The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1981

Father's Explanation of Home Church

Sun Myung Moon
Compiled September 1981

You may have an old idea of Home Church, but throw it away like winter clothing and have a bright new Home Church idea, knowing the relationship between yourself, God and the dispensation. (4/6/80)

Providential Aspects of Home Church

Images of Home Church

Home Church is the altar where everything can connect. The offering you make on that altar must be done correctly. Home Church is like an extract of the essence of the world. (2/26/78)

Home Church is the formula by which we can find our homeland, home nation, home world and home heaven. Home Church is like a diamond; the more you polish it, the brighter it gets. (9/23/78)

There are no barriers between you and the Home Church mission -- neither racial, national, spiritual or physical. Jesus gave the key to the Kingdom of Heaven to Peter, and today I give you the key to Home Church, because that is the key to the Kingdom of Heaven. With one turn of that key, the door will open for the salvation of one tribe.

Home Church is not a dream or fantasy; this is the real blueprint of God. We have arrived at the final terminal. Home Church is one small world representing all mankind and the entire earth; it is a microcosm of the whole earth. Home Church is the alphabet of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Love God more than anything else. God is the root, and Home Church is the fruit and harvest of His love. When you come to the throne of God, can you proudly say, God, I loved my tribe and the world, representing You, and now I have come back to You? You are going to the Home Church as one atom of love, saying to the people, Become like me. You can cause other atoms to split, and they in turn will stimulate more splitting.

Our movement exists to duplicate ourselves and multiply. We will create a chain reaction of love throughout the world, and then the world will be converted by the atomic bomb of love. Home Church is the battleground where you are going to explode your love. Where can you get more supplies for your atomic bomb? God is the reservoir. All you have to do is tell God you are firing your atomic bomb, and He will supply you with more. God's supply depot is a 24-hour operation; you can bring a request at any hour, and God will always say yes, because His supply never runs out. (1/7/79)

Home Church is the bridge to unite the spiritual and physical worlds. (1/14/79.

Home Church is the greatest gift God and True Parents can give mankind. It has never existed before and will never recur in the future. When you make this gift your own by fulfilling it, you will definitely become a son or daughter of God. For the entire 60 years of my life, I have been preparing this precious gift for you, and now I freely give it to you. You can make it yours in six months. This is an incredible opportunity. (4/15/79)

Your Home Church members will see visions of me and also of you. When they are open like that, then they will realize they are to live as one family. Love will open their eyes. When you link that love to one Home Church and it connects it to another and so on, it will form an unbreakable chain of love which no one, not even God, can cut. This link will be sustained directly by the spirit world. The Home Church course is the miracle of miracles. The fact that I could announce the providence of Home Church within 24 years is a miracle; compare that to the little that Christians have achieved in 2,000 years. All the providential events are culminated in Home Church, the center of the dispensation. (5/1/79)

Home Church is a very precious blessing for you, because through it I am giving you a condition to go beyond the fall of man. You are an invincible force, advancing like a tidal wave to cleanse your Home Church, undeterred by any opposition. Your certification as a man or woman of God will be signed by the hostile people you meet in Home Church. You should feel that Home Church is a cause for gratitude, not a burden. Home Church is a short-cut to the Kingdom of Heaven. (5/27/79)

When I say that Home Church is the base of the Kingdom of Heaven, I mean that it is a launching pad like the pads at Cape Kennedy. Each of you is building a rocket; to construct the engine on the base is the most difficult task, and then you can build your way up and up to the capsule, where you can stay. Once you have finished constructing it, all you have to do is push the button and lift off. (1/1/80)

Home Church is the arena where we will go through all things God has said and done and through which He wants us to inherit His broken heart. (4/6/80)

Once every several thousand years, the rope passes overhead. The Unification Church is that rope and we are the ones who grabbed it. It is a once-in-a-million opportunity, so would you just casually grab it with one hand? You are winding it around not only your body but around your 360 homes. The rope will come down and take root; this is Home Church.

You should think of Home Church as your lover and love the people there more than you have ever loved anyone in the past. (5/18/80)

Historic perspective Home Church is truly our gospel, an a, crazing blessing from God. Through Home Church you can find and restore everything. In Home Church you meet God, the Messiah, Cain and Abel, and all the historical missions of the providence. It is a world of wonder. (5/27/79)

In Home Church, you will indemnify everything that was lost in history -- all the things of creation, all the love and heart that was lost, and all of God's personality, which has been lost. (4/14/79)

Home Church was supposed to have begun in the Garden of Eden, with the home as the place of worshipping God. God should have been the main beam of the home, with His children dwelling there in His love. The original concept of God's creation began with one man and one woman, who were supposed to form one family, one nation and finally one world. Thus, as their family grew, their Home Church would have become national church and eventually world church. This was God's ideal.

