The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1981

Things That Are Important To You

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 1, 1981
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

There are many European brothers and sisters here who came for the matching. I'm sure you have found many things about this country that are different from Europe. Now you must decide whether those things are good or bad. Maybe you have found that life here is much more difficult than in Great Britain, or in European life generally. Perhaps you have become nostalgic and you think the simple and easy way of life in Great Britain is best. No? Do you like complicated things?

If you say that a school is good, usually it has an intense and demanding curriculum. Religious life can be compared to going to school. Do you want to join a very simple, easy-going religion? Members of other churches go to church Sunday morning and sit on cushioned seats. All they have to do is write out their contribution card and tithe weekly, and that's it. But here you have to raise funds. Some of you have been kidnapped by deprogrammers. There are incredible differences.

A healthy person can digest difficult things that a sick person cannot handle. By the same token, when you have a healthy mind, you can digest anything: democracy, communism, any philosophy.

What ism is the Unification Church in? Godism. Also Unificationism, which is concerned with uniting things. Do you think that making things united is easy? You have five senses, plus your limbs, and the beauty of each component comes from its harmony with the whole. The eyes don't say, "I don't want to belong to that community. I want to be all by myself."

In the Unification Church we have five different colors of skin coming from all different parts of the world. Our goal is to unite them into one family of man. Furthermore, Unification Church life is complex. It involves not only the Sunday morning service, but all kinds of things, including boat building and catching fish. There are even more fantastic things coming in the future. Later we will go deep into the mountains in the mines, digging miles into the earth for minerals.

What is my goal when I push you into these incredible experiences? I want to make you into people who cannot be defeated, people who are so capable that no one else can keep up with you. Once you totally digest many ways of living, with their hardship and incredible experiences, then you will be great teachers whom people ask for advice.

Ultimately, our question boils down to one central point: Is there a God? There are two contrasting "blocs" in our world today. One is the democratic world, or the free world, and the other is the communist world. The basic differences between them are rather simple. People in the free world assert that everything starts from the invisible world of the mind, or God, while communists insist that matter is the essence of everything. This is the fundamental ideological difference between them. However, in the free world today many people are not aware of the existence of the mind, or spirit, since it cannot be seen. When they get up on a cold morning, they feel they need warm clothing, not spirit. If they need an overcoat, they think about mink or sable. Are high quality, expensive things easy or difficult to come by?

If there is a God in the universe, how important He must be. If God were only useful for supplying daily meals and necessities, what kind of a God would He be? If God were dwelling on top of a mountain, would He be found on the lowest or the highest mountain? Not only would He be on the highest mountain, but on the peak of the highest mountain. If there were one tree on the top of the mountain, God would be in the top of that tree.

Is it easy to discover God? If God has hidden Himself in the earth, would He be just beneath the surface, or in the depths of the planet? If He dwelt in the desert, He would look for the largest desert, like the Sahara. That's the way we reason. Suppose God is in the midst of the Sahara. Even though many people die along the way in search of Him, other people will never stop searching until they find Him. God is that precious. If the most important and precious thing is God, and He is hidden in the middle of the Sahara desert, would you like to go there? Even at the risk of your lives? That is human nature. That is the way man is created. If God is at the highest point of the mountain, people will not stop climbing up until they reach that pinnacle.

If God were hidden in a cave hundreds of miles beneath the earth, then men will dig and dig and will not give up until they reach Him. That's the way man's spiritual nature is inclined. Why is that? In the process of reaching that highest, deepest or widest point, we are overcoming everything in between. We become conquerors when we finally get ourselves to the top. Thinking men always feel they want to conquer something which ordinary people do not reach. It is man's spiritual nature to strive to reach the utmost.

Should God place Himself in a place which is easy or difficult to reach? God should be at the pinnacle, in a position where people can ultimately reach Him only through an extraordinary way.

In what kind of place are we? I really want to give people the most precious thing under the sun. Then should I devise a way of life which is easy to live? Or should it be a path full of overwhelming experiences?

