The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1982

Total Completion Of The Ideal

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 28, 1982
Translator - Sang Kil Han

We know that people in the Unification Church have ideals, but what about everyone else in the world? They. too, have ideals. Americans, Germans and people of all nations have ideals. People in the past had ideals, as well as people in the present: people in the future, too. will have ideals.

What about the animal kingdom? Can they appreciate such things as morality and justice? No. animals have only their immediate desires corresponding to their environments and circumstances. Instinct is the guiding force of the animal world, like the mole who knows only how to dig holes and eat insects. Moles live underground and have very small eyes; they never even think about the possibility of having larger ones and living in the light so they could enjoy the world more. Humans, however, have the ability to imagine and do such things as swim underwater and fly through the sky, even though we were all born on the land. People have been able to invent such things as the automobile and airplane in order to travel faster than our natural legs can carry us.

Without exception, people want to enjoy the best of experiences and the best of life. What do we mean by "best"? In terms of our bodies, "best" simply means normal and functioning properly. Therefore, the ideal cannot be anything less than the best. In fact, in order to achieve an ideal you often have to go beyond your normal capacities. For instance, a short person who wants to see something far away will have to stretch himself or boost himself up in order to do so.

Today is a time of confusion. People have many different opinions about what is right; some try to follow a purely sensual way of self-fulfillment, while others don't know what path to take in their lives. Sadly enough, there is a widespread attitude among American young people that older people and traditions have no value. Students disregard the position of their teachers and see no reason to respect them or even listen to them. This basic attitude disregards others and seeks only self-gratification for the present moment. Satan is the one who is promoting such attitudes and those who live self-centeredly find their lives more and more blocked and frustrated. However, God is always encouraging actions that enable people to move freely in the universe. People of goodness and righteousness are always happy for their actions to stand out, while those who do "shady" things literally try to hide themselves in the shadows.

Satan's only criterion for goodness is his own benefit, while God's criterion is the benefit of all. This strong line of division between the realms of evil and goodness means that there is much conflict between them. If a person from one side tries to enter into the domain of the other, he will not be comfortable and will be pushed to conform to the standards of that realm. We can see in this world how the communistic and democratic systems relate to one another. Neither approves of the other and they cannot just live peacefully, side-by-side; there is always hostility between them.

People are very complex beings, having dimensions of both mind and body. No one can see his own mind or even say precisely where it is located within him, yet no one will deny that he has a mind! Your mind and your body have different dimensions and substances, but they form the components of yourself. The individual exists at the point of intersection between the mind and the body. On a graph we can draw a horizontal line to represent the body and a vertical line intersecting it, representing the mind. Depending upon the angle at which the mind-line intersects the body line, the shape of the individual is determined. The ideal shape representing an individual is that of a perfect circle, drawn around the two lines intersecting at right angles. However, some minds could be represented as intersecting at a 45 degree angle; so the circle we would draw would be far from perfect. Therefore, the proper location for the mind is that 90 degree angle of intersection with the body; it produces perfect balance and harmony, as well as a circular shape.

Communism asserts that the mind and spirit of man are simply by-products of the actions of his body. That is like representing the two lines of mind and body running parallel to each other. If you tried to encircle such lines, the result would be a long, narrow shape, far from a perfect circle. Such a distorted shape typifies the communistic way of thinking; it is far from harmonious and balanced.

The universe seeks for circular motion and circular shape in everything. The cells of the human body are basically circular in shape; the motion of the planets in the solar system is basically circular; and even the shape of the universe itself is said to be rounded. On a graph, there can be no circular shape without the balanced intersection of two equal lines. Thus, a circular shape must exist on the basis of a central point.

How does all this relate to the life of an individual? When a baby is born, he is not aware that he has something called a mind and a body. As his mind develops, it will either grow in the ideal vertical direction or it will be misdirected. If all aspects of that person are to be balanced' his mind's path of growth must be perfectly vertical. In order for a child to grow along the perfect vertical path, he must depend upon the guidance and direction of his parents. His body will automatically achieve its perfection and maturity within twenty years or so. but his mind is capable of being deflected from its proper path

A child needs the direction of both his father and his mother in order to become a completed, mature individual. However, it is very common these days in American society that people marry, have children, divorce and then remarry; sometimes they do this several times. There are many homes where children are being raised by step-parents, but it is not easy or even natural for a child to accept the discipline he receives from a step-parent. Many people carry resentments throughout their lives for the way they were treated by their step-parents while they were growing up. No one can deny that American families are in a generally sad situation; so those who praise American society today must also praise the mixed-up family life that so many children experience!

It is normal and necessary for a loving father and mother to discipline their child. They have the responsibility to direct his vertical growth; so if they see him going off the track, they must set him straight. Most children will complain against their parents' discipline, but without it. they would have no way of achieving a healthy, vertical line of growth. There may be many answers to the question of why parents should guide and discipline their children, but this is the simplest one. The parents are responsible for their child's successfully achieving his proper connection between mind and body. Even the worst criminals sense this and will strive to make their children good, happy people. It is human nature to seek the ideal for our children.