Our way of life is like Jacob's. Initially, his elder brother wanted to kill him, just as the Christian world tried to kill the Unification Church. But when Jacob finally returned home, Esau's heart was changed and he repented. Jacob loved Esau, gave him presents and embraced him, and the two brothers became one. In the same way, the world will finally come to embrace you, when you gain the victory in Home Church. (1/1/79)

Home Church has become the Unification Church trademark and a word with a very special meaning to us. Do you feel deep within your hearts that Home Church is a necessity? Many believers and religious people in history have talked vaguely about heaven without truly knowing how it could be developed. Jesus announced that the Kingdom of Heaven was dwelling in the midst of the people, but even he could not say that it was here on earth. I would like you to know clearly that the pronouncement of Home Church as a means of establishing the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth is truly an historic event. (1/7/79)

Through Home Church, your position is to restore the mission which Jesus was unable to fulfill in his lifetime. You are bringing his unfinished task to perfection. In one sense, Jesus was crucified because two homes failed to unite: Zechariah's home and Joseph's home (the Cain home and the Abel home). The unity of two families would have been the center of a restored tribe. Since this ideal was not fulfilled at the time of Jesus, we have to make the messianic mission a reality and restore also two types of Home Churches: one representing Joseph's family and one representing Zechariah's family. (12/11/78)

When you move into your Home Church area, God moves in with you and Jesus in the spirit world as well dwell there with you. (11/20/79)

God has tasted many failures in history, but by your victory in your Home Church, He will be able to forget them all. (12/24/78)

The entire world was my stage, and now that I am finished, I am asking you to imitate me in your small world of Home Church. You should re-enact my course and my victory in your Home Church; as my children in this children's era, you should repeat the victory of your parents. As soon as you unite with this spirit, I will be there with you; my victorious pattern and tradition will be your asset. There is no easier way to go. (1/1/79.

Home Church champion

I am looking for one person, the champion of Home Church. Whoever consummates the Home Church dispensation shall truly be recognized as the tribal messiah and will issue invitations to Mother and me to come to the first completed Home Church on earth. Winning the Olympic marathon is trivial compared to winning the Home Church race. I would like to keep a record in my notebook of successful Home Church numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. How many numbers would you like to see? Although you will never be able to look at that notebook here on earth, as soon as you arrive in spirit world you will. When you find it, if you see that you are number one, then all your ancestors will shout and dance. (1/1/80)

I am driving you all out to Home Church so severely that no one can stand it, and mist of you want to give up. But among you there might be one miserable man or woman who keeps on pursuing Home Church. That person will become the Home Church king or queen, and all the blessing of the Home Church will go to that person. There God's history will be written. That chapter will say that on such a year and such a month and such a day, all the Moonies tried their best, but being unable to sustain the pace, they gave up. Still, one crippled person remained on until the last, determined to die if necessary, for the sake of Home Church. God will build His eternal Home Church upon that faith, just as Jesus built his church on Peter, the rock. This kind of trial will reveal the true man and true woman. The men and women who remain shall be the rock of Home Church. (1/14/79)

Worldwide level

Your Home Church is one small world representing all mankind and the entire earth; it is a microcosm of the whole world, and it makes no difference where you live or travel. No matter where you go on earth, still you must do your Home Church mission. Even if you went to spirit world now, you would have to return to finish that mission, because unless you go through that gate, you can never enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (1/1/79)

Because the messiah has already made the condition of sacrificing himself by giving his life to restore the world, then his followers can condense a lifetime into a mere seven years in which they can follow the Principle and gain success in their own Home Church area. That will be considered the same as having fulfilled the responsibility of restoring the whole world. The whole world is represented in your Home Church area. By restoring your Home Church area, God will give you the same credit as if you had restored or re-created the entire world. (3/29/79)

If you do well in Home Church, then during the next seven years you can affect the events throughout the entire world. Your area is your world. If you win there, you can win the world. (4/16/80)

The number 360 in your Home Church stands for all of history; 360 represents time and space: the lunar calendar has 360 days, a circle has 360 degrees. Furthermore, the number 360 is divisible by all the significant providential numbers: 3, 4, 12, 72, 120, etc. Your 360 homes symbolize the annual rings of history, your 360 closest ancestors, all the individuals scattered over all the globe, and a living altar representing the entire world. Ideally, you should find at least 12 different nationalities living in your 360 homes; thus, your Home Church becomes the cultural sphere which can unite God's providence, centering on Christianity and synthesizing all races. Therefore, Home Church is the final gathering place. (9/23/80)

The ideal world

When you accomplish Home Church, there will be no more need for churches, for every home will be a church. You won't have to go to church or pray, just live by the heavenly law, the law of the heavenly country. When we finish Home Church, God will have His own nation, and its citizens will only have to observe its laws. When we love everyone as an extension of our own family, that in itself will be heaven. If this does not become reality, then the Divine Principle is just another ideology that does not work. (10/5/80)

The Significance of Home Church to You

It's your destiny

Home Church is the last providence which we must fulfill. This is the last restoration. (3/29/79)

Home Church is not a witnessing method; it is our destiny, the final terminal and the fulfillment of the providence. Fallen man must walk this road. More than a man is destined to marry, he is destined to fulfill the Home Church mission, either on earth or in the spirit world. It is impossible to erect the Kingdom of Heaven on earth without fulfilling the Home Church mission.

