The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1982

Emergency Time Period

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 12, 1982
Translator - Sang Kil Han

In the English language just a small difference between "y" and "e" changes "emergence," meaning "to come forth" to "emergency," which means a critical time. One letter creates a drastic difference in meaning.

In the history of God's dispensation, there have always been critical time periods during which indemnity had to be paid. Sacrifice is always required during these critical time periods. The people in Abel's position are always the ones who must make the sacrifices and pay the indemnity. Abel's ability to do this can lead the dispensation forward or their failure can bring a halt to the dispensation.

God's substantial restoration began with Israel, starting with Jacob on the individual level and leading up to the national level. Israel means "the victor." There was a 21-year time period for Jacob's indemnity condition. For Moses' mission there was a 40-year time period of indemnity. Jesus was supposed to fulfill at least 40 years of life, which would have been his condition of indemnity.

On the foundation of Jacob's victorious family foundation, the tribal level of dispensation could begin. Moses' mission brought the tribal or racial level to the beginning of the national level of dispensation. On that foundation, Jesus started the dispensation toward the world level.

If Jesus had been able to go to Rome and teach the people there, the dispensation would have been carried on to the world level. That never happened, so after 2,O00 years we are still working on the level of the nation and once again moving forward to the world level of dispensation. Today America is in the position of Rome and is in the same position to welcome the messiah and move the dispensation forward. Now is the dispensational time period to restore the entire physical world and the entire spirit world.

Until this time, the physical world and the spirit world have been separated and in conflict with each other. Persons in spirit world could only work with specific religious leaders or those of similar beliefs. Today, with the advance of the Second Coming, spirit world can relate directly with the entire physical realm, not just on a limited basis.

Now is the time for restoration of relationship between God's realm, the realm of Adam and Eve, and that of the archangel. In the original scheme, those four would have been united harmoniously. But since the fall took place, those four realms have been replicated by the satanic side: Satan, in God's position; evil men and women; and evil angelic world. The pure, original standard became contaminated with evil elements. There are good men and women centered on God and there are bad men and women centered on Satan. How many more bad people than good exist in the world? Certainly evil takes the strongest, most active role in the world and is the most numerous. Who are those few who are centered on God and are situated clearly on God's side? Simply stated, they must be the genuinely religious persons of the world.

In the realm of religion there are both Cain and Abel elements. By the same token, in the realm of secularism not all people are so bad; some are in the Abel position and some in the Cain. The Abel people on the satanic side can be drawn into God's realm; likewise, those Cain persons on God's side can be pulled over into Satan's realm. It is a common occurrence that people are dropping away from their religions and embracing the satanic standards, while those who have been non-religious are drawing closer to God's side.

While one possesses a physical body, it is rather simple to move from Satan's side to God's side, or vice versa; however, once a person is in spirit world it cannot be done. It is only possible with a physical body. Why is that? Only the physical body spans both the world of body and of spirit.

In the Heavenly realm, the Abel people are closest to God and the Cain people are next to them. Then there is a borderline and beyond that is the realm of Satan. Closest to the borderline are the Abel people in Satan's realm and closest to Satan are his Cain people. Thus, God continually tries to win those Abel people on Satan's side and Satan is trying to do the same with the Cain people on God's side.

Within each individual, there is that borderline between God and Satan. Perhaps one person has every part of himself on God's side, with only one foot straddling the line over to Satan's side. Or maybe he has only his big toe hanging over into Satan's realm and he thinks he is OK. But Satan can loop a string around that toe and try to pull him all the way over to the other side. Once Satan successfully pulls half of him over, he will claim the whole person. Satan will use winches and ropes and drag him completely over and God cannot do anything to prevent it.

Between hostile nations, the borderline is watched very carefully. If someone steps over the line with just one foot, he is considered to have invaded the other country. He might argue that he was mostly on his own side, but that would not prevent the other country from claiming an invasion. By the same token, when a person sets one foot on Satan's territory, he is claimed by Satan and God cannot do anything.

