The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1982

God And Us

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 1, 1982
World Mission Center
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

Throughout history mankind has been pondering the fundamental question of whether or not God exists. But history has developed until the present time without a definitive answer being found to that question. However, if God exists and is a personal God as well, whatever God may think and plan is the ideal which all mankind ought to seek. Therefore, the most basic question of man's life revolves around whether or not God exists and what is the true relationship between God and mankind.

Considering the question of whether or not God exists, let us for the time being think philosophically about ourselves, or "I". Do "I" exist and how do I know that I exist? Historically philosophers have held differing views. Some have asserted, "I think, therefore I am. I cannot doubt that I doubt." But what is the origin of thinking? Some say thought comes from the brain, while others assert that man's spirit is the origin of his thought. But whatever the origin of thought, man himself has a separate origin, so we have to consider the two questions separately.

Many people believe that man came into being through an evolutionary process. This is an expedient explanation but it cannot actually be the fundamental one. Even evolution must have had an origin somewhere. Did the animal become a human through an evolutionary process? Where is the origin of man's spirit, mind, and thought within the animal? Where did human thought begin in the evolutionary process? Did animals have any spiritual ancestors?

The simplest organism is the one-celled amoebae. Suppose the amoebae has the capacity of a simple consciousness. How then did that simple consciousness evolve into the sophisticated human mind? Did the noble spirit of mankind evolve from that little organism? It is not very logical to assume such a thing. There must have been some point in the process of the development of man's body when the human spirit came into being. We know that the capacity of the human mind is tremendous. Are we to believe that elements of greater and greater thought were added bit by bit to the simple consciousness of the amoebae until we reached the human mind and spirit? That is the logic of evolution.

Does the amoebae, the beginning point of the evolutionary theory, contain the energy necessary to propel itself forward into a higher form of being? If not, that extra energy must be supplied from the outside. Who is in a position to supply the energy necessary to make one object into another object? Observers of the phenomenon of evolutionary development do not try to figure out this question. They only observe the end result and call it evolution. But if we look more deeply into the internal aspect, we conclude that there must be some additional source of energy besides the object which is changing.

When amoebas collect in greater numbers do they somehow produce the human spirit? Even the simple amoebas do have an external form and an internal aspect. These internal and external aspects work together as a joint unit, with the internal aspect behaving as the central point.

There are two major schools of philosophical thought: materialism, which considers matter as the essence of the universe, and metaphysical idealism, which considers spirit as the essence around which everything else in the universe revolves. The age-old philosophical question is whether consciousness precedes existence or existence precedes consciousness. From an external observation, it would seem that existence came before consciousness. But from the internal point of view there was an awareness or a consciousness first, from which sprang being or existence. Depending upon how this question is answered, two entirely different viewpoints emerge. On one side is the materialist philosophy and on the other the acceptance of God. In between these two extremes there are thousands of different theories.

Between these two opposing viewpoints, call them "internal" and "external", struggles arise. It is very important to determine which came first, consciousness or existence, and which is subject and which is object. When we can discover the order of their appearance, we can understand the overall order of things, and there is no need for struggle. But if we believe that matter and spirit coexist on an equal level there will always be struggle. Marxism is founded on the belief that the universe sprang from the essential element of material and that consciousness is a by-product of matter.

The basic component of matter, the atom, can be broken down into smaller and smaller particles. Within the atom is the neutron and the proton with the electron circling around it. The proton occupies the center and is in the subject position; however, within the proton there is another give-and-take action and further breakdown is possible. All the elements coming together began with some motion. Did they all begin their motion at the same time or was there some order? Whichever particle initiated the motion had to become the subject.

The central point of the atom, the nucleus, was the initiator of the movement within the atom. Within the amoebae the same thing applies. It contains an internal nucleus character and an external, orbital character. Each of the billions of cells within the human body has a nucleus as well.

The concept of a "center" requires the existence of four directions. As on a graph when one has four points, there is a point central to the four. The nucleus of a cell is in the center. If the cell is not a perfect circle but is an oval shape, there still must be a balanced central point within. What purpose is served by that center? The central position determines the location of the axis; it is the position of the starting point. Without it nothing can move.

