The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1980

Korea Carries Within Her Womb the Seed of a New World Civilization -- 21st Century an Era of Neutral Civilization Centered on Korea -- Need for a Central Ideology Digesting Democracy and Overcoming Communism

Sun Myung Moon
November 2, 1980
Speech at Victory Over Communism (VOC) Luncheon
Annual International Federation for Victory Over Communism Leaders Meeting
Grand Ballroom of the Hyatt Hotel
Seoul, Korea

I've been to many countries all over the world, but none looks as beautiful as Korea. When God looks down at this planet, He may wonder, as I do, at Korea being the "world's most beautiful country."

Korea shall be the country on which God will shower His blessings. In the next hour I'll address myself to the subject: How We May Receive God's Blessings.

If we look back in history, ancient civilization began in the tropical zone. Egyptian civilization originated in the tropical zone. Later the epicenter of human civilization moved to the temperate zone. In our day and age, we can say that most of the 20th century civilizations are to be found in this zone.

Why is it that the civilization which had its origins in the tropical zone shifted to the warm belt? When you consider one year, it has spring, summer, autumn and winter. If you liken the seasons of the year to civilization, then we can speak of spring civilization, summer civilization, autumn civilization and winter civilization.

Now, shifting the epicenter of civilization from the tropical to the temperate zone can be attributed only to the fall of man. Because of his fall, he became the savage incapable of building a Spring Civilization. He lived the life of a primitive man in the tropical zone. In accordance with the natural sequence of the seasons, the civilization should have begun as the Spring Civilization. But the Tropical (Summer) Civilization shifted to the Temperate Zone. It is not, as it should be, the Spring Civilization but the Autumn Civilization. We now see very clearly many signs of decay and the eventual death of this Autumn Civilization. At this juncture, the Temperate Zone Civilization is banging its head against the stone wall of Winter Civilization.

To push this metaphor one step further, our 20th century civilization is blown off course by the north wind of Siberia and along with it the icy wind of Communism. Indeed, the single gravest problem we face today in the world happens to be this confrontation. We should not be so gravely concerned at all if the temperate zone civilization can bear a fruit such that it may be the seed of a new ideal civilization for all mankind. For the law of nature dictates that no matter how severe the winter cold may be, a strong seed that can survive this cold will eventually bear fruit to perpetuate itself. However, the time is near at hand when the temperate zone civilization may perish with out bearing any fruit it may perish for ever along with its fallen leaves on the road.

If this be so, we may ask: Where can we possibly find the beginning of a new spring civilization which all mankind yearns for? Where can we find the new soil where the seed of the ideal of God's creation may be planted, so that, absorbing the nutrients therein and receiving the life-giving energy of the sun, it may sprout, flower and bear fruits of new civilization? This is a big question in deed.

The 20th century civilization faces a crisis that spells its demise because of the worldwide threat of Communism. The same holds true of the history of religions, too. Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and other religions also face the supreme task of overcoming Communism. All the beliefs of different faiths must together find a way of conquering Communism.

It is, indeed, the law of heaven and earth that after a cold waves attacks, the seed of a new civilization, so far hidden from view, shall sprout into a new life. If, however, a new civilization were not born, we must conclude that God does not exist.

If there is a God, He would no doubt bring forth a new civilization. That new civilization must possess vitality that far transcends the decadence of the free world and the evil of Communism. One thing I should make perfectly clear is that Korea is that nation pregnant with the seed of that new civilization.

The civilization, for instance, of the Roman Empire dominated the ancient world. The country that bore it is still a mighty nation. Why? Italy enjoys the four distinct seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Her climate is very similar to that of Korea. Those areas of the world have the potential to give birth to the "synthetic" civilization. In other words, it has the characteristics to combine the qualities of tropical, temperate and cold zone civilizations.

The epicenter of the world civilization shifts and circles around the globe. In this process, the cause and effect work together. Italy has favorable climatic conditions to have made her contribution to the world civilization, and when the epicenter moves from the west to the east, Korea is in the same situation as Italy once was. Korea enjoys four distinct seasons, and even in winter she enjoys four warm days after the cold days. Hence, Korea has the capacity to become, because of her favorable climatic conditions, the cradle of a new civilization symbolic of spring season and early morning.

Korea happens to be the only country today where Democracy and Communism lock their horns in dead seriousness. Why is it that these two irreconcilable ideologies confront each other in Korea? By confronting and struggling against the assault of the cold zone civilization, she will receive a new seed that can flower into a hitherto non-existing and unrealized spring civilization. Because the spring civilization can blend and harmonize the rest, I call it the Age of Neutral Civilization. If it is time that the epicenter of world civilization shifts according to the climate, Korea has every qualification to be the base for realization of that new spring civilization. Viewed in this light, Korea must assimilate Communism in her struggle against it so as to acquire a new vitality.

Nowadays, America, the mightiest nation on this earth, can ill afford to ignore or slight a small nation like Korea. A country that conquers Korea in the Far East will find herself in a position to dominate the rest of Asia. Thus it was to gain control over her that the Sino- Japanese and Russo-Japanese wars were waged.

After our liberation from the colonial rule of Japan, the government has changed hands several times. Yet the season for the rapid economic growth of our country is due only to the heavenly blessing from above. The reason for this economic miracle is to prepare her for the leadership of the new civilization. In my opinion, her rapid growth is made possible only because God has supported her most generously.

