The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1982

The Vibration Of True Love

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 30, 1982
World Mission Center
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

As I look at you, your faces are so beautiful. Many times when I look at the beauty of men and women I wonder whether there was any way that Heavenly Father could have created us better than we are. What would make a man more handsome or a woman more beautiful? I have imagined making the two eyes totally round, the nose square, the ears upside down, and wondered whether that would make a person more beautiful. But every time I come to the conclusion that no one can improve upon the way God made men and women.

Truly each one of you is a masterpiece of God's creation. Some men and women may wonder why they couldn't be prettier or more handsome. But don't think that way; you are God's masterpiece. No matter what, God worked very hard to make you just as you are. Even if someone condemns himself as ugly, when you look at that person you can find some special characteristic that nobody else has.

Basically, Heavenly Father has only four items to work with: eyes, nose, mouth and ears-and furthermore, He always has to put them in the same area. But still in that limited realm, God created an infinite variety of faces! God uses only four items to create the human face but no two of them are identical; each is unique. So there is an incredible mysterious beauty among the four billion people out there. Each face is different, although it has the same four components. I cannot think of any better miracle. Suppose you were given the task of taking eyes, nose, mouth and ears and combining them to come up with four billion different faces. Could you do it?

When I consider those four billion faces, the mystery is so great that I am filled with a feeling of awe. There is no way to avoid feeling gratitude and awe, surprise and shock at this fact. I always feel that it is our duty to live with confidence and pride in being a masterpiece of God's creation.

Have you ever thought about a world that was filled with only women, lacking men-a "no-man's land"? No matter how beautiful and well-dressed a woman might be, if there are no men around she has no flavor or joy in living. I am very sure of one thing: if there were no men around, no matter how much people might pressure you to put on make up, you wouldn't do it; there would be no incentive.

When we think about it, it would be the greatest calamity if the world were filled with only women and no men. Or imagine another situation: suppose there were two billion women in the world and only one man. There would definitely be war after war among the women, all fighting over that one man. There would be nothing but struggles, battles, and conspiracies all focused on the one goal to occupy that one man. Women, you don't like war, do you? But if there were only one man, would you just sit still or engage in some kind of war? What would be the natural thing to do? On the other hand, suppose it were an all-men's world with only one woman. It would be the same situation.

It is a miracle and our good fortune that God distributed men and women evenly in the world. There are enough men for the women and enough women for the men. Suppose there was an entire country populated only by men and another populated only by women. Eastern philosophy is generally centered on men so everyone there looks forward to having a baby boy. Everyone wants a son, but suppose God answered all their wishes and gave them nothing but sons. What would happen? You Americans, would you want a son first or do you feel it doesn't matter? American women said sons, American men said sons, and Eastern culture says sons. But if God answered all those prayers, what would happen? Wise men do not pray that kind of prayer, knowing that it is useless. People give birth, but God controls the balance; around the world, the population of men and women is about the same. This is another great miracle.

It is the greatest of all miracles that we are alive today. Life is mysterious and the mysterious element is beyond man's control; somebody else must be controlling it. Those who possess high goals and high ideals look for some mystic or mysterious element. People want and look for miracles. But we are eyewitnesses to the greatest miracle of all: the four billion people living on this earth. We look at ourselves and life today as mysterious, as a miracle. When you look at one person, look at him or her as the source of wonder, God's creation, a miracle of which you are an eyewitness.

Every one of you has a broadcasting station in your brain. You emit waves all the time, but the colors of waves vary from one person to another. The variety of these waves makes for harmony; they don't repel each other but rather create a universal harmony. The vibrations you impart are not narrow. In other words, there are no white vibrations which look for only white persons. These vibrations go around the whole world and try to embrace the world and everything that God created. That vibration will go to the Oriental people and embrace the Orient, then go after black people and embrace them. This vibration creates a sense of harmony and unity.

