The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1981

Parental Heart

Sun Myung Moon
Compiled November 1981

When the loyal members of the Unification Church get blessed, they will have incredible children who will be the future leaders of the world. The greatness of the children will be determined by the intensity of the parents' heart towards God.

Looking at my own children, I can see that the younger children are superior. After 17 days, Kwon Jin was smiling and responding to emotion. Within three months he responded to music and would call for it; when the music began he would immediately stop crying. Then when the music stopped, he began to make music himself. Now less than two years old, he is singing songs in Korean and English. When I look at him, I have to be humble before God, saying, "God, thank You. You do love me." Because such blessing comes from God through these children, I do not feel that nine are enough. I think, "God, do You have more blessings to give me? I will gladly accept them: 10? 11? 12?" Through my direct family and through the family of the Unification Church, God wants to expand the territory of salvation to reach out to every corner of the earth.

Whenever I can spare a little bit of time at home, then I play with the children: but unfortunately, I do not have much time for that. God has to understand that, and also the children. I have had a dual mission all these years: one has been to build the spiritual foundation of the Unification Church and get the message out to the world, but my internal mission is to build my own home and the central point of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth -- that is, to find Mother and nurture our children to make a perfect family, as a model of the Kingdom of God. Now I want to build the tradition of God's home.

When I hear the children complain about my being away, I take it as grace, as God telling them to tell me that my service is not good enough.

Amazing things are happening in my family. The children's spiritual senses are open, so they sometimes see a spirit man or hear spiritual sounds. One of them told me, "I was playing the piano, and there was a very noble man in a white gown standing just behind me and benevolently watching over my shoulder."

Hyo Jin is at a very active age. He loves music and riding horses, and so forth, but he also enjoys quiet moments. He has a wild side, but he also has a quiet and sentimental side; at 2:00 one morning, all of a sudden he got up and began to play the flute in his room. Later he told me about hearing heavenly music.

In our home there is a complete mixture of the spiritual side of life and the physical side of life, merging into one. The children are receiving important things in dreams, particularly visions of each member of the family in the future. They are telling each other, "I saw you in a dream, and you appeared this way." Parents should put these experiences together, organizing and analyzing them in a beneficial way. 4-17-77

The parents' role is to educate the children and give them guidance. If the parents fight with each other, then they cannot teach their children by example. My own children sometimes fight, but Mother and I should be able to say, "You children should stop fighting. Look at your father and mother." The first step towards unity between parents and children and among children is for the father and mother to become one with each other. Then children grow to realize that fighting cannot bring any goodness. Sometimes I see my children fighting very severely, and one of them either gets knocked down or his nose starts bleeding. Then they automatically come to Mother and me crying, "Daddy. Mommy, look what happened to me. I'm sorry we fought. We'll never fight again."

It is a wise child who will say, "Father, my brother didn't behave too well. Will you give me permission to fight?" If they want to get permission from me, then I tell them, "My son, my daughter, let me tell you about something better than fighting: go and love them instead." I see in that child a greater capacity for love, and the future of that particular child is much more solid. 6-17-77

Hyo Jin has a very adventurous character. When he rides a motorcycle, he doesn't do it in an ordinary way, but rides on rugged roads and does difficult stunts. Even as a boy, once he was determined to do something, he just hung on until it was finished. He is just like I was in my younger days. When I was young, I came home many times so completely tired out that I almost collapsed at the door. Hyo Jin is doing the same thing now. 6-5-77

I was fascinated one day watching Kook Jin and Heung Jin playing with a whole company of toy soldiers. They had a mock war under way and were so absorbed with their game that they never noticed time passing. I wished that I could play like that, and now maybe sometime I will. If all of you work like I have and bear the burden, then I will be relieved and be able to play like the children. 4-6-80

Yesterday Sun Jin drew a pretty picture and asked me to look at it. The person in the picture was missing one eye, the nose was crooked and the face looked ugly, but as far as she was concerned, it was a masterpiece, and she was proud. She gave her whole heart in creating it, and she wanted it to be recognized by her daddy. It was a manifestation of her love. From God's point of view, your Home Church is like Sun Jin's drawing, with one eye missing and a crooked nose, but if you have given your love there and done your best, it is beautiful. 5-18-80

Whenever we expect a new baby, I can almost see his face and describe his character and disposition; I fancy this baby to be better than the ones I already have. It proves to be true, and after his birth I find all those characteristics in the baby. This happens not only as a result of my prayers, but also when I welcome difficulties in place of blessings. Then without a doubt, blessings come. So blessings will come to you in proportion to what you experience and overcome. 5-30-74

When you give birth to children, they will be born with heavenly fortune. They will be excellent and prosperous, in proportion to your loyalty to the True Parents and the will of God. If the husband and wife together pray hard and mobilize their every cell toward the realization of the will of God, then they may be sure that they will give birth to very wonderful children in the lineage of God.

The blessing is something like a reservoir of water, and you are creating the channels that will lead the water into your lineage. How much water will reach them depends solely on what you do from now on.

The width or depth of the channel of water flowing to your lineage will depend on your efforts throughout your life. If your couple is self-centered -- the wife thinking only of her husband or the husband thinking only of his wife -- then you will not have dug enough of a channel to lead water to your lineage. Then you will be vulnerable to accusation from both your ancestors and descendants throughout eternity. You will receive even more accusation than the fallen ancestors Adam and Eve. 12-22-76

When a couple in the Kingdom of Heaven gives birth to children, they are the children of God: you can feel that immediately. When a couple loves each other in the kingdom, they can feel another dimension of God's love. When you have such a strong bond of love under God's protection, parents and children cannot he separated. Thus they experience vertical love on a higher level, and they will set the true tradition of loving relationships between children and parents. Once that is formed, that is God's nation and God lives there. Then our five spiritual senses will he opened, and we will live seeing everything and hearing everything. To inherit such a family tradition is the way the blessed couples meet God. 9-22-74

We have to introduce God's love to our children. In their immaturity children do not automatically know God, so how will you teach them? You yourself must demonstrate the love of God. If you commit some kind of sin toward your own children, you must consider it the worst kind of crime. Instead of apologizing or repenting to God, you must mend your relationship with your children. That is much more important. If the children can forgive their parents, then God can automatically forgive you. On the other hand, when children commit some sin, the parents should take the position of their children and apologize or repent before God. Because of the parents, God will then forgive the children. 6-17-77

Is it more important to live together and have three meals a day and enjoy your children -- or to solve the basic issues of our life, namely tradition and satisfying the Principle requirements for teaching our children? You must know what comes first; it is not as simple as just living together. You have to discipline yourself in a certain direction of life, making sure it is in conformity with the Principle. Then perhaps you will be a worthy textbook. 2-11-80

You must raise your children to be the source of love to others. If your children become perfect as the Heavenly Father is perfect, then what will they know how to do? They will transmit the love they received from their parents. 3-7-75

A child is wordless, but he is a teacher who leads his parents.

Even while sleeping, I often wake up and immediately kneel to pray. Can I who know the parental heart sleep comfortably? You will never feel a guilty conscience if you live with the parental heart of raising children.

Parental heart is such that parents want their children to become better than themselves. God, the parent of mankind, wants the children He created to become better than Himself.

It is parental heart to want your children to establish families and clans that will be envied by the nation and the whole world. -- The Way of God's Will 

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