The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1981

Core Love And Indemnity

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
October 22, 1981
World Mission Center
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

As you know, I have successfully completed three seven-year courses, and in 1981 I declared the beginning of the second three seven-year courses. Here in Unification Church we have many new terms, such as indemnity, seven-year course, and man's 5 per cent responsibility. Where did this new terminology come from and what is its foundation? First of all, it is universal terminology, not limited to one nation or area, and it applies universally, timelessly. Furthermore, these words will not be spoken by just one group of people, but by people of all ages throughout history. In other words, we are talking about the path everyone must walk, without exception. These words were born in Unification Church, but they belong to all people. Even though I proclaimed these words, they don't belong only to me.

"Restoration by indemnity" has a profound meaning. We have about 2,000 people gathered here. When all of us talk about indemnity, do we all have the same thing in mind? It is easy to say that we mean the same thing, but each of you was born for your own special kind of indemnity, and so everyone interprets indemnity according to his own unique circumstance. The various races and professions, for example, understand indemnity differently.

The problem is whether there are many people who can truly digest and fully understand the word indemnity. No one wants to pay indemnity, which means that everyone does his best to avoid it. The fact that you laugh at this remark shows you identify with it! Shall indemnity remain forever as one concrete, eternal standard? No. Historically everyone's indemnity has been floating around somewhere, but now it is settled on earth, and we know what has to be done. Everyone cheered when I arrived, but as soon as we talk about indemnity we have to become serious!

Sometimes indemnity seems bearable, but sometimes it seems insurmountable. There are many fluctuations in our feeling about it. Do you think there is one standard format to follow in indemnity? Do you want to know what the criterion is? Once you know what it is, you can't make excuses, so do you still want to know?

Let's ask another question. Why hasn't the will of God been completely fulfilled? It is because no one has established a clear format for indemnity. Imagine that you are accustomed to eating bread and butter, and indemnity took the form of eating kochee chong and kimchee. We all have a different cultural background, so do you think we can find one form of indemnity that will be welcomed by everyone around the world? It wouldn't be easy to do.

One nation might set a standard of indemnity in the form of walking straight, while others would want to walk in other ways. In the same way, sometimes members feel that because I am Korean I am forcing them into some Oriental or Korean way, and they feel they shouldn't have to go that way. Westerners and Orientals sleep different ways, wear different clothes, and use different utensils, so how can they follow the same formula? This is not an easy problem.

You have sky blue eyes, while mine are brown, but it is hard to see my eyes because they are so narrow. How can we follow the same formula? What should be the foundation of it? You say the foundation should be True Parents, but what are they all about?

True Parents have their own indemnity to pay and you have you own indemnity. We cannot set the formula according to skin color, or eye color, or any physical thing. The indemnity formula should be broad enough to include everything, but at the same time we should be able to narrow it down to one precise point. Do you think you can find something like that?

Apart from this physical body everyone also has a mind. Have you seen your mind? Then how do you know you have one? What is the rail along which indemnity should run? What is the most precious thing for men? First love, and then what? The two most essential things are love and life. Should love be in love with life, or should life be in love with love? Which comes first? You seem to be evenly divided about this.

When we examine all these matters, we conclude that the universal rail of indemnity cannot be based on external appearance, but only on something no one can escape. Should it be based on love or life? Is God in subject position because of love or life? Another point is that love cannot make any sense until there is a relationship between subject and object, so how can we link these two things'?

Did Adam and Eve have life before the fall? When was love meant to emerge, then? What is the essential qualification to enter the direct dominion of God? Perfection of love brings you into that direct dominion; that means your love has become united with God's love.

How were you born? You were born through your parents' love. Did your life start at the moment your parents were loving each other, or prior to that? The cause of your life was present within the bodies of your father and mother; both were needed for life to be sparked. Biologically speaking, that cause of life in the mother lives for three days, so it is very difficult to determine whether love or life comes first. We can universally agree, however, that life emerges when there is love between the two parents. It takes three elements to make one life -- the father and mother, and the life essences within them. We can conclude that each life is the extension of the parents' lives. Love is the motivation for creating new life. Thus, we can say that you participated in the love of your parents.

Why do parents love their children? There is no complicated explanation; they simply see their children as extensions of themselves. We know how we came into being, so how was God initiated, and when? For something new to emerge, interaction is needed. What in this universe can interact eternally, without end? What causes eternal action? In what kind of action can people do anything, whether embracing or kicking each other, and still feel good?

The universe is a love house in which we all participate, and in which everything is accepted, is exciting and joyful. Action and reaction bring harmony. Why? Certain things in the universe repel each other, in which they are saying, "Go elsewhere to find your subject or object." That is not necessarily destructive; you are merely sending something away which does not belong to you, to find its own mate. Do plus and plus pull or repel each other? How about minus and minus? Men and men, or women and women? But one man and woman pull each other together.

The universe is a big house in which this law has been eternally practiced, with give and take action as well as repelling action. There must be some central powerhouse which plans and operates the universe such that everything can interact joyfully; someone must be concerned with the universal scale, creating a sphere which everyone wants to belong to. If God is omnipotent, He must be able to devise a law in which everything can be harmonized.

What kind of essence must the universal subject have, plus or minus? If He is the plus essence. does He need a plus or minus? If He is the subject then He definitely needs an object to interact with. Where does He look for that object? In the created universe. What creature in the created world could become closest to that subject? Why man? What's wrong with monkeys? A monkey doesn't have the capability of understanding the perfection of eternal love; man alone has that capability. Maybe sometimes monkeys look more handsome than some men, but they do not have the equipment to reach God. On the other hand, if you don't understand the value and perfection of the love of God, you aren't a human, but belong with the monkeys. Only men can reach that perfection, for they have been given that capability.

If man could reach perfection, but then could separate from God, would God feel lonely? Would men? Once perfection is reached, there shall be no more possibility of separation, even if it is desired. A union of love shall be so intense that the two participants can enter the very valley of life, and can completely melt together for eternity.