However, in history man has been blocking and chopping off this harmonious vibration. This has been the greatest of all human crimes. Religions have been very narrow-minded also. Christianity sees a limited road from which one may not deviate. Religious people accuse each other of being heretics and much more. Nationalism is another example. There is a Japanese way of life, a German way of life and a Korean way of life without flexibility. People are boxing themselves in, blocking themselves off from infinite possibility.

What kind of history does God want? He wants a history of limitless possibility in which all vibrations go out, encircle the world and embrace everybody. That is the way God created His history, but it is man who has blocked history. We must discover where in the world we can find people of true freedom, of true vibrations.

Suppose you cut off the spiritual dimension and considered vibrations within the physical world only. Would these vibrations be limitless? The answer is certainly no. In the world today, where can we find people and an organization which vibrates not just in the physical world but also in the spirit world, in the vertical universe? Let us ask another frequently-asked question. What is the Unification Church and who are the Moonies? What is Reverend Moon trying to accomplish? Today we are gathered together for what is called True Parent's birthday. Here in this room we have an Oriental man and woman surrounded by Western people. We must find and define the meaning of this day. An Oriental man has won the hearts of people of the West and they joyfully come together for a celebration out of their own desire, not out of duty. It is amazing that Reverend Moon could come to America and somehow convince these bright and beautiful-looking young people to follow this way of life. Deprogrammers try to pull them away, but it doesn't work because the tie that joins us is love.

I am sure you will agree that this is an extraordinary event. Another way of describing this scene is that an Oriental man gave out a vibration that encompasses the Western world, the Western mind and Western people. This is a religious phenomenon, but the amazing thing is that it is a very unusual religious phenomenon. Even in the field of religion this has not often occurred.

Everybody has heard about major newspapers collapsing, for example the Washington Star and the Philadelphia Bulletin. Every day we hear that the Daily News, the greatest tabloid paper in New York City, is dying. Then people hear that Reverend Moon is trying to create a new newspaper in the face of all these newspaper failures. Those companies which are collapsing are strictly business-minded enterprises, concerned about the destiny of the company and the fortunes of one or a few individuals. They have no way to link their purpose to the nation or to the world. Therefore, no ,matter how big a company it may be, it can only grow within the realm of individual enterprise, individual wealth and company success. Their business philosophy is that when their enterprise or their fortunes are damaged, they fold.

The starting point is different with me. We are not beginning a new newspaper for any person's or any organization's glory. We are doing this for the purpose of God, the purpose of the nation and the purpose of the world. Therefore, hard work and sacrifice can be made in order to achieve the higher goal.

Today we see Western civilization based on materialism. It has now hit a stone wall. Western civilization has filed bankruptcy. A new philosophy, a new civilization has to begin and carry on. That is where we are. We must realize that people are facing all kinds of bankruptcy-moral bankruptcy, business bankruptcy, family bankruptcy. But the Unification Church has a new goal and a new motivation. We know that the world needs help and true salvation is needed. No matter what, we are going to move forward, overcome the difficulties and obstacles and bring salvation to the rest of the world. That is our standard. We are imparting the vibration to encompass this nation and other nations around the world in order to bring about a positive change. We must be confident and proud of our position and our standard.

We have been talking about a new beginning, based upon a different motivation. What is the true motivation, goal and purpose of Reverend Moon? What is the image of True Parents? True Parents are the core vibration through which all the vibrations of the universe can be harmonized. All creation, all people and nations and the spirit world as well need this essential core through which they can have give and take with the universe.

An important consideration is what kind of vibration people impart. Are we talking about a money - gathering vibration? If money was the goal of vibration, poor people and nations would not deal with it. They would think it had nothing to do with them. The wealthy nations might like it, but all the underdeveloped nations would not want to have anything to do with such a vibration.

What about the power-craving vibration? That might be good for the ruling class, but for the people who are oppressed, suffering and disregarded, such a vibration of power would be hard to relate with.

Others might say that the ultimate vibration must be one of knowledge. Knowledge is the ultimate quest, they believe. People with high IQs might approve, but there are many more people who are not geniuses than those who are. Most of the world would respond, "The heck with it; go away."