There are 104 different types of atoms and the shapes of each of the 104 atoms are different. The determining factor for the shape and characteristics of each atom is its nucleus. Even for the smallest atom there is still a center which determines its shape and characteristics.

The characteristics of the nucleus determine the substance of the outer body, so the central nucleus is the key determining factor for the entire being. This is true in the development of the different forms of existence. As atoms congregate and move together into different types of nuclei, the outward characteristics become markedly different. In one direction there is the vegetable world, in another, the animal world, in another, the mineral world. The central nucleus character is determined first then the outward phenomenon, or the external form, is determined.

However, evolution rests on the assumption that the development of life just happened-by chance or accident on its own, automatically. But there is no way for such development to occur automatically. When there are two different types of nuclei there will be two different types of external forms. For example, no matter how hard a radish and a Chinese cabbage try, the radish cannot become a Chinese cabbage and the cabbage cannot become a radish. It is impossible for them to come together and produce some new form of life. They have totally different types of nuclei with totally different characteristics. Unless the elements of the nucleus are changed, the external forms cannot be changed.

The shape of the monkey and the human being resemble each other. Other animals, such as the dog. the cat, the cow have eyes, noses and ears just as humans do. But does that mean that the cow can become a man and the man can become a cow? No, because the determining factor of any existence is its nucleus, the center. Humans have the internal determining factor of humanity; cows have the cow-determining factor; dogs have the dog-determining factor. As long as those nuclei are different, no matter how much effort is spent on external unity, they can never become interchangeable.

To begin with they are different items, monkey and man. The monkey has a monkey-determining factor and the man has a man-determining factor. They have entirely different purposes. as well. It we try to come to the conclusion that the monkey automatically evolved into a man, it doesn't hold true.

The nucleus is the core and the subject; it is in the position to relate in all four directions. It can exert influence in all four directions and can receive energy from all four directions. It can determine its own character. In other words, it shapes its substance. With this concept of a core-nucleus, the internal and external aspects of man can be understood. The theory of evolution cannot explain the internal and the external because it has no understanding of the core.

The elements might not have occurred in all four directions at the same time. Maybe they began with one direction; but ultimately they covered the entire four directions. The four directions of east, west, north and south have different characteristics from each other.

Every essential element of matter has a different origination point. Between the nucleus and the objective body, the nucleus comes first in the subject position and it determines the nature of the objective body.

Even though it is invisible, the internal is first. Whoever takes the initiative becomes the subject. For example, in order for those of you sitting in the front row to get here first, you had to have motivation and take the initiative to get here earlier than others. The motivation for an action comes from within the nucleus, the center point. You determined in your thinking that you wanted to be here first on the front row. The motivation came from a nucleus, the idea, and it pushed your body to do it. Your body did not push your mind to come here early. Since that core-nucleus exists prior to objective embodiment, the internal occurs before the external. That core makes the external embodiment possible, not vice-versa. This same principle can be applied everywhere. The internal reality and internal character is first and is in the subject position.

The theory of evolution falls apart simply because evolution cannot explain how one nucleus changes itself into another nucleus. Imagine a scientist in his laboratory commanding several elements with differing nuclei to come together the way he wants them to. No matter how many times he shouts at those nuclei, unless there is a certain element of mutual interaction or possibility for reciprocal relationship, those nuclei will defy him and will not come together. Knowing this, how can we be convinced when people try to tell us that the universe developed according to the theory of evolution with things happening by accident? How can we believe that life just came rolling down the line and mankind happened to come about? There must be some source of power, will and initiative, some universal nucleus-idea which is the governing factor of the entire universe.