According to this viewpoint, are you clearly on God's side or are you still on the borderline, moving back and forth? If you are standing on God's side, do your eyes still wander over to the satanic side? Now it is the Christmas season and you are involved in your mission work, which means that you probably have to make the sacrifice of not seeing your family during this special time. By dedicating yourself now' you know you are offering that sacrifice for the sake of God and the world

When Lot was commanded to leave the city of Sodom, he had no idea of where he was going or what he was going to do. He and his family were leaving behind familiar, comfortable surroundings and heading towards the unknown. When Lot's wife was tempted by her past situation and she looked backward, she turned into a pillar of salt.

This is a time of fundraising. Do you think everyone went out willingly or reluctantly? The Korean word for a highly changeable person is pyun duk. If you were such a person, you would move back and forth across the border line several times an hour. Sometimes a person will set one foot over the border once a month, just to see what it's like. Another person might do that once a year; another, once every ten years; another, only once in his life. Or someone might never, in his whole life, set foot on Satan's side. According to this broad spectrum, to which category do you belong?

If you are a person who changes and leaves Cod's side frequently, suppose you were to pray fervently to God. How would God respond to such a prayer? Just from an objective point of view, should God listen to and grant such a person's prayer or shouldn't He wait until that person has become more stabilized?

God is called the God of love. Does that mean no matter how many times a person does something wrong, God will just blindly forgive him without some consideration of that person's sincerity? If an incredibly changeable, untrustworthy person prays to God piteously, does God come closer to him or would He have to move further and further away from such a treacherous person? God looks at you with an eye of deep love, but if you squint at Him with a satanic eye and say, "God, I love you," does that mean God should feel loved?

Today millions of religious persons are praying to God. Certainly none of them is praying for the demise of America but instead pray for God to help America and the world. However. America is falling into a worse and worse condition; therefore, God is not granting those prayers. Likewise, every Christian prays for the proliferation and prosperity of Christianity but is that happening? On the contrary, Christianity is becoming weaker and weaker. That means God has not granted those prayers.

What does this mean? Prayer is the most fundamental element of our religious life. When we pray, we must stay far away from that borderline between God and Satan in order to be answered by God. You must be cleansed and pure of past ambiguities before you approach God in prayer. Many people claim, "I prayed and prayed, but it never produced anything." If someone is strongly within Satan's domain and praying to God for satanic purposes, how can he complain that God doesn't listen to his prayer? Why should God listen to such a prayer? God is a God of justice, so how can He just answer every person's prayer, regardless of the quality or where it is coming from?

How many really good Christians do you think exist who spend all of their efforts moving toward God's side, not paying any attention to Satan's realm? When God was about to demolish Sodom and Gomorrah, He told Abraham that if there were just fifty righteous people there, He would save the city. Abraham begged to God and He agreed that if there were only ten righteous people in the city, He would spare it. That means there were not even ten good people.

Even within the Unification Church, how many people are totally clear of the borderline and are, without a doubt, true sons and daughters of God? How about you, yourself, as a Unification Church member? Are you very confident to proclaim yourself as a citizen of Heaven, as God's son or daughter? If very few of you can say that, what a serious situation this is for God. God created religions to save not only individuals but eventually to restore the entire world; this is not a concept but is reality. If, when God looks at you closely, you are not sure of yourselves, how miserable God would feel!

This time period is a true time of emergency for God. God is asking, "Who is helping me in my time of emergency? Who will help me save the world?" God is in agony over this situation. When you deeply understand this, you cannot help but resolving, "I would rather spend my life in jail, as long as I can stay with You, God. If I am free, perhaps I would be tempted over the borderline, so I would rather stay in prison in order to guarantee my relationship with You." How many of you feels so deeply the desire to be on God's side that you do not even mind staying in jail and being beaten every day, as long as you are guaranteed of being on God's side? Or are you the kind of person who thinks, "I want to do things the way I want; I don't think about God so much."? This is a very serious question.