Everyone wants to get a Lincoln, if possible, instead of a Ford or Chevrolet. The most beautiful car is the easiest thing to create in the factory, right? No, the most expensive car requires the most care to make. The auto makers invest extra effort and give it all kinds of tests. The people who ride in the car don't think about how difficult it was to build; they simply enjoy the car. If the person who created that automobile wants a ride in it, the owner would exclaim, "You don't belong here" But if the car breaks down, who is going to be needed? The owner is helpless and has to go to a greasy mechanic. Both the well-dressed rich man who bought the car and the oily mechanic are connected to that one automobile.

What does this analogy mean for Unification Church? Do you want to be the passenger who rides in the expensive car, or do you want to be the dirty, oily laborer who made the car? Anybody can dress up in a nice suit and sit in a nice car, but not everyone can create a car. Dumb Reverend Moon took the difficult road instead of the easy one, becoming the dirty mechanic. The mechanic who had the ability to create the expensive car has nothing to worry about. If the car breaks down, he can fix it. Even if there isn't a car, he can create one. He has confidence in himself.

Many of you are Americans, and Americans are proud of the Empire State Building, the World Trade Center, and so forth. But who built them? Dirty, sweaty black men built them. Who designed them? For example, the Trade Center towers in the Wall Street area were designed by Japanese. Americans are proud of these things, but can they build such things on their own? Even if your ancestors were great, working hard to build the things America is proud of, what about you? Many descendants just want to go disco dancing and have a good time. In that case, what can they be proud of?

Young people today are going after fun with no purpose in life. No matter how great their past may have been, these young people will decline. The children of the nation which could build the Empire State Building and the Trade Centers should be able to do something even greater and bigger. Then that nation and people will have prosperity. In the name of Unification Church we will be the people who will be purposeful and prosper. We shall be the remnant.

I was born deep in the mountain country of Korea in a little house. I talked about mankind, the universe, and salvation of the nation. My parents thought I must be crazy. They said, "You are the son of humble peasants. Think about how to take care of the fields, how to raise the animals." People around there couldn't comprehend the things that the little boy was talking about, so they said I was a crazy child, and when I became a little older, they said I was a crazy young man, then a crazy adult.

That crazy boy grew up to be a crazy man, then came to the United States, and is still talking about crazy things. I act like a crazy person. People look at me and say that something must be wrong with my brain. Recently I have been saying that America cannot afford to have Jimmy Carter as President for another four years. Attacking Carter was almost like hitting a stone wall with my own fist. Who would get hurt? Even if my hand got hurt, I wouldn't stop. But finally the stone wall gave in.

From the average person's point of view, my ideas are a little crazy. You are the followers of that crazy man. Amazing, though you aren't bothered by being called crazy men and women. You became so crazy that you gave up drugs, gave up discos, and you stopped any promiscuous behavior. You are liberated from that.

We are looking at the entire world and are trying to do something about its problem. If I tell you to gather on the East coast, you hop into vans and drive all day and night, and in three days you are all here. If one driver's eyes keep closing, someone else will open his eyes and drive.

Do you think I am so dumb that I don't know anything about these realities? You MFT members, for example, go out into the streets every day and people yell at you and spit at you. Sometimes you are even shot at. The best attitude is to go to MFT as a researcher who is studying the people who hate Moonies. I am also researching all the MFT members. I push you out, and in the meantime I study what kind of person you are. The material MFT members get to study is the extraordinary treatment they receive. Some are kicked, some are stabbed, and some are hit. I want to see these records. What makes the men and women who can withstand this remain committed to their purpose?

People do not like to suffer, even for themselves, but here my MFT people are suffering for the sake of others. Not a single benefit comes to them, but they are doing it for the sake of others and for the sake of the world. This is either extremely bad or extremely good; it cannot be in between. Certainly I don't enjoy tribulation. I would much rather go to an easy church. But I discovered that an easy path was not going to bring the solution. An extraordinary route had to be found, and I found it. Once I found that route, I asked you to go all the way and not give up. Do it until it is finished. What you are doing now is becoming dirty, oily car-makers. You have started to build an automobile, so don't stop in the middle; go all the way.

Your MFT record will remain. People will recognize your deeds and your certificate will come. Later, a signature will be placed on that certificate, acknowledging you as a master in your field of MFT, for instance, and then you become a teacher. When you complete a most beautiful car and then you drive it, nobody will say anything critical to you.

