The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1981

History Of The Providence Through Restoration By Indemnity

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 10, 1981
World Mission Center
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

The words in the title of my sermon this morning are household words to us, but no one else can understand this language! Today we are talking about history in terms of salvation. Very few people know the real meaning of salvation, which has been hidden in the heart of God. The reason that only God knows is that man fell before he learned the truth, before he had a chance to know about this. Throughout history, God's most elementary job has been to educate people and liberate them from their ignorance.

Even if we know the truth, however, we still cannot have salvation without fulfilling certain conditions. Ever since the fall of man, the reality here on earth has been completely contrary to God's own wishes. Therefore, without paying the debts of history, man cannot come out of that position.

We can take an example; a person who commits a crime and is sent to prison cannot come out again until he has made restitution for his crime. Until he clears away his past misdeeds, he will not be freed. This kind of indemnification used so frequently in society must also be done to rectify the crimes mankind has committed in the past.

What is the true meaning of indemnity? The problem is human capability; there is no way for anyone to be capable of paying all mankind's debts. That is the reality. Thus, there must be a special law to give salvation to people, for without a special dispensation there is no way anyone could be saved. God is asking for all of us to pay a certain amount, to be applied toward the total we owe. By meeting that condition, the entire amount can be indemnified. That is the basic principle. For example, God may specify a length of time-one year, ten years, or whatever-by which all the debts of the past can be indemnified.

God is always setting up little conditions so that everyone can have a chance to receive salvation. It is very good for us. However, there is a struggle between God and Satan. Satan is insisting that God can't do that, so some compromise must be made. Satan's goal is to force man to pay a great deal of indemnity. His ulterior motive in doing that is to give man so great a burden that he can never finish it all, thus ensuring he will remain enslaved to Satan. On the other hand, God is trying to make man's burden as light as possible so that everyone can complete every requirement.

God's argument is this: "Satan, when man was originally created you couldn't even put one finger on him." Then Satan will reply, "God, I already knew that. However, you made a rule that once someone is governed by love, that relationship can go on for eternity. I won man by love, even though it was illicit love, so our relationship has to be eternal." But God will argue back, "Satan, I created mankind and they are my children. You took them away by an illicit relationship." God is speaking out of truth, but Satan is also basing his argument on principle.

God and Satan had to compromise, and the decision was finally made that whomever man loved most would win him. Thus, in order to come to the side of God, man must make a condition to separate himself from Satan and come back to God by his own will. This is important-it is not by force but by his own will that man can return to the side of God. Satan agreed that God could have man only when man loved God more than he loved anything else.

Then they argued about the length of time. God said, "Let's give them a one year condition." Satan insisted it had to be ten years. Finally they compromised by agreeing not to talk about time, but only about which side man loved most. The standard of love alone would determine everything. Then Satan said, "God, you don't mind giving man a hard time. I can give as much as ten years hardship condensed into one year. " Then God gave him the go ahead.

Ever since that treaty was made between God and Satan, any man who attempts to return to God has to overcome Satan's tests, trial and tribulation. This is why anyone living a truly religious life has had to face the desperate bottom of human existence, the place where a person could even die. This is why Satan was successful in defeating many good people; because they could not withstand such hardship, they surrendered to Satan. For a person to be victorious, he must go through several stages to reach the final goal. No one can jump from the lowest place to the top in one jump. Everyone has to go by certain steps.

We begin our journey as a servant of servants. Then we are promoted to servant; then promoted to adopted son; then become true son, and finally become ruler of the universe. On every level certain conditions must be set. You must pay certain indemnity as a servant of servants in order to escape and go to the next level. Actually, according to Principle, God cannot directly deal with the position of servant of servants because the archangel was the servant of God. Furthermore, the servant is the angel, so when you start out as servant of servant, Satan can treat you any way he wishes; you can't have any will of your own. The servant of servant position was passed down unfulfilled from Adam and Eve, to Cain and Abel, to Noah and finally to Abraham. In Abraham's time, history finally advanced from the level of servant of servant to the servant level.

Abraham's dispensation lasted three generations: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Jacob wrestled with the angel all night at the ford of Jabbok, and ultimately Jacob prevailed over him. By setting that condition, man was promoted; by Jacob's being victorious over the angel, man came out of the servant of servant position up to the servant position. Thus, the history of Israel as the chosen people began with Jacob.