When you look at yourself from this standard, you should even feel ashamed for the way you have been praying in the past. "God, I was praying all the time out of shallow habit, but now I have come to see that I was in no position to pray to you. I am ashamed."

This is not only the emergency time for God, it is also the emergency time for the world; also it is a dire emergency for all religious people. Are you confident about yourself as a religious person or are you still the target of the satanic world? You, your family, your society and nation are very much involved in this emergency time. Do you think this is an exaggerated picture, or is it reality?

Religions are struggling and panting amidst the satanic world now, but the day will come when religions, centering on Christianity. will be the predominant force for cleansing the world. When is that day going to come? That time was supposed to occur in the past-when the U.S. won in World War 11, they were supposed to sweep over the entire world carrying the Christian spirit, under God's banner. But America lost that chance. At that time, China, England, and all the powerful countries of the world were sided with America and Russia didn't have anything.

We cannot change the past but we can see the events clearly. After World War II, America had the greatest potential for evangelizing the entire world. She never had the ability before that and since that time, she has gone into a sharp decline. That was the highest level for America-a God-given opportunity to do His long sought-after will.

Looking at the 2,O00 years of Christian history. we can see that millions of Christians have prayed deeply and unselfishly to God. In the beginning of Christianity, what do you think was the predominant prayer? Their constant plea to God was, "Oh, Lord, please send Your son again as You promised." That was very different from the kinds of prayers most people are praying today: "Lord, please help my family to be prosperous; bless my church," etc.

We can imagine that Christians prayed consistently and strongly for hundreds of years for Christ to come again. Certainly that is God's desire, too, so when would God do it? He would send Christ at the most opportune time for the world-the time when the Christian spirit was at the highest and there was every possibility that the world could be evangelized. That was the very time after World War 11. It is a reasonable thing to assume, just by logic. Of course, no one knew the preciousness of the moment because if they had, they would not have failed; but God knew clearly.

Christians have been steadfastly waiting for Christ to come again-on a cloud. If he came on a cloud, perhaps wearing a parachute, he would come in the position of messiah, undoubtedly. But isn't there any chance at all that he would not come on a cloud, but would appear as a regular person? What kind of a messiah would mankind need: one who descends from the clouds as a supernatural non-human being; or one who is one of us, with the same flesh and the same mind? Certainly, people need a real person to relate with in the position of Christ.

Jesus described himself as, "The way, the truth, and the life." It really didn't make any difference which manner he came into the world-even if he had come on the clouds, or whatever, they were not the way, the truth and the life. It was Jesus himself who was important' nothing else. However he came to the world, he taught clearly about the way to live, the truth for mankind and how to gain life. ALSO, Jesus was "the love," which was not recorded; he did not say that, perhaps because he could not go all the way, but he was the love for the world.

Would mankind prefer to receive a messiah who came dramatically on a cloud, without teaching and being all those things which Jesus was, or a messiah who came normally but was able to convey those precious understandings? Certainly, mankind would value the second kind of messiah.

Considering the realities of this world, when the true messiah emerges it is almost inevitable that everyone, including the religious world, will oppose him. Those who firmly believe that Jesus will come again on a cloud have rejected the Unification Church.

Satan will do everything to stop and destroy the Unification Church. He is very accomplished at killing people and destroying goodness; that is what he consistently does. When God sees this situation, He feels like saying to Reverend Moon and the Moonies, "Be strong and healthy and please bring my world back to me."

If it is true that the Moonies are the only hope of God, yet they themselves are vacillating back and forth over the borderline between God and Satan, are those kinds of Moonies worthy of their name? They are more worthy of being struck by lightning, isn't that true?

Are you proud of being a Moonie? Perhaps when you first joined the movement, you were reluctant to identify yourself as a Moonie. Have you gotten over that now? When I was in the courtroom, I was totally confident that I was doing exactly what the universe needed. I never thought I should get some sympathy from the judge or anyone. No matter where I go, whether it be a prison or a palace, I must preserve the dignity of God's position.