This is no dream or fantasy; it is the real blueprint of God. It is our great fortune to see the Home Church mission in our lifetime and install it as the pattern and tradition for history. A hundred times a day you repeat the alphabet in conversation; in the same way, Home Church is the alphabet of the Kingdom of Heaven; it should be an intimate part of you. If each one of you clearly realized that Home Church is the destiny of our movement, you would give your life for it, and my presence in this country would be irrelevant. (1/1/79)

All of you long for a destiny with God, but I want you to know that God has already set the appointment with you; He is waiting for you in your Home Church area. Jesus is there with Him, and the Kingdom of Heaven is there as well. Everything you have been craving is in Home Church. Don't just come to Belvedere to hear me speak; you will find me as well in Home Church. (1/7/79)

Suppose God and the spirit world hand-picked you and gave you this chance to do the Home Church providence. Now I am hand-picking you to do the Home Church providence. Don't you feel honored? You should be very grateful. You should repeat to yourself, Yes, God hand-picked me. How precious it is! (4/16/80)

If you are victorious in everything else but not in Home Church, your life will be a failure. (4/14/79)

Without doing Home Church, no one can go to heaven. You must understand this. Jesus left behind the key to heaven, namely Home Church, but even Jesus was not successful in Home Church, so there was no way he could make heaven on earth. Don't ever be casual about this; you must be determined to fulfill your Home Church destiny. (1/1/79)

When you go to the spirit world, you should have 12 disciples and 72 followers, because spit it world is organized according to this pattern. Without winning 12, 72 and finally 84 people, it is impossible for you to indemnify Jesus' mission. You must have 84 spiritual children as your individual foundation; you can even work up to the number 120, the number of Jesus' followers gathered after the resurrection. (10/5/80)

How seriously you have taken your Home Church responsibility will determine your position in history. (4/14/79)

It's your means of salvation

In order to find salvation, we must:

(1) Pass through the judgment by words, judgment of character and judgment of heart. All of you understand that we cannot go to heaven without passing through these three types of judgment.

(2) Become a True Parent.

(3) Become a central figure in heaven and on earth.

(4) Help others reach salvation. How many people have you helped to attend the two-day workshop, the 21-day workshop, and so on up to the 70-day workshop? The number of people you have helped to go through these courses is related to your personal salvation.

(5) Gain 84 disciples. Everyone should begin his course of witnessing, with the primary objective of gaining 84 spiritual children. The number 84 represents the 12 disciples and 72 elders at Jesus' time, which added together make 84. In addition, those 12 disciples include the three disciples, representing the three stages of growth. (2/3/79)

It brings you great benefit

Home Church is the greatest gift God and True Parents can give mankind. It has never existed before and will never recur in the future. When you make this gift your own by fulfilling it, you will definitely become a son or daughter of God. For the entire 60 years of my life, I have been preparing this precious gift for you, and now I freely give it to you; you can make it yours in six months. This is an incredible opportunity. (4/15/79)

Home Church is a very precious blessing for you, because through it I am giving you a condition to go beyond the fall of man. (5/27/79)

The extent to which you carry out the Home Church providence determines your level of personal maturity. Perhaps two thirds of your spiritual growth will take place through Home Church and perhaps the other third will come through other activities. When you follow Father's instructions here absolutely and become successful in your Home Church, you will inherit four things: material, man, spirit world and God. (3/29/79)

Home Church is the place where you can receive the worldwide inheritance; you will receive the individual inheritance, family inheritance, clan inheritance, tribal inheritance and national inheritance. Through the Home Church providence you will also receive liberation from satanic accusation. (2/25/80)

What you have in Home Church is a microcosm of the world, and by practicing there what I have accomplished on the worldwide scale, you are entitled to receive what I have inherited from God. (5/26/79)

When you become completely victorious, your 360 homes will become your home. All 360 people will say, You have been hungry for so long -- please come to our house for supper; you have lost so much sleep -- please take this bed as your own and rest. When they see how hard you have worked, they will all say, "Sit down and take life easy; let me do your job for you." If people really see God in you, they will surely say this to you. (1/7/79)