If the fall of man had never happened, mankind would never have needed a Messiah or True Parents. All natural parents would have been perfected parents of perfect love. Unfortunately, all natural parents have been born of the sinful lineage of fallen Adam and Eve, so mankind is full of sin; no one has known true love. We cannot blame parents for being unable to give their children perfect love, since no one has yet received it. The True Parents must accomplish what all earthly parents have been unable to do, that is, to guide children along the proper vertical path of growth.

The very root and beginning point of evil was the misdirected desire to possess something for oneself. Eve and her love belonged to God, Adam and the entire universe, but the archangel wanted Eve's love for his own gratification and comfort. Because the fall took place through that desire to possess for oneself, this is the very point where restoration must begin. People must learn to change the selfish desire for possession and turn it toward the proper direction.

Therefore, the "I" viewpoint which centers all desire upon oneself is each person's arch-enemy. Within you is the very source of evil: the struggles you face begin at the "I" viewpoint which Satan manipulates. How can one eliminate that selfish "I"? Only by learning to love God and the world more than anything. You must be able to say that all you want to possess or be possessed by is the love of God

When you go out fundraising you are receiving the best, most practical way of training in redirecting your sense of possession. You are giving everything you earn each day to be used for God and His purposes; you don't even keep a penny for yourself. Fundraising under persecution trams you even more quickly. From this viewpoint, is the suffering you endure basically good or bad?

Is it true that True Parents are absolutely necessary because of the fall of man? Since people need to be completely re-educated, the ideal would be to begin life all over again in the mother's womb. Christianity has traditionally taught the importance of being born again, but how is this accomplished? For birth as well as rebirth. a person must have both a mother and a father. Those parents must be totally united. supporting each other, and giving perfected love to the child. There has always been love in the world but since the fall of man it has never been totally centered on God. The love of the True Parents must come, therefore, a love which is pure and stems from God alone.

The purpose of the True Parents is to re-educate all people to become sons and daughters of God who are worthy of standing before Him without shame. A true parent would never come to America or any other country and exploit it for his own sake; he would only want to sacrifice himself for the people there. The sons and daughters of God must rise above distinctions of nationality and culture and learn to love the entire world, since God loves the entire world.

In the Unification Church, we cannot condemn or accuse anyone for his own or his race's transgressions. When a white person in the Unification Church feels true repentance for the exploitative actions of the white race, he will want to give himself for the sake of people in Africa and South America. The parents of such a person might not understand why he would want to go to Africa and they might try to stop him. They would shout "No!" very loudly, but he would shout "Yes!" even louder and continue on his path. The more he shouts "Yes" to those who oppose him, the sound of "No" will become weaker and weaker, because his confidence will overwhelm them. Ultimately the parents of such a righteous person will surrender to his determination, especially when they realize what a great thing he has been doing.

When the 36 couples were blessed in Korea in 1960. their parents were outraged that a stranger had chosen their children's mates without consulting them at all. This was something totally alien to the morality and culture of Korea and the parents tried in every conceivable way to stop the wedding. Now, however, without one exception all those parents have come to express their gratitude to me because they see that their sons and daughters-in-law are the best ones possible. Twenty years ago, they had all kinds of protests against their children's mates: they thought they weren't educated enough or had nothing to offer. Was I right or wrong to do what I did? It was the right thing to do, but the world certainly didn't agree with me at the time. After twenty long years of experience. those parents learned that I was right.

Have I been doing the right thing to send American young people out to do fund raising Through fund raising experiences, you can liquidate the root of the original sin, the desire for possession centered upon oneself. Once you understand that, you can feel great joy and commitment in your work. Certainly you must ask yourself why you are doing what you do; when you are persecuted, you must think sometimes, "If I am doing a good thing, why are people treating me so badly?" But once you are able to re-examine your reasons and continue, you discover how close you are to the heart of God and how meaningful your work really is. Some people have continued this way for years; they know they are restoring the world by dedicating their energy and the material offerings they can raise. What a noble and good thing it is for a person to work for those reasons!

Those people who contribute to our fundraisers are making a connection for themselves with God's providence. Later they will be able to dedicate their lives totally to God because a fundraiser gave them the chance to start building a bridge back to God. This is the reason why the activity of fundraising is far more significant than simply the dollars and cents you receive. Because of the dedicated activity of our members, the Unification Church has come to the point where it is today in the world. The opposition against our movement is gradually changing and ultimately we will be able to see the world turn back to Heaven's side.

American members cannot complain about having to do fundraising; the fact is that other countries must help support our movement's expenses in this country. It is clear that your ultimate purpose in fundraising is far greater than the money you earn. Through your fund raising experiences, you can learn to look at things with eyes that the world and even God can share.

