The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1981

Seeking the True Master

Sun Myung Moon
November 29, 1981
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

In any society or organization, there is always a central point. The person who is located in that central point must feel a sense of mastery. The Korean word "chu in," which means "master," also means "principal person" or "main person."

In order for any organization to prosper, the center and the surroundings must harmonize in beautiful give and take. When we consider a school, there are the teachers in the center who are surrounded by the students; they must have harmonized give and take together for that school to be a success. Any company is the same. There are leaders, or management, as well as the workers and they must harmonize with each other.

Around what principle can there be such unity? There is a primary purpose for gathering at a school, and that is for learning. In the case of a company the purpose by which the central persons and those who surround them can harmonize is business.

When we talk about a true master, then, what should we consider in addition to the overall purpose? First of all, in order to be true, there must be eternal elements, elements which have more than just temporary value. When you speak of something that is "true," you must think about philosophical and spiritual matters. In the school, learning is important; in the company, business is important; but on top of that there must be some true meaning of their existence. There must be some spiritual quality or principle which causes them to come together, something bigger than the school or business itself.

When we talk about elementary school, we know that beyond that there is middle school, high school, the university, and beyond that there is the world. The company is not just a place where you go to work to get a salary. The company links the worker to the world, enabling him to contribute something for the sake of the nation and for the world.

What is the most important thing for you, as an individual? What is the thing you value the most? American people think about their country, right? When you are living in your country, you don't think too much about the importance of your government or your country, but once you leave the country, you feel how important they are. A person's country is very important to him.

Within our country, what is the most important thing? Our own homes. More than your school, your factory or your business, the most important thing is your home. That is because within your home the relationships with your family-your parents, brothers and sisters, wife or husband-have an eternal quality. It is not because you eat food when you get home that you value your home the most. You could go to the best restaurants and receive better food. It is the love of your parents, of your brothers and sisters that makes your home valuable.

When a person is deprived of love, it is unbearable for him. When we consider freedom and love, which is the most valuable to all of us? It is not freedom, but love. True love, even if you are in prison, fills you and makes you shine, no matter where you may be. Here in America freedom has been stressed, but there is something greater than freedom, and that is love. Love has not been stressed here, and that is a tragedy.

Let's talk about freedom a little while. Let's say that there was some master who controlled freedom. Who do you think deserves to be a master of freedom? Those people who above all want freedom want to deny the laws and regulations of society. People say, "I don't care about anything. I'm free. I want to do this, or that, and I will do it." Suppose everyone in society thought that way. What would happen? The society would fall into chaos. Therefore, freedom cannot be the highest ideal of a society.

What about knowledge? Can knowledge be given the utmost value in a society? Through knowledge a person has the power of evaluation, of comparing and judging. Often a person with knowledge will become boastful. "I have a degree so you must listen to me, obey me, serve me." Frequently in our society we see a man of inferior appearance with a little more knowledge than average, and he will try to control others with his knowledge. Under those circumstances, a true, ideal society cannot be born.

Another significant aspect of life is money. The possession of money endows a person with two opportunities-to eat better and to live better than someone else. So far money has been the tool of selfishness; people hoard money, caring for no one else but themselves. People have tried to control society for their own benefit by using money. A person who tries to control the world with his money may seem attractive at first. but soon would he revealed as a boring person.

How about power or influence? The world thinks it is very desirable. Unification Church members, you are very conscious of your title or position, aren't you? If someone tries to invade your position, you automatically feel threatened and try to defend yourself and your position. The amazing thing is that in a power structure everyone wants to climb up; no one wants to go down. People just want to climb up to the top of the ladder so that they can say, "I'm number one in the world." They become so boastful and arrogant that they say, "Since I'm number one, God, you have to bow down to me!" They even try to control God.

The principle of beauty throughout the world depends upon the turning of give and take. In that turning movement the upper position becomes the lower position, then goes around again. That's the law of nature, the law of progress. Therefore, if you seek only power to become a master, there can be no ideal there. In power, money and knowledge there is no eternal value.

Where can we find such an eternal quality today? We have to think about love. If you can fully possess true love, or tap into true love, then whether or not you have power, money or knowledge makes very little difference. When you consider your own country, the most supreme feeling in a true man is patriotism, or love for his country. When you consider your home, your family, it is the true love relationships that are most important. But I want you to understand that love does not exist independently, or all by itself. Love must have two poles, that of subject and object, entering into give and take relationship. When you go to your home, what is the center of love there? The parents. The goal of the family, then, is the relationship of true love between parents and children.