Let's analyze the existence of Reverend Moon. Is he the result of some evolutionary accident or was there some nucleus or will of Reverend Moon that expanded to become the substantial Rev. Moon? The nucleus, the essence of Reverend Moon, went through the process of gathering up the substance of Rev. Moon. The Rev. Moon nucleus has its own characteristic. Therefore, liking and disliking, willing and not willing, everything is determined by that central nucleus of character. It is, therefore, different from others; it is unique. That nucleus character exercises the power to gather and create what is to become the actual Rev. Moon. Rev. Moon's nucleus has already determined the size and character of Rev. Moon, so Rev. Moon cannot go beyond his own characteristic nucleus, nor can he become any less than the nucleus requires. Exactly what the nucleus was, Rev. Moon became. Nothing can be added to it because it would be foreign. Unless the nucleus ordered certain substances they would not become a part of Rev. Moon. Once the character requires certain elements then they must become part of the substance of that body. But unless the nucleus dictates it, no matter how much other elements try to enter into that character, they will not be accepted. They will always be foreign.

In a way, all men are "cells" for some universal nucleus character; they are a part of something bigger than themselves. But the central characteristic of man is heart and this central characteristic is common to all. This is why each is a part of the human family; we are a cohesive group. Man is man. We cannot mingle and relate equally with the animal world because we are human beings and they are animals.

As humans we have a common character working within us. We strive for betterment and we pursue goodness. Because these strivings are common to all men, we continually reach out for new horizons, for greater and higher universal character; in other words for something better, some way to progress. Since such character distinctly exists within the common human nucleus, the whole of humanity continually moves itself toward betterment.

Because there is a common human search for goodness and betterment, there is something bigger than our own character within the universal character. As a collective group we recognize that there is some greater nucleus; we recognize ourselves as objects to that greater subject. The human consciousness involves this collective effort to reach out to that universal consciousness. Because of our human consciousness, we can reach out to that greater consciousness and we can communicate with it.

In that way universal consciousness becomes subject and we become its objective body, the substance of that universal consciousness. We are glad to become the objective consciousness of that nucleus consciousness. We want to communicate; we want to align ourselves with that central consciousness. Man stands uniquely as the microcosm of the macrocosmic universe.

The human body is composed of many different kinds of cells. Also the different races of man can be represented in the cells of one body. An example would be the cells in the whites of the eyes, representing white people. The dark cells on the sole of the foot might represent the black people. All are making up the one body, simply in a different location. Who could say that the cells of the whites of the eyes are superior to the cells on the bottom of the foot? All human cells are equally valuable, working for the same purpose and serving a joint will. How about husband and wife? From the universal point of view, husband and wife are like two cells which are next to each other and have close give and take- virtually one cell.

From this universal point of view all human beings are equal. We have a common nature which belongs to that one universal nucleus consciousness. Among all the billions of human "cells" there must be a certain harmonizing factor which brings people together peacefully. This is the power of love. The power of love is like a thread between every cell making smoothness and harmony. In a way, love is like glue, binding and cementing together all the cells of humanity. This is why love is universal and love is good. The action of love is ultimate. Therefore' without love everything would fall apart. The action of love unites subject and object and mind and body.

Without love the interaction between subject and object is very clumsy. However, with the power of love we can experience total freedom of action, and freedom of movement between east and west, north and south. In a way love is a shocking intoxication which can make everybody drunk. That is why love is good. There is a drunkenness which comes from drugs or alcohol, but this is merely an artificial and momentary intoxication.

Because of the power of love differing individuals are pulled together, particularly men and women. Men love women and women love men. Within the action of love no one can remain dulled; it is like connecting to an electric circuit. One becomes totally electrified through love. Love must go to the nucleus because when the nucleus is activated the whole self become excited. Love penetrates to the nucleus-center and the entire objective body is activated. True man is the center of true love; thus. when true love activates the nucleus of a man all his actions will be true Love will "turn you on" and true love will turn you on truly.

If man is to pursue the action of true love, he must recognize the nucleus first. Love must first go through the nucleus turning on every cell. Therefore. in order to fulfill and consummate love, we first have to recognize the existence of the nucleus, the center.