What is the rank of the chosen people? The nation of Israel was in the servant position, not quite yet in the son's position. In the ideal world God wants to dwell with His own son and His own grandchildren, not with His servant. To come up to another stage, the chosen people had to wrestle with the satanic nation and prevail over it. That process began when Jacob's descendants entered Egypt, where for 400 years they struggled against the foreign power. After 430 years, they came out of Egypt. They were coming back to create a heavenly nation in the land of Canaan as preparation for the coming of the Messiah.

For what mission does the Messiah come? The Messiah comes to confer the title of son of God to all people, starting with Israel. To gain that title, those in the servant's position must go through the position of adopted son. That nation is also meant to move to the worldwide level. In this case, Israel was a colony of the Roman Empire. First it had to liberate itself from the bonds of its master, which was the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire was very powerful, and it was virtually impossible for a small nation like Israel to free itself and conquer Rome. Therefore, it was part of the dispensation that God had been weakening the Roman Empire and making it possible for Israel to conquer it.

During that time God had also picked His champions. John the Baptist was a great man who traveled around his own country, spiritually arousing the people. What was the Divine Principle role of John the Baptist? He was like a bridge between the roles of servant and son, so John the Baptist was in the role of adopted son. Everyone else was still in the servant's position. By uniting with John the Baptist, everyone could instantly elevate themselves into the adopted son's position, in preparation for becoming sons of God. By uniting horizontally with John the Baptist, they could be elevated one step higher. The ultimate mission of John the Baptist was to win the people's hearts and take them to unite with the Messiah.

In that period 2,000 years ago, three different roles were being lived; first, the Jews in position of servant; second, John the Baptist as adopted son; and third, the son of God, the Messiah. There was a distinct vertical chain of command which God intended. The son of God should take command, and John the Baptist must unconditionally obey and listen to him. At the same time, all the people in the servant's position must also unconditionally obey John the Baptist because he was one level higher. Together the Messiah, John the Baptist and the people of Israel were to struggle against the Roman Empire, just like Jacob wrestled against the angel at the ford of Jabbok.

If that movement had been successful, then with Jesus Christ as the commander-in-chief there shouldn't have been any division between Abraham's children, such as there is now between the Arabs and Jews. After all, the Arab nations are descended from Abraham's son, Ishmael. In those days, God's intention was to unite all Arab people and the Jewish nation. The Roman Empire was their common enemy, so when Israel stood up to fight Rome, all her neighbors, who were also under Roman oppression, were supposed to unite with Israel against their common enemy. Together they could have won a most spectacular, dazzling victory.

But history did not take that route. No one united with the Messiah. John the Baptist went his own way and the people of Israel also went their own way, and the son of God was lonely. They were all divided, never united. Jesus came as the Messiah to win the people, starting particularly with John the Baptist. When everyone betrayed him instead, Satan scoffed, "Jesus, you have no one around you. You are no longer the Messiah. You really failed." Satan accused him directly. Satan said, "Even you, Jesus, should listen to me. I will control you." Satan became that powerful and arrogant.

John the Baptist was not completely opposed to Jesus initially. At the Jordan River he testified about who Jesus was, telling the people to look at the Lamb of God who had come to bear the sins of the world. If John had failed completely, without making any testimony for Jesus, then Jesus would have had absolutely no ground to stand on. But in the sight of God a small condition was made when John witnessed once to the people about who Jesus was. Then even if Jesus was crucified, on that small foundation Jesus could be resurrected, restoring all the nation at least up to the adopted son's level. Even after the crucifixion Jesus had the power to do so.

It was tragic, but the reality is that after the crucifixion of Jesus, the history of Christianity was the history of the adopted son. After his physical death, Jesus was resurrected spiritually and has been leading the way to spiritual salvation, opening the way for all men to reach the adopted son's level. Without the living Christ as the commander-in-chief, the chosen people could not easily conquer the Roman Empire. Instead, Jesus' disciples suffered for 400 years, and only then finally conquered Rome. Their suffering and tribulation was enormous. You have no idea how much suffering they went through.

When you go to Rome and visit the catacombs, the underground cemeteries, you can see how first century Christians lived. In order to preserve their lives they had to go down to the cemeteries to meet secretly, surrounded by dead bodies. But through their perseverance and sacrifice, they finally prevailed and restored the Roman Empire. That began the history of Catholicism.

