The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1981

Who Is God And Who Am I?

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 25, 1981
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

Those of you who are from Europe and were recently matched, raise your hands. Those who do not speak the same language as their fiancées need an interpreter. Can you communicate with sign language? Or love language? Have you ever thought about marrying someone who can't speak at all? Marrying a foreigner with whom you cannot communicate is like marrying a dumb person, and in a way that person is far distant from you. Everything starts with language and communication. When you have communication, then you can understand each other's personality, character, culture, background, everything. Without it you have nothing. At least one thing is sure, however; even though you don't have the same language to communicate with, you are married to the opposite sex. There are many people with whom you can communicate, but what happens in the Unification Church? You are engaged to a person who doesn't even speak the same language! What kind of a church is that?

When you are young, you see movies and famous movie stars, and you think that some day you will marry a man or woman like that. Insignificant, unknown people have this kind of dream, even if they don't have any qualification to expect that. That is human nature and desire. Now you are destined to live with one man or woman whom you will serve and love for your entire life. You will be closer to that person than anybody around you, closer than your parents, closer than your own brothers and sisters, and closer than any of your friends.

Who made it so? How do you know God or True Parents did that? We come to a natural conclusion: God alone has the power to bring together two people who don't even speak the same language. You accepted that challenge because you have infinite faith in God, and in True Parents as the instrument of God. You also play a role as the instrument of God. The catalyst to bring men and women together for eternity from different backgrounds and cultures is certainly the power of God.

You rejoice over the matching, not because your fiancé is the best person under the sun, but because the person who made it so-God-is the best personality in heaven and earth. True? If we move God out of this event, then we have nothing. Furthermore, if we pull Reverend Moon out of the scene, again nothing remains. When you pull the Unification Church out, as well, nothing will remain.

Why do I do these things? Not for myself or the sake of the Church, but for the sake of God. There is no doubt that I do not gain any profit by matching you to a foreigner with a different character and language. It is a totally unselfish deed done only for God, for you, and for the sake of mankind. Through your foreign fiancé you are closely united with me and the Unification Church and you are remembered by God. How wonderful that is! The same moment that your fiancé disappears, God will disappear, and the Church and I will disappear from your life; therefore, this union with your fiancé is a God-given destiny and you are bound by it.

Suppose you must labor to make a day's wages. Would you like to work by yourself or at least have a stranger as your companion? It doesn't make a difference whether you are rich and famous; when you are left in that kind of situation, you want to have a companion. During the day's work that companion is the closest to you, and when lunchtime comes you want to sit with him or her and eat together. It doesn't matter whether that person is good-looking or very poor-looking. The Unification Church is like that working site. We each want someone to sit down together with. Now you happen to have a companion from a foreign nation, maybe even a nation which used to be an enemy country, such as France and Germany or Japan and America, but this person is the only companion you can rely on.

Our work is so different and unique that we need unique kinds of companions. Of all the job descriptions in the world, ours is the most difficult. This job is so difficult that it is much better for you to start in an adverse situation. Instead of one American meeting another, you start out as strangers with different languages and backgrounds. It is hard enough for two strangers to unite into one, but while you are doing it, you can also overcome the difficult task ahead of you. No one can accomplish that kind of mission except us. That's our pride.

We are gathering world champions; since we are champions, this kind of adversity is nothing. A few bruises and cuts will never hurt you because you know you can overcome them. Within your own lifetime you can bring together two extremes. When you can do that, there is nothing you cannot do.

Who are going to be the most dramatic husband and wife? Two Americans? Two Japanese? Two Europeans? Or two people who don't speak the same language? One couple might say, "We are the perfect couple. We grew up together, we speak the same language, and we ate lunch together all the time in high school. Now we are married and we completely understand each other. That is why we should win this championship." But the next couple might say, "When we met each other we couldn't even greet each other; when I said 'good night,' she said 'good morning.' " This couple really started at an impossible level. Which couple is the winner?