... is there than to look forward to the day when the people in your Home Church area welcome you? When you go around knocking all the walls down, you will eventually find the 12 gates open to you, and you will finally arrive at the central point you should occupy. Then you will become a successful 13. At that moment you will have finished the historical indemnity centering on yourself. You will have achieved something no one ever dreamed of achieving, and you will occupy the central position with God's approval. (1/13/80)

The best things that happen in your life should happen in your Home Church area. When you become old and look back, you will say those were your happiest days, and you will have a foundation for eternal happiness. (2/25/80)

Until your Home Church people shed tears and sweat for you, you must keep going. When that happens, you will be liberated and can then shed tears of hope and happiness. Then God will say, Amen. You have done it, and you are truly my son. You might die in the process of shedding tears and sweat, but don't worry; you will not lose, but will go to the highest heaven. In such a case, you can make your own second coming. Jesus was crucified as a tribal messiah and was not able to complete the entire dispensation, so he came once again. In the same way, if as a tribal messiah you are martyred, your second coming is guaranteed, and on earth the people who inherit your mission will continue Home Church. There is no way you can lose. (4/27/80)

Through Home Church you can win assets of eternal value. One day, after we finish our task here on earth, we will have a great assembly in spirit world. At that time, you will come to me in thanks for sending you out to Home Church, making it possible for you to go to the highest possible heaven. You will be comforted, and there will be a celebration lasting for eternity. However, if you come to me saying, "Please have mercy on me. I cannot come to your realm because I did not do my Home Church mission, I will reply, I don't know you; depart from me." (1/1/79).

Lay a good individual foundation

I want you to know that in order to build the base of the Kingdom of Heaven eternally, you must first build a base of the Kingdom of Heaven within yourselves. (1/1/80)

Before we can talk about Home Church, we need to win the individual war. Do you think that the person who is defeated in his individual struggle will have much success in Home Church? Someone defeated as an individual is like a mortally wounded soldier. If he gets up and tries to go to Home Church, he will only become an obstacle there. In order to go to Home Church, you need to have won the individual battle; you need to become strong, healthy, disciplined and absolutely determined. Only in this way can you bring results. (1/7/79)

Be motivated by love

You should think of Home Church as your lover and love the people there more than you have ever loved anyone in the past. (5/18/80)

If you do Home Church out of duty alone, you will never survive; but if you become a person burning with love, then people cannot help but welcome you and invite you to stay longer with them. You will become a magnet that pulls people. You must experience such a deep fellowship that you don't want it to end, even when it becomes 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. It should be an experience that people wish could last forever. (1/8/78)

No matter how loudly you may shout out your slogan, if you do Home Church out of duty, you will never succeed. Only when you act from the intoxication of love will you succeed. The Home Church arena is where you obtain the kingship of love. Put everything inside Home Church and put Home Church everywhere, so that wherever anyone touches you, they will feel Home Church. (1/14/79)

If your beloved parent or child were in jail, you wouldn't go to see him out of duty, but out of love. The people in your Home Church area are like prisoners in jail, and as God's representative, you should go there with a parental heart. You have to penetrate people's trust one level at a time, gradually winning their hearts. It takes real effort and love to do so. I want you to have concern and pity for those who fiercely reject you, because they are the ones whose hearts have been hurt deeply and cannot trust. You must understand that they need more love than anyone else. (1/28/79)

Love God more than anything else. God is the root, and Home Church is the fruit and harvest of His love. When you come to the throne of God, can you proudly say, God, I loved my tribe and the world, representing You, and now I have come back to You?

Home Church is the battleground where you are going to explode your love. You are going to Home Church to wage the battle of love, aiming the gun of love at each person. At the finish of that battle, God will be triumphant, as well as True Parents and all your Home Church people. If you win the battle of love in your Home Church, you will be as God to your people. Because God is invisible, He will manifest Himself to them through you as His representative. I would like to hear Home Church people say that when you enter their home, God enters through you. (1/7/79)

Love will open their eyes. When you link that love to one Home Church and it connects it to another and so on, it will form an unbreakable chain of love which no one, not even God, can cut. This link will be directly sustained by the spirit world. (5/1/79)

Set the condition that you love your Home Church more than your wife or husband, your children or parents. With all your heart, soul and mind, love your Home Church. Jesus said that whoever loved his husband or wife or family more than he would not be worthy of the kingdom of God. Likewise, if you love husband, wife or family more than Home Church and God, you are unworthy of the heavenly kingdom. (1/1/79)

Are you going out with the messiah's heart? Do you look for someone to help you and give you something, or do you feel that you are the messiah who will bring whatever your 360 homes need? (1/28/79)

The only way you can go out to Home Church is with great expectation of finding a treasure of a person, your lost relatives. The person who is successful in Home Church is the one who recovers the lost people, the lost country and the lost spirit world. Everything that was lost will be recovered by the successful Home Church workers. (2/25/79)

In the small world of Home Church, you are going to demonstrate that you love the people in your area more than anyone else in history. You must be superior in heart to everyone -- past, present and future -- in loving that small world. Then God will say, My son, you have fulfilled the qualification. Come and receive my inheritance. (12/24/78)

Make it the focus of your devotion

Have you felt that the mission God gave you is so exciting and wonderful that you forget about eating and sleeping? Are you knocking on the doors of Home Church with that passion? If not, then you are defeated. (2/21/80)

You should be so anxious to go to Home Church that no one could keep you in your room. (4/14/79)

Everything you see should be connected to Home Church. (5/7/78)

When you come home all worn out from working and collapse on your bed, should your central figure sympathize with you and let you sleep, or should he challenge you with the question, What about your Home Church? Even exhausted, your last words should be reporting on Home Church.