When two people come together, they penetrate deep inside each other. Love is the central uniting force pulling everything in the universe to that point. When two lovers meet after a long separation, they come together so tightly that they melt inside each other. Not only do they hug each other, but they want to move around together, faster and faster. They are so united that for eternity there is no chance to be separated.

How can we create the core of life of men and women? Only with the power of love. Once you are captured by this core power, even if you get irritated and stalk out, you have to come back. Even if you say you are leaving to go to school or to shop, you find yourself coming back again. Once two are joined in true love, there is no way for them to be separated, even for eternity. Amen!

Why am I spending so much time and energy explaining this? Because now you can know what is the acceptable standard of indemnity; it should be based on something that is both the first and last choice. Where do we place our standard of indemnity? In core love, in focused love. If you have that focused, core love as your purpose then when you achieve your standard of indemnity your work is completed. Once you meet that standard, you have passed your final examination.

Unless you fight your battle in the core battlefield, the battles that you win are trivial and you still have to fight again. When you fire a gun at a target, you need to hit the bulls eye, not scatter many shots all around. Strictly speaking, you only need one round to hit the bulls eye. We are decided that we want to pay indemnity in order to finish once and for all. Does that sound easy? It is forever very difficult! It is so difficult that never in human history has anyone solved it, or even come close.

The Unification Church is declaring decisive indemnity for the first time in history, so what should be our focus and aim? Core love. This is heartistic, heartfelt indemnity. The element of heart is the ultimate, deciding factor in indemnity. You were excited to see me, but you aren't excited to hear about indemnity, so maybe you think this is a good place to end the sermon!

What kind of tug-of-war should you win in order to defeat Satan permanently? Core love is the essence of God Himself. You know that Satan cannot pull on God Himself, so even if he tugs at core love, ultimately Satan has to release it. Once Satan is defeated and lets go of the rope, he will fall into a bottomless pit.

We can compare core love to a rubber band which can be stretched. The interesting point is that when the elastic of core love is stretched so far that it breaks, it always snaps back to God's side. The important thing is how much you can endure, how far you can be stretched. Can you stretch from here to Florida? Can God's love only cover that distance? How far can it stretch? How many times can it circle the world? Once it is released, it will whip around the world and snap back to its origin.

How elastic are you? If I ask you to go to Germany or Korea, would your love stretch that far? Would you break if you didn't have good food and nice clothes? The things which are true can go anywhere, even to the farthest, deepest, or dirtiest place. Wherever truth goes, it can recreate the situation. If you are a rubber band which can stretch around the world, how far would you go, just once around, or around so many times that you cover the world? How many times would you have to stretch around a chimney to stop smoke coming out?

Indemnity is not an easy word. The worst enemy of God is indemnity. God is almighty, but throughout history indemnity has given God more pain than anything else because still it is not finished. God is the almighty plus, and all He wants is an almighty minus. For this reason Jesus said that whoever would lose his life for Jesus' sake would find it. Have you thought of yourselves in that way? Is it acceptable to tell God that you are almost a complete minus, yet ask Him to allow you one little spot of indulgence? That little indulgence creates some distance between you and God.

Your goal is to become an absolute minus without compromise. Every day some force pushes you down to become even more minus, like a nail being driven into wood. When you reach the bottom and can't be driven down any more, then you are an almighty minus. Is there even one American woman here who can say she is such a minus? Is it easy to find one such woman even out of roughly 110 million women in America? If God cannot find even one minus in America, He has to look elsewhere. American women are already almighty in many ways. They talk almighty! But when we think about the essence of it, this is a serious thing.

I see some national leaders over there; maybe they think they have been in Unification Church a long time and paid enough indemnity. Is there anyone who can truthfully say that? You may think you know Divine Principle and Unification Church, but until you know the depths of indemnity you don't completely know.

In order to pay indemnity, a plus should go down to the minus. That's the simple formula of indemnity. You may be a big plus, but when you try to come underneath a minus, every part of you rebels. There's a lot of pain in doing that, particularly for American women, who are very subjective indeed! You have to get rid of yourself to do that, virtually becoming zero. The Bible says that we must be meek and humble, which means being like water, which can adjust itself to any container.

What is the simplest way to get to the bottom? Through service and sacrifice you get rid of yourself. Some members calculate according to the calendar that they can give three years of service because they expect the blessing to come. Is that real service? If there is a "myself" anywhere in your thinking, there will always be a gap between you and God. What is the easiest way to reach the noble standard? In order to find true love, you must be able unconditionally to give yourself up, to any degree.

How can God know you have reached the standard? Could God believe you if you made an announcement to Him? God always uses Satan as His examiner to test you. To the woman who thinks she is beautiful God will send a distinguished looking man, seeing whether she will detour in his direction. But even if that man touches and kisses her, she should be unmoved, like a rock. That is a sign of her true love. Are you such women? If so then you are perfected and don't need my sermon any more!

When we see the high standard of restoration of indemnity, we can easily realize that no one has measured up to that law yet. Without knowing the standard, you have lived each day. Why am I spending so much time explaining this? This is the essence of the Divine Principle and Unification Church. No matter how much you cheer me today, until you meet the indemnity law and the standard of love, everything will be in vain. I don't want to see that happen. For this reason God is giving man ample time, waiting patiently, even though restoration history has been prolonged thousands of years.

Are you individualistic or not? Examine yourself. To what degree are you altruistic? Some people think they can give 30% of themselves to God, but should that kind of person even apply for the indemnity test? Even if you say you live 100% for God, we will never know until you are tested. We want to be people who are above indemnity, who have passed the test.

What is the difference between God and man, who are on either side of the indemnity line? Is God always looking up at the blue sky, or down at humanity? Where are men looking'? God is looking down at the earth 24 hours a day, directing His entire attention toward man; thus, God is not thinking of Himself at all. In the Unification Church there are many motivations; some people join because they want to be blessed, which shows they are focused on themselves. Are they identical to God'? No, God's entire attention is focused on man, so He has no private thought. If that is God's standard, He will tell you to forget about yourself and think of your fellow man if you want to become like Him.