Today you must feel that you are applying for the championship. When you say "good morning" to your fiancée, and she replies, "What did you say?," I want you to understand that you have the most dramatic, historical beginning. We do things others cannot do. Once you become men and women who meet God's expectation, there will be nothing under the sun you cannot do. How would God feel as He looks at such couples? Would He feel dark and depressed, or ecstatic with joy and pride? Would God pay more attention to those couples?

What kind of gift can God give? Children. Men and women with infinite faith, who thankfully accept God's challenge and God's given destiny will have a great gift coming in the form of children. Children will be given to that couple who are far superior than any others within their own society or nation.

What are the characteristics of good children? Good children bring good fortune, blessing from heaven and good happenings to that home. When you look at your foreign fiancée, you can say, "You are my champion, and God's champion." God is indeed sympathetic and concerned with those couples.

Let's talk about God now. Do you see God? Do you see air? Can you see your mind? How do you know that air exists? Where is your mind-on your fingertips? How about answering this way: men's minds want to make a home within women's minds, and women's minds want to dwell in men's minds. Why are they drawn to each other, and want to exchange their dwelling place? Because there is another reality-that is love. Love brings the two minds together, and because of that love a man's mind wants to dwell in a woman's mind, and vice versa.

Do you miss your home town? Even if you were born in a very miserable country cabin, would you miss that log cabin? Your parents may be simple rural people and your brothers and sisters may look like Idaho potatoes, but still you want to go back there, don't you? Why? You have an indestructible line of heart and emotion connected to your home.

Americans love to hear American folk songs and visit historical places that make them nostalgic. Those things make you feel something wonderful. Your home is the birthplace of your heart. Therefore, it is human nature to want to write a poem about your childhood and your home town. The American hostages are coming home now from Iran and there is lots of news about them all over America. The American excitement is different from the sympathy or excitement of Germany, France or Britain because the Americans have a connection of heart. For the same reason you have an attachment to your home town, your parents, and particularly to one focal point: your husband or wife. If you possess that essence of love, then everything wants to connect to it.

Where there is love, nothing is impossible. Certainly God, who is the person without any impossibility, would want to dwell in love. When men and women are united in love and they find there is a place of greater love, they want to get there together. When you meet your fiancée and you establish a loving relationship, how would you like to move toward greater love? Do you want the fastest form of transportation, or would you like to travel slowly in a carriage? You want to get there the fastest way. What is the fastest way? The jet plane of love.

Where would you like to land? You said you want to land in the heart of God. Do you need permission to land? Planes cannot land without some control tower on the ground to guide them to the landing strip. There is a correct way to land on the landing strip of love. What kind of welcoming party will be there? Amazingly enough, when you land on the correct landing strip, there will be a welcoming party of people from many thousands of years of history, including Abraham and Noah. They won't seem like strangers, but will come right up to you. What power could make that happen? Again, only the power of love.

In love there is no distance of time, even if there is a difference of thousands of years. In love, time and space are completely disregarded. You think Germans and French are far apart, but when you are united as a blessed couple and come in for a landing in your love jet and see people from many thousands of years who have come to greet you, then you know that the distance between the French and Germans is nothing. Even if one of those people is 6,000 years old, there is no foreign feeling between you. You can instantly become one and understand him completely.

Love is really a strange thing. Even if you are from different nations, when you come together in a marriage relationship, you don't feel bad at all. One thing is for sure: You are marrying a person of the opposite sex and no explanation is needed! You want to touch him or her tenderly and there is no distance. The power of love can unite strangers. The power of love can shorten the distance of time.

How old do you think God is? God is really an old gentleman. I say He's millions and millions of years old. I'm sure His beard has grown all the way down to His feet, and if God keeps growing taller, there's no telling how tall He will be. But still you don't have a strange feeling toward Him. What power can do that? How can you instantly become friends with someone from one million years or ten thousand years ago? By law or knowledge? Nothing else but love.

God wants to dwell where there is love. What is true love? There are incredible things going on in the Unification Church. Many of you are white people with blonde hair and blue eyes, but instead of loving only members of your own race, you love a man from the Orient, Reverend Moon. What power makes you want to stick with me? There is a power of love here that has never existed before. There is something bringing the East and West together. Does God want to dwell only where white people come together, or where Oriental people come together? Instead, God wants to dwell here, where the East and West meet and all colors of skin come and rejoice together.