Maybe you run into a friend you have not seen for a long time, and he invites you out to dinner. Then you should think, What about my Home Church? If you go to Home Church immediately after eating, the food will be pleased: but if you wander off somewhere else, the food you ate will be disappointed.

If you and your fiance have a long-standing date to visit the Statue of Liberty and you buy a coke to drink there, the coke will protest, You think you are enjoying this, but it would be better to enjoy plain water in your Home Church.

Wherever you go, the things around you will ask why you came there instead of going to Home Church. The bench in the park will blame you for not being in Home Church. If you stop for a quick lunch at a restaurant, it will protest that you should eat just leftovers in Home Church. Ask each bench, each bathroom, each drink and meal if they have their mission, and they will reply, Yes we do, but we have no connection with you aside from your Home Church.

And when you go to bed, tell it, I know I should be sleeping in my Home Church, but please forgive me this one time. Tomorrow when I wake up, I will accomplish twice as much.

If you go out to enjoy nature, all creation will feel that you are not a good person if you are not in your Home Church. It's like people finding a ten-year-old playing hooky from school. Spiritually, all nature knows that you should be in Home Church.

After hearing this, you will feel the creation protesting against you everywhere you go. If that makes you feel more connected to Home Church and less free than before, because all your surroundings remind you of your destiny, so much the better. (10/5/80)

How much you devote yourself to Home Church shall determine the distance between you and God and the intensity of love God can give to you. Set the condition that you love your Home Church more than your wife or husband, your children or parents. With all your heart, soul and mind, love your Home Church. Jesus said that whoever loved his husband or wife or family more than he would not be worthy of the kingdom of God. Likewise, if you love husband, wife or family more than Home Church and God, you are unworthy of the heavenly kingdom. (1/1/79)

Your suffering will bring victory

Home Church is your ground for paying indemnity. You pay off your debt through Home Church. Home Church is located on the other side of the crucifixion, on the Mount of Calvary. It is located beyond the hill of the crucifixion. Home Church is located beyond the 2,000 years of Christian history. Home Church is also beyond Father's suffering life. (4/16/80)

In the future, whenever you hear the phrase Home Church, you will remember that you suffered for it, but also that this is where you fulfilled your destiny and won your victory. Thus Home Church will be your place of hosannas. Since you suffered, the shining glory you receive at the end will have greater value. The love you attain is yours forever; no one can ever take it away, because you earned every bit of it through your suffering. (1/7/79)

The value of persecution

If you live in your Home Church area 24 hours a day and every moment of the day everybody comes and kicks you, hits you, knocks you down and curses Rev. Moon, and yet you still love them and pray for them, you will be able to be proud of your record of enduring and overcoming record-breaking persecution. If you are crazy about Abel's mission and if you are crazy about Home Church, trying to win Cain, crying to receive persecution every minute of the day, then you just cannot be anything except a true Abel. (2/25/80)

Do you know who is going to sign your certificate as a child of God? Not me, but the hostile people in your Home Church area should be the ones to uphold you as a man of God. If you sisters meet a terrible man in your area who gives you a hard time, you must think that he is your husband. If there is an unbearable woman in your area, you brothers can think she is your wife. If you brothers meet such a man, think of him as your brother Cain who wants to kill you; then reflect on your duty to him and your responsibility to win him to your side. Think that unless you can win him to your side you are not ready to go on to any higher blessing. (5/27/79)

The Impact of Home Church On Others

Become people's tribal messiah

Each of us needs to assume the responsibility of leader of a clan and eventually the messiah of a clan. You must have the ability to feed all the inhabitants of your 360-Home Church area and take responsibility for them. Within your Home Church area, you must be the messiah, teaching, guiding and even marrying the people. (3/29/79)

Your Home Church people will have photo albums, and since you have testified to them about True Parents, they will put our picture on the front page. Right next to it they will put your picture and say, This person is my messiah. This will happen automatically, not because you tell them to, but because they desire to do so. (1/28/79)

You should want to go to Home Church to bring liberation. You should become an ancestor, a forefather of mankind and a forefather of Home Church. (4/16/80)

