The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1981

Noble Dream

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 1, 1981
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

People are always contemplating doing something and are always seeking after something. The important thing is what they are looking for, what kind of dream they hope to fulfill. Men and women have dreams, as does a family, nation and even the whole world. On a wider level, the invisible world of spirit is also pursuing a dream. There is some entity which created all the universe and that entity must have had a dream or a reason for creating everything.

If you are living in the midst of a family and society that have a chaotic or confused situation, you feel dizzy, as though you were twisting back and forth, first one direction then another, without control. You want to be turning steadily in one direction, with order and joy. When you relate to some object for a certain purpose then automatically you have a common center between you. The actions of winding and unwinding both have a relationship to the axis. If you are turning first one way and then another, but you are accomplishing something by doing so, then you feel good. Even your eyes want to have a purpose for looking out, not just stare aimlessly or move independently of each other. When a person's two eyes are looking steadily at something, you know he has a purpose in mind.

People often think dreams are phantom things without order or direction, but that is not the kind of dream we are seeking. Our dream has direction, purpose and discipline. It is a high, noble dream. Suppose there was such a thing as a company that manufactured and sold dreams. What would be the highest-quality, most expensive dream? Maybe women would consider the dream of beauty to be the highest quality; the dream would include beautiful clothes and a beautiful face. A man might have the dream of being a broad-shouldered athlete. A woman may have great beauty but if there is no purpose to her beauty, does it have meaning? Would anyone like to be a beautiful doll that stayed all day long in a glass box? No one could tolerate it. Real beauty is not just external appearance, like a doll's, but requires active motion toward a goal, with a purpose.

Do women want to be beautiful in order to impress other women or to relate with other beautiful women? Why does a person have beauty as her dream? Beauty is not an end in itself. but a means to greater fulfillment. The goal of beauty is love. A beautiful woman is searching for a man who will love her. Beauty finds its consummation at the terminal of love.

Men want to be masculine and well-respected, but for what purpose? Suppose you wanted to become the strongest man in the world and you worked out every morning with weights. Once you became the champion, would that be the end? If a man won many boxing matches and finally became the world champion boxer, receiving cheers and a standing ovation from the crowd, how would he feel if some big, tall man came out and presented him with a bouquet of flowers to honor him? Wouldn't he prefer instead to see a beautiful woman stepping forward to present him with the bouquet? You men, tell me, would he prefer getting an enormous bouquet with thousands of flowers from a big, burly man, or would he like a smaller bouquet given to him by a nice lady?

Beauty searches for its complement to find harmony. A man searches for a beautiful, feminine woman and a woman searches for a masculine man. When you see a strong man and a lovely woman together, you feel it is a beautiful sight because they complement each other.

I have observed the faces of American women, with their deep-set eyes and distinct features and I always notice that they have high, sharp noses. I have imagined how it would look to replace those noses with flatter Oriental noses, but decided that it would be totally unbecoming. On the other hand, a sharp, high nose would look out of place with the broad features of an Oriental face. The interesting thing is that though an Oriental nose is flat, it is well-secured! There is harmony among those facial features.

Why is the Mona Lisa so famous? When a happy person looks at that portrait, he feels happier. When a sad person looks at the Mona Lisa, however, he feels more melancholy. That painting reflects all different feelings, so all kinds of people can feel rapport with it.

Harmony is the central theme of the world God created. What would be the highest dream, then? It must be a dream of ideal harmony. You have to ask yourself whether your dream is to bring the entire world into harmony with you, or whether it is to make yourself harmonious with the rest of the world. Women might want to be beautiful so that the entire world will shine because of them. If you smile, then. you should not smile for yourself but for the benefit of all. All your deeds. whether listening, talking, looking, or thinking should not be for yourself; you should do them to harmonize with others. You are a part of the whole. enhancing the value of all. You should become a living Mona Lisa who can have rapport and harmony with the rest of the world.

All men have a dream directed toward such a woman. However. if a man just wants to possess her beauty for himself. the woman will push him out. [if she has an unselfish purpose but the man is thinking selfishly. they cannot harmonize. The man's motivation would be destructive for all. so it would be a righteous deed for her to kick him out.

Men must live in accordance with the same principle. Men have a large, masculine spirit in order to serve others. When a man and a woman can be pulled together, both living in harmony for the sake of others, then the entire universe will be influenced by them. Their center is a noble dream of love. That is the epitome of beauty, which other men and women would look at with admiration and longing. Heaven and earth would respond in the same way.