You must be able to see the borderline but you must determine that it is out of the question that you will ever cross over it. God knows that Reverend Moon has had nothing to do with that borderline; therefore, do you think God trusts me? That is something no one else understands, so when others give me advice I must be the one to decide, ultimately, which is the one way toward God's direction.

Is it so unbelievable that an entire country would oppose me? Actually, it is a natural occurrence, given how sinful this world is. If the entire world of religion comes against me, I know it is because they are ignorant of what they are doing. It is common knowledge today that there is only one person who has been opposed by everyone, by the whole world. Yet what evil did he do to cause everyone to go against him? Therefore, I must be the champion of receiving opposition; perhaps it is in the Guinness Book! Is that because I am so selfish, or do I receive opposition because I am so faithful to God?

Have you taken the same stance as I have? When Jesus went to the cross, all his disciples fled. Have you ever felt, "If Reverend Moon goes to jail, we will all go with him?" Jesus could not trust his own people. who were all of the same race and culture. You Americans are of a totally different race and culture than me, yet you say you will follow me wherever I lead. Can I trust that?

You are from an individualistic culture; "I" is always capitalized. Compare yourself with the disciples of Jesus; their culture allowed them to believe in Jesus wholeheartedly because they did not have training in individualism. Yet you are the product of individualism; you look at what I say and do with a skeptical eye. You take what suits you and then discard what doesn't because you feel you have that "right." According to this situation, to what degree have you believed in me? You can easily say, one hundred per cent, but is it true?

When you become aware of how far you are from the standard of a true Moonie, you will want to lower your head in humility. But from that position, are you going to give up and back away from God's will, or move forward. It is very difficult to move forward, so do you really want to go? This is the reality of Jesus' telling people that if they wanted to live, they would die, but if they were willing to die, they would live.

Can you glimpse how difficult it has been for me to come to this point? If I go to jail, it is possible for all my followers to drop away from me and I will have to start all over again. I have seen this happen before and not just once. It happened in my own home country of Korea; so how can I trust that the people of America won't do the same? If you can give some indication that you might be able to follow me 100%, I can have consolation. Yet, look at your situation: do you have a life of faith with tears? Most people do not see such a thing in Americans. How can you be worthy of being trusted?

Does the path become easier as you go along, or more difficult? Many Americans joined without knowing anything about this situation; they just "tagged along" with the movement. Therefore, once things became really difficult they said, "This is too hard for me, so I will escape." This is always a possibility. The attitude we must have is, "As hopeless as it seems now, what does God want?" Do you think God would like Reverend Moon to forsake America because it is utterly impossible to educate? Certainly not. This is very serious, both for God and for me.

I have seen that Americans are very well-educated and knowledgeable, yet very individualistic and analytical. You must satisfy yourselves before you can do anything. I must weigh your potential with that of the African people, most of whom are uneducated and very simple and the South American people who are in-between. I must ask if they will function better for the sake of God's dispensation than the North Americans.

In the Bible it says that it is more difficult for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to go to Heaven. In the same way it is as difficult for a rich nation to go Heaven. To realize the Kingdom of Heaven on earth through American people is just that difficult. However, it will be easier for a poor nation and culture, such as South America and Africa. Do you think my observation is well-founded?

The only way to overcome this problem would be for you Americans to throw off the effects of all your education and sophistication and give yourself up in sacrifice for the sake of others. With that, we can have hope for North Americans; but if you want to keep everything you have and try to follow God, it won't work. If you voluntarily take on a miserable situation, maybe there is hope for you. In fact, if you did that, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth could emerge very quickly. Even if we could establish the ideal in Africa or South America, still we must return to North America to do the same thing. Therefore, no matter how difficult it is, we must use North Americans for God's dispensation-this is God's will and it is what Reverend Moon and Moonies in the whole world want.