Your 360 homes are your tribe. If your name happens to be Smith, those 360 homes are the Smith tribe. You can say, I came and I am going to build homes for all of my tribe. And then you will reflect further, I know who built these homes; God built them for me to give to my tribe, and He used Satan as labor. I claim ownership of this place and as the tribal messiah I shall lead my tribe into the modern-day Canaan. (1/1/80)

Your position is like Jesus' -- that of a tribal messiah crying in the wilderness. Just as God prepared John the Baptist to testify to Jesus, God will also send a John the Baptist ahead of you to testify about you. It is hidden now, but in your area, there are people prepared, just as God prepared the nation of Israel. (4/27/80)

Your goal is to become a tribal messiah to your Home Church. You are independent messiahs, and whatever you do is your responsibility. You are to bring the Kingdom of Heaven in Home Church. (4/15/80)

Home Church is surrounded by a spiritual foundation. The messiah is the person who brings the spiritual victory and spiritual heaven down to earth, creating here on earth the physical heaven. Since you are a middleman or bridge to transmit the messiah's work to your Home Church, you are his ambassador; therefore, when you fulfill your mission you become the messiah to your own tribe. (1/1/79)

In Home Church, you are actually creating a tribe, and once you obtain it, you can go all the way of heaven. (5/26/79)

If you have 360 homes assigned to you but you are not working in them, people will come to accuse you and ask you to release them. They will tell you that they don't need that kind of messiahship. They will tell you that they need an active messiah. (4/16/80)

In the second seven-year course, all the people of one tribe will be assigned a joint Home Church area, which will be the tribal Home Church. A hundred Smiths will have 100 Home Church areas, and they will cooperate as one tribe, going from one place to another, sponsoring events and encouraging people. Once the process of organization is done and Home Church succeeds here in America, particularly once tribal organization is accomplished, a link will be made to the entire world, because America is a microcosm of the universe. After Home Church, you can do tribe church, nation church, world church -- whatever you want; but Home Church is the minimum. (5/18/80)

You should organize your rosters and lists in preparation for the registration of heaven. In other words, you are given a sort of birth certificate and you are organized into certain tribes. You know that eternally you will belong to a certain tribe. Seven years from now, everything will be decided by family registration. (4/16/80)

Become people's parents

Home Church will not make you merely a messiah to your people, but also their true parent. That is God's goal. (1/14/79)

Act, think and feel like a parent to your 360 homes. Think, I am holding these 360 homes; because of me, they cannot leave God; because of me, they will receive the blessing. This is parental heart. (4/14/79)

With a parental heart, you should pray for your Home Church people, loving them as your children who are struggling in hell. Your heart as a parent must be grieved and filled with longing to save them. If you do not have this real love, push yourself until you do. No one has to teach a parent to love his children. If you feel like a parent to your Home Church, then your love will have that quality; without anyone having to teach you, you will then know how to give it. (4/15/79)

You have to supply your Home Church with the essential elements for their particular stage of growth, just as though they were in their mother's womb. Those who are already born spiritually have to be given much love. You have to be exemplary in showing this life to those who follow and have confidence that if they follow you, then one day they will go to the bosom of God's love. You have to be confident that you are doing as God does, supplying all the elements they need. (1/20/80)

At first, Home Church people will not welcome you, but soon they will say that unless you come to visit them, they cannot sleep well. Eventually, they will think, This Moonie loves me more than God and Jesus do. He is like my parent; I could have no better parent than he. (1/1/79)

If your Home Church members are really grateful and willing to sacrifice for kingdom-building, then expansion to the home country is possible. Through Home Church, you shall be superior to any past saint, servant of God or patriot of history (1/14/79)

Educate the people

Why do you go to Home Church? First, you want to educate the people. This education has the goal to awaken the people and bring them to the heavenly side. This education will give them birth. Once they see the vision of the truth and the ideal, they will no longer live in darkness.

The Home Church mission is accomplished by people who take up the divine position as educators of mankind, teaching people how to love God and liberate the rest of mankind. We are going to teach the world these things: liberation of God and sacrificial love for mankind. We will sacrifice ourselves to educate the people and love them. If you do that, then without question God will dwell with you and will lead your Home Church, working with you day after day. (1/1/79)

Mobilize spirit world

Home Church is the bridge to unite the spiritual and physical worlds. (1/14/79)

1981 is the final year of the third seven-year course, and between then and the year 2000, the entire world will be organized into Home Church. That will complete 40 years since True Parents were installed in 1960. The more work we do here in the physical world, the greater the spiritual phenomena affecting the earth. Spiritual assistance will be equally strong, because that realm is like the angelic realm; its position is to serve the victorious Adam and Eve. In your Home Church, you will exercise your authority to direct the spirit world to assist you. (5/27/79)

Home Church can easily be surrounded and protected by the spiritual victory I have won; there is no possibility for it to fail. The spiritual power we can employ for the Home Church is many thousands of times greater than anything the satanic world can mobilize. All you have to do is unite with Parents' spirit and intent. Make controversy; go ahead and create good trouble. The world is plagued with evil trouble, so let us become makers of good trouble.