The natural conclusion is that we should be like God and live for others, not ourselves. Anyone on earth who teaches this principle must be God's messenger. Anyone who represents God, and any organization which is true in the sight of God must be practicing this principle. Don't sweat for your own sake. Sometimes members are disgruntled that their central figure doesn't recognize how hard they worked. However, God is sweating every day, yet does He complain that no one recognizes Him?

Many people have felt that my standard is so high and absolute that they could never meet it even if they tried their whole life, and so they would rather quit. How many of you have never complained about your road in Unification Church? No one can raise his hand? Now you know how lonely God is in looking for one person He can immediately embrace.

How much do you need the love of God? Even if you chop off one leg to show God how much you want His love, can you receive it then? Actually I am a very serious man. If giving up one eye could guarantee that you could receive the love of God, most people would be willing to turn in one eye. The difference between you and God is that all these years God never thought about Himself. If at least the Almighty plus can have some small seed of an almighty minus, then He can have hope.

Why should we become absolute minuses? For the perfection of God's love. We conclude that for the person who sets such a goal there is nothing he cannot dare to do, or anything that will make him retreat. Even at hearing that resolve being made, God will instantly be alert to find that person. All these thousands of years God has been tirelessly working for the attainment of core love. If God is not yet tired, then it is our responsibility to show Him that we will go on for our entire lives for the attainment of that love also.

That is an attainable goal, so we have to measure how far we have each come. I tell you one simple fact: as long as your self is strong within you, you have no hope of getting there, for self-centeredness is not God's quality. Since hearing this sermon you have become new creatures. Your "self" is your own enemy; your whole effort is needed to quell that self. You did not realize that Satan is not in some distant place, but has a sanctuary in your body. Maybe when you go fund raising you want to go in a "civilized" way so you can be accepted. Does it work?

Always true love should be your goal. Whenever your "sell" is master, your whole effort is spoiled. If you practice what I am teaching you today, you will definitely attain perfection of the love of God. You need to breathe air to continue living so that you can attain true love. You need your body so you can attain true love. Once you are grafted to true love, you are a new creature and everything will be perfected at once. Then even if you are just standing still, the entire universe will have fellowship with you in ecstatic joy. Then any activity is a joy. That is what God's world should be like.

Our motto is to be like God. God's demand is for you to become an absolute minus, and to do that you have to get rid of yourself. You can't be proud any more of being a wealthy American in this land of technology. Many people are proud of their position or prestige, but even if you possessed the entire planet, you could not exchange it for the love of God.

True love sets the noblest and highest standard. It solves every problem. Someone might say they have found an easier way to obtain the perfection of love, but I am sorry -- there is no easier way. Even when you are asleep you might be jolted awake by this poignant realization. You really have no time for makeup and manicures. You might even forget mealtimes, and not notice the time of day. Have you been that concentrated on finding God's love?

You are your best tester. You know how much your arms are doing for the sake of God, and what percentage of your talking belongs to God or to yourself. You know what percentage of your vision belongs to God. Life is actually the repetition of several things -- coming and going, working and sleeping, eating and playing, sometimes good or bad, sad or happy. You can analyze what proportion of your life is owned by God and by yourself.

The person who puts himself out front is retreating backward. But when you think of the world and mankind then you are stepping forward every day. Where are your eyes focused as you listen to me? What is the difference between me and you? I have brown eyes; some of you have blue eyes, and seeing them is really refreshing for me, like seeing a little lake in the mountains. God must feel the same way.

There are many beautiful white hands here, but mine are thick, like a carpenter's. God must think those hands and eyes are more attractive than mine. But those things are not central. The real criterion of beauty is to whom those eyes and hands belong.

I am sure you know where you stand. Are you here as a thief trying to steal God's love, or are you here trying to earn it? What have you been doing so far? You may have very practical advice, and you might hope I will heed your advice instead. Until you heard me today you might have thought I talked about indemnity so that I could push you. Maybe you think you have been working hard enough.

I have been here in America for ten years, and in that time many of you have not heard a compliment from me. Instead, I talked about indemnity and hard work. Why didn't I give you a holiday in all that time? Inside you might feel I am pushing you too much. But whether you want to hear this or not, I keep saying it. Many people say they can't handle so much hard work, but the person who simply trusts what I say and decides to go the uncompromising way will feel amazing power coming to him, and he can go forward very quickly.

Without your knowing it, there has been a great distance between me and you. I am a poor father who has been indicted by the American government -- do you still like me? I wish you could say yes with the perfection of the love of God.

I never had such a meeting as this when I was in Germany, and many of the members never saw me, even though they often asked for me to meet with them. Why do members want to meet me, wherever I go? Simply because there is a different relationship between me and God. You can't see it but you know it.

You know the road and goal of indemnity, and how we can be victorious: it is heartfelt restoration, heartlistic restoration. How wonderful it would be if you could just get in a jumbo jet to reach true love. Unfortunately, it is not that simple, and there are eight stages to go through. Have you ever thought about that? We are always talking about the Unification Church tradition. Tradition means the actual fulfillment of the indemnity course. Do you have tradition? Our tradition is to follow God's method, to receive that tradition and follow it. Then it becomes our own tradition.

The fall of man means departure from the original place. We know from Divine Principle of the indirect and direct dominion of God's love. The indirect dominion is the growth period, when men and women are growing in purity. During this time your parents pour their love upon you, and you receive love of your brothers and sisters. Adam and Eve received God's love while they were growing, and they loved each other. The fall was nothing else but departure from God's love, and men and women became adversaries instead of brother and sister. By falling, they made unity with the enemy. There was no truth in that, for each deceived and took advantage of the other. That is the opposite of God's nature.