We are talking about very basic points in the Divine Principle. God's ideal was for the four-position foundation to be established on the earth, but has that ideal ever been accomplished in the past? This is the first time in history that the possibility has existed for the ideal to be achieved. We are teaching things that are unprecedented and without parallel. Do you really feel the value of what you are learning? When night time has passed, day time begins. Just so, as soon as the time of persecution against the Unification Church has passed. the time of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth will begin. Surely people everywhere could appreciate the message you are hearing today, if only they had the chance to hear it.

Many Americans believe that the modern times are better than the "old days" but the truth is that the old days were far purer and better. Unless the values of the past are restored to American culture, this present time will lead to nothing but destruction. We cannot just make such statements to the American people, however, and expect them to accept them. We must be able to explain clearly why what we say is true. We must do it quickly, too, because the time is short; unless we can do this, America cannot be saved.

Recently there was a premiere showing of Inchon, which was attended by many prominent people. Before the movie began. our lawyer stood up and announced, "This movie has been sponsored by Reverend Moon and his thought is the basis of it. If anyone here is opposed to that fact, I want to ask him to leave right now." Not one person left; they all stayed and watched the movie. There have been many changes in public opinion taking place without you even realizing it. Righteous Americans have joined the staff of the Washington Times, even taking a cut in salary, because they felt inspired to join the new conservative movement.

How much do you feel responsible for following my words? I have been speaking for several years about home church, using all kinds of analogies and explanations, but how many days during the past week did you go to your home church area? Home church has more meaning and value to your life than anything else; if you don't live up to this responsibility now, you will be judged severely later. Throughout history, religious people have made tremendous sacrifices; millions have been martyred for their belief in God. Because of the cumulative merit of all that sacrifice, home church is now possible.

In our movement, we have not yet gone beyond the four-position foundation on the family level. We have blessed families, but compared with our ultimate goal, this accomplishment is really very small. Unless we accomplish the four-position foundation on all the larger levels of clan, society, nation and world, your level of freedom in spirit world will not be complete. At best, the ideal will dwell on the community level in spirit world. As we expand on the horizontal level, the corresponding areas in the vertical plane also expand. At this time, there are many borders and boundaries between areas in spirit world, much as it is here on the earth. People have been joining the Unification Church on a one-to-one basis, so far; but at this rate, how can we expand to the world-level? You must understand that your responsibility is to make the four-position foundation on the family level and then expand it all the way to the highest levels. One very practical reason for doing home church is for the sake of your clan. Once your home church people understand God and God's will, they can welcome and educate your clan; they can be better teachers than you. This will eliminate the division of Cain and Abel within your clan.

As soon as we have expanded home church all over the world, spirit world will automatically achieve the same thing. Your responsibility as Abel is to stand on the center point, guiding others and living the heavenly. vertical standard yourself. When you can do that. you inherit the position of true parent. Standing at that position. you can rest assured that you are receiving God's love, Father's love. Mother's love, and the love of brothers and sisters. If someone performed a "spiritual analysis" of your cells, they would see that every one of your cells reflects one of those kinds of love. They would not be able to find "you" alone in your cells. Once you have achieved such unity and selflessness, you can confidently claim to be "I"; but that "I" is different from the "l" before, because it is reflecting the love of God, parents. and brothers and sisters.

Have you ever thought about becoming a person who carries within his very cells all these different elements of love? People automatically like such a person when they see him. When a person is centered upon himself, however, it is difficult for anyone to like him; it is especially difficult for God to be pleased with him. But when you are full of the love of others, God will love everything about you-your eyes, ears, nose, and everything that belongs to you. Your parents will love you more than you love yourself and will want to share everything they have with you. How wonderful this is!

Whenever anyone comes to visit me, I try to show love to that person and treat him better than anyone has ever treated him in the past. This is the attitude I want to teach you; whenever you take any position, you should take it with the most loving heart. If you become the president of some organization, be the most loving president that group ever had.

Some of you may be thinking. "Father, why did you give me such a person as my fiancÚ? Couldn't you have picked someone better for me?' If you think your fiancÚ is difficult for you to love, you will become the king or queen of love if you learn to love such a person. This is literally true. Do you think God feels you should have a different fiancÚ and will change you around? No. Each of you has an endless realm of love to connect with if you make a success out of your relationship. Certainly God wants to fill you with everything you need. Every bridegroom should think that his bride is more precious than royalty and cherish her as his queen, and vice-versa. For thousands of years the potential of the Blessing has been coming toward you; how terrible it would be if you, knowingly or unknowingly, stopped it. Not only your ancestors but also all the things of creation will accuse you if you prevent their blessings from materializing.