On November 2, 1978, two important ceremonies were held at Chung Pyung Lake, Korea. One ceremony was to unite all religions around one central religion -- not just on earth but, more basically, in the spirit world. The other ceremony was to unite all races around one central race or representative of God. The basic purpose of these ceremonies was to form one totally unified world, to remove racial and religious barriers. Walls that have separated the ages are now crumbling. Before, if some ancestor wanted to descend and help us, he would have to go through so much processing; but now the ancestors know the meaning of Home Church and can even help prevent persecution. In your Home Church area, if you witness to one person. his ancestors can all come down at one time. The whole clan-level spirit world can pour down and give you support. (11/28/78)

All good men of conscience in the entire spirit world and here on earth must come forward to participate in kingdom-building. You can pray, asking for their support. You can also petition God as your Father to send down a regiment of angels to work with you, since you are doing Home Church work as His representative, and God will listen to that prayer. Until now, the angelic world could not come to give you much help, because you belong to the fallen generation. But by doing Home Church work, you can become the true children of God, so you can request the help of legions of angels. (1/1/79)

Through Home Church, God can have dominion, and spirit world can have a free pass to come and help you. It used to be that when spirit world descended, it would have to ascend again; but now when we have a Home Church, it can stay with us; through Home Church, spirit world has no limitation in helping us. (12/11/78)

Home Church is infinitely precious; it's almost like landing on the final terminal of God's dispensation. When Armstrong landed on the moon, four billion people on the earth watched him; but when you land in Home Church, all the billions of people in spirit world will observe and applaud. Before this, you were nobody special, but by encountering me and the Divine Principle, you have become a person of historical significance. (1/14/79)

If you cannot bear to leave your area, and you stay there, remaining awake all night, then spirit world will visit those 360 homes for you, showing them a vision of you standing in the neighborhood and not going back home because you miss them so much. After such a vision, they will open up their door and you will be standing there. (2/25/79)

Your Home Church members will see visions of me and of you also. When they are open like that, then they will live eternally in the same spirit world and realize that they are to live in the same family. Love will open their eyes. When you link that love to one Home Church and it connects it to another and so on, it will form an unbreakable chain of love which no one, not even God. can cut. This link will be directly sustained by the spirit world. (5/1/79)

Those of you who are engaged should determine to receive the inheritance from your own True Parents and walk on their foundation. How do you prove you are worthy? Through Home Church. No one who retreats from doing Home Church is qualified for the Blessing. In some cases, your fiance or wife or husband may be hesitant to do Home Church, but you should push him or her out.

If you can give anything for your Home Church, how much more could you do for your mate? Now that you have a fiance, a new loved one, you can love your people more. Do you wish you had more time to spend with your fiance instead of Home Church? Your antenna should be directed towards Home Church. When you meet with your fiance, put your heads together and decide that you will each go out to win the victory in Home Church and then come back and ask me to bless you. I would like to see you practically worshipped in your Home Church area, so that when you bring your fiance, everyone will say that they have a king or queen as well. By winning this qualification, you can truly enter the hall of Blessing for the wedding march.

The process of restoring the fallen world involves three major relationships: that of Cain and Abel, that of husband and wife, and that of parents and children. Now we are bringing these three together for the first time. Home Church is the process of uniting the brothers, Cain and Abel. Eventually, your Home Church and your spouse's Home Church will come together, and you will be able to live together as a couple after receiving accolades from your Home Church. That will be your foundation for living as husband and wife. (5/27/79)

Prepare for your husband or wife

I want you to feel that Home Church is a training ground for your future married life and that all who oppose you are merely doing so to train you to live with your future spouse and in-laws. (5/27/79)

Home Church is the basis for loving everything, even your wife and husband. Think that in going to your Home Church, you are going to your wife's or husband's house. You must go to that place and love them, and find your husband or wife and your parents there. (1/7/79)

There should actually be no Blessing before Home Church is completed. From this time on, no one is automatically eligible for the Blessing simply because he has been a member for a certain number of years. Only those who succeed in Home Church and restore spiritual children are qualified for the Blessing. Jesus first restored his three major disciples, and then the group of 12. Those 12 plus his 72 followers established the number 84. Thus, 84 spiritual children is an important number for us to fulfill, and it must be done within seven years, bringing one person per month. After Jesus had 84 people completely united with him, he could have had the holy wedding. (1/1/79)

Prepare for your children

Only upon the victorious foundation of Home Church can you bear sinless children, just as perfected Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden would have borne sinless children. No one shall be able to stand against that pure child. You must fulfill all the conditions of Home Church before God's Blessing comes to you to be husband and wife.