Again, no matter what they did or how much they suffered, they could not achieve any more than spiritual salvation or the level of adopted sons. Jesus Christ never gave anyone else the title of son of God. He was only in the role of the spiritual Son. Physically speaking, there is no foundation even for the servant or adopted son, for Jesus had won only a spiritual victory. Christianity then received the task of preparation for the coming of the Second Messiah. Because Jesus' job was left unfinished, the Second Coming became mandatory. The Christian world was to physically create the realm of adopted son, upon which the new Christ could come and prosper.

For 2,000 years, therefore, the work of Christianity has been done only in spirit. However, we can really fight against Satan because our rank is already that of adopted son, which is higher than a servant. Even an adopted son has a right to receive inheritance. The servant, however, is always controlled by the master.

The spirit of Christianity made the foundation for modern-day civilization. Today the United States is the center of world Christianity, and its role is to complete the final chapter of God's providence for the coming of the Messiah by making the spiritual foundation upon which the physical kingdom can come. That is the ultimate destiny of Christianity. The modern dispensation will duplicate the providential pattern of 2,000 will duplicate the providential pattern of 2,000 years ago; what we need is a physical John the Baptist, and a Messiah living on earth.

By uniting with Jesus Christ, Christianity could be elevated one step higher to the position of adopted son, but all other religions remained in their same position. In our day, the various religions hold different positions in the providence, such as servant of servant, servant, adopted son, true son, and finally the religion of parents. The religion of adopted son is Christianity. Buddhism, Islam, and Confucianism, all fit into different levels. God's desire is to have all mankind come together and receive the one Messiah. The Messiah is not coming to one particular religion; He is coming for all men and all mankind. That was God's desire. This is why in the end there must be a movement for the unification of all religions.

At the same time, the ultimate satanic ideology will come into being. That is none other than communism, which is the common enemy of all religions. The satanic side has one religion, which is communism. On God's side, there are many kinds of religions, however, so when the Messiah comes, he will bring the religion of true sonship and the religion of true parents. The Messiah's job is to raise all religions to the level of the religion of the parent. There is no more beyond that.

According to logic, everything that happened 2,000 years ago on the spiritual level will now be duplicated physically on the world level. There should be a modern-day Roman Empire, for instance. Israel as the chosen nation was a part of the Roman Empire, so there must be one small nation today which is connected to the modern-day Roman Empire; that small nation will play the major role by bringing a new ideology and religion to the world. Also, that small nation will have to go through incredible tribulation, being completely overrun by satanic forces and gradually conquering them.

The United Sates is the central Christian nation, but America is not the physical foundation of national sovereignty on the heavenly side that Israel was. For the United States to have such sovereignty, it must liberate the country which parallels Israel of 2,000 years ago, and find the new truth.

From 1910 on, Korea was ruled by Japan. Imperial Japan brutally dominated Korea. Japan was seeking world domination, and was responsible for starting the Pacific war. From the dispensational point of view, however, World War II was fought in order to liberate Korea. Before Korea was annexed by Japan in 1910, a great many American Christian missionaries had gone to Korea. They planted the spirit of independence and made a deep connection between Korea and America. The imperial Government of Japan hated that very much and wanted to cut that connection. That is another aspect of why World War II began in the Pacific.

Japan was very ambitious and sought to dominate all of Asia, invading Manchuria, then all eastern China, Southeast Asia, and the Philippines. The nation most troublesome to Japan was Korea because Korea was always trying to be independent, and Korean Christians maintained their links with the United States.

At that time Japan felt that no nation could stop the Japanese expansion, so the Japanese military government concluded that it could cut off Korean agitation by severing its ties to America; therefore, Japan attacked America. No history books in America or Japan record it this way. That is the truth. The Japanese totally surprised America with the attack on Pearl Harbor. Historians have speculated about why they made such a blunder, but now you know.

American Christianity played a great role in planting a strong political ideology among the Korean people. Nowadays there is much criticism of me by American people and media, who think I am playing politics. But who started the politics first? Your missionaries in Korea. Actually, in history, Christianity has often been used as a political tool. The United States and Great Britain have to admit that. The Third World doesn't trust Christianity because they feel that missionaries are coming as the agents of some imperialistic American or British government. They do not open their hearts to Christianity because that religion was used so many times to justify colonialism. Satan used that tactic first, but this is also God's tactic, so it is not necessarily bad. When you become the prey of Satan's infiltration, your destiny would be hell; but if God uses the same tactic then you benefit by it, so it is actually a good deal. The people who are jittery about American Christianity don't know this particular truth. Even if the American missionaries were somewhat political, the people would ultimately receive some benefit.