I am a yellow man from the Orient. You are white, brown, black and red, but it doesn't make any difference. We want to come together to be happy and joyful. That means you have a different kind of love that ordinary Westerners do not have. God is pulled by the power of love, and is attracted to the place where the power of love is higher and nobler. Where will God find a landing strip? Absolutely, the Unification Church is God's landing strip because a higher love is attracting Him here.

In America there is still racial tension between white and black. When white and black people start loving and trusting each other, don't you think that will make a landing strip for God? It's amazing, but here in Unification Church whites want to marry blacks, and blacks want to marry whites and make an eternal life together. Have you ever thought about whether white wood or black wood can burn faster? It's scientific truth that black absorbs light, while white reflects light. When speaking of the fire of love, would it be more strongly attracted to white men or to black men?

God gave a fair chance to everybody regarding love. If for some reason a couple is being persecuted by their village, that harassment will actually drive them closer together. The power of their love would be most intense under those circumstances. In that couple there is a fire of love burning more brightly than in any other couple. That is very true with Mother and me. You know I have been persecuted by America. At home I will say to Mother, "You are my ally. You understand me." Mother will say, "Father, you are my hero, no matter what the people say." Although she is only one individual, with Mother's words I am comforted. There is nothing that compares to the way Mother supports me. "Besides," Mother will say, "It's nice in a way that the rest of the world is persecuting you, because it drives you home faster!"

Mother and I can really enjoy persecution. Our children understand us, and the cohesive harmony in our home is very strong. The children have a strong conviction that, no matter what the world says about their parents, they are the most wonderful champions of God. Sometimes they feel they cannot suppress their anger at the world, but in the meantime, they feel intense love toward their parents. There's nothing bad about getting persecuted.

When you look at world affairs from the standpoint of love, there is nothing you cannot be grateful for. Because I have been persecuted so much, God blessed my family more and more. The evidence of this is that over the years the children who are born to us are even more brilliant and more outstanding. When I look at them I thank God. When God has big gifts to hand out, you must make your shopping bags bigger so He can give the biggest gift to you. What are those gifts? God wants to give many gifts to Mother and me, so we will have more and more children. God wants to give us more than forty children, but since the human body has certain limitations, God will condense the gift into a few most brilliant children.

This is why we do not condone birth control. God wants to give blessings, but if all of a sudden you stop having children then you are blocking God's way of giving you blessings. If we did that, when we got to spirit world God would say, "My son and daughter, I had more gifts to give you while you were on earth, but you blocked the way. Why did you do that?" Probably Westerners can't understand this. Many Americans think they don't want to have children because they want to have fun in their lives. That way of thinking is very selfish. Which way of thinking do you think will prosper?

Westerners have always been proud that they are ahead of everybody, but now auto makers have to turn to the East to learn techniques. When you compare a Western made television and a Sony, the Japanese set has more brilliant color. Many consumers are buying Japanese products. Do you think it is because Americans want the Japanese to have superior technology? God is shifting the emphasis from one place to another. The day of the Asians is coming, and now they shall be understood and respected by the world. But Asian people have serious shortcomings. They are too nationalistic and they always cling together with their own people. That's not God's way. This is why I had to come out of Asia to shatter the barrier of nationalism.

I come to promote universals, or Godism, and the love race. What I am doing in the West is something that neither Western nor Eastern culture can produce. No existing culture can bring a heightened unity between East and West. Am I doing this with some technology? Some Machiavellian diplomacy? I am doing it with a special kind of love.

God is a universal person who really enjoys love. He wants to dwell in love, to work in love, to dance and sing in love. God is a fighting God too, but only in order to secure love for Himself and for everyone. We understand God and know His traits and what He likes. Where can true love dwell? There has to be a principled way, a way of law and order. Love dwells where principle dictates. What is the principle of love between men and women? When you meet in love do you want to beat around the bush and go round and round, or do you want to meet face to face? Do you want that person to have all kinds of stains, or to be a pure person? Do you want that person to bring lots of friends, or to come by himself?