Sometimes within the Unification Church a member works very hard and sets a great example for the first three years or so, but later his zeal diminishes and eventually he completely loses power. On the other hand, there is the member who doesn't attract much attention at first but gradually builds up his accomplishments. What kind of a member would you want to be? Certainly you want to go up, not down; but if you are not following my direction, for example in doing home church, are you going up or down? You may be capable of saying yes and giving pledges but how much have you actually carried out? Maybe the American youths have not lived up to all their promises, but I feel that the African youths will be different. You must realize that I will not be staying in America forever. When the will of God directs me to another country, I will go without any lingering thoughts.

If the time comes when white people fail to meet the time limit for God's dispensation, black people will rise up and become the leaders of the world. American members must realize that I am helping you so much now because you are at the center of the providence; there is no other reason. You must do everything you can so you will not miss your opportunity; otherwise. when you go to spirit world you will be accused by your ancestors and all the white people there. At that time, no one will criticize Reverend Moon for not teaching you the truth. More understanding has been revealed to the people of America in my public speeches than at any other time by any other religion. The consequences of missing this opportunity will be much more serious than you think!

This morning I am dressed in a suit and tie because of Sunday Service; normally, however, I prefer to wear less expensive clothing. I have trained myself to conserve water which is so plentiful here in America, because I know how little clean water is available in other parts of the world, especially Africa. If you consistently try to look at things from God's viewpoint, these things are very basic ways of living. This is the reason why our African members don't accuse me or believe the negative rumors about me. even though they have suffered so much deprivation in their lives. Although at this time I am living in comfortable surroundings, I never feel proud of those things. I always think, "I will see to it that everyone in the world has this kind of an environment." If I did not have this kind of attitude, the African people would be the first to sense it and accuse me.

Each of you must live according to the true vertical standard and continuously widen your sphere of influence. You can't say. "Let the world take care of itself; I am satisfied as long as my family is restored." You need to be moving from the East to the West, securing both ends of the earth for the ideal. Unless the ideal can expand in all four directions, there can be no balanced, central point.

In the future. perhaps Western university students will want to travel to the East for their schooling. and vice-versa. If they really desire to learn from the different culture, they can't just have a few experiences for the purpose of reference when they go back to their native culture. Only by taking the new culture seriously and trying to learn from it can the students truly expand themselves. Perhaps it will happen naturally that many inter-cultural marriages will occur.

From now on, blessed families will pride themselves on bringing their sons and daughters-in-law from the most remote parts of the world because in this way cultures of the world can be linked. In such families the highest vertical love of God as well as the deepest horizontal love between people can dwell. Thoughtful, conscientious people everywhere could agree with this, not just Unification Church members.

Many American members complain against their Korean leaders, thinking that only Western leaders are good; but Americans should be the first to reach out and learn from people of other cultures. Once America does this, the rest of the world will follow such a pattern. We cannot just form our families and become comfortable with our way of life. If your area of influence on earth is small. your freedom in spirit world will be small. as well. Do you Americans feel you don't want to be pushed? Do you want to pass your responsibility to African or South American people?

In Korea today, people from all professions have come to respect me, while in America I am still treated as an outcast. Since I fought a legal battle in the Orient, I feel that it is right to face a similar battle here in the West. I will never be exhausted; even though every kind of person may oppose me, I must carry out what is necessary.

In this room there are many blonde, light-skinned people; but is that the only coloring that is valuable for mankind? Certainly not. Within the body of a single individual there are all different colors and materials. The different species of geese, such as the Canadian and Alaskan. don't fight with each other about their color or nationality. If a goose laid an egg that happened to be colored, would she refuse to hatch it? Geese are not aware of their colors. However, the person who is conscious of his own or other people's coloring is always running into barriers and obstacles in his life.

Resentment continues to grow against Americans in many parts of the world; the slogan "Yankee go home" is very common in certain parts of South America. Soon, however, people in Africa and South America will begin shouting "Moonie come here!" You may not enjoy the persecution you are receiving at this time for being a Moonie, but you must recognize your true value. Someday you will be valued and sought after by the whole world.

I have traveled from East to West; from here I will go South to Latin America and Africa. After that, I will go North to Russia. The earth is divided into North and South poles, but human civilization is divided between East and West. The North-South pole of the earth is the horizontal line and the East-West axis is the vertical line. When human civilization achieves vertical unity and harmony between East and West, Heaven on earth will be achieved. The strongest possible effort to prevent this vertical unity from occurring is the current court trial; so once we break through this. there will be nothing that can stop the progress of Heaven. Americans have been opposed to Reverend Moon without actually knowing anything about Reverend Moon. Soon, however, the time will come when Americans will quickly change their minds.

Do you want to go from the West pole to the East pole, and vice-versa? The person who refuses to budge from his own position will become stagnant and will eventually decline. The individual level of influence of the Messiah must be widened to all the higher levels, to the clan, nation and the world. If you cannot literally be the Messiah on the highest levels, at least you can connect yourself with the real Messiah and follow him. There is an agreement between God and Satan that if Reverend Moon is able to fulfill the world-level of Messiah, Satan will accept it. Otherwise, Satan will say it is not enough.

