The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1981

Our Identity

Sun Myung Moon
April 1, 1981

We can investigate and evaluate the identity or true self of an individual. On every level, from the individual to the nation and even to the spirit world, this true self ought to be identified and evaluated. But on what should our judgment be based? In evaluating a country, for instance, we look at its past, present and future. In addition, we must consider the laws and morals of the country. Laws change, according to the needs of the time, and it is not unusual for laws to contradict the tradition that a country has been following.

Our Unification Church identity

In evaluating the identity or true self of a religious body, we must consider the above factors as well. But our church has one additional factor surpassing the others: the element of heart. Heart surpasses legal codes or moral standards. To evaluate the identity of the Unification Church, let us begin with its history. Although you may think it is as simple as any other history, actually its history has been compiled in complex ways. It is correct to say that much of it has been made by me, but it is also correct to say that it has been formed by you members and that God as well has played a large role in it. In other words, before you members can say that you made Unification Church history, you have to think first of how God began, how I pioneered the way and finally how you carried it out. Before God can say He made the history of the Unification Church, He also has to think of who carried it out and how -- in other words, what you and I have done.

Our advance should be synchronized. If we have to turn, everyone must move at the same time. We should be in tune with the central figure's actions, so we can act in unity. If we are all united and follow the same steps, then everything that exists in the church no longer belongs only to the whole, but also to each individual. Furthermore, if you unite with historical tradition, then all things of history will belong to you. Jewish tradition provides an example of this: The Jews cherish their heritage, and as a result, the events of Jewish history and the things the Jewish nation has done become meaningful to individual Jews.

I stated that the standard of the Unification Church surpasses that of society in general. If, however, you feel that God is the greatest and Reverend Moon is the best, but that you yourself have not yet reached your maximum, then the Unification Church has not yet become the best. In order for you to become the best, you must try to follow God and Reverend Moon and become like them.

Living within the law protects you

Next, let us consider the true self of the Unification Church from the standpoint of universal law. Americans prize freedom, but you cannot have freedom without order. God has established order and law, but if He does not enforce it or abide by it, then He is no longer free. Thus even He must keep within the laws He created, and then they belong to Him. After God has kept the laws Himself, then He can pass judgment. If there is a universal law, then it must be kept by all members, and then correct judgment for action can be determined. The reason you should do all the things required in the Unification Church is so you can make everything your possession.

By doing what is required, you are protected by your actions, by the other members and even by the entire universe. What's more, if your standard of life and action surpasses that of other people, then they will come to respect you; the laws you observe will protect you when you abide within their parameters. Always think that by fulfilling these requirements you will be protected and cherished by everyone, even the universe. If you are living under the universal law, but an ignorant person accuses you, the bystanders will defend you and judge your accuser. In that way, he will understand his error. In other words, as long as you live within the boundaries of the law, you will be admired wherever you go, even when you arrive in spirit world.

When good and evil collide, one of them must give way -- hopefully the evil side. Though our present age may not recognize righteousness, history eventually shall. Though our generation may not protect truth, history will defend and admire it. Jesus refused to stray from God's law, and historically that law protected him and brought him admiration. As long as you abide within the law, you have the privileges of citizenship and you profit from your country's achievements. If you live according to the moral standard of society, then all the virtues of that society belong to you.

Unification Church life is very challenging and difficult, but still you persevere; when I instruct you to raise your right foot, you try to do so, though it may be difficult. You succeed because you are focused on the future. When you reflect on your efforts to carry out my instructions, can you give yourself a passing grade? Because you know yourself best, each of you should be your own judge.

Our moral guidelines

The most important of all standards is the law of love and heart. It is natural to assume the existence of a law governing something as big as love, giving it content and form. When the knowledgeable person is forced to choose between secular law and the law of love, he will elect the law of love.

Thus we must consider the essence of the Unification Church from the standpoint of morals. Today we are confronted by the same situation faced by Adam's family, because history repeats itself. You engaged members, for example, will wait three years before you can live together. Of course you will want to call each other and hold hands, but you have to control your urges; probably every day you ask yourselves why it is necessary. The answer is this: before you can hold your fiancé's hand, you have to want God to hold your hand. How secure you will be when God, True Parents and finally your fiancé are grasping your hands! If you are attached only to God and True Parents, then you don't even have to hold your fiancé's hand, because he or she is already holding on to all of you. If your fiancé cannot betray God or True Parents, certainly he or she will never betray you; that is the highest security. When the time comes for you to hold your fiancé in your arms, what a grand sensation it will be!

In the realm of heart, do you want an exciting love or just a lukewarm relationship? If you are intoxicated with ardor, what more could you want? This law is uniquely designed to create perfect husbands and wives. How wonderful if you tell your fiancé, "If you have time to call me, then you must have some room to work harder. During these three years, please pour everything into your mission." What a fantastic encouragement!

Lately I heard about one recently-matched brother who was so excited about his wife-to-be that he would even get up in the middle of a meal to go and call her. She is in training, and he waits in the hall for her to get out of lectures.

If they err during these three years, however, they will both be shattered.

This law of love is most rigid, and we cannot be indifferent to it. If you just follow your impulses, your love will be merely mediocre; love must be taken most seriously. In order for your life to have historical meaning, you must follow my example and my instructions. That serves as the basis of all judgment.

