The wife should be able to do this because his parents couldn't know true love. You are in a position to know true love, and it should be much more intense and sacred than that of his physical parents.

You must feel that you are superior in love to any other couple in the secular world. You must be more united and pure in your love. You men and women must live up to this credo I am giving you this morning. This is exactly the same covenant Mother and I fulfill. Sometimes I look at Mother as a daughter, sometimes as a mother. I want to love her more than any other person loved her, including her parents, because I represent true love. From that point on, the true love of God can be linked to us. Everything is discussed and organized in matters of love. The dispensational matters don't have to concern Mother, but in matters of love everything is openly discussed and we are united. Purity must always be preserved.

I want to share an episode that happened in Gloucester. I was out on the ocean for two days and nights, without sleep, and I lay down exhausted when I returned. Mother asked Mrs. Lee, a 36-Couple wife who was helping in the house, to give me some massage since she is an expert in Shiatsu. I was lying down on the floor, and Mother was on the bed, while Mrs. Lee was giving me a massage. I was dead tired, like a log, almost unconscious. Whenever I reach over at night, naturally the person I touch is always Mother. In my semi-conscious state, I reached over and caressed who I thought was Mother. But it felt different, so I woke up to see what happened, and it wasn't Mother at all!

The next morning when I got up and remembered what had happened, how do you think I felt? How do you think Mrs. Lee felt? Such a thing can never be permitted. I just woke up Mother and told her, "I had an accident," and asked her to take care of the matter. Mother received the news very calmly and absolutely believed me. She told me not to worry. Mother told Mrs. Lee what I had said, and then we met together with Mrs. Lee. She was completely understanding and her comment to me was, "Father, I knew exactly what happened and I feel very honored!" Mrs. Lee also said that from a professional point of view, it was understandable. When you massage a certain point, the person's arm will automatically come up.

I see the episode as a beautiful one because there was complete purity and trust between each person, with nothing to cover up inside. I am telling you this story because you are now husbands and wives, not just single men and women. All kinds of misunderstandings can be created if your motivation is unclear. But love and purity must prevail. There are no secrets in true love between husband and wife.

You are your spouse's bridge to the love of God. You are the extension of God's love. The husband is the extension of my image, and the wife the extension of Mother's image. That is how you are to unite all mankind, making a complete circle of love. When two circles come together, truly a new home is born which is an educating ground for the love of Father and Mother and God. The women represent the post of Mother's love and men represent the post of Father's love; together they represent God's love You should be absolutely clear that you are making a heavenly home where love can come, where a true husband and wife can be born.

Do not consider that you are a true husband and wife simply because you were sprinkled with holy water on July 1. You must be sealed by God. You represent God and True Parents and must become masters of love. Until then you cannot be sealed as true husband and wife. All the people around you will bear witness to your love, including the angels. Under those circumstances you will give birth to a child, like Adam and Eve who were surrounded by angels.

God, Adam, Eve, and the angels were all meant to rejoice together over the birth of each child. In the same way, when you are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses, your child will be celebrated by everyone. People will say, "Behold, this beautiful couple gave birth to a beautiful new child."

Whether you are Japanese, German, British, American or whatever doesn't matter because we are wiping out the past. We have only one citizenship that matters. Our country is the Heavenly Kingdom, and the precious historical contents of its museum are what we will offer to God. You are creating your contribution to that museum the family period, tribal period, national period, world period, and cosmic period. At that point, you completely enter the direct dominion of God where God dwells with you. Your family should enter God's museum as a unit. Do you have confidence in this?

I want you to be absolutely free of self-centeredness. Considering your past, when you present your body to your spouse, you must feel humble, meek and ashamed because your body and mind are not quite ready to become containers of true love. You should feel repentful. Your children should be able to say that their parents are truly saints. Educate your children through your own example, and help them to feel inspired by your life. Your children should say they never saw their parents fight. Mother and I are under the same law. Under no circumstances do we show strain or tears in front of the children.

You are trying to create a precious treasure for God's museum. That task begins with your holy wedding. You sisters want to become true daughters, wives and mothers, don't you? Who will acknowledge your accomplishment and sign your certificate? Your husband, True Parents and God must sign your certificate. What is the criteria we will use to decide? It all centers on whether you have true love. The center of true love is God, True Parents and your husband, and you must serve these three. Never think that you possess true love by yourself.

Only through true love can you have any relationship with God and True Parents. You brothers want to become true sons, husbands and fathers, don't you? Who shall sign your certificate? Your wife, God, and True Parents. It is not enough for your wife to say that you love her. True Parents and God must also recognize your true love. Thereafter, anywhere you go on earth or in heaven, you will be welcomed. Once you reach that level, no matter how poor you are, you will never starve, and your children will never desert or betray you. That is the center of the force of the entire universe, and it will protect you according to natural law. You will never be destroyed.