The world-level of opposition against our movement came in 1976. At that time. everybody was actively opposing Reverend Moon. Why? Because we have moved to the world level; once that level of worldwide opposition is overcome. all the world will be able to accept the truth about us.

Any conscientious, seeking person who hears the teaching of the Unification Church has to admit the greatness of its ideology. Each of you recognizes this, but sometimes you say, " I wish it weren't so difficult. If it were easier, I'm sure I would be more motivated." However, if the element of real hardship were eliminated, there could be no true restoration accomplished. The normal course for a champion is to go through many hardships. If you wanted to become the world champion boxer, would you expect to do it without fighting" Certainly you couldn't win if you stepped in the ring and. with the first blow from your opponent, you ran out. The normal course for a champion boxer its to get beaten, to bleed, and to have many scars: just when things look the worst for him, he is able to stand up and knock out his opponent. This is the way the champion must go. Since there is so much difficulty in the Unification Church, you can know that this is a real challenge. At the time of difficulty, serious people stay and weak, uncommitted people fall away. Once you begin this endeavor if you keep running all the way to the goal, no matter what happens, you are assured of being a true winner and champion.

Are there any among you who are hungry for the central position and would like to take over my job? Even though I am willing to give it away, no one is willing or able to take over my position. Actually, in the world of love there is no replacement possible. Do you think God was elected by popular vote? What about the Messiah or the True Parents? Certain positions were created long before any political processes were conceived. Likewise, you cannot choose your parents and brothers and sisters. Some things in human society cannot be changed.

Through the election process, it is possible that a communist could be elected president of this country. If that ever happened, Satan would win tremendous influence over the earth. God has been fighting Satan's influence throughout history and human history is now at the culmination point. The job of the Messiah is to achieve and protect the vertical position of love. Military power will never stop the spread of communism; the battle must be won within communities and families. Only through home church can you defeat the influence of communism. If you have a good foundation in your area, you will know immediately if anyone comes into your community trying to preach communism. You will be able to prevent such unwholesome influences from invading your area.

New York is in a pivotal position for the world; if it turns toward goodness, the world will follow. If it turns toward evil, so will the whole world. We began devoting our movement's energies and resources to New York; ten years ago, when many people were deserting the city and giving up on it. We went against the tide at that time. Also, you have gone very much against the fashion of young people by cutting your hair and looking clean-cut. While many young people freely kiss and express their love in public Unification Church fiancÚs don't even hold hands with each other! I have been pushing you continuously to humble and deny yourselves in order to reverse the ways of the secular world. In secular society, people often live together for a while before they become husband and wife. In the Unification Church' however. we get married and wait for a time before we live as husband and wife!

By going this way, you are learning to go beyond your physical appetites in order to achieve a greater goal. Although we continue to deny ourselves and appear to be the lowest people in the world' we are actually becoming greater and greater people. Those who continually indulge their appetites will discover that they have not gone up but down in value. Likewise, those without strength and dedication cannot persevere in our movement.

When I speak to you, my desire is to speak the words you can learn from the most. Often people comment that Unification Church members are good at speaking; probably this is because you have listened to so many sermons! You are capable of speaking with renowned scholars and heads of state with confidence because you know that the knowledge you have gained from your understanding of Divine Principle is superior. Some of you are dozing during this sermon; some of you may be thinking of other things while you listen; but when you have to defend your beliefs, you become very animated and eloquent.

Certainly perfected Adam would be able to walk freely into the Heavenly Palace where God resides without making an appointment. Wouldn't you like to be able to do that? If you have a close relationship with someone, appointments are not necessary to see each other. The servant of someone will not enjoy such a close relationship with him, while his children will be able to move freely within the house and see him whenever they desire. Since you are the children of God. should you need permission in order to visit places within His created world? The boundaries and barriers we experience in the world are a result of the fall.

Everyone desires the kind of world which is open to everyone. free of boundaries. What if it were possible to buy a pass enabling you to travel freely anywhere in the world and spirit world; wouldn't you be willing to give everything you have, and more, to obtain such freedom? Do you think God has the ability to issue you a pass that will be honored anywhere in His creation? Satan has certain claims and can make certain demands; he would tell God, "You cannot just give fallen men such permission; they must earn it. If another man leads them in making the right conditions. I will accept it; but You. God, cannot do it for them."

The indemnity condition for mankind to enjoy free passage throughout God's creation is home church. Therefore. the family of perfected Adam, True Parents' family, is necessary as a base for restoration. Through the True Parents. all of mankind can inherit the right to travel freely. since whatever the parents own, the children will inherit. Satan knows this law better than anybody else. Therefore. you are doing home church not because each of you is highly capable but because you are the children of the True Parents. When you go to home church, you are telling the people the good news-that they can be proud of the True Parents. proud of their heavenly family and proud to be related to God. In this way, you inherit the position and heart of true parents and free yourself from any accusation of Satan. Only you can do it; God cannot do it for you.