When the allied powers defeated Japan in World War II, Korea was liberated in 1945. Korea is comparable to Israel of 2,000 years ago. By Korea's becoming one with the United States, American Christianity will for the first time have a physical foundation. That's why I left Korea to come to the United States. President Reagan is the fourth American President I have dealt with; at the same time, Reagan happens to be the fortieth President. This is not a coincidence. Four presidents represent four generations, so this will indemnify the 4,000 year history of the chosen nation. Even the American hostages came out of Iran after 444 days. Everything happened in multiples of four.

The hostages were symbolic in dispensational history, and through their suffering of 444 days, indemnity was paid for America's dividing Korea at the end of World War II, and for her standing by while the free world became weak and communism expanded. To indemnify the failures of America as a Christian nation, 52 Americans suffered as hostages.

President Reagan is God's chosen president, so I supported him all the way. Within eighteen hours after Reagan became President, he declared that the first head of state to visit the Reagan White House would be the President of Korea. This was very surprising to many people; after all, with all the many powerful nations in the world, why pick little Korea? This meeting of the presidents was like a declaration that Korea and America have a common destiny. This is also a big bonus for Japan. President Reagan will undoubtedly tell Japan that after having an easy time in the last two decades it must now participate in the defense of the free world, and in particular of Korea. Thus, Korea and Japan will also be linked in one destiny.

When the three nations come together, what is actually happening in the dispensation? First, we'll see the emergence of the physical adopted son nation, Eve's nation, and then the physical son nation and father nation. All the dispensational components will come into place on the physical level. Who is going to make this unity? Korea? Japan? America must do it because America is the archangel country, and archangel is supposed to be the heavenly servant and messenger. The archangel was the rascal who caused the division between God and man, and between Adam and Eve. Therefore, in restoration, the archangel must play a major role in bringing them together into unity. That's why America will play this role between nations.

By the end of the Carter administration, the free world was so divided and demoralized that there was little hope. The communist world and the Christian world were also declining. America had become helpless, like a sick elephant. During that period, the American government, Korean government, Japanese government, as well as Judaism, Christianity and all the religions of the world, and especially communism-all came against me.

The most dramatic symbol of that world opposition was our battle with the Fraser committee in Congress. Whether they liked it or not, many liberals were utilized as agents for communist strategy. But ever since we won that battle, all the liberals are being turned out of office. It was a dramatic turnaround. You know what happened on November 4. Almost from the very day President Carter was inaugurated, I had to speak out against him. This time, however, the picture is different.

It is truly a historical victory that I pronounced at the end of my 21 year course. During my three seven-year courses I had sole responsibility, but now, upon this victorious foundation, I can announce three seven-year courses that will be walked primarily by you. Your job is very easy compared to mine because I have built a big highway; all you have to do is follow my example. I fought on the worldwide level, facing the American government and facing communism. All you have to fight for is victory in your home church. That is your world. I have been accused and persecuted, but your day will be different. Later on you will not be persecuted any more. You will be welcomed by the people.

All these years I have been thinking of one thing: how can I make providential history perfect and complete? I began in the servant of servant position. Before I could inherit the Christian heritage, or the adopted son position, I went down to the servant of servant position and worked upward, paying all the debts. My battle is twofold. First, I had to go through an incredible spiritual battle, and then the physical struggle. In both struggles I prevailed.

I received my mission when I was still young. From the age of twenty to thirty I paid indemnity and developed the Principle. This parallels the period of Jesus growing up, the adopted son's period. At the age of 25, I began working for the unification of Korean Christianity. In those days there were quite a few John the Baptists who bore testimony to me, but just like the John the Baptist of 2,000 years ago, they all disappeared.

Because all these people left, I had to do everything myself. I laid the foundation for the new church, which is our church, then upon the spiritual victory moved forward to erect the physical foundation. By the time I reached the age of forty, I was completely victorious and invincible. From that point on I could give blessing to the world. I went through many critical, difficult points, many times coming near to the same point at which Jesus was crucified on the cross.

In 1960 I declared the three seven-year courses, determining that in 21 years I would indemnify the entire 6,000 year history of restoration. That was also equivalent to the indemnification of America's 200 year history. Together my 21 years and America's 200 years were to indemnify the entire 6,000 year old history of God.