No matter how great American civilization is, individualism in this country only destines people to hell. That is an obvious conclusion. Such people would sell out their own families and nation, thinking that they don't need other people or their government. They think they can be happier that way, but instead they lose everything. The more individualistic you are, the more you lose. The universal law is such that whoever claims things for himself has no place to stand in the universe and becomes completely isolated.

The American who follows this way of life ends up with an animalistic kind of life, satisfying only his physical desires. Animals don't talk about eternity; when animals part they never write letters or have farewell banquets. There is no love, but only material instinct in that world. If men go that road, eventually they will be written off by the universe.

Has God been looking for lots of food, free sex, and drugs? God has been looking for something eternal, unchanging and unique. He doesn't need food, power or money; He only needs true love. Would you be prouder of a giant diamond, or of true love? Once you obtain true love, God will come without formality to you, even in His pajamas, wanting to dwell with you.

God can make anything He thinks He needs, overnight. He can make food so wonderful that you could eat it forever, but God doesn't need that. God's love is so sweet that you would eagerly pursue it for eternity. Once you are connected to true love, there is no room for any other desire.

When you have such intense give and take with someone, the two of you become one so completely that you can't be distinguished from each other. You are inseparable. Even God with His power could not separate you, and He would say it was His destiny to stay with you forever. To obtain that love of God you have to cut yourself off from this world where people take advantage of each other.

Because of the fall, man lives in a realm that God cannot control. In such a world, how can you reach God? We have a wonderful method, however, which can show even an impossible man how to recreate himself and the world. In order to join the Godly realm, you cannot apply any of the assets you acquire in the fallen world, for they won't work. When you walk back and forth, is it for yourself or others? If truly it is for other, then God will see hope in you. How long have you been doing it for others? The standard is to do it for eternity.

Maybe you are counting the days until you have been in Unification Church a certain number of years, but I am sorry -- God doesn't calculate that way. You want to obtain unchanging love eternally, not for just a few years. True love is unchanging, so you must become unchanging people. Some people shop for a religion, sampling many churches. The only criterion is to reach the place where you can find God's true love; the truth is there.

If you could get true love simply by living for yourself, then God wouldn't have had to wait thousands of years for it. For true love to be stable it must be deep down within you, where no one can take it away. The man of true love lives his whole life for that one purpose -- walking, eating, sleeping and working for that purpose. Your two hands should work for others, and your mind always be thinking for someone else. If you meet that criterion then, simply speaking, you are a man of God. Then where ever you go, conscientious people will be drawn to you. Wherever you walk, love will be in motion around you, and the Kingdom of Heaven is in that place. Do you really understand?

Have you sisters asked yourselves for whom you so carefully put on your makeup in the morning? Do you say to yourself, "I know men will be attracted to me now"? I am not anti-lipstick; the point is whether you want to be pretty in the sight of the world, or to attract people for God. The key point is your motivation. If you are sleeping so that you can continue to work the next day, then you are not sleeping for yourself.

I have always thought about what God's worst headache is. Without question, it is the force of worldwide communism, which teaches that matter is the essence of the universe. The next problem is the decline of religion. If God's forces are being corrupted, I want the burden of restoring them. The entire world is becoming morally degraded, so I want to solve that problem for God. I want to take up the responsibility for all those things.

Recently in Germany 280,000 people gathered in the capitol. I told our several hundred members to march against that rally, and that disrupted the entire demonstration. Our CARP members are marching against the communist demonstrations for the sake of God and humanity. Communists might think they are demonstrating for the sake of Europe, but we are demonstrating for the sake of the entire world. Some people say they are great American patriots, but I tell them that I am doing things for the sake of the entire past, present and future.

I am struggling to protect the love of God so that it can be given to the entire world. In God's sight that makes me the number one champion. No determination can be stronger than this one, so the others will be pushed out eventually because God is with me. No power under the sun can defeat me. I know that even though God is almighty, by Himself he cannot restore the world. God needs a champion on earth to fulfill His will.

I would be happy to see deprogrammers come and test all of you. Your parents think they are saving their children when they kidnap you for themselves, but if you are here to restore the world, which cause is greater? If you are thinking in that way, could you be deprogrammed? I have been in prison several times, and each time I walked in with dignity, feeling it was the roadway to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Now you know how to defeat Satan. The greater cause always wins out over the trivial cause. Restoration will not come without indemnity. We must clearly learn the tradition of God. Satan is not qualified to be master, even of the fallen world. Even in this world a master must be fair with the servants, but Satan is the enemy of mankind because he is using this world as his slave.

What is the secret to make this enemy surrender? First, love God. It is impossible for Satan to do that. In Satan's world the pattern is for love to flow down from the top. In following the road of restoration, you have to go opposite the way of the satanic world. Knowing this principle, God goes down low underneath the worst misery of men. Even Satan cannot go that low because he is always self-centered, and such a person can go only so far. But God is unlimited.

If you go lower down than Satan, that extra distance becomes the amount by which you can push yourself up higher. When you pay more indemnity by going deeper, you can go up higher. God is using Unification Church as a tool to give you a tougher indemnity course so you can go up higher. We do that because of Satan, who is so arrogant that he can't learn the virtue of meekness. When you go down low then Satan cannot follow.

The pattern of my whole life is one of suffering and persecution. The American media felt I wouldn't last six months, and they tried everything to hinder me, but instead I am soaring up. I could do that because I know how to conquer Satan. Everyone has tried to hit me, but it was my antagonists who were shattered instead.

With this understanding do you want me to compliment you and give you an easy life? Now do you mind being pushed hard? Whenever the Dursts came to Germany to report to me, I gave them only harsh words and maybe they were apprehensive about coming again. But they knew the secret: even though I scolded them, it was their asset and they didn't mind my harsh words. If you can tell God He can do anything with you, then you are really advancing.