How would God respond? Would He shout, "You make me nervous when you behave that way! Be selfish and live for yourselves!"? No, God is attracted by the beauty of harmony. If we can grab that nucleus of the universal principle, then the entire universe is pulled by us through that principle. The focal point of the universe is harmonizing, noble love. When you move with such a heart, the whole universe is turned by you and you feel joy. When you are moving in love for eternity, you will never get bored, even if you repeat the same actions over and over.

In love you find eternal give and take. Where is that action of give and take begun and consummated? It can only center upon harmonizing, noble love. Let's assume there is a God. He could not find any better formula than this; so this must be His blueprint for the world. Why are parents the center of a family? Not because they are the oldest, but because they are the center of love. More than brothers and sisters or relatives, the father and mother are symbols of harmonizing love in a home.

That is how the national sovereign should be, as well; ideally, he should be the harmonizing center of love for the nation. Is the American President in that position? Far from it. Presidents have always sought to gain power, rather than give love. Democracy is based upon competition and the central theme is winning over someone else. An ideal society cannot be created in such circumstances. This is the inherent defect in democracy. In politics the contenders rejoice at defeating their opponent, without caring what happens to that individual. They don't think about harmonizing with him but are like people who want to have only day and no night. To achieve political ambition, almost anything has become acceptable.

In this atmosphere of competition and hostility, the old struggles between the races can never be resolved. White people have told blacks that it is their destiny to live as second-class citizens, not realizing that everyone is related to everyone else. Of course there is animosity and confrontation in daily life as a result. How can peace be found there?

Black and white have an inseparable destiny, but they have not realized that. If mankind is described as a mountain, white people could be described as the snow on the peak. At the bottom of the mountain there is black fertile soil in the valley, made rich by all the leaves that have fallen there. Can the snow look down at the valley and feel proud of being white and clean instead of dark like the earth? The mountain cannot be a mountain without the valley; both are important elements and they share the same destiny.

You never know when a beautiful face may be masking something ugly. Can a beauty queen say she is so beautiful that she never has to go to the bathroom? Even a beauty queen has to use the toilet every day! Is the bathroom any more fragrant when she uses it? Most people can tolerate their own smell, but they criticize someone else's bad smell. When you say "I", you are including not only your beautiful face, but also your insides and your smells in the bathroom; you cannot separate these parts of you.

The same principle applies to each race. The yellow race is positioned in the middle of the mountain. When you look at nature, you see a lot of green color, but the green leaves always turn to brown or yellow, eventually. The two colors are like cousins. The predominant color in nature is actually yellow. Spring begins with yellow colors, the forerunner to green, then the autumn season brings more yellow and brown, as leaves turn and fall to the ground. We can conclude that this yellow color is fundamental to nature.

The major world religions were all founded by people from Eastern countries, not white or black people. At this time, one Oriental man is coming forward, crying out, "Let's unite! Let's become the ones to save the world!" It is logical and no accident that this person comes from the Orient; this person is Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

Crops grow better and most beautifully in the valley, so white people must recognize that black soil has the element of life. Thus, instead of giving leftovers to black people, white people should give them their very best; there should be a give and take of life. If black people need more education, white people are responsible for lifting them up and helping them improve their cultural standard.

What kind of high or noble dream do you want? To gain a lot of money? Maybe you want lots of power or knowledge so you can boast about it. However, there must be a deeper, more important dream we can have, some dream that can be welcomed by all of history, everywhere, even by spirit world. That could not be a dream of money or power. Think about it. If you felt every day that you were inching closer to such a dream, would your life be a happy one? Would you be easily bored or tired, or wouldn't you be exuberant every step of the way? I think you would be excited.

When you are pursuing the dream of love, you have no time to be bored or tired. You know you are going in the right direction, and that some day you will jump into your dream and live in the intoxication of the ideal. Even when tears are rolling down your cheeks, they will not be tears of sadness, but tears of joy. Sometimes a person who is frightened will scream, but when you jump into the ideal world of love, your screams will be those of joy.

Anything that is evil in the secular, fallen world will be completely digested and translated into joy by this noble dream. Even suffering and death would not matter because reaching the goal will be many times more compensation. As long as God exists, He must want to be in such a noble place. What would He like to do there? Would He be teaching the alphabet? Would He play cards and solve puzzles? No, He would not want to spend His time in that way. By putting Himself in the center of love, he already has everything. He would have no job remaining, except to be intoxicated in ideal love and rejoice in it.