If President Nixon had been a man of bolder faith and had listened better to me, America would not have declined this far. America's dispensational history was supposed to be complete by 1976, but had to be prolonged another four years, to be complete by 1980. For many years I predicted all this, preaching like a voice in the wilderness to awaken the nation. Finally, America has awakened. Now America has a government chosen by God, and it must turn around to be bold and strong, and march forward to stop the expansion of communism. That is what the Reagan administration is doing.

What God wants is for America to stop the expansion of communism. Only the United States has the power to do that. If the United States fulfills that part of its responsibility, we will finish the rest of the job. For the first time the United States has wakened up and is turning around to stop communism, so internally this is our day. When we march forward together in the next four years, we will win an incredible concluding victory in America and all over the world. There will also be many people coming into the Unification Church. There will be so many people that you won't know what to do with them all.

By the year 2,000, the work of God here on earth shall be complete. In that year, I will celebrate my eightieth birthday. As you know, Moses started his mission at the age of eighty and marched toward the land of Canaan, the Symbolic Kingdom of Heaven on earth. When I reach the age of eighty, I will indeed start the glorious march toward the physical kingdom of heaven on earth. You can believe what I am saying today because 21 years ago when I announced the three seven-year courses I said that in 21 years we would have the worldwide foundation. Now we have members from 127 countries, people of all colors worshipping together in living color. When I announced one incredible thing after another, the Korean members thought I was crazy. Today I am telling you about the year 2,000; can you believe it now? Today you say you can believe it because things are entirely different today compared to 21 years ago.

The era of individuals welcoming me is over, and the time has come that nation after nation will welcome me. Presidents of nations will ask me to come to their countries. The United States may not welcome me until very late, but many other nations around the world will say, "Reverend Moon, please come. " At that point the American government and people will realize how precious it was to have me in this country. Now the time of preaching to groups of people is over. The time has come for us to preach to the nation. The Yankee Stadium, Washington Monument and Madison Square Garden crusades were all done by our organization, but the time will come in the near future that each government will prepare such a stadium rally. They will prepare a microphone, speakers and singers, and say, "Reverend Moon, can you come and speak to us? " Furthermore, this is the era of satellites, so my talks will televised to many countries.

Will you go to your home church with that kind of excitement, or would you do it out of duty? Would you like to do your home church work before such national rallies are held, or after? Unless you do it now, other people will come and take over your home church. The president and government officials will want to do home church, and they will kick you out of your area.

I tell you this absolutely clearly: you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven without going through home church. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, the life, and no one comes to the Father but through me." But I am saying, "I am the way, the truth, the life and love, and no one comes to the Father without coming through home church. " The book of Revelation says that at the end there will be 144,000 people gathered together, and they will be lifted up into the Kingdom of Heaven. But what the revelation is saying is that in the end we need 144,000 home churches around the world, through which we will be lifted into the Kingdom of Heaven.

So far, history has been the history of indemnity, and everything we did was to pay the debts. Therefore, for every step you take there is opposition. When you go to the home, there is home opposition. When you go to the level of society, there is social opposition. When you go into the nation, there is national opposition, worldwide opposition and cosmic opposition, all simply because we have been walking through the era of indemnity. We are repaying the debt by receiving opposition. But now all that is past. The incredible persecution of the past 21 years is over. From now on, everything you do will build up. You shall not receive the same persecution I received.

Whether the Reagan administration accepts you or not doesn't make any difference. Here in this congregation I see the future President of the United States, future Senators, Congressmen and Governors. To create such a foundation of victory for the sake of God, I have made my life one of sacrifice, like a lamb on the altar offered in the name of mankind. I had no such thing as a personal, private life, or a youth of enjoyment and travel. Everything was completely given up for the sake of God. It has been almost as though I were a criminal who had sinned against God. For the sake of mankind I took the burden of history, paying for the sin of the world. I thought that I was the most deeply indebted person, and until I paid off the debt that I would have nothing for myself. Now it is paid in full.

Considering the pressure and burden of the mission, it is a miracle that I have survived this far. I could have died many times over, but if I had died, there would be no more kingdom, no more hope and no victory. But today we are celebrating the great victory that I survived under those adverse conditions. Many times I used my own life like a bomb, throwing it into the enemy camp. Only because God protected me could I survive. If I had fought with only my own strength, I would have been dead a long time ago.