Another couple I have tested is the Ormes. I have purposely treated them harshly. I didn't want them to feel they were no good any more, but to feel grateful instead. Then they could reach a new level. In Germany I did things the members there didn't expect. I have such a clear vision for them, and even though they have a different vision, I just go the other way and wait for them. Then when they arrive at that point, they always feel I am ahead of them.

When you live life like that, you truly experience the living God, the powerful, loving God. This indictment is a good example. You know I have done nothing wrong, but I was accused anyway. I was in Korea preparing for the Science Conference when I heard the news. I could have ignored the American court and just focused on the job at hand, but that was not my thinking. Even if I am convicted and sentenced to jail, what matters is the life and death of America -- that's why I returned. I know clearly that what I am doing here is selfless. I am here for God and His providence, and I know the time will come when this nation and government will bow in respect and admiration. That is how Principle works.

Do you want me to push you to work hard, or do you want an easy way? If you really want to go the hard way, do you think this country will prosper or fail? If you really want to take God's heaviest burden, no principality on earth can stop you. God is the king of kings in the practice of indemnity, which means that God has suffered most. A son of filial piety thinks the way his parents think, and wants to take their burden, not just their joy. An untrustworthy son doesn't care about his parents' concerns, but only wants to take advantage of them. In this congregation there are two types of people -- loyal and disloyal children. It is easy to say you are loyal, but doing it is not easy. Disloyalty is the easy way out. Patriotism is a hard way of life. Loyalty to God can be categorized in the same way.

Which road did I have to choose? From beginning to end, I wanted only to be a loyal son, no matter how hard the road might be. I never thought it was difficult to do, or even for one moment complained to God. Once a tough problem was overcome, I looked for a bigger problem. When it was finished, I looked for a tougher problem. I never had a daily schedule, but just continued 24 hours a day. It is unmistakably clear that this is the only way to be a son or daughter of God.

The number one person is the universe is God, so for His sake I want to bear His burdens. If this is your attitude, then you have to be considered His number one son or daughter. Make a list of the difficulties God has, and number them in priority, and then pick the toughest one. This is how you become a loyal son. I never asked for God's recognition or praise because I am very busy in this chaotic world where there is much more restoration to do. There is no time to think about getting credit for myself.

If God is the king of kings of indemnity, then at least I want to be the king of indemnity on earth. A long time ago I made up my mind that I would suffer more than anyone else on earth, in either the past, present or future. In comparison, death is a rather simple way to fulfill. The pioneer climbs up first, setting the rope behind him so that everyone else can climb. It would be much easier if I were the only one climbing to the top of the mountain, but I want to leave the path behind so everyone else can come. In order to do that I had to leave a foundation at every stage, and at every stage more indemnity was required of me. To make the foundation in this secular world God had to come down to suffer in the worst part. That is the simple principle I have been living.

These steps should have been trod by the elder son -- by Adam if there had been no fall -- in the indirect dominion. But after the fall there was no elder son for heaven, since Cain became the elder son on the side of Satan. As the second son, Abel has no right to pioneer the road to perfection, so in order to go that road he has to go first to the satanic world and work hard to receive the birthright of elder son.

Satan holds the birthright, and Cain is the elder brother, so it won't be easy to claim the birthright. God's way of winning the birthright is to get Satan to surrender it willingly -- that is the only strategy acceptable to God. You can imagine the degree of suffering involved: Satan's hardened heart and mind must be melted so that he admits that you deserve the birthright instead of him.

In the satanic world you struggle with Cain, the elder brother. On the way in, Cain goes first as the eldest. Next, Satan must willingly surrender to Abel, and then on the way back Abel is in front and Cain behind as younger brother. This sequence must be repeated at each stage, going out to the satanic world and then back again each time. You start out as servant of servant, then servant, then adopted son, stepson, then true son; next you restore Eve, then Adam, and finally you become united with God in the eighth stage. Number eight represents a new beginning.

No religion has known this secret. Most religious people have tried to go directly to the top, for they didn't know they had to encircle the satanic world, pay indemnity, and win the heart of Cain. You have to tread the way of God's tradition, which means going to the satanic battlefield, starting at the bottom as servant of servants. How many stages have you covered? How much have you been following the law of indemnity, and how much do you have left to pay?

It took God thousands of years to cover each step. Where would you go to restore the birthright? To the satanic world. I came to America to win the birthright. Only after restoring it can I move forward another step. I am elder brother to you, right? According to Unification Church tradition, then, when I assign someone to be a leader I am not giving him authority to command, but a commission to go down to the world to show an example of hard work.

Would you rather side with Satan, who accuses you, or with those who support you? If someone is really Abel to you, uniting with him is the key to get the blessing; it is not good if you against him. Among Dr. Durst, Mr. Kamiyama, and Reverend Kim, Rev. Kim is the eldest. If Dr. Durst is getting a hard time from the other two, then still he should not be in a position to complain. Actually they are all in the same Abel group, but Dr. Durst is in the position of youngest. For him the wisest way is to follow the elder brothers' tradition.

If ever Dr. Durst feels that America is primarily his responsibility and territory, and that he has a better way with Americans, it will only bring him more suffering. Before I assigned him to president here, his two elder brothers were already fulfilling key positions for many years. When Dr. Durst is following the tradition of Mr. Kamiyama and Reverend Kim, he will receive blessing when they do, so that is a wise strategy. Otherwise, he has to start from scratch. But in my way he can cover quickly the territory they have already opened. It comes to him freely.

This is very important in setting the Unification Church tradition. America is not a separate territory, but one portion of God's world. God sees one world and one people, not many nations. There is no other formula for the road of indemnity. You have no idea how many millions of people paid the price for the dispensation to take one step.