Vibrations centering on money, power, or knowledge always lead to an imbalance. One side will be high, while another will be low. So the vibration of True Parents must be centered on true love. Many people think Reverend Moon is a swindler, gathering young people and brainwashing them. They think I am sitting behind a big desk pushing buttons, moving around thousands of robots. People are saying this and are trying to convince the rest of the world about this.

Since Reverend Moon has appeared a new chapter in the human experience has started. Parents have started kidnapping their own children. This could be either the most terrible incident in human history or the most joyful and incredible event. There is no middle ground for such a situation. And the amazing thing is that while the parents are trying to persuade their children to listen to them the children, even after 35 days of captivity, are singing and happy and something fills their hearts. If I were to tell you, "Go to your parents and stay with them," you might make a show of leaving but would return to the Unification Church and sneak in the back door!

The real judge of all this is the spirit world. As they look at your deeds, do they think it is right or wrong for you to stay with Reverend Moon and commit yourself to the Unification Church? Is the spirit world on the side of the deprogrammers or the Moonies? Is your answer an objective one? That means I can be mighty proud of you. No one has seen any man come from the Eastern part of the world to the West and have this kind of impact. This is probably the first and the last time that this will happen in America and the West.

True conscience is vibrating in the world of professors and eminent scholars. As far as intellectual ideals are concerned, they have the highest. In the religious world, theologians are the top thinkers without question. Those who hold power are in the ruling class, but even above them is the ruling class of the mind. In other words, the intellectuals are the governing class of the rulers because they govern their minds. That is the way society is. The amazing thing is that while the ruling class is trying to get rid of Reverend Moon, the people on the highest intellectual level are welcoming him with respect. This is the academic world.

Reverend Moon has been the first to bring together the scholars of the East and West and give them a new horizon, uniting the academic minds. No one else has done that. The time has come when scholars are ready to write about Reverend Moon's philosophy and movement. In the world today a miracle is happening: the scholars discover new hope, a new way of life, and a new philosophy that will give hope to the future world. Those people are ready to use their pens to testify to millions of people. They are bringing the attention of the world to a certain focus: Reverend Moon and his way of life, his philosophy and his movement.

In America there are evangelical meetings, individuals witnessing, home church, and so forth. Lecture teams of our members are giving comprehensive three-day workshops on the philosophy of Reverend Moon around the world. They call it Unificationism. After the three days, many people wrote their impressions of the training explaining, "I was a communist, but listening to Unificationism, I now have a new hope, a new ideology by which to live."

I spent several months in Germany. Scholars heard rumors of my visit to Germany. They wanted to see me so much, but I wanted to hide myself, wear humble-looking clothes, and go around looking like a laborer. I was living very unassumingly, just leading a humble, average way of live. But while I was doing this the impact of Reverend Moon was spreading all over the world, expanding faster and faster every day.

Many scholars who study my ideology testify that I have an intriguing, magnetic power, which pulls them to attend scholars' meetings sponsored by Reverend Moon even if they try to stay away. A similar thing happens to Unification members if they try to forget me and the Unification Church.

In the business world as well, I am a puzzle. Some newspapers say, "Reverend Moon is more than a religious leader; he is an industrialist." They look at me and try to analyze me from the business or enterprise point of view, but they still cannot figure me out.

Also, Rev. Moon has become a puzzle in the cultural world. After the Tenth ICUS in Seoul, Korea, renowned scholars were impressed by visiting the Little Angels School. I am now receiving letters from them saying, "Rev. Moon, I have come to understand your vision by observing your cultural activities."

A world-renowned ballerina came to Little Angels School and was totally impressed. She asked if she could organize an Asian ballet school at the Little Angels School.

This morning's talk almost sounds like an advertisement. But I feel that by a heart-to-heart talk with you people whom I love so much I can help you to understand what we are accomplishing and what we are fulfilling.