Now your job is a small one: 360 homes. You don't have to go through the tribulation I went through. All you have to do is conquer your home church by love in seven years. Then you will be entitled to a victory equivalent to what I have won. Complete and consummate your mission within your lifetimes. Don't drag it down to other generations.

I want to warn you that the second stage is always the most difficult. You are in the second 21 year course. Abel, the second son, died, and Abraham's second son, Isaac, was almost killed. Adam was the first stage, and Noah the second stage. Of Noah's three children, the second son, Ham, made the mistake. Jesus was the second Adam, and he was crucified on the cross. That's why I warn you that it is not going to be easy, but it can be done. It is relatively easy for you because you have removed yourself from where Satan can accuse you individually. Until just recently you had to wander all around to find just one person. Now you don't have to do that because you know where to go.

For over sixty years I have gone this path. You can do it in six years. In the Unification Church, home church is your lifeline. This is where life or death is made, where victory or failure is going to be made. I'm sure from time to time you will have lots of difficulties and sometimes you will become despondent, but all these things will blow over.

For the first time I can pay some attention to my own children. I never paid attention to them before now. The True Parents' children are the representatives of all mankind, and when they suffer and are unhappy, it means that mankind is unhappy. To preserve their well-being, I had to assist the well-being of mankind. It is your turn to liberate me. Will you give me liberation? So far, when I traveled it was always for the mission, and I would always take leaders around with me, so I neglected my own children. Now I will take my own children and embrace them. When you finish your home church dispensation, you can do the same with your children.

Right now you suffer and you have an abnormal situation. Some blessed couples are sending their children to their parents, or to the nursery, but they will not be shamed. Outside people will accuse you by saying that you don't even take care of your own children. Never mind. The time will come when your home church people will embrace your children and want to take care of them. That is beautiful.

Why have my wife and children come last? We must love the Cain world first. Love your enemy first and then love your own family. By doing so you are completely free from Satan's accusation. Not only can Satan not accuse you any more, but Satan will have to obey you. You can command him, "Satan, you know what I have done. Can you duplicate it?" Satan will have to reply, "No, sir."

Always look at God's own history. God always sacrificed His closest one in order to save the enemy. Jesus Christ was the only begotten Son of God, yet God sacrificed him in order to save God's own enemy. You have your own home church where you will love the people first. Liberate them before you do anything for your own children. When you liberate your home church and then come back to take care of your own children, everyone will embrace you.

Are you ready to liberate me from all by burdens? Instead of liberating me, all the leaders are always bringing me more decisions to make. They still rely on me for more help in finances and inspiration, but that day is over. You should be independent and go ahead like a locomotive. I don't even have one home of my own to dwell in. You may think I have East Garden, but that's the Church's property. Do you want me to have a home of my own? The time has come for me to look after my own children.

Now is the time for you to do home church with all your heart and soul. In the meantime, the true children must have their well-being taken care of for the sake of mankind, for their suffering will reflect the suffering of the nation and the world. When Ye Jin is over twenty and gets married and has children, if she is still going through suffering then it is not good for the sake of this nation, or you, or the world. This is because your children's path will follow the pattern of the true children's course. We have to completely smooth it out and lay the highway so that they can go forward easily. It is actually for your sake that I am now going home to take care of the true children. That is for the sake of the future. While I am doing that, you become front line soldiers. Use your bodies as bullets or bombs, as I did long ago.

The time has changed, and it is exciting because your chance has arrived. Would you accept that challenge? Would you complain? When I go away, don't ask where I am. If I take a vacation, will you mind, griping, "While we are working so hard Father is having a good time somewhere in the Caribbean or Europe? "

I would like to have a resort in 21 different places around the world, and stay about fifteen days in each. It is very important that after the age of sixty I live with glory, comfort and love. If I continue to suffer until I die, all those in spirit world who lived well here on earth will have no place. Even if I choose to drink some wine or liquor, not just from a glass but from a gallon can, Satan has nothing to say. Even if I go to Las Vegas and bet millions of dollars, there shall be no accusation because God has given me total freedom. Satan knows there is no way he can corrupt me.

Eventually that is the level you are going to reach. That is what we call perfection. When you do home church in seven years and really give yourself, the time will come that your home church people will say, "You are father and mother to home church. We will liberate you and take up your mission. You don't need to come here because we shall work harder than you do. Don't worry about us." That should happen now here. You should say to me, "Father, don't come. We don't need you. Go to a big resort and stay with your children and have a wonderful, peaceful, glorious time. We shall take over the battle." Would you do that? Then eventually you will be treated just like that by your home church. Now the time is here for the first time for me to go around the world.