If your scalp is split open in a fight, you have no place to appeal when you are servant of servant, for you have no right to see the master. In communist countries there is no place to appeal when inhumane things are done; that is just like the servant of servant's position. God first put Himself in that position and did not complain. Maybe some American leaders think they have acquired great authority in Unification

Church, but in God's sight they are still bound by this law of indemnity by heart. On my recent brief visit to Korea I brought a greater whirlwind than any other time. I pushed out all the elder couples, from 36 through 430 couples, who all thought they were established and settled, and sent them to frontline missions. Could they complain? They are very honored to be pushed out by me. Are you just walking back and forth, or are you ready for the opportune time to jump over? That's how history is moving forward.

Eve gave life to two brothers, Cain and Abel. They each breast fed from her, so they should have unity and harmonious give and take at her bosom. The elder should tell the youngest to nurse first, and the younger insist that the elder go first. The only way you can win the birthright is if you are better than your brother.

Among two twins, how can we distinguish which is Cain and Abel? The one who becomes the elder brother must be doing something unique. This applies to the members also; it is the person who serves more and is more dedicated whom we regard as the elder brother. Through that sacrificial son the dispensation of God will progress. That is the deepest part of the valley, through which the river of dispensation will flow.

Dr. Durst is officially the president of the American Unification Church, but if one of you has a more serving and sacrificial attitude, then his blessing will flow through you. It is not title but state of heart that matters. If Dr. Durst cannot fulfill his responsibility, someone who is rich in heart will become leader of America instead.

Even in the future there will be no denominations in Unification Church because we know about Cain and Abel. If two brothers are struggling for power, the one who sacrifices more will win; that shall be the mainstream. Parents always want to see their children love each other. They would rejoice to see their younger son loving his elder brother more than he loves them. You don't have to worry about getting recognition. If you make yourself a deeper valley then the water will automatically flow toward you. God wants to dwell in the deepest valley, where the water makes a lake. Your wealth will consist of tribulation and suffering, not of an easy and clever way of living. Now you know clearly all my secrets for getting to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Eve will hold her two sons, moving toward Adam; that is her road. Will the children protest that he is not their father? If so then their family will be shattered and Eve's mission is a failure. Her mission is education of the children in the father's tradition of following God, explaining why their father is living in a certain way. She will teach them every point of what their father looks like, and how he acts. When the children see other people, they will recognize and apply some of the points taught them by their mother and understand more about their father.

In the Western world today the Cain and Abel nations are America and West Germany. Which is the Eve country? Japan. Japanese members came to America and Germany to feed members here by educating them. Any good mother makes sacrifices for her children, and our Japanese members have given much to nurture both America and Germany. Even if Japanese members become thin and pale from overwork, they have no way to complain because theirs is the mother's role. You have wondered why Japanese members are so short. Now you know. It is because they have given mother's milk to all the big American and German members, and they have no strength to grow bigger themselves.

The Japanese members are not allowed to complain even once about the role they are playing. Japan has one more important role. It must look for Adam and teach the children what kind of father they will have. The two babies happen to be tall Westerners, and they look alike, with blue eyes and a big nose, but the face of their mommy is very different! The children are accustomed to certain kinds of food like bread and cheese, but the mother eats rice and miso soup. They wonder, "How can she be my mother?" And then when the children meet their father, they see he is a Korean, and he eats hot ko-chi-chong and kimchee!

When the children look at their history, they see that at one time America and Germany were enemies. Here we have four impossible elements, Korean, Japanese, American, and German, but we have to make them one, uniting them into one culture. Once they are united, they must move up one more step to unite with God, but that final step will be the easiest. Do you think I made this up just in order to push you I more? No, this is the principle of restoration and I cannot deviate from it at all.

What kind of program do I need to unite these nations? One cardinal rule for the training program I have devised is that there is no room for complaint. Even with great perseverance, however, it is still difficult to become one. But without such unity, there is no hope for the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you think I had an easy time bringing you this far?

You are clever people and no one can deceive you. Only the most heartistic truth can convince you. Furthermore, I went the path ahead of you. You know my experience and accomplishment, so you trust me. Great blunders were made over and over in history because no one knew the secret of indemnity.

Religion should be persecuted; if any religion is welcome from its beginning, stay away from it. Look instead for the religion which receives the worst persecution. The Unification Church has grown to the worldwide level under persecution. I could have spoken only nice words about America, but I spoke the truth, and sometimes the truth is painful. In this nation all the Cain groups have been against me, and they hit me very hard, but still I am winning. You follow because you find more righteousness here. You have hope to gain more here.

I know the psychology of parents. Your parents gave you love and food and education so that you could become great in society and take care of them later. Then I showed up, and they think I took you away. But in reality you came to me. I never forced you anywhere; you simply followed. The Washington Monument rally was a controversial event. I could have said nice things about President Carter, but I came to America as a judge and prophet to tell the truth to the nation and leaders.

I proclaimed that our next rally would be in Moscow. At first many communists thought it was a joke, but I meant it, and in many ways I am preparing for it. Many American young people today live the lazy grasshopper way of life, but in the Unification Church we are like the ant that works diligently all day. The ant has a very thin waist because it works hard all the time.

The territory of America's mission is worldwide. This nation has had the role of leader and elder brother, but in many cases it took advantage of other nations. Now it must go out to give to others. The younger brother nations have been economically and spiritually poor, so America must give everything to them and lift them up. You have a lifestyle of plenty, so this nation can build wonderful homes for Africans, Asians, and South Americans. Americans think this nation's wealth belongs to them, but if they don't use it for God's mission then it will all slip away, no matter what they do. No white man or black man can say this; only a yellow man can say this.

Without the unity of four cultures, there is no way you can attain true love. We simply have to do it. Those who were in the garden of Eden all turned against each other, and you can know that the last days are at hand when the prophecy is fulfilled that the members of your own family are your enemy. America is fulfilling that prophecy now. Parents have become enemies to themselves and their children, and brothers and sisters have become enemies. If America cannot come out of that situation, it shall be destroyed.