Before we talk about the True Parents let's talk about God. The most important qualification of God is that He is the common Parent of all mankind. When we speak of mankind, we are speaking of millions of different variations, types and levels of people. Being the Father for all man kind, black, white, yellow, easterners, southerners, men, women, this is not easy. Think about the women's world: both Eastern and Western, women like to talk a lot. God, as their common Father, has to listen to all their chattering. He decided that His best response to all the talking was simply silence. If He tried to answer back all the conversations, He would have worn out His lips a long time ago!

There are all kinds of people in the world-rich, poor, well-educated, ignorant, tall, short, sick people, suffering people. God must be the Father to all of them. All individuals, whether joyful or suffering, are trying to find some communication with their common parent, God. The Parent has to try to answer each individual and to meet his needs so that all can be satisfied.

You are looking at me and wondering what kind of life I have experienced. Do you think I went through my youth like you? Certainly you know I wasn't born 62 years old! What do you think I was doing when I was 17? Even before I was given my life's mission, I always had the heart that I wanted to be a friend to the suffering people in my village. When I was a boy, there was a rich, arrogant boy who always received a hard time from me. But those who were unfortunate and suffering were always my friends. If I heard that some household had no money to buy groceries, I considered it an emergency and I did everything possible to obtain some food for those people. Until I had done that I could not sleep. I wanted to be more than a friend; I wanted to be someone who could serve and help others. Between the ages of 20 and 30 which is considered the prime of youth, people normally want to dress well, and have pleasant experiences in life. But I lived in exactly the opposite way. I never wore a new suit; I always bought surplus clothing at thrift shops.

My hair never looked neat and attractive. I was always busy doing my mission. In those days I spoke very little, even though I knew that I had many valuable things to say. I determined to be silent and look very unassuming.

During the prime time of my youth I spent every day experiencing the most desperate, suffering situations in human life: labor camps, miners work, begging, dock workers, farmers, coal miners. I looked at every aspect of human life, even the world of prostitutes. I learned why women become prostitutes and why men go to prostitutes. I studied all the miseries of human life.

When I was a student in Tokyo, I rode on the railway looking for the places where the most miserable people were living. Even on rainy days I would get off the train and go and sit on the bench beside unfortunate-looking people and make friends with them. I always thought to myself, "What if this roan were my elder brother or my father and he was suffering on my account, what could I do for him?"

I observed the students at my university. They were always laughing, talking, and behaving very boisterously. I compared myself with them and thought, "Your laughter is meaningless; it has no weight. But through my silence and meditation, as I seek the solutions to life's problems, mankind will find new hope in the future." I knew that the silly gaiety of my fellow students would pass away like a puff of smoke, but the sorrow and sadness I was sharing with the miserable people of society would bring a new future for the world.

I want you to understand that to earn the title of True Parents is a very difficult task. The position of True Parents exists for the sake of mankind. To be qualified to be in this position one must be able to satisfy all the needs of mankind. The first qualification of the True Parents is to taste the suffering of humanity. This is how I spent my entire youth, going to the places of poverty and misery, visiting the homes of miners and laborers. Also, I acquainted myself with middle-class people and upper-class people.

In a way, I was a miserable person. I was totally alone; no one understood me or what I was trying to accomplish. Even my parents and brothers and sisters didn't understand me. Of course, Mother is always with me now, supporting me constantly, but even Mother doesn't know everything I envision for the future.

Throughout my life, I have been a pioneer charting a path that never existed before, one which no one had even thought to go before. In order to go that way I had to fight every day a lonely battle in tears and sweat. That path was full of difficulties by itself, but on top of that there was persecution and discrimination. In my village, even though I had never committed a crime, people began to wonder about me and I could not move about freely or live my life freely. Ordinarily, a person becomes a folk hero when he excels at all his activities and does deeds of kindness for other people. But my scale of thinking was far greater than just my village. I was thinking of the nation and the world. Because of that, I was completely misunderstood. People would laugh at me, point their fingers at me. They had no idea what my true motivation was.

My mother was the only one who was close to understanding me; of course, even she didn't understand everything. Sometimes I would reveal certain things to her. Most of the time, I would go to the tombs of my forefathers and speak to them, revealing my heart there. I could reveal my secrets there, knowing that all my ancestors in the spirit world were in a better position to understand what I was doing.