In terms of consciousness and existence indeed it is within the consciousness that the internal character, the nucleus, is created. This must be recognized. When we are pursuing ideals and love, we must first give recognition to the existence of the nucleus-both the individual nucleus and the universal nucleus. Thus consciousness comes first; will, idea and thought come before existence.

The true man is the person who realizes true love. The only way of becoming a true man is to connect yourself with the truth of the universe, that central nucleus of consciousness. When people find a true man, they compete with each other to establish a relationship with him. He is like a magnet pulling everything from all directions, and he has a relationship with all the rest of the world.

This explains God very plainly and beautifully. Who is God? God is the center and nucleus of true love. He is a personal God and He has a personality. The personal God becomes my God, my personal God; in this way I become one with the universe. This core of love of God is a requirement for unification. God is the subject of love, spreading out His wings under which all of His creation can gather in His embrace. Through the force of His true love, all things of the universe are pulled towards Him. as if by a magnet.

We exist for the fulfillment of love, in order to become a perfect object for that perfect subject. Thus. the universal circle can be drawn; the central circle is God where the nucleus, will, and love exist. This love can radiate in all directions, in 360 degrees. The amazing and beautiful part of this is that even if God is almighty, without His object. mankind, He cannot fulfill His ideal and goal of love. Therefore, we become an indispensable existence in the sight of God.

Love is a magnetic force. When you recognize love you are immediately pulled towards it. Your eyes become crazy at the sight of love; your nose becomes excited at the smell of love. In other words, love turns your eyes on. it turns your nose on, it turns your ears on. But usually when people talk about love they only talk about horizontal love between men and women. However. that is not the ultimate love which we are talking about. We are talking about the love which connects us to the nucleus center, God, and the true love of God. The ultimate goal of human life is that central nucleus of love. In order to reach it we need the horizontal love between husband and wife. For this reason the love between husband and wife is precious. since it brings them into unity and into a relationship with that universal love. We should know that the ultimate position of man and the ultimate purpose of life is a living relationship with the nucleus, which is God. We have to love as husband and wife in order to link up with that nucleus of love.

The Divine Principle talks about the universal prime force. The universal prime force is that very power which can link you to the central nucleus of love. Prime force is the energy which brings everybody into unity with the nucleus. This is absolutely logical. This is the way the universe was created and has been developing.

Internal existence comes first before external form. The ideal essence of love comes through the nucleus and touches all the substance of phenomena, which is the created, objective body. In other words, consciousness precedes existence. People may reply, "I cannot believe such a thing because I cannot see consciousness." How can you prove it, then?

You can use the analogy which I use all the time, the eye. Who created the eye? Your father had an eye, your grandfather had an eye, your great-grandfather and so on. Somewhere in your family tree, there must have been a first eye somewhere. Do you think that particular eye must have thought, "I want to be this shape, this color."? Maybe the first eye was such a genius that it designed itself, thinking, "I must be capable of turning. I will be very sensitive, so I need some kind of covering. There might be water coming down, so I need an eyebrow to divert it. Maybe there will be dust in the air, so I need eyelashes." Do you think the eye recognized that it would be living in an atmosphere with dust so it would need eyelashes? The eye must have been designed by someone who realized that the eye was going to be functioning in this particular atmosphere. But whether by its own will or not, the eye is designed in such a way to adjust to an atmosphere where there is wind and rain and dust. Do you think the eye could have calculated all that? If it didn't, there must be some other will which knows more than the eye, which designed everything for the eye. There must be some consciousness in the universe which already knew that moisture would evaporate from the surface of the eye, so there had to be some liquid which would lubricate the surface. Do you think the eye knew all that and determined everything? Thus before the creation of the eye. there was a will. a consciousness, and a purpose which determined exactly the environment in which the eye would be functioning and how the eye should be made. Do you recognize that there must have been such a will?

In my student days, there was a lot of discussion about God and my opponents said, "There is no God. Existence came first; I believe in evolution." I would counter their arguments. When I got to the eye argument and used these analogies, everyone would surrender.