When God is immersed in love, would the fragrance of that love be so enticing that you would be drawn toward it? Would you feel the urge to touch it, or would you pull your hand away? Would you want to taste more and more of it? You would want to be swallowed up in it, taking it in through all your senses. If people want such ideal love, how much more would God want to impart love with a delightful fragrance to attract people? Is love just the beginning, or is it the end in itself? Love is the fulfillment in itself.

If you felt ecstatic joy in true love would you want to continue forever, or would you get bored? Would love just come to your brain, or would it activate every part of your body? It activates every cell of your body and then moves on to the next person. If God exists then the whole world must be pulled by such power. Such a world must be the ideal world, or heaven. The person who is entitled to enter the heavenly world must have noble, harmonizing love. Is that an exciting, dramatic conclusion, or a dull one?

You know such a world is possible. This morning you have already realized that you are destined to reach that goal. We have no choice about going. Everyone throughout history has to get there one way or another. Would you like to get there quickly? One problem people have today is a lack of will or perseverance. It's no good to know the truth and then feel, "So what?" Do you have the will to get to that ideal world? Normally everyone starts the journey eagerly, but many people are deterred by even a small obstacle. Once you set your will, you need persistence. A woman, for example, may start off with good intentions,

but if a man steps up to discourage her and offer his love, would she continue? I think you are not sure what you would do! I knew an ideal world was possible, and once I began the journey, nothing could slow me down whatsoever. Do you have that kind of will?

The second thing you need is the ability to overcome all obstacles. The most important thing for man is woman. However, that woman is also a temptation to him, the hardest temptation to overcome. Sexual desire is the hardest to overcome, the next is hunger, and then the desire to be well-dressed and attractive. Money is also a temptation because it can provide you with the other things you desire. Money itself is not evil, but is only a tool; so how you employ that money is very important. It is good if you use it to benefit other people and help to create love.

People also like to have position and influence, to become leaders with prestige; but the most important thing is how and where you fulfill love. I am not saying you should not have good positions, but that your position should only be a tool to help you fulfill love. The Unification Church is a training ground where men and women can realize their true goal and learn the discipline necessary to reach that goal. You want to prove you are God's champions; so the world is your testing ground, where you do fund raising, witnessing, work at businesses and do home church. In doing so, you expose yourself to all kinds of worldly temptations and you have to overcome them. If a sister thinks she is beautiful, for instance, she can make herself unattractive to ward off temptation.

We need money for a good purpose, so you learn how to make money. If you don't know how to be financially independent, you will always be pulled by money and defeated by it. A miraculous thing is happening in the history of America: instead of wanting money for yourself, you want it for the service of God. Some members feel heavy if they even think about going out fund raising, but you should know that I have done fund raising also. I have total confidence to survive under any circumstances, even with a wife and twelve children. I can earn money any time. I can be a farmer, a fisherman, a miner, or dock laborer. I excel at everything; therefore, I am not tempted by money.

Right now you are training yourselves to be masters of economic matters. Before you become parents, I want you to have confidence that you can support your family. If you are not prepared, your own loving children will distract you from going the heavenly way. But if you take my word seriously and gain the right experience, you won't have any difficulty.

Our church in Japan has an established tradition that the wives support their families while the husbands are on the front line. Sometimes it may happen that the wife is more needed for a mission and then the husband supports the family. You should have confidence to support your family in any case, not expecting some welfare program from the church after a few years. I never lived that way. I want to move the church forward, not be a burden to the church. Right now I am not thinking about my family economy, but about how to move the world economy forward.

First, you need a persistent will; second, the ability to overcome; and third, you need to know how to execute your plan. Will is an internal thing, and the second is an external struggle, while the third is the actual deed. The final consequence of all these steps is your achievement, the fourth step. I can overcome any obstacle.

You may come every Sunday to sit and listen to me, but you can never be fulfilled until you go through every problem of the real world. The fifth step is reaching the intoxication of the world of love. Until then there are all kinds of headwinds and temptations trying to stop you. If your fiancée is a disturbance to you on this path, then even that person can be your enemy. Even your children can be such an enemy. The Bible clearly says this.

Unless you can complete these five steps, you cannot have your noble dream. In connection with having a persistent will, I want you to know a little about the spirit world. Your thoughts are the real you; that essential part of you will not change one bit when you go to the spirit world, for it remains for eternity. You cannot liberate yourself from your thoughts once you finish life on earth. You are the prisoner of your thoughts.