Suppose at home your father and mother are always criticizing one another, saying such things as, "Don't be like your mother." You would feel very uncomfortable and have some pain in your heart. "Why should they be like that?" you would wonder. You would evaluate your father and mother and see that, although your father criticizes your mother, she is a much better quality person than he is. Children can immediately detect when parents are fighting for selfish reasons.

Suppose the children hear their parents saying, "Your mother is a great woman," or "Your father is a great man." How would they feel? The parents would be showing that there is no need to command each other, but setting an example of love by serving each other and lifting one another up. Children would automatically have pride in their hearts, thinking, "My Daddy and Mommy are the best in the world." In this situation, the children would be completely embraced in their parents' love.

Children are very sensitive. They can see when their father and mother keep their own separate checkbooks and are always fighting over money. True love can go beyond all these material, earthly things.

Suppose there is a father who is very well educated and a mother who came from a rural home and is not educated at all. Does the father have a right to act like a tyrant, treating his own wife like a servant or the secretary of his company? No. No matter how many college degrees the father has, when he comes to his home he is a member of the family. The supreme rule of the family is the rule of love, not power. That rule also applies to the brothers and sisters as well as parents. If some brother is trying to rule over the others by the power of his fists, no one will like him. Only by serving and loving the others can that brother become popular.

When we talk about the national government, the same rule applies. Between the leaders of a nation and those who are governed there must be a relationship of love. The democratic system in this country brings about changes from time to time. First the Democratic Party governs, then the Republican Party takes over. Even the Communist Party could govern if its candidates were elected. Is this sort of switching around an extension of the ideal family, or not? What happens is that when the Democratic party gains control, the Republican Party fights against the Democrats. And the communists, or course, fight against both of them. Under such circumstances, how can you talk about an ideal society? Where is the love relationship?

We are certainly not living in a completely ideal society. We all want to live in an ideal society, but in reality we are living in a chaotic, confused, fallen society. This is our problem. How can we bring all this confusion under control? Could we make things better if we had the absolute power of tyranny? That's what the communists have tried to do. They try to rule with an iron fist, and they seem to succeed, at first. They have conquered nations and taken over governments, but eventually the communists will fall.

For the past three years Soviet Russia has suffered a great drought. Certainly the heads of state don't want that drought to occur. They might cry out with clenched fists, "We have the power in this country! Give us rain!" But that is not the way nature operates. God has judged them by holding back the rain for three years. Even if you have enough power to make the nation tremble, you cannot bring about the ideal society. Likewise, knowledge alone cannot bring the solution. Money is not the way, either.

The ultimate tool by which to bring about the ideal society is love, true love. What is this true love? If we say God-centered love, what exactly do we mean? The best definition was given by Jesus: True, God-centered love is that which is capable of loving even an enemy. If white people love other white people, there's nothing special about that. When white people love black people, though, that is true love. But the ultimate love is that of loving our enemy. That is the ultimate love because no one can criticize or condemn such love. It is invincible love, love which is always there, without contradiction, always smoothly flowing. That kind of love makes you feel good, no matter whether it comes in your eye or ear or mouth, or anywhere.

Professor Young Oon Kim, of our seminary, once told me, "When I made up my mind to love my enemies and forgive everyone who ever hurt me in my life, I felt such peace in my mind. Nothing bothers me and I have no grudges anymore."

Why should she feel such peace? Because she is free to go everywhere. For her there is no obstacle anywhere. Those who can unconditionally love everyone, including their enemies, must command the respect of others, whether they are black, white or yellow. This would be true in the past, in the present, and on into the future, even a million years from now. So this must be a universal truth.

Let's talk about the saints. What was the common goal of Jesus, Confucius and Mohammed? Throughout their lives they talked about loving the world, loving mankind. For them, national boundaries meant very little. They transcended such boundaries as customs, traditions, cultures. American people today, however, simply cannot go beyond their own culture and habits. As Americans you eat cheese, bread and butter. Korean people also have their own habits. They eat kimchee and hot pepper sauce, and they cannot go beyond that. There is a tremendous power to such habits and it is very difficult to go beyond these cultural boundaries. But the person who would become an international man must go beyond his national boundaries, even if he receives persecution and hardship.