This is why I push you out to do home church. I want you to get that free pass, that Heavenly I. D. card, which will allow you total freedom. Since I have passed on to you this inheritance, you must share it with your home church members; otherwise it will go nowhere. Any way you look at it, home church is a necessity.

All the power of Satan and his forces has come against me in my life. Just as in the story of Job in the Bible, Satan told God, "It was only because you blessed him that he was able to achieve anything. I demand to test him by taking everything away from him; then I will see if he is so strong." Satan made that demand several times and God had to push me into many suffering situations. You. too, must go through similar trials; but the opposition you encounter is only a small portion of what I have experienced. You will think that God is not anywhere near you and you will feel that He cannot help you at all, but as soon as you persevere and go beyond that situation, God can pour out blessings abundantly upon you.

Whenever you go into a situation, remember that God has made preparations for you; you are not entering haphazardly. But since God has done all the preparation. He has to let you take over; then it is up to you to tackle the situation and make it a success. This is exactly the way I have gone through my sixty years of life and the six levels of indemnity, which correspond to the six thousand biblical years of human history. True Parents have gone beyond all satanic blame and have received the ID. card of total freedom. Without this inheritance, how could you be qualified to become a messiah on any level? In order to receive your ID. card, the archangel must sign it as well as perfected Adam. Once you receive those signatures, you can travel freely either in Adam's world or the world of the angels. including Satan's realm, and receive no accusation.

The heavenly hierarchy is God first, then Adam and Eve, then the angelic world, then all the things of Creation. As a result of the fall, this heavenly order was disrupted. Satan came to exist and man has fallen so low he doesn't even know that the realm of spirit exists. He doesn't know if God exists or what kind of relationship he should have with God. He certainly doesn't know the heart of original Adam. the true parental heart. The only thing mankind can see now is the "I" viewpoint and all the visible things of the created world. Mankind is degraded and lower than the creation; because of this. no one realizes the true value and dignity of human beings.

Before you learned the Divine Principle, you weren't even aware of what you had lost or what kind of ideal to search for. Finally mankind can know what the true ideal is. Everything else, including our possessions, our nationalities. our careers. is meaningless until the basic questions of life are resolved. The only pursuit of real value is finding out how to restore the dignity of mankind and recovering that lost ideal. How wonderful it will be when all the levels of the ideal are established -from the individual, to the family, to the nation and all the way to the world level! You have the ability to achieve all these levels from one "school" and you don't have to spend hundreds of years to achieve them.

Each of you needs to gain a certificate showing you have completed all seven levels of the human ideal. Wouldn't you like to receive just one certificate in one place? If there is anything at all that Satan hates and fears it is for God to be able to give that certification to all of mankind. However, even Satan has to bow to Principle. When True Parents discovered the way for people to free themselves from Satan's dominion, it was as if Satan's deepest secrets were published in a newspaper for all the world to read. This is Satan's situation today; he feels desperate.

By witnessing one by one to each other, it would take centuries to liberate the entire world; so if you were in the position of True Parents. wouldn't you want to find a more effective way to bring all mankind back to God? The thinking of God and the True Parents must inevitably be the same. If you asked God where He most wants to dwell, He would answer, "Home Church." Within your area, the heavenly hierarchy must be restored. The houses represent all the things of creation; the ancestors of the people there who are already in spirit world represent the archangel position; and the Adam position is filled by the people themselves. Once God is brought into relationship with all these elements, the ideal of creation will be realized. As a result of this, Satan will have to leave your area because he will have no place to call his own. Within the realm of 360 homes, everything is represented-360 days of the year, 360 degrees of the circle. Since you are in America, all races of man are contained within your areas.

All the races have freedom within America, according to law. This is no coincidence, since the foundation of the country was laid by people searching for liberty, especially religious liberty. 1976 was the bicentennial year for the United States. During those 200 years, indemnity was paid for the 2000 years since Jesus. Beginning in 1976, the first 200 years of American history have to be re-indemnified during the next 20 years. President Reagan is the 40th US President. It is no coincidence that all these providential numbers. 20, 200, 2000, and 40 are coming together at this time. This is the time when we must succeed.

The independent government of Korea began in 1948: that was the year I began my dispensation to indemnify Christianity. The period of wandering in the wilderness for the Unification Church is the forty years from 1948 to 1988. During this time, we have had to concentrate 100% upon accomplishing God's will; we have even been living in "tents" or temporary dwellings. We have to fight against the "Jericho Castle" of the secular world. It is a tremendous castle with a foundation of thousands of years of history and power, but we march on with confidence; we know that God is with us.