In our time the Unification Church has pursued a vigorous anti-Communist campaign. The VOC ideology proposed by the Unification Church defends the free world and at the same time digests the Communist ideology without losing its ideological identity. If this is so, then it can become the standard-bearer for the new civilization.

Thus any organization of Korean origin which wields influence not only in Korea but in the rest of the world, and which at the same time transcends Communism as well as Christianity, as the backbone of the free world, can make Korea the foundation of the new civilization, just as Italy was once the foundation of the old civilization. She can then lead the world civilization. Now, ladies and gentlemen, let's return for a moment to you. Can you really "digest" and overcome Communism? Can you do the same with Christianity? You must in any case understand the evil of Communism and also have a deep insight into the profound meaning of Christianity that had built the democratic world. If you could, you would unite the whole world.

Look at the history of Korea. All religions which came over here have bloomed. Buddhism came and bloomed. Confucianism did the same. So did Christianity. In recent times, Islam, too, came over and is doing quite well. All these religions had an impact on the course of Korean history. However, all these religions are divided against one another. What could unite Korea? There is only one way. They must unite in the historic task of winning victory over Communists. The time is not far off when all these religions, recognizing the threat of Communism that denies any and all religions, must stop squabbling and start working toward one supreme end: overcoming their common enemy, Communism.

If the Korean people can do this, then there is hope, indeed. Up until now, I've lived looking forward to this very moment when we must act in unison. When I crossed the 38th parallel, I prayed to God with all my heart: "Our beloved Father in Heaven, I know what Communism is. I'm going to South Korea now, so that I may launch a worldwide attack on Communism, and crossing the 38th parallel north, kick out Kim II Sung and liberate North Korea." I have not let up in my struggle against Communism ever since. I consider it my mission from God to fight Communism today and every day until my last hour.

Distinguished guests! You are all leaders in your respective communities. You have just passed a historic resolution against Communism here at this meeting. This heralds a New Age in human history. You must realize that this is the starting point for the new civilization.

You must connect the past, present and future. We are here today because our parents had us, and because we are here today, there are our children. You are all important precisely because you have resolved publicly to dedicate yourselves to the launching of the new civilization, but more important are your own children how to educate them, who will carry the torch after us.

I've long entertained this thought: "Should 3,000 highly intelligent young Koreans be properly trained for six months, they could become leaders capable of changing the entire world. If these young people, armed with a correct ideology, be dispatched all over the world, then Korea will be in a position to lead the entire world. For some reason, however, I have not been able to place young Koreans in a leadership position. Instead I have put many Japanese and Germans in that position.

True to their Bushido tradition, young Japanese carry out effectively the command of their leader; the Germans, once they know what their goal is, have proved to be the most capable workers. One thing I regret very much is that I've not been able to mobilize the equally intelligent and capable young Koreans. It is not too late. I should like to equip your children with VOC ideology for the Age of Neutral Civilization, the Age of the New Spring Civilization which originates in the soil of Korea. This is what God and all mankind desire. If you know this much, that is to say, if you know even vaguely that the new civilization can start here and spread all over the world, then why not put your own children under our charge? This is in no way to promote the interest of the Unification Church.

Up to now, I have never trained people with the slogan "Live and work for the Unification Church!" I have always taught that religion must exist to save a nation and the world. It must liberate God, I have always taught that. The members of the Unification Church have a very clear idea as to what I mean. They work day and night to walk on the righteous path. This is so not only in Korea but in 127 countries throughout the world. When this movement helps to close the distance among these nations, there will emerge a new world on a higher level, indeed.

It might be a great surprise to many people that after two days of intensive training you now begin to appreciate and understand my own ideology. In America, some accuse me of brain washing the young people there. But this is not so. Only because they have a keen understanding of this ideology, they want to dedicate themselves to it. Unification Thought is not confirmed by one tradition. It is vast. It clarifies the confusion everywhere in history, philosophy, east or west, democracy or Communism. It enables one to know God and His Will in the midst of contemporary reality. It enables one to discover in his heart and in daily life the truth: "God is my Father!" It is obsolete nowadays to believe in God only conceptually. God becomes our subject, we his object. Only thus can we solve our problems. What would be the consequences should your own children believe this? Korea then, becomes a nation of hope.

Korea is the standard-bearer for the post-20th century civilization that will harmonize and neutralize the rest. All of you must find for yourselves the raison d'être (purpose of life) for this new age. You must also educate your own children for the same purpose. In the future, it won't be Korea in the world; it will be the world in Korea. The Koreans must realize this the sooner the better. Then they will be respected; they will lead the rest of the world. God will then love them too. Because you are Koreans, you want this to happen. Even if you don't, I and the Unification Church will make this happen. The young Moonies who work toward this end may not be satisfactory in your eyes. But they have the unshakable conviction to go on in the face of all opposition.

But if you believe even slightly that their ideology can assimilate both Communism and Christianity, then you will, I hope, do something to help them and support them. Whoever it may be, someone must undertake the task of teaching them. There is one bad trait of the Korean people: they want to put down anyone better than they. We must work hard together for the Age of Neutral Civilization that will build the "world in Korea." We are now at the very starting point in that direction. 

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