How does this sound: we must live on the same standard as the African people, eating and living the same way they do. Can you do that? I know you Americans don't want to do that. But I know God's ways; therefore, what if I determine to make your lives miserable like the Africans? Will you welcome that?

America is in the highest position, materially. Americans try to take the most trouble-free path to greater and greater levels of comfort. But God wants to redirect your paths temporarily, in a way that will cause you more difficulty. You want to continue to go upward, but the law of the universe requires that you must first go down, then move up higher and higher. If all Americans decided that they should adopt the spirit of God and Christ and start sacrificing themselves, that would be very good. That means that they would have to start living with a much lower standard than they are familiar with. At that lower point, they would experience greater unity and cohesion among themselves. When they started to go up again, they would go up much higher than they were before.

You have always learned to try to progress toward easier and more comfortable ways of living; yet according to that way, you become less and less significant to God's work. Ultimately, God has to leave you if you just pursue that way. God would have to leave this entire country.

At this time of emergency, should our way of thinking be to get an easier and more comfortable way of life each day? Or shouldn't we determine that each day should be a little more challenging than the one before? At this time there is only one way for America to continue its prosperity under God-by voluntarily tightening their belts and inch by inch lowering their standard of living.

You may understand that what I am saying is correct, but you need to know the reasons why to support you in the future when you are trying to live by it. Until 70 years after the end of World War I and 40 years after the end of World War II, the whole world has been in turmoil. There has never been such a confusing, tumultuous time in history to compare with this time period. Especially since 1960 as the peak year of transition, things have been changing so rapidly most thinking people do not know what to expect. John F. Kennedy, Dag Hammerskj÷ld, and other public figures who had a righteous influence on the world died shortly after 1960. America plummeted from its loss of leadership.

Intelligent, realistic people in the world do not see any hope for America. It seems to be a certain prey for communism. Therefore, many intelligent, but not so righteous American media people are deserting the sinking ship and supporting what they see as the coming communist domain here. Some intellectual professors honestly believe that communism is the only hope for the future, so they are helping to promote that. In this difficult atmosphere, Carter came into the presidency; during his term, 14 more American allies were sold out. Now Reagan has started to redirect the country in the right way, but he is receiving much unrighteous pressure from many quarters. The stronger the communist influence becomes here, the more Reagan will be opposed.

Consider the conflict between the liberals. who are greater in number in the government, and the conservatives. What will happen here if liberals win in the struggle for power? The country must see the emergence of a group of dedicated, intelligent people who are opposing communism, proclaiming that with their lives they will cause communism to be eradicated from the earth. Who is that group? It is the Moonies. Even though we are just a handful of people, if America were inspired by us, the situation would be different. In reality, as a handful of people we are trying to achieve such a large goal and the majority of the country is going against us. It is logical that communists would want to stop us, but even the free world is trying to stop us. Where will this world go? Can Reverend Moon be solely responsible for that?

Does Reverend Moon have a country of his own? Even Korea is not following along with me. There are only a handful of people around the world who are supporting me. I determined that these few people and I are going to sacrifice and dedicate ourselves for the sake of the world. Because of that, God has a tangible hope for the future of the world. Through this one condition, God can accomplish many more miracles.

The situation of the Moonies is like God's situation, desperate. Yet we know we can do it. Even when we are suffering on the point of death, if we can pray for God's liberation and victory and forget our own situation, that is a miracle for God. As Moonies, we are opposed to communism because we want to bring all people over the border into God's world. Can that possibly be an easy way to go?

This is why we are living in an utmost emergency situation for God, this country, and the whole world. Jesus was described as the lamb who carried the sins of the world. Today, Reverend Moon should be described as the person who has the power and the duty to liberate the entire world and God. This is the reality. We can clearly compare the time of Jesus and the time of the Second Advent. Which was more difficult: the situation Jesus faced. or the one which the Unification Church is facing? Today's situation is more difficult.

