The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1981

The Providence and the Individual, Past and Present

Sun Myung Moon
February 22, 1981
God's Will and the World

What if my attitude had been to avoid a harder mission? What if I said, "God, give me an easier job. Make my burden lighter." If that was my aspiration, I would have been suspended from my job a long time ago. However, I always thought, "This is only the beginning. I have not even begun to fight. I must begin right now." This has been my attitude. Do you follow me? From this perspective, I want to train and discipline you. I want you to become victors who can survive and withstand any challenges in the world. That is the standard I am asking you to meet. Actually today your standard is lower than mine. How many of you could survive being put in one of the catacombs of Rome? How many of you could endure the pressure and danger of those first-century days? How many of you would survive in such circumstances? If the first century Christians could persevere amidst those ordeals and be strong -- even we can survive.

You know God, right? Do you know God loves Rev. Moon? Why? God loves me not only because of my philosophy and way of life; God sees that I have the power and the capability to bring the billions of people around the world into the same conviction, the same direction, and the same goal beyond racial barriers. In other words, I am the kind of man God needs here on the earth. God sees that I have the power to multiply myself.

Then, what will Rev. Moon do [for the future generations]? Even after his death, both my physical sons and daughters and the members of the Unification movement will continue to expand throughout the world. God will take pleasure in seeing all of you develop into the representatives of the first-born Rev. Moon and True Parents.

As you develop, you will inherit the true tradition of the relationship between true parents and true children. That is an eternal relationship. This is our tradition. You must set the tradition, then education, and then act on what you have learned -- the implementation of the education. By doing these, you will be blessed: first, tradition; then, education; and finally, action.

My goal is for each one of you to achieve greater things than me. Go ahead of me. Don't just duplicate me; become superior to me in content. My succeeding generations will become superior to me. Many people think, "Only Father can do this job. We can't do it." That's wrong! You could do even better than me, because you have so much support from God. The same God supporting me is supporting you. And you have additional support -- my support, True Parents' support, and the Unification Church's support. You are in an infinitely better position. 

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