Why is there hair inside your nostrils and ears? Somebody thought this out. In other words, there is some universal mind or consciousness capable of figuring out things in advance and making a blueprint in order to coordinate everything. Before an object is made. coordination is done. in spite of this evidence of incredibly detailed planning for the creation of man. some people still say, "No! man evolved by accident; you are the byproduct of some accident." Do you accept that?

Thought or consciousness comes before everything. The ideal thought is centered upon true love. The fulfillment of true love is the purpose of that ideal thought. The Unification Church has truly penetrated to the depths of this universal truth. That is a miracle; that is a joy!

Where does our existence come from? God's ideal is the universal subject; the center of that ideal is true love. The fulfillment of the ideal of love is the purpose of creation. Therefore, everything was designed by God under this plan for the purpose of the fulfillment of love. That is the way men and women are designed and that is why we were created.

Why are men attracted to women? That's the step to reach the ideal of love. Why are women attracted to men? It is an inevitable step in the search for the ideal of love. The people who marry and divorce freely are behaving like animals and have no way to connect with the eternal nature of the love of God. Everything God has created is based upon the eternal quality of love. Some people go after carnal knowledge or physical love, love "just for fun," using their bodies for the consumption of love. This is terrible. Such catastrophic love should be removed from mankind.

Do you want momentary love or eternal love? You want eternal love because the central nucleus of love is eternal; you can connect to that nucleus through eternal love. Therefore, only love can remain throughout eternity. Your body will not remain; it comes and it will go. but your love endures. This is why some of the greatest masterpieces of literature throughout history have been portraits of love.

We are not the by-products of evolution, but we are created beings and ideal harmonized creatures. Would you prefer to be a creature of ideal harmony or would you like to be a product of evolution? Would you like to be the cousins of monkeys or the children of God? Why do you want to be the children of God? If you are to be the cousin of the monkey you are linked with the monkey which doesn't know true love, only physical love. God alone has true love; God alone has eternity. Can you imagine going to the zoo, looking at the monkey cage and bowing down to them saying, "I revere you, my ancestors." Does anyone do that?

It has become clear to us now that the origin of all existence was thought and mind which formed the universal nucleus. The universe is heading toward the fulfillment of true love. We have to recognize that there is a universal consciousness, a universal thought, that wants to fulfill this ideal of love throughout the universe. We call Him God. This is a logical, modern and scientific conclusion. It is not mystical or superstitious. It's a fact that we are reaching together toward God.

We must recognize: "I do need a subject. I must relate myself to the thought of that subject. Therefore, I pray to God, I believe in God, I know God. I am a part of God." That must be our way of thinking. God is the subject and we are His objects. We are God's cells. When we become objects to God we unite with our subject in an inseparable relationship. You cannot ask for any better way of life than this. By uniting yourself with the subject, you fulfill the ideal aspiration that all men have in common for the greatest goodness. This nobility of goodness and the fulfillment of highest virtue can only come through the fulfillment of love. What is your answer now, is there a God or not?

Every morning when I get up, I wash my face, looking in the mirror. Every morning I am totally intoxicated by my own face, not because it is anything special but because of Who designed this face. It must have been a genius! How could He put the eyes like that, the nose, the mouth, the ears? Is there any better way of making the combination? I cannot think of any improvement. How about putting the two eyes in the center where the nose is or extending the nose up to the forehead? How about bringing the eyes down to where the mouth is and placing the mouth higher?

The position of the eyes, the nose and the mouth all have Divine Principle meaning. First of all the eyes in the highest position represent God. The nose represents Adam and Eve; one nostril representing man and the other woman, united in the center. The forehead represents God's ideal extending down to the eyes and nose. The mouth is horizontal and represents all things of creation, all creatures. The bridge of the nose reaches to the highest point. Thus, the face is symbolic of the universe. Adam and Eve are in the center, standing at the highest position in Creation reaching up to God. What about God? God has the creeper position, so you have to look deeply into the eyes. You will find God hiding behind deeper things. The mouth represents all the things of creation, so you have 32 teeth, the product of 4 times 8, significant numbers of creation. Ears represent the four directions.