When you visit the catacombs in Rome, you can learn a lot of things. Early Christians were so strong and faithful they would go willingly to be eaten by lions. Today we should literally do better than they, in order to liberate the entire world. We must determine that we would be able to die for the sake of the world, just as the early Christians did. You must make up your mind, "I am the independent soldier for the liberation of God and the world." Unless each and every one of the members of the Unification Church do that, we cannot achieve our goal and truly be the hope for the world. This is the responsibility of the members.

This is the 37th year since the end of World War II. America's entire future will be decided in the next three years. President Reagan is providing hope for this country. What about the Unification Church? All Moonies must determine to change the tide of public opinion toward us in the next three years, or else America will be lost. I have my own strategy on how to achieve the goal of saving this country. I decided that through the court battle, I would change the public opinion of Moonies.

For seven years, the American government has been scrutinizing and investigating Reverend Moon and everything I have done. If they proclaim that I have not done anything wrong, no one could say anything against us. There is no higher level of battle than this one, against the governmental authorities.

You are following me, so you must determine that you can go through whatever difficulties or court battles you may encounter, anywhere you might encounter them. With that determination, the world will once again have hope in you. When such a determined attitude emerges' God will seriously open up a way for us to march toward Moscow and reach the Russian people. With God's help. victory will be on our side.

I know God will be with us when we go to Moscow. This has been God's goal. which He tried to achieve through Christianity; but Christians didn't fulfill their opportunity after World War II. As a result, Christianity has declined sharply since then. Therefore, the Unification Church has emerged to accomplish that purpose of God.

People who look at me without the knowledge of all these things cannot help but think I am a crazy person. Once they understand my reasoning, however, they will bow down and weep. Only God and Reverend Moon know how strongly God wants to see the liberation of Moscow and Russia. If you pray sincerely, God will tell you this truth.

Are you the kind of person who just agrees with me with your mouth? Or do you really feel, "Father, your goals are my goals for life, as well." You must prepare yourself to meet the challenge of achieving God's goals. Perhaps you feel that you have been dedicating yourself very sincerely for many years, but now you must concentrate on starting your family and that relationship. Instead, you must realize that this is no time to focus on yourself, but it is an urgent time. You must be willing to take your new pregnant bride with you, on foot, marching to Moscow if necessary, instead of planning on flying in comfort there.

Do you expect that I will take good care of you and buy an airplane to fly you to Moscow in? Which has more value and leaves behind the highest tradition for the world-if you flew in comfort on an airplane to Moscow, or if you marched barefoot there?

Why do you think God allows the world to persecute us and make us suffer? I think it is good training for Moonies to go through, but it is only the beginning. Are you ready to face the truly harsh situation of walking to Moscow? Just because you have been in training, does that mean you are not also in a war? Maybe the war is just going on in America, but the world is at peace? No, the whole world is at war.

Eldridge Cleaver is now traveling around the college campuses with CARP speaking out against communism, shaking the students into awareness. He is a very effective enemy who seemed to come out of the blue sky, so those communists who were trying to be discreet have come out publicly, even wearing T-shirts proclaiming their ideology. It is becoming very obvious now who are the communists. Therefore the communists are also facing an utmost emergency time, not just the Moonies! I have provided inspiration for the CARP members; even though I do not go myself to the campuses, [ have inspired the battles there.

When I pray, do you think God responds? At the time of the early Christians, their standard of sacrifice was so high. Can the Moonies have a standard any less high? We have to be able to pray, even on the verge of death, "Oh. God, please send us to Moscow." We can't afford to wait thousands of years for that to happen, so we must be very intense at this time. If we tell God we are different from the Christians who have been praying to Him for thousands of years, He might respond, "I don't see any difference. Your prayers aren't any more intense than the Christians." Then you will have to confront God, "No, God, we are different. Even though there have been millions of Christians praying intensely, they were praying for a smaller purpose-for the well-being of their denominations, their families, and their own salvation. We are praying for the salvation of the entire world and for Your own liberation."