Would you rather build a 1981 Lincoln Continental, or buy one from a dealer? If you build one, when you drive it you are not just driving a car. You are demonstrating what you are and you can be proud of yourself. But if you only talk about your idea and never carry it out, no one will trust your word. You may buy a car and be proud of it, but people will say that you are just being snobbish, that you really have no right to be proud. But when you make it and drive it, then you can be proud of your accomplishment and no one will say anything.

The basic difference between you and me is that you would prefer to buy a car from the dealer while I would rather build the car myself. The Unification Church is like that car. I can be proud of it and no one can say I am taking too much credit. However, I am still working on this car because I haven't gotten the certificate yet from the US government, for example. But eventually the certificate will be processed and the signature will be put on, and then I will proudly testify and proclaim it to the people. Then they will say they are ready to hear me.

My ambition is to make each one of you my coworkers in the factory. Are you the auto buyer, or a coworker? That means you want to get down to work, don't you? Doing this hard work means being disciplined, pushed and taught. As the foreman of the factory, I will not compliment you too much. I will always discipline and criticize you instead. This is the only way I can make you into topnotch workers. I want to push you so hard that no one is able to compete with me. I want all customers to agree that the best automobile comes from the Moon factory. Would you like that reputation?

The same principle is being applied to boat making. I told our people to make the best boat under the sun, but to make it the cheapest. The only way they can do that is by sacrificially giving themselves. But through this process the most beautiful boat is created, and no one else has a boat that can compete.

With the same spirit we make a society, a nation. If we Moonies make the best kind of nation for the cheapest price, there won't be room for communism to creep in.

It has been reported to me that there is a great deal of communist activity on college campuses. When our CARP teams stage counter demonstrations, all the communists usually retreat. You applaud when you hear this because you are excited. CARP pushed the communists to take cover so you feel good, but you don't want to exert the discipline that would give you the power to do that. You have to accept the discipline that will make you powerful enough to drive communism back. If with bare hands we can gather the resources to lay the foundation that can save the world, then if we have enough tools and money could we do it easily? If we are that kind of people, the world has no way to compete with me. What we can accomplish is so far above their own standards that they cannot even imagine how to compete with us.

In the fishing industry, for example, I am working on such a scale that no competitor can outdo me. Once I proclaim something, it will echo through the entire country and the entire world. People cannot help but listen. I operate on a simple principle and I have a plan.

Don't look for the easy way out in the Unification Church. Before you are thirty, I will push you down to the dungeon. In that hell you will have to persevere and survive. The rest of the world is looking for the easiest direction, looking for another way to have a good time, but we don't care that those things exist. By following my discipline you can all become saints by the time you are thirty. After that, go ahead and have a good time. You can even grow your hair until it reaches your toes. You can braid it into a rope and connect yourselves together and have a big parade, but only after you reach that saintly plateau.

After you become men of God, you shall enjoy true liberation. But the amazing thing is that no matter how much you enjoy the liberation, you will always be within the Principle. That is what perfection is.

Today's topic is Things That Are Important to You. The most precious and important thing is God. Which comes first-spirit or matter? How do you know that matter doesn't come first? In the morning the first thing you think about is your breakfast, right? You can't show spirit to someone, but the communists can show matter.

How can you prove that the invisible world of the mind exists? Take the eye as an example. Could the eye know ahead of time that it would need moisture to keep it clean and wet enough to function? There is a pipeline beautifully placed near each eye to provide that moisture. Did the eye know it would need eyelashes to help keep dust away? Or eyebrows to divert sweat and rain from running into it? When a baby is born, its eyes are ready for any weather or dust in the air, as though the eye had known ahead of time.

Why does hair come out of the forehead and not out of the cheek? Why do eyelashes grow in only a very specific place? Do you think the eye itself is conscious of such a need? Of course not. Even after the baby is born, it knows nothing about the atmosphere. Do you think the eye knew anything inside its mother's womb? Not at all. The designer of the eye knew about sunshine and dust and rain. My point is that someone figured all this out in advance, knowing what kind of atmosphere the eye would have to cope with. With that in mind, he also planned for hair, eyebrows, ears and so forth.