When you are united as husband and wife upon this Home Church foundation and give birth to your children, then you will rise to the parental level. Your children will be born upon the foundation of your success in Home Church, and all your labor there will be reaped by them. In that case, you will truly have a foundation upon which to receive God's abundant blessing. Then, because the Cain and Abel separation has already been resolved in your Home Church, no stain will remain to affect your children, so God will gladly embrace you and your children. Unless you stand victorious in Home Church, however, you will pass on that duty and responsibility to your children, who will then have to undergo that tribulation themselves. (5/27/79)

Home Church people will give the true blessing and honor to your children. We know your father and mother very well, they will say, and they are true saints. We saw God through your parents. Then they will embrace and love and cherish your children. Just as you cherish my children, your Home Church people will pray for blessing for your children as well. (6/1/79)

If you fail in Home Church, your children will ask you why. Your children will ask how many times you shed tears for Home Church. They will say, Even if you had to neglect me and couldn't feed me, even if you abandoned me, you should have followed God's instruction, God's way of life and True Father's instructions. Why didn't you? When your children accuse you in that way, what will you say? There will be no answer. (4/16/80)

Cain and Abel Home Church

Before you can go back to your home town, you must digest 360 houses, fulfilling your responsibility in Cain's plane. When you do it, everyone will welcome you, just as I have received a welcome in Korea after fulfilling my mission. When I say you have to work in Cain's sphere, I am referring to the Cain-type archangel, the fallen archangel. The archangel tempted Adam and Eve, so to surpass the level of the fall and build the Kingdom of Heaven, we must get the support of the archangelic world, through Home Church.

The Christian realm is that of Cain, so you have to go to that realm and organize a certain group there -- win 360 homes. At the time of the second advent, if the Abel-type people cannot subjugate the Cain-type sphere, there is no way for individuals, families, clans, tribes, nations or the whole world to return to God. So we must build up a substantial world like the sphere of the unfallen archangel, in order to put an end to the fallen world and win the support and obedience of the Cain-type sphere. This you must accomplish through your Cain-type Home Church.

If you can make 360 homes unite with you, then you can go back to your home town, back to Eden, and do your Abel-type Home Church. As the second son, you had made yourself a sacrifice in order to serve Cain. When you go back home after gaining the victory in the Cain-type Home Church, your position changes from that of second son to that of first son. Then, as a consequence, the angelic world, as Cain, must become the sacrifice and support you as Abel. Thus, the spiritual world should come and support you when you gain the victory in Home Church. The early Christians were persecuted and killed, but nobody persecutes someone who invests himself desperately to serve 360 homes.

Only through Home Church can you return home. As adopted sons, you are still children of the archangel; therefore, you must subjugate the Cain-type archangel in your 360-home Home Church; then you can return to your home town, to the sphere of the original archangel. When win over the home town archangel, then you can restore your parents, your brothers and sisters and your relatives. Only when the Cain-type archangel (your 360 homes) and the original archangel (your home town) unite, can parents be restored.

The unified soldier has a mission to return to his home town and build a holy temple in the Kingdom of Heaven. Thus, your 360 houses are your Cain-type Home Church and your home town will be your Abel-type Home Church.

In the future, our organization will become completely Home Church. National leaders, center leaders -- everyone -- will do Home Church work. Thus, Satan will lose all his ground and have to leave the earth completely. Thus, the era of mobile activity will draw to a close, and everyone will settle down.

You left your home and your relatives have persecuted you. But in a few years you can go back to them and serve them better than any son or daughter has ever done in the past. Soon you can write a letter home saying, Forgive me, Daddy and Mommy, for my absence. Now I can come home and become more obedient to you than the most dutiful son or daughter that ever lived in this country. In a few years, you can pack your bags and go home. Then in one night, you can explain the Principle to your parents, and they will cry tears of repentance when they understand what you have done. When you die, your relatives will erect a tomb in honor of you who died for the sake of your parents. (9/23/78)

When you get all your Home Church people united, don't you think they would all want to help you do Home Church work with your family? They will do the witnessing for you. When your relatives come and see your members serving them and you so sincerely, they will be deeply moved. This is the normal pattern: Cain and Abel are meant to love each other and live together harmoniously. The Bible says your worst enemy is your family (even without looking it up in the Bible, you know that from experience!). But if you succeed in your Cain-type Home Church, then you won't even have to fight your worst enemy.

After the completion of Home Church in the Cain world, you can build one more Home Church: your Abel-type Home Church in your home town. Then you can invite your father and mother and your whole family to join you, and together with them you can enter the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God accepts only families, not just individuals -- and families of three generations, at that. By physically creating our tribal messiah- ship, we can open the door for national and worldwide messiahship. (1/1/79) 

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