I am always looking at the Unification Church missionaries. When these Germans, Japanese and Americans come home, I am watching to see how many of them try to avoid going back to their mission countries. Suppose there is a person who comes back from his overseas mission and says, "Oh Father, I have had enough. Let me stay at home in my own country." That would be the response of an average person, not the extraordinary person, not the saint. But the amazing thing is that so far our Unification missionaries, even though they suffer and are persecuted in their mission, almost always tell me, "I want to go back." What great brothers and sisters we have in the Unification Church!

Saints, then are those who go beyond their national and cultural boundaries, and try to love and give life to the whole world and all of mankind. It is not an easy way of life. How do we know it is not easy? There have been many billions of people who have lived on the earth, but we can talk about only four great saints. This proves how difficult it is to live the standard of a saint.

What are the qualities of a saint? A saint loves all of mankind as his own family, his own country. This standard never changes throughout history. How many people have lived and practiced such a way of life? How many saints are there in America? Wherever you travel in the world there are anti-American movements. Americans are hated and are even expelled from many places in the world. Why? Because Americans have not been living according to this principle. Instead they have been trying to benefit themselves at the expense of the world. They have not tried to help or serve any country except the United States.

Many times Americans do not try to teach their technology to other countries but just keep it to themselves as a secret. But people with true love would see that this is not the right kind of ethical practice. This kind of standard has to be criticized and condemned in the name of justice. True love must go in the opposite direction.

America, for example. has given foreign aid to certain countries. Instead of expecting a return on that money, as though it were an investment, America ought to give that money and forget it. She should let the money work for the good of the local inhabitants. What if parents kept a record of how much money they spent on each child, saying, "Last year I spent $5,000 on you, so you owe me $5,000. For the last 30 years, you owe me $45,000." Is that the parental way? Of course not. Parents do everything unconditionally for the children, and forget what they have done.

That way of giving is the central theme of an ideal society; it can also be called the backbone of the ideal society. Those Americans who joined the Unification Church are different from the rest of the country, for you have transcended the national boundary. I want to see you become men and women who can go beyond your country and love mankind everywhere as much as you love the people of your own country-in fact, even more than you love your own country. That is the Unification goal.

We are talking about the True Master this morning. The true masters of the world today are those people who practice true love on a worldwide scale, living each day by that principle.

A loving parent who knows his child needs money for school tuition would not tell his child, "I don't want to use any of my savings account, so you can just forget school. Go to a gas station and work." We apply the same principle on the worldwide scale: we must invest ourselves and our actions for the sake of the world. Those of you in the Unification Church-who are you and why are you here? When a person loves his own son, he will help and serve that son for ten years and never get tired or bored with serving that son. Consider yourself-for three years, perhaps, you have been a Moonie and already you feel like an old-timer who is ready to retire. If you look tired and spiritless, the reason is that your central purpose is not clear to you.

If you loved the world with a parental heart then you could not feel tired or fatigued. If you want to become a true master of the world, you simply cannot feel tired just by working here in the United States, you still must go beyond the boundary of America. Perhaps you will become a bit tired now and then, but there is no time to get discouraged when you are striving to become a true master on the worldwide level. How can you ever become a true master of the world if you say, "Well, after three years I'm just totally exhausted and burned out"? When your spirit is burning bright with the zeal of true love, you can go on every day for the rest of eternity and no power under the sun can deter you or discourage you.

Why do I have to come to America, a country which does not even give me a decent welcome? I could say, "Forget it. I don't want to bother with the United States." But that is not my way of life. The more this country comes against me, the more I will work to melt the opposition with an intense love. Even the communists are trying to kill me, but I am trying to warm them up with my love and ultimately restore them. That is my philosophy and it is one which will go on without diminishing for all eternity.

Why do you feel lonely when I am away? Here you have all you need to eat; you have your friends and your homeland. Why should you miss a Korean man when he is not with you? Something is vacant in your heart when I am away. For some reason you feel a certain peace and satisfaction in your heart when I return. Why is that? Because we share love-the love of God is what creates our relationship. Why did you come here so early in the morning when it's cold and dark? The cold and darkness don't matter to you; something urges you to come here. This is evidence of the power and energy of love.

My entire life has been one of persecution and mistreatment. Yet you see that I am not tired. I keep moving, step by step, leaving footprints as I go. When I turn around I can taste a precious joy at seeing them behind me. Up ahead there is nothing but persecution coming at me, like a head wind pushing me. But when I turn around and look behind at my own territory I can feel great exaltation, for there I see people from all races following me. I see peace, harmony and unity when I look back at my own territory. That is so beautiful and valuable to me that then I can turn around and move ahead even more strongly.