Once I undertook my life's mission, I encountered opposition on every level. My village opposed me, the society opposed me, and the nation opposed me. The most severe opposition came from established Christianity. Ministers and elders of the churches were pointing their fingers at me, accusing me of being a heretic, telling their parishioners, "Don't even go near Rev. Moon; he has a demon!" My relatives were mistreated simply because they were related to me. If I went to a village inn or to a restaurant, I was not welcome. I did nothing wrong and I committed no crime. All I was doing was pursuing the highest possible goal, which they could not understand. But I continued to lay the foundation step-by-step, in spite of all the opposition.

Under such circumstances, winning a true friend and creating a small organization was not easy. But the entire spirit world was always on my side. In the early days of the Unification Church nobody bore witness to anybody else. Members came to the Church through contact and guidance from the spirit world. If you have visited Korea, you have probably met our elder grandmothers in the Church. None of them came because someone invited them; they received revelations from spirit world directly and came on their own initiative to look for me.

My entire life can be described by one phrase: it has been a life in the shadows. Always I have been misunderstood and persecuted. I was the first Moonie and all of you are the contemporary Moonies. When I look at you I envy you very much; you are so free. Compared to the way I lived in my early days, you are literally living in the kingdom of Heaven. If I were in your position I could accomplish so much because you are in the optimum position to do great things. But when I see you with no determination and up and down in your spirit, it pains my heart.

Here in America your position is actually easier than mine. Yet most of you are thinking of all the things you want to receive from me. Very few are really telling me, "Father, please rest. Let me take over your burdens." Why do I still bear this kind of burden, since I could say that my job is now done? I carry this responsibility still because I am in the position of True Parent and my responsibility is to be the common parent to all. Even if some champion did come forward saying, "Father, I will outdo you," I feel that I cannot let that happen. As far as doing my mission of fulfilling the will of God, I will not fall behind any man under the sun. In order to do my mission, I have poured every ounce of energy into it from the beginning until the present. With such a serious attitude I have persevered through the first three 7-year courses and was able to consummate this victoriously and announce the home church crusade. Now we are moving into the second three 7-year courses.

My own base has been established and from that I can launch a spiritual offensive against the evil world. I have been attacked so many times from so many different directions. However, we are now going to take the offensive; but the offensive position is not one of revenge. We are going forward to bring salvation and this is the big difference. Our enemies' goals are simple: they want to destroy the Unification movement. But our goals are different; we want to save the world, including our enemies.

We have a Moonie heritage and we must be proud of that heritage. You should be proudly proclaiming your membership in the Unification church. We must be proud of the philosophy and the way of life which we are leading as Moonies. Maybe some of you still feel shame and fear when you think of the world knowing you as a Moonie. But if someone on the street is openly scornful of you as a Moonie. you should grab his necktie and speak right in his face: "What are you saying? What do you know about the Moonies?"

For a long time I have not spoken out plainly, but inside my heart I have harbored an iron-willed determination: "One day, I must vindicate the good name of God, the good name of the Unification Church and the True Parents." This has been my internal determination burning in my heart for my whole life. Wherever I go, I go with pride. Even when I went to prison, I became like a father to the other men there. When I went to the ocean, I went in the position of great strength in order to be a father to all the sea-going people. For seven years I went out to sea and no one else could tolerate the schedule-not the crew, not the guests. Some guests came and could not endure even one day. They would have to take a nap. Every morning, I would wake up the captain so that we could leave at 3:00 a.m. Many times the captain would fall asleep at the wheel as he drove the boat and I would have to take over. In the entire seven years, I only had to lie down in the cabin one time, because of a headache.

I persevered through the experience, hanging on, because I always knew I was in the subject position, the position of True Parent and I had to set the tradition for seamen, not only in the present, but for all the future as well.

