The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1981

I Want You to Grow to Be a Saint

Sun Myung Moon
February 22, 1981
God's Will and the World
The Providence and the Individual, Past and Present
(Unofficial Translation)

Sun Myung Moon and Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy February 1973

What is the Providence? The Providence emerged to fulfill the purpose of the whole. You emerged in history to be a part of this Providence. This Providence is the purpose behind you, each one of you. You are born in this world as a fruit of history; and you are a public being. Your parents took care of you to bring you up. You are indebted first to your parents. Don't you feel grateful to your parents? For the sake of the world and posterity, children are given to you. Although many people do not know about this, parents should be thinking they are bringing up their children as representatives of the universe.

Therefore, parents must raise their children with their utmost affection and love. However, people do not know that the position of parents is a public position where they must truly love their children. Even it is unknown to the world, it is a universal truth. Parents bring you up in the center of their family with true love so that you become a filial son or daughter. Then, your parents try to send you forth, to become an important citizen of your nation. Your parents say, "All right, do something important for the country. Become a patriot." You haven't heard this in America, right?

You have been serving at the level of a child of filial piety or a patriot. But, I want you to grow to be a saint. For that purpose, I should give all of you this training; and then I should send you all out to the world. This is logical conclusion.

The public-minded person speaks from public-mindedness; he sees, hears, thinks and does everything in life, like eating, wearing clothes and sleeping, from the public-minded standpoint. The public-mindedness means having a heart of loving all in life. 

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