What if you didn't have hair? Imagine being bald and going to visit the hot tropics with its fierce, hot sun. Some universal mind figured out all of these things in advance. That spirit had to exist before the material world could come about.

This is a very good analogy to use when you argue with communists, who deny the existence of mind or spirit. Just grab them and say, "Your eyes didn't know what they would need before you were born. Did you know? You couldn't talk to your mother even when you were two years old." Even after many hundreds of years, the best eye doctors still say they don't know all the secrets of the eye.

It is completely illogical to say that matter comes first. The spirit is invisible, yet it comes first, and it is the master and subject. We come to the conclusion that all the intricate beauty of the universe was designed by a universal consciousness which is spirit, and out of that spirit all of the visible world was created. You are the effect, therefore, so you have to know your cause. We are talking here about a vertical subject. You are living here in material reality, as men and women with horizontal relationships, but when you are connected to this vertical power, the vertical and horizontal turn around together. Then there is permanent existence. In physics, mechanical principles work the same way. In a motor there have to be four poles; one pair of plus and minus is not enough.

The visible universe has a spirit, like the visible body has a spirit. If some subject designed men like you, is that spirit superior to you? That universal spirit has give and take with all things in the universe. That central being who designed all things is what we call God. People cannot deny the divine knowledge, emotion and will in the universe; we call it God.

If God exists in our universe, what is most important for Him? True love? Where does true love come from? First, there must be life, for without life nothing can happen. You must exist before you can do something. For God, the most important thing is life, but He wants to exist not just temporarily but eternally. Therefore, temporal life is not enough. After life we can talk about true love, the culminating point. Love is not a stationary subject, but is only generated out of a complimentary relationship. Nothing can be perfect independently; it has to have the subject and object together to make a pair, creating a circuit which will generate love. The beauty of the universe is the pair system.

You men and women each have life, and God is the same. Without life nothing can begin. But in order to fulfill love, what you need is the pair system. Love cannot be activated outside of the pair system. Each individual also exists in the pair system of what we call dual essentialities. This too is needed to create a circuit for give and take of love. Think about your hand. How about taking one arm and linking it to your other one to make one longer arm and hand? Wouldn't that be more utilitarian? But that wouldn't pass the examination of love. Even teeth are part of the pair system, with an upper row and lower row. They are always snapping at each other, but they have to be that way within the Principle. Love can only be activated within a complimentary, reciprocal circuit.

The fingers on one hand each represent a season: spring, summer, autumn, winter. Since each finger has three segments, the total of twelve represents twelve months. The thumbs have two segments, so they represent duality. You have two types of nervous system, plus two types of blood vessels.

Before a baby is born, its hands make little fists, with the thumbs inside. The thumb is the number one finger, representing God. The center, or subject, should be inside. In the Unification Church who is the thumb? I should be in the center, and you are surrounding me. All these relationships derive from the pair system, in order to fulfill love.

Do insects have a pair system too? What about the grass and flowers? Everything exists in pairs and they all like love. There is no exception, because God's goal is to fulfill love. God needs eternal life and eternal love. In order to fulfill eternal love, God is looking for His eternal object, so He can live in an eternal pair. Who can be God's permanent object? Only perfect man-A-man. We have two Amens: the Unification Amen is A MAN, but when you pray with others you say Amen.

Eternal life is our goal. Why do we have to live for eternity? We are going to live forever because God is forever. God gave permanent life, for God is pursuing permanent love through the subject-object circuit system. Therefore, we are the objects of God. As much as God is eternal, we shall be eternal. As Moonies, you can be sure you are living for eternity. Many people are having fun today. But from today on, you should have the complete conviction that you will live forever.

So, upon this foundation, our next concern will be ideals. Do you think God has ideals? If you love someone, you want to be proud of him or her. You want to give him a gift, and you want to tell people about him. You want to demonstrate your every capability and be recognized by your lover, don't you? In the same way, when God loves someone, He wants to show off to that person what He has done. "Look at the universe I created," He might say. "Not just the oceans and the mountains, this little planet Earth, but the stars and all the galaxies. Would you like to have one? I'll give it to you." Then His children should feel, "Wow! Daddy, you did it, didn't you? You are really number one." Then they would embrace and become one.