Does the eye like love? How about the nose? The ears? Mouth? Hands? Everything thinks about the goal of love. Do you want to go straight to love, or wander around? When you come into love, there is total concentration, total focus. The mouth, ears, hands and mind all focus on one sharp point and go through the center. That is the force of love.

If love is concentrated into one dot and that dot moves around, any miracle under the sun can happen wherever it touches. When the love dot is visiting homes, do you think people will say, "Don't come into my home"? Or will they open the door and give love the red carpet treatment? Do you think the cells of your body will open or close up to love? Basically the Oriental woman is shy, yet when love comes in, she opens herself up. The total concentration of genuine, pure love has never blossomed yet in history, but when that concentration of love is created and the blossoming flowers open, that is the most joyful event.

If you told your hand that it could not participate in this feast, the hand would protest loudly. All your senses would insist on participating in that love. When a young man and woman become teenagers and feel the surge of their first love, their whole bodies are concentrated on it, day and night. But that should not be the high point of their love experience. The intensity of their love should become greater over time. Have you ever experienced such total concentration of love?

How can we get 100 percent concentration of God's love? God really wants to come down and touch every bit of you. When you have love, then God wants to come and touch you. Then everything sparkles with love. So far no one has ever totally concentrated all their five senses into that genuine love, so we are going to make a new history. All five senses are there to be intoxicated in love, so that you become a total chunk of love. If God sees delicious love, He swallows the whole thing without peeling it. God is very hygiene minded, yet whenever there is love, God doesn't stop to wipe anything clean: He just swallows it.

When are the five senses united through love? If you are intoxicated in true love, then with that true love you love your husband or wife, your children. neighbors, and nation. That is the ultimate perfection of man.

Where is that love? The fallen world has destroyed the heavenly order and discipline of love. They don't like the heavenly principle and resist its restrictions. Freedom in this country is often misused, so love has become perverted. Freedom can only blossom as true freedom through the discipline of heavenly principle. Perhaps men and .women go to a dancing place for an evening. It might be all right for the husband to dance with one of those girls when his wife is there, since then nothing is hidden. But if a man is deceiving his wife, leaving her at home and doing something unlawful with another woman, that is totally wrong. In love, there must be strict discipline, a strict principle to follow.

After the presidential inauguration there were several inaugural balls. Many men and women were dancing and socializing, and I wondered how many of them were thinking that, in many cases, such events help to split up families. Celebrating in dance is beautiful. I have nothing against it, but it should come under the Principle. Otherwise, such things can be destructive to homes and society. It is beautiful for a husband and wife to go out together and rejoice in dancing and love. If the wife introduces another woman to her husband, and then he dances with her, fine. It is not initiated by the husband. Sometimes you might introduce another friend to your husband or wife and say, "Why don't you dance?" That is beautiful. But in many cases, the man totally disregards his wife and looks around for some other sexy woman. That is not principled.

God is a God of Principle and He dwells in love. Love blossoms through the Principle. When men and women marry in the Principle, that is the most beautiful foundation upon which true love can blossom. Also, that love must be public minded and unselfish. Why? Because no one really possesses love. Love is activated only when there is an object, so without an object there is no love. Love needs an object in all four directions. That object will complete a circuit that can channel love to you. To receive love, you have to activate it by giving love. When you love and serve someone or something, that love will return to you.

Selfish love says, "You must love me. I'm here to receive love." Satan always works in selfish love, and that kind of love always drags you down like an anchor. In most cases, American women marry because they want their man to love them; they are ready to receive love. That is wrong. You should change your mind now and think, "I want to get married because I want an object to give my fervent love to." No matter how big and strong a man is, he will be melted by love. Your love can melt him. American women are often good at speaking about their love, but not good at showing it. Love is action and deed. The ideal woman acts out her love and then gives praise with her mouth. That's the way it is supposed to be.

Any love that is not public minded is destructive love. Which should be more important to the couple, their savings account or their love? In some homes there are two savings accounts, one for the husband and one for the wife. When they borrow from each other they even write a receipt! If the son asks for some money, he writes a receipt and pays it back with interest. Is love cheaper than money and a piece of paper? When you are truly in love, a husband and wife are one body. Your whole body can become sacrificial, so a bank account is nothing. When the husband needs money, the wife's money is her husband's. The husband's money is her money.