Then you have a body and two legs and two arms. The foot has three joints and your fingers have three joints as well. The thumb has only two, however; the thumb represents God. When a baby is inside the womb, its fist is clenched with the thumb hidden inside. The thumb is hidden, because God is hidden within the universe. Altogether we have twenty-four joints in the two hands, with God hiding in the center. In all the universe and all creation God's central masterpiece is man. That is how God feels about man; man is the most precious piece of all His creation.

There are similarities among all the animals and man as well because there was a certain basic process of which they were all a part. Externally God made use of previous experiences in successive creations. But man's internal character is totally different because he is a totally new creation. God created a whole variety of nuclei but on their own they cannot come together. There is one universal force outside of them which brings everything together and binds them into oneness.

By now we know that God exists and we certainly need Him. Once this fundamental awareness is revealed to us all kinds of theories and principles can be derived. The Principle of Creation explains what the world was made to be; the Principle of Restoration explains why the world is the way it is and how God has been working to restore man since the fall. This is the understanding the Unification Church is bringing. The Divine Principle of the Unification Church embraces all the phenomena of the universe and all historical phenomena to fulfill the ideal of unification through the way of restoration. To make a long story short, Reverend Moon's ultimate method is home church.

Home church is where we create a base for the love of God. All human beings can come together in this ground. We have talked about the True Parents, their heart, God's heart, and so forth, but you don't really know them until you do home church. An early Korean member came and told me that the Korean members are all dispersed in different regions doing home church. It almost seems as if the church disappeared and became inactive. But that is the wrong concept; unless we have individual perfection in the area of home church, how can we talk about the, perfection of the whole'.> We must start with individual perfection. Without going through the home church providence you cannot link yourself with me. We have been talking today about very deep theological and philosophical ideas, but if you just do home church you will know what I mean.

Where will we meet God? In the perfection of home church we have the meeting ground for ourselves and God. In order to perfect the universe, we need to create an altar, and home church is that altar. I can guarantee you that when you create this altar of home church, you will meet God there. I assure you of this. Now you know God, you know you need God and you know where to meet Him.

Once you really know God-really and truly, not just in concept-you cannot do anything to hurt Him. If everyone knew God, not just by his reason but in his heart, no one could commit a crime, no one could hurt anybody. Your own eyes would be the watchdog of God. If there were anything evil or bad within your mind, when you looked into the mirror, your eyes would judge you and force you to repent. Have you ever considered that when you look into the mirror the person in the mirror is God, watching over you? If you commit crimes or sin, how can you say to your leg, "Work for me"? How can you order your hand to feed your mouth if you are doing evil? The mouth would have no right even to open to receive the food. When he is eating a meal, if a criminal opens up his spiritual senses he will discover that the food is protesting, "Oh NO!! I don't want to go into that mouth! You are a thief; I don't want to go into your stomach and become your nourishment."

But on the other hand when you are a good, God centered person working for the sake of your fellow man, the food wants to be your nourishment. All the things of creation, food included, want to become a part of God. When you are godly, then they want to be eaten and get inside you, for then they can become a part of God. Even animals can be killed and eaten by you when you are a man of God.

There are two totally different types of human beings: one is the animal-type and the other is the noble, God centered human being. You are making a determined effort to become perfect, isn't that right? Do you do so only out of duty, or do you do it from your own initiative? We are in the process of linking with the eternal God, who is the center of eternal love, and by doing it we are immortalizing ourselves. We become immortal beings by uniting ourselves with the immortal center. Perfection must come while we are engaged in life here on earth.

If it hadn't been for the fall of man, everyone would have been born in this position and within their lifetime they could have perfected themselves in their relationships.

Then they would have gone to the spirit world; that was the blueprint of God's creation, as you know. Within our lifetime here on earth, we have a golden opportunity. If you miss this opportunity, you will lose this position forever. When you think of it, nothing else really matters. You want to invest your energies during this lifetime for the perfection of yourself and your relationship with God. That is the most essential and all encompassing aspiration of life. Think, "I will become a person in whom God takes delight because I will perfect my love and become an inseparable part of God." When you are in that position, how joyful you are! There is no other position, no better aspiration than this. Even becoming President of the United States or President of the world would not even come close.