If God had nothing to show His own children, if they only sat together in a lonely room in the empty sky, looking at each other, that would be no fun. There would be nothing to see. You can't even kiss for 24 hours. But they would kiss and then go back to enjoy the world and do some ideal thing, then come back and kiss some more We need an ideal, something to aspire to. God has an ideal. To fulfill that ideal we have a vast universe to travel in.

With this clumsy body you can't even travel to one planet, yet God has created millions of planets. In order to travel around God's world, you have to travel faster than the light, faster than electricity. Unless you have that kind of speed, you cannot travel throughout the universe. You can travel as fast as your thoughts come. If you think about the moon, you have already traveled to get there. That's why God can control the universe. With the power of love, He can travel even faster. Do you agree? Therefore, even God needs an ideal.

We need the four seasons and the changing weather, the great beauty of the universe to praise God for. Some people say they don't like spring, or they like only autumn. Some people say they hate the winter, or the summer. To be in the image of God, you will go through all these seasons. You may like winter, but also you have to go through spring, summer and autumn. Does God like only comedy and not serious drama? Do you think He has a sense of humor? Does He joke with His loved ones? Does He like riding a seesaw, playing hide and seek? If God hides, it means He will disappear momentarily, and then briefly you become sad. But temporary sadness is not bad at all because it gives you additional stimulation when your loved one returns Love is never boring.

Over the course of history all peoples will be treated fairly. Those who had a tragic history will receive glory at some time. Strong nations conquered and controlled small countries, but at another time the smaller nations and oppressed people will conquer the great nations.

That is why I do not come from a big country. I came from the small country of Korea to bring to America the ideology which can conquer. So far in the materialistic, scientific world, America has led the way. But the small country of Korea has a new spiritual ideology that will control the world. It is only fair. History is turning around. These events are not separate from universal principle. Most of the problems of America today begin with the fact that American society is very wealthy. American homes have so much to enjoy that they don't appreciate it. There is no true spiritual love between family members. Therefore, some change must come.

Even the planet earth is breathing. It expands and contracts. The amount of change is very small compared to the size of the planet, but still the earth is swelling and shrinking. Do your body cells breathe also?

Modern-day scientists are trying to prove that without love a human being can be created in a test tube. But in every cell there is life. Do you want to remain forever as you are now on this clumsy earth, or do you want to become the central element of love and live forever without any limitation? Does that mean you want to go to the spirit world very quickly? If God said, "Come on. I want to show you my world and my universe, " do you think you could keep up with God's speed with your clumsy body? Even with the Concorde it would be impossible. Our true body is our spirit body, and our real world is spirit world. This is not fantasy.

God is spirit, and God created man in spirit and body, with the body only necessary to help the spirit become perfected, following Him around and looking over the universe, enjoying eternal life. That's the way God designed it. You may ask why God made this clumsy body in the first place. It was because God is the ultimate spirit, like the north pole. His creation is a manifestation of spirit through material, the south pole. That's man. In other words, man in the visible image of God. The central line along which God can look down to the other extreme is the line of love. God dwells in the center. There, life, love and the ideal are all concentrated upon this line. This is the axis which turns.

You want to live forever, don't you? You want to have love, don't you? You want to have ideals also. All of these things which you crave are concentrated upon this point. Whether you are yellow, white or black doesn't make any difference; this is the universal center for everyone.

God will be proud of His creation when man also rejoices over it. When you look at the grass, you know that God made these beautiful, intricate green leaves for you. When you hear the birds singing, you can say, "God created them for me. Thank you God." Unless you have this fundamental understanding, you won't have gratitude. When you know that God made everything in the pair system, that God Himself is the subject looking for His object, and all of the universe is the object to man, then you know that all things are created for you. You know also that the central spirit behind it all is love.