God's love dwells in the public place, in the public minded person. In the Unification Church we promote the public minded action and love. Public minded fund raising is a public deed which you do for the sake of America and mankind. You are not doing it for me or for yourself. We want to set the tradition that we have lived our entire lives for the public purpose. What reward would you get by doing it? You would receive the love of God, which is public love.

Most people think they would lose everything by living public mindedly, but actually there is no better deal than this one because you gain everything by doing it. I have been practicing this and everyone thinks I am a loser; but I am not at all. By practicing it, I have become more and more prosperous. There are many people who are well-educated, well-to-do, good-looking, and who come from good families. In worldly appearance they are far better than I am, but when they become Moonies they want to live by my standard. Once you go out to the world and practice this public minded love, you get a taste of real love. If you want to prove this to yourself, leave the Unification Church and compare what you get in the world with the life of the Moonies. Then you will really know what an exciting and rewarding life you have been living here.

I have a pretty sharp mind. Do you think I have not thought of this point? By living with public minded love you gain everything, including the love of God. I will be practicing this the rest of my life. When money comes to me, I don't think about putting it into my children's bank account. I want to spend it for the public purpose. I even want to borrow as much money as possible in my lifetime to spend for the public purpose. If you know my attitude, then when I tell you to raise funds, no one will complain. Instead, everyone will respond, "You can depend on us."

Such a way of life is just and righteous for the past, present and the future. When you live this Principle you feel good. You cannot explain it but you know your conscience is clear, and you can sleep well at night.

Look at our manner of worshipping here on a concrete floor. In New York there are many churches with plush carpets and cushioned chairs, organ music, and Ph.D. pastors with robes who deliver short sermons. Why did you come here and sit on the floor? The difference is that this is a public minded place. We pursue public minded love because that is where God comes to dwell. To attract God to us, we have to live a public minded life.

Last year some eminent professors came to see me at East Garden. One of them was a former Harvard professor, who said proudly to me, "Father, I am the first professor to become a Moonie. What can I do, Father?" I answered him, "I'll tell you what you can do: Go out to the world, be persecuted and cursed, and give your life for the world." This is the Principle. The professor might have expected me to compliment him, but not so. The heavenly decoration is to go out and receive persecution, be condemned, and die for the sake of the world. That principle is the same for you, for the professor, for the President of the United States. If the President came to me and asked me that question, I would give him the same answer. The tombs of people who die for the sake of God and mankind will never be dry; for generations people will come with flowers and shed tears there.

Without any hesitation I will let you go and suffer. God loves the world, and He has many problems today in the world. Go to Him and say, "God, let me have the worst problem. I will solve it for you." Now God's greatest headache is communism. Another headache is the decline of the Christian spirit. Go out to the world and revive Christianity. You are the true. revived Christians.

Another great headache for God is moral decline, particularly among young people. So go out to the world; tell God you want to take that headache away by restoring the young people. Americans are individualistic and have become selfish. Become an example by serving the world, suffering for the sake of others. Because you do it, people will say you are brainwashed. So what? You can reply, "We are resurrected; we are the new breed of people who hate injustice."

No one wants to suffer; that's human nature. But I am asking you to go down into suffering. Do you think my task is easy? It is far more difficult for me than for the person who gets my instruction. Many people think that the Principle is wonderful, but they want me to do things the American way. I don't reject that idea, but if I followed the American way, then I would become a part of declining America and God would say goodbye to me. Then I would have nothing to work with.

The third principle we must practice is sacrifice. Why? Again, the love of God dwells with you when you sacrifice. Sacrifice with love; give yourself to others with love; then you shall win everything there is. From a human standpoint, Jesus Christ was miserably defeated. He was crucified and ridiculed by the Roman soldiers, yet that same Jesus conquered the world because he sacrificed with love. There are many people who have died more miserable deaths than Jesus, but that didn't bring salvation to anyone because they died for their own cause, or for their own crimes. But Jesus did not have any sin, and he died for the sake of the world, with love. That is a true sacrifice, and that love conquered the world. Amazingly, when you are conquered by love, you don't hate that conquest. When you become a prisoner of love you sing and dance.