Only on the road of love can this happen. If I had been seeking power for myself, no one would have followed me. If my goal had been to make money or to accumulate knowledge, I don't think people would enjoy following me at all. No matter how much persecution came to me along this path, I never felt alone or discouraged because when I would look behind me, there was a Love Race growing and growing.

Consider the Japanese people and the Korean people. They were enemies for quite a long time. But today, the Japanese members are pledging their service and loyalty to me, more than anyone else in the world. They are willing to give their lives for this cause. Isn't that amazing? They are not pledging their lives for the sake of Reverend Moon; not at all. They are pledging their lives for the sake of the true love which I pioneered and championed. In this way, the enemy nation of Japan has become a territory of love.

Many Japanese members who have come to America have been the most sacrificial. Some Japanese members are getting old, and haven't had children yet, or they have several children without any material foundation for their lives. I am waiting for them to come to me and say, "Father, I have done my time here in America. Please let me go home to my country and retire." But not even a single one of them has come to me with that request.

We are really a great movement! It is not the truth we are teaching that is the greatest thing, but the power of love which permeates the truth-that is the great, eternal thing. That is why this movement can go beyond territorial boundaries and can conquer our enemies by the power or love.

How many people or organizations in our world are pursuing such a great goal and living such a great way of life? Only you, the Unification Church members, are in that category. But is it true that you are only worrying about your fiancé at this time? What about the world? You should feel that even if your marriage is delayed, the salvation of the world should come first. Do you feel that your marriage must come before everything else?

God has much greater problems than your own marriage. From the viewpoint of God, how small is the problem of your marriage compared to the problems of the whole world! Of course, your marriage is an important thing, but compared to the other, incredible problems of God it is of lesser importance. Suppose that, right now, your one great hope in life is to get married to your fiancé and make a home together, and tomorrow it happened. Then all of a sudden you would discover that marriage is not as rosy as you expected! Your hope would vanish because it was based only upon your marriage.

By contrast, the man who lives completely for the sake of the world and mankind can have no failure in his marriage. For that person, marriage is a part of loving the world. No matter who the fiancé is, that marriage is bound to be successful, for together the two pursue the same goal and are absolutely assured of a successful marriage. We must say, "I marry, not for myself alone, but for the sake of God. I want to love God and mankind more. All by myself, I cannot do that well, so I need my eternal comrade." That is a beautiful concept of marriage. You assist each other in loving God more, discussing together the ways to accomplish your goal. What a beautiful couple!

No matter what, we must seek the true master. Who is the true master? He is the man who has the greatest true love of all and practices that extraordinary love. We seek such a true master, but where can we find him? Only God has such a character. In true love, you look at this world from God's point of view, you listen to the world with His ears; through His senses you receive the world. God's love is historical, for He loved from the beginning, through all the past and present and on into the future. God is the Creator, so when He looks at the world He sees history. He knows how He created the world and He loves every aspect of His creation. He loves the processes, not just the results.

Heavenly Father created the universe with a motivation of utmost love, so He always had that beautiful memory. Even though man fell, God has a dream and a goal for mankind. When He sees fallen mankind so far below that goal, He does not condemn. Instead, He feels mercy for mankind and tries to bring them back to the original state.

Every man has an original mind which is pursuing that highest goal of eternal love. Eternal love can own everything, embrace everything, and harmonize everything. Spirit world is already practicing that principle. God dwells wherever true love is the center, where everything and everyone are trying to harmonize with true love.

Once you find the true master, can you change masters or move out? The true master is the subject and we are the objects. The philosophy of the true master and his way of life become our philosophy and way of life. Thus, the relationship between the true subject and object will continue for eternity. The true master with true love will not just be concerned with himself, but with the entire world. His goal has always been to bring the entire world into harmonious unity.

Although we are working only in a limited geographical location such as New York' our impact is universal because what we do is for the sake of the world. The work you do in New York is not only for the sake of New York; it is also for the sake of God and all mankind. Even though you live in just one place, if the things you do please our True Master up in heaven, then you are pleasing the entire world. We must find the True Master and serve Him for our whole lives. Our relationship with Him should be an eternal one.

Many people think, "Father is too idealistic! He talks about ideals, but it is not really practical here in America. It won't work." But wait until you die; then you will find that it is very real, but by then it will be too late. You have to discover the truth now, while you are here on earth. Whatever you harvest here will establish your standard of living in the spirit world. Here on earth is the place where you must practice and learn the capability to live in spirit world. The life of one man is very short compared to eternity, so we have no time to waste in finding our true master. What a pity it is that so many people waste their time on the earth! During this short time on earth, we have to consummate our road in life. Each day is so precious it is like a thousand years.