For three years I poured all my energy and heart into the Unification Theological Seminary. I drove to Barry town every day or every other day for three years. Many times I would return at night but early the next morning I felt that I had to go back to Barrytown. I was pouring my heart and soul into it in such a way.

There are many different conditions of Unification Church members. There are some who say, "I am a Moonie, but I don't want to go to MFT." Others say, "I'm a Moonie, but I don't want to do home church." But I tell you, the conditional Moonie will not succeed.

Rev. Moon is the first ancestor of the Moonies, setting the tradition. God has His own tradition. I came to America declaring, "I am here to assume the responsibility of the worst problem." Since communism is God's worst problem today, I told God I wanted to take over that battle here in America. Also, I told God I wanted to take over the job of revitalizing religion in America, especially Christianity. Another terrible problem in America is the degradation of the young people. Therefore I asked God to let me restore the morality of the youth.

I feel that my responsibility is to bring nothing short of resurrection to these three major headaches of God. Thousands of graves are being dug each year to bury all the drug addicts in this country. I am putting enormous energy into solving this terrible tragedy; every bit of money, time and energy I can use to solve this problem, I do.

But because I have been pursuing this goal and you have been following me, I am persecuted and condemned and so are each of you. This must not continue. My key words to the world have been, "Wait and see." Do you want to wait and see too, or are you fighting Moonies, declaring war against all evils and iniquities? You should have the strong enthusiasm to vindicate God, to carry out the heavenly will. I am seeing so many good examples being set in the Orient. Can I expect you here in America to do the same? The hope of America lies in you people right here in this room and all those in the country who are working for this Principle. You will surely inherit my tradition and multiply it by thousands in order to give new life to America.

When you see people who are suffering, who are on the streets, who are sick, please look at them and think of me and compare yourself to my record of accomplishment. My entire life was spent suffering for the sake of God and humanity. The hardest kind of labor I experienced was digging tunnels for mining, but I mastered the work.

You must be unconditional in your commitment. It is a simple fact that in order to move forward in our movement we need money. You must be able to make money with your own effort. Nobody will give it to you. With my own hands I created the foundation for this movement. Economic problems will always be with you, but without solving economic problems you cannot fulfill God's dispensation.

If someone abandoned me on a desert island, I would know how to survive, even if there was nothing to eat but grass or the bark of trees or insects. I could devise a fishing pole out of simple materials and catch fish. I have absolute confidence that wherever I go, I can and will survive.

My strategy is to teach all of you how to overcome difficulties and out of those difficulties to learn how to prosper. There are two major areas of endeavor: first, the economic activities and second, human relationships. You get trained head-on in these two major areas. When I look at a man for the first time, I can tell what kind of a person he is. My major field of study has been human beings. According to a person's expressions and behavior I can see precisely what kind of person I am dealing with.

As Moonies, you have to be capable in these two areas. You must be successful in economic activities and you must be able to relate well with people. You must win people for God and lead the people. The third skill we must master is control over the spirit world. In order to do that you have to understand the way the spirit world works.

I have set the goal of a new tradition for America even though that new tradition may not be acceptable to contemporary Americans. I may be persecuted in the present day, but the time will come when America will respect and follow this tradition.

We are getting closer to our goal, particularly with our Washington Times project. The people of Washington, in spite of having the reputation for skepticism and cynicism, are certain that if Rev. Moon said he would do something, he will do it. Some people are trembling and fearful to hear that Reverend Moon's newspaper is coming to town. But others are happy and hopeful to see me coming.

For ten years, since I first arrived in the U. S., we have accomplished this much under incredible persecution. Imagine what we can accomplish in the next ten years. The sky is the limit!

When you look at the suffering people of our society, remember that my heart longs to be a father to those people. I'm sure you are persecuted, but remember that I have been persecuted a thousand times more. I have been hit, thrown in jail, tortured and almost killed. There have been violent attacks against me throughout my life. Do you lose your strength when someone comes against you and persecutes you? Suppose I had weakened during those early days of persecution in Korea. Suppose I had said, "I can't do any more, God. Please leave me alone; ask someone in America to help you." If I had said that there would be no world-wide movement today and you would never have heard the words "True Parents."