This is the 34th year since 1948; and we have six more years to go until 1988. Last Sunday, February 22. 1982, was the anniversary of the date in 1948 when I went to Hun Nam prison camp. This means that I am now beginning my 34th year in the indemnification of Jesus' life and ministry. If Jesus had lived seven more years, he would have completed forty years. During the next seven to ten years the responsibility will rest upon the True Parents and their children, the members of the Unification Church, to achieve the fullest dispensation of victory for the salvation of the world.

Things will take place in the Unification Church to re-indemnify all the failures during Jesus' time. We will complete the uncompleted portion of Jesus' ministry during these next seven years. During this time, Jesus himself will appear to many of his most devout followers and lead them into the fullness of the Divine Principle.

This court case, which began in October with the indictment, will continue through May, which is a seven month period. I predict that around the time of Pentecost, the name and the reality of Reverend Moon will be resurrected. The world will be able to see that Reverend Moon is not a bad person, after all.

Once this portion of the dispensation is completed, I will be free to claim anywhere I go as part of the domain of God. As you know, at the last Science Conference I announced the beginning of the International Highway System linking Korea, China and Japan. Later it will extend all over the world. This is symbolic of the highway that is being paved all over the world for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

One thing you should feel from this sermon is that the time of the fulfillment of God's dispensation is drawing very near. Now is the time when the founders of the world's major religions, namely Jesus, Mohammed. Buddha and Confucius, themselves, can be called to work directly on this earthly plane. The foundation has now been laid for this to happen. What kind of work do you think they will be assisting in? Certainly, just as everyone else both on earth and in spirit world, they are called to do home church work and to receive that heavenly certification.

Your ancestors have direct access to you and your inheritance. Therefore, when they assist you in your work they receive their heavenly certificate along with you.

Last Sunday, February 22, I went to Holy Ground and prayed about these points. This is the time that all indemnity must be paid for the failures during Jesus' time. Also the persecution of our movement by the world, both the communistic and democratic, must be indemnified. There is both a physical and spiritual indemnity to be paid; therefore, both the physical and spiritual worlds must be mobilized. This is simple logic; there is no other way.

Until this time, your 360-home area was under the dominion of Satan, the chief criminal of the angelic realm. He was able to divide it up according to his desire. with the help of the Cain-type people there. But you are working with the perfected Adam and you have the assistance of the good angels, as well as God Himself. When you go to your area. those good angels will work with you and chase away the evil angels. That kind of confrontation will literally take place. Until now, Satan had the greater strength and advantage over good people on earth. Even after much prayer, tears and indemnity, good people could make Satan retreat for only a short time and in a small way. Now, however, we have not only achieved equal leverage with Satan's power, we have also achieved a dominance over him. You will see the truth of this.

This is truly an amazing time. Because of your connection with True Parents and the knowledge with which you are armed, you can confront the powers of evil squarely and your odds are better than 50-50 to win. All the good angels can work side-by-side with you and support you; this has never before been the case.

This time is also the turning point for the public image and reputation of the Unification Church. The time of indictment to the end of May, a period of about seven months, is a period of transition America has many strong defense tactics. but there are many things they have no way to control. There are many problems in this country, such as youth alienation, drug abuse, and family breakdown. How can this country possibly solve these fundamental problems without the help and guidance of the Unification Church? Do you really know this reality? You must go beyond just mentally understanding something; you must know and you must act. You must deeply realize the importance of doing home church. When you go out to your area. you can command the spirit world, in the name of God and True Parents, to come and help you; and your command will have effect. More and more spiritual phenomena will be occurring in our favor. Soon you will start to hear the crumbling of the walls of that Castle of Jericho.

The best foundation for being able to command the spirit world, including all your ancestors. is to follow the direction and example of the True Parents. By doing the things that the parents do, the children become true children in name as well as reality. The children incorporate the tradition of their parents and then, pass it on to their own children. You should have absolute confidence to proclaim to anyone, "I am proud to be a Moonie." You should never try to evade the issue; when someone persecutes you, demand of him some reason for his attitude.

By the year 2000, the entire world will know about the Unification Church; soon enough, there will be no more opportunity to do home church. If Jesus could have lived beyond age 33, his next major effort would have been in Rome. My situation here in America has been like facing the modern-day Rome. Within the next seven years. at least, the accomplishments that should have been made by the time of Jesus' 40th year will be achieved. I have spoken out very boldly and strongly here and by doing so, I took many risks for myself and the movement's progress. Why have I done this? In this way, Jesus' inability to go to Rome and fight for God's purposes could be indemnified. These next seven years must be a successful period. Otherwise, communism would totally occupy the world and religion would be wiped out everywhere.