For a student, the moment of greatest seriousness is exam time. Our life, when compared to eternity, is more serious than that exam period. To God, your life is very short, so it is very easy to rate which kind of life you have lived. In each action there is the potential for good or for evil. When you go to sleep, it can be for good or for evil. Your laughter can be good or evil. The true leader is always trying to push you toward the good and sunny side.

What is good? What is evil? Goodness is something that is good for everyone. Evil is something that hurts everyone else but benefits only you. If you were to spread this message of self-serving all over the earth. do you think that would bring about the ideal world? Of course not. Therefore, you must teach people that they are existing for the sake of others; you must teach them to live a sacrificial life for the sake of others, serving mankind and loving the world. That is the only way.

The most important aspect is our attitude. Even though you are working every day to serve others, if you are grumbling inside and resenting your situation, you cannot win. You must do what you do with gratitude. Life in the Unification Church is focused on this process of molding men through unselfishness. This is why in Unification Church you are called upon to do things that you do not want to do. Especially if you strongly dislike doing one certain thing, that will be what you do! If you only did the things you enjoyed doing, do you think the world would improve?

We have to do such things as fundraising on MFT, but your own pockets are always empty. Many people think the money goes into my pockets, but when I pull them out, they are always empty. Where is the money going? To projects for the sake of the world. This process is not going to be ended with my lifetime. You will receive the torch and pass it on to future generations.

You are insignificant people, but you are earning money and then spending it for the sake of the entire world. In this way, your small role in the world has become an important one. You are suffering much tribulation by going this way, but the amazing thing is that the entire world is coming around to our side. This year's Science Conference was the tenth. I delivered my Founder's Address to an audience of 4,000. At the close of the Conference the scientists adopted a resolution with these points: 1) thanking me for the conference; 2) committing themselves to the cause; 3) supporting my peace formula.

This kind of support did not come about overnight. It took ten years to do it. Suppose after three years' time I had given up on the Science Conference. Five years ago, when I took a poll of our leaders, most said, "I'm not sure about it. It seems to be a waste of money." I want you to know that you must persevere. Results take time. You never knew that those few dollars you earned on MFT could give such mileage! Do you think money by itself could move the entire world? Impossible.

Sometimes people wonder how the Japanese can be so clever. The Japanese people are no inventors- they just imitate. They take apart a sample of something and then come up with something a little better. That's not such an honorable talent, yet God has blessed that country with great prosperity. Why is that? Along with the prosperity of Japan goes the success of our family members working there: when the economy is healthy, the members can bring great result which goes for God's purpose. The Japanese members are doing their very best, so God has to bless the entire country!

God gave an emergency mobilization order to the entire spirit world, so now spirit men are working every day in Japan. Customers come into our stores, and often they feel they can't leave until they buy something. That is because of spirit world. Because the Japanese members are dedicating themselves unselfishly, the economic blessings of the entire world will come to be concentrated upon Japan.

Suppose you Americans should say, "We don't want to fundraise." What would happen? Then all of America's wealth would be moved to Japan. Do you think the wealth here in America belongs to this country? No! It is God's money. If God needs it somewhere else, He has a right to move it. It is an amazing thing that the little island of Japan has so much power. No one could have ever imagined such a thing. Look at the high-technology products that are coming out of Japan. Spirit world is pouring brilliant ideas upon that country, and the Japanese are learning not only to make things better but also cheaper.

What we are talking about this morning is seeking after our True Master and actually occupying the heart of God. True love is our way to kidnap God. Do you think God will get very angry at being occupied by our true love? If someone kidnaps you with true love, you feel good, so what greater ambition could you have than to occupy God? Occupying the whole world is nothing compared with occupying God. If you want to receive love from the greatest, most extraordinary master, you should be able to love him and serve him in everything he does. If he does 100 different things, you should be able to know and serve him in those 100 different ways. Then your master will see how valuable you are.

Our true master, God, is almighty. He has been doing many, many things throughout history, so to be accepted by that almighty master isn't going to be easy. You will have to meet a high standard. There is only one method to deal with that almighty Master- true love. Neither power, money, nor knowledge could be the way. In order for God to love mankind, there must be a bridge or a ladder by which the link can be made, step by step. Someone has to create that bridge between God and man. The Unification Church is like an engineer corps which is creating that bridge. We become a human bridge between God and man so that God can come down to humanity. The dwelling of God will be with man when God can walk out to mankind on the bridge of true love. That is how you must think of yourselves.