Now I have totally consummated my mission here in America, particularly after the victory of Ronald Reagan. Now that his administration is starting off in the right way, I have truly finished all the restoration history here in America by paying all the indemnity.

The Moscow rally is next, but actually the United States government together with the free world will prepare it. I will just be the principal guest speaker at the Moscow rally. That rally must be sponsored by America and cosponsored by the free world.

Look at the world, where everything is crumbling and decaying. Only our movement is rising up every day. Initially our opponents were strong and full of energy, like barking dogs. Lately they have become weaker. You are the heavenly dogs. You started out barking very quietly, but now you are getting louder and louder.

Now the history of restoration by indemnity is over. The time will even come when your prayer is not necessary. Once the dwelling of God is with men, whom would you pray to? You will just talk to God directly. Once the foundation is established, the pattern of tradition will do all the work-the tradition of serving parents with filial piety, and obedience to the heavenly government. Citizens would automatically be elevated to the Kingdom of Heaven. That is the dream world, the utopia man has sought for so long. That day is at hand.

Amazingly, the most glorious chapter of human history has been written by the Moonies, who have been so misunderstood and mistreated. Those Moonies played the leading role in consummating human history here on earth. That is incredible in itself.

From your standpoint, I am like a shining sun, but the rest of the world thinks I am the worst kind of devil or monster. When the showdown is made, which observation is true-your observation or theirs? The lies and falsehood will eventually disappear, like the darkness disappears when sunrise comes. If we are living the truth, this will prevail throughout the world.

Once the home church system is completely established, we really don't need any formal organization. The Divine Principle will be taught in the school system. We won't need Church leaders any more. This is not bad news at all. We have a most glorious life, and with this goal we shall march forward until the last day of final victory.

This year's slogan is "Home Church is My Kingdom of Heaven." You are not doing home church as any favor for me. It is your kingdom of heaven. I don't want it to take you 21 years to finish; everything should be over in the first seven years.

God keeps asking me to take a vacation, but I keep asking to take it later. When you go to your home church and get pushed down and pushed out, without any vacation, would you complain? There you will receive a certificate of tribal messiahship. After the completion of your home church crusade, you have the right to be blessed. Jesus Christ did not have the home church providence, and he could not have a heavenly wedding. Even though you may be blessed now, until you have completed the home church dispensation you cannot really have a home yet. Make a home church first.

I am completely comfortable and confident that here I have done my responsibility well. Now I can leave America. I had to study English a great deal, and I am tired of doing that. You have a great advantage over me because you have young minds, but at my age learning a language is a great burden. You must learn Korean, however. In home church one of your important duties will be to teach Korean, at least a few words.

When you are ready to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, there is one test you must pass-the Korean language. That's true. Some of you are so clever that you know you need a good teacher, so you volunteered to have a Korean fiancée. Between the husband and wife, there should be at least one good Korean speaker, so that no translator will be needed when I speak. Particularly the heavenly ceremonies will all be conducted by Koreans, so if you don't know Korean, you'll be lost.

In the Children's Pledge, number five says we are proud of one sovereignty and one people. If we are one sovereignty, one people and one nation, there has to be one language. How can we have half a dozen different languages? In one land there is only one language. We are proud of the one language, one culture, of being children of the one True Parent, of being laborers who are going to bring the one world of the heart. We pledge and swear three times to fulfill our responsibility with our lives. We repeat it three times, formation, growth, perfection. Every Sunday morning you say you are proud of one language and culture, but are you living it? All the leaders have not fulfilled their responsibility. Even before I spoke to you this way, you should have done this. When you come to Korea, there will be no interpreters.

From now on, be like pool balls for seven years; when you hit a ball with the stick, it dashes straight toward the goal without deviation. There's no taking a moment to think about it. For the next seven years we will dash toward the goal. In heavenly pool the ball has a different route: when you strike a ball in heavenly pool, the ball will go first to 360 homes, round and round. Then it will ultimately go to the final goal: the Kingdom of Heaven. It starts out from hell, and goes to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Would you be a ball which hits several homes and gets tired, and doesn't want to go any more? Do you want to go to 360 homes? Raise your hands if you want to go. God bless you.

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