The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1980

Autumn is the season of harvest

Sun Myung Moon
November 2, 1980

All the leaves are changing color and falling. At the same time autumn is the season of harvest. Harvest means the existence of seeds that hold the promise of a new generation. Although the trees become bare as the leaves and fruit fall, within those fruits exist the seeds of life. When winter passes, after a while the new civilization corresponding to the spring will be born from these scattered seeds. So who will become these seeds of a new humankind?

I think that what I am telling you is that the flow of human civilization corresponds precisely to the course of restoration. There is a basic structure and logic in restoration. There is a central point. That is the seed. The essential part of the seed is hidden within an outer skin, and, regardless of the weather, it never decays. It is stronger than anything else. Until the new day comes, it preserves itself, persevering in silence. Although a seed is a small and worthless being in one sense, within itself it has a powerful life force. No matter how cold a winter suddenly sets in, the seed alone greets the spring. Furthermore, the harsh winter becomes a unique help in strengthening the seed.

This is not some special theory that I have made up but the fundamental principle of history. In that case, where can we discover this truth? This new way of life, this way of faith is not some weak thing that can be invaded by Communism. Neither Communism nor Western culture, nor any other philosophy, religion or ideology can be stronger than this way of life. Without being affected by the temperature of any season, a seed continually preserves its life for tens and hundreds of years. The seed is none other than the Unification Church. 

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