Who is God and what is God? God is He who created life as a foundation, who is searching after perfection in love and who has a great ideal. You are the object of God, so therefore you pursue the same thing God is pursuing. So, first of all, I must be an eternal being. Once you have eternal life, then what? You fulfill love. Since God's ideal is the fulfillment of love, you want to make that circuit of love with God. Since love is sacrificial and unselfish, you want to give everything to God and God wants to give everything to you. In that respect, you want to own the entire world, don't you? In the spirit of love you can actually do that. God wants to love men, but He cannot love men who are without love. Man must have the capability of reciprocating in love, and then God can freely exchange love with him. Thus, the blessing comes only after men and women learn the value of love and experience that love. From this point of view, we know that the fall of man meant that man became numb to love, totally unable to understand love.

Christians always talk about being saved so that they can have their little niche in heaven. Most of them don't care about the world or about loving people. They don't want to waste their energy on the world. But heaven is not a place. Heaven is love. Unless you perfect your love, and unless you possess God's ideal and practice it on earth, don't talk about heaven. Our salvation means to become a visible image of God from the other extreme of the material world.

If your mind is yearning to go somewhere, then you don't just lie down and sleep. God's yearning is to perfect His visible image in man. In this case we are not the subject; we are only the object. Do you want to live by your will and ideal? By your own motivation and ideal? In America there is too much individualism and people don't care or worry about other people. They only care about their own position, honor and happiness. That means they cannot be harmonized with the universe. In that kind of selfish motivation, the more you move the more distant you become from the universe. You are apart and separate from the universe instead of harmonizing with it.

Every day I am working to cut out all the old ideas and give you clean new ideas. But the old ideas tend to creep back in again! Think about yourself-how many times do you have to keep cleaning out the old ideas? You want me to do things the American way. If the American method would build the Kingdom of Heaven at once, I would be happy to do that. I am a logical person. I look at the truth, and if there is a better and faster way to achieve it, I would take it. Your problem is that you never really threw out the old ideas, but keep carrying them around. But I devised a new way to get rid of them: I will Be you a very narrow gate and a crooked road, and as you go along your luggage will get worn out and you will throw it away. I will push you faster and faster, and soon you will lose your old ideas.

Tell me honestly, those who feel you have to keep washing out all the old ideas, raise your hands. I will push you out the narrow gate to be hardened and disciplined. In a way, I thank the deprogrammers for giving you such a good workshop to find out how tough you are.

When the Europeans come to America, they always have big bundles of ideas with them. German luggage is extra big! Great Britain's pride is pretty large. Do you I will have to leave them alone, or will I cut them away? I could do that, but Satan would accuse. The best way would be for you to leave the luggage behind on your own. Make a pledge among yourselves to get rid of these packages.

When you go door to door, either in home church or on MFT, think of it as visiting one planet. Some planets will give you the cold treatment, and some people will spit at you. When you get very cold treatment, think that this house is a winter season house. When you receive a hot welcome, think that it is a summertime house. That is the way you can rehearse everything in your life. You should be able to round out your character to love all seasons, all weather and all kinds of atmosphere. That is your goal while you are here on earth. By digesting with love everything happening here on earth, you become successful in your life.

Satan naturally has to surrender in the competition of love; Satan has no defense when you practice intense love. Love is your best offense and best defense. You can make it wider and wider because it has no limit. That is the original concept of the creation of God. For the first time in the history of man, the original concept of creation is being followed. We are the first to do that.

Because of the fall, man lost the knowledge of love, and has remained in the darkness of self-centeredness. We have to liberate mankind from selfishness. Wherever you go, your center should be the crossroads where life, love and ideal are concentrated. With it, there is nothing you cannot win. Without it, there is nothing you can win. Therefore, you must always defend these three key points. That has been God's strategy all this time.

Is it right to refuse to visit a home because you know the people are atheists? You should embrace them and be sacrificial toward them. God always sacrifices Abel for the sake of restoring Cain. For this reason I am pushing you out strongly. You are Abel so you must demonstrate sacrificial love to save the Cain world. The more you practice this greater love, the wider your horizon becomes. I have lived this principle all my life. I always forgave the people who mistreated me, and sacrificially loved them. Eventually they were conquered by love, and my own horizons became wider.