At this time, we have a direct connection with the highest realms of spirit world. All the great people there, including the founders of the world's major religions, are ready and eager to help in God's work. The direction of my prayers has changed greatly since last week. From now on. I am directly appealing to those highest spiritual realms and they are coming down to participate directly with us. Accordingly, your prayer should change, too. Your prayer can be strong and short, "Heavenly Father, whatever True Parents are planning, let it be done." And you, too, can directly ask spirit world to come and help you with your mission.

You must have the attitude that you will accomplish a total victory in your home church area. Leaving nothing for others to finish later. Don't expect True Parents to assist you; instead, have the attitude that you will invite the True Parents to come and receive joy and glory at the successful completion of your home church work. With such confidence, you can call upon the spirit world and receive their direct help. Since you are in the subject position, you must work hard and feel responsible for your area; only then will the spirit world he able to assist you.

Anyone who scoffs and says that home church is not necessary is very wrong. If Americans don't fulfill this work, I will give it to the Africans. Once you have received your home church certification and ID card, you will be able to travel freely all over the world.

We are talking today about the completion of the ideal. What is the ideal? To be able to go anywhere in the universe freely. without any blocks or barriers. I have investigated during my entire life the best way to accomplish this ideal, and there is one unfailing formula: that of sacrifice, suffering and receiving persecution for the sake of goodness, and serving others with true love.

No person is so contented within himself that he can resist someone who brings true love to him. Whether they are white, black, or yellow, whether they are atheists or communists, all people are eventually attracted to the person who is genuinely trying to sacrifice himself for their sake. Total freedom comes to such a person.

Satanic attributes are jealousy, arrogance. self promotion, and sacrifice of the whole purpose for one's own sake. The "I" viewpoint is the center of the satanic mentality. However, such a viewpoint will never bring a person happiness; he will find himself alone and rejected by everyone, including his own spouse and family. You can see clearly that God's way is far superior to Satan's way.

All people, even the most selfish, would like to see a Utopia; but the road to that ideal can only be traveled by a life of service and sacrifice for the sake of others. The true ideal can never be achieved in a dreamy, unrealistic way. This simple principle of service and sacrifice will never change; the past, present and the future are within its realm. Not only this world, but also the spirit world is guided by this principle.

Therefore, you cannot work diligently in your home church area with the attitude that you just want to earn your own pass to Heaven. The purpose of doing home church is to send the people there to Heaven first, and in that way to go to Heaven yourself. Only an attitude of true love can enable you to do this. You must feel the desire to pass along all the blessings you have received. With such a heart-of sacrifice service and true love-you will be able to accomplish victory in home church. This is the Principle. We must be welcomed on earth before we can expect to be welcomed in the spirit world. So far, the Unification Church and Reverend Moon have not been welcomed in this country; we must turn that tide.

If you went to spirit world right now, you would know that what I am saying is absolutely true. People can serve God in many ways; perhaps a great architect might dedicate a beautiful building to God. But when you dedicate yourself to working in your home church area, that is the offering God is most eager to accept at this time. God's greatest pain was at the moment when He lost Adam and Eve through the fall; therefore, God's greatest joy will come when you offer back to Him your home church. By doing home church you are restoring yourself, or the position of Adam and Eve, the angelic world, and all things; and you are offering them back to God. It may seem like a small thing when you are doing home church, but it has the greatest meaning of all to God.

From this time forward, true family trees of goodness will begin. Your name will be written at the top of your family tree and from that point, your new family history will begin.

Never before has a plan of such magnitude been presented which can bring together the ideal and the real in a tangible, workable way. Certainly, before you go after a goal you must have a clear plan based upon valid reasoning and the confidence to carry it out. Now that you have a strong idea and a clear plan of action, you will probably encounter stronger opposition from the people wherever you go. Their opposition will be short-lived, however, and you will see that you can accomplish the same level of restoration as I did in a much shorter time.

All of us must move straightforwardly toward that goal of restoration; it is truly all that matters. Of course, you have to think of your Blessing and tend to your children and families, but which is truly the most significant-the home church work or your personal life? Surely home church work is more important than anything else in God's dispensation. if you worked diligently doing home church all you' life. but could never receive the Blessing, you would have a wonderful life once you got to spirit world. You could call out to me and I could take you directly to the home of the True Parents and give you your free pass to Heaven. But if you came to spirit world without having done home church work, you would not be able to receive any pass or certification.

I want to teach you all the things you need to know to get to Heaven; I don't want you to blame me later. No one can force you to do home church. God would like to take you to Heaven regardless of what you do, but Satan will not let you go without some condition. Therefore, let us all go forward together toward the total completion of the ideal. Since each of you is blessed with the privilege of being the child of True Parents, you are related to them. Even though everyone looks different-some of you have fair skin and blonde hair and some of you have dark skin and black hair-every part of you is related with the True Parents. Since this is the case, whatever makes God sorrowful must make you sorrowful, and whatever brings joy to God must make you rejoice. This must be your life-in action as well as thought.

Now you know how important it is to do home church. Raise your hands if you are determined to do it. God bless you.

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