You can tell God, "Father, you don't have to send me to Heaven; that's not what I am here for. I may go to hell, but I will be satisfied as long as mankind and You are liberated." Will such a person be sent to hell? Never. That is the standard of the true Moonie-is that what you are?

Are you capable of giving up the people and things who are closest to your heart, in order to accomplish God's will to save Russia and liberate the people there? What if God told you that the only way to do that would be for you to send your wife to Russia and never see her again? Are you capable of taking her to the border and kissing her good-bye, saying, "I never thought I would do this but if you leave me, God will be able to bless the entire world, so good-bye and God bless you." Would you be crazy or wonderful? If there is a person who thinks that way and is ready to literally do such a thing, wouldn't God like to live with him for eternity?

We know that this is the utmost emergency time. It is just like the time of the match between David and Goliath. David threw his stone with a simple faith in God; today, you are much more knowledgeable than David. You know the entire history of the dispensation and you understand why God must support you. David didn't know why God supported him, but he had the confidence that he was going to liberate his own nation. You, however, have the world to liberate and your mission is more important. If God helped David, wouldn't He be very anxious to help you? You have to have pride and confidence in that fact.

Very soon the day will come when Americans will have to bow down in repentance for what they did to the Unification Church. When that time comes, our sole business will be to care for America. Have you planned what kind of responsibilities you will have in 20 or 30 years? As you rise up in society, you will have certain positions of influence. We will reach that point in the future, and that is why we are working so hard today. Are you determined to rise to this emergency time? Can you say, "Even if I lose my eyes, or my limbs, or my life, I will never stop short of my destination." You should have no other goal in your life than to liberate mankind and God.

One of my children told Mother and me the other day. "Because you are so completely public and the parents to the entire Unification Church, I cannot feel sometimes that you are my own parents." Our children candidly feel distant from us sometimes. I thought about it and had to admit that such a thing must be true. Even if Mother said, "The children are right, Father. It's not fair for your family, so why don't you make yourself available for more family activities?," my response would be to say. "No, I will not do that yet. If I had achieved my goals, maybe I would be able to do that, but I haven't. Therefore, I cannot commit myself to anything else yet." Do you understand?

What if my family did not follow me? That would not stop me. If I had to choose between forsaking them and following God's will, or the other way around, I would never forsake God's will. I know that is the only way God approves of my being a family man. God can tell the entire world, "Reverend Moon has even forsaken his own family for the sake of the cosmos." What about that? Was my decision right? What is your decision? Can you split your attention in half at this time, or direct it completely toward the ultimate purpose?

Are you going to follow my pattern, even more than I? If you do that, the world will come to life. The hope of God and the world is connected with such a commitment.

No matter how humble your individual family may be, the important thing is what kind of attitude you have. I know that even if I cannot take care of my family, God will protect them and help them to understand the situation. Therefore, I can be relatively free of worry.

There is no better place than America for the accomplishment of God's will. There is no room for consideration of another person's race or nationality when we are all working together for the sake of God, at this emergency time. Whenever Moonies get together. we will discuss the best ways to bring results for the sake of America and the world. As people of five colors of skin and all different nationalities come together in discussion of ways to liberate God and mankind, the world and God have hope. Without us, they have no hope. When we realize this fact, there is no room for any other attitude.

Only by living this way will we digest this emergency time. This is the central thought of the Moonies. This emergency time of the world is very real. When we grasp this situation and we pray earnestly to God, God always responds and helps us. How much sin have you committed according to this standard? How much have you been up and down, changeable and undependable? Even other people do not approve of changeable people, so how can you expect God to approve?

As Moonies, you have an understanding of God that is far superior to anyone else's in history. If you are dedicated to the service of mankind, God can accomplish His goals, even though you are few in number. What a wonderful realization this is! You must know that this ability is the most precious thing you own-not even your own spouse is more precious.

If you carry out your mission, you can possess the Creator and all of His creation. How wonderful that is! Will you do it? If so, then God bless you.

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