No one in history could have imagined that this was possible. It's unbelievable that it has been done in one lifetime. I could have become "somebody" in society if I had aspired to that. But I gave up everything for this one way, this one purpose. By fulfilling this one thing, you will fulfill everything, not only for your own sake but for the sake of the whole world. How can you find any better way than this?

It is such a poignantly gratifying realization that the ideal God is real and that He is searching after us. He's not just sitting apathetically on His throne and enjoying Himself, but is coming down and reaching out for us. As much as we need God, He needs us too.

People experience great joy in their family relationships, but sometimes tragedy strikes and a husband or wife can die suddenly. But you don't have to worry about the death of your husband if he has lived for the sake of God. If both of you are pursuing that one central, universal way of life and you know that you are doing the right thing, you will never be separated from your husband, wife or loved one. The reason why I push you out to fund raise on the MFT, for instance, is that those experiences can shorten your path to reach that awareness of God.

When you work all day long, you don't want to spend money on yourself but you need to give energy to your body so you can continue. Therefore, you might go into McDonald's and order a hamburger for $1.75. It's a simple meal, but it is precious, and you feel grateful and pray, "Thank you, Heavenly Father. I need this McDonald's hamburger to renew my energy." How wonderful! Even if there is no seat for you to sit in, the food will be delighted to come into your body because you are a person of God. When everything you do represents God's world, that hamburger will love you and want to be part of you. How lovely and joyful! If you just gobble it up in one big gulp, the hamburger won't complain. It will be happy.

Compare yourself today to the person you were before becoming a member of the Unification Church. Can't you feel a world of difference? You have gone through a priceless transformation in your goals and your spiritual state. You could never buy this with money. The position you are in is precious.

You Unification Church members love Reverend Moon, but you don't like to be called "Moonies," do you? If you really love Reverend Moon, you will love to be called a "Moonie." When Rev. Moon is the nucleus, you are objects to him. This is our subject and object relationship. If you really know and love the nucleus, then you love everything about it.

It is our aspiration and our desire to meet God, to live with God and have Him dwell with us. When you connect yourself with the eternal love of God, you and God become inseparable beings for eternity. When you are connected with the God's love, your hand radiates spiritual light. Your whole body is like a spiritual light bulb when you truly become the embodiment of God.

Every cell of yours is totally satisfied when the love of God surrounds you. When you are enjoying sleeping, you feel you want to sleep forever; when you are dancing, you want to dance forever. You don't want to be separated from the source of joy; and that is like the love of God. While you are here on earth you must experience the ecstatic joy of love. You've got to do that; that is really perfection.

Then when you lose your body of flesh you can easily be pulled right up, as if by a big magnet, to God in heaven. You will be like a little piece of metal flying up directly into the magnet of God's bosom. There is an eternal magnetic field of love and you are a part of that; for eternity you cannot separate yourself from the origin of love. Every single element of the creation is heading that way, longing to become a part of that field of love. They will come to you and want to stay with you. That is what we call the ideal world, and that ideal world is a reality. That ideal world is within our reach. We have to apply ourselves 24 hours a day. When you think of it, with this aspiration there is no way you can get tired. Even death would not be enough to stop you. When you fulfill yourself and then death comes, you will be liberated into absolute freedom, and your maneuverability will become unlimited. It's an exciting life. I don't want to talk about it too much or you'll get too excited!

Let us prepare a package of love and go to meet God. Home church is the launching pad - a "Love Apollo." You have a big launching pad. and you must create lots of love. You have to create lots of Acts of the Apostles in your home church area, and make lots of journeys of love. Make your life dramatic, ultimately exciting; persecution is not necessarily bad. Those of you who can say, "I want to create a package of love and I want to meet God in the home church area," raise your hands. Amen. God bless you.

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