You might think that your goal will be to do your best for ten or twenty years, and then you will retire. You might say, "I gave my youth in service to God, so now I want to do something else." But is that good enough? Absolutely not. We have not only a lifetime job, but a job for generations. When we die, our children will take over our position and continue our work. Am I leaving the American youth with some tradition? You are mastering your way of thinking. You are trying to become responsible for this country. You are learning to think, "Without me, this country has no hope! I must play a central role by sacrificing myself for the sake of this country." This is where you have been changed-in your attitudes.

Our goal is to save America and ultimately the world. The United States is the principal country in the world, so once we transform America into a heavenly country, changing the rest of the world would be easy. That is God's strategy. The ideology and way of life we have adopted is not a bad one-it is the one which God likes and God supports us in this undertaking. You must have confidence in that! Ultimately, it is only a matter of time until this way of thinking shall conquer the world. Then the world will rejoice in exuberance. From this way of thinking true peace and the true ideal shall emerge on the earth.

We are moving every day along this way of true love. Nothing is more precious than this. What is Home Church all about? It is giving you the method and the territorial boundary within which you can practice the way of true love. Home church is your arena where true love begins. I'm sure many of your parents oppose your membership in the Church, but their ancestors in spirit world are all on your side. Your children, grandchildren, and all your descendants will praise you. You need a base where you can create your own territory-this is what Home Church is all about.

True love is the target you are shooting at through doing Home Church. Home church is like the gun and the goal is true love. Have you ever truly thought that the number of times you served people in your Home Church area was the number of times God visited that area? You must think about how much God is present with you, walking with you. God is not dwelling with you when you are Lying comfortably in bed with a full stomach. The time when you are very hungry and fatigued is when God is with you. Sometimes you may be sick to your stomach and you feel you cannot go out. But knowing that your Home Church members are waiting for you, you don't want to disappoint them and you walk out the door, almost falling down. That is the time when God is with you.

You must realize how much God is working in your Home Church. Have you thought about that? Do you have confidence that in your activities True Parents are with you? Do you think, "I'm sure they love me, and God is with me because I am not ashamed of what I am doing. I am proud of it, and God must be proud, too." If you have that confidence, I am sure your Home Church people will love you without any question. If you do not go there one day, people will ask, "Why didn't our Moonie show up today?" They will ask their neighbors, "Do you know what happened to that Moonie?" They won't want to be separated from you. Without fail, this will happen when you practice this way of life.

When you go out to Home Church, always think that you are escorting God and True Parents to your Home Church area as your guests. When God walks down the most miserable alley of your Home Church, what will He think? God's eyes will flood with compassionate tears. How many thousands and thousands of years have passed before Home Church could emerge? I have spent my entire life in creating Home Church. The Home Church system is set up to bring all of mankind into brotherhood. As mankind becomes one brotherhood then the dwelling of parents become a reality. Think about that fact when you have your Home Church; there mankind and the Parents and God are dwelling in one brotherhood. How happy, ho wonderful! That is the consummation of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

When God goes back to spirit world, you can go there with Him. You must have a close relationship with God, like a wife following her husband. Then God can never leave you. This is the special pride of the Unification Church which no one else has. We have sought the True Master and we have found the True Master, and we have a practical method of haven the True Master dwell with us-Home Church.

How much have you devoted yourself? One yea,r two years, ten years, twenty years? By doing so, you attract the attention of God, and He has to look at you and come down to you. True love is the major them' by which you connect one woman, one man, one family, two families, a hundred families, 360 families When one new person is linked, you rejoice over his birth as the new true child of God. What a joy it is to see the emergence of a new child of God. With this in mind, how can you neglect to go out every day and night? When this movement of love is spreading out to the worldwide level, the Kingdom of God is bound to appear.

When true love is at the center of life, all directions are connected and there is communication on every level, including spirit world. When you are really longing after God, showing your respect and love toward Him, then the spirit world will open up in front of your eyes. True love cannot exist with just one person, but has to be reciprocal between a subject and object. Those who practice such true love will be followed by God. You will not have to follow God; He will come and follow you! He has to come to the spirit burning in your heart. You will be intoxicated by dwelling in the world of love.

When you look out at the world and mankind from this standpoint, everything changes. There is no way you can be lonely. Every creature and everything you see is a work of art to rejoice with. Ultimately, that is the only real purpose of life which men should pursue.

Shall we go toward that goal? Let us pray.

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