I came to America with the solution which enables families to make loving relationships. Divine Principle is the unifying principle, especially for the family. Even divorced parents can be restored back to each other. If America will receive this word from me, this nation will be blessed. But restoring family unity is nowhere as difficult as restoration of unity among four nations. In our movement we are in a position to unite four cultures, so uniting your own family is an easier task in comparison.

No matter how much difficulty you may encounter, you must restore. the four position foundation in your family. I want you to have confidence; once you truly know Divine Principle in your heart, restoring your family is an easy goal compared to what we must fulfill in the Church.

Unity of the four nations is our next challenge. The easiest way would be to bring people of all four nations within your bosom to receive your milk, uniting them in one family. If your brother-in-law is German, your uncle Japanese, your sister-in-law Korean, and you are American, then you have four nations in one family.

Whether you like it or not, you cannot decline, and you must accept the challenge. Since I am already thinking this way, many of you ask for international marriage. God knows this is the best way to unite the four nations. You know this, even if you can't explain it too well. If you can't do this then you can't say you have fulfilled the goal of heartistic restoration, and you can't dream of entering God's direct dominion.

Now the second three seven-year courses are beginning, and I must give you clear direction. God has been following this tradition and principle, so I am no exception. For the last 21 years I have done exactly what I am explaining to you today, indemnifying 2,000 years of Christian history. Even though I faced persecution the whole time, I created a ladder through the eight stages to the direct dominion of God's love.

It took me sixty years to create this ladder, covering 6,000 years of history. How long will you take? Your job is easier because the pioneering work has already been done. God wants your share to be done quickly because He is anxious to restore the Kingdom of Heaven, so He wants you to get your job done in six years and six months. I am teaching you exactly how to do that. This mission still has eight distinct stages, so I want to give you the condition of doing the whole course in microcosm. If you really accept and welcome this course, it doesn't have to take even six years, but only six months, because the foundation I have laid is so powerful. In time the whole world will accept me, and then that job won't even take six months.

Today we had a big rally, and the press was there as early as eight o'clock because they wanted to see me. I didn't speak until noon, so that meant they waited for four hours. Their attention is different now, for they want to know about me. If they stand for three hours among you, they have to be affected by your sincerity because they have heard so many evil things about our Church.

If the two major papers, the New York Times and Washington Post, realize the harm they have done and declare it to the world, then the world can turn around overnight. The heavenly force is pushing them, so they have to repent at one time or another. You worry that I have been indicted, but I never thought about it; I only thought about the universal dispensation, and God has given this opportunity to seize the world's attention.

The microcosm of restoration can be fulfilled in home church. Home church is your universe, and without fulfilling there you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The job is easy from now on because we don't recognize national boundaries, and wherever we go we do home church. Among home church people there shall be one family, even among people of enemy nations. Later home church champions will be wanted everywhere, and people will even smuggle them into hostile nations, for that is the only way the nations can be saved. That time will come.

Your 360 homes represent 360 degrees, meaning all four directions, north, east, south and west; a year also has about 360 days. True Parents have accomplished their victory, and by setting this small condition of home church you are entitled to inherit what they have won. Restore three generations: restore Adam's failure plus Jesus' unfulfilled mission, and inherit True Parents' era, paying indemnity for Christian opposition by doing home church. You have that responsibility. My victory was not won for my sake, but for you. Now I am waiting for each of you to fulfill this miniature condition. Then I can gladly give the entire victory to you as your inheritance.

Jesus Christ bore the cross because a certain number was not fulfilled. He needed twelve disciples, then 72 disciples. There were ten generations between Adam and Noah, and in addition Cain and Abel made twelve generations. The ten generations after Noah until Abraham, plus Shem and Ham make twelve generations. At the time of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were two vertical generations. In Jacob's time the number twelve was extended horizontally.

In Unification Church the indemnification of all these generations is done through the 36 couples. Consummating the vertical history on earth, Jacob defeated the angel, won the heart of his elder brother, and had twelve children. Twelve is a central number because it is a vertical number. In each tribe there are six members, and twelve times six makes 72. The Bible says Jesus had 70 disciples, but to be exact it was 72. Twelve would become the forefather's position, and 72 would become the children's position. Jesus was crucified because he did not have 72 or 84. If three generations has been set up in Jesus' time, Jesus, children, and grandchildren, then Jesus would not have been crucified. Certainly if Judaism had accepted him, Jesus could have had three generations.

The two major families at Jesus' time were Joseph's family and Zechariah's family, which was the Cain family from which John the Baptist came. These two families were meant to work together, but when they failed to unite, they were shattered. Within your home church Joseph and Zechariah's families are expressed as Cain and Abel.

You have two types of home church, the Cain type is in your 360 homes, and after that is restored, you will do Abel-type home church in your own family. When both are completed, you are elevated to the parent's position, the Messiah's position, and then you are in heaven. In this miniature dispensation I have made your job practical and easy.

People in this world can be classified into three categories: first are married couples, representing Adam's family; second are couples who live together without marriage, plus the realm of engagement, representing Jesus' position; the third realm is men and women who are still looking forward to engagement and marriage; this represents the Second Advent. You will find all of these types opposing you in home church. Your job is to make them willing to capitulate; this is not a militant goal, but a heartistic, loving goal. Would you welcome me to your home, to every room in the house? Your goal is to be welcomed as openly as that in your home church area. If you really know the formula, you can bring your people to understand the importance of home church in one week and they will join with you.

Dr. Durst, do you understand the importance of home church? You are trying to work out some pragmatic way to get quick results, but since home church comes out of Principle, each person has to walk the Principle way. Without this road can you enter heaven?

Home church is like a launching pad. The fuel of your rocket is true love, and then your rocket can fly. When you reach the moon, God will come down and recharge you with His love. Next you will land at the sun. God knew my mission, and He had a reason to give me my name. Going up is moon-sun, and going down is sun-moon.

You don't like indemnity; I don't like indemnity either, but we cannot bypass indemnity. No matter what leadership position you have in our Church, without going through home church you cannot reach that moon. In Korea I pushed out all the older couples to do home church. Even if they were leaders of businesses, they still had to do home church. Not a single one of them opposed my plan.