The three principles I have talked about this morning are points that a noble religious teaching always emphasizes. One: You should follow the heavenly Principle. Two: You should be public minded. Three: You should be sacrificial. Why? That is where the love of God shall come to dwell. That is the only way you can attract the infinite love of God. Therefore, you don't need someone looking over your shoulder to see if you are doing it or not. You are bound by your own will, not anyone else's. My life was so hard many times that I wanted to quit, but I couldn't. No one else forced me to go on, but I kept going because I had tasted the love of God. When you experience the deeper love of God, you can't for one moment go away from it.

In a way I miss the vicious persecution and life in the communist prison because there I tasted the love of God the most. In the love of God, nothing is impossible. Because of that love, God could endure and be patient through thousands of years since the fall. You want to have total, overwhelming love, don't you?

If you practice what I have told you this morning, you shall become a central person in your home. First, become Principle-minded. At home, respect your parents because they are your parents. That is the Principle. Be sacrificial for the sake of the household. Then your family will definitely want you in the central position. The Principle works the same in America. Whoever truly practices public mind love for the nation shall become the leader and master of that nation. The same Principle can be applied to the world.

Why should we practice this on earth? Why not enjoy life here and then practice it in spirit world later? That is a very clever idea! But this Principle must be practiced here on earth because this is the only classroom you have. You have to go through elementary school before you can enter high school. You cannot skip any of the material. When you go to college, you use the same formulas you learned in your elementary and high school days. No formula can change; all it can do is expand.

The spirit world is a higher realm that is completely Principle-oriented, public minded, and sacrificial. Unless we start to practice those things here on earth, we cannot unite with the spirit world. The spirit world and the physical world all operate on one principle. To enter into the spirit world and practice that principle on a higher level, you have to practice on earth first. Your elementary work must be done on earth so you can continue in spirit world. Unless you feel the love of God on earth, you cannot feel it in spirit world.

What kind of temple does God want? Each one of you should be the temple of God. When God dwells within you, does He want to look out through your eyes with His vision or your vision? In true love your eyes, nose and ears all become God's instrument. Through them, God will perceive His way. When the mind is fully contented in the love of God, then the whole body will be contented. The mind becomes exuberant and ecstatic when it has love. When there is love, therefore, there is freedom. Without love, everything is in slavery. In America, a person takes drugs and thinks he is free. Actually, there is no freedom there. That person is creating his own hell because no love dwells in him.

All creation was made for God's love. You are the temple of God when you become a public person. Look through your eyes in God's way; have God's hearing, God's smelling, God's voice, and God's touch. When you brothers perceive a beautiful woman in God's way, how would you think? Would you think about how you could get her to bed? You would think, "How can I advance her happiness? How can I make her better and whole?" You want to convey the public minded love of God to her so that she becomes in turn a public minded person who is another beautiful temple of God.

If you find there is no love of God within a person, then you want to give love to him. How noble that is. When most women look at a very handsome man, they wish they could have a date with him. But godly vision is different. When you put God inside of you, your world concept changes. You may not have wealth, but that doesn't matter, for as long as you practice love, you are the richest person under the sun.

You know now that God dwells within you when you have a mind of Principle, a public mind, a sacrificial mind. This is the place where God rejoices. The moment you complain and become depressed, think that God is leaving you. You cannot afford to lose Him, so you try to improve in order that He will stay. As long as God stays within you and you think in God's way, there is no complaint. But once God leaves, you lose everything.

Many tall, blonde-haired, good-looking American brothers are asking me for short, Korean or Japanese fiancées. Why? I represent the whole Oriental culture, and through me you have had a taste of heavenly love. No one can take that love away from me or you.