Do you think I am very tough, or vulnerable and easy to break? I will never break. You also should have that kind of toughness, so that nothing can stop your life power. Unless you demonstrate that power of life, love and ideal, God will not find any rapport with you. God is eternal and He is tough. When you resemble me in this way, God will know He can trust you and deal with you.

When I issue a direction, how do you answer? Pushing you out and making you hard does not benefit me; it only brings criticism to me. I don't need your fund raising because I do not spend American money for my purpose. I can take care of myself. It is not for my own benefit that I push you.

If someone is trying to take life power away from you, would you just give it up? When your former girlfriends want you to come back, will you say, "To heck with my eternal life. I would rather have fun"? Don't cheapen your life. You cannot swap the value of your life for even the whole universe. Your life is connected to God and is there for eternity. Your life should be full of give and take with God. Do you want to give it up because of one girl nagging you? Can you sell your life cheaply? Even if 240 million Americans come against you, still you cannot sell it. Even if the entire earth came after you, still you cannot sell it, because it is more precious than the entire cosmos, equal to God.

Ungodly love brought the fall of man, and brought death and misery. In restoration, we have found true life, eternal life. To restore the original love lost in the garden of Eden, you should not hesitate to do anything. It is your pride that you are persecuted, condemned, and spit at for the sake of restoration of true love. You are doing things as important as God is doing; God created original love, and now you are restoring it into wholeness. How great that sacred job is. Until God and the world are united in rejoicing over God's one principle, I shall not relax one minute. No matter what, you must defend the central point where life, love and ideal all come into the center.

The Unification Church is pursuing that kind of eternal life and that kind of God-centered love and ideal. The world is our stage. Unless we are victorious on earth, we shall never prevail eternally. We have not won that ultimate victory yet.

Instead of running many races, you can think about how to be victorious all at once, how to condense everything into one race. You want to participate in that kind of game, don't you? That's why you become a champion for all seasons, in all areas. I have a good brain and I am always thinking about what the one game is in which I can win everything. God wants to see His son

win that kind of certificate. That one game where you can win the championship is home church. That is where you can run with your life, love, and ideal. No matter what the people say about you, it doesn't make any difference. Go ahead and run in all directions with this principle. If other people sleep five hours, you will sleep four hours. If they sleep four hours, then you sleep three hours. If they sleep one hour, you won't sleep at all. You have to have strong life power.

Unification Church leaders come to East Garden from all over the world. I play ping, pony or pool with them for hours, or sit and talk with them all day and night. They cannot compete with me, and they say I have an iron body. Actually I am not a superman with an iron body. What I have is an iron spirit. Your mind jumps around all over, but my mind is like a rock that stays firmly in its place, period. When I set a goal and start marching toward it, nothing under the sun can move me away from it. No matter what hits me, I shall not shatter. I will not slow down at all. That is the kind of teacher and leader you have.

Since people persecute you, how can you forget what you represent? It doesn't make any difference whether you go to Africa, South America or Asia. Wherever you go you are standing on the Principle. God has given you the stage, your home church where you can practice this. Season your life with life power, love power and ideal power in your home church. To get a degree from home church, you have to work day and night. If you want to become a Ph.D. you have to write a dissertation. Sometimes people devote many years to preparing one Ph.D. dissertation. This cannot be done in your way, but must be done in God's way.

You want to meet these three criteria of life, love and ideal. When you think you have passed, I will examine what you did. When I sign for you, then God will examine it and add the final signature. Unless your certificate is completed in that way, it will not be accepted anywhere. Go ahead and create the power of life, love and ideal so that your cup completely overflows.

What is important to us? Life, love and ideal. If you say it is easy to do, I know you are faking. I know that it is not easy because I have been suffering all my life. What I had to obtain was so important that there was nothing I could not endure. I have already graduated, and now the next seven years are your course. I have become the school principal and now I can put my signature upon your certificate. From the bottom of your heart, do you believe this is the most important thing to practice? Would you do it even if your nose was cut off, your eyes blinded, and your ears cut off? The Bible says that if your arm or leg hinders you, cut it off. The Bible uses very severe language in matters of sin because sin is detrimental and because there is no way out.

Those who pledge that today is a new day for them to begin to practice what I have taught this morning, raise your hands and show me.

Let us pray.

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