In a moral life, there are no loose standards. You must know not only the correct tradition but also why it is correct. The law governing the conduct of love is strict and must not be violated. This is not an Oriental law or a Western law, but transcends race and nationality. When you live by this universal law, you can be proud of it, because then it is yours. Even though people may not know the true standard, when they see you living by it, they can understand it and imitate you. Later on, you will proudly tell your children to follow your example, because it is your law.

Law is the basis on which all of our actions are judged. Do all of you like our standard activities, such as morning prayer service, witnessing, fundraising? We do not do these things because we like them, but because we must. Unless we live this way, our deeds will have no connection with the past or the future. Why do we have to do a seven-day fast, for instance? I want all of you to be independent people, ones who can help others. He who serves others is always welcomed; if you fundraise, witness and do a seven-day fast, then you will become one who can serve others, the one who will survive and be the center of his or her community. If such a person takes a job, he will become the center of the company; whatever he does, he will be the center of it. Eventually, he will become the pivotal point of the world. In that way, God's will can be fulfilled in the world.

Father's efforts for South America

People have doubted my motivations, but I never thought I would become rich by coming to the United States. South American leaders have seen that I am doing something to help the United States, not vice versa, and they reason that if I would come to South America, I would bring them the same resources. Because of their appreciation, if it is more effective for me to work in South America, then we should judge it better to go there. I never go anywhere to be served. I do not want to receive service from South America; rather, I am determined to give service.

A few days before my birthday last year, I asked Col. Pak to go to South America. He said he wanted to stay and attend my birthday celebration and also properly prepare for his trip, but I refused to let him. He did not understand the reason for the rush, but once he arrived he found out. Two days later, accusations about human rights violations began, and Col. Pak's visit became a center of interest. Right after that, Noticias Del Mundo began publication in New York; already it has played an important role in reaching out to the Spanish-speaking people, not only in the United States but in Latin America as well. In one year, countries of South America have begun to recognize the real meaning of my efforts for America and what the United States has been doing to me.

Several South American countries have conducted their own unbiased investigation of me and each concluded that when the United States was persecuting me, it was only repeating what it has been doing to the nations of South America. They felt that I was a true friend who could understand the situation of South America. When they investigated why the Unification Church is so unpopular in the media, they reasoned that the media was wrong. They know what the churches and individuals who oppose me are like and concluded that the opposition was not significant.

This morning I received word about a banquet Col. Pak held in one South American country. Not only did they give him an enthusiastic welcome, but they honestly and openly discussed many matters with him. High officials thanked our members for the seven days of training given them.

The United States government has often been very cold to us, but if South America turns to us, then America will eventually have to follow. If South American countries offer friendship to the United States, she must welcome them.

Indemnity will be necessary, however, but blessing is standing in wait, if the nation can bear the indemnity.

I want to forget what the United States has done to me. Even though the present has been unkind to me, we will eventually win the victory, by our hard work. Then history will give us recognition. Because I have endured persecution and suffering, wherever I go people automatically surround me and I can inspire them to unite with me. Even though the present has been unkind to me, we will eventually win the victory, by our hard work. Then history will give us recognition. Because I have endured persecution and suffering, wherever I go people automatically surround me and I can inspire them to unite with me.

I am always thinking of the whole history of human restoration, considering what would be the best action at this time, for the sake of history. Sometimes people misunderstand my decisions, but this is my only guiding principle.

History will approve of us

In conclusion, although we may have done good things in the past, if we do not continue to live these traditions, our actions will not be connected to history; the only way to link our time with history is to do everything required of us, even what we may dislike. Each individual must come to feel that the historical tradition is his own; the Unification Church will not be just a local movement or the product of a limited time, but have historical and worldwide impact. Each member, then, must feel, "This is my Unification Church. Though God and Reverend Moon are at the head, still this is my Unification Church."

There are two ways of living -- the true way and the false way. We choose this way because True Parents are here and God's ideal is here -- not because it is easy. Our course may not be recognized and approved today, but we know that historically we are right, and generations of the future will approve. Therefore, we cannot compromise. The persecution we receive today cannot last indefinitely.

Whether people approve or disapprove, we will continue. We are reborn on this side; we will live and die here. "Our true self," therefore, is "my true self," and "our identity" becomes "my identity." We live this way so that what used to be "ours" will become "mine." If you can say this way is yours, then the whole will protect you; the same universal law by which you live will shelter you. We must have courage and confidence to remain on the right side; there is no basis for Insecurity. Your confidence should be so absolute that if an army tried to stop you, still you would not change.

We know there will never be another time like ours, just as there has never been such a time in the past. If this most precious time is wasted, will you have a second chance? If you do not carry out your responsibility properly, then I scold you, but you also should check on each other to see that everything is fulfilled. If no one cared about what you did, then you would be most unfortunate people. You may think it would be better to wait to begin until the world welcomes you, but only today can you do what you must do.

You are discovering "our true identity," and by living it you are making it your own and connecting it firmly with history. Thus you will leave the example for the whole world, future generations and the spirit world as well. God has done it, I have done it, and you also must leave this identity behind you. How fantastic and meaningful a life lies ahead of you. You can find nothing more worthy of your devotion. 

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