Yesterday an elderly Korean woman who has followed me ever since our Church was established came to East Garden. She used to come to the Church three times a day. She said, "Father, unless I see you three times a day, I become crazy and I cannot live." When she came to East Garden she said, "My life is hell now because I cannot see you every day. This morning I have come to see you." I never showed her any special favor in the past; I always treat all the members the same way. Mother was sitting next to me and the lady said, "I feel shy to say this, but I love you, Father." Mother was the first one to smile when she said that.

I don't show you any fabulous miracles, but there is something within me that touches everyone's heart. It is the love of God. Like electricity, it is not visible but you know that the current is flowing. God is a super person, but He works exactly the same as you do.

You have a certain attachment to the clothes you wear, even to your eyeglasses. If your mind works that way, what about God's? Does God feel a certain attachment to an object or a person? If God uses your body as a dwelling place, do you think He will have a certain attachment to you? Are you happy? God lets you suffer, but that is the fastest way to welcome God within you. God also enjoys the love that is public minded and sacrificial. You are going to resemble God, and when you go inside of God and God comes within your heart, you have total freedom. You have no strange feeling at all.

If God is dwelling within you, but you have some selfish thinking, then you feel as though you are choking. That is God saying, "You're wrong. Change your mind." Unless you live the public minded way, God wants to chop off the hand or limb that disobeys His principle. There is no way He can stay there otherwise. To keep God within you, to make Him happy, you have to practice the three points I have explained! You must be a principled person' you must be public minded, and you must be sacrificial. There is no national boundary in God. That's why this love can be extended even to your enemy. Then the true unity between mankind and God will be created; true unity between the spirit world and the physical world can be created. God is that catalyst.

Within your heart I have planted a small seed of God's mind. That seed must germinate and grow bigger and bigger, reaching out to your family, society, nation and your world. If you have a difficult task ahead of you, go after it. You are not asking for an easy way out, looking for a clever way. While you are tackling that difficult mission, there is no room for complaint. When you are trying to practice everything in love, how can you complain? You cannot complain against love. When you are searching after that love, you must always have a grateful heart to give glory and praise to God. Then God will be within you. If you want to be the dwelling place of God, you should be serving and praising Him all the time. If God is within you, you want to make Him happy, so you have to practice the Principle and be public minded. To truly have God within you for eternity, you must be sacrificial.

When you practice this, you cannot go wrong. If someone is nasty, you might want to fight back, but then you think that for the sake of God you must win him. That's the way you change your mind. God loves love and wants to dwell in love. He doesn't want to dwell in the Unification Church, but in me and in you. The Unification Church is not the dwelling place of God. The Church is merely an organizing system. Don't think you are only a part of the Church; the Unification Church is for you. It is at your service. The work you do is not for me, or for the Church. It is for you. The Unification Church has merely come to assist you to go to heaven. How thankful you should be then. If the Church is here to serve you, how can you complain? Actually, God, myself and the Church are mobilized for your sake. You must know that clearly.

Now you know who God is and you know who you are! You are the dwelling place of God. Your eyes shall become whose eyes? When your eyes become God's eyes and your ears become God's ears, and so forth, God feels they are working for Him. Then when you hear something, you know immediately if it is a satanic sound or a heavenly sound.

The Europeans who are here for workshop may say that they want to go back to Great Britain because the job there is easier. On the contrary, they must think, "The job here is not hard enough for me. Where is it the hardest? Maybe I will go to Africa, or South America." Maybe Mother and my children would not welcome the idea of moving to Africa, but it doesn't matter; I will go anyway. Is this wrong?

Now you know that your suffering is creating a bigger shopping bag for you to hold the love of God. The fragrance of that love is so wonderful that black, white and yellow people will feel heaven in it. Your God-centered suffering creates that kind of container, and you want to give that package of love to the world. If people reject you, that package of love will pass down to your own children. You won't lose anything. One way or another, you are the winner.

Be thankful. Digest everything so there is nothing stuck in your stomach. Nothing is harder than international marriage, and if you can unite two extremes in marriage you can digest anything. When you can serve a strange husband or wife, you know that you are sampling the difficulty ahead of us. While serving in your home you shall be principled, public minded and sacrificial. That way of life will grow like a snowball and cover the entire world. That world shall be the dwelling place of the infinite love of God. Amen

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