When you die you know precisely where you are, and you are aware of the different levels of ideals in spirit world. You may be aware that a noble dream is there, but you cannot reach out for it. Your nature is fixed once you go to spirit world. The important thing is that here on earth you follow my words and pursue that noble dream and by leaps and bounds you can progress to that goal. This is your opportunity.

If you cannot fulfill the realm of love completely while on earth, you can only dwell in the realm of love which you completed. In spirit world you don't need food or money or clothes. If all you care about on earth is those things, in spirit world you have nothing to do. If you live selfishly on earth, you have no way to move about in spirit world because the spirit world cannot harmonize with you; I you will be a foreign element. All you have to do is to practice love for others on the earth, and all the doors of spirit world will open for you.

The ancestors of people who gave you money when you were fund raising recognize that you have done something good for their family tree. Fund raising is not just a way to raise money; more importantly, it is to help liberate the spirit world. People are not doing you a favor by giving a donation; you are doing them a favor. Spirit world knows the value of this and they will give you a standing ovation when you gain donations.

We have an incredible mission and I know that persecution must come to anyone who pursues this mission. I follow the same rules you do. Right now the whole country of America is trying to kick me out. It would be easy for me to accuse America, but I cannot; if I did, all the work you have done, the foundation you have made here, would be destroyed. I did not come to be received graciously by America, but to save it; so whatever mistreatment I receive, it does not change my mission. Jesus Christ did not come to be served, but to save the world, even to the point of taking up his cross. I started my mission with that motivation and I will finish it with the same thinking.

1 have never walked this road for myself. All the teachings I have given and my deeds are one. In my own life, I have proven the truth of my teachings. I have taught you about fund raising, but who has raised more funds for the American Church, you or me? For the benefit of our American movement, I have brought more money than anyone else; but the world thinks I took the money away from you to make myself rich. Have you suffered more or have I? Even if the media doesn't realize the truth, the spirit world does. All untruth will perish, but the truth will go on, spirit world will go on and I, too, will go on.

Your suffering is actually a blessing and a privilege, for through it you are liberating this earth and spirit world. When you shed tears for the world, you are shortening the time of fulfillment of God's dispensation. Every time you shed tears for others, God can pull you closer to Himself. In your one short life on earth, you can leap over 6,000 years of restoration history. God wants to love you as an individual while you are here on earth, not wait until you come to spirit world. That is the Principle. How can you have such a love relationship with God here on earth? The best and quickest way is to be someone who suffers for the sake of truth, God, and love. Maybe the entire world will misunderstand you, but God knows the truth; even if the whole world hates you, God will love you.

Your dream here on earth is unlimited; it goes beyond the horizon. You may be proud of being a member of the Unification Church for 10, 15, or even 20 years, but have you ever thought about how much you have suffered for the sake of others? How worthy are you of receiving God's love? That is the way you should evaluate yourself. Have you ever thought that you are here to liberate this world, and that you want to offer yourself to God as a sacrifice? Instead, many of you think that you have been here long enough, and you just want the Blessing to come soon.

I know how you can receive God's love; it is not by advertising what you have done. God knows what you have done, so all you have to do is volunteer to do harder work, getting your feet wet and suffering every day for the sake of God and mankind. When you give money to help someone, don't think you are giving it just to that person; history is behind you and that money is for the sake of the world, as well as spirit world. Every minute, every hour of the day I have committed myself to the cause because I know this principle. It is not out of a sense of duty, but a desire for the creation of a new, ideal world that I go this way.

Today is Tuesday; two days ago, I gave a sermon for Sunday service, and many people asked me to rest today in order to improve my health. Some of the leaders volunteered to take responsibility for a meeting at the New Yorker, but I refused their offer. December is the last month of the year, and I felt that I should give a sermon today. If I had been seeking any comfort, I would never have come to the United States. I will go all the way to the end without slowing down. If I leave America under any circumstances, I will have no regrets, for I feel I have done my absolute best for this country. God is moving me to other nations for the mission, and I will obey Him. Wherever I move, God is moving also.

Wherever I am directed by God to go, I shall create a new world. What a great life that is! To some people's eyes, I may seem to have lived a miserable life, but in the eyes of God, I have lived the most dramatic and fulfilling life. I have encountered many difficulties in my lifetime, including my own family relationships, but they have only pushed me to greater accomplishment, never distracting me from the mission. Ultimately, God took responsibility and solved the problems for me.