If you live in the world with a selfish point of view, you will not go anywhere. When you reach out to hold your wife's hand, you should first ask whether your hand has received the love of God and True Parents. If your conscience says no, you have no right to hold your wife's hand. If your eye does not deserve the love of True Parents and God, it is a thief's eye. When you embrace your wife, do you have that pure, unselfish love which represents heaven and earth?

The love between husband and wife should sprinkle fragrant goodness all over the world so that the rest of the universe harmonizes with you. Everything in the universe should welcome your love, and the consummation of it should be a new child.

Your children will be the ones to eulogize you when you go to spirit world. At that time, they should be able to bear witness to their parents and say that you were truly righteous and lived for the sake of God and True Parents and the family. Your children should say their mother was truly a great mother, wife and daughter of God. Your children should be able to say that their father was a true father, husband, and son of God. That is the end of the first chapter of your life, and then the next glorious chapter begins in the spirit world.

Your children will be the ones to ask God to take care of their parents. When God hears such a prayer He will be moved to fulfill their request. That is the goal of our families. If you have nothing to be ashamed of when you come before God, True Parents and your family, then you have nothing to be ashamed of in all of heaven and earth. In the true home given by heaven, everything becomes yours when you become God's and True Parents'. Keep this invisible, priceless treasure in your bosom.

Before you joined the Unification Church, I am sure you did things that you would be ashamed of in front of your parents and brothers and sisters. Without knowing the truth, you acted unwisely. This is why you want to cleanse the past through the engagement and wedding ceremonies, making yourself into a new person. There is no solution other than true love. You have to follow it. Now God is giving you a new home; do you know the priceless value of it? I want you to know what a precious position you are in. Even Jesus Christ, with all the power and authority of the Messiah, could not cross over this barrier, but you have done so. How very precious that is.

Does your husband or wife belong to you? Are they your private property? You must become the master of true love so that you can become true wives and husbands, true sons and daughters of God. If we do not see things from God's point of view, then the small matters of everyday life can become problems. But when you see the broad path, then everything else can be solved. Do you think Mother and I truly love one another? Will my children testify to this? Will God and spirit world testify to it?

Have I given you too much tough material this morning? Did my sermon interfere with plans you had for your future family life, perhaps a cozy apartment with no interruptions and lots of love and joy? I preached the wrong sermon for that! I'm sorry, but I have to do it. Do you thank me or hate me for these words today? Within this principle of true love you have total freedom of conscience and you can be truly happy. For eternity you will not be able to praise each other enough. Was this Blessing given to you freely or was it earned by you? It is given by heaven, as God's gift. Why does God give it to you? He wants to see true love consummated within you and your home.

Some of you lived very dishonorably in the past, with no moral standards. You are grateful to True Parents for teaching the right path. From now on, however, you cannot make a mistake because you know the truth. You shall become righteous husbands and wives. Religious people of the past made tremendous sacrifices to bring you into this position to consummate true love. They were like the fertilizer for your victory because they helped create the atmosphere for today. God has been suffering for 6,000 biblical years, persevering in incredible agony to see this one true couple, the True Parents. I am looking for American couples who can be visited at any time by God and True Parents.

From the anchor of true love, you can extend your line anywhere. Your boat can go freely anywhere in the ocean as long as your anchor is connected to this principle. You can have a free pass to the highest palace in heaven. One thousand years from now we will all be in spirit world, and if you want to go in to greet the True Parents, you must present your ID card of true love. Otherwise, you cannot enter that East Garden in heaven, If you have that ID card, though, you can be with True Parents at any time, rejoicing and having fellowship with them.

Where is God then? In spirit world God is still invisible, but you can feel His presence perfectly. Just as your conscience guides you now, God is present in your heart, guiding you in spirit world. By then you will truly feel the value of having followed the True Parents here on earth. You will be victorious in heaven and earth and feel deeply grateful to God and True Parents. That precious thing can only be achieved through the foundation of the family I have described. In order to achieve such a family, I gave you the Blessing.

Your smile should be a universal one which can correspond with history. Love goes beyond time. In describing this world of true love, English is inadequate. There are no words to describe the manifestations of true love. You must feel to the bone how precious one man is, one woman is. The love organs of man and woman are the final terminals of the love of True Parents and the love of God.

It is almost like you are fishing for each other with true love as your bait. Men are hooking women and women are hooking men. Even if blood is coming out of your mouth because of the hook, you still feel good. Build this role of husband and wife from now on. Do not be excited by the sensation of physical love, but first by the spiritual contents of love. Then the physical side will follow, subject and object, and be sanctified.

If you have been skeptical and wishy-washy so far, can you commit yourselves now to living up to the purpose of Heaven and the True Parents? Thank you all.

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