We are fighting all levels of iniquities. Our key words are "bold and strong." What about each of you; are you a kitten or a baby tiger? It is true that each of you is in the position of spiritual baby, but the important thing is what kind of baby you are. If you are a baby tiger then we have hope because you will grow up to become a tiger who can climb the mountains and roar down to the villages. As a baby tiger, you must follow the mother and father tiger. The baby tiger has to work very hard to learn how to be a big tiger. On the other hand a little kitten just cries and can't even get himself off the top of a chair. Kittens love to take naps lying on pillows in the sunny spot of the house. Ask yourself, are you a kitten or a baby tiger? As a baby tiger, you know that you have to be able to go up to the top of the mountain and survive even if you are thrown down into the valley.

Where does the tiger sleep? Is it on a comfortable and warm sofa or on top of a mountain, in the limbs of a tree, or on a rock? The tiger must live on the snow-covered mountain; that is his environment. But the kitten's environment is in the comfortable living room. Have you been seeking the comfortable life of a kitten? If so, you should repent and change. At midnight, the tiger must climb up the mountain to get to his bed. His path is cold and lonely; the sharp wind cuts through his ears, but he walks his lonely way with dignity and authority. Can you tell me, "Father, in order to preserve my dignity and authority I must have a king-sized bed with an electric blanket and a nice pillow?" That is not dignity. It's too bad I cannot sleep on the top of a mountain; if I did that the world would think it too strange. What I really want is to continue my tradition. I seldom sleep in the bed I now have and often fall asleep in a chair.

Today's sermon is about vibrations. The words I am speaking right now are vibrating all over the world and the spirit world. The entire spirit world is connected with our way of life. Your vibration is communicated over the entire world and you can communicate with all of creation. What a wonderful way of life! Even when you are fund raising, as you prepare your product, you can know that each item vibrates your love to the world giving your message of love to others. How dramatic that is!

The people of the secular world are pursuing their own aims. But here we are living and working for the sake of the world and the entire spirit world. You must think, "I am not just an average individual. I am a somebody whose actions echo throughout the world. and the entire world and the spirit world respond. God Himself is smiling upon me." When you throw a stone into a pond, the waves spread out from the point of impact all the way across the pond. Reverend Moon and the Unification Church are throwing stones into ever-bigger ponds, lakes, and finally the ocean. We have been making waves from the smallest to the cosmic level. That stone is the word of God of which I have been speaking. The time has come that whenever I say anything, even the communists debate among themselves as to what the true meaning is.

How blessed we all are. Look at us within this room: lots of laughter and beautiful, shining faces with the happy give and take of joy, inspiration, excitement and enthusiasm. Compare this room with the outside world. I'm sure that many of you only got a small amount of sleep last night and came here very early in the morning. On your fund raising teams you experience the worst of the severe winter weather and many of you have suffered from the cold. But even in those kinds of circumstances I'm sure you felt joy and determination. To eat well, dress well and have great social status are not necessarily the standards for happiness.

This celebration is because of Mother's and my birthdays. Some might think that we would be sitting around, receiving many gifts and enjoying the day in leisure. On the contrary, every celebration that comes brings me more work than ever. This past God's Day I spoke at midnight and by the end of that day I had given six long sermons for a total of eighteen hours. My legs were like poles stuck in the ground; they felt like they wouldn't move. But still I kept talking and walking and moving around. Many people think of me with pity, thinking that my life is miserable but I don't think I am miserable. I am a happy person because each deed I do vibrates with love. I can send out waves of love that will vibrate throughout the world.

The Unification Church is the church of vibration, the vibration of true love. You did not come here for the sole purpose of singing "Happy Birthday" to True Parents. I don't want you to come for that. I want you to become somebody. Become a Moonie of true love vibration. From today, as a birthday gift take back with you the vibration of true love. You are starting to vibrate today for the sake of the world. Those who want to become true vibrations of love, raise your hands. Where will you give your love vibrations? Home church. Thank You.

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