We are not living for ourselves or the secular world, but for God and the liberation of all mankind. Will you join with me? Then you must join with me in my philosophy, principle, and way of life, harboring the highest, noblest dream in your heart. You must not be a random daydreamer, but a Principled dreamer. The world has pointed their fingers at me throughout my life and called me a crazy dreamer; in fact, that was the nicest thing they called me! But it is interesting that my crazy dreams have become reality one by one, year by year, decade by decade, and now, after sixty years, many people in the world are

starting to believe my dream. Even heads of state are starting to listen to me, thinking I may have a solution to their problems. People in the highest places are turning to me, but you who are my followers are sometimes the ones who believe in me the least! Other people may know my strength, but they do not know where it comes from. You, however, know that it comes from true love.

Some of the scientists who attended the Science Conference in Korea this year commented that we have wonderful young people in our organization. I wonder what is so wonderful about you? You don't have the knowledge that they do, or the influence, and often your pockets are empty; but if you really follow my direction, you have a wonderful spirit and motivation to live for others. People sense this about you; it is like a beautiful fragrance coming from you and they smell it. You are different; you are not ordinary, secular people. When people look into your eyes, they sense purity and sincerity and a lack of greed or hate. The world has eyes filled with self-centeredness and hostility, but they don't see such eyes in you. Have you changed since you joined the Unification Church? You used to be rebellious and talk back to your parents, but now you have learned to accept the world's persecution and abuse with meekness and humility. Your life has been turned upside down.

When you harbor the noble, harmonizing dream of love on this earth, you will be lifted up into limitless freedom in spirit world. What thoughts come first into your mind? When the thoughts of loving others come first, the doors of spirit world open up and you can reach God. You will have the entire spirit world as your domain and you will be totally free in the universe. It won't matter where you go, for doors will automatically be opened everywhere. The more you suffer for other people here on earth, the greater will be your welcome in spirit world. The ancestors of people who benefited from you will give you a ticker-tape parade when you arrive there, and the relatives of those who mistreated you will be apologetic.

The Unification Church is not just an earthly entity, but a universal entity embracing the spirit world and physical world together. Unless we can bring liberation to both of them, unification is not possible. For this goal, we shall lay the necessary foundation in our daily lives. The home church providence operates according to this principle; you give love through sacrificial service, and every door will be opened to you. You are not dealing with simple individuals in your home church area, but with a microcosm of the whole world. When you witness to people on the street however, you are only dealing with individuals; so home church witnessing has more value.

We can only overcome community opposition through home church. You are often ready to cry over problems in your own family, but you have not shed heartbroken tears for your country or the world. You should be doing the opposite-not shedding tears for your family, but for mankind and for God. God has not been suffering because of problems in heaven, but on the earth. Your eyes should be God's eyes, and your tears should be God's tears, so you should shed tears on behalf of God. Unless you experience the depth of God's feeling in your prayers, shedding tears, that prayer is only lip service. Tears are precious. When you go out to witness, tears should roll down your face first. When you fund raise with tears, spirit world will come and help you.

What we do in the Unification Church is most important in order to fulfill our noble dream. No matter how fortunate you may be, with a beautiful family and beautiful spouse, unless you share this dream with me, you will not join with me in spirit world. Where I go, you will not go. Even if you are blessed, if you only live for the sake of your own family, you will not enter into heaven, because heaven is designed to accept only those people who live for the sake of others. Marriage itself is for the sake of God and His providence, because spirit world centers around the family foundation. It is much better for an individual to be part of a couple in fulfilling the ideal. That is why you need marriage; it is not just for your own happiness.

Why do you need children? To experience how to truly love the world. The way you love your children is the way you should love the world. The family is a microcosm of the world; it is a textbook of love, where you can learn what you need in order to go to heaven. All of this is absolutely true; the mixed-up thinking you have now will not be enough to enter heaven.

If you have not changed yourself even after I have taught you these things precisely and you appear in spirit world as you are, no one will sympathize with you. Do you understand? It is a tragedy if you fail to live up to this, after hearing it spelled out exactly. Even for birds it is most tragic to lose their mate and their family, to become isolated. When ducks fly across the broad sky, they have an order-a family and a group to which they belong. You are keeping your position as part of the whole of humanity and it is not necessary for you to speak about what position you have or what you are. You cannot say anything, because the truth is already there.

Life on earth is a precious opportunity, for here you can advance by great leaps, even across a million years. Once you have lost your physical life, there are no secular worries about food or clothing in spirit world, but only about love. If you have no capacity for love, you become a wandering spirit, trying to come back to earth to correct your deficiency, but unable to do so easily. You cannot settle anywhere. I know precisely how the spirit world works.