As soon as I got to Korea I called all of them together and told them to write their resignations as company presidents, and in one hour I had them all. Then I gave them the home church mission. Does only a backward country like Korea need home church, and not a civilized country like America? If I did that in Korea, do you think I could do it here? If I pushed you like I have the elder members in Korea, it would be a social scandal, wouldn't it? All the newspapers would call me a racist.

I have many continents to visit and I may not be here in America in three years. Who can say I should stay here? America is only one nation. Have you experienced forty days of pioneering in the summer? We have only been doing that here for two years. In Korea it was started in 1957. If your attitude is that you are obliged to do it as a condition, and you just look over your area as though it were a summer vacation, is that evangelism? I have taught you everything you need to know, so just go ahead and see what you can do.

Actually, home church was initiated here in America, in the last part of 1977. The home church dispensation has existed for less than five years. Since I have given this formula for home church for the restoration of all people around the world, my mission is all done; that is what God has been wishing for 6,000 years, what I have wished for sixty years, and is what you can do in six months or six years.

In 21 years I have completed all the spiritual foundation for restoration. Now it is your time, your children's course. I have made a spiritual foundation, and now I want to create a worldwide economic foundation in the next seven years. That is why I went to Germany. I have been a controversial figure in the religious field, and now maybe I will be controversial in the economic and business fields. When that foundation is completed in seven years, the foundation for the Moscow rally will be done.

Now it is your turn. Do not lose this golden opportunity I have given you to meet the condition in seven years. Attack it and fulfill in seven years. This is a new era and now you are in my role. If you don't do well in seven years, your course will be expanded to 21 years, and I know you don't want that. We are marching toward the final goal.

Make a determination to take off as servant of servant. In order to fulfill that role a person must be willing to give his life at least three times, but people in the free world are not quite ready to do the things that God wants them to do. You will be going to the satanic world seven times at the risk of your life, then moving to another stage. That's why Jesus said that the person who was ready to lose his life for Jesus' sake would find it. Jesus also taught that the members of your own family are your enemy if they block the way.

Have you ever heard in all history of parents kidnapping their own children? That has happened to the Unification Church, however. Jesus' supreme teaching was to love your enemy, meaning not just someone in your family who doesn't like you, but any person trying to attack and kill you. You are working to pass the examination on the family and national levels, and then you should move on to the worldwide level.

To go through all the stages, you must be prepared to risk your life 21 times. This is a serious business, but unless you go through it you are not entitled to receive heavenly blessing. What is the price tag of all this? Actually human history has lasted 800,000 years, not 6,000. For 80,000,000 years the world evolved and the population of the earth has been in the billions. During this time God and mankind together could not raise up even one perfected Adam. How much sacrifice was paid during that time? You have no idea.

God had to restore one Adam; Adam had to restore one Eve, and Eve had to restore Cain and Abel, who then must restore all the tribes of the world. Could they ever figure out how to do it without knowing the Divine Principle? Finally in the 20th century one man was born through whom God has accomplished restoration of all history, and also given the course of home church so that everyone has a way to get to heaven. All this was done in one short lifetime. This is an incredible victory! This is so valuable that you couldn't exchange it for the whole planet.

What price tag can you put on that victory? If one person dissents and says he doesn't want to go that route, would the foundation of the Kingdom of Heaven be shaken? Never. If each member has 360 homes, less than two million members could reach all mankind. Later on when people can't find 360 homes nearby, there will be a great movement as they look for an area for themselves. It is such an incredible story that it is hard to believe; you can believe it if you want to, but whether you say yes or no, or good or bad, it doesn't count any more.

Shall we do home church? I have given you everything you need to know, so actually I don't need to meet you frequently. You know how you can defeat Satan, how to pay indemnity. In your heart you know what my position is. Do you want the easy way out or the hard way? The luxurious way, or the sacrificial way? Do you want to go to a friend's home, or an enemy's home?

I have given sixty years of my life in obtaining this victorious foundation, and now you can inherit the entire thing in six years. What a bargain! Do you think you can do it? After you know this truth, all you have to do is pack your bag with Divine Principle and a videocassette and go to your home church. You don't need Dr. Durst, or Rev. Moon. Just dig down in your home church.

I want to chase you out now! That is my concept. Amen means number, one man. Now you know the tradition: restoration by indemnity for the sake of restoration of heart. Heartlistic restoration by indemnity is the tradition. The starting point is the servant of servant's position, then the position of servant. A servant has a master, and I know you expect the worst master. When you become an adopted son, your adopted parents will be the worst animals to you. Your stepparents will be the worst in the world. When you become a son, your loving parent will train you to be a great man of God by giving you harsh tasks. If you think about yourself and complain all the time, do you think you can win?

When you visit 360 homes, you will be kicked 360 times, but still you must go. You have to shed blood, but even if you die at home church you will still be better off. We can thank God by telling Him that by being a servant of servants we know His heart and the ordeal He has been through. No matter how difficult your life is, don't ask God to comfort you. To be a son of filial piety means to comfort God when you are in the worst position. When you are suffering, God already knows it. You should rather plunge yourself to the place of death before praying to God to take away your suffering. Even if you die in fulfilling your mission, God will resurrect you.

Without that kind of foundation you cannot expand, or grow new branches and leaves. The root is God and the True Parents are the trunk, and their essence is coming through you as the branches. The leaves are consuming energy, so you have to pull energy from God. If you say you don't want to do your responsibility, you cannot pull energy from the root. You are persecuted and treated badly, but still you must be ready to comfort God and go on.

Many people thought that when I came I would set the date of their blessing, but instead you have been given a bigger blessing today! There is a much hotter issue at hand. Today in the name God and True Parents I am giving you this mission. Truly the Kingdom of Heaven is yours, and God and True Parents are becoming one with you. Amen!

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