I heard that one brother here worries all the time about his Korean fiancée; he feels that he is completely melted in his love for her. But he should be ashamed of never being melted in the love of mankind and God; how can he be worthy to love one woman? Even now I do not give myself entirely to Mother, for I have a much greater duty to love God and mankind. The mission must come first. When you think about the love of God and mankind, your fiancée is just one little branch of that whole tree.

I am sure that after your wedding, some women will ask their husbands, "How much do you love me?" In order to satisfy their wives, the men will reply, "I love you very much." But the wives will not be satisfied and will demand, "How much is that?" If the husbands reply, "I love you more than I love God and the world," will the wives be happy? I want you to know that if Mother asked me such a question, I would never answer in that way. My entire self is consumed in loving God and mankind; then I love Mother and our children. My best answer would be, "My love for Mother is as big as Mother herself." Sometimes that answer may not be good enough for Mother, but it is the truth. It has a tremendous implication. When a mother is a universal mother, she deserves universal love. To be a mother is not easy and there are all levels of motherly love.

No matter what has happened in my life, no matter how much people have accused me, I have survived and kept going and prospered. We are marching toward the highest possible dream and that march will continue this month, this year, and beyond our lives. It is a beautiful, exciting, dramatic life we are living in pursuit of that dream. Ultimately, no one will be able to deny or refuse that dream; the entire world will be embraced by it.

We of the Unification Church are the flag bearers, the front line soldiers of that dream. The flag will continue moving forward. Even if I falter, one Reverend Moon after another will pick up the banner and continue to march forward with it. Don't you want to possess such a noble dream? Everyone is curious that I never seem to get tired, but they do not know this secret-with such a dream, how can one get tired or bored? How can you not devote every minute of the day to it? When you are marching on there will be much opposition before you, but in the dark night when you look behind you, there will be many people with lanterns, lighting the way.

I know that the sun will rise in the morning. Our new dawn is almost here. Once that new day comes, I will reminisce about the dark night when I struggled alone but never gave up the goal. That night will be a beautiful memory forever.

We have a great shining hope on the horizon. We shall embrace the sun of God's shining love and warmth, shedding tears of joy and love together. That will be a new day, a day of triumph and vindication. It will be the consummation of dispensational history and the dawn of a new civilization for heaven and earth. You are living such a dramatic life; you are a precious, historical person. You knew nothing about this until you came to the Unification Church, but this truth has transformed your life, giving you new value.

I will pass away, but Belvedere will be here for hundreds and thousands of years. People will want to come here and touch this podium in the future, sitting where their forefathers sat with me, wishing they could have been here. Unless you live up to this privilege now, how can you show your face in spirit world? You must be proud to say, "Yes, I was one of those who listened to Reverend Moon at Belvedere." Your pride shall be in the fact that no one else in the future can top your standard of obeying and loving God and True Parents and serving mankind. I want you to be ancestors with that kind of pride; I want to create such men and women out of you. If I really love you, such thinking is only natural. I don't want you to fail, but to be famous in history. I don't want to take people to spirit world who have no pride or dignity, who can be accused by the generations to come. Billions of people will be in a position to either envy-you or accuse you. I want them to envy you.

I have been told that our training programs don't have enough qualified lecturers, but I say that the few qualified ones should just lecture and lecture, even until they die, and then they shall become heroes in spirit world. The sins of any such person who died early because he was overworked lecturing would be covered by his sacrifice.

You must become men and women who have this high, noble dream. I have another dream, which I explained at the Science Conference. That is the international highway system in the Far East as a pattern to bring peace to the world. Many people think it is a crazy idea, but I have a plan of action, not just an idea, and by following the steps I outlined to you, I will fulfill it. First, I have a persistent will; second, I will overcome the difficulties; next, I will execute my plan; and finally it will be accomplished.

First Japan should construct a bridge between Japan and the Korean peninsula. Nothing is better than a beginning, so even two rails will be good for starters. With such an incredible mission ahead of me, how can I get tired?

This morning when you woke up at 3:00 to come here, you probably felt, "We just had a meeting at Belvedere two days ago. Why do we have to go back again?" But aren't you glad to be here? Do you have a dream now? How dramatic that you could drive here so early in the morning with that kind of dream in your heart. You have even forgotten about your legs being uncomfortable from sitting on the floor. Young people in particular must have a dream. When I was young I had extraordinary dreams, and I thought of the most incredible things.

We shall harbor this noble dream and march on to the end. Amen! For the sake of love, Amen!

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